Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How good is Daniel Paille?

by Steve

True, we (WNY watercooler) don't talk a lot of hockey, mostly because it is tough to stay positive, the coach is overrated, the team is mediocre at best, their management is a disgrace, the goalie overrated, campbell is only a +1 and needs to be traded etc. I mean, pretty much there a lot of ways it can go negative. BUT! One thing that is extremely positive is the play of one Daniel Paille.

The dude, apparently, is a straight beast. He, Dan Paille, was the 2002 first round pick of the Buffalo Sabres (Number 20 overall) and, evidently is a straight gangsta. A gander at his statistics this season can only further prove that statement. On the season he has 26 points in 48 games, not exactly eye popping, however, in his last 19 games he has 16 points and 8 goals in his last 12 games.

Either, the dude is on a rare tear, or is becoming the next Dan Briere? True he has 25 less points, in 3 less games, but Paille is only 23 and is a respectable 6'0 197. So he has a few inches on the midgets in the league and is capable of banging around in the corner or in the front of the net if possible. Furthermore, this is Paille's first full season in the major leagues. (He only played 43 games in the past 2 seasons combined.)

Basically, what I am saying is this, he is untouchable. If/when the Sabres make a trade in 2008 it can not involve this beast from the East( of Ontario, Welland in fact). He has too much upside and should not be included in any trade.

Now, should Campbell be traded? Absolutely. Should Vanek? Probably, but Paille? Definitely not. Because, at this point he has no ceiling, and with this mediocre team, and with Hecht as his centerman he is straight balling and can only get better.

If you are weary about buying a Sabres jersey I understand, but if you are looking for a strong investment in the future, look no further than Dan Paille. Just check the stat sheet for any further proof needed, the dude is making plays, and at a time where few other Sabres consistently are. AND he is making his teammates better (Pominville 11 points in last 10 games) so caress those Paille boners cause they appear to be up for a long time to come.

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  1. Danny Paille is a RFA after this season. He could easily be thrown a ton of grrr. Look at Penner, Paille has a lot more upside than Penner