Thursday, December 31, 2020

Who Will Be Able To Buy Bills Playoff Tickets?

by Steve

Here is what we know about buying Bills playoff tickets for the wild card round:

6200 tickets are available from $65 to $330.

13,000 accounts opted in to buy tickets this year.

Club seat season ticket holders can buy tickets today 12/31 and regular season ticket holders start Jan 1.

Some math

13k accounts x 4 seats = 52,000 (ok more likely people get 2 seats, 26,000 or split the difference and its 3, 39,000.

I have 15 years tenure dating to 2005. My assigned time is 11:30am. I know one person that has 8 years tenure and their time 2pm while two other people with 2 years tenure and their time is 430pm.

Lets assume the time allotments are 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30 etc until 4:30. This would mean 16 time slots. Lets again assume they split the amount of people evenly in thise 16 time slots.

That would mean roughly 813 accounts can buy tickets each half hour. Lets assume they each buy 4 tickets, that would mean 3,252 seats at most would be sold each half hour. So every ticket could be sold before the 10am window.


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Bills Playoff Opponent Scenarios

by steve and coast

Here are the Bills potential playoff opponent heading into week 17. The Bills need a win or a Steelers loss to secure the 2 seed:

Assuming Tennessee beats Houston, Baltimore beats cinci, and Indianapolis beats the jags.

If Cleve beats the Steelers and Miami beats us, we play the browns

If Cleve beats the Steelers and we beat Miami, we play the colts

If the Steelers beat Cleve and Miami beats us we play the ravens

If the Steelers beat Cleve and we beat Miami we play the dolphins.

Let's assume the browns win along with Indy and Baltimore:

If Tennessee wins and we win - colts

If Tennessee loses and we win - titans

If Tennessee wins and we lose - Cleve

If Tennessee loses and we lose - Cleve

The Texans are +7.5  home vs the Titans.
The Jaguars are +14 at the Colts. The Bengals are +11 home vs the Ravens. The Steelerd are +7 at the Browns and the Bills are -4 home vs the Dolphins.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

week 16 NFL Picks

Bills play monday night might as well gamble

steve 24-34-2
Falcons @ chiefs over 53
browns @ jets under 45.5
ravens -9.5 v giants
broncos @ chargers over 48.5

coast 25-33-2
bears -7.5, browns -7.5, ravens -10, eagles -3

feyes 30-28-2
Bears -7.5
Browns -7.5
Bills -7

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Bills at Patriots MNF Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Patriots dynasty, dance on their grave, breakdown the AFC playoff picture, review the Broncos blowout and predict a Patriot loss.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Week 15 NFL Picks

Sunday no Bills gotta ball

steve 22-32-2
bills at broncos under 49
chiefs at saints over 52.5
titans -10 v lions
vikings -3 v bears

coast 23-31-2

Philly +6.5, ten -9.5, NE +1.5, atl +6.5

feyes 28-27-1
Skins +6.5
Chiefs -3
Steelers bengals U 40
Pat's phins U 41.5

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Bills at Broncos Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Steelers SNF victory, take a look at the AFC playoff picture and break down a mediocre Broncos team. Billievers?

Saturday, December 12, 2020

week 14 NFL Picks

Sunday Night Footballllll

steve 22-28-2
chiefs -7 @ dolphins
giants +2.5 v cardinals
49ers -3 v washington
jets @ seahawks over 47

coast 20-30-2
Eagles +8, Baltimore -3, gmen +2.5, Miami +7

feyes 27-24-1

Texans -1
Panthers -3.5
Saints -8
Buff pitt Under 48.5

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Steelers at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Monday Night Football win vs the 49ers, look at the AFC playoff picture and preview and epic Sunday Night Football showdown vs the Pittsburgh Steelers. Is Roethlesburger finished? Josh Allen MVP talk?

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Week 13 NFL Picks

MNF? time to gamble

steve 21-25-2
chargers -1.5 v patriots
saints -3 @ falcons
browns @ titans under 53
raiders -7.5 @ jets

coast 19-27-2
Bengals +10.5, WFT +7, LV -7.5, ten -4.5

feyes 24-23-1
packers -8.5 v eagles
colts -3 @ texans
titans -4.5 v browns
bengals @ phins under 42

Friday, December 4, 2020

Bills at 49ers Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast look at the AFC playoff picture, review the win over the LA Chargers and reminisce about Bills games of the past. Oh yeah, and break down Bills at 49ers, their history and playing in, gulp, Arizona.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Week 12 NFL Picks


steve 18-24-2
Patriots +2 v Cardinals
bills -4.5 v Chargers
saints -6.5 @ broncos
browns -7 @ jaguars

coast 17-25-2
Browns -7,  New England +2,  bears +9.5, bungals +6.

feyes 22-21-1

Raiders -3
giants -6
Jax +7
9ers +6.5

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

LA Chargers at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Hail Murray bullshit loss to the Arizona cardinals and look ahead to the Chargers the AFC East race and the playoffs. Is a three way tie with the Chiefs and Steelers possible? podcast:

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Week 11 NFL Picks

Bills bye week, gotta wager

steve 17-21-2
Patriots -2 @ texans
eagles @ browns under 47
titans @ ravens under 50
packers +1.5 @ colts

coast 15-23-2
Miami -3.5, Titans +6, Cleveland -2.5, pats -2

feyes 21-18-2
Phins -3.5
Clev -3
Vegas +8
Dal Minny U 48

Sunday, November 15, 2020

week 10 nfl picks

Four pm bills game get it

steve 16-19-1
bengals @ steelers over 46
WFT +3.5 @ Lions
eagles -4 @ giants
seahawks @ rams over 54.5

coast 14-20-2
Chargers +1.5, bills +3, Carolina +6, Cleveland -4

feyes 18-18

Vegas -3.5
Phins -1.5
Det -3
Vikes bears U 43.5

Friday, November 13, 2020

Bills at Cardinals Podcast Preview

Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals! Steve and Coast review the blow out victory against the Seahawks and look ahead to the Cardinals. Are the Dolphins a legit threat? Kyler Murray vs Josh Allen.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

week 9 nfl picks

week 9 is mine

steve 15-16-1
ravens -1 @ colts
bears +6.5 @ titans
texans -6.5 @ jags
patriots -10 @ jets

coast 13-17-2
Bears +6.5, zona -5, bills +3, tampa -4

feyes 16-16
Panthers +10.5
Ravens +1
Seattle -3
Chargers -1

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Seahawks at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Patriots victory and look ahead to the rest of the season. Russel Wilson vs Josh Allen and McDermott vs Carrol. Do the Bills need to compete, win or just score?

