Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Peace Out Brian Campbell

by Steve

"Are your hands cold and clammy? Does your face turn red for no reason?" So much for seeing that commercial, and soooo long Brian Soupy Mcsweat Veins Veins Veins spin-o-rama Camp-bell Campbell. I'll always remember the Umburger hit, yelling "he's dead he's dead" into some Philly fan/canadian at that amazing double OT thriller. I'll remember that silly spin-o-rama that the kiddies and women would always wooo for at HSBC arena. And I'll remember your game utterly collapsing and you whining and crying because you were being traded down the stretch.

If you loved Buffalo so much, 6 years $30 was plenty. And this.. "Don't boo me when I come back," the defenseman said this afternoon shortly after being traded to the San Jose Sharks. HAHA I can't wait to boo you just like I boo'd Drury and Briere when they were here. True I don't dislike you as much because at least we got something for you(Steve Bernier and a 2008 first-round pick) instead of allowing you to leave July 1, but you still will be playing for the opposite team.

Ok, Camp-Bell is the past, Steve "Big Bear" Bernier is the present and future, well along with that first round pick, somewhere around 22 over all. People, manly me, are comparing him to Mario Lemieux while others compare him to Vanek with less talent and more grit. At 6'2 225 he has size to ball and be a beast in front of the net. Here is an article of Joe Thornton fawning all over him.

He is only 22 and in three short seasons, 162 games, has amassed 42 goals 81 points and is a career plus player. He knows how to hit and isn't afraid to get nasty in front of the net. He plays the power play, already has playoff experience, and can probably only go get better from here.

What is the roof on this kid? Probably 30 goals in the best of circumstances, but from what little I really know about him, it sounds like he brings grit and strength, a scoring version of Pat Kaleta perhaps? Here is a video highlight:

Now on to bashing Darc Regier and Larry Quinny. Yup we are unofficially the Montreal Expos/ Florida Marlins of the Nation Hockey League. No foresight no foreskin, these two have taken one of the most exciting, successful, replicated teams in Buffalo sports history and disassembled them almost over night. The list since the 05/06 season is almost too long to list even on the internet!

Embarrassing probably isn't a strong enough word. But a more important problem than coming up with an adjective to describe the clowns that are the front office is, who is next? Who is the next 'big ticket potential free agent' to walk away from the organization without a new contract? Miller? Pominville? Andrew Peters? (Ok I'm joking with Petey but you get it)

How about even "Big Bear"? He is a RFA after the season? I mean, its not like "3rd line forward RFAs are ever taken away by some desperate team" err Dustin Penner? And its not like the Sabres have had to over pay a RFA in past years just to stave off cock smokes like Kevin Lowe. Here in lies the problem. What does Darc really have to base on in regards to giving Big Bear Bernier a contract extension? And what is fair really?

He has played less than 3 full seasons, he is only 22. Does he want more than 3 years, do the Sabres want to give someone more than 3 years? Is six years an option? I can only hope the Sabres get him in the offseason with just a tender offer, and then perhaps middle of next season see his true potential and throw out a long term deal. But with the CBA the way it is, nothing is out of the question at this point and who knows how years we'll have to fully grade this trade?


  1. "OOOOOOOOH Campbell just DESTROYED Umberger! And now this triggers a brawl! Brian Campbell absolutely coldcocked RJ Umberger."

    "He lined him up, he sized him up, he laid him out."

    "...checking the jaw..."

    "...that's not a gaze of someone who's with us."

    With Campbell out and the recent Bills cuts, is a wny podcast inevitable???

  2. As much as I hate Hockey here is my take ... which means close to nothing ... I don't blame Darcy that much for the recent last 3 huge player loses. Yea he is the GM so it is on his shoulders, but my blame is on BF Golisano and Quinn. Those two are business men first and sports fans second. Everything Quinn touches turns to shit ... a la Water Front Development. And Tommy G, where has he been this year? Is he alive? Last year you couldn't blow your nose without seeing the guy on TV, newspaper, or even at the game on the jumbotron. To me all he wants to do is make money. He doesn't care about the team or the fans. He wants to spend as little as he can, so he can profit as much as he can. He bought the team for $92 million. Now they are worth over $162 million. And people ask why doesn't he spend more on players and to the cap. Why should he. The NHL is a gate run league. If people stop going to the games and buying tickets, teams lose money, therefore the owners buy good players to put people in the seats. The NHL doesn't have a major TV deal, that is why its run on ticket sales. The Maple Leafs have not been good for 40 years, but they sell out every game. They haven't signed a big name player since I can remember.

    What am I trying to say ... Golisano went out and got some big names when he bought the team (Drury and Danny) but by the time the price of good players increased the Sabres were winning, the city of Buffalo was in full support, creating waiting lists for Season Tickets. If you want the Sabres to start signing their big name guys and fan favorites, fans must stop going to games. They must stop buying jerseys, hats, gloves, coffee mugs, key chains, and socks. This is the only way two business men will ever decide to spend money on talent.

    This is why I do not blame Darcy as much, he has two business men breathing down his neck, almost forcing him to make the decisions that he has made over the last year.

  3. please stop using the phrase

    "a la"