Monday, October 31, 2011

Stevie Johnson dressed as Chan Gailey

SJ13 dressed up as Chan Gailey for Halloween (better than Steve's Mommar Gahdafi swag)

Bills Shutout Washington


The Bills beat the Redskins yesterday 23-0. The Redskins had 178 total yards of offense (26 rushing yards). Beck threw two interceptions and countless other terrible passes. The Redskins are a bad team and the Bills handled them in one of the most one sided wins I have seen from this team ever.

  • 390 to 178 total yards
  • 252 to 152 passing yards
  • 138 to 26 rushing yards
  • 34:51 to 25:09 in time of possession

Fred Jackson had 194 total yards from scrimmage. On the season, through 7 games, Fred Jackson has 1,074 yards. He is on pace for 2,455 yards from scrimmage on the season. He is averaging 153 yards from scrimmage per game. The NFL record is 2,509 yards from scrimmage set by Chris Johnson in 2009. Is Fred Jackson in the argument right now to be NFL offensive player of the year?

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 262 yards and 2 touchdowns. He only threw 6 incomplete passes. I would suggest that that warrants $59M over 6 years.

George Wilson had another interception. He has 4 on the season. He is on pace for 151 tackles and 9 interceptions this season.

If the season ended today, how many pro bowlers would the Bills have? Fitzpatrick, Jackson, George Wilson? Stevie Johnson has been kind of quiet…he’s on pace for 89 for 1003 and 9 TDs…in year’s past, a guy putting up those numbers on this offense would have been unbelievable.

I am not going to mention anything else about the Redskins game. The biggest game of the season and of this entire decade of pathetic-ness is next week.

The Jets are 4-3. The Bills are 5-2 and oh yeah, in first place in the AFC east IN NOVEMBER. I can speak for everyone when I say how much I hate the Jets. They are so arrogant and full of themselves and it begins with their coach Rex Ryan. Mark Sanchez is not good and I don’t understand how anyone thinks he is. According to ESPN’s new “QBR” rankings, he is ahead of Matt Moore, Kevin Kolb, John Beck, Sam Bradford, Blaine Gabbert and Tim Tebow. He is ranked worse than Curtis Painter and Tarvaris Jackson, among others.

The line opened at 1.5 which means the oddsmakers still think the Bills are worse than the Jets on a neutral field. I love that. The Bills still get no respect. In 2008, the Bills were 5-2. The first Sunday of November featured the 5-2 Bills at home to take on Brett Favre and the 4-3 Jets. We all remember what happened then. We need revenge.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Buffalo 23 Washington 0 F

by Steve

What is this feeling of satisfaction I have after week 8 of the Buffalo Bills season? I don't know how to react any more. The usual feelings of dread, buyers remorse, anger, frustration, ambivalence and disgust aren't there any more. Weird.

Quite the yawner of a game though wasn't it? The Bills dominated from the get go. 9 sacks, a shutout, and everyone was involved from Moats to Fitzy Fitz noodle arm and Marcell Dareus. Either we have ourselves a pretty damn good football team or the Washington Redskins are absolutely dreadful.

In all likelihood it is a bit of both. Shanny and his team suck. The 'skins offensive line was atrocious. The blame falls more on them than credit goes to the Bills attack. It appears a healthy Arthur Moats is an upgrade over a decrepit injured Shawne Merriman (why the hell did they ever try and convert him to an inside linebacker???). But did anyone have a bad game for the Bills today? Did Brian "geico" Orakpo even dress?

Fitzmagic Fitzpatrick even gave us one of his killer interceptions and it didn't come back to haunt us, rare. CJ "I exist" Spiller even made a few cameo appearances and I can't recall any Stevie Johnson drops. The Bills just out coached, out efforted and out played a bad team in front of a decent (for Toronto standards) crowd in a boring game.

The only real story after this game is that the NY Jets roll into the Ralph on Sunday in what will end up being the most important game of the season. It is against a real team with a supposedly good head coach and a solid defense. With this bunch there isn't a whole hell of a lot of absolute faith and this team will continue to have to prove themselves week in and week out. The Jets game Sunday could possibly convert most if not all fans to fully buy into this team.