Saturday, October 31, 2020

week 8 NFL Picks

steve was 4-0 last week boyyyy

steve 14-13-1
bills -4.5 v cheatriots
rams -3.5 @ dolphins
packers -6 v vikings
steelers @ ravens over 46

coast 11-15-2
Bills -4.5.  Green Bay -6, Steelers +4, Chicago +4

feyes 14-14
Lv + 2.5
Ind detroit U 49
NE buff U 40.5
Pitt +4

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Jets victory and argue about whether McDermott Josh Allen and the Bills are scared of Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Is 10-6 a good season and what is up with the defense?

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Week 7 NFL Picks

gotta go 4-0

steve 10-13-1
panthers +7 @ saints
packers -3 @ texans
buccs -4 @ raiders
49ers +4 @ patriots

coast 9-14-1

Cleveland -3, Steelers +1.5, chiefs -7.5, Seattle -3

feyes 13-11
Panthers +7
ATL lions O 55
Seahawks -3
Bills -10

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast thoroughly breakdown the Chiefs debacle on Monday Night and look ahead to a shitty Jets team and the rest of the season. Is the culture McDermott creating in question? Josh Allen MVP talk dead?

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Week 6 NFL Picks

another day to get pay

steve 8-11-1

bengals +7.5 @ colts
packers -1 @ buccs
rams @ 49ers over 51.5
cards -1 @ cowboys

coast 6-13-1

Eagles +10
browns +3.5
Miami -9
chiefs -5. 

feyes 10-10

Bengals colts Under 46
Lions -3.5
Lions jags Under 54.5
Sf +3

Friday, October 16, 2020

NFL Teams Allowing Fans 10/16

by steve

Since New York State is run by a maniacal incompetent and the county of Erie is run by a hypothetical rube the Bills are STILL not allowed to have fans at their games.

Here is an updated list of teams allowing at least 10% capacity:

Miami Dolphins
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers (5500 fans)
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos (5700 fans)
Kansas City Chiefs

So out of 16 teams, 5 won't allow fans. Chargers and Raiders opened new stadiums, the Patriots, Bills and Jets...?

Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers (7%)
Arizona Cardinals (1200)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Not allowed
Packers, Bears, Vikings, Lions, Giants, Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Saints (threatening to play at LSU's stadium)

14 total teams are not allowing fans

of those 6 are domes, 5 are in NYC/LA/SF

Erie County positive test rate 1.4%

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills Podcast preview

Steve and Coast argue about the loss to the Titans, the Leveon Bell signing and look ahead to an early MNF match up against the Chiefs. Chiefs preview starts at the 16 minute mark

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Bills at Titans Preview

by Steve

No podcast this week because of the dumb fuckin schedule changes, coronabros and general uncertainy. So i stead Ill write one.

I mean, this is a huge game right? In prime time, between 2 undefeated teams in somewhat of a rivalry and in a playoff race?

Fuck the Titana. Did they maybe grt unlucky? Sure. Did they screw up? Yes. Is Vrabel a meathead? Fo sho. Playing on a Tuesday at 7pm is bullshit.

The only reason the Bills shouldn't protest is because they are at a decently big advantage. A bunch of Titans are on the disease list, they havent been able to practice for danm near 2 weeks and are likely weary of everyone and everything around them. Positive testa, fake positives, negatives 7am news breaks. Shit is exhausting and im just reading Twitter.

Allen and co should be pissed.They should waltz into Nissan with half the crowd rooting for the Bills and stomp these fools. McDerr cant play the nobody beleives in us or takes us seriously BS any more. Buffalo is favored and one of the talks of the whole league.

Sure Milano and White are out but everyone else is ready to roll.

33-23 Bills win

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Report Sabres Sign Taylor Hall

by steve

holy shittt the Sabres are signing Taylor Hall on a short term deal!??!?!

Hockey is back in Buffalo?????????

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Week 5 NFL Picks

Stay alive at all cost

steve 6-9-1
bengals @ravens over 50.5
texans -5.5 v Jags
49ers -8 v Dolphins
chargers +8.5 v Saints

coast 4-11-1
falcons -2.5,
WFT +7.5, 
Cleveland pick em,
Vikings +7

feyes 7-9
Eagles +7
Texans -5.5
Zona -7
Raiders +11

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Week 4 NFL Picks


steve 6-6
cowboys -4 v browns
buccs -7 v chargers
lions +3 v saints
colts v bears over 43

coast 4-8

Chargers +7
Lions +3
Falcons +7
Rams -13.5.

feyes 6-6

Colts bears O 43
Phins +5.5
packers v falcons over 56.5
Bills -3

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Buffalo Bills at Las Vegas Raiders Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the up and down win against the Rams, Josh vs the World, is Lamar Jackson good? And preview the first visit to Las Vegas to face Jon Gruden and the Raiders
you tube

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Week 3 NFL Picks

bounce back

steve 3-5
bears @ failclowns 47
texans @ steelers over 45.5
cardinals -5.5 v lions
colts -11.5 v jets

coast 2-6
lions +5.5 @ cardinals
packers +3 @ saints
wash +7 @ browns
Jets +11.5 @ colts

feyes 6-2
Ariz. -5.5
ATL -3
Jags -3
Min Tenn. U 49.5

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

LA Rams at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the win down in south beach and look ahead to a formidable Rams team thirsty for more east coast victories. Is Josh Allen for real? Are the Bills for real?

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Week 2 NFL Picks

week 2, lotta live dawgs

steve 2-2

panthers +8.5 @ buccs
bills @ dolphins over 41
vikings +3 @ colts
49ers @ jets under 41.5

coast 1-3

lions +6.5 v lions
chiefs -8.5 @ chargers
bills -5.5 @ dolphins
colts -3 v vikings

feyes 2-2

packers -6.5 v lions
Rams +1.5 @ eagles
Jags +7.5 @ titans
49ers -7 @ jets

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Bills at Dolphins Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the easy victory over the Jets and look ahead to a trip to south beach with Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Why Your Team Sucks 2020 Buffalo Bills

by steve

The annual why your team sucks post from Drew Magary is out (sshhhh here is how u get past the paywall)

Here are some highlights:

well here is my email first
"The Bills went 10-6 have gotten outcoached in playoff games by Bologna Marrone and Bill O’Brien. The mafia wants to name streets after McDermott because he beats the Jets and Dolphins and doesn’t dream about licking feet."

