Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sullivan's Response


I appreciate your points and thanks for the kind words on my column. I really don't think the debate should be reduced to stats and numbers. I agree with the organization that Edwards has more long-term potential. They do not intend to give Losman the type of contract extension he will surely be seeking after the season -- something in the $50 million range with $15 million guaranteed money. The NFL is big business and that's the reality. They have to decide if he's a franchise QB and they expressed their lack of confidence in him when the drafted Edwards. Edwards should be judged as a rookie who will have the expected struggles of a first-time QB. I think the coaches are encouraged despite his struggles and the lack of points. I reject the Kelly Holcomb comparison. It's an easy and chic one to make, but I think it's off-base. Given time and experience, I think Edwards will make plays down the field. He has the arm. He is no Kelly Holcomb, any more than Losman is a Brett Favre.


(Can there be any more proof that this decision is strictly financial? Who is to say that Losman will be seeking $50,000,000? Also, isn't Losman under contract until 2008? Why not keep him one more year? I don't know the business side of the NFL well enough to make any comment as to what Losman will want and whether or not he would want to play without a new contract in his final year. Where is the evidence of this strong arm that Trent Edwards allegedly possesses? The only significant deep ball I have seen him throw was drastically underthrown. The one he completed, which was only about a 40 yard throw in the air, was a duck. Why go with a rookie right now, when as unbelievable as it is to think about, we are right in the middle of the AFC wild card race. If the Bills can win their next 2 games and get to 5-4, talk will change dramatically, especially if those wins come with JP under center. The point Sullivan makes about the money is a valid one but again I have not seen nearly enough in Edwards to believe he is the quarterback of the future. Finally, Sullivan says that the coaches demonstrated a lack of confidence in Losman by taking Edwards in the 3rd round. That is a false statement. The Bills have no plans to draft Edwards. He was supposed to be gone in the 2nd round and the Bills didn't draft him until the end of the third. If the Bills were going to take a quarterback because of a lack of confidence in JP, they would have made a move to get one in the 2nd round or drafted Brady Quinn. You don't draft a quarterback in the third round because he magically fell to you to be your starting quarterback or because you do not have confidence in your current starter. It was a value pick. Finally, I never staked claim to JP being Brett Favre. But, I think the similiarities thus far that we have seen between Edwards and Holcomb are much more valid. Jerry Sullivan, we will wait to see what you say in your comments Monday if the Bills win under JP.)

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Bills links and youtube

The final drive of Super Bowl XXV gut wrenching but a must watch

The Mayne Event with Marshawn Lynch (hilarious!)

Two great Jerry Sullivan columns

Oct 30
Oct 29

Losman To Start: Email to Jerry Sullivan (Written prior to QB Decision)

Jerry, First off, I love reading your columns, they are always interesting and informative.

Now about the quarterback. I am so sick and tired of people backing Trent Edwards and saying that he should be the starting quarterback. In a recent column, you mentioned that Jauron is correct in that he should be hesitant to put Losman back in, implying that the Bills have a better chance to win with Trent in there. People keep pointing at the record, 3-1 as a starter. What about these numbers? 2 wins over the Jets and a win over Kyle Boller and a banged up defense at home. How about 1 touchdown and 5 interceptions. Two of these interceptions came in crucial situations in the fourth quarter which effectively refutes any statement that Edwards is smart with the ball, and doesn’t make big mistakes. He made huge mistakes in 2 of his 4 starts. How about the 9.8 offensive points per game we have averaged with Trent Edwards at quarterback? This number is inflated because of a touchdown in the first meeting against the Jets by Greer in the red zone and another field goal set up off a turnover against the Ravens. How about 3 points through 3 quarters against one of the worst defenses in the NFL? Why are fans so sheltered by the fact that we won three games against 3 bad teams? People are so quick to point to weeks one and two in which JP and the entire offense struggled. The game plan in the opener was terrible. Week two, again another game with terrible play calling, was in Pittsburgh in their home opener. Further, the Bills defense wasn’t playing nearly as inspired defense in those two games as they are now which forced Jauron into a close to the vest try and keep the other teams offense off the field type of game plan. No quarterback in this league, except maybe with the exception of Brady, Favre and Manning would be able to produce in that type of situation. Also, why are people so eager to forget about the improvement we saw last year? JP in the 2nd half of the year showed signs that he could be a good and even great quarterback. He led us to two fourth quarter comeback wins in the last second. He won 5 of 7 games and should have been 6 of 8 if Robert Royal could get his feet down and he also could have had another fourth quarter comeback in that game against the Titans if it wasn’t for another coaching lapse in the final moments. JP Losman has 25 NFL starts. That is less than 2 seasons of NFL action and his first 7 starts under Mularkey may have done him more bad than good. The more I analyze Trent Edwards, the more he reminds me of a young Kelly Holcombe. Either the coaches don’t have confidence to throw the ball downfield and open up the offense with him in there (which leads to the fact that the decision to play him is indeed financial) or Trent just doesn’t take any chances down the field. Say what you want about the 85 yard touchdown pass, but Losman threw the ball to his best player down the field to give him a chance to make a play in a game where we still needed to score. And it was a breath of fresh air to see something exciting. Finally, JP has come to Buffalo and cherished the city. How many players that come here can you say that about? He has taken strides to clean the city and made his permanent residence here. It is hard not to feel bad for the guy who has worked so hard and done all the right things (except take us to the playoffs in his ONLY year as a starter) only to get screwed over worse than anyone I have seen in this league.

Edwards has done nothing to win this job except beat 2 bad teams at home when the defense played over their heads. Trent was rewarded with 3 non offensive touchdowns against Dallas. All he needed to do was produce 5 offensive points in that game. He couldn’t do it. Our offense has been bad under Edwards, plain and simple and the lack of a downfield attack is hurting Marshawn Lynch and our running game. Losman proved last season that he deserved a chance this year so earn the extension. He did not do anything to warrant losing the job this year except take a cheap shot from that scum bag Vince Wilfork.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any response would be appreciated greatly.

Michael J. Costanza

(PS: My fellow blogger is apparently a huge Trent Edwards fan and hates Losman. Well, how about we hear some concrete reasons why Edwards should be playing other than Losman besides pointing at JP's 7-9 record last year and 0-2 start. I would like to hear one good quality of Trent Edwards please other than he beat 2 bad teams at home. C'mon give me a break. JP is starting Sunday and he will put up numbers that won't allow him to be benched again. This game is for his job that is 99 percent gone already. Losman knows he is going to have to absolutely light it up every game he plays the rest of the season and he must take this team to the playoffs to stay around here long term. Will he do it? I think he will...he loves Buffalo and he knows he has to perform at an extremely high level to stay here.)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Losmaniacs suck

by Steve

Alright, enough is enough, I can't take it any more. Losmaniacs or JP Losman die hard fans are running a muck. They're voting on web polls, calling radio stations, blogging on this website, writing to newspapers, amortizing themselves at 1 Bills drive I can't take it!

I'm not here to necessarily bash the dude, but he has started something like 27 games he lost the first 2 this season, he lost his last 2 last season and finished with a 7-9 record. In 2005 he started 9 games and went something like 3-6.

He is no savior, he throws the ball down field when it seems a receiver is breaking away, but the likely hood it is a completion is very low, much below 50%. He can't complete short passes, 20 yard outs outside the numbers and at a "tall" 6'2 he is undersized at the position.

For his career all you "stat" assholes, he has thrown 28 touchdowns while throwing 24 interceptions. His contract is up after 2008 and no quarterback goes into the final year of his contract with out a new deal. He isn't playing any where near the value of $11 million per season ala Tony Homo and has played himself out of the starting role.

Sure, in a perfect world he would have stayed healthy and played all of 2007, however it isn't, he got hurt and lost 2 games pretty much embarrassingly. Does he seem to make the offense more exciting? Probably. Does he throw a nice deep ball? Some of the time. Does he take bad sacks, fail numerously to move the chains, and misses receivers in stride preventing bigger plays? Absolutely.

JP Losman is what he is, a less accurate, less football intelligent version of Brett Favre. He'll get people off their asses and standing up, but he'll get people booing and throwing shit on the field at the same time. I've seen him play mediocre for long enough, he hasn't proven he can win games!

This is not a glaring boner fest for Trent "tReD" Edwards, but Losman at this point, doesn't appear to give the Buffalo Bills any more of a chance to win football games than a rookie 3rd rounder out of a non-football school. Doesn't that say enough about Losman's progression as a starting quarterback in the National Football League?

