Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl week brings back memories of 1990

The Buffalo News broke down Superbowl XXV pretty well Sunday but let's not forget, Coast broke down the game on this very blog two years ago, pretty interesting read. Although extremely pathetic and depressing, what would our reaction be if that shit happened today? "Uhhhh"

He also broke down the destruction that was XXVI against the Redskins here.

Ugh, so long ago it seems like it never happened and never could possibly happen again. That is all.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Senior Bowl Analysis

by Steve

Gotta love "super secret" ways to get the NFL Network. The Senior Bowl in which our very own beloved Chan Gailey coached the South isn't stacked with a lot of talent; but this game is still worth watching especially with such an important draft for the Buffalo Bills this season.

What I saw
  • Von Miller was all over the freakin field. The guy still seems like a tweener or a better version or Arthur Moats at best but he showed a lot today. His ESPN page says he is 6'3 while Moats is 6'0 but I don't buy it.
  • Ricky Stanzi > Jake Locker
  • My boy Colin Kaepernick out of Nevada is crazy athletic but the hype surroudning him this week seemed a bit unfounded. With his pistol formation exclusively in college, he'll have to sit for a while before he can play
  • Colin McCarthy was getting a lot of love and got the high motor label, he'll be the next Paul Posluszney
  • Chan Gailey was loving DT Phil Taylor out of Purdue. So do I. Mayock was saying he has weight issues and off the field issues. I love it more.
  • Christian Ponder might have been the best QB and had two nice TD passes. He was also the MVP although Von Miller got snubbed in that voting.
  • WR Leonard Hankerson had a good day and looked big, like tight end big.
  • Matt Millen was an analyst at half time. That was an utter embarrassment for the NFLN.
  • There were a ton of drops all over the field today. Not an impressive WR corps for either team.
  • Iowa DT Christian Ballard and Miami DE/DT Allen Bailey were pointed out as rising
  • RB Bilal Powell was stabbed while in high school
  • Greg McElroy did basically nothing
  • Andy Dalton didn't impress. He is too much of a runner and was overthrowing the ball.
  • Hilarious sideline interview by Stacey Dales interviewing WR Jeremey Kerley "i'm taller than you, what do you say to scouts about your lack of size" ha
  • They probably mentioned OT Anthony Costanzo a million times
  • Put DL Ryan Kerrigan on your radar
  • Chan Gailey and the South 24 Marvin Lewis and the North 10. I guess we are better than Cincinnati.

Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 NFL Mock draft 1/28/2011

by Andy S

2011 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

1. Carolina Panthers- Nick Farley, DT, Auburn: Farley publicly came out and said he does not want to play for a cold weather team. His wish will be granted. The Panthers need all the help they can get on both sides of the ball, but Farley is the obvious choice here.

2. Denver Broncos- Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson: The Broncos finished dead last in sacks last year. Bowers will remind Fox about his pick in the 2002 draft, Peppers. I’d assume they switch to a 4-3 also, so a speed rush on the outside is just what Bowers will bring.

3. Buffalo Bills-: Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama: The more I see of this guy, the more I like him. He didn’t have as great of a season as he did 2 years ago, but with the Bills playing a hybrid 4-3/3-4, Dareus will flourish on D.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green, WR, Georgia: Sticking with this pick. Apparently Ochocinco/Johnson wants to fight Coach Lewis in a cage match and Carson wants out or he will retire. It will be interesting to see what happens with Palmer, because if he leaves, they have to go QB here. Their backup is Carson baby brother.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M: He may go as high as 3 to the Bills, but if not, look for him landing here at 5. His stock is flying high right now and good practices at the Senior Bowl are only helping. The Cardinals need help on the outside and Miller is drawing comparisons to Clay Matthews. A guy any NFL team would love to have on the outside.

6. Cleveland Browns- Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina: Switching to a 4-3 leads to the Browns taking Quinn. WHO? Yes, he missed all of this year due to being an idiot at a Super Bowl party, but what he did the years leading to that did not go un-noticed. He is a franchise defensive end that can hold down the line for many years at the pro level.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri: Jim Harbough will want a new QB for his team. Gabbert has major accuracy issues, but with no valid starting QB on their roster, QB is the position and Gabbert is the guy.

8. Tennessee Titans- Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU: A dynamic threat on special teams and a shutdown corner, Peterson is a steal at 8. Projected as best overall player in the draft, the Titans will happily take this pick. Newton maybe an option, but with all the trouble they had with VY, I don’t see Fisher looking at that position.

9. Dallas Cowboys- Nate Solder, OT, Colorado: They need to keep Romo healthy because Kitna just can’t get the job done. New coach JG, will do whatever it takes to keep is QB off the billion dollar turf, so Solder is the pick.

10. Washington Redskins- Jake Locker, QB, Washington: With McNabb gone, Shanahan will need a new QB to run his offense. Locker didn’t have the best year, matter of fact he had an awful year, but has the tools and mechanics to be a long time starter in the NFL. The offensive minded Shanahan can’t pass up this guy.

11. Houston Texans- Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska: Probably need more help at outside LB, but Prince is a shutdown corner. Teams only threw to his side 33 times this year. That is an insane number and shows how much respect this guy demands.

12. Minnesota Vikings- Cam Newton, QB, Auburn: #4 is sadly gone and Jackson/Webb will not be able to get it done week to week. Newton has a rocket arm and ability to make plays out of the pocket. Has some mechanical problems, but nothing that cannot be fixed.

13. Detroit Lions- Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA: The Lions are another team with the need for help on the outside. Ayers possesses the skills of not only a strong pass rusher, but is versatile enough to drop back into coverage.

14. St. Louis Rams- Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: They almost made the playoffs this year, I’m as surprised as you are. Bradford has a decent year numbers wise, but needs better targets than Robinson and Gibson. Jones, who could go top 10, would be a nice pick for the Rams, and sure would make BOOOOOMER (Bradford) happy.

15. Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama: I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled the trigger on Mallet here, but they really need a RB. Probably a bit high for Ingram, but he is the best available in a weak RB class.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue: 12.5 sacks in the Big Ten is a stat that could have this guy up in the early teens. Kerrigan is a force on the outside and with Jacksonville being always hurt/weak on the outside, Kerrigan fits perfectly here.

17. New England Patriots- Aldon Smith, OLB/DE, Missouri: The Patriots front office balls when it comes to getting first round draft picks. Smith is just another player to add to their already young defensive front. Ty Warren is only getting older so Smith has the opportunity to get a lot of reps immediately.

18. San Diego Chargers- Cameron Jordan, DE, California: This guy is a beast and a five tool athlete that can play inside and outside on the front line. Could go a lot higher, as high as 9 to Dallas. Stock can rise with a good showing at the combine.

19. New York Giants- Anthony Costanzo, OT, Boston College: Giants need a tackle for the future and Costanzo can be that guy. Great size and strength, this guy will be a perfect fit after Diehl retires.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa: A lot of questions around his character, but the Bucs are in desperate need for help at DE. McCoy and Clayborn would complement each other perfectly and be a solid force for many years in Tampa.

21. Kansas City Chiefs- Justin Houston, DE, Georgia: Some experts say OT here, but the line did a pretty good job for Charles last year and with Tamba Hall being a FA, they need a DE.

22. Indianapolis Colts- Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State: As always, the Colts D was bad. Paea will help clog the middle and allow more time for Dwight and Mathis to get around the ends. OT is also a big need, but can be addressed in the later rounds.

23. Philadelphia Eagels- Brandon Harris, CB, Miami: Has the talent to start as a rookie and make a hard impact on the defense. The O Line is beat up so OT may be a choice here, but I just think Harris is too good to pass up at 23.

24. New Orleans Saints- Mikel Leshoure, RB, Illinois: The Saints are good when they are running the ball successfully and getting safety’s inside the box to prevent the run. That allows Brees to air it out down the field. Without that run threat, they are not a Super Bowl team. Leshoure would be a nice compliment to Bush.

25. Seattle Seahawks- Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois: This pick ultimately will be determined by Matt Hasselback. If he leaves, QB becomes their number 1 need. If he stays, which I think he will, Liuget gets his number called. Todd McShay recently said this guy is comparable to Farley, so if true, this is a steal for the Seahawks.

26. Baltimore Ravens- Titus Young, WR, Boise State: TJ can’t catch (watch the last play against the Steelers in the playoffs this year) and Mason is getting old. Young is the speedy deep threat that can play opposite Boldin. Reminds a lot of scouts like Mike Wallace.

27. Atlanta Falcons- Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland: They have a franchise QB and a great WR in White. Smith would be a nice compliment to him. Tony Gonzo is getting older by the day, so another target for Ryan is choice for the Falcs. They do need help at CB, so a corner wouldn’t be a big surprise here.

28. New England Patriots- Aaron Williams, CB, Texas: A good corner in college with nice ball skills, a pretty good pick after Prince, Peterson and Harris.

29. Chicago Bears- Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State: Cutler was sacked way too many times last year and still had a successful 2010. If he didn’t get hurt in the NFC Championship game, who knows what the outcome would have been. Sherrod is a very strong OT with good footwork. The right pick for the Bears.

30. New York Jets- Jonathon Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh: With Holmes and Edwards FA’s the Jets may need help at WR. Baldwin is a big target and has all the talent in the world. Just has to be coached on how to use it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 Bills Season in Review

Part II


The defensive unit gets an F, simple as that. This is without a doubt the worst defense I have ever seen from this franchise since I can remember watching Bills games. They were horrible against the run. They were horrible against the pass. They were horrible in taking away the football. They were just horrible. Let's break it down, position by position.

Secondary - D

What happened to this vaunted Bills secondary from 2009? This unit was an atrocity. Jairus "Ball Hawk?" Byrd had 1 interception in 2010 and it came in garbage time of week 17. He had 9 a year ago. The starting cornerbacks had 5 interceptions...3 for Florence and 2 for McKelvin. The injury prone McGee was MIA all year. It will be interesting to see if we bring him back. Donte Whitner was abysmal as usual. The Bills got shredded by tight ends week in and week out. On the year, the Bills allowed 10 passing touchdowns to tight ends. QBs on the season threw 28 touchdown passes against the Bills and only had 11 interceptions. Through 8 games, it was 17 TDs and 1 interception, so the Bills did improve in the 2nd half, I will give them that. Is this the entire fault of the secondary? Absolutely not, but it was very apparent in 2010 that the Bills success in taking the football away in 2009 was based on the system, not the talent on board in the secondary.

Defensive Line - D

How can you give a defensive line that contributed to allowing 170 yards per game on the ground a grade higher than average? Kyle Williams was the Bills lone pro bowl representative. Everyone would talk all season about how good Kyle Williams is. I haven't decided yet if he is actual good or just looks good compared to the players he is playing with. The defensive ends, Dwan Edwards, Marcus Stroud and Spencer Johnson, combined for 6 sacks. Stroud is done as a Bill as far as I am concerned. I am not giving up on Dwan, but if he was actually good, the Ravens would have kept him, they know a thing or two about defense. Spencer Johnson is a backup and nothing more. The Bills need to make it a priority to get a solid starting defensive lineman in the draft...preferably with the 3rd overall pick. No one on this line will ever draw a double team. This is part of the reason why our linebackers are so non existent, opponents have offensive lineman getting to the 2nd level to block our linebackers (not to mention the lack of talent the linebackers have...but we will get to that later).

