Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NFL Free Agency: Middle Linebacker

By: Coast

Finally, on day five of the free agency preview, the Bills actually don't have a pressing need at a position. True, this depends totally on whether or not Paul Posluczny can remain healthy, but if he can, he has a lot of upside that he showed early last year. "Poz" was in the top 3 in the NFL in tackles when he went down and for a rookie that is impressive...or it just shows how had our defensive line is, one of the two.

What about depth? The Bills have John DiGiorgio behind Poz and he earned some valuable experience this year. Yeah, he sucks and is too small, but at least we have a back up who has played the position before (errr George Wilson). Would I mind drafting a middle linebacker with some size and athleticism on day two of the draft? Probably not, but this is not a position the Bills need to address early in free agency or early in the draft.

Regardless of whether or not the Bills need a MLB, there are absolutely none that I would want in free agency. We are talking about Tedy Bruschi being the best one available. If he joined the Bills I would move at least 4,000 miles away from One Bills Drive. According to football future (some web site probably by some dude who has as much credibility as me) Danny Clark is the next best MLB available. Who? Zach Thomas was recently cut but as usual the Patriots are the first to talk to him...they want to replace one old washed up scum bag with another I guess. I didn't think replacing Bruschi could increase the average age of their linebackers but I was wrong. I love it.

The Bills don't need a MLB. Poz is easily better than anyone available and I expect big things from him. Pair him up with Crowell and some beast we pick up (Keith Rivers-maybe 2nd round...???) and we will have a solid LB Corps.

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