Thursday, February 21, 2008

NFL Free Agents: Defensive Tackle

by Steve

Day 7 of 14 Days Till Free Agency finds WNY Watercooler breaking down a major need position for the Buffalo Bills, Defensive Tackle. Sure, Johnny McCargo turned it on big time at the end of the 2007 seasons, but fifth round pick Kyle Williams is no better than a second stringer and free agent signee from two years ago Larry Tripplett is at best an average player who has yet to really contribute or live up to his contract.

True, that alone makes me very hesitant to throw top dollar at another free agent d-tackle and instead look more towards the draft but here is a list of the top DTs availble via Brian Young, Tommy Kelly, Jovan Haye, Issac Spopago, Ethan Kelley, Rod Coleman, Darrel Reid, Grady Jackson, Colin Cole, Randy Starks, Damione Lewis, Marquay Love, Ted Washington, Remi Ayodele and unfortunately NO Giants. shit.

Ok, this list kinda sucks, especially since recently the top two free agent DTs Hayensworth and Corey Williams, were taken off the market via the Franchise Tag, which seems like it is being used more than ever in 2008.

Moreover, the Bills defensive scheme, which, I guess, is based on rotation and having quicker penetrating DTs who can shoot threw gaps and or put pressure on the QB, makes finding players for this position even more problematic. Who knows, maybe the Bills brass and Perry Fewell will deviate from this failed scheme for 2008 although no signs point to that direction.

I also wouldn't be adverse to bringing an old dude to rotate in once and a while ala big fat sweaty Teddy Washington. Have him come in to stop a 3rd or 4th and short AND mentor the young group of DTs on the roster along with a tackle brought in via the draft.

Other than that, I do kind of have a boner for Grady Jackson, who I recall, came in and played admirably for Stroud and Henderson late in the year/playoffs. I mean, they did beat the run first Steelers did they not? True, he is 35, but look at some of the old dudes on the list towards the bottom like von Oelhoffen, Trailor, and Washington and they are all older than him. Furthermore, he has played in at least 14 games in each of the past three seasons and shows no real injury problems, at least recently.

So, in summation, bring in an old dude/mentor or give Grady Jackson a 2-3 year incentive laden contract, look 2nd or 3rd round DT and get this defensive line fixed.

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