Don't get me wrong, I want Losman to thrive. I love what he was trying to do for the city of Buffalo. When I saw Evans strip the ball away from Rivas I yelled "He's got it ! Touchdown!" Then I thought, why were the Bills throwing a deep ball in that situation? That ball was under thrown. The fact is the Bills in this parody driven NFL can win boring close games without a gun slinger. They can win with an efficient game controlling quarterback who hopefully will be able to mature into a better QB that can make plays when he needs to. Edwards probably isn't ready for the big time, but he is winning ball games and certainly keeping the Bills in games. I still say stick with Losman this week if tReD is hurt but unless Losman goes for 350 yards and 3 TDs and shows a miraculous turnaround Trent gets the start when he is healthy.

Fuck QB controversies

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bills win improve to 3-4

by Steve

Looks like I have the enviable distinction of writing about this highly entertaining thriller in the Meadowlands.. Good thing I really love the Bills or I would have passed out at half time and missed the rest of the contest. God this game was boring.

The Bills won their first game on the road today, and didn't show much expect for a surprisingly respectable defense and a coaching staff that plays it so close to the vest they are numb from the pain. Lets be real, the New York Jets are an awful football team, and the Bills are a mediocre football team. The good thing is, most teams in the NFL are in either one of those categories.

Thomas Jones had a decent day running, didn't get the ball nearly enough, and was held to 70 yards. (Why do teams always abandon the run against this team?)John McCargo is a beast, and is almost making people forget his Mcarbust nickname. The defense was effective all day blitzing a broken down and decaying Chadwick Pennington and forced some turnovers. They only got 3 sacks but the team didn't give CP any time to throw. Perry Fewell is doing something right, the team has players like Butler and George Wilson playing, an undrafted MLB in Digiorgio and an under performing Whitner. (Which brings me to a side point. Whitner sucks, dude is not making plays, he was taken 8th over all, he missed a fumble in the first quarter, misses players, and is not in position to make plays we expected him to make.) The defense again won this football game.

Marshawn Lynch has failed for the 7th straight game to eclipse 100 yards rushing but the dude runs hard, plays with injuries and moves the pile. BUT, he sometimes makes bone head plays chooses the wrong hole and has yet to break a real big one. For instance a 3rd and 1 early in the fourth quarter, instead of the coaching staff calling a straight shot into the middle of the line or HELLO A QB SNEAK they get cute, Lynch goes the wrong way and they lose yards, field goal. He is still a good runner and exciting but something is wrong, and for now I'll still blame the run blocking. I guess just rookie mistakes.

The pass blocking on the other hand has been pretty solid, except for about an entire quarter where Rivas blitzed every single play from the left side that was never picked up, the quarterback has had time to scan the field and get a play off. "The quarterbacks" were 17 of 26 for 243 yards 1 td and 1 int. Good combined numbers but neither knocked my socks off. One has flaws the other doesn't and one has strengths the other doesn't. If you can combine them I'd say you have a good quarterback, but separately neither is very good and right now not winning a playoff game. So again I pose the question, does it matter? Calm down people why does everyone love a god damn quarterback controversy so efffn much?

It was a strange call to throw down the field in that position, they scored a TD, the ball was under thrown, Evans was in a position to make a play, it was picked off then striped away, you can look at it any way you want it wasn't pretty. The other QB hasn't produced in the redzone, he moves the changes and eats up time, hasn't thrown good deep balls, completes nearly every short pass, avoids sacks, makes rookie mistakes, throws interceptions, makes the offense appear to be coherent. etc etc etc Ahhhhhhh. Neither is good, we can't control who the starter is, just cheer for the team. Neither argument is really that good.

Quick hits:
  • Do Tasker and Gus Johnson work for CBS or the Jets?
  • When is Thomas Jones getting inducted into the hall of fame?
  • Where were the Jets fans today?
  • Mangini the genius looked like he had a bit of an acne problem and got a lot of camera time.
  • How much does Terrance Mcgee love playing against the Jets?
  • What was that shuffle pass call?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bills Jets breakdown podcast style

A breakdown of the Bills @ Jets this Sunday, predictions, Edwards v Losman and Coast still won't give it up about JP Watercooler talk is hosted by Steve (right click save as) to download

Thursday, October 25, 2007

World Series is a joke

by Steve

Have we seen anything more boring and uninteresting than the World Series? WOW! A bunch of bandwagon rich ass hole red sox fans dancing around and signing some shitty Neil Diamond song! All this while their team, who can just blow huge amounts of money on bit players and over rated pieces of shit like Lugo and Gange and a few others while they play a real baseball team with some dude named Spilborghs as their DH. Great fucking job Theo.

Alright we want numbers? How about 1 number $100 million. That should be the SALARY CAP. Ever hear of a salary cap Major League Baseball? The red sox total salary this seas was $143,000,000 roughly while Colorado's was $54,000,000. Just about Ninty million dollars in discrepancy there. Ok so its not all salary, the Yankees lost? Eh efff that it helps to out spend by nearly 200%.

  • Ubaldo pitched well today, just some how got out pitched by Schilling.
  • What happen to the Rockies offense? Fenway is a good hitters ball park, christ. 2 runs in 18 innings?
  • Did I really witness the alleged NL MVP get picked off at 2nd in the 8th inning with 2 outs down 1 run?
  • Did Colorado really have to sit on their asses for 8 days before playing another game?
  • Is Troy Tulowitzki really in the 7 hole? WTF?!
  • Is Ryan Spilborghs really the DH in the 9 hole?
  • Did I really, no honestly, did I really witness a dude walk 3 straight batters with the bases loaded Wednesday? Did that really happen? 13-1? Beckett got real luck in that game too, I'll say that much, the strike zone was questionable too.
Ok the series is far from over. I like Fogg over "Dice-K" I like Ortiz playing first base. I like taking beard face er Youkilis out of the line up. I love Man-ram trying to cover all that space at Coors. I love Jacobi in the line up along with Lugo fighting for the 8 hole. Lester or Wakefield in that thin air is also appealing.

I'll say Rockies in 6 if their offense can awake from its coma because the Red Sox are tired, and about to hit a wall. Book it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bills Win, QB Still in Question

The Bills can thank their defense for preserving the win against the Ravens. The Bills offense was again inept when it came to scoring points. I don't care about time of possession, first downs, third down conversions...the only stat that matters is the points on the score board. The Bills are worst in the AFC with 84 points scored through 6 games. That is an average of 14 points per game. Out of those 84 points, the defense and special teams are responsible for 35 of them. The Bills offense has 49 points (including points off turnovers deep in scoring territory). 49 points through 6 games is err 8.17 points per game. That is PATHETIC.

That bring me to the quarterback position that is in question. Since Trent Edwards took over the Bills offense has scored 46 points through 4 games. That is a whopping 11.5 points per game. Edwards has one touchdown pass and FOUR interceptions. Two of these interceptions were in the fourth quarter, one effectively costing us the game and the one this past Sunday, nearly costing us the game. People, Trent Edwards may have potential but he is not a better quarterback than JP Losman even by a long shot. Edwards has started 3 games, all of them at home and two of them against bad football teams. Yeah, Baltimore is bad, I don't care what their record was, they are a bad team. Edwards is benefiting from the defense playing way over their head and the special teams doing what it does. Why don't fans and the media personnel realize this? The Bills would have won these games with JP in there without a doubt. Also, the Bills may have one Monday night because maybe JP could have hit a big play to Evans. Edwards played a bad game Sunday against Baltimore. Say what you want about their defense, but it isn't the defense we have seen in recent years. Ray Lewis is not 100%, Chris McCalister didn't play, Trevor Pryce didn't play. There is no Adalius Thomas. The defense is still good but I would be reluctant to put it in the top 12 in the league. Besides his bad pass for the interception, Trent underthrew an open Lee Evans down the sideline miserably. Losman makes that throw and chances are it's 6. Also, the ball Edwards completed to Evans was a duck. You have to throw a tight spiral at the Ralph in order to succeed when it gets windy, and Edwards did not show the ability to do that when throwing down the field.

The coaching staff is going to make their decision and going to start Trent Edwards again. Does this piss me off? Yes. I am beyond pissed about this decision. The better player is on the sideline because the senile owner wants the young guy who he won't have to give an extention to in the game. It really is a joke and the media people, especially on WGR, are completely oblivious to reality. Bills fans think that because we beat a bad team the quarterback is going a great job. That isn't true at all.

Perry Fewell deserves a lot of credit for getting this defense ready to play at the level is has been playing at the past few weeks. The Bills are 6th in the AFC in points allowed and that is with guys like Jeremetrius Butler, John DiGiogrio (DII), George Wilson (WR), and Leon Joe (Two first names)playing. Only if Fewell didn't let the NFL pay him off to blow to call at the end of the Cowboys game, then we would really be amazed at the job he has done. The Bills defense has forced 12 turnovers and is third in the AFC with a +5 turnover differential. The only two teams they are behind are a combined 13-0 (Indianapolis and New England). This defense had two crucial fourth down stops in the fourth quarter against the Ravens which were desperately needed because of the offense's inability to do anything at the end of the game except go 3 and out.