If you’re a Bills fan, your entire life is a series of sliding doors. You endure that game and spend years and years after the fact thinking about every last if…

so true

double hurt on this one: "McDermott is both capable and sane, which means he can’t possibly tolerate staying in Buffalo for much longer. It’s like when some dipshit mid-major college coach wins a tourney game as a 14-seed. You know they’re leaving the second someone offers to quadruple their salary. So big congrats to McDermott on breaking his contract in January to sign with the Texans. It’s what God clearly intended."

oof: "Life here is nothing but awful streaks. I’m supposed to believe this man is poised to become Racist Mahomes. You know who had better stats than Josh Allen in every major category last season? Daniel Jones."

oof again: "Do you know how much you have to suck to blow a playoff game to Bill O’Brien? Bill O’Brien couldn’t hold onto a lead if he fucking keistered it. And yet this team pulled a Bill O’Brien against Bill O’Brien. No one ever learns anything up here. "

alright alright lay off us: "Even if you guys DO win the division, what awaits you? I’ll tell you what awaits you. A wild card loss. At home. To the Patriots. After blowing a 24-0 lead. You won’t learn a goddamn thing from it. It’ll be nothing but ifs until the day you die."

lol: "My wife and kids visited Buffalo on their way to Niagara Falls a year ago (they were bored), and my 11-year-old was so amused by the Buffalo accent that he STILL makes fun of it. “Yeah, I’m going in my CARR. To the BARR. It’s not very FARR.” He’s crossed the line from using it ironically to making it part of his daily vernacular, and for that I must now sell him. "

wreck esque "What might not suck: Take it from a Vikings fan: Diggs is incredible. He’ll tweet poorly veiled shade at Allen and demand a trade out of this shithole come Week 12. But before that happens? PURE ELECTRICITY."

a funny email not sent by me: "These owners gave the head coach an extension after he turned things around with a phenomenal 25–23 record, including one of the most embarrassing playoff collapses I’ve ever seen. These owners made their fortune because they just so happened to be involved in fracking in Pennsylvania in the ‘80s, and now they run their two shiny toys the same way — hoping to stumble on success by sheer accident."

cheap shots by matt here: "Upstate New York is full of men who spend thousands of dollars on season tickets to Bills games that they cannot remember due to chronic Labatt’s/Krupnik/Antifreeze poisoning and women who look like Rex Ryan without the dainty charm. The only difference between rural Alabama and the slice of New York between Buffalo and the Pennsylvania state line is that the people in Alabama root for a football team that’s actually won a championship."

this describes coast: "Josh Allen is more powerful than Bloody Mary; you just have to say his name once on Twitter to summon the worst people on Earth into your mentions. Over and over again. And if you aren’t 1000% sold on him, you’re not a true fan / in the ‘Bills mafia,’ a group of the dumbest chuds in Western New York."

The only thing Magary was way off on is the Andrew Cuomo bit. Buffalo didnt bote for the guy in nearly the numbers the rest of the state did and he doesnt know Buffalo is in NY half the time.

overall B+

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Week 1 NFL Picks

new season new bets more money

Ravens -7.5 v Browns
Panthers +2.5 v Raiders
Eagles -5.5 @ Washington
Rams +2 v Cowboys

Rams +2 v Cowboys
Buccs +3.5 @ Saints
Browns +7.5 @ Ravens
Colts +8 @ Jags

Lions -3
Jags +8
ATL +2.5
Steelers -6

Friday, September 11, 2020

2020 NFC Over/Under Win Predictions

by steve

Killed the AFC predictions last year but a god awful 6-10 record predicting the NFC win totals last year, oof. Here is this years AFC predictions.

2020 NFC win total predictions:

This coach is a dead man walking. Tough-ish division too.


Why should I believe Mitchy is gonna win 9 games?

Seems like a low number

How did this team win 13 games last year? Damn. But are they some how 5 games worse?


Damn it Ill buy into them yet again

Wilson is gotta be exhausted

Haskins and a sick coach?

Kyler has the weapons but this division is tough.

Am I the only one that watched Brees look like a used tissue in the playoffs? Hes done.

Team has too much talent

Tawm dont have Billy and likely cant cheat.

Is Dak motivated or spurned? This team is always over valued by the betting public.

Goff sucks but his contract is much worse. McVey seems like he is already burned out.


2020 AFC Over/Under Win Predictions

by steve

Last year i went 12-4 picking over unders for the AFC. So lets repeat for 2020:

2020 AFC Over/Under win totals predictions:

keep going over til proven other wise

awful offseason but some how still believe.

One of my few losses last year, gonna make the same mistake


why should i believe this team is better than last year? True no more kitchens but

Rivers sucked last year

low number but bologna Marrone still sucks

Gruden is easy to make fun of

Fitz gonna Fitz. Depends when they put Tua in

Oh to live off your rep for life

Over seems like the zig when wvwryone zags but Gase sucks

The team will likely improve but 5-11 seems much more likely

Tiny Tyrod? AND Lynn?

Defense is legit


Drew Lock isnt spooking me

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Buffalo Bills 2020 Preview Prop Bets

by Steve

Shockingly the Bills season is only a few days away. We arent allowed in the stadium for some unknown reason so the only way to cope is by gambling. Lets tske a look at some props and predictions for the Bills 2020 season.

Here is our Bills season preview podcast.

The Bills over under win total is 9, which is the same as the Cheatriots.

Also Week 1 is looking great for the Bills as they are showing a 6.5 points in favor against the Jets according to the odds of Sports Betting Dime.

Josh Allen
passing yards 3249.5
If this guy doesnt hit the over on this if he plays 14+ games the season is likely a 100% failure.

touchdown passes 22.5
Again this seems like a low number but the dude loves to run. Id say under.

Stefon Diggs
Yes the Bills actually have a wide receiver that has props posted on legit websites!

receiving yards 975.5
Again this guy goes under and the season is likely a disaster. We all know Diggs is a bit of a malcontent. So if he doesnt get 1k receiving everyone will be pissed.

66.5 receptions
This a real number? Yikes.

6.5 touchdowns
This is more realistic because Allen hates throwing tuds. The under seems possible.

