Thursday, July 24, 2008

Overrated underrated Bills Defense

by Steve

Trent Edwards Rated
I was gonna go with underrated, but he didn't show much in the cold last year. We can't expect too much out of Edwards this season. As long as he doesn't skip rocks outside the numbers ala Losman, and limits the mistakes (int in the MNF game) he will have improved and that is all that matters at this point.

Marshawn Lynch overrated
Coast is still jerking off about this game starting from the time he wrote that column yesterday. Christ he is injury prone, he runs people over in his car and might still be suspended. I recall him running 10 yards backwards a few times in the redzone reminiscent of Schobel on every defensive play. He is only in his second year, clearly hit a wall last year, and is in the news wayyyy too much. He might shut me up quick though, I will say that.

Jason Peters underrated
Yup, I said it. He probably is overrated in many peoples' eyes but he is underrated. He is under paid, but still better be there tomorrow. He was the starting LT in the pro bowl and just pwns. He might go down as the most underrated player in the history of the NFL. He was cut on the practice squad, not drafted, damn. Dude has skills son.

Derek Dockery rated
He is over paid but that isn't his fault. The QB had tons of time to pass last year, a stark difference from a year prior. The problem is the run blocking. It just wasn't there last year. That might have a bit more to do with the next player on this list but someone needs to take the blame and Docks gets some.

Melvin Fowler overrated
He sucks flat out sucks. He is the weakest link in this above average offensive line. He was having surgery in the offseason, missed a lot of the OTAs and the Duke moved back to his natural position as the Center. It should be interesting to see if Preston can usurp this bum during training camp. If not it doesn't look good for the center position in '08.

Brad Butler rated
He could move into the underrated position soon enough, but the Bills liked him enough to give him a handsome extension a few weeks ago. He is solid at worst and is only improving. Consistency to his left would help him, but also he needs to create some holes in the run game.

Langston Walker Underrated
Everyone ripped the signing of this dude last offseason and the egg is on everyone's faces. He played more than admirably coming from Oakland and looks to build on a solid '07.

Robert Royal rated
He isn't as awful as people think, but he isn't a top 20 tightend in the NFL. If he would have caught that pass against Tennessee two years ago we would love this dude. He makes bone headed mistakes but who doesn't in this league? He needs to increase production big time however.

Xavier Omon (presumed FB) overrated
Never played a down in the league, he might actually just be non-ratable.

James Hardy overrated
He hasn't signed a pro contract yet, rookie wide receivers typically make little or no impact their first year and he was nearly arrested for brandishing a gun on his daddy. Damn.. Dude needs to put up or shut up already. Nah I'll be happy with him drawing doubles inside the 5 on Sundays.

Lee Evans underrated
He had a bad '07 cause Losman sucks and his stand-in was a rookie 3rd rounder. He is playing for a new contract that will probably arrive around week 3 and will bust out once again. I predict him to be a steal in the mid rounds of any fantasy draft. True he can't throw the ball to him self which could limit his statistics but I still see big things for Lee in '08.

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