We're talkin about playoffs??!?!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 8 NFL picks

Combined 7-3 last week, not bad. Best bets are great to reverse bet our asses.

Steve 17-14 (Best Bet 2-4)

Detroit -3 (Away v Denver)
Buffalo -5 (Home v Washington)
NY Giants -9.5 (Home v Miami)
San Diego -3.5 (Away v Kansas City)
Minnesota +3.5 (Away v Carolina)

Wreck 16-12-2 (Best Bet 2-4)

St Louis +14 (Home v New Orleans)
Denver +3 (Home v Detroit)
Pittsburgh +3 (Home v New England)
Kansas City +3.5 (Home v San Diego)
Washington +5 ("Away" v Buffalo in Toronto)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ryan Fitzpatrick gets paid!

by Steve

Good thing we wasted a good 5 minutes in the podcast yesterday complaining that Ryan Fitzy Fitznoodle arm Fitzpatrick didn't get paid yet. OK now it is time to complain that Stevie Steve Johnson has yet to get paid.

The contract is for $59 million over six years and $24 million guaranteed. It sounds like a lot of money for a yet unproven quarterback. But as we all know (or should know) it is all about the guaranteed money. That is the only way to look at the contract.

Basically $24 mil over two or maybe three years (plus his base salary which would equate to $33 million over three years) isn't a bad contract for a starting quarterback. Even if he falls on his face and doesn't get the team to the playoffs this year or next the team isn't losing a shit ton of money.

Basically they could cut his ass and not pay him another dime. If he lives up to the billing and is worth keeping around for 4+ years then it will be more than a good contract it will be a great contract (assuming he doesn't hold out).

Alright, now that he is signed and the team believes they have their "franchise quarterback" it is time to get SJ13 some more green faces in his bank account. WTF are they waiting for? Why do they do this dumb ass shit where they can only negotiate with one player at a time? Even if that isn't the case it clearly seems like it is the case.

The Bills have to pay their players either way. If they don't pay Johnson there will just be another WR that eventually they'll have to pay. In two years they'll have to get to the cap floor, how are they going to do that with out some highly paid players? The longer they wait the more it will cost. Wake up Littman, are you alive?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Washington Redskins V Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the up coming game in Toronto against the Washington Redskins, revisit the Giants game and look forward to the Jets match up next week.

(right click save as to download)
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Bills redskins from 2007

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shawne Merriman to the Injured Reserve AGAIN

by Steve

I'm not even going to bother with a lights out pun because I was using them by week three already. What an absolute train wreck of a travesty this guy's career has been with the Buffalo Bills. Who had week 7 as the over/under for him to be on the IR? Under pays bitch.

Some how, according to Tim Graham, Merriman is already guaranteed $3 million for NEXT season already, "Merriman has some interesting language for 2012 also tied to last year's Achilles injury. His base salary will be $4 million regardless. The minute he's cleared to practice -- even if it's a month from now -- $3 million of his 2012 salary becomes fully guaranteed whether he's on the roster or not."

So apparently this won't be the last we see of the dude, that is if he is ever healthy enough to see a football field again. And no I don't have one ounce of sympathy for the dude. My airport insider info has repeatedly seen him flying off to exotic locales (NYC and Vegas) and has banked a ton from us.

He isn't really to blame, there isn't much to blame really. We knew he was hurt, he knew he was hurt, he thought he could heal, we thought he could heal and everyone was wrong. If he is actually some how many sorta kind healthy next year and will be able to play it would still be worth it. That's why you gamble, sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

Also, there is speculation Antonio Coleman will be plucked from the Giants P-squad to fill the void. Why not I guess... Also time for Big Hittin Danny Batten and Arthur "Don't Cross The" Moats to ball out.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 NFL Week 7 picks

Steve 13-13 (Best Bet 2-3)

Green Bay -9 (Away Minnesota)
New Orleans - 13.5 (Home v Indianapolis)
Dallas -13 (Home St Louis)
Carolina -2.5 (Home v Washington)
Pittsburgh -5 (Away Arizona)

Wreck 13-10-2 (Best Bet 1-4)

Jacksonville +8 (Home v Baltimore)
Minnesota +9 (Home v Green Bay)
NY Jets +2 (Home v San Diego)
St Louis +13 (Away Dallas)
Indianapolis +13.5 (Away New Orleans)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign new deal next week?

by Steve

Evidently Chris Mortenson just reported on NFL32 on ESPN that he is in line to sign a new contract some time next week for between $9-$12 mil per year with some of the details yet to be figured out.