Devin Singletary
rushing yards 800.5

Dev Motor is gonna be splitting carries we all know that but he's gotta be the featured guy right? Fumblitis concerns me and the possibility Moss breaks out is real. Under seems like the play.

Dawson Knox
receptions 36.5
Knox is the big question mark of the roster. Is he ready for a breakout year? Is he just another dude part of a platoon? If I had to bet Id go over because Lee Smith sucks and Kroft isnt any better.

receiving 396.5 yards
Same as above, no point in hedging and take the under.

Gabe Davis
80:1 to win rookie of the year

Not sure this is even worth taking a flyer on. Unless there are catastrophic injuries Davis wont get the looks he'll need. This is still a McDerr Dabol offense.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2020 Buffalo Bills Season Preview Podcast


Steve Wreck and Feyes preview the upcoming shit show of a season amid an alleged pandemic, give game by game predictions and breakdown the roster. Division title or bust. This was one for the books:

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Bills Extend Head Priest er Head Coach McDermott

by steve

Seany Mcderrrr Mcdermott got a crazy 6 year contract extension today after losing to Bologna Marrone and BOB Obrien in the playoffs two of the last 3 years. Sure that is more playoff appearances than the last 17 combined but what kind of high bar is that?

Sure Mcderr is fine enough. But losing in embarrassing fashion to two woefully inept head coaches in the playoffs isnt a good look.

This guy better keep the defense humming and learn to score more than 1 fucking touchdown in 9 playoff quarters. No?

career head coach record

career coach's challenge record

career v Bill Belichick

career record in December

career record vs Freddie Kitchens

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Sabres Finally Fire Botterill

by steve

All of a sudden Jason Botterill gets fired today after a statement made on May 26th that Botterill is the general manager moving forward?

"philosophical differences" Like he wanted to keep 20 defenseman and Eichel? Or he likes to trade Stanley Cup MVPs for a bag boy and some half off soft drink coupons? Or finishing 31st for the first time in the history of the league?

Kim and Terry are an absolute 100% shit show joke of a ownership group when it comes to the Buffalo Sabres. You literally could not produce a more pathetic horribly run franchise if you tried in a lab setting.

Kevyn Adams is a nobody joke. Sure he might work well with the mediocrity that is the head coach but they tried everything else (except hire a real GM for a change) so why not try this.

It would have been shocking for any other organization to bring back Bott for another go around but not this shit stain. They dont get any credit for belatedly realizing that folly. The Pegulas love to look like fools then go hide on their yacht for a few weeks and I can guarantee we wont be hearing from Terry any time soon.

But hey at least they have Jack Eichel who is now on his 3rd GM and 4th coach in 5 seasons.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Gambling Line All 16 Buffalo Bills Games 2020

by steve

here are the apreads available for the entire 2020 Buffalo Bills season via covers:

week 1 v Jets
Bills -5.5

week 2 @ Dolphins
Bills -3

week 3 v Rams
Bills -2.5

week 4 @ Raiders
Bills -1

week 5 @ Titans
Bills -.5

week 6 v Chiefs
Bills +4.5

week 7 @ Jets
Bills -3.5

week 8 v Patriots
Bills -1.5

week 9 v Seahawks
Bills -1

week 10 @ Cardinals
Bills -2.5

week 11 bye

week 12 v Chargers
off the board

week 13 @ 49ers
Bills +6

week 14 v Steelers
Bills -2.5

week 15 @ Broncos
off the board

week 16 @ Patriots
off the board

week 17 v Dolphins
Bills -7.5

The Bills are only dawgs in two games! The Titans and second Jets lines make zero sense. Three games not available

Thursday, May 7, 2020

2020 Bills Schedule Reaction

by steve

The Bills schedule has been released and amid a global ho ax pandemic the air has been taken out of my wings msde of balloons. Any chance the season goes down as planned let alone w fans with morons and idiots running our government and media? Oh well, lets review the schedule

4 prime time games with a chance 1 gsme is flexed out. home TNF v KC snd SNF v Pit snd two MNF games at SF and NE.

Josh Allen better be goof or tv executives are gonna be pissssed.

Starting the season at home is always preferred.

No more than 2 road or home games in a row. 3 home games after Thanksgiving albeit one in Nov one in Dec and one in Jan.

KC, at Jets, v Seattle, v Patriots, @ Az a toughhh 5 game stretch.

This is the most relevant the Buffalo Bills have been in 18 years.

8-8 with a chance for better if NE really is tanking and Allen learns to play quarterback.

legggo see you week 1 at the Ralph

Bills 2020 NFL Schedule Leak?

got this sent to my DMs
i dunno, seems to make some sense:

Week 1 vs Rams 1PM  (FOX)
Week 2 vs Seahawks 1PM (FOX)
Week 3 at 49ers 4:05 (CBS)
Week 4 at Cardinals 8:25 Thursday (NFLN)
Week 5 at Titans 1PM (CBS)
Week 6 vs Steelers 1PM (CBS)
Week 7 vs Patriots 1PM (CBS)
Week 8 at Dolphins 1PM (CBS)
Week 9 BYE
Week 10 at Jets 1PM (CBS)
Week 11 vs Chiefs 8:15 Monday (ESPN)
Week 12 vs Chargers 1 PM (CBS)
Week 13 at Raiders 4:25 (CBS)
Week 14 at Broncos 4:05 (CBS)
Week 15 vs Dolphins 1PM (CBS)
Week 16 vs Jets Saturday or Sunday TBD (CBS)
Week 17 at Patriots 1PM (CBS)

Monday, April 27, 2020

Grading the Bills 2020 NFL Draft

by Steve

With the draft over and nothing to look forward to for the foreseeable future its time to grade the Bills 2020 draft.

Based on the Bills needs they did quite well. Epenesa falling is a concern and he seems like an exact replacement for Shaq Lawson but that isnt exactly a bad thing. Will he be a pass rushing specialist? Highly doubt it, he seems more like a run stuffing slow dude that will take on two blockers. Perhaps he'll be a boon to Ed Oliver's career.

The best pick of the draft was obviously Jake Fromm. Dude is a player. He tore up the SEC for years, beat out studs in Fields and Eason and never relinquished his hold on the starting job. Did he ever win the biggeet game? No. Is his arm strength ideal? No. Will he eventually supplant shit Josh Allen as the starter? Yup.

