Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Buffalo Bills training camp: 3-4 defense

by Steve

New coaching staff, new defensive scheme. The Bills are changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 in what is potentially a huge mistake. Changing schemes like this will be extremely painful and difficult for personnel that do not fit the scheme.

Marcus Stroud - Left Defensive End
Ten year pro and he's never played this position in his life, fantastic. It isn't like he was a pro bowler at 4-3 DT or anything either. The guy is huge and a great athlete so the odds he succeeds at the position aren't exactly remote but it is still a new system and a new position for someone that was entrenched in the same spot for a decade.

Kyle Williams - Nose Tackle
You guessed it, another player playing out of position in a spot he has never played before in the National Football League. At 6'1 306 he is undersized for the position and will have growing pains. He was really starting to come into his own at 4-3 DT so this switch will be interesting. The Bills have him locked up for at least two more seasons at pretty cheap money. If he excels look for him to want to get his third contract in five years.

Dwan Edwards - Right Defensive End
Whoa, this isn't a typo, Edwards has actually played the position he is destined to start come Sept 12th. He comes over from Baltimore which is great news but any time I hear the words spinal fusion caution is needed. He may be a diamond in the rough this team desperately needs to gel this defense together.

Chris Kelsay - Outside Linebacker
Yes he is really still on the team and a starting OLB in this defense. Beyond pathetic. He is grossly overpaid, has never played OLB in the NFL and has never had more than 5.5 sacks in a season. Why this dude is still on the roster let alone switch positions and starting in this new defense is beyond me.

Aaron Maybin - Outside Linebacker
Since the other Aaron is still waffling somewhere near Houston Maybin is the default starter. He did next to nothing last year after missing training camp beyond getting a fancy haircut. He was never really pegged as a prototypical 3-4 OLB coming out of Penn St and will be forced to learn a new position after barely learning the basics at d-end. Are Arthur Moats or Chris Ellis a better option?

Paul Posluszney Inside Linebacker
"Poz" needs to stay healthy and continue to rack up tackles. His stats are artifically inflated a bit because he is one of the few players other teams would actually want meaning he has some talent. The switch to 3-4 shouldn't be as difficult for him as others but we still don't know for sure.

Kawika Mitchell - Inside Linebacker
Pencil him here lightly. He is a polarizing player who people either like or hate. He is a solid player on a mediocre defense. Switching to the 3-4 doesn't help him but it may not hurt him too much either. The torn knee he sustained last year against Cleveland should be healed but he is 30. Look for Andra Davis to usurp him as the starter in training camp. Here's ESPN's outlook for good measure:
Mitchell will probably be given every chance to beat out Andra Davis for the other spot, Mitchell is the one coming off an injury, doesn't have as much experience as Davis in the 3-4, and wasn't handpicked by the current management group like Davis. Mitchell will get his snaps for sure, but you probably want to avoid him unless he's labeled as a clear-cut starter, or he gets moved to a starting spot in Buffalo's weakly staffed OLB group.
Grade C-

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks


Has a team ever assembled a more mediocre trio of quarterbacks to battle for a starting position in the history of the NFL? Wait, let me rephrase, a more horrendous trio of quarterbacks is more accurate, mediocre is a complement for these hacks.

The front runner going into training camp is probably Trent Edwards, and that is embarrassing. Here are a few, among the many reasons why Trent Edwards should not be wearing an NFL uniform. First of all, Trent is like a deer in headlights out there. He is scared of his own shadow. He won't throw the ball more than five yards down field if his life depended on it. Trent is 0-3 vs. the Cleveland Browns in his career as a starting NFL QB. Not only is he 0-3 in his career vs. the Browns, but the 3 games he played vs. Cleveland may have been the 3 worst games a Bills QB has played in team history. An 8-0 loss in the snow (yeah, I know the weather sucked, but he still sucked too), an embarrassing 29-27 loss on Monday Night Football and then the biggest clunker of all, a 6-3 home loss last season in perhaps the worst game ever played. Cleveland is 10-25 since that win over the Bills in the snow, and 3 of those are against Trend Edwards. Finally, Trent Edwards was in love with Dick Jauron he is basically a Dick Jauron clone. If that doesn't make you hate him, then I don't know what will.

