Sunday, February 3, 2008

G Men 17 Pats 14

by Coast

This game is why I don't bet on sports. Besides the fact that I have no idea what I am talking about, you never know what is going to happen. there anything more satisfying than watching Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lose? That was great. What a joke. Belichick is an asshole and his whole team takes on that same role. Belichick leaves the field before the game ends. His players leave the field without shaking anyone's hands. Guess what New England? Your season was a failure. No one cares about you. In fact, you will go down in history as one of the biggest choke artists in history in my opinion. An 18-0 team losing the Super Bowl. You choked Tom Brady. You choked Bill Belichick and I love it. Your defense is old. Junior Seau-38, Mike Vrabel-32, Tedy Bruschi-34, Adalius Thomas-30, Rodney Harrison-35...nice defense. You guys were so exposed in the fourth quarter it was great. Old, over rated pieces of garbage is all you guys are.

Tom, where were you in this game? Nice accuracy...Little rattled were you? A little bit of pressure too much for you to handle. You're incredible offense just put up 14 points. Tom, Gisele is going to dump you for Eli hahaha rough. Gisele doesn't want to date a loser and that is all you are...a loser. Man, it sucks not getting lucky doesn't pass interference on those last two plays like you guys were banking on. Hey Tom, this game wasn't fixed like some of your wins are. When you don't get bailed out by the refs and the game isn't fixed, you don't always win. Haha, Tom Brady, you loser go f yourself. Nice injured shoulder you D bag. Why don't you take yourself off the injury list for the first time in your career you girl. Haha best team ever to not even in the conversation.

The G Men proved me wrong what can I say. Eli Manning is good. Their defensive line is the best in the league. Justin Tuck is a monster. They were all over Brady. Manning made plays in the fourth quarter. David Tyree wow what a catch. Rodney's old brittle arms couldn't knock the ball away. Nice tackle Seymour on that play too by the way. I know Manning is elusive so I guess I understand whiffing on him. The Giants have effectively ended the Patriot dynasty. Manning MVP back to back years. I used to hate Eli but now I think he is a pimp. Still 2nd best in the 04 class behind Losman but he gained some ground. Unbelievable.

I guess it is hard to win when you can't video tape the opposing team. Can't win when you don't cheat Bob Kraft. Belichick, way to establish the run. You would think it would make it easier for the defense to tee off on your QB when you become one dimensional. Were the Pats losing by a lot where they had to pass? Nice game plan. The Pats were out coached and exposed. As far as I am concerned, we just witnessed the changing of the guards in the AFC East. The young Bills are about to over take these loser, cheater, choker A-holes next year guaranteed. New England without Samuel, without Moss, with their old shitty defense...good luck winning 9 games. I feel like the Bills Dolphins rivalry might take center stage while New England becomes similar to the way they were in the early 90s. This is great.

(editors note)
PS Steve predicted it, he had the money line, the +12, the 2nd half, he said the d was too old, he said brady would choke, and it was all posted by about 4 pm at the latest sunday afternoon. booooyah

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