Saturday, February 16, 2008

NFL Free Agents: Wide Receivers

by Coast

The Bills are in desperate need for a wide receiver and in my opinion, this is the number one need for the Bills in the upcoming free agency period. Defense is so much easier to address in the draft, especially at linebacker. A first round backer can contribute right away. As far as wide receiver goes, it is hit or miss. The Bills can go out on a limb and take Malcolm Kelly at 11 but that would be risky, and it may take him some time to develop.

The problem with the free agency pool this year is that it is weak. The best receiver available this year in free agency is Randy Moss. He isn't even on the Bills radar nor are the Bills on his radar I am sure. Hopefully the Patriots refuse to give him the money he wants and he leaves the conference or at least the division. Next on the list is Bernard Berrian. Berrian is a play maker and a deep threat. The only problem is that he is 6 feet 1 inch tall. He may be bigger than anyone else we have, but he is still smallish and I want a beast opposite the smaller Evans. This brings us to Bryant Johnson, the former first round pick out of Penn state. Johnson was the number three receiver on the Cardinals but tell me a guy who wouldn't be the number three on that team with the two beasts they got starting. Johnson has good size at 6 foot 3 216 pounds and is only 26 years old. Out of all the free agents, Johnson would fit the Bills the best.

The Bills do have one other option. As we all know, Losman wants out and believe it or not, a lot of teams would really like to have him. Because there are so many awful QBs in the league, Losman can be a starter on a lot of teams. The one rumored possible trade would send JP to Detroit for Roy Williams. This would be a dream scenario. Of course Buffalo would have to send a draft pick along with JP but with two thirds, they can afford to give one of them up. Roy Williams is a legit number one stud wide out...just ask Nate Clements what he thinks about Roy Williams (for those of you who may have forgot, I wish I did, Williams lit up the Bills for 10 catches 161 yards and a touchdown in week 6 of the 2006 season). Roy is also 6'3 and 211 pounds, similar size as Johnson, but Roy has a 1300 yard season under his belt in 2006.

What I want the Bills to do-trade for Roy Williams. What I hope the Bills will do-sign Bryant Johnson. What I think the Bills will do-draft a wide receiver in the first round, namely Malcolm Kelly which I think would be stupid and a mistake. HOnestly, I have no idea what Jim Overdorf and company have in mind.

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