Second on the depth chart entering camp is Ryan Fitzpatrick. The IVY Leaguer is the most inaccurate QB playing in the NFL, CFL, UFL, Arena League, you name the league Ryan is probably less accurate than anyone playing in that league. He has 21 TDs and 27 picks in his career and a whopping 67.7 rating. The only positives with this guy are that he actually does take some shots down field. He was in love with T.O. last year and threw to him even when there were eleven defenders in between him and Owens. At least he tried, and with what the Bills are working with, that is good enough for me.

The third stringer is former second round pick of the Green Bay Packers, Brian Brohm. Brohm actually was a promising QB prospect coming out of Lousiville, but things haven't really worked out for him in the league. Aaron Rodgers was already on the Packers roster and turned out to be a stud. Matt Flynn, QB from LSU, who Green Bay drafted in the 7th round of the same draft Brohm was taken in, beat Brohm out of the backup job. The best thing Brohm has going for him is that no one really knows much about him. We know Trent and Ryan suck. All we know about Brohm is that he got beat out by a 7th round pick and sucked in his only start in the National Football League.

The fourth stringer entering camp is rookie 7th round pick Levi Brown out of Troy. Levi is 6 foot 3 229 pounds which is solid size for a QB. Since I don't know anything about him, here is a summary from NFL.com:
Brown is a raw, physical talent who has a relatively strong arm and can get the ball out quickly and accurately but will need a lot of work before he is ready for the next level of football. He has played from a spread offense and will need a lot of work to make the transition to a traditional, pro passing attack. He is not real quick to drop in the pocket, and his accuracy can suffer when he tries to throw on the move. He is not quick or fast enough to buy time when flushed out of the pocket and is not apt to scramble for positive yards very often.
Basically, Levi Brown is a slower, less athletic version of JP Losman.

Trent Edwards is probably going to be the opening day starter. If it were up to me, the depth chart would be:

1. Brian Brohm
2. Ryan Fitzpatrick
3. Levi Brown

I honestly don't want Trent on this team, not only because he sucks, but also because he is a huge tool and plays scared. I hope to God Brohm wins the job, and having the veteran IVY leaguer as a back up wouldn't be a bad thing. Too bad none of these guys have anyone to throw the ball to. Why not go with the wishbone and have all three of our starting running backs out there at the same time?

Friday, July 23, 2010

2010 Buffalo Bills training camp: Wide Receiver

by Steve

Less than a week out from the start of Buffalo Bills training camp. We've already broken down the offensive line and running backs for you so here is our wide receiver / tight end break down:

Lee Evans - Wide Receiver #1
Someone check my math but I believe this dude is our highest paid player. Has he been worth it? Since the extension (4 years $37.5 mil) he has averaged 53.5 catches and 5 touchdowns. Ughhh wha?

He has had next to know talent at quarterback and has had one shitty offensive coordinator after another. However, who is throwing Calvin megatron Johnson the rock or Steve 89 bottom line Smith? At a certain point a true number one WR will get open make plays and compile stats. Lee Evans is a border line #1.

James Hardy - Wide Receiver #2
If Evans is a one pretending he is a two then Hardy is a four pretending to be a two. The dude had one reception last year. ONE! Who knows if he's healthy from the ACL tear but I do like this update:
By the end of mandatory offseason sessions in June, Hardy -- who missed the end of the 2008 season and most of 2009 due to ACL surgery -- was running crisp, precise routes, and used his tremendous size to his advantage, winning the battle for jump balls more often than not in the defensive secondary, BuffaloBills.com reports. (Jul 22)
This is Hardy's make or break season if that wasn't obvious to anyone else. He is a former second round pick, has battled injuries his whole career, and let us not forget his gun toting issue with his pappa. Step yo game up.

