Sunday, January 31, 2010

Michael Vick to Buffalo for a 6th round pick?

Per Rotoworld through ESPN:

Sources tell ESPN's Len Pasquarelli that the Bills will indeed consider Michael Vick for their starting quarterback job.
This confirms beat writer Allen Wilson's speculation earlier this week. New coach Chan Gailey likes mobile quarterbacks, and the Bills can't enter 2010 with Trent Edwards as their starter. The Bills would likely only have to give up a conditional sixth- or seventh-round pick to land Vick.

If he only would cost a 6th or 7th round pick how is this not already done?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Buffalo Bills quarterback of the future

by Steve

I have been chirping about a list of quarterbacks that I would rather trade for or sign or steal from another team rather than actually waste a first round pick on one for a while. The list is well over due and so here it is. The players listed on this list may or may not be available, they may or may not be good in the National Football League. Either way I would rather have any of these dudes start for the Buffalo Bills in 2010 than Clausen, Bradford, Colt McCoy or Tebow (assuming they would cost a first round pick) Fuck 'em the Bills have greater needs, and building a defense is more important than any of those players @ #9.

Michael Vick
He has question marks big time, but he is available and has been a winner in the National Football League. A second would be a lot to give up.

Donovan McNabb
More preferable than Vick but would probably cost at least a second. He could play another three years in the league basically guaranteed, what QB in this draft could you say that about? That means he is worth a second round pick, period point blank.

Kevin Kolb
Gonna be twenty-six going into this coming season. Yes a third QB from the Eagles that is how dire the Bills situation is. Wouldn't give more than a 4th which may or may not have been what the 'phins gave up for "pistol offense" Tyler Thigpen. 6'3 218, sounds good enough.

Brian Brohm
Already on the team, for some reason only played a game, fuck you Perry Fewell. I'll let him compete in training camp.

Trent Edwards
Again already on the team, might be completely washed up and useless or a fresh set of eyes could see something Jaurono didn't see. The fans may not buy it so it probably won't fly but he is invited to my camp.

Brady Quinn
He might be available, isn't Derek Anderson, and has only played 14 games. The Browns fucked him over sorta like the Bills did with Losman. The Browns probably aren't done with him but Mangini is a retard so who knows.

Kyle Orton
Never loved him but never hated him. Should be interesting to see what the Broncos do with him. He is a free agent but probably doesn't have huge demand on the open market. He was a major part of the Cutler deal and should be retained but it is tough seeing anyone sink a lot of money into him.

Jason Campbell
To be honest I hated this dude for like four years. He has been on a bad team the last two years and might be coming into his own. Again it could be interesting to see what Shanny and co. think of this dude before he hits the open market. He could be cheap but he wants to get paid too, I wouldn't commit long term.

Honorable Mention
Troy Smith, probably too small.
Tyler Thigpen, Dolphins just traded for him.
Billy Volek, still under contract with SD and 33
Charlie Batch, isn't good
David Carr FA try out?
Tarvaris Jackson late bloomer?
Chris Redman ugh maybe the draft is the way to go, he's 32
Alex Smith still has anothe year on his rookie $$$$$ deal
Matt Hasselback, could he be cut, could he be finished, could he have a few more years left?
Pike or Lefevour in a later round ala the 3rd or 4th to sit for a while?

Bills looking at Clancy Pendergast?

The Kansas City Chiefs will soon announce the departure of assistant coach Clancy Pendergast, a team source told Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.

Pendergast was the defensive coordinator last season coming from the Arizona Cardinals with Todd Haley.

Romeo Crennel was hired to coach the defense earlier this month lending plenty of speculation that Pendergast was on his way out. Haley indicated at the press conference introducing Crennel that the decision to stay or go would be up to Pendergast.

Teicher reports the decision for Pendergast to leave was "mutual" between the two sides.

Potential landing spots for Pendergast are unclear at the moment. He's been "relieved of his duties" from his last two defensive coordinator stints in as many years so I would be a bit surprised if he was anything more than a position coach in 2010.