Linebackers - F

Have you ever in your life seen a worse group of linebackers? Let's face reality here...Poz is a mediocrity. How often does this guy make impact plays? Name 3 "big" plays this guy made during 2010. To hear comments about us wanting to build our defense around him makes me sick. Despite how average he was, he was our best linebacker this season...which says a lot. For some reason, we actually gave Chris Kelsay a contract extension. Everyone knows my feelings about Chris Kelsay. He is a horrible football player, I mean the guy is just bad. He is a "pass rushing" outside linebacker? He had 3.5 sacks bringing his total career sack total to 26 in 8 seasons or 3.25 sacks per year. $5 million. Makes me sick. The Bills started the season with cast offs like Torbor and Andra Davis starting at the position. Due to injury, they were then forced to use Akin Ayodele as a starting inside linebacker. The guy was unemployed in September. Arthur Moats showed some promise...or did he just get a lucky hit on Brett Favre?
Antonio Coleman also filled in. Moats was drafted in round 6, Coleman wasn't drafted at all. These guys are far from the future of the position for this team. Do the Bills have a single starting caliber linebacker on their roster? Probably not, but I would still like Poz to get resigned...he is at least serviceable. Besides him, please give me 3 new starters. The Bills did ink Shawne Merriman. Call me pessimistic, but I still don't see this guy playing a down for the Bills...let alone playing a down in his 2006 form. The Bills need to address this need in the first round if they don't go DT or in the 2nd round at the latest. I would go DT and LB the first 3 rounds in the upcoming draft.

As a whole, I give the defense a solid F. They allowed 170 yards per game on the ground, worst in the entire league by far. The Bills ranked 5th worst in points per game allowed at 26.6. They took the ball away only 22 times...tied for 6th worst in the league. Their turnover differential was -17...worst in the league. The Bills had 11 interceptions, better than only 3 times in the NFL. No matter how you look at this defense, they were atrocious. Somehow George Edwards is still employed...don't ask me how but he is. The defense I guess improved the 2nd half of the season, but when you have the worst defense in league history through 8 games, it can't get worse. The stache Dave Wannstedt joins the Bills' staff. I wouldn't be surprised if he supplants George Edwards sooner than later.

The Buffalo Sabres at the All-Star break

by Steve

Holy moley that Buffalo Sabres victory tonight against the Ottawa Senators was more boring than the State of the Union Address with all the standing ovations, jeez. The Sabres had 8 shots in the final 40 minutes of regulation and there were only 7, yes seven, total shots in the third period. Neither team deserved to win, further proof, Shaone Morrisonn scored the winner. Based on the new rules someone had to win better be the Sabres.

The completion of this game now leaves the Sabres with nine days off until their next game. This is the only time it is a good thing the Sabres have zero all-stars, they get a ton of time off (save for overrated Tyler Ennis who plays in the 'young guns game'). This team needs the time off. Look at the players that played for them the last few days with significant ice time and near zero results: Matt Ellis, Paul Gaustad, Mike Griere, Rob Niedermayer, Jochen Hecht, Cody McCormick and Nathan Gerbe.

Those guys are all scrubs. McCormick has played a little better and Gerbe actually got lucky and scored a small handful recently but those guys are all bums. This doesn't even take into consideration the perennially hurt Tim Connolly and Pat Kaleta ( who I actually don't mind). Oh but we have Paul Byron! Great another tiny forward, a duplicate of Ennis. What is our obsession with these little dudes? Is it because they are so quick in juniors they move up the food chain too fast but then realize there are only so many Martin St Louis? Whatever it is, we have too many of them.

The Sabres have played 49 games and have 51 points (putting them at 85 points for a full 82 game season). They are in tenth place, four behind Atlanta with two games in hand. Teams in the six/seven/eight spots are all relatively jammed together with no team striking fear in my heart. The Rangers have the ability to pick up a key piece or two down the stretch to stay in the hunt, Montreal will do what it has to but isn't scary and Atlanta could easily fall flat quick.

The only reason the Sabres are getting any space on this blog is because they have been hotter than shit (in relative terms) the past thirteen games. 9-3-1 and some how two of those L's were against the Islanders is a great stretch for this team. Getting 19/26 points is hot for the Sabres. Unless this team stays remarkably healthy the rest of the way or Miller turns into the anomaly that was 2009/10 the Sabres need to bust a few moves.

There are a few problems. Darcy Regier loves his players, the pending ownership sale puts a cloud over everything and this team has almost never mortgaged its' future or made a big splash. If I was the GM or whoever is now calling the shots at 1 SKP this is what I would do:
  • Trade Tim Connolly, that remaining $1.8 mil (and decreasing by $54,878 per game) is not awful enough that some desperate team won't take him
  • Find a middle of the road or higher center to replace him
  • Do not trade your first round pick trade someone like Byron or Ennis if the return is significant.
  • Decrease Griere and Hecht's ice time.
  • Trade Rob Niedermayer
  • Trade Chris Butler if you refuse to play him over someone like Morrisonn
  • Give Mark Mancari an actual chance in the NHL over players like Ellis and even Gaustad.
  • Cut/buyout/trade Craig Rivet. It is a complete and utter joke that his bum is still the captain. The mother ****er hasn't played significant minutes in months. Give the C to Vanek.
  • Decrease ice time for Myers and increase time for Mike Weber.
If all else fails pray Terry Pegula rips this team from Golisano fires Ruff and Regier and buys out Quinn. The day Darc/Quinny aren't running (sic) ruining this team will be the greatest day of my life.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

NFL 2011 conference championship picks

Staff selections for this Sunday's conference title games. Yes Steve was a Jerry Sullivan esque 0-4 last week. If you're so mad about it just take the opposite of what he picks.