Roscoe Parrish - Slot Receiver
Who is more surprised Parrish is still on this team, the fans, the players, Roscoe or his agent? I'd go with his agent considering the three year extension he signed in '07 is running out and he wants to get paid again. Being benched by your employer and basically being shunned for two seasons is never ideal for someone looking for their next contact. Hopefully, new regime new Parrish in 2010. Look for a surprising resurgence from the DUI Kid.

Steve "Stevie" Johnson has a surprisingly strong vocal minority always leaping praise on to him. The former seventh rounder out of Kentucky has a career 12 catches but has decent size at 6'2 202 but needs to separate himself early in camp.

Marcus Easley has to be confident going into camp. This WR corps is a travesty and the fourth rounder out of UCONN is a near lock to make the team and get playing time this season. 6'3 210 is a good jumping off point but don't expect much from him this season.

Felton Huggins ? Jeez
Naaman Roosevelt undrafted local boy practice squad believe it

Shawn Nelson - Tight End
Is it just me or does it seem like Nelson could be good but will be squandered? At 6'5 240 and going into only his second year he still has tremendous upside. Maybe it was the disappointment of not seeing him in the endzone again after they made a freakin commercial out of his first career TD Monday night week one. Or it is because Fitz/Trent/Brohm all blow.

Derek Schouman - Tight End 2
Another season cut down drastically short because of injury, Schouman appeared to be on a tear coming out of the gate last season. Gotta love ACL tears. As tight ends go he is a much more well rounded TE than Nelson but isn't a game changer. Anyone else get this dude mixed up with Derek Fine though?

Michael Matthews - Tight End 3
Gotta love the light furor over this dude heading into training camp. Gailey loves him, he has a sweet name and he can block the shit out of d-lineman. Nothing like a battle for the second blocking tight end spot between him and Stupar.

Wide Receiver D+
Tight End C+

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Buffalo Bills training camp preview: Running Back

by Steve

In our continuing series previewing the Buffalo Bills 2010 training camp (starts in 8 days) here is a break down of the only position the Bills have talent and probably will still suck at.

Let's face it, teams are going to crowd the box with at least 11 or 12 maybe 15 dudes if they can until the Bills prove they can throw the rock down the field. No one is expecting or even dreaming of that happening this year so I guess it is a good thing there are three NFL caliber running backs on the roster. My depth chart:

Marshawn Lynch
Moronshawn Lynch had one of the worst 2009's perhaps in the entire league if not country. He fell farther than Lindsey Lohan for christ sake. Allegedly stealing Jacksons from cops wives, drilling Canadian chicks with his SUV, getting caught with guns and weed, suspensions, gaining weight, losing his starting position, holy shit!

It isn't tough to say he'll have a bounce back year. Does he even have a choice? He seems to be stuck here, he still has the talent, and he hopefully has the motivation . It is time for Moronshawn to disappear and the former pro-bowler (errr alternate) to return and beeeeeesh mo suckas all over the field.

CJ Spiller
Awful draft pick that I'll never come around on, unless he turns into the real CJ Chris Johnson ASAP. He is going to miss a big chunk of training camp and is currently 3rd on the depth chart, slotted to play special teams. Thanks Buddy/Chan/Tom.

The only hope for Spiller coming out of the gate will be to use him in the passing game and on sweeps and shit. He has the wheels so it's up to Modkins and Gailey to devise ways to feed this kid the rock and get him in open space. Anyone have confidence that will happen? Anyone know who the f Curtis Modkins is?

Fred Jackson
People love this dude. The only real reason is because he is the anti Moronshawn Lynch. He wasn't handed anything, meaning he went to Coe College, played in NFL Europa or the arena league or whatever and was on the Bills practice squad. Oh, and he doesn't break numerous laws all over town.

Bottom line is he is a tweener who is aging (although he doesn't have a lot of miles on him) and probably already peeked. He had to do everything but cheat to get 1,000 yards last year and isn't a between the tackles every down back. He is effective as the change of pace guy and can make plays running and catching. Freddy J isn't fast but he is smart. A lot of teams would like to have a player like him on their roster so he's definitely worth keeping around.

