Sunday, February 17, 2008

Free Agency: Fullbacks

by Steve

Day three of 14 Days Till Free Agency and today we'll look at the full back position, because you know what? Why not! The Bills and their new offensive coordinator Turk Schonert have stated they are brining this once forgotten position back to the Bills offense for 2008 and as far as I am concerned, Darian Barnes and Jonathan Evans aren't getting the job done.

So here's the list: Cecil Sapp, Leonard Weaver, Tony Richardson, Ahmard Hall, Dan Kreider, Brad Hoover, Kris Wilson, Thomas Tapeh, Boomer Grigsby, Corey McIntyre, David Kirtman, Stacey Tutt, Casey Cramer, Ryan Neufeld, Zack Keasey and Charles Ali. (thanks

Umm, who the hell are any of those dudes? True fullback is pretty much a thoughtless glamorless position but damn the well has run dry. Ideally you want a fullback that can catch and block, or do one or the other quite well. At this point, the Bills should take anything they can get. The redzone offense stinks, the short yardage offense is non-existent and I for one am sick and tired of watching the Bills not pick up 3rd and 1 and then 4th and 1 and a half.

Anything Steve Fairchild thought was a good idea, Schonert should do the opposite. So deciding to bring back the full back is a great step in the right direction. If one of the top tier FB's aren't brought in then look FB in the 4th or 5th round.

ORRR how about this, converting bust 4th rounder Dwayne Wright to fullback! Can he block? Who knows, can he learn? Jason Peters did... At 5'11 and 228 pounds he is the exact and I mean exact same weight and height as Cecil Sapp and already on the roster. Am I a genius or what?

Sure it is way to early to call him a bust, but with the somewhat of a break out year for Fred Jackson, third on the depth chart for a 4th round talent is kind of a waste. Give him some bigger shoulder pads and that back neck pad thingy and have him hang out with Peters and Dockery for a few months. Furthermore give him a McDonalds gift card for $1,000 and let him add a few pounds. Crazier things have happened.

Don't sleep on Kris Wilson here, damn the dude is versatile, fb and te? I'll take a flyer.

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