Green Bay Packers @ +3.5 Chicago Bears
Why quit hating on Aaron Rodgers now just because he got lucky playing an Atlanta team that took an extra weekend off on accident and their coach sucks. This game won't be in doors against an ill prepared team either. Lovie Smith has won an NFC title lest we forget. Jay Cutler scares me big time but their defense is better than any the Pack have faced and their running game is far superior. I'll take the points at home.

New York Jets @ -3.5 Pittsburgh Steelers
Ugh two of my top three most hated franchises. Is there an option to not watch and home the game ends some how in a tie? I don't love either coach but both continue to win. Ol Sanchize's record on the road in the playoffs is a stunning 4-1. It is unexplainable how this team wins. Other than they are in love with their foot fetish fat head coach. Ahhh, damn they love him. Oh well, Rapelisraper just wins baby and this Shitsburgh defense is far superior to that of the Colts and Patriots. Sanchize may not make it out alive. Look for the Steelers to win this game in the second half ala the 2010 Colts.
Under 43 GB @ CHI
Under 38.5 NYJ @ PIT

Ya digggggggggggg bounce back weekend!


Green Bay Packers @ +3.5 Chicago Bears

New York Jets @ -3.5 Pittsburgh Steelers
over 38.5 NYJ @ PIT
over 43.5 GB @ CHI

Matty J
Pittsburgh 17 New York 13
Green Bay 34 Chicago 10


Green Bay Packers -3.5 @ Chicago Bears

How can I not ride with my boy Aaron for another week? He continues to show that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. His performance last week on the road against the Falcons was ridiculous. Helping out Rodgers has been the emergence of a running game. Starks did not light it up last week like he did against the Eagles, but he still had 25 carries and if he gets another 25 carries this Sunday that will mean good things for the Packers. As good as Green Bay's offense has been, the Packer defense and Jay Cutler's ability to not turn the ball over probably will determine whether or not the Packers can cover. Clay Matthews will be in Cutler's face all day and Truman Williams is intercepting everything that comes his way. I can't foresee this game being competitive. I LOVE Green Bay in this game...27-6.

New York Jets +4 at Pittsburgh

I know the rest of the picks have the Steelers giving 3.5, but as I make this selection the line is 4. My heart wants to take the Steelers because I hate Rex Ryan, I hate Mark Sanchez, and I really won't be able to stand listening to two weeks of the idiot New York Jets leading up to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, I think the Jets are playing with way too much confidence right now to lose by more than a field goal and as much as it pains me to say it, this team is built for the playoffs and Rex Ryan knows how to win playoff football games. They won two games last year when no one gave them a chance and they have done the same this year. They are built to play defense and run the football and if Sanchize can avoid interceptions, they could win. The difference between the Steelers and Patriots is that the Steelers can play defense better than anyone in the league. They led the NFL in rush defense and will have Troy Polamalu back for this game (he did not play when the Jets beat the Steelers in the regular season). Big Ben trying to get to his 3rd Super Bowl in 7 years in the league and he's going to get it done...Steelers 17 Jets 16.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dave Wannstedt hired by Buffalo Bills

by Steve

Per a foxsports source :

Wannstedt has agreed to become the assistant head coach and linebackers coach for the Buffalo Bills, a source told

Wannstedt recently resigned under pressure at the University of Pittsburgh following a 7-5 season. Wannstedt had a 42-31 overall record in six years coaching his alma mater.

A few things, why is George Edwards still employed by the Buffalo Bills? What does this mean for the 3-4 since Stachestedt is a 4-3 guy? It is interesting that Dave would choose to come to Buffalo over other teams that he was being courted by, SD, Car, CLE, to name a few.

Is it a reach to fear that this guy could latch onto the organization and some how be Chan's replacement in a couple years? Hey I have to look on the negative side of everything don't I? Over all this signing seems to be a good one. The team engineered a hybrid 3-4 4-3 last year any way so this probably won't effect things too much. Plus the linebackers can't get any worse right? What does the stache think of Poz?

Monday, January 17, 2011

2010 Bills Season in Review

Part I: Offense


Now that we are 2 weeks removed from the 2010 season, it is time to look back at the season that was and hand out some grades for each position. We will begin with the offense, the better of the two units.

QB - C

The fact that Trend Edwards actually started two football games for this team really hurt them in this area. Does everyone remember how embarrassingly pathetic this offense was with him under center for the better part of three NFL seasons? In 2 starts this season Trend Edwards was 29-52 241 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs. Thank God we cut him after week 2. Fitzpatrick came in and did alright. He seems like an adequate starting quarterback in the league.

In 13 games, Fitzpatrick threw for 3,000 yards, 23 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. This is the most productive season I can remember from a Bills QB. Had he started weeks 1 and 2, we could be talking about 26 or 27 TDs and 3,500 yards. Fitz earned the right to be this team's starter in 2011 regardless of who the Bills may draft in April. Brian Brohm proved in week 17 that he is horrible and that there was good reason for Green Bay getting rid of him. The guy is awful and there is no way this team can go into 2011 with Brohm as the backup. Overall, if Fitz would have started all 16 games I would have considered a B-, but since Edwards and Brohm played almost 20 percent of the games, that has to effect the grade.

RB - C

This is very generous. The Bills began 2010 by drafting a running back in the top 10 in CJ Spiller. Gailey was enamored with Spiller's performance in August so he named him the opening day starter. Spiller then fell on his face. CJ Spiller produced 2 touchdowns in 2010, both in the same game. Spiller produced 283 on the ground and 157 yards receiving on only 24 catches. Drafting Spiller was a HUGE mistake by this franchise.

