Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bills Season Officially about to Begin


Apparently I fell off the face of the earth the past month...but now I am back for real. It's football season ladies and gentlemen. The Bills will open camp in 2 days at St. John Fisher and I will be there Saturday tearing apart this squad. Schrum did a little mini breakdown and I like that but it's time for some in depth analysis and foresight.

First of all, it's time for Dick Jauron and his training camp sombrero to put up or shut up because newsflash Dicko, this is your third year, we have an improved team and an easy schedule (.449 winning percentage)...anything but the playoffs and your outta here. 7-9 in 2006 and 2007 many people think were successful seasons...well I don't. We choked in both years...against the Titans and Browns...and Patriots, Lions, Chargers, Broncos, Cowboys, Colts...I can go on and on. Jauron if you don't get us to the promise land or at least a wild card game, you are goneeeee.

Can Trent Edwards hack it as an NFL quarterback? The dude folded big time last year. Shutout against the Brownies, embarrassing against the G-men and if anyone remembers that ridiculously ugly game against the Eagles, he was real bad in that too. The fact is-Trent's season last year is inflated by one 4 touchdown game in which he completed less than 50 percent of his passes, and early wins in his career against real bad teams (Jets, Ravens...etc). Oh yeah, and that "clutch" pass to Josh Reed (err Lee Evans but he overthrew Lee and it went to Josh) against the Skins. All that said, I like Trent. He was a rookie third rounder and had minimal talent at wide receiver last season. He seems like a smart dude and he seems like he wants to be/can be a leader. Yeah, he doesn't have the talent Losman has and probably won't be able to put up as many points as JP, but hopefully by being smart and not turning it over it will help us to keep points off the scoreboard for our opponents. Look for JP to look and play better in training camp. The dude has no pressure on him and is just a great talent so he will probably tear apart meaningless preseason games like he did in 2004. This time though, the job is Trent's until he gets hurt in week 3 and JP steps in and takes us to the promise land. If you want to know about our third string QB, I don't know anything. Last I heard about Gibby Hamdan he was sitting in some sports management class at Canisius with Andy.

We finally got a prototypical number one reciever. I am not talking about Lee Evans. James HArdy needs to step in and take over the wide receiver position and be a major target. Lee can make big plays, everyone knows that. But, Lee can't be even close to as big of a weapon in the red zone. Hardy has the size at 6'7 220 pounds to dominate DBs and he better do that. Evens will probably be gone at the end of the season anyways, so that is even more of an incentive for James Hardy to mature real quick. Lee will be helped by Hardy because some attention will be taken off him, after all, Evans was our biggest receiver last year at 5'10. Josh Reed and Trent have a good connection according to our suddenly outspoken strong safety Dante Whitner (who recently guaranteed the Bills will make the playoffs which I love to hear). Josh could potentially lead the Bills in receptions this year if this is the case as a slot player. Yeah, I said it, Josh Reed may lead the team in receptions (assuming Trent stays healthy). Finally Roscoe, the little dude, he will probably catch 25 balls, maybe score a TD on a reverse, and return a punt or 2 for 6. I am hoping Turk will find more ways to get him the ball than that old asshole we had.

We have the 2nd best running back in the conference in Marshawn Lynch, simple as that. LT then Lynch. Those are the rankings. You can't argue with me anyone in the AFC is better. Larry Johnson? Nope. Joey Addai? Nope-dudes got Peyton Manning. Has there ever been an unsuccessful running back on that team? Willie Parker, Haha, nope, Fred Taylor/Maurice Jones...nope...Willis...come on, am I missing anyone? Lynch will explode this year. Assuming he is healthy for the whole season-Marshawn Lynch will gain 1550 yards and score 15 touchdowns. Book it, mark it down, take it to Vegas, do what you gotta do. Also, Turk plans to get him involved in the passing game...if this is true, look for another 25-30 receptions and 300 more yards. 2000 all purpose? Not out of the question. Fast Freddy can do some things in relief but he won't see the field all that much assuming Lynch stays out of jail. Wow, A train is out of here holy shit thank god finally. If Marshawn Lynch has more than 3 carries in the pre season i am going to snap. We need to see a heavy dose of Xavier Omon and company.

As for the full back, I don't know who it is going to be and to be honest don't care cause Lynch doesn't need any blockers. Really though, Darian Barnes? I don't know anything about him...please leave a comment if you have some insight on the full back position because I don't.

The Bills still don't have a tight end. Derek Fine, Bob Royal, Shouman, Courtney Anderson....I am not really impressed with any of these dudes and I hate Royal. Hopefully Shouman or Fine can just come out of nowhere in the pre season and prove to be a viable passing target for Trent. I don't think it will happen and for the 9th straight year we will pretty much not have a tight end. Courtney Anderson is one huge dude though at 6'6 270 so I am hoping between him and hardy they can occupy some attention inside the 20. The Bills were something like 13 for 34 last year in scoring touchdowns in the red zone. How bad is that?

Finally at O line. Where is Jason Peters for christ sake? If this dude isn't at camp when it starts I am going to go down to OBD and punch John Guy and Russ Brandon in the grill. Jason Peters is the best player on this team (Besides Lynch) and if he wants more money give him more money. I mean Christ, we are paying schobel 50 million dollars. We are paying Dockery 49. Someone open the wallet up for Jason freaking Peters. Make him the highest paid player on the roster. I am sick of thinking about Tomas Vanek and Aaron Schobel being the two highest paid Buffalo athletes. It is just embarrassing. Docks will remain solid at left guard, and Walker is just a huge dude at right tackle and didn't really disappoint me last season. Butler was also solid and with those guys staying together another year, the chemistry will help them be a better unit. Only problem, Melvin Fowler. Apparenly Duke Preston has been taking a lot of snaps at center in OTAs and such. Thank God. I mean, I am not that impressed with Duke, but whenever I think of Fowler, I think of Lynch getting swallowed at the 24 yard line for a 4 yard loss in the snow in Cleveland because Melvin just apparenly didn't want to block anyone. Anyways, assuming they stay healthy, the O line can be solid and that will help Edwards stay comfortable and Lynch run wild.

I'll talk about the D tomorrow-I'm tired. Oh Yeah and go to this link.

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