Weird I'm about to start the Tyler Thigpen era and the Bills are going ol' noodle arm no magic Fitzpatrick $27+ mil? Guess he is our guy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 7 Bills NFL Power rankings Compilation

by Steve

Here is a breakdown of the various power ranking websites. The highest is 6 from walterfootball of all people and the lowest is 13. Defense was the overriding theme here and surprisingly not Ryan Fitzpatrick's inept and extremely shaky play.

#10 (previously 8)
The Bills fought hard on Sunday, but couldn't come up with just one more explosive play against the Giants. There is nothing better than one-play scoring drives like Fred Jackson's 80-yard touchdown run, but they need to be able to sustain drives and get three-and-outs on defense to be consistent week in and week out.

11 (9)
There are issues stopping teams for that defense. The Giants moved it when they had to and so have a lot of other teams. That has to stop.

10 (6)
Defense is a big question mark entering the bye.

13. Bills (No. 4; 4-2): If the Bills want to be elite, they need to find a way to beat good teams on the road.

Defense is an obvious concern right now. The Bills simply can't rely on the team's offense to come through with big drives each and every fourth quarter. Looking back, Buffalo probably should have beaten the Giants.

6 Buffalo Bills (4-2) - Previously: #6 - I'm not going to penalize the Bills at all because they lost by three points as three-point underdogs without their best defensive player, Kyle Williams.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why have the Bills not resigned Stevie Johnson?

by Steve

Seriously WTF are the Bills waiting for in not extending Stevie Johnson's contract? This shit better happen over the bye week. If SJ13 is not resigned by the Buffalo Bills I will have lost any remaining respect for this franchise.

The guy is clearly a stud, we plucked him out of relative obscure and have gotten a bargain of a player for the last 22+ games. If you consider he is only making $1.20 mil this season and about the same last year, even if he gets paid $7 or even $8 mil per (say 5 years $38 mil) it is like paying him for 7 years and $41 mil (cheaper than Evans).

The next twelve days or so are the absolute best time to get this guy to ink his name to a new 'tract. Neither the team nor the player need to worry about an opponent on Sunday and basically are on vacation. Is there one reason not to give this guy cash even if it means slightly over paying him?

This franchise is lucky to be 4-2 and are still the complete joke they have been for the past 11 years. I have absolutely zero confidence in Ryan Fitzpatrick and clearly the organization has zero faith in him either. If they did the guy wouldn't be a pending UFA in 13 weeks even though he is on pace for 36 td's 18 picks and 4,431 yards.

If OBD/Nix/Ralph had any confidence in ol' noodle arm wouldn't they have resigned him by now? I mean clearly they don't care about making the playoffs or improving the roster. They just slept through the trade deadline while the team has drastic needs at linebacker and wide receiver. Teams like the Raiders are busting moves all over the place acquiring talent (Curry didn't fit the 3-4 but who cares he is still clearly a talent and maybe needs a different system and the Palmer trade is abysmally terrible holy smokes) and busting moves. OBD YOU ALIVE?!?!

This team has the potential to make the playoffs very clearly ( I see them finishing 8-8). Although ol' noodle arm will only regress with the winds picking up and the temperature dropping the schedule and standings aren't an albatross. The team could use a kick in the ass and some new blood. At the very freaking least give Stevie Johnson some god damn cash, maybe throw some at Fred Jackson (2 more years 10 mil guaranteed) and flirt with a noodle arm extension. Someone please go over to OBD turn off Matlock and bring them some discounted McDonald's coffee to wake their asses up.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bills fall to 4-2

by Coast

The Bills suffer another tough road loss to the Giants 27-24. Steve was once again at the game and the Bills once again lost. It has been nearly 7 full calendar years since the Bills have won a game that Steve has attended. Steve, do us all a favor, start watching the road games at UCONN on the HD TV. It will be cheaper for you and less painful for everyone else.

