Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BCS Bowl Game Picks

Our experts predict the outcome of the five BCS Bowl games:

Michigan State +6.5 v Stanford
UCF +17 v Baylor
Oklahoma +15 v Alabama
Clemson +2.5 v OSU
Auburn +8 v FSU


Stanford -6.5 v Michigan State
UCF +17 v Baylor
Oklahoma +15 v Alabama
Clemson +2.5 v OSU
FSU -8 v Auburn


Michigan State +6.5 v Stanford
Baylor - 17 v UCF
Alabama -15 v Oklahoma
OSU -2.5 v Clemson
Auburn +8 v FSU


2013 in Review: Buffalo Sports

by Steve

Yet another banner year of losing for Buffalo sports. Then again would we ever expect anything different?  From the UB Bulls to the Bills and Sabres, even throw in Canisius and Niagara basketball failing in the MAAC tournament and it was an utter clusterfuck of ineptitude losing and despair. How depressing..

The Bills basically doubled down on ineptitude and losing in 2013 unsurprisingly.  Of course, they went their typical 6-10 (third straight year and four out of five[last in the division for the sixth straight year]).  Not only was the AFC down in general but even the Patriots weren't as dominant as usually but the Bills nevertheless lost a lot more than they one making things taste just that much worse. 

How did they double down?  By hiring what appears to be an inept buffoon of a head coach.  He didn't bring in a qualified QB coach, he hired his cronies from pathetic Syracuse and had the quote of the year right near the end, "I am 110% certain EJ Manuel will play against the Patriots" ouch. The un-ironic thing about it all is that the coach's name almost spells moron (Doug Marrone). Not only did the Bills bungle the coach they apparently bungled the quarterback too.  They reached for a guy they weren't certain enough about to take at their original draft position and instead gambled on Manuel being available at 16 instead of 8.

Erik James was uninspiring for large portions of the season yet worse he barely played a majority of the season.  He missed two preseason and six regular season games because of three, yes THREE, different knee injuries in a four month span. Harrumph.

Let's move on to the Sabres.  They fired not one but two coaches, are an embarrassing laughing stock in the league (currently 30th out of 30 teams in points, 28 points out of first in their division) and are still waiting on novice "president" Pat LaFontaine to hire a GM.  But hey at least they have a lot of draft picks that may or may not work out in a few seasons.  Oh and we're still waiting to hear anything substantive from Terry Pegula.

Not depressed enough yet?  A couple quick hits:
  • There were rumors Jon Bon Jovi (with connections to billionaires in Toronto) was interested in buying the Bills.
  • Canisius and Niagara flamed out in the MAAC tournament even though both teams had high seeds and veteran players.
  • Niagara doubled down the sadness by losing Joe Mihalich to prestigious Hofstra.  Not only did he leave but he took young stud guard Jaun'Ya Green (first team all-maac as a sophomore and maac freshman of the year) and Ameen Tanksley with him.
  • UB flamed out in the semifinals of the MAC tournament and fired Reggie Witherspoon (a surprising highlight of '13).
  • The UB football team was on a roll for several weeks before flaming out embarrassingly to Bowl Green at "home" in Ralph Wilson Stadium and then got stomped in their second ever bowl game to SD State.  I'm still waiting on another extension for Jeff Quinn.
Holy god damn shit what a terrible awful year for Buffalo Sports.  I say it seemingly every year, things can't get worse, but who knows if this is the bottom?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Bills draft scenarios today

By Steve

This is yet again another completely useless meaningless game in week 17 dor the Buffalo Bills. Except it is a must that they lose.

Seasons do not carry over from one year to the next. There is no solace in going 4-2 in the division. There is no momentum going into next September.

The highest the Bills could draft is 9th with a loss today. They could drop to at least 13th. Whats the difference between drafting 9th and 13th?

How about in 2004 when the bills drafted 13th and were stuck taking Lee Evans instead of Ben Roethlisburger who went 11th. How about in 2007 when the Bills drafted Marshawn Lynch 12th when Patrick Willis was taken 11th. Or in 2012 when Luke Kuechly was taken one spot ahead of bum Steph Gilmore selected 10th.

