Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot Hot Sabres

by Steve

Um... don't look know but the Sabres are HOTTTT?!? Holy smokes they are. With a gritty grind 'em out win tonight against the Toronto Leafs 1-0 in HSBC arena the Sabres are now 8-0-2 in their last 10 games. Sure both shootout losses were embarrassing blown third period leads(especially the [at the time] 8th place Bruins loss) but you can't argue with winning 8 of time and getting 18 of a possible 20 points in that stretch.

With this sudden surge the Sabres find themselves alone in 7th place in the mediocre Eastern Conference. Sure, Buffalo is 4 points out of 4th and 9 points out of first but they are also 1 point out of 10th. So at this point in the season, 25 games to go, pretty much anything can happen.

The Sabres are clicking on all cylinders at this point. Vanek has 7 goals in 8 games and may I emphasize may have found his scoring touch while Danny Brie errrr Paille continues to rack up points and pretty much single handedly created the only goal of the game tonight. Furthermore, the oft bashed (at least on this blog) Ryan "Millsie" Miller is scorching the Earth allowing only 15 goals during this stretch with two shutouts.

At this pace, or at least anything close to this pace, and the Sabres are a virtual lock to be playing in late April. But with twenty-five games left and only 13 days till the trade deadline, things are still far from set in stone.

Then again, it isn't tough to recall only one year ago when the Sabres had the best record in the game and seemed destined for great things. When did it become acceptable for this team to 'just make the playoffs' Darc/Quinny need to bust a move and bust a move quick. Sure they probably aren't cup contenders but once they get in, especially in this Conference anything could conceivably happen.

The problem is, what is the move to bust? Should they break up what seems to be a hot team by trading Campbell or another popular player like Connolly and start building for the future or sit on the team and hope to sign "Soupy" before July 1st?

Screw it, for now we might as well enjoy this hot streak and put off the deadline til Feb 26th when it comes. Plus I suggest getting to the dollar store soon to pick up your 40 gross of AAA batteries because both Drury(2/23) and Briere(2/25) make stops in Buffalo before the deadline. BRING IT MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!

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