Moss may be a good runningback but
a 3rd rounder back to back years? Then again 2020 had the least number of RBs drafted in ten years.

A glaring need at TE went unaddressed which is fine if Beane really believes in Kroft. Not aure why he would but crazier things have happened.

Overall Beane and McDerr did about as well as they could with the ammo at their disposal.


Saturday, April 25, 2020

bills draft jake fromm

a quarterback!


Bills Draft WR Gabriel Davis UCF in the 4th Round

Bills with a surprise move going wide receiver

Gabriel Davis 6'2 216
4.54 40


72 catches 1241 yards 12 TDs


Friday, April 24, 2020

Bills Draft RB Zack Moss 3rd Round

wow Bills go offense, running back from utah Zack Moss

53 broken tackles 3rd in all of FBS. wow

i wouldnt go runningback this early but its a weapon and the Bills needed a RB bad.


Bills Draft DE AJ Epenesa Iowa in the 2nd Round

bills go edge Epenesa from Iowa

sorta fell in the draft, fills a need with athleticism

Its a classic mcderr pick, safe predictable and fills a need. Mcderr knows defense so I trust his judgement here. Some had him in the first round. He isnt a game changer but he had multiple double digit sack seasons in a good conference.

He seems like a Shaq Lawson 2.0 replacement

grade B-

Bills 2nd Round Mock Draft Compilation

by Steve

here is a compilation of mock drafta for day 2 round 2 and 3

Lucas Niang OT TCU

Zack Moss RB 3rd round

Chris Trapasso
Jeremy Chinn S Southern Ill

Cameron Dantzler CB Miss St
Kristisn Fulton CB LSU

Jonathan Greenard Edge Florida

Jaylon Johnson CB Utah

Darrell Taylor Edge Tenn

SB Nation
Jonathan Greenard Edge Fla

Ezra Cleveland OT Boise

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Final Mock Draft 2020

by steve

Here our final mock drafts for the 2020 NFL Draft, here are the Bills biggest needs.

2020 NFL Mock Draft:

1. Bengals - Joe Burrow

2. Redskins - Chase Young

3. Lions - Jeff Okudah

4. NY Giants - Tristen Wirfs

5. Dolphins - Tua Tagovailoa

6. Chargers - Justin Herbert

7. Panthers - Isaiah Simmons

8. Cardinals - CeeDee Lamb

9. Jaguars - Jerry Jeudy

10. Browns - Jedrick Wills

11. Jets - Andrew Thomas

12. Raiders - Derrick Brown

13. 49ers - AJ Terrell

14. Buccaneers - Josh Jones

15. Broncos - Henry Ruggs

16. Falcons - CJ Henderson

17. Cowboys - Xavier Mckinney

18. Dolphins - Ezra Cleveland

19. Raiders Klavion Chassion

20. Jaguars - Jordan Love

21. Eagles - Justin Jefferson

22. Vikings - Brandon Aiyuk

23. Patriots - Zack Baun

24. Saints - Patrick Queen

25. Vikings - Jeff Gladney

26. Dolphins - Deandre Swift

27. Seahawks - Javon Kinlaw

28. Ravens - Grant Delpit

29. Titans - Yetur Gross Matos

30. Packers - Kenneth Murray

31. 49ers - Trevon Diggs

32. Chiefs - Ross Blacklock

33. Bengals - AJ Episona

34. Colts - Terrell Lewis

35. Lions - Noah Igbinoghene

36. Giants - Tee Higgins

37. Chargers - Austin Jackson

38. Panthers - Antoine Winfield

39. Dolphins - Jeremy Chinn

40. Texans - Michael Pittman

41. Browns - Justin Madukuike

42. Jaguars - Kristian Fulton

43. Bears - Jordyn Brooks

44. Colts - Isaiah Wilson

45. Buccaneers - Clyde Edwards Helarier

46. Broncos - Robert Hunt

47. Falcons - Malik Harrison

48. Jets - Marlon Davidson

49. Steelers - Neville Gallimore

50. Bears - Bryce Hall

51. Cowboys - Darrel Taylor

52. Rams - Kyle Duggar

53. Eagles - Laviska Shenault

54. Bills - Jabari Zuniga

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

2020 NFL Draft Preview Bills Needs

by steve

No first round pick but this draft is still huge for the Bills. Previous I posted our mock draft. Here are their biggest needs heading into the 3 day break from reality:

First the Bills current draft picks:

2: 54
3: 86
4: 128
5: 167
6: 188
6: 207
7: 238

Biggest need

5. Cornerback

Who is opposite Tre White, Norman? UDFA boy Levi? Is White def gonna wanna resign here? McDerr loves drafting DBs and usually picks them well (except for fuckin Gaines for the 3rd time and quitter Vontae).

4. Tightend
The Bills were in on Olson and restructured Kroft. I could see them cutting Lee if need be and Sweeney didn't play much last year. Dawson Knox has a chance to be a stud but is still a question mark. Wouldnt be my first pick in the draft but if value presents itself I'd pounce. Allen needs all the help he can get.

3. Runningback
Thankfully Gore is gone. Singletary was a great draft pick last year but isnt a bonafide stud. He has the skills anyone wants but has injury concerns and fumblitis. He needs a compliment or a peer.

2. Quarterback
Allen likely is a bust. But the org is dead set on going forward with him(until the day they arent). Is Barkley a viable option if or when Allen gets benched? Why not take a flyer on a guy either way? Davis Webb barely a practice squad body.

1. Edge rusher D-end
Mario Addison is almost as old as me and Hughes is good but on the down slope. Not making a run at Clowney (albeit he likely has zero interest in laying here) is puzzling. This is far and away the biggest need on the roster and needs to be addressed before Saturday.

Monday, April 20, 2020

2020 NFL Mock Draft

Wreck, Steve, Dubs and Feyes do a mock draft up until the Bills pick at 54 at which time each gives their predicted selection.
(no snake, the order went wreck, steve, dubs, feyes, wreck, steve, dubs, feyes etc) no trades because thats too complicated.