However, Chan Gailey has hired multiple former Chiefs assistants in Buffalo and has also hinted at potentially running a 3-4 defense. Gailey and Pendergast worked together with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buffalo Sabres road trip failure

by Steve

The goals were lofty from the beginning. Lindy Ruff wanted ten points, I personally would have settled for seven or eight. Instead they got six and three of the six points came from Atlanta and the Islanders out of the seven game road trip.

Losses with zero points to Anaheim, San Jose and Vancouver were only decided by five goals total but they got out worked in the third period in all three contests. They hung around every game sans the Sharks game true, but the final result is all that matters.

Ryan Miller played like Ryan Miller of 08/09 not 09/10 which is disconcerting since the team flat out doesn't score enough. Stafford had three points in the six games he played, none in the final three. Derek Roy had three points in the seven games and none in the final four. MacCarthur had a total of three points also. Aren't these some of our leading scorers?

The road trip proved this team is good not great and not really that close to great. Even with a really good Ryan Miller this team doesn't stack up against the best in the league. There will be a few good opportunities for the team to prove themselves against the East in the next week. Their next four games come against the Devils, Bruins, Senators and Penguins. The Sabres have to win three of their next four or multiple trades need to come down the pike shortly.

Western United States and Canada, thanks for the rude wake up.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ol Silver Fox choked

by Steve

Ol' Silver Fox choked big time. I thought it was 2007 all over again, Brent Fever err Brad Flavor/ Bret Favre slingin picks and throwing them at the worst possible time. What happen to just giving it to Adrian Peterson and being done with it? I didn't even have money on the Vikes, actually I got backdoored but WTF Bret, just run for 8 yards and boom you're in the Super Bowl. Now we have to watch the god damn bullshit Aints in the Superbowl? Lets go Colts

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buffalo Bills hire offensive coordinator

Per PFT:

Mike Jurecki of XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix reports that Cardinals running backs coach Curtis Modkins will be taking the job.

Per Jurecki, the Bills requested permission to talk to Modkins and, after a couple days, the Cardinals agreed.

Gailey will call the plays in Buffalo.

Modkins spent 2008 in Kansas City with Gailey, as well as 2002 through 2007 at Georgia Tech, where Gailey served as head coach.

Throughout his various college stops, Modkins received plenty of experience in the NFL as he served three different NFL Minority Coaching Fellowships. His first stop was in 1997 with the Philadelphia Eagles under then head coach Ray Rhodes. Modkins then worked with the Dallas Cowboys in 1999 with Cowboys head coach Chan Gailey, whom he would later work with at Georgia Tech and Kansas City before working with the Pittsburgh Steelers, head coach Bill Cowher and offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt in 2005.

Dean Pees is 'in the mix' for Defensive Coordinator:

We do not know why Pees is no longer the shoe-in(for Denver's DC job). Who’s call was it? Either way, it seems Pees is in the mix for the DC spot in Buffalo, one that is still vacant. Maybe Pees is why new coach Chan Gailey said he is open to the 3-4 look.

Especially now that Denver is hiring someone else.

Also the Bills might be keeping a few coaches:

The departures of Studesville and Tolbert were not a surprise. And after it's all sorted out, there may be only a few members of Dick Jauron's staff that Gailey might keep: Defensive line coach Bob Sanders and defensive backs coach George Catavolos would seem to be obvious candidates.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reaction to Chan Gailey


I am not going to sit here and pretend I am an expert on Chan Gailey and his qualifications. I will say this though...I hate the hiring. I have been trying to convince myself to like it since Monday night and I am just as pissed off now as I was then. I was pissed off for days when we hired Dick Jauron and this feels like the same way. It was such a typical move by this pathetic franchise. Marty Schottenheimer "badly" wanted to come to Buffalo. Brian Billick allegedly was putting together a staff for the Bills job. We don't give either of these guys the time of day. Instead, we hire Chan F'in Gailey. Why Gailey over these other two? Well, I can think of one reason, money. It's always about money with this team and why would we think anything would ever change. Schottenheimer has had much more success as an NFL coach than Gailey, and don't give me this playoff failure garbage...Gailey has 0 wins as a playoff head coach also. Schottenheimer has a .613 winning percentage in his career, 200-126-1. Marty coached in the league for 21 years. You know how many losing seasons he has had? The same number of seasons Chan Gailey has as an NFL coach...2. Why pick Gailey over Billick? Billick has a super bowl ring and if I am not mistaken, he is an offensive minded coach. The only reason that jumps out at me, as usual, is MONEY.