Grade B+

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Countdown to 2010 Buffalo Bills training camp O-line

by Steve

Don't look now but the Buffalo Bills 2010 training camp starts in ten days. Yup, July 29th. Yes this is one of the least interesting most boring least motivating alienating team possibly ever this is still Buffalo. So here is our Ten Days til training camp preview starting on day 10 with the offensive line:

Buffalo Bills 2010 Offensive Line Preview

Well, let's see, Buffalobills.com doesn't have a depth chart because they have to be ohhhhhhh so secretive so we'll go on a combination of websites and our own guestimating. It appears the Bills are shockingly bringing back four starters from their 2009 offensive line.

Left Tackle - Demetrius Bell
The mailman's son is back at left tackle after starting 8 games in 2009. He was injured last season in week 10 against the Titans ripping apart his knee. Bell didn't participate in optional team activities or mini camp but is expected to be available for the beginning of training camp. He was up and down and mostly down last year in the limited action he saw in his first season actually playing pro football. The jury is still out on whether Bell will be the opening day starter let alone whether he is the long term answer at the position.

Left Guard - Andy Levitre
2009 second round pick and potential stud Levitre may be the best player on this mediocre offensive line. He started all sixteen games last year and made the all rookie team in '09. Dude is versatile. He started at both guard and tackle last year although Nix has stated he is not considering moving him to tackle. Mark him down as probably getting injured because we are the Bills.

Center - Geoff Handgartner
Can anyone tell me why this dude is still the Bills starting center? He didn't play horribly last year but he didn't play great. He did start all sixteen games a year ago and at twenty-eight is still young enough to improve; but what was the point of drafting Eric Wood in the first round of '09 if he wasn't going to be the future stud center this team needs? He is also "versatile-ish" playing some tackle and guard in his career. Best case scenario he becomes solid o-line depth when Wood usurps him in camp.

Right Guard - Eric Wood
For my money this dude is only penciled here for another couple weeks. He was a first rounder and he has major up side.. as a CENTER. We do however all recall his gruesome leg injury last year and who knows if that is truly healed 100%. Although per numerous reports Wood is nearly back to full health miraculously and even participated in some mini camp/individual drills in the spring. That is all encouraging but until we see him in full contact drills and playing his true position skepticism is warranted.

Right Tackle - Cornell Green
Don't look now but the Bills are tentatively planning on playing another retread Oakland right tackle opening day (see: Langston Walker). So we pretty much know how this is going to go before the season even starts. 2009 was a god damn revolving door at RT and training camp will decide 100% who will be starting here against Miami week one. I am ready to hold my breath that Ed Wang will impress at camp and put up a challenge for Greeny. I am however unwilling to hold my breath that Kirk freakin Chambers will have any real chance at the position.

Grade C+

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jim Kelly likes Trent Edwards again

by Steve

Jimbo, you gotta pick a horse and stick with it. This guy flip flops more than the GOP. According to the Buffalo News, Jim Kelly is now back on the Trent Edwards as starting quarterback bandwagon:

"I hope it's Trent," Kelly said on Friday. "I know Trent, I've known him for a couple of years and I think everyone hopes that one guy will step up." "Everyone talked about the thing between me and Trent and the bottom line is he didn't have an offensive line last year with all the injuries, and he had a system that I totally thought stunk," Kelly said. "It's a new start, not many people get a third opportunity to show what they can or cannot do."

So first he loves Trent, then hates him, then wants Tebow, now is back on the Trent bandwagon? Maybe next time just pull a Rosenhaus and "next question" the reporter.

And where the hell was this before now?

"He's a good kid and he works hard," Kelly continued. "He's got the ability but I hope he gets in a system and has some healthy guys in front of him. It's unfair to judge someone to totally over the season when a guy has an offensive scheme that I was mind-boggled that they stayed with."