Marshawn Lynch is a beast. Anyone who can run for any yardage on our offense with the complete lack of a vertical threat right now is impressive. Lynch has 4 touchdowns through 6 games and is tied for 3rd in the AFC. Now just imagine if we had an offense that was good enough so that the defense could not just key on the running game.

Dick suck. Way to run out the clock in the 2nd quarter. Apparently Jauron hasn't watched our 2nd half performances this season. These are the 2nd half scores of the games this season.


This is a total of 44-87 or a (-43) point differential in the 2nd half. Jauron, take any chance at scoring points that you can.

On the bright side, the Bills at 2-4 are playing the Jets, Bengals and Dolphins, who have a combined record of 3-17, in their next 3 games. Will the Bills be 5-4 going into the week 11 showdown at home against New England? Well they better be because after that game they have to go to DC and Jacksonville.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Podcast: ALCS wrap and Bills win!

A Wrap up of the ALCS and the Indians choke job as well as a break down of the Bills victory over the Ravens and some Sabres talk. Watercooler talk is hosted by Steve (right click save as) to download

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You want a prediction? Willis Mcgahee dies.. thats my prediction.. Fuck the Ravens, Fuck Baltimore, FUCK WILLIS MCGAHEE.. I seriously hope he does.. fuck mcgahee.. he is a piece of shit.. he is over rated, over hyped, probably a homosexual.. he is a loser, the ravens suck i hope he dies.

How about this for a prediction, Mcgahee gets murdered before the game, Kyle Boller? Kyle fucking Boller? Are you serious? Ray the murder Lewis isn't 100%, McCalister is out, Fuck the ravens, Halati NGata lol fuck you, you think we miss not taking you, nopeeeee. I can't wait for Marshawn to tear this over rated over hyped piece of shit team appart. The line is 3 the Ravens have 4 wins, that is embarrassing, the Ravens can't concentrate cause they are to busy blowing each other


(if the Bills win, the word playoffs will not appear on this blog)

(forget about your house of cards.. denial)

Friday, October 19, 2007

We’re Going Back to Boston!

Guest Editorial By Rash:

After a stunning performance by Josh Beckett, Boston solidified a 7–1 trouncing of the Cleveland Indians to keep their World Series chances alive in the ALCS. Eight innings pitched, five hits, one earned run, one walk, and eleven strikeouts. It’s safe to say Beckett is a big-game pitcher.

A lot of people picked Cleveland to win the ALCS and I can’t blame them. The 1–2 punch of Sabathia and Carmona seemed unbeatable. How ironic that Jake Westbrook and Paul Byrd ended up being the pitchers that stepped up to smother Boston’s potent offense. However, Boston has one element that Cleveland does not: postseason experience. Beckett, Schilling, Wakefield, Timlin, Lowell, Ramirez, Ortiz, Varitek, etc. all have postseason experience. Cleveland is a young team, and they are sprouting right before our very eyes. After hearing Joe Buck, the average age of the Cleveland Indians is about 25. Even if they don’t win it all this year, they have more than enough years to get it done. But don’t count Boston out just yet. Beckett provided the spark that the Red Sox needed, forcing a Game 6 back at Fenway Park where Carmona struggled last Saturday.

Where fans predicted this series was going to be a pitching bout, this series has really come down to the bullpen, where Cleveland has absolutely dominated Boston. Where did Rafael Betancourt even come from? Betancourt has seemingly pitched more innings in relief than Schilling, Matsuzaka, and Wakefield pitched starting the game.(editing note: Betancourt is a cheater and is a known steroid user) He has been absolutely lights out, a huge advantage for the Indians. However (and correct me if I’m wrong), he has pitched in Games 2 – 5. Will he be available to pitch in a series-clinching Game 6? Most likely. At this point in the postseason, Eric Wedge will pull out all the stops in order to clinch the American League pennant. Best-case scenario for the Indians is that the Tribe win Saturday if Betancourt pitches scoreless relief, and he gets three days’ rest.

As much as I would like for Boston to make this a competitive series, I look for Cleveland to clinch the pennant in Game 6. Carmona will be shaky on the road, as he was last Saturday, but (as has been the case) I see this game coming down to the bullpen. Betancourt has more or less outpitched Boston’s entire pitching staff, whether it be starting or relief pitching. Timlin is about eighty years old, and he can only pitch so much. Delcarmen was roughed up a little during his last outing. What ever happened to Julian Tavarez? I haven’t seen him in ages, yet FOX continues to zoom-in on him spontaneously during the first inning when his presence is absolutely irrelevant. And don’t even bring up Gagné. Ask any of my coworkers at the end of July: I wanted Jermaine Dye 100% over Gagné. Boston’s bullpen was fine with what they had. Boston’s issue at the trade deadline was that they didn’t have enough offense. Ortiz and Ramirez can’t do it by themselves. If Gagné makes another appearance in the postseason, it will mark the end of Boston’s run.

In summary, Boston just seems to have no answer to Cleveland’s pitching. Not so much for the starting pitching, but for Cleveland’s dominant bullpen. Cleveland is a situational-hitting team, and they tack on runs when they matter most. Game 6 looks to be an exciting game, but look for Cleveland to pull out the win and solidify their first trip to the World Series since 1997. Since Coast is the only Tribe fan in the world, only he will have a feeling of euphoria. However, Coast is one fan more than the amount of Rockies fans in the world. No one expected Colorado to make it to the World Series. Anyone that claims to be a Rockies fan deserves to be punched in the face and/or get the shit beaten out of him/her in a parking lot. Coast is the only person that is going to watch the World Series, and God bless ‘em. 1948. And anyone that says that all the pressure is on Boston is clearly mistaken. If anything, Manny’s comments were POSITIVE. It’s NOT the end of the world if Boston doesn’t win the World Series. Boston just won it in 2004, and there is significantly more parity in Major League Baseball than in the past. Tito is coming back next year. Beckett is coming back next year. Ortiz and Ramirez are coming back next year. Red Sox fans should just be content that Boston made it this far this season, compared to last season’s embarrassment (see: Boston Massacre).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Buffalo Bills links

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Obligatory Buffalo Sabres post

by Schrum

It’s October 13, 2007. A few games into the Sabres season and I already have a ticket to a game. I was stunned to find out that I was going to a game because A) I am not a season ticket holder B) I am not a member of the Blue Gold Club and C) I did not win a drawing. With so many tickets already sold, the average fan such as myself is left to either get lucky or win some tickets, over pay on, or cop some duckets on the streets. I was asked to go to the game, so I jumped on the opportunity.

Usually when I sit in HSBC, I am in the nose bleeders. So high I can touch the French Connection Banners. But this time I was 100 level, blue line, 17 rows up. $112 face value tickets. I thought to myself, holy shit these seats are amazing. Brought me back to the old school days, pre lock out, when my dad had seasons in the 100’s and 200’s and Steve and I used to go to all the games. It was the beginning of a great night. A 7- 3 Sabres “W”, and seeing Razor straight up disrespect all 18,000 plus when he was awarded the Carruba Collision of the game, then showed up close on the new sick jumbo-tron, and just spit on the ice. No wave, smile, or gratitude gesture.

Anyway, onto the game and some comments:

· Easy quick flow into the Arena. Gotta love it

· The new area that is dedicated to the AUD is nice. It’s a cool place to stop, grab a beer and chill for a few minutes before the game. Cool accessories and memorabilia.

· The line of Ryan, Paille, and Mair is an embarrassment to the NHL. I don’t care how fast or mobile they are; Paille and Ryan got lit up at least 3 times each. “Blue Collar” line my ass. We got physically man handled in the ECF, and we go out and get no power or physical-ness in the off season. Instead we bring up two short dudes that resemble Danny sans the scoring.

· Why is Hecht wearing the “C?” I’ve never seen him talk. I don’t even think he breathes out of his mouth.

· Who buys Sabretooth Jerseys?

· When the Sabres scored my section barely moved. It was filled with little dudes and their fathers. Every father in my section seemed like they had visiting rights for their child that weekend. They all had on turtle necks with sport coats and were always on their phone

· If you’re women, don’t come to the games. Don’t come especially if you’re going to bring a blanket and book like the lady in front of me. Not only a blanket and book, but a bag of chips and gummy bears. Every time some one tried walking by her it took her 40 minutes just to stand up because of all the shit she had.

· Stop leaving the game when there are 4 minutes left in the game, I don’t care what the score is. You show no team spirit. You’re not a true fan. You block the view of people that want to stay and watch the rest of the game.