How about all the success Gailey has had as a coach in the league though? He was offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos in 1989 and 1990. The team actually won the AFC championship in 1989. The Broncos defense allowed 14.1 points per game in 1989, ranked 1st in the NFL. In 1990, with a defense that ranked 23rd in the league, Denver finished 5-11.

In 1996 and 1997, Gailey was offensive coordinator of the Steelers. The team went 10-6 in '96 with a defense ranked 4th in the NFL. His best job may have been in 1997 when a Kordell Stewart led offense ranked 7th in the league and the team finished 11-5. As Dallas head coach, Gailey had defenses that ranked 3rd and 5th in the league. They made the playoffs both years, but were only 8-8 in 1999.

After being fired by Dallas, Gailey took over Miami's offense for the 2000 and 2001 seasons. His defenses ranked 3rd and 11th in his two seasons there.

Gailey had a winning record at Georgia Tech. He made a bowl game in all 6 of his years there. He also went 0-6 vs. Georgia.

Gailey finally became offensive coordinator of Kansas City for the 2008 season and then got fired shortly before the 2009 season because him and Todd Haley had "philosophical differences."

What does all this mean? Probably nothing, except that everywhere Chan Gailey has been, he has had well above average if not great defenses. Unfortunately for him, and us as Bills fans, our defense is far from great or above average or even average. Chan has his hands full with no quarterback, no offensive line, no wide receiving core, no linebacking core, probably no respectable asisstant coaches and this year, he is going to have a much smaller fan base. I am predicting a lot of empty seats at One Bills Drive this year come October. There could be a 10,000 ticket drop in season ticket sales. People needed a bresh of fresh air, a fresh start. Instead we hired a GM from inside the organization so that he could be Russ Brandon's puppet and again allowed money to determine our head coach. I am not saying I would want Marty or Billick, but I would take either of them over Gailey.

Call me pessimistic if you want, but these are my opinions and feelings and I am sure a lot of Bills fans feel the same way.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts on Chan Gailey as Bills head coach

John Clayton:

Gailey takes over a tough situation, one of the reasons big names such as Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan and others passed on the job. The Bills haven't been to the playoffs since 1999, and their loyal fan base is getting frustrated by years of average teams that seem to be in perpetual transition.

What are the five things Gailey must prioritize to turn things around?

1. QB situation: First, Gailey must figure where to find a new quarterback. Under the circumstances, it might not be a bad idea for Gailey to convince ownership to stay with Trent Edwards for one more season, but owner Ralph Wilson might not go for that. Edwards has a year left on his contract, but the offense went in reverse this season with him behind center and several people in the organization are ready to go a new direction.

Mike Lombardi:

I don’t understand the Bills’ logic in hiring Chan Gailey as their new head coach. It has an almost “Raider-ish” feel to it, believing that fixing one side of the ball will fix their current losing streak. Gailey was almost hired last year by Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli to be the head coach, but because Pioli didn’t think he could sell Gailey to the media or the Kansas City fan base as the man to rebuild the team’s fortunes, he passed, opting to keep him as offensive coordinator. We know how that worked out; Gailey was fired after the third preseason game, not for his lack of offensive acumen, but because of philosophical differences between him and head coach Todd Haley.

Peter King:

News item: Chan Gailey will be introduced as Buffalo's new coach today, and the Bills are laying low beforehand, knowing they're going to get rapped heavily for it and figuring they

should put on a united front when they make their case. Four observations:

1. Easy to knock the hire. The Bills brought a batting-practice pitcher to the mound and put A-Rod and Pujols up to bat, so I'll knock it first, then give it the prayer of the chance it has.