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cleveland fire department man your battle stations

by Steve

HOLY SHIT, HE IS PLAYING IN MIAMI, wow I hope the city of Cleveland has hired enough firefighters because that shit is about to burn.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carlos Beltran in Buffalo?

by Steve

A reporter asked Jerry Manual after the Mets 3-1 loss to the Reds Wednesday whether he could confirm or deny Carlos Beltran was heading to Buffalo. And of course Manual's response was just a laugh.

Beltran is raking in Single A Port St Lucie. 11 games 40 at bats and a .400 batting average with 5 RBIs and a .957 OPS. Why not move him to Buffalo for the next two games in B-lo and the final two games at Rochester before the MILB break? Better competition, higher ticket sales and he's a step closer to Citi Field...

Then again who ever knows with this friggen organization. They have screwed up nearly every injury of every player seemingly since Minaya was hired. Plus Manual did say it was an option Beltran could be on the bench for the crucial Braves series this weekend.

Also there is this : "Manager Jerry Manuel told Mike Francesa on WFAN-Radio in New York that when Beltran (knee) returns after the All-Star break he will play the first two games in San Francisco, then get the next day or two off, ‘like Spring Training.’" And that July 15th is the targeted return date.

Basically we'll have to wait til sometime before Thursday's 7pm first pitch to know whether Carlos will be in the line up or not. So hold off on copping duckets just yet

Oh and Oli Perez was optioned to Buffalo today also. No comment on him..

Monday, July 5, 2010

JaMarcus Russell arrested haha

This is beyond comedy, haha wow:

Daniela Werner of the Mobile (Ala.) Press-Register reports that Russell was arrested in his home during an undercover investigation that resulted in the discovery of codeine syrup, which often is mixed with soda and called "purple drank" or "lean" or "sizzurp."

Booked at 4:22 p.m. ET, Russell has posted bail in the amount of $2,500. He's due in court on July 20.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lynch: We're going to ball

Tim Graham:

"I'm here, and I'm going to be here," Lynch told me last week before the Bills wrapped up their mandatory minicamp and broke for the summer.

"I'm ready to play regardless of whether I'm unhappy or not."

Lynch didn't seem to have a problem with the backfield troika.

"I'm in the mix," Lynch said. "I'm cool."

While I interviewed Lynch, Spiller walked up from behind and grabbed him in a playful bear hug.

"That's my baby boy right there," Lynch said. "My little little. Junior!"

There clearly was no animosity emanating from Lynch.

"I see things getting better for us as a group," he said. "We all complement each other, I feel. You got a couple backs that just fly. You got some backs that'll just bruise. And then you got backs that can do it all.

"With all of them on the field, it's endless, the amount of production that you can see. But one thing about us all, we're all going to ball."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Buffalo Sabres sign D Jordan Leopold

by Steve

Woop woop, the Sabres do know it is the opening of free agency. Per TBN it was a three year $9 mil contract. Are we suppose to be impressed by this signing? The Sabres already lost two top four defenseman earlier in the day (Tallinder to NJ for 4 years and $13.5 mil and Lydman to ANA 3 years $9 mil)

So Lydman and Leopold get the exact same deal and presumably we could have either one so did we make the right decision? Leopold had more points last year but had a much worse +/-. Basically we aren't upgrading there and Weber is suppose to be at least as good as Tallinder if not better? Doesn't seem likely. Does this team have a god damn clue or any sort of a game plan?

Are we trying to get better and actually win a Stanley Cup? Ok fine building through free agency might not be the best move, then how about a trade ? Versteeg got traded, Byfuglin got traded, Ladd was moved none of them could have helped? The list goes on as the Sabres sit on the sidelines. Keep the core together, don't move anyone that might have more value now than tomorrow, hold your hand. FML.

I didn't even post about the free agency period beginning because I had 100% faith we would do nothing or nearly nothing. The Sabres lived up to my expectations which is saying they stood still in the sand and watched everyone else get better as per usual.

At what point do we all just stop being Buffalo sports fans?