Friday, February 29, 2008

Kawika Mitchel Buffalo Bill

Kawika Mitchel
6'1 253 28 years old. signed 5 years $17.5 million


"He was a 16-game starter in the middle in 2006 and led the Chiefs with 104 tackle for the season. He is a two-year starter for the Chiefs at the MLB position. He is a good starter, but would not be described as much of a playmaker for the position. He is an every-down player in their defense. He is a smart player and adjusted well this season to the shift to the Cover 2 defense. He is a good overall athlete for the position. He plays hard and he competes on every single down. His athletic ability is better than his strength and he is better uncovered then covered up in their defense. He has improved as a leader in their defense and he does a good job of shifting and aligning players in the front four based on the offensive alignment pre-snap. He has improved his awareness and instincts for the position. Early in his career he would take some false steps in run support but this season he did a much better job of trusting his feel and playing with more of an attacking style. He is a player that shows good sideline to sideline speed and range. He is a player that can make plays out near the numbers based on his hustle and effort, rather than speed. He is not a physical take-on player in the run game. He has size, but he can get engulfed inline and is not a quick-shed player in run support. He is a willing take-on player and will not back down, but you would like to see him shed and make more tackles. Most of his tackles come as a freed up player that can get to the ball with little contact or avoid ability. He is a solid tackler inline and out in space. He is not very explosive, but he is dependable to get the man down to the ground. He shows good enough speed to run the middle of the field in their Cover 2 defense. He can flip his hips and he shows good speed to run with the tight end seam route. He shows good initial quickness to buzz from his zone drop. His instincts from his zone drops are just adequate. He does not break up a lot of passes and can be a step late when trying to make a play on the ball instead of the defender. He is a steady player, but he lacks play making ability. Last season he had two sacks and three pass-deflections despite being an every-down player. He has not forced one fumble in the past two seasons as a starter, which is not a real good stat for an every-down middle linebacker. He makes most of the plays he should, but he is not a guy that makes any plays that he shouldn't."

Steve's take
-Sounds like he is a solid player, good against the run, which the Bills desperately needed, but wont make any jaw dropping plays. My guess is he'll be moved to weak side and Crowell will stay at strong side with Poz in the middle.

AND PEACE OUT Tripplett you never made enough plays and were invisible most of the time, sans the skins game.

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