Friday, April 28, 2023

Bills Draft LB Dorian Williams 3rd Round

by steve

Smallish group of LB.

Hitter but kinda small.

grade C

Bills 2nd round Pick: Guard O'cyrus Torrence

by steve

Thought for sure theyd go defense but the Bills stick w their plan (i guess) and go beef. 

They draft big Florida guard Ocyrus Torrence w # 59.

Hope hes not cody ford 2.0

Going offenee makes sense in a way. The offensive coordinator is a travesty snd they have a defensive head coach.

One thing McDerr can do is find defensive contributors off the trash heap. With no linebackers or defensive tackles on the roster McDerrrrr is gonna have to.


two 24 year olds already drafted, damn

C+ because he isnt a starter this yeat and unlikely next year w Bates contract and Dallas boy. He could be quite good tho

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Bills Draft Dalton Kincaid TE 1st Round

Bills traded up for a tight end Dalton Kincaid 

grade B-

Ken Dorsey better change up this offense 

2023 NFL Draft Predictions

by steve

Here is part one of the Bills draft preview, here is my QB rankings.

Now lets give some predictions for the 1st round of the 2023 NFL Draft:

All the draft mockers over draft the QBs, RBs and WRs like always.

Either Levis or Richardson falls out of the top 10.

Only 1 running back goes in the first round.

Only 3 receivers get drafted.

Dumb Beane trades up again.

The Raiders, Patriots and Lions do something dumb.

Schefter does something stupid on twitter. 

This draft is called the wildest of all time like every year.

Three tightends go round 1.

Rodger Goodell gets bood.

Will Anderson goes 2 to Houston.

The Bills draft defense.

Buffalo media is shocked they dont draft a receiver.

Coast returns to twitter.

Someone is really sad in the green room.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterback Rankings

by Steve

Here is the first part of my previews, Bills needs.

Now here is my final QB rankings for the 2023 NFL Draft:

1. cj stroud
ngl his awful C2 (never heard of the test til this year) is scaring me off.

2. hendon hooker
25 years old and coming off a torn ACL again is scary but I just dont think this draft is as strong as billed.

3. max duggan
More like moxey Duggan amirite

4. anthony richardson
Dude has the tools but no experience. 

5. malik cunningham
AAC is a mediocre conference. 

6. bryce young
Tiny little dude surrounded by all americans.

7. tanner mckee
Stanford pedigree baby.

8. will levis
Im not a believer. I dont buy it.

9. stetson bennett
Ill take a flyer.

10 dorian thompson Robinson 
Anthony Richardson lite

11. aidan oconnell
I like non OSU big ten QBs a little bit.

2023 NFL Draft Preview Part 1 Bills Needs

by Steve

The 2023 draft is 35 hours away. Time to get started previewing this shit.

The Bills disappointingly only have 6 picks. Did Beane ever hear of a comp pick? ffs.

1st: 27
2nd: 59
3rd: 91
4th: 130
5th: 137
6th: 205

With only six picks, trading up at any time is about the dumbest idea perhaps ever conceived. 

The Bills have holes all over this roster and are coming off back to back to back embarrassing playoff losses. Ugly.

The Bills biggest needs ranked:

1. Linebacker

Sure you cant draft another limited position value like LB in the first round like Beaney did with Edmunds 5 years ago but there still is no replacement for him on the roster. 

2. Defensive Tackle

After drafting DLine first in every draft since memory serves, its inconceivable that the Bills draft DLine 1st round again but who tf are the tackles on this roster?

3. Interior O line

I hope Mitch Morse wears a helmet if its windy out. A stiff wind might blow a branch off a tree and end his career. Dude collects concussion like I do death threats on twitter. The guards suck too.

4. Wide Receiver 

The only voice questioning Gabe Davis before last season was yours truly. Shocker, I was correct. Dude is meh and will likely get overpaid after the season. Need his replacement because Brown and Beasley might not be able to make future flights to Buffalo when they're stuck in line at the Social Security office.

5. Tight End

Sure Knox has an absurd contract and the combo of McDerr loving nobody half back/FB/TE combos and Dorsey not using TEs in his offense might make this position useless in Buffalo, who the hell is the second TE on the damn depth chart?

6. Safety
This position is lower than some might suspect but Hyde will likely resign again and the dude they poached from the Rams (Taylor Rapp) might be a good stop gap. Still Hyde and Poyer are older than the skidmarks in Wreck's undies.

7. Edge
Can't have enough pass rushers especially when you over paid a dude with .25 ACLs total in his legs.