Saturday, February 23, 2008

NFL Free Agents: Corner and Safety

by Steve

Now I know many a Bills fan believe cornerback is a pressing need for the Buffalo Bills this offseason, but I disagree. Here is day 8 and 9 of 14 days till free agency, Cornerback and Safey. The Bills defensive scheme takes away lot of the importance of a shut down corner. Although, anyone could use a SDCB they just aren't worth the money they are getting in this new age of a rising salary cap w/ huge television revenues. Furthermore, with the return of Ko Simpson for 2008, safety isn't much of a concern either.

Rumor around the rumor mill is Asante Samuel, the top free agent corner and perhaps the top free agent in the NFL, is looking for a $100 million contract. Nearly $40 mil more than what Clements got. That is flat out ridiculous. Is he good? Yes. Is he worth $30 mil guaranteed and the richest non QB in the league? HELL NO. I'll stick with Terrance McGee and Jabari Greer, they're fine.

Here is the list any way: Wait who the hell is Nnamdi Asomugha? I don't even know how to say his name let alone wanna pay him Clements esque money. Maybe I don't watch enough Raider football. Either way he was franchised along with Trufant. Eric Green RFA, Randall Gay, Reynaldo Hill, Joselio Hanson RFA, Stanley Wilson RFA, Brian Kelly, Travis Fisher BJ Sams and there are rumors going around that DeAngelo Hall is available, but I would assume that would take a first round pick to pull off.

Safety FA's: Gibril Wilson, Hamza Abdullah, Yeremiah Bell, Chris Crocker, C.C. Brown, Will Demps, Eugene Wilson, Madieu Williams, OJ Atogwe, Keith Davis, Matt Giordano, J.R. Reed, Sammy Night, you get the point there are a shit load of them available. I wouldn't mind the Bills keeping Bryan Scott and or brining in another safety as a back up plan to Whitner and Ko, because I hate George Wilson.

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