The Bills have a lot of problems, which I will get into in a minute, but I want to look at the big picture first. The Bills are 4-2 heading into the bye week. Who would have been upset with that when the season began? They have wins over the two super bowl favorites before the season, New England and Philadelphia. They have another solid win over Oakland, who appears to be a good football team. The Bengals and Giants, the two teams they lost to, are each 4-2. Regardless of yesterday’s result, the Bills are a solid football team, and WILL have meaningful games in November, which is a rarity.

Yesterday’s loss was depressing. The Bills had the game at their fingertips once again but let it slip away. It pains me to say this…but the major reason why the Bills lost the game was Ryan Fitzpatrick. He made two absolutely critical mistakes in this game that cost the Bills points. The first came in the 2nd quarter. The Bills had 1st and 10 from the Giants 22. At this point, getting a field goal attempt should be worst case scenario. Instead, Fitzpatrick took a sack on first down to back the Bills up to the 28. Then on third down and 16, Fitzpatrick, in true JP Losman fashion, took a 9 yard loss on a sack setting on 4th and 25 from the 37. The Bills were now out of field goal range and forced to punt. Fitz had plenty of time to throw the ball on the third down play but held onto it looking for the big play and it backfired. This CANNOT happen.

The 2nd mistake came on the Bills’ 2nd to last possession. The Bills had 1st and 10 from the Giants 27 with the game tied at 24. There was a hair over 4 minutes left in the game. The Bills decided to pass and Steve Johnson had a step on the Corey Webster, but the ball was grossly underthrown and intercepted. To add insult to injury, Johnson tackled Webster by his facemask and the Giants got the ball at the 19 instead of the 4. Of course, this led to the game winning field goal drive. I have no problem with the ball to throw the ball here. The Bills were trying to win the game and not settle for a 3 point lead like Dallas did later in the day. Fitz absolutely cannot miss this throw short. Fitz needs to make sure that this pass is long and out of bounds if it is going to be incomplete. The throw had no chance.

I won’t put all the blame on Fitz for the loss. There were many things that jumped out at me.

Drayton Florence got abused. He had multiple pass interference penalties. He got lit up by Nix on a long pass setting up a touchdown. The Giants picked on Florence and were successful all day.
The Bills have no pass rush. I know they were missing Kelsay, Merriman and Williams, but I would think that they still should be able to at least get 1 sack on Eli Manning. The Bills just could not generate pressure at all on him. If you pressure Eli, he will make mistakes, if you don’t, he can pick you apart.
The Bills have offensive line issues. Not only were they overmatched yesterday at the tackle position, they have serious injury issues. Levitre had to play tackle after Hairston got hurt. Talk about perfect timing for the bye week.
Fred Jackson had a great run, but other than the 80 yard touchdown run, he had 15 carries for 41 yards and was ineffective.
I thought the 2nd half play calling left a lot to be desired. We never seem to try and run the football from standard running formations. I want to see us put Corey Mac in the game once in a while. Did he see the field on offense yesterday? We had a 3rd and 1 and ran from the wildcat. Sometimes I think Chan still thinks he is playing on Thursday night in Blacksburg taking on the Hokies, not on Sunday afternoon at the Meadowlands.

It wasn’t all bad though.

CJ Spiller looked good playing receiver. He had 5 catches and a few of them were on the outside. It’s a good thing we are finding a way to get him involved. He has to make us a better offense when he is more involved.
Another great play from Naaman. He is stepping in nicely for Don Jones.
Terrance McGee was back in action yesterday and I thought he looked great. He made a great pass breakout in the end zone and had some great hits in run support and on receivers. In total, McGee had 11 tackles, all solo, to lead the team. Maybe Florence is the guy McGee will supplant at starting cornerback after yesterday’s performance.
The Bills (Alex Carrington) blocked a field goal. When was the last time that happened?