2020 NFL Mock Draft:

1. Bengals - Joe Burrow

2. Redskins - Chase Young

3. Lions - Isaiah Simmons

4. Giants - Tristen Wirfs

5. Dolphins - Jedrick Wills

6. Chargers - Tua Tagovailoa

7. Panthers - Jeff Okudah

8. Cardinals - Andrew Thomas

9. Jaguars - Jerrick Brown

10. Browns - Josh Jones

11. Jets - Jerry Jeudy

12. Raiders - CeeDee Lamb

13. 49ers - Mekhi Becton

14. Buccaneers - Ezra Cleveland

15. Broncos - CJ Henderson

16. Falcons - Klaivon Chaisson

17. Cowboys - Xavier Mckinney

18. Dolphins - Justin Herbert

19. Raiders AJ Terrel

20. Jaguars - Justin Jefferson

21. Eagles - Henry Ruggs

22. Vikings - Brandon Aiyuk

23. Patriots - Zack Baun

24. Saints - Trevon Diggs

25. Vikings - Terrell Lewis

26. Dolphins - Deandre Swift

27. Seahawks - Javon Kinlaw

28. Ravens - Kenny Murray

29. Titans - Yetur Gross Matos

30. Packers - AJ Epinosa

31. 49ers - Jeff Gladney

32. Chiefs - Kristian Fultom

33. Bengals - Lloyd Cushenberry

34. Colts - Jordan Love

35. Lions - Noah Igbinoghene

36. Giants - Grant Delpit

37. Chargers - Austin Jackson

38. Panthers - Jeremy Chinn

39. Dolphins - Patrick Queen

40. Texans - Blacklock

41. Browns - Justin Madukuike

42. Jaguars - Denzel Mims

43. Bears - Antoine Winfield

44. Colts - Isaiah Wilson

45. Buccaneers - Josh Uche

46. Broncos - Robert Hunt

47. Falcons - Jonathan Taylor

48. Jets - Marlon Davidson

49. Steelers - Neville Gallimore

50. Bears - Kyle Dugger

51. Cowboys - Bryce Hall

52. Rams - JK Dobbins

53. Eagles - Jordyn Brooks

54. Bills
steve - Prince Tago Wanogho
wreck - CEH
dubs - Michael Pittman
feyes - Tee Higgins

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Bills Over Under Win Total 2020

by steve

per the below link the Bills win total is over under 9 wins. That is higher than the Patriots and anyone else in the AFC East. Buffalo is also +100 to win the division, the betting favorites.

Caesars: Brady's Bucs at 9 wins, Patriots at 8.5 via @ESPN App

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

2020 NFL Mock Draft

steve wreck and feyes doing a 2020 NFL Mock Draft. steve first, wreck 2nd, feyes third and so on (not a snake) up until the Bills pick at 54. No trades because that is too fuckin complicated.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

1. Cincinnati Bengals    
Joe Burrow

2. Washington Redskins    
Chase Young

3. Detroit Lions    
Jeff Okudah

4. New York Giants    
Derrick Brown

5. Miami Dolphins    
Josh Simmons

6. Los Angeles Chargers    
Tua Tagiviola

7. Carolina Panthers    
Javon Kinlaw

8. Arizona Cardinals    
Tristan Wirfs

9. Jacksonville Jaguars    
Jerry Jeudy

10. Cleveland Browns    
CJ Henderson

11. New York Jets    
Mickahi Bechton

12. Las Vegas Raiders    
CeeDee Lamb

13. San Francisco 49ers  
Henry Ruggs

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers    
Jedrick Wills

15. Denver Broncos    

16. Atlanta Falcons    
Justin Herbert

17. Dallas Cowboys    

18. Miami Dolphins
Jordan Love

19. Las Vegas Raiders  
Klaivon Chaisson

20. Jacksonville Jaguars   
Xavier McKinney

21. Philadelphia Eagles    
Justin Jefferson

22. Minnesota Vikings  
Austin Jackson

23. New England Patriots    
Andrew Thomas

24. New Orleans Saints    

25. Minnesota Vikings    
Denzel Mims

26. Miami Dolphins   
Josh Jones

27. Seattle Seahawks    
Gross Matos

28. Baltimore Ravens    
Kenny Murray

29. Tennessee Titans    
Jaylon Johnson

30. Green Bay Packers   

31. San Francisco 49ers   
AJ Espenesa

32. Kansas City Chiefs    

33. Cincinnati Bengals   
Isiah Wilson

34. Indianapolis Colts   
Grant Delpit

35. Detroit Lions    

36. New York Giants   
Ezra Cleveland

37. Los Angeles Chargers   

38. Carolina Panthers   

39. Miami Dolphins   
Jonathan Taylor

40. Houston Texans   

41. Cleveland Browns   

42. Jacksonville Jaguars   
Jalen Hurts

43. Chicago Bears    

44. Indianapolis Colts   
Tee Higgins

45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers   

46. Denver Broncos    
AJ Terrell

47. Atlanta Falcons   
Antoine Winfield

48. New York Jets   
Michael Pittman

49. Pittsburgh Steelers   
Josh Uche

50. Chicago Bears   

51. Dallas Cowboys   

52. Los Angeles Rams    
Clyde Edwards Helaire

53. Philadelphia Eagles   
Jalon Reagor

54. Buffalo Bills
feyes - Julian Okwara
wreck - kyle Duggar
steve JK Dobbins

Friday, April 3, 2020

Bills Second Round Mock Draft Compilation

by steve

here is a compilation of second round mock drafts for the Buffalo Bills at pick # 54 overall.

Ezra Cleveland OT Boise State

"The Bills signed some offensive linemen last offseason, but some of them are just short-term solutions. Here's a right tackle for the long haul. "

A team arguably cant have too many tackles or offensive lineman in general. It isnt the biggest need on the roster with Ford being over drafted last year and Dawkins about to be paid.
Grade C


Julian Okwara, EDGE, Notre Dame

"The Bills need some younger depth to help them get to the quarterback with Shaq Lawson gone. Okwara (6-4, 252 pounds) is a flexible, explosive pass-rusher with great finishing burst to the quarterback."

Big need and a player from a big program. Is he being over drafted? 6'4 248 four year player. No huge sack numbers, 4 last year 8.5 as a junior.
Grade B+

cbs sports
Cam Akers RB FSU
"Frank Gore is gone and Devin Singletary can't do it alone. Akers ran behind a bad O-line at Florida State and was still a game-changer -- imagine him in Buffalo in that offense."