The Bills also had Fred "the career mediocrity that everyone loves" Jackson and Marshawn Lynch on the roster. Lynch got the majority of the work in the first 4 games after the Spiller experiment failed. As it turns out, the Bills were just trying to show him off for a possible trade, which they pulled off after the Jets debacle in week 4. The Bills then focused the run game on Jackson. Fred ran for 927 yards and 5 TDs and averaged 4.2 yards per carry. These aren't bad numbers for Fred. He is serviceable, but he isn't Barry Sanders like many people in Buffalo think. Also, the fact that he went to Coe College and is playing in the NFL doesn't make him good. I don't want overachievers, I want dudes drafted 9th overall from the ACC to be studs...not kick returners.

WR - B+

As the position sits right now, I think it could be an above average to good unit in 2011. The emergence of Steve Johnson is a major reason why. Johnson will go into 2011 as the number 1 receiver on this football team. He led the team with 82 receptions, 1,073 yards and 10 touchdowns. He ranked 11th, 11th and 7th in the NFL in these categories respectively. Unfortunately for Johnson, he should have had 11 touchdowns about 1,110 yards and that is what he will be remembered for in 2011.

That colossal drop by Johnson against the Steelers was without a doubt unforgettable. That said, Johnson had a great year for it being his 3rd year and only his 1st as a starter in the NFL. Lee Evans was the number 1 receiver in 2010 and if the Bills could actually move him, it should be considered. The only problem is, I am not sure anyone would give up anything worth anything given his production and salary. Johnson's 82 catches are more than Evans has had in any season in his career except one (Evans had 82 catches in 2006). Johnson's 10 TDs are more than Evans has had in a single season in his career.

Furthermore Johnson's 1,073 yards is more than Evans had in any season except 2006. Lee had 37 for 578 and 4 TDs in 12 games this year. This is solid production for a number 2 receiver. Roscoe Parrish also had a good year until he got injured. In only 8 games, Parrish had 33 catches for 400 yards and 2 touchdowns. Johnson, Evans and Parrish form a very formidable 1-3. Also emerging in 2010 were David Nelson who added 353 yards and 3 more touchdowns. The Bills also have some solid depth with experience in Donald Jones and Naaman Roosevelt who each played well when Parrish and Evans went down with injuries. Also lets not forget about unknown Marcus Easley who showed some promise in preseason before his knee injury.

TE - F

I am not going to waste much time here. The Bills do not have a tight end. It is incredibly hard to believe that this team has not been able to find a tight end in 10 plus years. The 3rd and 4th round draft pick experiments are not working...Nelson who is a bust, Everett, Euhus, Cieslak among others. How do you fail this miserably at the same position year in and year out? Jonathan Stupar was the Bills leading receiver at tight end in 2010. He had 12 catches for 111 yards. David Martin, who wasn't on the team opening day, finished 2nd with 7 catches and 43 yards. The suspended drug abuser Shawn Nelson had 3 catches for 25 yards and one of which he fumbled away costing the Bills the game in Baltimore. Scott Chandler added 1 catch for 8 yards. Who is Scott Chandler? In total, the Bills tight ends had 23 catches for 187 yards. The Bills allowed at least 267 yards to tight ends during September alone. I say at least because I only looked at Fasano, Finley, Hernandez and Gronks. The Bills MUST find SOMEONE in the offseason.

Offensive Line - D+

This may be a bit harsh, but come on, this line is not even close to being good. Anyone who watched the Vikings game agrees. Jared Allen, a top level D-end, vs. Demetrius Bell, the starting left tackle of the Bills, was as big of a mismatch as Belichick vs. Jauron. The line is solid on the interior although Wood needs to play center in 2011 with Hangartner moved to guard along with Levitre. I am not sure what to think about the tackle position. Bell obviously isn't ready for the bright lights and who is our right tackle? I didn't even know who was playing O-line by week 16. Mansfield Wrotto and Cordero Howard hopefully aren't the future of the right tackle position. Can Ed Wang be an NFL tackle? Who knows? There are way too many questions. The good news for the line is that Fitz was only sacked 24 times...but I think this is more on Fitz than it is on the line.

Overall, the offense was exciting to watch at times during 2010, but still has a lot of holes to fill. If the Bills can find a tight end and some help on the line, it could be a top 16 offensive next year. Until then though, the offense is still average...therefore I will give them a C for the 2010 season as a unit.

2011 NFL Mock draft 1/17/2011

by Andy S

2011 NFL Mock Draft 2.0
Here is a mock draft of the top ten picks for this year’s NFL Draft.

1. Carolina Panthers- Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson: With Luck out of the picture for now and new Coach Ron Rivera being defensive minded, Bowers seems like a solid pick. He has great size and speed on the outside and will bring a Julius Peppers like performance to Carolina.

2. Denver Broncos- Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU: John Fox is running the show and will probably be content with Orton or Tebow this year. The D needs help and picking Peterson will not only help the secondary, it will also help the return game of the Broncos.

3. Buffalo Bills- Nick Farley, DT, Auburn: If you watched the National Title game, this pick is obvious. Could be the #1 pick easily. The Bills need help everywhere, but nowhere near as much as in the middle of the defense. This guy blows up backfields and demands 2/3 blockers every down. Will help make the rest of our defense look better than mediocre.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green, WR, Georgia: Sticking with this pick. Their receiving core is old and breaking down. They need new blood in there to help ease out Carson Palmer.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Marcel Dareus, DE, Alabama: They took too many QB’s last year to go and take another, especially in the Top 5. Dareus will be able to play DE and or DL for the Cards.

6. Cleveland Browns- Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina: Terrible pass rush last year leads to me to this pick. They took Harden last year, so I just can’t see them taking another CB with their first pick.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri: Jim Harbough will want a new QB for his team. Gabbert is the best QB available and has the size and intelligence to run the show in San Fran. Andrew Luck version 2.0.

8. Tennessee Titans- Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: Vince is gone, so QB may be an option, but Collins has showed he still has some gas left in the tank. If that’s the case, look for the Titans to take a WR to help take some stress of Johnson and Collins.