The Bills will play Washington in Toronto after the bye. This game is a must win in my opinion. We will split against Dallas and the Jets, at best, so if we lose to Washington, we are looking at 5-4. Its such BS that this game is on Toronto. I wouldn’t give the Skins much of a chance to win if the game were in Buffalo, but the Bills chances of winning in Toronto are about equivalent to the Bills chances of winning a road game that Steve attends.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bills 24 Giants 27 F

by Steve

Reporting live from NYC, yes that is seven straight road games I have attended that the Buffalo Bills have lost. In no order, Cleveland, Shitsburgh, Baltimore, New England, NYG, Detroit, Cincinnati, ouch, fml.

Ryan Fitzpatrick showed he is average at best. They got to bad pass interference calls but the game is more than a few bad calls by the refs. Fitz under threw both INTs to Stevie Johnson. Those passes were pathetically terrible and the second specifically cost the Bills the game. The sack that took the Bills out of FG range was just about as bad too.

Wow, did I really just go to two straight road L's in a season where we're 4-2? Ouch. Typical Steve Janis. jeez, brute. Coast are you alive?

Giants fans were nice, stadium was unimpressive but massive and the tailgating was pretty solid, plus wreck puked on a car. 4-12?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 NFL Week 6 picks

Steve 10-11 (Best Bet 2-2)

New England -7 (Home v Dallas)
Atlanta -4 (Home V Carolina)
Baltimore -7.5 (Home v Houston)
Washington v Philadelphia over 47.5
Tampa Bay +5.5 (Home v New Orleans)

Wreck 10-8-2 (Best Bet 1-3)

Indianapolis +7 (Away v Cincinnati)
St Louis +14.5 (Away v Green Bay)
Jacksonville +12.5 (Away Pittsburgh)
Dallas +7 (Away New England)
Tampa Bay +5.5 (Home v New Orleans)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Should the Bills Trade for a Wide Receiver?

by Steve

Wayyyy back in August, which right now seems like a decade ago, the Bills upset everyone and traded (read: gave) away Lee Evans for a fourth round pick. The trade made no sense at the time and still doesn't. Yes, Evans has done jack shit since being moved to Baltimore but now the Bills have two receivers on IR (Marcus Easley and Roscoe Parrish) and have another out 4-6 weeks (Donald Jones). So should the Bills trade for a wide receiver before the NFL trade Oct. 18th?

There was a rumor that 30 year old free agent to be Brandon Lloyd is available :"**UPDATED NFL RUMORS**Source: Brandon Lloyd has been made avail from Denver they want a (#2) as of now. Redskins / Titans / Bills interested"

A 2nd round pick? hahaha not a chance, but the 4th we got from Baltimore? Possibly. I mean c'mon this team is down to Naaman Roosvelt, who has shown some sparks of decency but is still average, Ruvell Martin and a third string QB. Yikes.

This team is making a serious playoff push, something just about no one thought was possible Sept 10th. It might be time for Ralph or Russ or who ever is sitting on the wallet to stand up open that shit up and bust a move.

The difference between winning and losing in the National Football League is miniscule. One player added here or there (and not from the practice squad) could conceivably make the difference. And no I'm not talking about suicidal Terrell Owens either (jeez get a grip T.O. AND anyone that would consider signing him). The Bills don't HAVE to do anything, probably won't do anything but definitely should do something. Furthermore, it would spark the team (if they even need one) and the fans. It could show the front office is now committed to winning and a move could make the difference between the division the wildcard or a twelfth playoff-less season.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who is George Gillett?

by Steve

Who is George Gillett (68) and no this has nothing to do with shaving? The Buffalo Bills version of Terry Pegula? He is a new name to me but apparently he was at the Buffalo Bills game tailgaiting with one Jim Kelly. Everyone remembers that famous (infamous?) tweet by lil Kelly right? I retweeted it 10/6 before he deleted his account ""all bills fans and what not next year might be a new year new season ans new ..... fill that in you got it metting um sat"" Buffalo Rising fills in some blanks if you missed it.

Per the all knowing Wikipedia
the dude has been all over the sports map from hockey to neckcar to English "football" (read soccer) and made a ton of money flipping the Montreal Canadiens.

Evidently Tim Graham says he showed legit interest in buying the team four years ago.

