Thursday, February 14, 2008

14 days till free agency

by Steve

Starting Friday, WNYWatercooler will be hosting the '14 days till free agency' galla, ripe with predictions, dreams, hopeful signings, ideas, and demands for the Buffalo Bills in free agency. Of course there are debates as to what exactly the Bills top needs are, whether it be wide receiver, tight end, linebacker, cornerback, defensive tackle, or even um dare I say, QUARTERBACK (to some people) we'll be breaking down the free agency market for the next 14 days.

Just for the record I believe the Bills needs are as follows (in order)

1. Linebacker
2. Defensive Tackle
3. Wide Receiver
4. Defensive End
5. Safety

Preferably, the Bills acquire a solid pass catching tight end and a good #2 wide receiver in free agency and concentrate almost exclusively on defense with their 10 draft picks in the 2008 draft. But either way, check back for complete free agency info for the next 14 days.

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