9. Dallas Cowboys- Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska: One of the worst pass defense in the league, Prince has the opportunity to be their number 1 lock down CB.

10. Washington Redskins- Jake Locker, QB, Washington: With McNabb gone, Shanahan will need a new QB to run his offense. Locker didn’t have the best year, matter of fact he had an awful year, but has the tools and mechanics to be a long time starter in the NFL. The offensive minded Shanahan can’t pass up this guy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

NFL 2011 divisional round locks

Staff selections for the second best weekend in the football season, the Divisional round. Mind you these selections are for gambling purposes and should not be used solely for amusement.

(his picks are in order of "lockness")

New York Jets +9 @ New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5
Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons -2
Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears -10


New York Jets @ New England Patriots -9
The Patriots are the obvious choice here. When it is obvious it is almost never right but Rex Ryan is not a good football coach. He is a great motivator and can inspire players but that only goes so far. He knows defense but lost by what 42 in Foxoboro a month ago?

Baltimore Ravens +3.5@ Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben Rapelisraper isn't 100%. The time off may have helped but this team just doesn't seem to have it. Maybe it is good receivers, maybe it is the fact that the Bills should have beat them (then again they should have beaten the Ravens too) I don't know. Flacco scares the shit out of me but his WRs are studs. Don't sleep on Ray Rice either.

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons -2
Ha Aaron Rodgers. He did all he could to lose that game last week fumbling the ball away and taking the second half off. Too bad Vick and Da'sean weren't healthy, that game wouldn't have been close. Roid Matthews is a straight stud but is well nevermind he's just a stud. My boy Starks was more of an aberration last week then anything else although he is still better than Spiller. Matty Ice and co aren't one and done book it better yet bet it.

Seattle Seahawks +10 @ Chicago Bears
I only went 2-2 last week because I hate the Jets and was blind with my hatred of Rodgers. I didn't see the hobbled Eagles staring me in the face. They were a good team that peaked 3 weeks ago. But I was alllll over Seattle, it was EASY money I was one of the only people loving them from the get go. The Bears are some how overrated and underrated but this line at 10 is wayyy too high. Hasselback played like it was 2005 bro, he's back baby. Steal these points and the money, 'hawks! Lynch! cover!


Ok-enough of these amateur hour picks you have read until this point. I went 3-1 last week and only lost one because I underestimated how lost Jim Caldwell and really the entire Colts team is besides Manning. Here's the picks:

Pittsburgh -3 vs. Baltimore: This line could likely move to 3.5 by kickoff with the Steelers at -120, but I like the Steelers regardless. Big Ben vs. Joe Flacco in January? The Steelers are well rested after a week off and will beat up the Ravens, whose defense is old and not even close to as good as it once was. We all saw that week 6 performance by Fitzpatrick. Ray Rice is the Ravens only hope...only problem for Baltimore is the Steeler D allowed 62.8 yards per game on the ground. The Steelers will pull away in the 4th quarter...prediction: Pittsburgh 27 Baltimore 13.

Green Bay Packers +1.5 @ Hotlanta: I have no idea why this line is only 1.5. The Falcons were 13-3, the best team in the NFC all season and yet are only 1.5 point favorites at home against the Packers. That said, I LOVE GREEN BAY. Every year it seems a wildcard team is making a run to the Super Bowl and this year it is going to be Green Bay. Matty Ice is a bum while Aaron Rodgers is the best QB left in the playoffs including Brady. Pack by 22...34-12.

Seattle Seahawks +10 @ Chicago: Gotta ride Lynch all the way to Dallas. Marshawn and the Seahawks can be one of the greatest stories in NFL history. It helps that they are playing Chicago and Jay Cutler who has never won a playoff game, throws more interceptions than touchdowns, gets sacked more than any QB in the league and fumbles more than any QB in the league. Pressure Cutler and he could cough up the football more than once. Seattle hosting the NFC championship game? 'Hawks 24 bears 23.

New England Patriots -9 vs. Jets: Somehow, I see myself rooting for New England in this game. I hate both of these teams but this Jets team and their arrogance is too much for me to handle. How do you talk trash when the last time you played a team you got curb stomped 45-3. Patriots in a blowout...38-10.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Buffalo Bills 2010 season in review podcast

Steve and Coast review the season and preview the offseason

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buffalo Sabres midseason review

On the outside lookin in

by CT

The Buffalo Sabres are 42 games into the 2010-11 season and they currently sit in 10th place. Even after their current streak of 9 points in 10 games they still sit 10 points back of the coveted last playoff spot in the East. Does this really surprise you?

Let’s look at some of the rosters of some of the other teams in the East.

Washington- Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, Green, Carlson, Knuble

Pittsburgh- Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Staal, rookie overachiever- Letestu

Philadelphia- Briere, Richards, Carter, Pronger, Giroux

I won’t waste anymore of your time name dropping but lets look at some of the “household” names on the Sabres roster: Connolly, Vanek, Stafford, Roy (OUT), Grier, Hecht, Niedermayer, Kaleta, McCormick, Gaustaud, Sekera, Gerbe.

We are supposed to succeed with this team? I have been the biggest Sabres optimist for as long as I can remember. When people trash talk, I still defend the team. However, without a couple proven players, these guys cannot excel. In this previous column, I wrote how the only people that are worth their contracts are Grier and Stafford. That statement remains true.

SUCK-era has honestly made me like him less. Last night’s giveaway to Richards wasn’t all his fault but he single-handily lost the game in Colorado. There are 18 other guys dressed every night and it is a team game but this guy is just awful. Connolly is all but gone, no need to beat that dead horse.

