Sunday, February 24, 2008

Combine notes

Good breakdown of some interesting news

Athletic Penn State linebacker Dan Connor has so far been the hit of interviews. Several teams have said it was the best interview they have seen a linebacker have in the last few years. His film diagnosis and knowledge of the game are precisely why he is a tackling machine. Many have added him to their lists' of must interviews after hearing stellar reports from his first three interviews. The N.E. Patriots and Tampa Bay added him to their lists after the rumors ran in the convention center.

Damn, PSU is a linebacker sausage factory. Not sure where he'll go in the draft but if he is around where the Bills pick which he will be they need to think about it strongly. Then again if he truly is a special ILB and moving Posluszney isn't an option then forget it.

The word at the convention center that comes from DeAngelo Hall directly is that Rod Coleman and Alge Crumpler and himself are being cleared out because of their support of Michael Vick and the fact that the teams' new G.M. is from the Patriots and wants to scrub the lockeroom clean. Teams interested in Hall that our source has confirmed are: Dallas, New York Giants, Tennessee, Miami, Buffalo, New Orleans and Kansas City.

As I've stated, CB is not a pressing need, and the potential cost of a DeAngelo Hall is too steep.

Veteran defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is trade bait and many 4-3 teams are lining up. Jacksonville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Buffalo, and the New York Jets are all interested. Best offer so far is a 4th rounder.

Swap 1st round picks? A fourth for this dude would be an absolute steal.

Also is saying: " The Panthers are reportedly no longer pursuing free agent Alge Crumpler. Crump is seeking a deal averaging $4 million per year, and with Jeff King around, the Panthers weren't going to meet his demands. The Bucs, Bills, Lions, and Titans have better chances of getting the 30-year-old Crumpler."

Nothing longer than 3 or 4 years plus he could be cut at the end of the contract any way, he is definitely worth $4 mil per.

also from "The times are in for the 40-yard dash run this morning by the wide receivers. And there are a couple of standouts, including Indiana product James Hardy, who's already talked to the BillsIndiana's James Hardy ran a 4.47 in the 40. That's extremely impressive for a 6-6, 220lb wideout who was described as having marginal speed before the combine. Hardy told us Friday that the Bills have expressed some interest, his 40-time may make them even more interested. He does have some character question marks that teams will want to learn more about."

Huff on the outs Looks like the Raiders are trying to move Michael Huff, the safety taken before Whitner two drafts ago.
Two league sources tell the Oakland Tribune's Jerry McDonald that it's "no secret" Raiders S Michael Huff is on the trade block.
Huff is going to be hard to trade with that $43 million rookie deal he signed in 2006. It's very surprising that the Raiders would be looking to unload Huff with no viable alternative behind him. Oakland needs a hitter at strong safety so Huff can move to center field and capitalize on his strengths.

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