Friday, May 13, 2022

Buffalo Bills Betting Line for 2022 Season

by steve

Draft Kings has released spreads for every game in 2022. Here are the Bills betting line spreads for the entire 2022 season:

+1 at Rams
-7 (-120) v Titans
-3.5 at Dolphijs
-1 at Ravens
-8 vs Steelers
-1.5 at Chiefs
-4 vs Packers
-6.5 at Jets
-7.5 vs Dolphins
no line for Browns
-8 at Lions
-3 at Patriots
-9.5 vs Jets
-6 vs Dolphins
-7 at Bears
pick em vs Bengals
-7 vs Patriots

Bills are favored in 14 games, dawgs once, pick em once and no line for Browns. Most surprising line is at Chiefs. Im gonna bet Bills -6 vs dolphins at home in December right now.

Monday, May 2, 2022

2022 Buffalo Bills Draft Review Grade

by steve

Before the long boring offseason starts lets review the Bills 2022 NFL Draft performance. 

First, the picks:
Round 1. 23 Kaiir Elam CB Florida 
Round 2. 63 James Cook RB Georgia 
Round 3. 89 Terrel Bernard LB Baylor 
Round 5. 148 Khalil Shakir WR Boise State
Round 6. 180 Matt Araiza P SD State
Round 6. 185 Christian Benford CB Villanova 
Round 6. 209 Luke Tenuta OT Va Tech
Round 7. 231 Baylon Spector LB Clemson

Brandon Beane did a bit of everything in the draft. They traded up in the first, they traded back twice in the second and even drafted a punter with the first pick of the 6th round.

Somewhat surprisingly they drafted 8 players, 3 on offense, 4 on defense and the punt god.

Allegedly the receiver is a steal, the 3rd round LB is a tweener that seems to fit McDerr's style and the second corner might move to safety. Out of my 7 Bills needs heading into the draft, Beaner took 5 of the 7 I wanted.

The runningback Cook has pedigree and seems to be a playmaker in the passing game. Plus he wasnt a first round pick. Actually the Bills got multiple extra picks moving back twice and still got him. He seems like he will complement Singletary and Moss. I like it even if he only averaged 8 touches a game last year. 

Elam fills a big need if he can start. The punter is a punter. Not sure about Shakir. He seems to be a gadget guy that will replace McKenzie eventually but isnt a big outside guy.

I wanted a big splash and to dump Tremaine Edmunds. Didnt happen. Beane didnt trade any big picks from future years and got a bunch of bodies. Not bad