The Bills better lose today luckily they have Doug Marrone on their side line.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Week 17 NFL Picks

Steve 40-39-1 Best Bet 10-6

Eagles -7 @ Cowboys
Chargers -9.5 v Chiefs
Buccaneers +12.5 @ Saints
Redskins @ Giants over 46.5
Vikings -3 v Lions

Coast 38-40-2 Best Bet 7-9

Cowboys +7 v Eagles
Bills +9 @ Patriots
Jaguars +10.5 @ Colts
Bears +3 v Packers
Cardinals +1.5 v 49ers

Wreck 43-38 Best Bet 9-7

Cowboys +7 v Eagles
Bears +3 v Packers
Ravens +6.5 @ Bengals
Dolphins -6 v Jets
Rams +11.5 @ Seahawks

Friday, December 27, 2013

EJ Manuel, a Bust

by Steve

After the announcement this afternoon (as I predicted) that Erik "EJ" Manuel would not be starting Sunday's finale against the Cheatriots, it is time to call a spade a spade, Erik is a bust.  Yes, the first quarterback taken in the 2013 NFL draft, after one "season" is on my bust list.


Well, let's see.  He got hurt three times in four+ months, all knee injuries, his QBR is 42.3 and his QB rating is 77.7 he failed to win one game on the road and got out played by fellow rookies two out of three times.  He had merely one more touchdown than turnovers this season and finished a whole nine out of sixteen football games.  He is soft, injury prone and couldn't afford to miss so much time as an overdrafted quarterback with limited skills.

His down field passing has been horrendous, he is tentative, has seemingly regressed since the beginning of the season and at best finishes the season with an INCOMPLETE as his grade. On a team that hasn't made the playoffs since it was still cool to name your son Osama, in a league where rookies aren't paid nearly as much as they used to be and in a league where a QB can be found anywhere, Erik is already a bust.

The Bills need to draft another quarterback next year.  They are desperate for a franchise quarterback.  Drafting someone new next year may seem like last year was a failure but that's only because it was. Buffalo is already a laughing stock with zero positive press and non-existent on the national stage.  Who cares what critics will say, they weren't saying anything positive any way.

Before this announcement I wasn't down on Erik as much as say coast. But I was never high on him even when he was draft.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I needed to (again because the Bills are pathetic and desperate).  But playing barely 50% of the season, having three significant knee injuries AND not playing all that well?  The benefit of the doubt is gone.

Not only wouldn't I be opposed to drafting a quarterback in the first round, now I am demanding it. Why the hell not?  Unless there is absolutely no one there at 12 or where ever the Bills will pick and see someone falling to them in the second round.

Finally, after fourteen years, I say enough is enough. (ha) Start stock piling young QB talent.  That means no Jeff Tuel next year, that means no Thaddy "Daddy" Lewis next year, that means no Erik is the starter bullshit, bring in a few new guys (Keith Price?) and let's go.

Obviously, the best case scenario is I regret this embarrassing post in two years when Erik is balling in Foxboro but as of right now that idea seems insane at best.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Week 16 NFL Picks

Steve 36-38-1 Best Bet 9-6

Broncos -10.5 @ Texans
Redskins +3 v Cowboys
Rams -4 v Buccaneers
Bears @ Eagles over 55.5
Seahawks -10.5 v Cardinals

Wreck 40-36 Best Bet 8-7

Falcons +14 @49ers
Colts +7 @ Chiefs
Jaguars +5 v Titans
Vikings +8.5 @ Bengals
Vikings @ Bengals under 48.5

Coast 35-38-2  Best Bet 6-9

Patriots +2 @ Ravens
Dolphins -3 @ Bills
Texans +10.5 v Broncos
Falcons +14 @ 49ers
Jaguars +5 v Titans

Thursday, December 19, 2013

EJ Manuel and Miami Dolphins Podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the debacle that is EJ Manuel's career, his ability to be injury prone and look ahead to the Dolphins game

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bills 27 Jaguars 20

by Steve

Holy smokes that was an ugly game.  One of the few teams in the NFL that is worse than the Buffalo Bills is, quite clearly, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  That game was heinous.

The defense seemed to play pretty alright but they gave up a ton of rushing yards (109) to someone named Jordan Todman.  They gave up 20 points to a Chad Henne quarterbacked team. Butttt, they did cause a couple of timely fumbles, had two timely interceptions and tallied five sacks.  They just don't have any good linebackers and can't stop anyone on long 3rd down plays.

On the offensive side of the ball, aka Erik James Manuel, it was a mixed bag just like the entire game for the entire team.  He had some awful throws and inaccuracies (one INT one fumble lost) but had some nice throws and succeeded in the red zone.  "EJ" had a QB rating of 105 but had classic (recent) Bills QB stats 17/24 193 yards 2 TDs 1 INT (and a rushing TD).  At times he was awful, at times he was better than competent.