Of course this could all be happenstance or a coincidence but Goodell sort of letting the cat out of the bag over the weekend saying Wilson has things in place, then a new name, and Chad Kelly, and him being at the game? The Terry Pegula thing evolved extremely quickly and seemed to come out of no where too. We'll see.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bills 31 Eagles 24 F

by Steve

"The old Bills, people have to get that out of their head," Florence said. "It's 2011, and we're on a mission to go to the playoffs. That's our main goal now. You come into Orchard Park, and you're going to have to play 60 minutes if you want to win. You better strap it on because it's not going to be some easy cakewalk." Whoa, is DFlo my new favorite player? I almost forgot that the Bills could have a home field advantage after years and years and years of futility and ambivalence. But the Bills clearly have a home advantage that makes me think the Bills could go undefeated in all SEVEN home games this season.

The game Sunday came down to two things. One of which I predicted on Saturday and one I didn't. Coaching clearly cost the Eagles the game which I predicted. The Bills "opportunistic" defense was the other main factor.

Who knew some bum P.O.S. wide receiver seven years ago, George Wilson, would be the Bills defensive MVP and make everyone wish the Bills NEVER drafted Donte Whitner? Dude is playing like no one could have foreseen.

Fat Andy Reed is a loser. What the hell was he thinking at the end of the second quarter with eight seconds left letting Vick snap the ball again? At most you tell him, two step drop and throw, either the play is open or it lands out of bounds. Jeez. Also its coaching when your player goes offside when the other team has no intention of snapping the ball. Just ask Fitzy, "When you're going through it in practice it's kind of like, 'Why are we doing this again,'" Fitzpatrick said about lining up for it on 4th and inches. My only complaint is why wouldn't you snap the ball there and go for it?

Maybe I should call out Fred Jackson and question the play calling every week. The guy proved me wrong yet again. What a game by him. Same for Chanley Gailey. The Bills probably didn't take enough long shots down field, but they held the ball, got the running game going and prevented the Eagles defense from making plays. They did exactly what they needed to get the win, tough to complain about that.

A few questions still unanswered after the game though. How was it not a penalty when the Eagles illegally kicked off too soon to start the third quarter? Why is Terrence McGee still on this team (he dressed but didn't play)? Why the hell did Brad Smith run the ball out of the end zone late in the fourth quarter after the ball was kicked 7 yards deep and after he hesitated? Why was Arthur "don't cross the" Moats ever switched to inside linebacker? Who did Merriman pay to get credited with yet another sack?

"We definitely thrive on that," said wide receiver David Nelson. "We lost one game and people were writing us off already, telling us we weren't as good as advertised. I heard a lot of talk about 3-13. It definitely motivated us. We came out this week to earn some more respect." Still only 4-1 and we've been here before but at least they're not going 3-13.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills preview

by Steve

Well Coast is a useless POS and is "busy" so I have to do everything. Sorry no Podcast either, re-read the first sentence. Good thing I never have anything to do but watch sports. How big is this Bills game tomorrow? It is a non-conference game but coming off that debacle last week the Bills need to get off the schnide and start winning again (it has been almost 14 days). I'm not feeling confident.

The Bills don't HAVE to win this game but if they are a decent team they'll win either this week or next. With one of the few stadiums that still effects the outcome of games this Sunday is a much more winnable game then next week (I'll be at both).

Is Michael Vick not good? He is 2-5 in his last seven, is perpetually hurt, and is a turnover machine. The problem is the Bills can make anyone look good, possibly even great (see Dalton, Andrew). Jeez. Um, hey Las Vegas Merriman are the lights on?

Terrence McGee better play tomorrow. He is probable. If he doesn't I want his ass cut before 4pm. The guy is more hurt than Vick!! He is taking up a roster spot and hasn't made a play since his days of returning kick offs (remember those days?) The depth at CB is awful and that doesn't bode well with the likes of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin running wild in the secondary. Someone tell Leodis McKelvin he was a top 12 pick.

Run the damn ball. Give CJ Spiller the freaking rock. I covered that on Wednesday. Furthermore, this team needs to learn how to convert a third down. The o-line sans De Bell is less than ideal but at least Trent Cole is out.

