Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zednik cut

by Steve

Pretty messed up night at HSBC arena tonight, as Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik was cut right in the neck by Oli Jokinen's skate. From the silence in the crowd to the looks on the players faces the whole scene was very creepy indeed. The huge blood streak all the way across the ice and Zednik's limp frightened body made things even worse.

I mean, for some one like me, who over all lacks compassion for anyone or anything, even I was a bit short of breathe and hoping he is alright. Sure it is a sport and I hate the opponent and in reality I guess I don't want anyone to die, and this was a sobering reminder of what can happen.

Then again only a few minutes later I was wondering, if they don't finish the game, what happens with the bets? I mean the Sabres were winning, and everyone who had money on the over already won. I guess when ever they finished playing the game, the pay outs would occur, or worst case scenario the bets would be canceled. I didn't have a wager on it any way so I didn't have to worry.

Word is Zednik is in stable condition, had surgery at Buffalo General, and hopefully will be fine. But Christ, if you were a professional athlete you have to be a bit weary of playing in Buffalo. Its like a death knell, first Everett and now this, damn, weird year in Buffalo sports.

It also brought back memories of Clint Mularchuck, and his neck getting gashed, its a wonder this stuff is as rare as it is, but I'd still say Clint's was worse cause he was just laying there in the middle of the ice with a pool of blood, at least Zednik moved off the ice.

Well, God's speed and hopefully he is able to play again.

Here is some video:

and mularchuck

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