Value at the position is awful but this guy could be the it factor to pair w Diggs to make this offense better than aversge which would be a huge jump.
Grade C+

J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State

Id be surprised if Dobbins is there at 54. The problem again is RB this high especially after using a 3rd on one last year.
Grade B-
KJ Hamler WR PSU

Seems odd to go WR after just using 4 picks to acquire one and Brown snd Beasley signed.
Grade D+
Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU

Are we seeing a pattern here? Damn. Another possible game changer and would be surprising if he were available.
Grade B-

Friday, March 27, 2020

Early Bills Schedule Breakdown 2020

submitted by reader Kyle & followed by Wreck's predictions

here is a breakdown and predictions for the Buffalo Bills 2020 season:

@ Tenny - L - Bills Mafia not gonna be able to repeat their presence in Nashville, Tanny Henry and brown ball out

Vs Miami - W - Bills rage in home opener

Vs Seattle - L - Metcalf burns Tre for game winning tud.

@ Arizona - Murray Nuke Drake punch bills D in the face on the road. 

@Denver - W - Broncos rebuilding and bills take advantage of pussy ass lock.  2011 draft class is dying and Von is up next.

Vs New England - W - Not worried bout Brian Hoyer at this point.  Also not worried about their 3 thirds this draft.

Vs Pittsburgh - W - Big Ben might drop the 30 cheeseburger lbs by this time but this team is toast.

@ Jets - W - Adam Gase.

Vs L.A. Chargers - W - Bills really gonna let Lynn and presumably Tyrod Taylor come into town and roll?  Doubt it.

@ San Francisco - L - Bills always get rolled in san fran.

@ New England - W - this bitch team has no QB at this point.

Vs L.A. Rams - W - Rams in shambles after league has figured out mcVay and Goff is a loser.
Vs Kansas City - L - Mahomes to Sammy all day.

@ Raiders - W - Gruden is a puss and so is Derek Carr.  Mariota most likely starts this game and Bills roll easily.

Vs Jets - W - Adam Gase.

@ Miami - L - Both teams have playoffs on the line and Brian Flores potentially knocks Bills out.

Bills 10-6 and might not get in but only 3 conference losses helps.  Hootyyy!


@Tenny W - not as big of home crowd with virus fears barely dieing down but Diggs goes off for 135 2 tuds

Vs Miami W - Ronnie Brown ain't coming back to South Beach. Lawson pounds Allen into turf but Sweeney puts team up late

Vs Seattle W - Penny goes off but Neal makes the difference on Special Teams.. Allen takes a head shot.

@Zona L - Kyler Cooper KeeSean and Isabella roll up 48 in Tempe... Mcderr and Frazier get into it on sidelines.. Kelly P pops out Croom kid at half.

@Den L Melvin G and Ps.. Hamilton rips up Josh Norman and bitch Hyde.. Fant crushes.. Bills get blown out at Mile High. Fans calling for Morgan to start.

Vs NE L - Stidham balls out.. James White 17 catches.. Hausch misses 33 yarder as time expires to send game to OT.. Beasley gets broken neck

Vs Pit - L Crowd 40% Steelers.. Bam Morris errr Benny Snell Jr gets 36 carries in 17-7 big road W for black and yellow.. Team booed off field.. Kimmy vows changes will be made

@NYJ L - Herndon two tuds.. Gregg Will brings heat all day on overmatched Morgan. Diggs requests trade.

Vs LAC W - Morgan leads team to OT win. Sweeney 3 tuds.

@SF - L Tev balls and owns Stamers

@NE L - Hoody vs Mcderr nuff said

Vs LAR - L Henderson owns us.. Bobby Woods stiff arms Poy Boy then fucks his girl

Vs KC - W Typical Shit Bills win where Mcderr gets all religious

@ LV - W Singletary suspended after fucking prostitues and misses Mcderr curfew.

Vs NYJ- W He fucks puts up 130 in win vs Adam

@ Mia- W ... Tua picked in final minute


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Josh Allen v Cam Newton

by steve

With Cam Newton being cut, a former MVP, All Pro and Super Bowl runner up, being let go for NOTHER (even after Nick Foles was just traded for) is a bit shocking. What it likely means (or at leasr proves Carolina believes) is Newton is shot. Done.

Cam Newton played parts of two games last year after suffering yet more injuries in only his ninth season and not 31 years old yet. Eight full seasons and the dude was thrown out with the trash.

Newton is the most prolific running quarterback ever. Cam is huge (6'5 245) and has a big arm. Sound familiar Bills fans? Yeah, im talking about Josh Allen. Also a big guy (6'5 237) runs a ton, was a high first round pick and had a big arm. Will he be shot in 6 more years?

Cam Newton rushing attempts his first two seasons (age 22 & 23):

2011- 16 games 126 attempts 7.9 rushing attempts per game
2012- 16 games 127 attempts 7.9 rushing attempts per game

Now his first 8 seasons
123 games 929 attempts 7.6 rushing attempts per game.

That is a lot of extra hits.

Now lets look at Josh Allen's first 2 years:

2018- 12 games 89 attempts 7.4 rushing attempts per game
2019- 16 games 109 attempts 6.8 rushing attempts per game
28 games 198 attempts 7.1 per.

Pretty similar amirite?

Whats the point? Dude needs to pass more and run less. Can he do it?

Friday, March 20, 2020

Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Connections

by steve

Bored, so here is a list of current Bills and coaches/front office with connections to the Carolina Panthers:

Mario Addison 2012-2019
Star Lotulelei 2012-2017
Vernon Butler 2016-2019
AJ Klein 2013-2016
Josh Norman 2012-2015
Ray Ray McClous 2019
Dean Marlowe 2015-2016

Brandon Beane 2008-2016
Sean McDermott 2011-2016
Joe Schoen 2000-2008
Dan Morgan 2001-2007
Ken Dorsey 2013-2017

ill update as needed, if anyone was overlooked hmu

Monday, March 16, 2020

Bills Sign DE Mario Addison

by steve

the Bills signed former Carolina Panthers defensive end (of course) Mario Addison.

32 years old, 3 year comtract. He has 30.5 sacks the last 3 seasons

Bills Trade for Stefon Diggs

The Bills took a massive swing and traded a boat load of draft picks for star wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Diggs is under contract for 4 more seasons with a 12 mil cap hit.

6'0 191 former 5th round pick

the last 2 seasons Diggs has 165 catches 2151 yards and 15 TDs in 30 games

Beane gave up a boat load of picks for Diggs who is a premadonna baby who wanted out of Minny. The stats dont lie and the contract for now is great.