Rob Niedermayer has done nothing. The expectations for him were low as far as points go although if the Sabres make the playoffs that might change. However 0 goals and 8 points shouldn’t make a minor league roster. He doesn’t even have any other significant role on the team. He is not a big hitter. His forecheck is nonexistent. Maybe it is a good thing I don’t notice him on defense but he is just another hole in an already below-average team. This team needs overachiever’s not underachievers.

Vanek is on pace for 28 goals. That is good production….for a second liner. That is when Vanek was at his best, on the 3rd line. If the Sabres could get 1 or 2 guys that can actually produce to play the first line everything else would fall into place. Vanek and Stafford could move to the second line, Ennis could be moved to play the 3rd or 4th line and skate circles around them.

The Sabres are a topic that can be discussed non-stop. Hopefully, Terrence P owns the team sooner rather than later. Until that happens and a serious overhaul of the roster occurs, the Sabres will be on the outside looking in. The question is, for how long?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Auburn 22 Oregon 19 F

by Steve

The over/under was really 72 points? zero points in the first quarter? Fourteen total in the second half? This was a boring game. Neither team played particularly well, the two 'stars' Cam Newton and LaMichael James were either hurt or not up for the spot light. The obvious MVP was DT Nick Fairley. He was the most dominant player on the field, disrupted just about every play and took away the middle of the line from the Oregon offense.

Quick hits

  • If anything Cam Newton showed he needs another year in college football, too bad his sketch-mo past won't let him play another year. He will flop in the pros.
  • Nick Fairley shooting up to #1 on everyone's board
  • Chip Kelly had no answer for a surprisingly good Auburn defense especially in the second half.
  • Darron Thomas never takes snaps from center and it pisses me off. He showed his inexperience and seemed nervous or jumpy the whole game.
  • I criticized Gene Chizik for a conservative game plan but it limited Oregon's touches and they had the ball last and won, guess I was wrong.
  • Who thought frosh Michael Dyer would out perform LaMichael James and out run him by 94 yards?
  • Neither team passed the ball very effectively despite Thomas throwing for 363.
  • Casey Matthews in the second round please Mr. Nix.
  • Unsung hero was Auburn's punter. Dude was landing balls inside the 20 all night and had extremely effective hang time. Don't sleep on field position.
Oregon will be back in the BCS Championship before Auburn you can at least take solace in that Eugeneites (sic).

Friday, January 7, 2011

NFL Wild Card Weekend locks

Staff selections for the best weekend in the football season, Wild Card Weekend. Mind you these selections are solely for gambling purposes and should not be used solely for amusement.


Seattle +10.5 vs. the Aints: The Aints lost games this season to Arizona and Cleveland. I know, they went 12-4 and are the defending champs, but I am just not sold on them this season. They have no running game without Pierre Thomas. They will have to go with the thunder and lightning combination of Julius Jones and Reggie Bush. Yikes! Seattle is a tough place to play. 5 of the Seahawk's 7 wins came in the great northwest. Did I mention that they also have Marshawn Lynch, the best running back in this league since Sanders? The Saints beat the Seahawks 34-19 earlier this season in New Orleans and the Hawks will look to avenge this loss. Not only do I think they will cover, but I think they have an outside chance at winning.

Green Bay +2.5 @ Philadelphia: Aaron Rodgers, time to emerge as a top 5 QB in the league. The Packers have a great defense...15 points per game allowed, 2nd in the NFL. Has Vick been figured out? The Giants and Vikings may have exposed him, except for 1 quarter of play. I expect more of the same Sunday, not because Vick isn't a great player, but because the Packers just have a better team. The Pack will win outright at the Link.

Kansas City +3 vs. Baltimore: This is another interesting game. The Bills played both of these teams, should have won both games, yet here we are watching them play each other in the playoffs. The Chiefs can run the football. Jamal Charles is a beast. Arrowhead is a tough place to play. I like the Ravens to win the game in a nail biter, by 3 at most, maybe on a last second field goal.

Jets +3 vs. Colts: I hate the Jets, but it seems like they are built for this time of year. They will run the football and pressure Manning. As long as they can keep the ball and control out of the game out of Mark Sanchez' hands, this game will come down to the wire.

Hawks, Packers, Chefs and Jets....take these and go make some money.

T Wreck (in order of lock"ness")

Seattle +10.5 v New Orleans
Philadelphia -2.5 v Green Bay Packers
Kansas City +3 v Baltimore
New York +3 v Indianapolis


Seattle +10.5 v New Orleans
Getting that much at home in the playoffs in a tough environment with N.O. playing outside, a place they rarely are? MONEY

Philadelphia -2.5 v Green Bay
Haha, AAron Rodgers in a big game? pssht please

Baltimore -3 @ Kansas City
Cassel is a fraud even with the minuscule number of picks (7)

Indianapolis -3 v New York
Rex is a dogs name has burned up all his FAT karma. Luckily for Sanchize the game is indoors and Indy has looked gasp average this season but it is still Manning for now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Epic Canadian collapse at World Juniors

by Steve

Yes, the IIHF U20 World Juniors championship was tonight in Buffalo. I am sure zero people that read this blog went but, it was such an epic collapse and utter failure for team Canada I can not help but celebrate and gloat.

Up 3-0 in the third period destined to win their first gold in uh a year, Canada coughed up the lead and allowed 5 unanswered goals to team Russia to lose in the most embarrassing pathetic fashion imaginable. Not being at the arena tonight I have to assume it was 98+% Canadian fans in attendance. I wish I was there just to shove it in their faces.

Hope all you a-hole Canadians spent all your money here, will come back to spend more money and come back to choke away more hockey games. The best part is this means soooo much to those hosers.

Now excuse me while i bust out my Russia t shirt and celebrate

bump this loud!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 NFL Mock draft 1/4/2011

by Andy

2011 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

1. Carolina Panthers- Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford: There are a lot of things that go into this pick. Who is the head coach next year of Stanford/Carolina next year? Will Luck leave if Harbaugh leaves? Luck is the obvious choice for any team. He is a do it all QB with a laser arm and fast legs. I just think it is too tough to stay at school when you are looking at 60 million dollars guaranteed.

