Thursday, June 28, 2012

Andrew Nicholson 2012 NBA draft

by Steve

Don't sleep on our boy via Canada through St Bonaventure, Andrew Nicholson!  In case you aren't a sports fan, the NBA draft is tonight and Nicholson is a potential first round pick.  When was the last time we can say someone was even drafted from the small four Buffalo-ish schools let alone first round?  I have him slipping to the Spurs late in the first round (assuming the Spurs move into the 1st) in a typical San Antonio Spurs steal.

Here are where the "experts" have him slated:
SI: 21 Boston Celtics
"Nicholson may not fall this far, but he'd be a good get here. He can be a force both inside and outside, having averaged 18.5 points (while adding a three-point shot), 8.4 rebounds and 2.0 blocks in leading St. Bonaventure to the Atlantic 10 championship and its first NCAA tournament appearance in 12 years. Memphis shooting guard Will Barton is a strong possibility, too.

Yahoo: 22 Boston Celtics
Nicholson has continued to move up several teams' draft boards. With Boston's entire frontcourt is entering free agency, the Celtics would benefit from adding Nicholson's versatility to their roster.

 CBS: 23 Atlanta Hawks

I don't have insider so eff 'em

Saturday, June 23, 2012


by Steve

So the Sabres just drafted the next Jonathan Toews and Evgeni Malken and only had to give up a second round pick?  Darcy Regier is a genius and Kevin Devine is gawd!

Actually, it sounds more like the Sabres drafted Alexander Radulov and a greener Zack Kassian.  Or maybe Zemgus Girgensons and Mikhail Grigorenko are some where in the middle.  The NHL is a crap shoot but judging but the Buffalo News and some other outlets the Sabres were geniuses Friday night.

Grigorenko was the supposed 3rd best player in the draft but questions surrounding his actual age (18 or 20 who cares?) and the aloof-ness of Russian players (and their propensity for jetting off to the cozy KHL) caused ol' Grigs to land in the Sabres lap at #12.  For me, I'll take a Russian, I mean why not, the last Sabre I actually liked was Alexander Mogilny so who knows.  

If the guy actually stays and plays in the NHL and especially next year then it was worth the pick and maybe Regier is a genius.  Really, the only actual defense of Darc is his drafting ability so no one should be surprised if this pick turns out to be solid.  Plus, I like Grig's temperament "eleven teams didn't draft me, so too bad for them".

Girgensons seems like a different story.  He is already committed to playing college puck for Vermont next year and is the only Latvian to ever be drafted in the first round.  I'd be shocked if he was on the Sabres in 2012/13.

My favorite subplot of the night however was the sense that now that the Sabres drafted two centers they will be more willing to trade Derek Roy. HAHAHA. C'mon Jon Voigl give it up.  Derek Roy will be a Sabre for life ala Lindy Ruff.  Those two are like cockroaches the end of days can not destroy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Parking Rules for Buffalo Bills season ticket holders

by Steve

It is actually cheaper! Well, assuming you go to all 9 home games (cough real fans cough).  According to the flier I received conveniently in the mail today (there is still post in the United States?), you can purchase a Buffalo Bills season Parking pass that includes one parking pass for each of the Bills nine home games at the Ralph.

The cost is $144 ($16 per game for the moron) and saves $9 per game based on the actual price of $25.  But really it saves $4 after you consider the coupon they used to give in previous years. Buttt if you count the free coupon they used to give with the 8 or 9 coupons you're really only saving $16 total.  So the total price then for someone that went to every game last year versus every game this year (not including interest because you have to pay up front for the whole season) is a total savings of $1.77 per game.

Meh, still cheaper.

Monday, June 11, 2012

WGR550 Some How Gets Worse, Colin Cowherd booted

by Steve

In case you missed the news of the day WGR550 and the Buffalo Sabres are now teaming up for a hour infomercial from 10am until Noon year round to promote errr talk about the Buffalo Sabres.  Oh and Kevin Sylvester will be hosting from F'n center..

I honestly didn't think that a.) WGR could get worse and b.) I didn't think I would ever miss Colin Cowherd.  But in one fell swoop the only sports talk station in town accomplished both.  Now instead of getting at least some information and entertainment from Mr. Contrarian about all sports we'll get to discuss Derek Roy's hair cut in the months of July and August when Sabres news is piping hot. WTF?

This news is borderline mind boggling.  Does WGR think everyone has amnesia or something?  Sylvester was cut loose from this very same radio station not that long ago.  The guy is brutal and a corporate stooge for the Sabres.  Furthermore, what does this say about the neutrality of this sports talk station if they have a daily show dedicated singularly to the Sabres broadcast from their own barn?

Guess I'll have to pony up and get a smart phone so I can stream Cowherd or anything else because I could never imagine listening to two hours of Sabres only every single day 52 weeks a year.

Oh and peace out Harry Neale, big head Rob Ray will be doing color. Yikes.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Jungle was Fuc*in rockin - KG

I'd bang Boston +2 v the Heat tonight, this series is going back to South Beach tied.