· The fellow next to me kept telling me that the Capitals Goalie, Johnson, was going to be a great goalie for a long time in this league because he stopped 16 shots in the first period. The dude sucks. He let in Adam Mair’s goal with 37 seconds left in the second period in between is pad and the post. Give me a break. If you’re going to talk about someone make sure it’s justified. That’s like saying Ryan Miller is one of the top goalies in the league. Nylander’s goal was an easy save. I don’t care about the odd man rush. And what kind of play was he making on the break away for Mike Green when he came out of the penalty box. Skate ¾’s of the way to the puck, forget why you’re out their, then throw yourself onto the ice? He has yet to convince me he’s that great. He is good, but not great. He doesn’t steal games; he gets bailed out more often then not.

· Overall a good experience in the Arena. The 300 level was rocking and the high scoring was fun. Didn’t get a beer or dag, regretting that still. I just hope they can put some wins together and start climbing up the Eastern Conference Ladder.

Side Note: I went to Soho after the game and saw Max, Tin Can, Soupy, and Roy. Roy blends in well, Max not so much; Soupy was trying way to hard. He looked like he just got out of a GQ cover shoot and Tin Can was wearing a Twins hat. I have seen him now with a Twins hat and Yankees hat on. Can the dude make up his mind? Or just go like Kotalik does and wear a Soho hat during interviews.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Podcast all baseball NLCS ALCS W.S.

Todays podcast discusses the ALCS, NLCS, and the Rockies in the World Series (right click save as to download)

Edwards Named the Starter

by Coast
Today, ESPN reported that Trent Edwards will start Sunday vs the Baltimore Ravens over an allegedly healthy JP Losman. What does this all mean? Well, it means that JP Losman's shot at being the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills is over finally after being jerked around for 3 years.

JP Losman was a good player last year in the 2nd half of the season in his only full season as the Bills quarterback. He ended the season 11th in the NFL with an 84.9 passer rating, passed for 3051 yards and had a 19/14 TD/INT ratio. Most importantly, after the bye week he led the Bills to 5 wins in 7 games and if it wasn't for Robert Royal not getting his feet down, it would have been 6 out of 8. In the final 9 games of the year, JP completed 63.1% of his passes for 1738 yards, 13 TDs and 8 Ints. The Bills were 5-4 in those games and the offense produced 24 points per game in their final 8 meaningful games (excluding Baltimore). The Bills offense under JP Losman improved dramatically throughout the season. Lee Evans had a breakout season. That offense also had a lot less talent than this years.

The Bills have added two new lineman, got rid of the full back, and added a new running back who is a stud. It takes some time for things like this to gel. It took some time last year and the results were evident. So, this season, after two games in which the entire team...not just the quarterback...looked out of sink. Not to mention, the Bills were facing two of the best defenses in the NFL. Then Losman suffers a cheap shot injury and that is it. The guy who showed so much promise last season and dedication to not only this team but to this city has been completely dicked over by this coaching staff, a coaching staff full of losers. The staff of losers went with the quarterback who didn't win a game in college last season.

What did Trent Edwards do to win this job? Put up 17 points against one of the worst defenses in the NFL? 7 of those points were generated by a Jabari Greer interception inside the 20 yard line. Oh yeah, I forgot about the huge offensive output we had on Monday night against Dallas. 6 takeaways, 3 offensive points and an interception in a critical situation. The Bills are averaging 10 points a game offensively since Edwards took over and both of those games were at home and one of those games were against a terrible football team. I can see if Edwards came in and was lighting it up but he just wasn't. No balls are even being thrown past 5 yards. The Bills number one receiver in Lee Evans, who is understandably frustrated, even spoke out in favor of JP Losman. Losman lost his job because of the lack of football knowledge and any knowledge for that matter of the front office and coaching staff. He lost his job because a senile owner wanted Edwards in there because of his high completion percentage. He lost his job because this cheap franchise doesn't want to extend him after the season. The Bills are a bad, cheap and plain stupid franchise and their fans are getting sick of it. I have heard more people say they wish this team would move to save themselves of the frustration and suicidal thoughts this week. It is just getting out of hand.

I hope for JP Losman that he goes to a new team (Green Bay?) and excels because he has the talent to. Maybe his next team won't dick him over like this franchise has. I also hope Lee Evans holds out at the end of the season. Our shitty safe offense does not suit his exceptional game breaking ability. Marshawn Lynch probably will hold out too. He is a rare talent and won't be able to hone his skills playing on a team with no down field threat and therefore everyone can key on him. This is just a bad team and a bad franchise with old, cheap, senile, stupid people running the show.

All that said, I hope Trent turns out to be sick and get this team on a roll, but to say that I see it happening would be a lie. The worst part is, the Bills can beat Baltimore because the Ravens are just a bad team with a 4-2 record and the offense can play terrible and Edwards will get more credit. I hate this shit.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Is UB football for real?

by Steve

Turner Gill and the University at Buffalo football team are starting to turn some heads. Well, mine at least. I am actually thinking about going to a college football game, in Buffalo! (Well Amherst) The Bulls are actually winning games and are kind of exciting to watch.

Since I and most people I know in Buffalo don't follow UB football very close, I'll break it down simply for you. They play in the MAC, there are 2 divisions, the East and the West. UB Plays in the East with Miami, Akron, Bowling Green, Kent St, Temple, and Ohio. There are 6 teams in the West.

UB is sitting pretty good at 3-1 in the MAC and 2-0 in the division. Their non- conference loses have been to Rutgers, Penn State (both ranked in the top 15 when they played UB) and Baylor. and they got crushed @ Ball State, a team from the MAC West that has 4 wins on the season but shouldn't have won by that large a margin.

The rest of the season will be an important litmus test for Drew Willy, Gill and the crew to show exactly where they stand in college football. They play at 'cuse which is a winnable game kind of and then play three more teams from the East with winning records in the conference two at home against Akron(1-1) and Bowling Green(1-1) and a tough test against the current East leader at Miami on November 3rd. So it appears the Bulls are assured to be playing meaningful football into November and have a shot at the division and then the conference.

But why has UB all of a sudden been winning games and gaining at least some local attention? The coaching and recruiting of Turner Gill, a solid young group of players that returned the most starters in all of D1 football and an explosive sophomore running back in James Starks.
The 21 year old beast from Niagara Falls has 12 touchdowns (rushing and receiving) and has 624 yards and a solid 4.2 yards per carry.

Considering 2 games ago Starks had less than 200 yards rushing and now has over 600 clearly indicates Starks is white hot. So hot he nearly broke the schools all time single game rushing record yesterday with 244 yards on 35 carries. Dude can straight ball and is probably playing himself into at least the first day of the draft if he decides to declare for the draft after the season.(kidding, kind of)

Realistically UB probably doesn't have the poise and the experience needed to really push for the division or the conference this season. However, with a solid core, the Bulls are building towards at least mediocrity, and we all know that is a huge improvement since the team jumped up to D1. And quite frankly I'm just pumped to have meaningful college football being played in Wester New York, and hey maybe even I am under estimating Drew Willy, T-gil and the gang.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

NLCS preview Rockies vs Diamondbacks

by Steve

No one outside of Phoenix and Denver know more than 3 players on each team besides maybe die hard baseball fans and fantasy geeks. So here is a list of a few key players that will have a major impact in the series or are probably interesting enough to force you to watch. This is the National League Championship Series so you should be watching any way.

Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Chris B. Young - No, not the sick Padres pitcher, this is B. Young. He was a highly touted Centerfield prospect for the Chisox who foolishly traded him away for Javier Vazquez or something. Dude can rake, and leads off for the D'backs.
  • Justin Upton - Budding superstar BJ Upton's little brother, yes both were #1 over all picks, he'll probably be platooning with Salazar and Tony Clark, but he is a beast no doubt.
  • Stephen Drew - Another younger brother of a stand out player, this time JD "piece of crap" Drew. Stephen is a solid young short stop on the rise, and with this much young talent on the D'backs, they'll be around for a while.
  • Brandon Webb - Arguably the best pitcher in the National League, Webb has struggled against the Rockies this season however he was the starting pitcher in Colorado's only loss in the last three weeks.
Colorado Rockies
  • Troy Tulowitzki - Straight balla and strong candidate for rookie of the year. Dude is a potential five tool player and a rising star at the short stop position.
  • Ubaldo Jimenez - Young flame thrower no body knows about, well except T-wreck and pro gamblers. Batters are hitting .111 off his hangover inducing slider and this righty isn't afraid to throw inside to get batters off the plate.
  • Matt Holiday - Pujols who? This guy is an mvp. He can hit for power, average, drives in runs and plays the game hard, just watch game 163 again. He is easily the second most important player behind Webb in this series.
  • Todd Helton - One of the few whiley veterans playing a major part in this series. Dude is nails and when he goes, so goes the Rockies. Helton is my series mvp prediction.
Other Factors
  • The Thin Air - Everyone knows they are like a mile up but balls will still be flying out in Colorado as per usual.
  • Experience - A general lack of experience in the playoffs is evident on both teams and should bring out the best and worst in each player.
  • TBS - A lack of media coverage will reduce the pressure on both clubs, so expect a well played series.
watch it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Initial podcast "JP vs. Trent"

(after 1 week only a downloadable version will appear on the blog)

The first podcast! Steve and Coast debate Losman vs. Trent against Baltimore.
click here To download to your computer/mp3 player (right click save as)

ALCS Preview

The Indians just knocked off the hottest team in baseball in 4 games and are still getting no respect. Almost nobody thinks that this team can beat the Red Rox. The argument that I hear most often is the Red Sox have deeper starting pitching. Do they?