The coaching is a push with two of the worst defensive coordinators in football history and head coaches that are as confused on game day as any. This game obviously could go either way so..

Bills 23 Eagles 24 ouch.

2011 Week 5 NFL Picks

Ouch, bad week 4 let's call our combined 2-8 record an abiration

Steve 7-9 (Best Bet 1-2)
Minnesota -3 (Home V Arizona)
Oakland +5 (Away Houston)
New York Giants -10 (Home Seattle)
San Diego -3.5 (Away Denver)
Chicago +5 (Away Detroit)

Wreck 6-7-2 (Best Bet 1-2)
Pittsburgh -3 (Home Tennessee)
Atlanta +5.5 (Home Green Bay)
Buffalo +3 (Home Philadelphia)
Minnesota -3 (Home v Arizona)
Seattle +10 (Away Giants)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sabres 4 Ducks 1 F

by Steve

If a game is played in Europe in the middle of the day on a Friday does it make a noise? There is more hype going into this Buffalo Sabres season than any since 2007 and perhaps beyond. After listening to most of today's game on the radio I may be underestimating this hockey team.

The Sabres from all accounts killed the Anaheim Ducks who apparently didn't get the memo that the preseason is over. Thomas Vanek is on pace for 1,066ish shots and 164 goals. Both lofty goals for this upcoming season. Basically you didn't miss much if you were one of the lucky ones to have a job this afternoon.

The three "writers" for the Buffalo News ALL predicted the Sabres to win the Northeast division finish second in the East Conference and lose in the East finals. All three had the same prediction. Is Terry "fanboy" Pegula God or does he just report directly to him?

Going 82-0 is to be expected at this point but they might not be up for the last game or two especially if Jhonas Enroth finally starts to get playing time so maybe just 80-2. CHAMPIONSHIP!

I may enjoy a lot of crow sandwich this season since I don't see this team winning the division and winning two rounds in the real season. Maybe losers Darc/Lindy will turn things around. Maybe this team has such a solid cast that they don't need a legit #1 center. Maybe it doesn't matter that their goalie is a bit overrated over paid and a head case. Maybe they will actually win a playoff round for the first time in five years.

Maybe it was just one game but I know the home opener is gonna be sick and this season should be fun. Anyone have an extra ticket?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Does CJ Spiller exist?

by Steve

That isn't a rhetorical question by the way, does he? Seventeen touches in four games? SEVENTEEN? And don't give me some bullshit about how great Fred Jackson is, because he clearly isn't great.

If my memory and the internet serve me correctly Cliff was the 9th overall pick in the 2010 draft. In eighteen career games he has a grand total of 115 total receptions and carries. If this guy can't hack it in the National Football League what in the god damn did Bud and Chan see in this guy a mere 17.5 months ago?

From the near zero I have seen from this guy in the National Football League the last season and a quarter, it appears he can't run between the tackles. BUT he can run outside the tackle, catch the ball and can score touchdowns (sparingly).

Is there one valid reason why Cliff can't be a larger factor at least in the passing game? Twenty-eight (XXVIII) career catches is a joke. Where are the swing passes, screen passes, even a long bomb off a freaking WHEEL ROUTE?!

Fine Fred Jackson is preventing him from getting enough carries (I guess). But it isn't like Jackson breaks tackles, is effective in short distances, or breaks long runs. I hate to say it but maybe this team needs yet another running back. Where is the chain of pace guy ala Mike Tolbert if these two are too similar?

Jackson is only 215 and Spillsie is 197. Where is the bruiser? The dude that can just truck stick people out there and get the tough yards? Johnny White is a svelte 204 and Corey McIntyre doesn't see the field.

Then again is anything this organization does explainable? Give Clifford the damn ball.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stevie Johnson on Colin Cowherd's show 10/4/11

For some reason he was on after 12pm when WGR the only sports talk station in Buffalo switches to Jim Rome. Thanks Cowherd, ya dumbass.

Relatively interesting interview nothing ground breaking but it was better than some interviews of Bills. Funny shot at loser Reggie Bush towards the end too.