Where was the Mike Zimmer interview? It was a big mistake not to interview the Cincinnati defensive coordinator who has turned his unit into a tough day at the office for any NFL offense. Zimmer, I can assure you, would have walked to Buffalo for the job. But he didn't get a sniff. And the list of guys who turned down the chance to even talk about the job ... it's so long that the only conclusion you can logically draw is the Bills are turning into the Raiders. No coach wants the job. So the team has to find a guy who wouldn't be a candidate elsewhere -- and Gailey, after clashing with Todd Haley in Kansas City last year, had nowhere to go.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chan Gailey to the Buffalo Bills anyone?

Per the Buffalo News:

League sources say the Bills’ head-coaching search could come to a quick conclusion – within a day or two - and that Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is not going to be the choice for the job.

Gailey meets the preference of Bills General Manager Buddy Nix of having a man who has prior head-coaching experience. He also fills the Bills’ desire of getting an offensive-minded coach.

Gailey most recently served as offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008. The Chiefs changed coaching staffs after the 2008 season and Gailey was retained. But he was fired by new coach Todd Haley just two weeks before the start of the regular season. Haley, an offensive coach, apparently had philosophical differences with Gailey and decided he wanted to call the plays himself.

57 years old, uh and he isn't Leslie Frazier? KC was 26th in scoring in 2008, In his first five years at Georgia Tech, he had compiled a 37-27 record

And here is an article on him:

He knows a lot about football. You could do worse than having him around. But you could also do better.

Georgia Tech learned as much last fall. In six seasons Gailey never had a losing record but never beat Georgia. He could take a team so far — in 2006 the Jackets won the ACC Coastal but lost the conference title to Wake Forest in the worst game ever played — but no further. If he wasn’t quite the definition of mediocrity, he was close.

A fuck you to all coaches that declinded the Bills

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Riots at University of Tennessee because Kiffin left

Check out these videos of the kooks @ Tenn. cause Lane Kiffin of all people left..

Haha Hillbillies

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 NFL mock draft

by Andy

2010 NFL Mock Draft 1 thru 12

1) St. Louis Rams- Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame.

The Ram’s have Marc Bulger, but it seems every season he is hurt a majority of the season and Kyle “I should have been a bowler” Boller is a bust so look for them to take Clausen here. Yes, they have issues all across the board, but it starts with a QB and Clausen is the top QB in this year's class. Also, it’s a new era with a new coach so why not pick a franchise QB to build around.

2) Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska.

The best player in this year's draft, this is a no brainer. The Ram’s would be dumb to pass this kind of player up, but if they do, hey good for the Lions.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma.

The Bucs need an interior lineman, and with Suh gone in the top 2, McCoy is the best option. He is a force in the middle with decent speed for a guy his size. Coach Morris was granted one more year and with a young QB in Freeman and the Cadillac hopefully being fresh, McCoy is a great pick.

4) Washington Redskins- Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma.

Mike Shanahan will cut ties with Campbell and Todd Collins is too old, so QB is a definite need here. Although Bradford had major shoulder surgery, he should be fully healed and ready to lead the ‘Skins into the ’10 season.

5) Kansas City Chiefs- : Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State.

The Chiefs need a LT to protect the $63 million man Matt Cassell and they have drafted Defense in the first round the last two years, so it’s time for a player on the other side of the ball. Okung is the best OT available this year, so the Chiefs shouldn’t be on the clock that long.

6) Seattle Seahawks- Eric Berry, S, Tennessee.

Pete Carroll will be looking for someone that can make an instant impact and someone he won’t have to worry about whether or not they will be a star. Insert Eric Berry here. Berry is the best safety in the draft and a guy that has a boat load of potential. I think they will go QB sometime this year because Hasselback is getting used up and Wallace isn’t the answer, but with Bradford and Clausen gone, I think Berry is the choice here.

7) Cleveland Browns - Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St.

The Browns need a play maker on offense and with Cribbs probably not returning for 2010, Bryant is the smart pick. Even though he took almost all of 2009 off, he’s still the best WR in this years draft.

8) Oakland Raiders- Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland.