The game didn't do anything to assuage my dislike/lack of faith of Doug "Morrone".  The play calling was mundane, uninspiring and bad.  They ran the ball well, they didn't get CJ the ball in space, still no wheel routes or trick plays and the team didn't try to end the game, they chose to put the ball back in Henne's hands (which may actually be a good idea) at the end.  The team didn't play like a well coached team.  For christ sake they almost lost to the Jaguars.

If Russ Brandon and co. were serious when they said that Morrone was their first choice over someone like Chip Kelly or any other guy out there I strongly question their judgement.  This team is bad and not getting any better.  They have a severe lack of playmakers on offense and the defense has the same leaks they always have.

The future isn't any brighter today than it was in July. 'nough said.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Week 15 NFL Picks

Steve with a late season surge as Wreck and Coast languish, week fifteen NFL Picks:

Steve 34-35-1 Best Bet 9-5

Saints -6.5 @ Rams
Seahawks -7 @ Giants
49ers @ Buccaneers under 41
Colts -5.5 v Texans
Bengals @ Steelers under 41

Wreck 36-35 Best Bet 7-7

Bills -2.5 @ Jaguars
Rams +6.5 v Saints
Giants +7 v Seahawks
Vikings +6.5 v Eagles
Patriots @ Dolphins under 45.5

Coast 32-36-2  Best Bet 6-8

Patriots -1 @ Dolphins
Bears -1 @ Browns
Bills -2.5 @ Jaguars
Vikings +6.5 v Eagles
Raiders +6 v Chiefs

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bucs 27 Bills 6

By steve

Was Sunday a dream where I traveled back in time and was forced to watch every single December Bills game of the last 13 years? Seriously what the fuck was that?

The team wasn't ready to play. They did diddly poo offensively and were down by two touchdowns before I cracked my first beer! Not only was the team awful in every aspect of the game but it showed Doug Marrone is a bad coach and EJ Manuel is probably a bust.

When a team comes out that horribly and clearly did not shake off the devastating loss from the week before that is a clear reflection on Doug Marrone's coaching "abilities". They are quite obviously the same old Bills. NOTHING has changed. It could be 2002, 2008 or 2013 there are no differences.

Anyone that isn't questioning the GM, coach and the quarterback at this point is either not paying attention or in denial. Who would have thought they would sit down and watch one of the worst performances by a Bills team during this 14 year streak? Its just incredible.

Nate Hacket is a bum. He is not qualified to be an offensive coordinator. He really cant get the ball in Spillers hands in space? Maybe he should watch Shane Vereen and the fuckin Patriots. Can I get a wheel routen split him out wide vs a linebacker or a trick play? This isnt rocket science.

And what about the defense? Are they required to give up a long rushing td every week now? Ha so much for Mike Pettine getting head coaching offers, wtf?

This team is in turmoil. The players dont know how to win the coach doesn't know how to prepare and the front office looks as buffonish and inept as ever.

4-9 folks four and nine.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 14 NFL Picks

Steve 31-33-1 Best Bet 8-5

Broncos -13 v Titans
Chiefs -3 @ Redskins
Raiders +3 @ Jets
Eagles -2.5 v Lions
Ravens -7 v Vikings

Coast 31-32-2 Best Bet 5-8

Saints -3.5 v Panthers
Redskins +3 v Chiefs
Raiders +3 @ Jets
Colts+7 @ Bengals
Rams +5 @ Cardinals

Wreck 36-29 Best Bet 7-6

Steelers -3.5 v Dolphins
Titans +13 @ Broncos
Colts+7 @ Bengals
Colts @ Bengals under 43.5
Bills @ Buccaneers over 43

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bills @ Buccaneers Podcast Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck breakdown the failure of a Buffalo Bills season and look ahead:

Bills Playoff Hopes Are ALIVE!


As the many thousands of you have heard (or will hear) on this week's podcast, I am not giving up hope on the playoffs. Utilizing the ESPN NFL playoff machine (maybe the only great thing the 4 letter network has produced besides Grantland in the past 15 years) I picked every game over the next three weeks, being very realistic, and if the Bills win their next three (I know, I know...) they COULD be in 6th heading into Foxboro. He is how:

Currently it is looking very bleak, obviously, sitting at 4-8 and behind a whole mess of teams. Here are the important games and my picks, beginning in week 14:

Browns at Patriots: Patriots
Raiders at Jets: Raiders (come on, is there a worst team in the league than the NY-A right now?)
Dolphins at Steelers: Steelers
Bills at Bucs: Bills
Vikings at Ravens: Ravens
Titans at Broncos: Broncos
Giants at Chargers: Giants (this is a dicey one, I know, but the Chargers suck)

After week 14, the Bills would be 5-8, 2 games behind the Ravens who hold 6th place at 7-6. Miami and Pittsburgh sit at 6-7. Also at 5-8 are the Jets, Raiders, Chargers and Titans.