But of course this is Buffalo and we all know more money will be going his way. Whether that is an extra year and a lot more guara teed money or just a lot more money who knows. If its he former thats fine, if its the latter akong with the picks then this trade doesnt look as good.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Who knows how rookie WRs will pan out, especially if its the 5th or 6th guy off the board.

For now I love it
grade B+

Buffalo Bills Biggest Needs in Free Agency

by steve

The Bills had a surprisingly good 2019 season benefiting from a weak ass schedule, awful back up quarterbacks and luck in the kicking game.  Talent is flying out the door and the Bills likely will take a big step back next season. Thus free agency and the draft are vital to sustaining what McBeaner are trying to build.

Here are the Bills biggest needs:

Wide Receiver
Free agency is pretty devoid of WRs albeit one of the best in the game got traded for a song. Cooper refuses to come here and Green was franchised. Trade for someone like Diggs would be a big swing.

Defensive End
Lawson and Phillips are gone and thats 17 sacks. Trent Murphy is shockingly still on the roster and an edge rusher at 22 isnt going to have a sizable impact in 2020. Going after Ngakoue (I wanted Armstead until he reupped w the 9ers) or someone of his ilk is a necessity. The cap space had to be spent any way.

Jordan Howard maybe? Id draft one too but Buffalo needs a good compliment to Dev should be an easy and cheap role to fill.

Offensive Tackle
Is Ford the answer at Right Tackle? Will Shnowman Dawkins get paid? If not, someone needs to be in the wings ready to play.

No one fully believes Allen is definitely the long term answer. Is Barkley a good enough back up? If not then he needs to be replaced ASAP.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2020 ACC Tourny Brackets

$15 buy in, 8 contestants

3 FSU brackets, 2 Duke brackets, 2 NC st brackets, 1 Virginia bracket


80 1st place, 40 2nd place

****updated scoring after rnd 1***

Wreck -2 ja-0  T-1 sa-1 dub-1 re-2 co-1 fe-1



1 point 1st round, 2 points per win 2nd round, 3 pts 3rd round, 4 points 4th round, 5 points for correct winner. tie breaker total points.

here is everyone's bracket:

Pitt UNC
Clemson NC State Notre Dame Cuse
FSU Duke Notre Dame Lville
Duke Lville
Duke. -136


wf, VT


FSU, DUKE VA, Lville


Va - 129

MIAMI nc st, nd, cuse
FSU, duke, Va, Lville
duke, lville
duke - 147

clem wf bc unc
fsu duke va lville
fsu lville
fsu 143


wf, unc

clem, nc st, nd, unc

fsu, duke, nd, lville

fsu lville

fsu 147


pit, unc

clem, nc st, nd, cuse

fsu, nc st, va, lville

nc st, lville

nc st 127


Pitt tech. 

 Clemson state cuse Norte dame. 

 FSU duke Louisville uva.  

FSU Virginia.

 FSU.  150

RD2- Clemson, NC St., ND, UNC

RD3- FSU, NC St., Virg., UNC

RD4- NC St., Virg

Champ- NC St. (142)

Monday, March 9, 2020

UB Bulls Choke in Opening Round MAC Tournament

by steve

85-79 UB loses at home to the fucking 12 seed. As pathetic a loss as a team could have.

The Bulls were 9 point favorites as the 5 seed at home in a game they had to win. They were down 10 at half, fought their way to a 5 point lead in the second half snd stopped scoring the last 5 minutes of the game

Incredibly awful loss for rookie head coach Jim Whitesell.  awful

Sunday, March 8, 2020


acc tourny bracket challenge

$10 one bracket per person.

due by 4:30 tuesday 3/10

payout depends on total  entrants

tell your friends family frienimies

paypal or venmo 7169136196

here is the bracket

email to

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rumor: Bills Fire Dave Wheat, Russ Brandon's Replacement

by Steve

Rumors swirling that the Bills have let 20 year employee and Chief Administrative Officer Dave Wheat go.

Wheat is listed as the highest ranking employee in the front office. He is presumed to have been the defacto replacement to disgraced former team president Russ Brandon.

Kim Pegula with more secretive front office shakeups? hmm

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Super Bowl Picks

the last game

Steve 5-5
Chiefs -1.5 v 49ers
under 54.5

Coast 4-6
49ers +1.5 v Chiefs
under 54.5

Feyes 6-4
Chiefs -1.5 v 49ers
over 54.5

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Petty Sabres Make WGR550 Delete Tweet

Here is a strong if not a bit whiney rant from a Sabres die hard fan named duane. In the call he rips Terry Pegula and screams for some acountability. The Sabres flag shit radio station wgr550 initially tweeted out the audio to the call but mysteriously the tweet has now dissapeared.

The call occured on Wednesday the 29th during the 3-7 Schopp and the Bulldog show.

Fans are now rallying around Duane on twitter with their frustration with a tea. that is beyond a disgrace at this point.


Saturday, January 18, 2020

CCS, Conference Championship Sunday NFL Picks

ccs, only 3 left

steve 4-4
chiefs -7.5 v titans
packers @ 49ers ubder 46.5

coast 3-5
I guess I'll go Kc -7.5 and GB +7.5

feyes 6-2

Tenn Kc U 20° Under 53 pts
Pack +7.5

Saturday, January 11, 2020

DRW Divisional Round Weekend NFL Picks


steve 2-2
titans +10 @ ravens
vikings @ 49ers over 43.5
chiefs -9.5 v texans
seahawks +4.5 @ packers

coast 2-2
Vikes +7, ravens -10 chefs -9.5 hawks +4.5

feyes 3-1
Packers -4.5
Texans  cheifs O 51.5
Tenn +10
Minn +7

Thursday, January 9, 2020

2019 Buffalo Bills Season Review Podcast

Steve and Coast thoroughly review the Houston Texans wildcard loss, every play, every scam, Allen, McDermott, everything.  Next is the offseason of sadness.


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Wild Card Weekend NFL Picks

playoffs! bills! wcw!

feyes won the regular reason, record resets

Bills @ Texans under 43.5
Patriots -5 v Titans
Saints -8 v Vikings
Seahawks -1.5 @ Eagles

To confirm, Buffalo +2.5, Tennessee +5, New Orleans -8, eagles +1.5

Vikings +8
Tenn +5
Bills +2.5
Seahawks -1.5

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Bills at Texans Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast take a thorough deep dive in to the Wildcard game Saturday in Houston. Watson v Allen, Obrien v McDermott. Predictions, stats, arguing.