Al Davis will love this guy’s speed for his size. He is a monster and certainly worthy of a #8 pick. They do need a QB as well as well as a few other positions, but Robert Gallery was a bust and is always in and out of the line up, so a solid OT is just what the Black and Silver need.

9) Buffalo Bills- Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama.

The Bills need a heap of help this year. Buddy Nix did say a QB with any kind of talent will have a shot at the spot and it’s hard to throw when you’re on your back. Don’t be surprised to see the crew at OBD take an OT, but if McClain is on the board, he’s gotta be the pick. John Corto is smaller than some kids from Sweet Home and as Coast said hopefully he got a solid degree from Sacred Heart, because he’ll need it after being cut. Yes he’s an ILB, but you can move him to Strong Side because of his speed for his size.

10) Jacksonville Jaguars- Tim Tebow, QB, Florida.

The Mayor already said he wants Tebow and he may have a compelling argument considering ticket sales are in the tank. He won't be a good NFL QB but you never know until they actually get the chance.

11) Denver Broncos- Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame.

It seems as though B. Marshall will be traded this off season, so they will need a WR to take his place. Tate had a great JR year at ND, so it will all come down to how he performs at the combine.

12) Miami Dolphins- Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech.

The Tuna loves drafting LB’s in the first round and if McClain is gone, Morgan would be a great pick even though he’s a DE. He has great speed and instant impact ability. On most boards he’s a Top 10 talent, but might fall out because of the way things shake out at the top.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Picture of Bill Cowher billboard in Buffalo

Bill Cowher billboard.. $1200
Actually signing Bill Cowher, priceless

NFL Divisional Round lines

by Steve

Brutal wild card weekend for yours truly, going 1-3 but the Cards +2.5 and over 48 parlay was a huge W. Good chance I bounce back for the divisional round. I gotta start looking at Super Bowl odds soon as well. Three teams however are high on my hate list, Jets, Saints and Cowboys are still alive so it will be tough to not have blind hatred but here it goes.

Cardinals +7 @ Saints O/U 57

Cardinals have zero defense but quite possibly the most accurate QB of all time. They got pretty lucky to put out the W vs GB and might be happy to be there in New Orleans. The is the definite possibility of a one and done scenario for the Saints with their past history average coach and porous defense. My play is tease the cards and the over.

Ravens +6.5 @ Colts O/U 44

Ravens trounced the Cheatriots but the Colts are rested. An injured Tom Brady and overrated Pats team had more to do with the score than how good the Ravens are. Can't bet against Manning right now, Colts -6.5 lay the points.

Cowboys +2.5 @ Vikings O/U 46

Ol' silver fox have another run in him? How good is Tomy Romo and Gomer Phillips? If a gun was held to my head the Cowboys are the play here because they could win out right. Best bet is to take the over though.

Jets +7.5 @ Chargers O/U 42

Rex is a dogs name Ryan and the Sanchize aren't going to win back to back road playoff games this year, no way. They could keep it within 7 though especially if they can pressure Rivers and neutralize LDT. I like the Jets +7.5 but the over even more.

Super Bowl futures bet:

No team on the futures board is getting bigger super bowl odds than the New York Jets. A rookie quarterback who struggles mightily in the cold, a rookie coach and the loss of Kris Jenkins are the biggest reasons that the Jets are the main underdog for all the Super Bowl contenders…but that means that they get the biggest payout if they win. One of the main reasons they’re such big underdogs at +1400 is Mark Sanchez. No rookie quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl, let alone appeared in one.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Buffalo News hates Marshawn Lynch


the Town of Hamburg Police sent out this statement:

"The facts reported in the January 9th edition of The Buffalo News regarding an incident between Marshawn Lynch and Mrs. Crawford are not consistent with those conveyed to our department by Mrs. Crawford. The Town of Hamburg Police has received no complaint from anyone directly involved."

