Monday, May 3, 2021

2021 Buffalo Bills Draft Review

by steve

The draft has come and gone. Did the Bills improve their roster for 2021? How about 2022 and beyond? The question really is, what was Brandon Beane's goal coming in to the 2021 NFL Draft?

Quite clearly it was 2022 and beyond. The Bills did address their biggest need according to me, edge rusher, with their first TWO! picks but other than taking a flyer on a super fast yet raw WR/KR in the 6th round, Marquez Stevenson, did nothing to help the offense at all.

Buffalo's first 3 draft picks played a combined 7 games last year. Rousseau is young and wont grt on the field much next season. Its much more likely Basham could make an impact but he comes off as more of a hole plug & run D guy and less a QB killer.

The offensive linemen are tackles except the 7th round dude from Texas Tech that looks like Richie Incognito. The more pressing need will be inside in the near term considering both tackles are under contract for at least the next 2 years.

No tight end at all, no RB, no receiver before the 6th round, no agressive action for a team ostensibly fighting for a Super Bowl.

Do i HATE this draft? No. Are the Bills an improved roster for 2021? Likely no. Is there much more to be expected when Beane and Co had limited picks, cap space and picking 30th? Not really.

This draft was more of a crapshoot than most years with very limited tape and medical info etc. Then again thats why I wanted to try snd get 2022 draft picks but instead Beane drafted players for 2022. Maybe thats the same thing?

Grade C+

Saturday, May 1, 2021

2021 Bills 5th Round Pick 161 OT Tommy Doyle

At 161 in the fifth round the Bills draft offensive lineman Tommy Doyle

Bills 2021 Draft Review After Day 2

by Steve

After the second day of the NFL Draft the Bills clearly dont think they have many holes on the roster. Instead of trading back and adding draft picks for 2022 McBeaner added players to contribute in 2022 or perhaps 2023 at the earliest.

On day 2 the Bills took another defensive end, Carlos Basham and a raw yet tall offensive tackle Spencer Brown from small Nothern Iowa. Mel Kiper said he is a 2 to 3 year project. Yikes, then again the Bills did just extend both tackles so there isnt a starting spot either way.

Combined, Rousseau, Basham & Brown have played 7 total games since 2019. Rousseau opted out, Wake Forest only had 7 games and Nothern Iowa's season was canceled.

Basham to me projects as more of an interior lineman. He said his ideal playing wait is well under 300 pounds so maybe Im wrong. But with Hughes and Maddy Addy and Rousseau there are a lot of bodies in the DE room.

Maybe Hughes gets cut to give cap relief and playing time? But how does that make the Bills better in 2021? The only way Im getting on board with cutting Hughes is if it allows the Bills to add a post June 1 cut or maybe even Zach Ertz.

The Bills didn't get better in 2021 this weekend. But did they need to?

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Bills Draft DE Greg Rousseau

opted out

2021 NFL Draft Preview: Final Mock Draft

by steve

Mere hours away from the event of Spring outside the tourny, the NFL draft. Here is my breakdown of everyone elses Bills mock draft, Bills Needs, a ranking of the rookie QBs and draft predictions. And finslly my first and final 2021 NFL Mock Draft:

(im not doing trades, too lazy)

1. Jags - Trev Lawrence QB
2. Jets - Zach Wilson QB
3. 49ers - Tre Lance QB
4. Falcons - Kyle Pitts TE
5. Bengals - Penei Sewell OT
6. Dolphins - Jamarr Chase WR
7. Lions - Zaven Collins LB
8. Panthers - Patrick Surtain CB
9. Broncos - Rashawn Taylor OT
10. Cowboys - JC Horn CB
11. Giants - Christian Barmore DT
12. Eagles - Jaelen Phillips DE
13. Chargers - Davante Smith WR
14. Vikings - Justin Fields QB
15. Patriots - Jaylen Waddle WR
16. Cardinals - Micah Parsons LB
17. Raiders - Elijah Moore WR
18. Dolphins - Joe Tryon DE
19. Washington - Alijah Vera Tucker OT
20. Bears - Teven Jenkins OT
21. Colts - Greg Newsome CB
22. Titans - JOK - LB
23. Jets - Tetrace Marshall WR
24. Steelers - Naaje Harris RB
25. Jags - Kadarus Toney WR
26. Browns - Trevon Mohrig S
27 Ravens - Greg Rousseau DE
28. Saints - Caleb Farley CB
29. Packers - Kwity Paye DR
30. Bills - Carlos Basham DE
31 Ravens - Rondale Moore WR
32. Buccs - Travis Etienne RB

2021 NFL Draft Preview: Mock Draft Reviews

by Steve

Everyone has a mock draft, even me. So lets take a look at what the supposed professionals think is going to happen with the Bills 30th overall pick. First, here is the Bills needs, draft predictions, and QB rankings.

Jay Skurski TBN:
Travis Etienne

Useless pick at a useless position. This would be the equivalent of drafting a runningback at 16 overall if u consider where Singletary & Moss were drafted in the 3rd round based on the Jimmy Johnson value chart. Someone would have to be moved or maybe even both.

Florio PFT:
Najee Harris RB bama
Same as ETN, guy played 4 years and a RB in round 1 is pointless.

Danny Jeremiah NFL:
Asante Samuel CB FSU
McDerr is allegedly the cornerback whisperer who hasnt been able to find anyone opposite Tre White so maybe this would be a solid pick. Im not sold but wouldnt hate it.

The Ringer
Caleb Farley CB Va Tech
Sort of a boom or bust guy. He was a stud except for the back surgery. Then he sat out because "covid19" ? Then got covid19 disease caused by a novel coronavirus? Same thought process about corner, is a #2 CB worth another first round pick?

Walter Football
Jamin Davis LB UK
This might be worse than drafting a RB. Sure Edmunds was bad last year but christ, drafting ANOTHER LB (useless position [no1 stops great TEs])? Unless this dude is the next Bryce Paup he can fuck off.

Pete Prisco CBS
Jayson Oweh Edge PSU
The first thought that comes to mind is of course Aaron Maybin. My second thought is why did he sit out the year? Just kidding he played & had zero sacks. As an edge rusher. in the overrated big ten. Sure Parsons was gone and sacks arent everything but zero? He better contribute ASAP, no reason to gamble on a huge need position.

Todd McShay
Trading up for Etienne
lolol kill me

Mel Kiper
Tyson Campbell CB Georgia
A new name for me, I trust McDerr to pick "his guy" but it will be highly scrutinized if some of the popular names are on the board.

2021 NFL Draft Predictions

by Steve

Its fun to get these things written down in advance to show how right (wrong) I was. So here are some draft predictions. Previously I wrote about the Bills needs & ranked the quarterback prospects.

The Bills wont trade up for a runningback but after the draft Beane will say something like he tried to move up but couldnt justify it.

Justin Fields & Mac Jones fall out of the top 5 and likely much farther.

One runningback goes in the first round

There is a huge run on offensive talent except stupid teams like Detroit, New England, Houston & Giants.

Bills draft a D-lineman.

Caleb Farley falls out of the first round.

6 QBs get drafted Thursday.

Everyone will rave about the Dolphins & Jaguars draft and rip the Jets. Belichick will be labeled a genius for "navigating" the draft.

The Bills will draft a QB Saturday.

Zach Ertz gets moved Friday.

Kyle Pitts will be a bust.

There aren't nearly as many trades as prior years and the talk of the draft will be a lack of medical information on players and GMs play it more straight.