Let's look at the numbers.

Game 1: CC sabathia vs. Josh Beckett (Advantage Indians)
  • CC was 19-7 with a 3.21 ERA
  • Beckett 20-7 with a 3.27 ERA
  • Sabathia also had a 2 month span in which he allowed 2 or fewer runs in every start. He went 4-3 in those games. If he had any run support at all he would be something like 22-5 right now and be a hands down Cy Young winner.

Game 2: Fausto Carmona vs. Curt Schilling (Advantage Indians)

  • Sorry Curt, this is a no brainer. I said it before the playoffs...Fausto Carmona is the best pitcher in baseball and he showed it in game 2 of the ALDS.
  • Fausto was 19-8 with a 3.06 ERA.
  • Schilling was 9-8 with a 3.87 ERA.
  • You can throw the post season experience out the window in this matchup as well. Carmona already beat Pettitte.

Game 3: Jake Westbrook vs. Dice K (Advantage Indians)

  • You may think I am crazy but Dice K just does not impress me. This game is also at the Jake.
  • Westbrook was 6-9 with a 4.32 ERA.
  • Dice K was 15-12 with a 4.40 ERA. Again the Indians starter has the better ERA.
  • Futher, since the all star break, Westbrook has a 3.44 ERA while Dice K has a 5.19 ERA. Dice K has just been bad since the break.

Game 4: Paul Byrd vs. Tim Wakefield (Advantage Indians)

  • I am not a huge fan of knuckle ballers in the playoffs.
  • Wakefield had a 17-12 record and an ERA of 4.76.
  • The Byrd man had a 15-8 record and a 4.59 ERA, AGAIN better than his pitching counterpart.
  • Paul Byrd is also coming up an improbable win against the Yankees in game 4.

As for starting pitching, the Indians one through four, based on the numbers are just better than the Red Sox one through four this season in every single matchup. Who would have thought?

What about the bullpen since pitching wins championships?

  • Perez and Betancourt are studs with ERAs of 1.78 and 1.47 respectively. Perez looked dominant at times in the ALDS as did Betancourt in game 4.
  • Okajima and DelCarmen, the two best guys in the Red Sox pen, had ERAs of 2.22 and 2.05 respectively. Again, ADVANTAGE INDIANS.
  • Throw Jensen Lewis in the mix and his ERA of 2.15 is miniscule compared to the 3.42 of Timlin.
  • As for the closer....I'll give the Red Sox the advantage here. Borowski is frightening every time he steps on the mound, while Paplebon and his 1.85 ERA can be dominant. The Red Sox have to be better at one aspect I guess.

How the two teams played down the stretch?

  • The Indians played the final month of the season at 18-9 whereas Boston was 15-11. The Indians swept their AL Central counterparts in Detroit when they were threatening while the Red Sox lost 5 of 6 to the Yankees.
  • Since August 13th, the Red Sox are 26-19 while Cleveland is 31-13.
  • The Indians knocked off an opponenet in the Yankees who were red hot while the Red Sox beat a team in Anaheim that was only 14-13 in September including losses in 6 of their last 9.

My Point: Yeah the Red Sox are a great team and can win this series. But, how are they so superior to the Indians, a team that tied them for the best record in baseball? Ask a Yankee fan who the better team is.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Disbelief...Well Not Really

For 31 of the 32 NFL teams, a loss like yesterdays would have been shocking and unforgivable and it would have been a loss that the franchise would have never experienced before. It would be a loss in which someone would be sure to lose their job either the next day or maybe even that night. But for the Bills, it is another loss on a laundry list of ridiculous losses and to be honest, it wasn't even surprising. I told my dad with 8 minutes left that we were going to lose 25-24 fully expecting a TD, missed 2 point conversion, and then a game winning field goal. It was just to be expected. I had no idea at the time how it would actually happen. Even worse, right before Greer made a all pro play to break up the 2 point conversion attempt to Owens, I received the final word of the Indians 6-4 win to beat the Yankees. This was supposed to be the best sports moment of my life. It wasn't.

FIRE DICK JAURON HOLY CHRIST HOW IS THIS DUDE STILL EMPLOYED OMG THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT and here is I need to remind everyone...Here is the top 3 dumbest moves by Jauron yesterday which cost us the game...

3. With 6 minutes left and a rookie quarterback and 3rd and 8 from the 11 up by 8 RUN THE FOOTBALL, KICK THE FIELD GOAL, GET AN 11 POINT LEAD. YOU DO THAT THE GAME IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! It IS SIMPLE. EVERYONE IN THE STADIUM KNEW HE SHOULD RUN IT, EXCEPT HE DIDN'T. I am not sure if Fairchild was at fault or Jauron but Fairchild is Jauron's guy so ultimately it is Jauron.

2. Good call going for the 54 yard field goal with like 30 seconds left in the first half. OUR KICKER IS RYAN F#*$&$& LINDELL. His chances of making a 54 yarder are like 10 percent. Why would you risk giving them the ball back at the 44 yard line so they could get a field goal and cut the lead to 7 at half time. Punt the ball or GO FOR IT. JESUS DON'T KICK A FIELD GOAL!!!!


We had an 11 point lead in the 4th quarter. This is the 2nd time this season we had a double digit lead in the 4th quarter and lost. This is the 2nd time this year we didn't trail at all during the game until the 4th quarter clock said 0.00. Both of these games were at home. How do Bills fans show up at the stadium? I don't know why I do. 2 out of 3 games this season have ended with complete heartbreak. How much more of this can the fans of the Bills actually take. Just think about what Bills fans had to go through the last 6 minutes of this game...
  • Lynch 15 yard run, Bills inside the Cowboys 15 up 8...We are about to ice this game and upset an undefeated team on prime time televison.
  • Edwards interception, Terrance Neumann returns it 70 can't be serious, are we really about to blow this, did we really just call a pass?
  • Romo intercepted for the FIFTH time by John the Bills D comes up huge to save this one for us
  • Bills 3 and out as usual...somehow this game isn't over.
  • Dallas marches and scores with 20 seconds have got to be absolutely kidding me.
  • Jabari Greer makes a great play on Owens, the stadium erupts, the game is over all they have to do is recover an onside kick and the Bills are 2-3 and have possibly turned their season around.
  • Onside kick, Whitner cramps, Dallas recovers at the Bills 48. Utter shock. a 22 yard onside kick. All they need is about 10 yards to give themselves a chance.
  • Romo completes pass to Owens inside the 30 and spikes the ball with 1 second left...we officially blew it...BUT the play was reviewed and pass was incomplete, we got new life.
  • Barber catches a pass over the middle and easily runs out of bounds for 4 yards, 7 seconds left, Bills didn't cover the sidelines but they surely will on this play.
  • Crayton is somehow wide open on a 7 yard out. No Bill within 10 yards. 2 seconds left, Dallas in field goal range. I wanted to stab myself.
  • Some D bag rookie kicker drills a 53 yarder BUT Dick Jauron busted out the D bag time out move, they gotta re kick wow we still have a chance.
  • Kick 2, dead center, the Bills lose. The Bills fucking lose. 5 takeaways, 2 defensive touchdowns, a 103 yard kick return touchdown, a fumble recovery, +5 turnover differential AND WE LOST. HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED? NO, never in NFL history has this happened but for the Bills it seems normal.
I wish I wasn't serious when I say this, but it has gotten so bad that I wish this team would move so I don't have to put myself through this every week. In 2 weeks the Bills play Baltimore. They will lose, but I can't wait to see how. No possible way of losing that can be drawn up is out of the realm of possibility for this team.