2011 Week 5 Buffalo Bills NFL Power rankings compilation

by Steve
The funniest comment comes from PFT, most accurate from Yahoo! and most sites have us at 9, highest is 9 and lowest is 12 after four games in the National Football League.


12 (8)Ryan Fitzpatrick going without a touchdown pass against the 24th-ranked pass defense, and the Bills being outgained by the Bengals 458 yards to 273, could tell us something about this team. An imposing run through the NFC East in October will give us a better idea if the Bills are contenders or pretenders.

Yahoo sports:
10 (9) Let down game, sure, but losing to the Bengals definitely has a few Bills fans I know a bit concerned. It will be interesting to see how the team responds.

10. Bills (No. 5; 3-1): Well, at least they won’t start 4-0 and then fall apart like they did in 2008.

9 (6)
The young Bills showed a lack of maturity with a letdown against Cincinnati.

9 (3)
You didn't think they were going undefeated, did you? Even at 3-1, they're a surprise.

9 Previously: #10 - Buffalo moving up after a loss is more of a product of two teams (Steelers, Jets) sliding down after two worse defeats. Pittsburgh is old and slow, while New York is a shell of its former self. Turning into a passing offense with a crap offensive line, two old receivers and mediocre (at best) quarterback may not have been the best decision.

By the way, forum member Swag Dynasty provided this quote by one of the Sunday NFL Countdown analysts (not sure who):

"The Jets aren't the Jets we're used to seeing; the Patriots aren't the Patriots from other years. This is why the Bills are ahead of both of them, those two are trying to figure stuff out and the Bills are just outdoing them."

I'm glad I wasn't listening because I may have suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cincinnati Bungals 23 Bills 20 F

by Steve

Is there more of a mortal lock than the Bills losing when I attend their game on the road? That makes six straight L's that I was in attendance for that the Bills lost on the road. I am a hot 1-6 life time, not good in two weeks when I show up for the Giants game.

Cincinnati's fans are weak. That stadium was about half empty holy smokes. We parked in a lot with maybe 300 other Bills fans going H.A.M. for about 5 hours until our defense couldn't stop a nose bleed in the second half.

The stadium it self is pretty nice on a gorgeous river water front. The downtown scene was meh Saturday night and we stayed in a cheapish hotel right across the river in Kentucky. The sevenish hour drive was also less than ideal.

Back to the game, man this team is streaky. Either they are piling up points and smoking fools or they are doing nothing. Every third down seemed to be a failure. Stevie Johnson was bitching about the refs as was every fan texting me during and after the game. I still haven't seen the replay of the 3rd and 1 play but that was crucial.

This supposedly improved defense made a rookie nobody Andy Dalton appear to be a 10 year vet from the nose bleeds where I watched the first half before moving down. Yes the secondary has some injuries but WTF is Leodis McKelvin's problem? Well, other than sucking?

Fred Jackson was a no show, Cliff Spiller only got four touches for some reason. Was the tuck rule really called? Jeez. How was Cedric Benson playing in this game? Jerome Simpson?

I'm starting to not like how this season is shaping up.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 4 NFL picks

by Steve

Week four everyone is starting to figure out the trends, who is good, who is bad etc. Unfortunately Las Vegas knows this and adjusts the lines accordingly. You can read all the Bill Simmons' of the world and still maybe finish a game or two above .500.

At this point you need a couple of good sports betting websites that you trust and follow your instincts. Or stick to college football because it is much easier, especially with home field advantage actually meaning something.

My suggest as augmented by my week 4 picks is to bang the away favorites home slice.

Steve 6-5 (Best bet 1-1)

Bills -3 (Away Cincinnati)
Saints -7 (Away Jacksonville)
Vikings -3 (Away Kansas City)
Buccaneers -10 (Home Indianapolis)
Under 42.5 Ravens Jets

Wreck 5-3-2 (Best Bet 1-1)

Cleveland pick (Home Tennessee)
San Francisco +9.5 (Away Philadelphia)
Pittsburgh +3.5 (Away Houston)
Chicago -6.5 (Home Carolina)
Denver +12 (Home San Diego)