Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Agency Eve

by Steve

On the eve of free agency and to bring an end to the 14 Days Till Free Agency, we'll do a nice round up and tie the ends together. No one is anticipating the Bills get buck nasty and spend all $39610000 of their cap space, but they do have to spend $26 mil minimum to get to the 86% of cap requirement.

Between Lee Evans and Crowell's contract extensions and $11mil ish for their draft picks there isn't a shit load of money that needs to be spent. However, to assume the Bills will in no way be players in free agency is silly. They threw mad jack around last season on o-linemen and I see them making a play on some dudes.

Lance Briggs will be really expensive but would fill a major need for this team. Jauron knows him and if he feels he is worth it or not I'll take his word for it, at least in this situation. The Bills also said they want a fullback, well, Lorenzo Neil was just cut, how about him?

Everyone in need of a tight end will be looking at Crumpler, who would be a significant upgrade on this team, but someone like Ben Utecht could be much cheaper and is flying under the radar.

Lets just hope that the signing of Tommy Kelly, $50.5 for 7 years is a not a precursor as to what is to come in free agency. I mean the dude might be good, but the highest paid DT in the league? He has played 7 games at the position before tearing his ACL. True, it is the Raiders and they are the worst run franchise in the NFL, but other players will see that contract and want more.

Lets pause to address a text received from fellow WNY Watercooler contributor T-wreck. "DJ Hackett, Bernard Berrian, Jerry Porter, Jabor Gaffney, Todd Collins, Billy Volek, Alge Crumpler, Kawika Mitchell, Lance Briggs, Rosey Colvin, how many of these dudes we getting" Evidently he really wants Volek, Gaffney, Hackett, and Michell.

Really, who knows what the Bills are going to do, we do know one thing though. They have a lot of holes, haven't made the playoffs in 8 seasons and desperately need to ball in free agency. 4 hours to go!!!!

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