Sunday, February 3, 2008


by Steve

I am still laughing about Tommy's collapse from two weeks ago and am expecting much of the same today. The Patriots are a good team playing in an awful league. They get lucky a lot they cheat, and they have some how miraculously avoided injuries to a defense that is older than shit.

Tom Brady chokes in big games, lets be real here. From the Eagles Super Bowl they should have lost, to the AFC championship game 2 weeks ago, the divisional round against the Raiders two years ago and so on and so forth. If Tommy throws less than 3 picks today I will be shocked.

Really the only thing this lucky team has going for it self is their coach. Who by the way failed in Cleveland and was a nobody as a head coach until Tommy B and 9/11 fell into their laps. The last 6 years of professional football have been awful. From the quarterback play to the coaching ineptitude it has been extremely ugly. Any team with a smart coach a smart quarterback and a solid o-line could tear the NFL up. And unfortunately that is what the Cheaters have done, well they didn't make the playoffs in 2002 but you get the idea.

The "dynasty" ends today folks. Who gives a shit about 19-0 when you play against Pennington,Losman, Edwards, Ray Lucas (or who ever the Dolphins qbs are) and Clemens. In the words of Lindy Ruff "It is the definition of a joke".

Don't worry, I'll be making plenty of loot off this collapse, money line +12, prop bets the whole 9 yards. Anyone that can't see through the bullshit and phony facade I feel bad for you. Moss disappears in big games, their defense is just way to old, and the only playmaker on that side of the ball will be getting owned by Plaxico for 3 straight hours. You have got to love it if you're a Giants fan.

The only thing Gaytriots fans have to look forward to in this game is Tom Coughlin calling off the dogs in the 4th quarter when their team is already bruised hemorrhaging a shit load of blood and hopefully left for dead.

So all I can say in conclusion is bring it Larry Marroney cause you are the only chance that mediocre squad has of winning this game and you suck so thats not a good combination. I don't see Brandon Jacobs running for less than 127 yards and putting 3 linebackers in the hospital with blunt force trauma to the dome caused by getting steamrolled to the ground and hitting your buckets on the turf at University of Phoenix online collegiate institute university field.

GFY, I love it the Cheaters lose this Super Bowl, then get the stolen Super Bowl from the rams ripped from them and rightfully given back th St Louis because, of course, they cheated. THE LUCK HAS RUN OUT.

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