Week 15:

Chargers at Broncos: Broncos
Patriots at Dolphins: Dolphins (because New England struggles in Miami)
Bills at Jags: Bills
Chiefs at Raiders: Raiders
Jets at Panthers: Panthers
Arizona at Tennessee: Tennessee
Bengals at Steelers: Bengals (this could end up being a huge game when it is all said and done)
Ravens at Lions: Lions (this is another game that is a must loss for Baltimore)

After week 15, the Ravens still sit in 6th at 7-7 with the Dolphins also at 7-7 (who lost to Baltimore). The Bills, Raiders, Steelers and Titans all sit at 6-8 just one game back.

Week 16:

Dolphins at Bills: Bills
Titans at Jags: Jags (this is a HUGE game also...Jags are playing better, and, well, Fitz plays QB for Tennessee)
Steelers at Packers: Steelers...although if Rodgers is back this could swing and a Packer win would be huge for the Bills
Patriots at Ravens: Patriots...obviously, this is a must lose for Baltimore...but by the way New England has destroyed us over the past 13 years they will probably lose to Baltimore to eliminate us and then beat us by 35 week 17.

After week 16, if all of the above happens, the Buffalo Bills will be in 6th place at 7-8. Miami, Baltimore and Pittsburgh will also be 7-8, but with tiebreakers the Bills will be in 6th and controlling their own destiny.

Hey, you never know...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Let's see where the Bills rank after that pitiful L versus the FailClowns:

ESPN 24:
No movement for this turd burger of a team:
"C.J. Spiller had 131 total rushing yards before contact Sunday, the fourth-highest total by a running back this season. Spiller's 140 yards between the tackles was a season high."

CBS 30:
Prisco pulling no punches, the Bills drop five spots
"They might want to work on fumbling drills. How does that happen against Atlanta?"

WalterFootball 24:
Walt wins the day yet again with some poignant commentary:
"I have no idea how the Bills blew that game. They should have beaten Atlanta. But hey, at least Ralph Wilson profited off another game in Toronto.

Can we all vote that having a team play its home games in Canada is a stupid idea? The Bills are now 1-4 in Toronto, and some a**hole in the stands kept blowing an annoying horn throughout the first half. Hopefully the Canadian authorities found that douche and took all of his vanilla pudding away."

PFT 24:
Rob Ford blast and no change:
"In defense of Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler, Mayor Rob Ford was spotted with some of the game balls after devouring a basket of greasy chicken wings."

Yahoo! Sports 22:
 The Bills are moved up two spots after a loss, nice.
"That’s what happens when you sell out your home-field advantage for Toronto games. They probably beat the Falcons on Sunday if the game was at Buffalo and not on a neutral field."

Fox Sports 25:
One spot drop:
"The Bills had their second-highest point total of the season but had back-to-back fumbles that cost them the game."

Little or no movement this week with one site moving the Bills up and the rest leaving them the same or dropping a spot or two.  This might be the last week of these rankings cause the Bills blow.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Bills Go Bills and Lose

By Steve

Of course the Bills would lose to a team playing for nothing after being up 14 early, 7 late and driving for the win in the 4th and overtime. Oh how very Bills of them.

This team isn't any different than any other year with any other defense, coach, QB, WR or coordinators. This was the definition of an easy must win and the team folded like they always have the last 14 years.

Blame? Sure. The secondary blows. Steph Gilmore's next big play will be his first. He's the most overrated player on the team and it isn't even close. This team simultaneously ressurrected the careers of not one but two guys (White, Jackson) and invented another (smith). When they had to get off the field they couldnt. Just like always.

Then again the offense always fucks up at the end and gives the other team the ball in BUF territory to win. The fumble by Stevie Johnson did cost the team the game but at least he was trying to make a play. The more egregious fumble was resident bum Scott Chandler just getting the ball knocked out of his hands.

Dont blame the refs. There are awful calls that go both ways in every game. It may seem like more go against the Bills but they dont.

Why would anyone let the opposing team have an extra crack at the endzone inside the twenty with less than 2 minutes left and the team needs a touchdown? Classic loser coaching decision by a loser coach from the big east. Of course they are going to throw the ball up in the end zone and hope for PI. Thats how the games go!

As per usual the Bills suck you back in just to stomp on you. EJ played decent, cut Stevie Johnson, fire Hacket, find a real tight end, get another linebacker, hope for 9-7 next year being enough for a wildcard.