Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bills training camp 7/26 w/ pictures

by Steve

Where the fuck is Peters?! Yeah, contracts aren't guaranteed, but what kind of plan is it to not even talk to your present employer about your demands/wishes? Not showing up for camp is a bad idea. I hate it. If Peters isn't there Monday something is getting torched. Play out this year or into this year and get a new 'tract by November. You are a pussy. Even Devon Hester caved like a bitch and showed up. You had one great year. Prove it wasn't a fluke. And don't give me the injury bullshit, even if he blows out his knee or something the Bills aren't just gonna cut him..

Leodis where are you too dude? He has a bit more of an excuse though, since the people in front of him haven't signed. Whatever, get there by the time pads are on ass hole.
***Whoops he just signed** (five years and will be worth roughly $3.6 million a year.)

Any chance Losman is delt before September 1? Any?! Damn.. didn't think so.

Here's hoping no one pulls a Hargrove and decides to start punching Po in the grill and breaking glasses. shiaaaaaaat

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