Music City Miracle
Losing to 3rd stringers
Broncos running their field goal unit on
Complete disarray on 4th down vs the Titans
2 score leads blown at New England in the 2nd half back to back years
Losing 12 of 13 to New England
Dick Jauron, Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey
Earnest Wilford last second catch
Drafting Mike Williams 4th overall
Drafting Willis McGahee
ZERO playoff appearances
One winning season
3-13, 6-10, 5-11 seasons
Losing 9 players for season ending injuries by week 4
And now the first MNF game in 3 years and this is what is cruel and there is more I just can't think about it anymore cause I feel sick

Leave a comment if you have a suggestion for a name for the Bills curse...
The Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino
The Cubs have the Billy Goat...
We are cursed

Worst moment in the history of sports

by Steve

The game is still making me physically ill. Thinking about it, realizing what happened, remembering each play. Every single time the Bills could have seemingly ended it. The realization that its the second time this season it has happened.

These types of games are what shatter your insides. Question life, sports, following a Buffalo franchise. They make you sick, angry, sad, embarrassed, in shock, too many emotions to even write here. I can't even finish this because I'll say something like I'm not following sports any more, or I hate the Bills, but I know those things will never be true. I almost was smiling after the game though, knowing that this is probably what my entire life will be. Disappointment, its like it is suppose to happen. Like Buffalo sports will never win, will always find a way to lose worse than the last time. To rip everyone's hearts out.

Punching my self in the balls repeatedly would have made me feel better after that game. Sitting in the grass across the street from the Ralph for a good 20 minutes after the game, I still am in shock, restless, sick to my stomach, but I'll keep going, I'll keep cheering, and honestly I have no idea why. Go Bills, at least the yankees lost.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

by Steve

About to head to the Ralph, the game starts in roughly 8 hours. The biggest Bills game since the 2004 debacle of a loss to Pittsburgh to end any hope of a playoff birth. The Bills are 10.5 point dogs in this one and don't have much of a prayer. However, it is Bills v Cowboys on a big stage, anything can happen.

Actually, never mind the Bills are gonna lose. The Cowboys have the better running back tandem, quarterback, tight end, #1 WR, owner, defensive end, safety, etc. The only thing the Bills have going for them is a rookie who appears to be beyond his age and experience, a coach that is at least his equal in Dick V Gomer, and a raucous crowd hoping for anything remotely resembling a close game. And after the performance of the crowd in last weeks victory over the Jets, I can almost guarantee the building collapses tonight if the Bills bust out to an early lead.

Special teams needs to put the Bills in a position for at least 10 points tonight, Tony Homo needs to be pressured with blitzes and penetration from the over rated defensive ends of the Bills. Perhaps with the return of both Anthony Hargrove and little Keith Ellison, that can amp up the defense just enough to play a solid game. But who is going to be covering Jason Whitten? Ooouuch.

Fairchild needs to simplify the offense at least in the early going. The Cowboys were seemingly made from prime time games, and if they cause a turnover or two quickly, they could take over the game before the 2nd quarter. Run Marshawn Lynch, throw to Marshawn Lynch and get Lee Evans involved early, ala week 4 against the Jets. Take what the defense gives you and eventually test the safeties deep.

Another interesting sub plot of this game is the play of Donte Whitner. He is changing position from strong safety to free safety for the game. Hopefully that "frees" him up to make some plays and cause havoc in the Bills secondary.

One last thing, the NFC vs the AFC. The top dog in the NFC is visiting a sub .500 team's barn in the AFC. This game should give be a litmus test as to where the two conferences stand. Not counting the NFC South, the NFC seems to be making strides as the AFC has 2 good teams and a bunch of fill ins.

Bills keep it close until the final quarter losing 27-17

ps the Bills and Time Warner are passing out 'Billieve' towels before the game. Lamesauce I have towels and pom poms I think only in hockey they are allowed.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yanks Take Game 3

Yankees 8 Indians 3 (top 7 but the game is over)

Not much to say about this one...Westbrook couldn't get ahead of hitters all night, was lucky to last as long as he did and finally grooved a belt high meatball to Damon that I could have hit 400 feet.

  • Joba Chamberlain is good. But, he just celebrated a strikeout with 1 out and noone on and a 5 run lead...who does that?
  • Anyone could feel this onslaught of runs coming. I mean Jake Westbrook was pitching, I would have thanked God he had the lead after 4 and pulled him and used Betancourt and Perez 2 innings each.
  • When you have Rafael Perez, why do you bring in Aaron Fultz? That is like the Yankees bringing in Farnsworth when they have Joba.
  • Why was Al Skinner smiling when he went out to talk to Westbrook...did he realize his team was about to get lit up.
  • George Steinbrenner is an idiot. If the Yankees don't win this series he is firing Torre. Makes has nothing to do with his plethora of old overpaid players. The most important guys for his team in this game have been Hughes and Cano and they make like 900 grand combined. Maybe Steinbrenner should fire himself. He won't have to worry about that though since this series is over.
  • Westbrook was falling behind everyone the whole game, it was a matter of time...He shouldn't even have stopped onto the mound in the 5th.
  • Who is scoring this game? Jeter somehow doesn't get an error in the first inning when a good throw would have had Cabrera by 3 steps. Then Hafner hits a rocket to Cano who would have had to make an incredible play to stop it and he gets an error. That is an absolute joke.
  • Jeter is having a good game. The two, three, four hitters have 1 hit so far...although A rod is up right now. Too bad Cano is hitting like Tony Gwynn right now.
  • Speaking of Gwynn...let's just say he hasn't hit the gym much since he retired.
  • Jensen Lewis just struck out Jeter, Abreu and A Rod, I like it.
Apparently the Indians announced Paul Byrd as the starter in game 4. Looks like they are conceding the game already. Looks like Pettite vs. Sabathia in game 5. Why would you not start Sabathia on short rest and then throw Carmona in game 5 if needed? F it, the seasons over, the majors will get what they want with a Yankee Red Sox ALCS. They need all the rating they can get because I don't think anyone is going to tune into Rockies D Backs. I am going to go end my life. Bye.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Casual Sports Takes

by Steve

  • The Phillies embarrassed the National League East this weekend, thanks for showing up Chase, J-ro, and the gang. Swept holy shit c'mon.
  • Aw poor cub fans like you aren't all bandwagon assholes go suck a dick and wait another 90 some years.
  • No one is watching the NLCS. I am a huge fan of baseball and haven't heard of a lot of the jokes on these two teams. BUT, Chris B. Young is a baller, Stephen Drew is a beast and JD Drew's brother. Justin Upton is BJ Upton's brother and is getting meaningful at bats already in the post season, and Conner Jackson can rake.
  • The Rockies don't lose.
  • College football is stupid. Goooo Stanford Cardinals!
  • I give Trent aka TreD Edwards credit for that upset, I honestly do.
  • The Sabres suck, Darc/Quinny stabbed the Sabres the fans and the city of Buffalo in the back. True it is early but this team looks like shit. No leadership no grit no heart no clutch players just a bunch of young unproven over paid kids. Not Ideal.
  • DiPietro and Miller are the top American goal tenders in the World? Sucks for Team USA.
  • Looks like Ruff has cashed it in. He is without answers and can you really blame him? Great hearing from your head coach that, "Ruff acknowledged it took him more than a month to get over losing Drury and Briere, two players he had come to rely on heavily to get his message across and keep his team focused. It wasn't until late August that he finally began to look ahead." HOLY SHIT THIS TEAM IS SCREWED
  • The Bills have a chance on Monday. They have to win the turnover battle play like they did against the Jets and pressure Tony Homo. They have to get production from their shitty over paid D ends big time.
  • The line of Dallas -10 is big. That means on a neutral playing field the line would be -13 and in Dallas -16. The line against the Fagtriots was 16, c'mon the Cowdouches aren't as good as New England, not even close. If you want to win some money, tease the Bills on Monday probably the under too.
  • The Yankees suck, and their manager is over rated. Alex Rod might get $30+ mil a season but he isn't worth it. He can't do anything in the playoffs and will probably never win anything. I really would love, for the good of baseball if he went to say the Pirates or something. In reality it makes sense. The city would love him, there isn't much pressure, the team would instantly be better in the regular season and he would draw attention away from the pinstriped homos and onto other teams in the league.
  • DJ Mariano Posado Pettitte Mussina, is over you're too old let go
  • TRAVIS HENRY is the dumbest person in the history of athletic competition congratulations! gets 9 women pregers and smokes weed when he can't. 24 million reasons not too.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cleveland Takes a 2-0 Lead

Indians 2 Yankees 1, F in 11

Game 2 is in the book and what a game it was. It was an epic October pitchers duel between the Yankees rock Andy Pettite and the up and coming super star in Fausto Carmona.