"Respecting Mrs. Crawford's wishes, our agency will continue to decline further comment on the specifics of the situation."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Leslie Frazier in the lead for Bills job

According to Rotoworld:

According to's Jim Trotter, Vikings defense coordinator Leslie Frazier is the clubhouse leader for the Bills head coaching job.
Frazier reportedly "blew away" new Bills GM Buddy Nix in his interview. He employs the same Tampa 2-style defense that Perry Fewell ran, so he wouldn't have to completely rebuild on that side of the ball. Trotter also reports that Frazier will still interview in Seattle because Pete Carroll has not been promised full control of the Seahawks.

Billick says we want a coordinator:
"Buffalo would be a great job, but I think that they are focusing more on the coordinator level."

PFT is saying Seattle has interview Frazier for 5+ hours:

Speaking on NBC with PFT poobah Mike Florio by his side, Peter King said Frazier's interview has lasted 4-5 hours Saturday and was ongoing when the segment aired.

The interview should satisfy Rooney Rule requirements, unless the NFL wanted to punish the Seahawks for defying the "spirit" of the rules.

Multiple reports say Carroll has already agreed to terms on a contract.

Frazier would be a failure of a hire.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bill Cowher to the Buffalo Bills Friday?

Hey we aren't trying to be the first or say it is official or confirmed, we don't have sources or inside information just blogs message boards chat room etc. It is innuendo and rumor but here are 5 interesting links saying Friday January 8th 2010 Bill Cowher and the Buffalo Bills. Take it FWIW:

PR girl's FB acc

and she is listed on the Bills website here

Also we have Michael Lombardi's opinion from NFLN Total Access on Thursday saying the Bills 'have their guy'

and this youtube video for humor

Michael Lombardi on Buffalo Bills coach search

Evidently Michael Lombardi of PFW was on NFL Total Access tonight and said the Bills are on the cusp of hiring their guy and the decision has been made. This would lead some to believe it is Leslie Frazier because the Bills interviewed him today however the Bills could not officially hire him until the Vikings are eliminated from the playoffs. Chin anyone?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Buffalo Bills search for a head coach podcast

Steve Coast and Wreck breakdown all the possibilities the Buffalo Bills might be contemplating as it pertains to the vacancy at the headcoaching position. Russ Grimm, Bill Cowher, both Schottenheimers, Frazier, Harbaugh, Billick, Mac Brown etc

(right click save as to download)

Buffalo Bills still pursuing Cowher


BUFFALO, NY - A source tells 2 On Your Side's Adam Benigni that the Buffalo Bills continue to pursue former Steelers Coach Bill Cowher to become the team's next head coach.

The revelation comes after reports that team management quietly met with Cowher last week. In recent days, speculation has grown that the Bills could potentially lure Cowher to Buffalo if owner Ralph Wilson makes Cowher a massive offer. writer Vic Carucci said, while it remains unlikely Cowher will land in Buffalo, it will not be for lack of effort by the Bills.

"I do know that the Bills have not let up in their pursuit and have tried very hard - and are trying very hard - to convince him to come to the Bills," Carucci said. "But based on everything I'm hearing, it's not necessarily [that] he sees [this] as something he wants to do."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brian Billick cancels live chat

Brian Billick canceled a live chat today with Lets all speculate!

Former NFL head coach and current NFL Network analyst Brian Billick chats live on Tuesday, January 5 at 5:30 p.m. ET to take your questions on all the action from Week 17.

Sorry folks, due to a scheduling conflict, Brian Billick will not be able to chat with us today.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Buffalo Bills 2010 opponents


New England
NY Jets


Green Bay
Kansas City
New England
NY Jets

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bills to interview Marty's son and Billick is reppin with this nugget:

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Billick is expected to interview next week for the Buffalo Bills' head coaching job. Billick didn't exactly deny the claim when asked:

"I have not had any contact with the Bills so far," Billick said. (But maybe his agent has.)

and Marty's son

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is expected to interview for the Bills head coaching job too.

Buffalo Bills to contact Ron Rivera

Per Paul Hamilton

San Diego Chargers Defensive Coordinator Ron Rivera. Sources close to this situation have told me that Rivera will be contacted if given permission by the Chargers. He won a Super Bowl while playing linebacker in Chicago. He was also the Defensive Coordinator with the Bears.

PFT is talking about it too