2. Denver Broncos- Patrick Patterson, CB, LSU: New head coach may want his own QB, but they gave up a lot of TRT #15. With Champ Bailey’s run in Denver possibly over, they need help at CB. Patterson is arguably the best player in the draft and can also help the Bronco’s on special teams.

3. Buffalo Bills- Cam Newton, QB, Auburn: Kills me to say this but Nix loves the SEC and Gailey will love his ability to move out of the pocket. Fitz had a good enough year to hold the starting position if Luck is gone, but for some reason I just have a feeling the front office will love Newton.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green, WR, Georgia: With Batman and Robin (Ochocinco and TO) not working out the way management wanted, and FA, the Bengals need a legit threat at WR. AJ Green has the perfect complement of speed and size. Green should help make Carson Palmer look better than he actually is.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson: They took 2 QB’s last year in the draft and I would guess they might try and go after McNabb. Bowers in the best DE in the draft and can be instantly put into the starting lineup.

6. Cleveland Browns- Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: They went CB last year and with Colt McCoy taking over as full time starter, they will need someone to get the ball to deep down the field. Attention to Hillis, will open up the middle and allow Jones to make plays over the middle.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri: New Coach, New QB. The Alex Smith project is over and Troy Smith just isn’t good enough to build a team around. Gabbert has come out of nowhere fast, and has the size (6’4, 230) to be a NFL QB.

8. Tennessee Titans- Nick Farley, DT, Auburn: Who knows what is going on down there with Jeff Fisher, Owner, and VY. Could be in line for a QB. But if status quo stands, they need to help on the DL. Farley has some character concerns, but is the top DL in the class.

9. Dallas Cowboys- Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska: One of the worst pass defense in the league, Prince has the opportunity to be their number 1 lock down CB.

10. Washington Redskins- Jake Locker, QB, Washington: With McNabb gone, Shanahan will need a new QB to run his offense. Locker didn’t have the best year, matter of fact he had an awful year, but has the tools and mechanics to be a long time starter in the NFL. The offensive minded Shanahan can’t pass up this guy.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Buffalo Bills resign Shawne Merriman 2 year deal

"We know the situation, we researched it, we did all our homework with Shawne," Nix said. "Everything you do is a little bit of a gamble. There's reward and upside to it and I think both sides are happy with the way the contract is structured."

A source said Merriman is guaranteed $2.5 million for the 2011 season and will make an average $5.25 million during the two years.

Whatever, he's better than Andra Davis or Reggie Torbor

Week 17-Draft Implications


The Bills have a 100% completely meaningless football game tomorrow. The Jets are playing for nothing which makes beating the Jets pointless. If the Jets needed this game, I would want the Bills to play spoiler but since the Jets have clinched already, the Bills should forfeit if they could.

The Bills currently are in a battle for the 2nd pick in the draft. Having the 2nd pick could be huge because the Bills will get Luck if he is passed on by the Panthers, the Bills could get the best defensive player in the draft and having the 2nd pick could make trading for Luck easier.

The Bills are 4-11, tied with the Bengals and Broncos. The team with the weakest strength of schedule picks first. Currently, the Bills have the best strength of schedule out of those three teams and therefore, should they be tied, the Bills would pick last. The Bengals play the Ravens in Baltimore. Baltimore is still in the hunt for a first round bye and therefore will be going all out for this one. It is likely they will win. Denver plays the Chargers at home in a meaningless AFC west battle. San Diego is playing for nothing while Denver is being led by an interim head coach and a QB looking to prove they belong in the league. Denver could definitely win this game and probably will. Predictions, assuming the Bills lose to the Jets.
  • Bills 4-12, loss to Jets
  • Bengals 4-12, loss to Ravens
  • Broncos 5-11, victory over San Diego
If this scenario plays out, the Bills will pick third. What if Buffalo wins? Well, in that case, we must consider all the five win teams: Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, Arizona, Cleveland and Houston. Here are their week 17 match ups and predictions.
  • Dallas is playing at Philadelphia who is playing for nothing and will be without Vick. Kitna is playing for a job in the league as a backup and Garrett is trying to prove to Jerry Jones he belongs. Dallas needs this win and will probably get it on the road pushing them to 6-10.
  • The Vikings play at Detroit and are in a similar situation as the Cowboys. Leslie Frasier is looking to prove he can be the Vikings head coach after their big win at Philadelphia Tuesday. The incentive to win and the fact that the Vikings just have more talent than Detroit will put them over the top. Detroit will finish at 5-11.
  • The 49ers and Cardinals play each other. San Francisco fired their coach and are a complete mess. I don't even know who plays QB for the Cardinals. One of these teams will win, it doesn't matter who, so I will go with 'Zona. Arizona finished 6-10 leaving the 49ers at 5-11.
  • The Browns are playing the Steelers at home with a chance to play spoiler. The Steelers need a win to clinch the division and a first round bye. The Browns have beaten some good teams this year, but they won't get it done Sunday and will finish at 5-11.
  • The final 5-10 team is Houston, perhaps the biggest disappointment of the 2010 season. Gary Kubiak is probably going to lose his job regardless of the outcome Sunday against Jacksonville. They are facing Trend Edwards so I will take the Texans and they will finish 6-10.
Based on the above predictions, the teams finishing 5-11 if the Bills win will be:
  • Buffalo
  • San Francisco
  • Cleveland
  • Detroit
  • Denver
If my predictions play out, which they always do, and the Bills win, which they always do when it screws them over the most, they will pick 7th. With a loss, they most likely will pick 3rd. That is a huge difference. The Bills need to lose the football game tomorrow, simple as that.