Pettite went 6.1 innings, didn't allow a run but allowed a hit in every single inning he pitched. In fact, in the 11 innings tonight, the Indians got the leadoff guy on 8 times. Pettite was lights out with runners in scoring position however. The Indians got a leadoff double from Jason Michaels and left him stranded. They got a leadoff triple from Sizemore and couldn't move him 90 feet. That was the story of the night. In the 7th, Peralta doubled off the very top of the center field fence and after a walk, Cleveland had 1st and 2nd 1 out. Joba Chamberlain came in however and shut the door.

On the mould for the Tribe, with a masterful performance was Fausto Carmona. He limited the Yankees to only 3 hits in 9 innings pitched including 18 ground ball outs. The sinker was simply working, ask ARod who continued his playoff woes with an 0-4 night and 3 k's vs Carmona. Fausto made one mistake, and that was a hanging slider to Melki Cabrera who hit a solo homer. Fausto Carmona may be the best pitcher in the game right now and he proved it tonight, taking his team on his back.

The Indians finally scratched the tying run across in the 8th inning when Bugs took over the stadium. With Off brand bug spray getting an hour long free advertisement, the big invested infield got into the head of Joba Chamberlain. He walked Sizemore to lead off the inning. 2 wild pitches later, Grady Sizemore scored to tie the game.

What more can be said about Cleveland's rookie left handed releiver Rafael Perez? 2 more perfect innings tonight and 4 perfect innings in the series so far. In fact, Indians pitching has limited the Yankee bats to only 4 runs and 8 hits in 20 innings through 2 games.

In the bottom of the 11th, the Indians big money guys came up big for the win. Lofton forced the leadoff walk off Luis Vizcaino who relieved Mariano Rivera after 2 scoress innings including getting out of a bases loaded jam in the 10th. Franklin Gutierrez singled after failing to get down back to back bunt attempts and Casey Blake laid a perfect bunt to move the runners. Finally after an intentional walk to Sizemore, the Indians had the bases loaded and one out. After Cabrera popped out, the man who just signed the big contract extension came through with a full count line drive into the gap in right to give the Indians their biggest win since this millenium and got them a win in a game they had to have.

Game 3 is Sunday evening and will pair up Roger Clemens who has struggled at times this season and who hasn't pitched since mid September and Jake Westbrook who has a solid 3.44 era this year since the all star break. Westbrook has one start vs. the Yanks this year in the April sweep in the Bronx and got shelled. This game could be high scoring espcially since the Yankee offense is due for an offensive explosion.

Quick Hits from Game 2
  • The play by play guy calls every single pitcher that came into the game a "flame thrower." A flame thrower must throw at least 96. Rafael Perez is not a flame thrower. He throws 91.
  • Genious move for the Indians to pump massive amounts of annoying insects into the stadium with Chamberlain on the hill. It clearly got into his head.
  • Torre should have had a lefty reliever ready for Hafner in the 11th. I don't know if they have any lefty relievers but keepin the righty in there to face pronk with the game on the line seems questionable.
  • Posada visited the mound like 65 times during the game and was wearing 5 pounds of white out on his finger nails.
  • Carmona-Cy Young? That sinker that breaks low and in to righties is an unhittable pitch.
  • Sabres lost 6-4...on pace for the 15 seed in the east...I called that.
  • Peralta hit the farthest non homerun I have ever seen.

Game 3 Sunday: Westbrook vs Clemens

Game 4 Monday: Byrd vs Mussina (I hope Sabathia pitches on 3 days rest somehow so then Carmona will be ready for a potential game 5, but I don't know if that is possible. Paul Byrd gave up 7 runs in the 2nd inning last time he faced the Yankees). If necessary

Game 5 Wednesday: Sabathia or Carmona vs. Pettite or Wang. If necessary

Thursday, October 4, 2007

NHL Predictions

by AP

Northeast Division
1. Ottawa (1)
2. Montreal (5)
3. Buffalo (7)
4. Toronto (9)
5. Boston (13)

Atlantic Division
1. Pittsburgh (2)
2. New York Rangers (4)
3. Philadelphia (6)
4. New York Islanders (8)
5. New Jersey (10)

Southeast Division
1. Tampa Bay (3)
2. Carolina (11)
3. Florida (12)
4. Washington (14)
5. Atlanta (15)

Central Division
1. Detroit (1)
2. St. Louis (8)
3. Nashville (12)
4. Chicago (13)
5. Columbus (14)

Northwest Division
1. Colorado (2)
2. Calgary (5)
3. Minnesota (6)
4. Vancouver (7)
5. Edmonton (9)

Pacific Division
1. Anaheim (3)
2. San Jose (4)
3. Los Angeles (10)
4. Dallas (11)
5. Phoenix (15)

Calder - Nicklas Backstrom, Washington, C
Hart – Joe Thornton, San Jose, C
Vezina – Lundqvist, New York, G

EC Finals – Ottawa over Montreal
WC Finals – Colorado over San Jose

Stanley Cup – Ottawa Senators, Dany Healty, Conn Smythe

Indians Take Game One

by Coast

Indians 12 Yankees 3

Who saw this one coming? I don't think anybody did, not even the Indians themselves. A team that ranked 23rd in the majors since the break in runs scored had an offensive outburst in game one vs the 19 game winning Ace of the Yankees Staff Chien Ming Wang.

CC Sabathia who had nothing close to his best stuff is credited with the win. He went 5 innings, allowed 4 hits and 3 runs but walked 6. None of the players that walked scored a run. The Yankees had opportunity after opportunity, especially in the first inning and fifth innings but except for a double from Bobby Abreu, could not muster a hit with runners in scoring position. Although CC wasn't himself, this was a gutsy performance that peaked in the 5th inning. It was a 4-2 game, 1st and 2nd 0 outs, Jeter at the dish. Torre, in a questionable move decided to not bunt and Jeter his a lazy fly to right field. Abreu then doubled to score a run and it was 4-3 2nd and 3rd 1 out and after an IBB to A Rod, the bases were loaded with only 1 out and a 1 run lead. This is where CC showed why he should be the AL Cy Young Winner. He fell behind 3-0 to Posada only to battle back and strike him out. Then he fell behind 2-0 to Matsui only to force him to pop out in the infield. Sabathia pitched his best at the most important part of the game.

The Indians offense was led by Kenny Lofton. The only player on the Indians roster with post season experience had 4 RBI all with 2 outs. The Indians 2, 3, 4 and 5 hitters all homered. Asdrubal Cabrera, arguably the most valuable offensive player for the Indians down the stretch showed that he wasn't afriad of the spotlight.

What can you say about the Indians pen? Rafael Perez and Rafael Betancourt, the two most underrated releivers in the game, paired up with Jensen Lewis to pitch 4 innings and only allowed 1 run. I know the game was out of reach by this point, but the Yankee hitters are still the Yankee hitters and that is some job by them.

The team with no post season experience on the field (besides Lofton) and at Manager (Torre-122 games of playoff experience, Wedge-0) takes game one convincingly. What does this mean for game 2? Absolutely nothing.

Tomorrow's matchup is the Playoff Veteran Andy Pettite vs the young and arguably best pitcher in baseball Fausto Carmona who was 2nd in the AL with a 3.06 ERA. Tomorrow could provide the pitchers duel that today was supposed to provide.

Quick hits from the game

  • The dude who kept screaming no, no, no, no right near the camera was the most annoying human being on earth.
  • Frank Thomas should not be broadcasting baseball.
  • Travis Hafner and Robinson Cano hit homeruns that left the yard faster than any I have seen except maybe Big Mac's 62nd.
  • Tony Gwynn is a good color commentator. He makes Tim McCarver look bad.
  • Lebron James should be traded. What an asshole. I don't care who you are or where you came from if you are the most loved athlete in a city you root for that cities team. Let me know if you see Brady show up at Fenway with a Yankees hat, or even worse, if you see Lynch show up at HSBC with a Alfreddson jersey. It just shouldn't happen. F Lebron I hate him. He went from my favorite basketball player to least favorite instantanously.
  • CC is a large man.
  • A rod hitless in another October game. Is he due to bust out...probably but God I hope not.
  • The Indians are up 1-0 and I still have no confidence. I guess that is what happens when no team you are a fan of has ever won anything ever in your life.
  • Tomorrow's game is enormous. Going back to New York 1-1 with Westbrook and possibly Byrd pitching would be catastrophic.
  • Kenny Lofton what a signing by Shapiro.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hardware and awards

Here are the staff's selections for Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, Most Valuable Player and Manager of the year following this season's baseball season.

