Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Overrated underrated Bills training camp

by Steve

Alright I am officially calling everyone else out that writes for this sickness blog. WTF?!!?????????????? Training camp starts in 2 days and no one has written shit about the fucking Bills? A milli A milli A milli A milli A milliA milliA milli errr Cp 3p, Carter 3. Alright training camp starts in hours wtf. The coaching staff over rated underated do work son. Defense/offense/special teams/fans nesxxxxxxxxxxxxt.

Dicko Jauron
Rated. Everyone HASSSSSSSs to know by now the dude fucking sucks as a head coach. MNF,SNF, any acronym you wanna use. He can't pre game post game, during game. He cost the Bills a few games last year. True he might be able to prepare a team for the most part for a game but where is he during the game. Ahhh we got our ass kicked on SNF . True it was the Pats.. but uhhh MNF? Home opener, browns game?! Dude sucks until he proves us other wise.. in the words of Katt Williams "shiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat"

Turk Schonert o-coordinator
He was with the Bills during Flutie Johnson(fuck Flutie) and is always the coach during a lame duck coaching staff, as a QB coach. He didn't do shit with Losman, buttt anything seems better than Fairchild at this point, soo uh Rated. Marshawn needs to be more involved, the quarterback of the day, Trent, needs to be a real QB. Yea Turk was qb coach for like 35,00000 different starters, so Trent needs to be THE man in this offense. Get Roscoe involved, how about McKelvin? Something anything, christ that offense sucked last year.

Perry Fewell
Underrated, he had a bunch of bums last year playing for him. I don't care what you think, John Digiorgio is no middle linebacker, Chris Ellis is no defensive end, Jason Jefferson is no NFL player, Corey Mace who?, Ryan Neil blows, Pos and Ko were out, George Wilson is a safe when I am a safe, and McCargo was under used. Ok that was his fault, but what can you do when he is just blossoming, Kelsay and Schobel are wayyyyyy over paid, and the offense is an embarassment?

Bobby April
Rated, he is a balllller, Everyone knows he is better than DeHaven or anyone else in the Bills history of shitty special teams coaches. He was promoted to assistant head coach so that could definitely hurt his rating, but he could be in contention for a real job in the NFL sooner than later. Will he have a tight rope on McKelvin this year with Roscoe and McGee available to return kicks and punts? Will he usurp Dicko and become head coach in '09?

This coaching staff is in a make or break year. Ralph won't wanna clean house, but with the emerging talent and potential, this staff NEEDS to produce. Hopefully they haven't watched any tape on Willie Randolph outta NY. Plus at least we don't have wade, Wanstache, Mangina, or who the fuck is coaching the Dolphins this year.

Do work sonnnnnnnnn

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  1. Tony Soprano is coaching the Fins. Apparently Rich Kotite turned down the job.