Saturday, December 29, 2018

Week 17 NFL Picks

Steve 29-35
Jets +13.5 @ Patriots
Bills -5 v Dolphins
Chiefs -14 v Raiders
Vikings -5.5 v Bears

Coast 28-35-1
Giants -6 v Cowboys
Browns +6.5 @ Ravens
Rams -10.5
Eagles -7

Feyes 28-35-1
Texans -6 v Jags
Raiders cheifs over 52.5
Eagles -7
49ers +10.5

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Week 16 NFL Picks

Last 2 weeks leggo

Steve 27-33
Chargers -4 v Ravens
Eagles -2.5 v Texans
Vikings -6 @ Lions
Bears -4.5 @ 49ers

Coast 27-33
Cowboys -7
Ravens +4 @ Chargers
Browns -9.5

Feyes 28-32
Buccaneers +7
Saints Steelers under 53
Cheifs Seahawks under 54.5
Jets +3

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

UB Bulls Defeat Syracuse Orange 71-59

By Steve

The 14th ranked University at Buffalo Bulls went into the Carrier dome tonight and took down Syracuse. The 3.5 point underdogs came back from down 4 at half to dominate the Orange in the second half.

The game wasn't pretty but it was decisive 71-59. Senior star CJ Massinburg took over the second half with help from junior Davante Jordan and a caste of seniors.

While this Cuse team isn' stat studded they are still Syracuse with NBA prospects on the roster. Considering UB hasnt beaten the Orange since 1963.

Buffalo is now 11-0 and heads to 20th ranked Marquette on Friday.

This is going to be a special season.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Week 15 nfl picks


Steve 24 -32
Browns +1.5 @ Broncos
Buccs +7.5
Bears -5 v Packers
Steelers +3 v Patriots

Coast 25 -31
Indy -3
Browns + 2
Seahawks -3.5
Giants +1

Feyes  27 - 29
Packers +5
Raiders +3
Phins vikes O 44.5
NE Pitt O 53.5

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Evaluating Josh Allen

By Steve

With just three games to go in the Buffalo Bills 2018 season and the teams playoff chances long since dead the only thing left to watch is the rookie quarterback. So lets take a look at Josh Allen since returning from his elbow injury.

Back on October 14th Joshy poo Allen hurt his elbow in Houston and essencially the season ended that day especially after pizza boy Peterman three the deciding pick six. Allen completed 59% of his passes that day. After missing 6 weeks he has returned to play the last three games.

In those three games Allen is 44 of 88 three passing touchdowns four picks, 597 passing yards, 5 sacks, 335 rushing yards 2 rushing TDs.

Granted, the offense has improved but we are comparing it to an offense ran by Derek Anderson and Nathan Peterman, not exactly all stars.

Josh Allen isn't even in the top 10 in offensive ROY odds. He is far behind Baker Mayfield and even Sam Darnold. Moreover, Darnold clearly outplayed Allen head to head last week on the road with similar surrounding talent. Not good looks.

So have we really learned anything about Allen? No not really. I mean he isn't as awful as I assumed he would be back in April when the Bills over drafted him but the guy is still a huge questionmark.

His accuracy is pitiful, his decision making suspect and his propensity for turning the ball over alarming. But he does have a rocket arm, can seemingly make all the throws and is an athletic freak.

This coming offseason is going to be crucial for Allen's future success. The o-line is poor, his weapons abysmal and the coaching leaves much to be desired. The bottomline is it make take more than 20 more games for a final verdict on JA17.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sam Darnold vs Josh Allen Round 1

By Steve

Rookie QB vs rookie QB. Sam Darnold vs Josh Allen. Top prospect vs also ran who got late hype. Wyoming vs USC. What are the odds this is a decade long+ rivalry? We are talking about the shitty Jets and shitty Bills.

I'd say 30%.

Todd Bowles has two feet out the door and Sean McDermott is a dolt. Neither franchise has much in the way of talent and neither team has won anything in a longggg time.

Moreover, Allen and Darnold havent exactly lit the world on fire. Both have gotten hurt, both are sub .500 and both turn the ball over like its their job. In fact Sammy D has missed a month and still leads the league in picks. Yikes.

Thank god these two playing though. If not, would anyone besides losers like us even watch?

I hated the Allen pick and preferred Rosen then Darnold in that order. At this point in their careers can anyone say they would 100% take Darnold over Allen? Surprisingly no. And if I had to give a prediction I might give Allen a slight lead over Sammy at this point.

Then again they'll both be on their second head coach and third OC by 2020 and both franchises will fuck up the drafts. Oh well at least Brady is old.

Bills 26 Jets 13

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Week 14 NFL Picks

Time is slowing slipping away, time to gamble

Steve 23-29
Panthers +1 @ Browns
Packers -4.5 v Falcons
Buccaneers +9.5 v Saints
Redskins +3.5 v Giants

Coast 22-30
Ravens +6.5 @ Chiefs
Dolphins +7.5 v Patriots
Bills -4 v Dolphins
Seahawks -3 v Vikings

Feyes 24-28
Rams bears over 51
Raiders +10 v Steelers
Giants -3.5 @ Redskins
Jets +4 @ Bills

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Week 13 NFL Picks

Lucky thirteen

Steve 21-27

Colts -4.5 @ Jaguars
Bills +3.5 @ Dolphins
Texans -6 v Browns
Broncos @ Bengapa under 45

Coast 20-28

Bills +3.5 @ Dolphins
Seahawks -10 v 49ers
Browns +6 @ Texans
Buccaneers +3.5 v Panthers

Feyes 22-26
Jags Indy under 47
Bills +3.5 @ Dolphins
Rams -10 v Lions
Steelers -3 v Steelers