ROY Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies
CY Y Josh Beckett Boston Red Sox Brandon Webb Arizona Diamondbacks
MVP Alex Rodriguez NY Yankees Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Phillies
Mng Eric Wedge Cleveland Indians Ken Hurdle Colorado Rockies

ROY Daisuke Matsuzaka Boston Red Sox Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers
CY Y CC Sabathia Cleveland Indians Jake Peavy San Diego Padres
MVP Alex Rodriguez NY Yankees Matt Holliday Colorado Rockies
Mng Terry Francona Boston Red Sox Charlie Manuel Philadelphia Phillies
("Hurdle lost the Manager of the Year award in the playoff game by not being irate after the alleged Holiday no home run in the play in game on Monday")

BF Joba Chamberlain - True, he is not elligble cause he didn't pitch enough games but he is still the rookie of the year. He saved the Yankees season. With out his huge guy and ability to get batters out that have never seen him before for 23 straight innings before giving up a home run. He got the Yanks to the wildcard.
Honorable mention Willits and Young

Chris Young - True he only hit .238 but he had 32 dingers, mostly hit lead off and lead his team to a division title. Boo Yah
Honorable mention Hunter Pence, he straight rakes

Cy Young
Fausto Carmona - No one saw it coming except maybe my self. He straight dealt, 3.06 ERA, WHIP a little high, terrible 2006 he bounced back big time

Brad Penny - Only 4 loses with 200+ innings pitched holy shit. 3rd lowest era however low strike out numbers hurt him against Peavy who beats him in everything except loses.
Honorable mention Jeff Francis and Matt Cain 3.65 era and 9 games under .500?!?

Carsten Charles Sabathia Cleveland Indians - Had a sick 2nd half pretty much dominating the league. The Indians don't have a good lead off hitter or clean up hitter yet continue to win. Their ace has been most vital to their success.
Honorable mention Maglio Ordonez

Eric Byrnes Arizona Diamondbacks - Slowed down at the end of the year but this feisty mofo set the d'backs up to win this season. Was vitally important to them stealing the division and is extremely underrated.

Manager of the Year
Mike Hargrove Seattle Mariners - Built the team up just to knock them down. Since retired they had a precipitous decline falling basically off the map. He wasn't the most important manager in the American League?

Manny Acta Washington Nationals - Single handedly destroyed the Mets season in September beating them at home on the road where ever and when ever. Almost ended the Phillies season as well with a team that was playing for nothing.

Goat of the Year
Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers - Great season stats however ended the Tigers season giving up 4 home runs against the Indians September 18th

Jose Reyes New York Mets - Batting Average dropped to .280 destroyed the Mets season by not getting on base or hitting he was their offense.

Same as Schrum except Jake Peavy gets the Cy Young

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October Baseball

The Indians and Yankees will get underway Thursday evening at 6:37 PM in what for me is the near equivalent of the Bills suiting up to play the Patriots in January. The team that I seemlingly helplessly root for going up against a team that just seems to have their number. The Pats and their streak of 12 of 13 and the Yanks, a team that went 6-0 this season vs. the Tribe. This Yankee team is also red hot and has been since the all star break. It isn't the same team that threw 3 nobodies on the mound in April to gain a home sweep vs the Indians. The Yankees are a ridiculous 51-25 since the all star break and went from a struggling .500 team to a team that finished within 3 games of the best record in baseball. They have the veteran leadership in Jeter and Clemens. They have the playoff and world series experience throughout their roster and management, all of which have done nothing to help them win a world series in this milennium. Maybe the Indians have what the Yankees should try and regain, youthful exuberance and a sense that they have nothing to lose. All the pressure is on New York. If they don't perform well, their manager may be fired. Wedge just signed an extension for his team being in contention. A Rod can hit over 50 homers and 150 rbi and single handedly carry his team to the playoffs but if he struggles this October he again will be hated. Players like Martinez and Sizemore and Hafner have no pressure like that.

Everyone keeps mentioning the number one and two starters and how big of an advantage Cleveland has. That can't be argued. CC Sabathia and Fausto Carmona are among the best pitchers in baseball. Since the all star break, Fausto Carmona and CC Sabathia have ERAs of 2.26 and 2.76 respectively. In Fact, Jake Westbrook, Cleveland's game 3 starter has an era of 3.44 since the break. These 3 are better than any starting pitcher on the Yankee roster during this time. Sabathia had a 2 month stretch in which he allowed 2 runs or less in every start. That is just ridiculous. Even Paul Byrd's ERA of 4.59 this season is better than his possible game 4 counterpart in Mike Mussina. Maybe Phil Hughes and his 4.46 ERA would be a better option for New York.

What about the bull pen? The Yankee's bullpen is solidified with Jaba Chamberlain and Luis Vizcaino and of course Mo. The Yanks obviously have an advantage at Closer with Rivera as Joe Borowski never ceases to give me a heart attack every time he steps on the mound. I can see the Indians being a good closer away from winning a championship this year. After watching Trevor Hoffman last night and realizing how much he reminds me of Borowski, I got sick to my stomach. To get to the closer though, it can be argued that the tribe have the best combo in baseball. Rafael Betancourt has been nearly perfect. Not only does he have a 1.47 era, but his strikeout to walk ratio is a gaudy 80-9. The left Rafael Perez has been nearly as good with a 1.72 era and a whip of .923. There is no doubt that Jaba has been nearly unhittable and that Vizcaino has been much improved since the break, but can you give them the edge over Betancourt and Perez? It would be tough to do so.

The Yankees offense is obviously better than anyones in baseball. When you have a payroll of over 200 million dollars your offense better be better than anyones. In fact, the Yankee payroll exceeds the Indians' payroll by 134 million dollars. Only one team, the Red Sox, has a pay roll that is greater than the difference between the Indians and Yankees payroll. That is a crazy statistic and something just seems wrong with that. How can two teams in the same league be separated by that significant of an amount financially. Even more confusing is how the team with the lower payroll has a better record over a 162 game season than the Evil Empire.

Yes I hate the Yankees and everything they stand for and almost as much as I hate New England. It is so close I can barely make the call. I am going to pick the Indians in this series, but only because I am biased and hope the Yankee organization folds, but their offense is so good and they always get so lucky that it will be a tough task to get it done.

Indians in 4

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bills get first win

by Steve

Quick hits from a great game, mostly because of the outcome
  • The crowd during the game and the atmosphere was nuts, loud as it has been in a while. Leaving the stadium was f'n great, everyone giving it to Jets fans sweating, counting the minutes till next Monday.
  • Trent looked good, but lets tape down the boners so no one can see them just yet. It was the 28th ranked defense at home. But the quick reads, check downs, and gutsiness helped quell some fears at the position at least for a week.
  • Ralph is behind the kid, “Pretty good? Are you kidding?” Wilson replied. “How could I answer anything else? He was terrific. He was 22 out of 28. You can’t do much better. He played a great, great game, and everybody pitched in.”
  • Lynch still hasn't hit the century mark but has gotten half the touchdowns Mcgahee had all of last season in his first 4 games already.
  • Tight ends? 7 catches? wha wha wha..
  • Getting the ball to Evans early and involving him in the offense, who would have thought?
  • If the Jauron didn't go for it on 4th and 1 I personally would have kicked his ass. The whole stadium knew it, why did it take Brian Moorman to take a time out before Dick knew it?
  • Bend don't break defense.
  • Greer played decently well.
  • Crowell looked like an NFL caliber linebacker.
  • Held the opposition to less than 100 yards of offense? Nice game plan Mangina
  • And another thing, what happen to your time outs in the 2nd half J-E-T-S?
  • Still not enough pressure on the quarterback from the defensive ends..
  • Anthony "I smoke drugs and beat up cops" Hargrove?

Prediction results

Now that the mlb season is over except for a play in game tonight between the Rockies and Padres, it is time to take a look at the pre season predictions and see how everything fell into place.

That is the post in which the predictions were made. Now let's see who evidently has the most baseball knowledge.

American League
East Champs Boston: Schrum, Steve, Wreck, Coast

Central Champs Cleveland: Schrum, Steve, Coast

West Champs Angels: AP, Schrum, Coast (Steve had them as a Wildcard)

Wild Card New York Yankees: No one had this one pegged. In fact, only one person gave the 200 million dollar payrollers even a playoff berth(AP)

National League
EAST Philadelphia: Coast (AP had them as his wild card)
Central Chicago: no one (Coast had them winning the division)
West Arizona: Steve, Coast, T Wreck
Wild Card Rockies: T Wreck (Schrum had them winning the division)

Coast won with 6 of the 8 correct playoff teams with Schrum and Steve coming in 2nd with 4.

Steve fared fairly well in his mid season break down Picking 5 playoff teams correctly and predicting a coin flip would determine a playoff spot.

Playoff and hardware predictions tomorrow