Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final Roster Set


I am worried.

We are thin, real thin at tight end. Can someone explain to me what will happen if Bob Royal gets hurt? We kepts three tight ends. Fine and Shouman are injured. That means we have one healthy tight end on the squad. There isn't even a time table on Fine or Shouman's return and are questionable at best for the Hawks game. Oh brother.

We are thin at cornerback. We have our starters, Greer and McGee. After that, we have zero experience. Zero. Youboty will probably be the nickel back. Youboty has zero career starts and has barely ever played, although he did look good in pre season. McKelvin and Corner have never played a snap in the NFL. At least Will James would have provided some experience. Wow he must have had a pathetic training camp. We are going to need real significant contributions from these guys and I just don't know how confident we can be that we will get it.

All of a sudden I don't like our depth at linebacker. Yeah, we got Ellison and DiGiorgio who are experienced back ups. But, let's face it...We kept Jon Corto. That is pathetic. How do you keep Jon Corto on the squad? Jon Corto is 208 pounds and playing linebacker. If he needs to play, we are in trouble...major trouble.

Noone is surprised by the D train release. Yeah he ran hard. I don't give a shit how hard you run when you fumble as soon as someone touches you. Peace out Dwayne.

Jason Peters has two days to get his ass in camp. We can pretty much count him out for Sunday...hopefully Langston Walker is good to go which he will be. If Peters shows early this week, he should be able to play at Jacksonville.

As far as the rest of the league goes, the Bengals made some noise as usual. They cut Rudy Johnson who is a bum anyways. Also, Chad Johnson has reportedly legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco.

The Texans cut Roosevelt Colvin. I love it, this dude was good enough to start for New England on defense. Wow their defense is going to be pathetic...Pats will be lucky to win 11 games.

Bills Cut down to 53 men

Will James, Courtney Anderson, Donnie Spragan and Dwayne Wright are the names we all know, players we might not be aware of: LB Jon Banks, LB Marcus Buggs, LB Blake Costanzo, OL Dustin Dickinson, OT Patrick Estes, FB Jonathan Evans, OL Robert Felton, DB Dustin Fox, OL Christian Gaddis, RB Bruce Hall, WR Felton Huggins, DT Jason Jefferson, DE Derrick Jones, DT Corey Mace, TE Tim Massaquoi, WR Scott Mayle, OL Nevin McCaskill, DT Teraz McCray and RB Dwayne Wright.

Strange: We only have 1 healthy tight end, we have three quarterbacks, Jon Corto is on the roster, 6 safeties, Copeland Bryan, Dickenson and Gaddis gone, the Bills must be confident Peters will be here monday or tuesday. 5 CB's, 6 DE's, 4 DT's, 1 FB, 5 LB's, 9 OL , 3 QB's, 3 RB's, 3 TE's, 6 WR's, 2 K's

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bills stufffff

Chris Brown, Bills blogger, posts his "53 man roster"

QB (3) - Edwards, Losman, Hamdan

RB (4) - Lynch, Jackson, Barnes, Omon (this was a tough call because I still believe Wright is a talented player and can have a solid career in this league. I just worry the staff has run out of patience)

WR (6) - Evans, Reed, Parrish, Hardy, Jenkins, S. Johnson

TE (4) - Royal, Schouman, Fine, Massaquoi

OL (8) - Walker, Dockery, Fowler, Butler, Chambers, Bell, Preston, Whittle (Gaddis is still practice squad eligible and Peters goes on Did Not Report list, Matt Murphy to I-R)

DL (8) - Schobel, Kelsay, Stroud, K. Williams, Denney, McCargo, S. Johnson, Ellis

LB (7) - Crowell, Posluszny, Mitchell, DiGiorgio, Ellison, Buggs, Costanzo (I really think this is a toss up between Costanzo and Jon Corto - I think it could go either way - Whoever doesn't make I think makes the practice squad between those two)

CB (5) - McGee, Greer, McKelvin, Youboty, Corner (I would prefer to keep Will James as well, but I think the luxury of keeping six corners went out the window with the tight end injury situation. I think if this has to happen it would be valuable experience lost - Not saying it will happen, but I think it's a distinct possibility)

S (5) - Whitner, Simpson, Scott, Wilson, Wendling

Practice squad - Gaddis, Huggins, Cox, R. Felton, Mace, Hall, Mayle and then Corto or Costanzo (whoever doesn't make the 53).

I can't really disagree with this roster except maybe Corto and Castanzo

Bills not goin to Toronto after all?

Toronto's NFL experience leaves a bad taste
York Report by Marty York
August 29, 2008 05:00

A 45-year-old grandfather who happens to be the leading passer in CFL history is ready to return to the league.

Sources have told Metro that Damon Allen, who retired before this season, expects to resurface as a backup quarterback with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Hamilton Tiger-Cats or Toronto Argonauts within 10 days.

For more on this story, as well as some new information concerning Ottawa’s increasingly questionable return to the league, check out my newest CFL Report.

• Here’s the latest from those pursuing an NFL franchise for Toronto:

The Buffalo Bills, despite their agreement to play games at the Rogers Centre during the next five seasons, will not – I repeat, will not -- permanently move to Toronto.

There’s a new plan in place, and it calls for Ted Rogers et al to acquire another NFL club, possibly the New Orleans Saints or San Diego Chargers, in time for the 2010 season

• The so-called NFL experience in Toronto earlier this month, incidentally, turned out to be less-than-enjoyable for many fans, some of whom complained to Rogers customer-service executive Will Hill.

The game between the Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers was tolerable, for preseason play, but everything surrounding it – including the ticket prices – were largely loathed.

Take it for what its worth...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back at the Ralph

by Steve

Not a whole lot going on before the final preseason game of the year, but hey at least we get to be back in the Ralph. Hopefully the rain ends and we see a bit of sun but who gives a shit its a Thursday 74000 people will be drinking and watching football again at the foot of OBD can't wait!

Look for Trent to either sit out the whole game or maybe play one drive. Again, hopefully Marshawn only touches the ball once or twice and finds a comfortable spot on the bench. Hopefully no one gets hurt, our new starting LT Demetrius Bell, aka Malone's kid, turns into the next Jason Peters.

Woww without Peters that o-line got a whole lot shakier. The idea that Fowler is the center still and Duke Preston has not usurped him at the position is frightening and quite telling about Preston's development. shiaaat he must suck.

Bubble players in the fight for their Bills career: Ashton Youboty, Dwayne Wright, Jon Corto (c'mon he's a local kid), Steve Johnson, Will James, Corey Mace, Blake Costanza (funny name), George Wilson, John Digiorgio, and um hopefully not players like Josh Reed, John McCargo Reggie Corner or Ko Simpson.( where has he been?)

Players to watch in this boring 4th preseason game : the aforementioned Bell, Dustin Dickinson, Xavier Omon, any and all Tight Ends that are Healthy and Steve Johnson.

Oh and Pete Prisco is confident Peters will be there week 1 (PS Peters is the last player in the entire NFL to holdout.)
Donde Esta?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bills cuts, news, and no Peters still

  • Bills first cutsCB Kennard Cox, P DJ Fitzpatrick. WR CJ Hawthorne. DE Shaun Nua, QB Matt Baker (waived/injured)
  • No cheering section for Peters Good column by former Buffalo Bills writer Tim Graham who now works for ESPN and uh uh the Miami Herald.... Still an interesting read on Peters and how every agent he spoke with disagrees with Peters stand.
"Not one of the seven agents contacted Monday agreed with the holdout. The most common reasons against it were the Bills' mandate that renegotiations can't open until he reports and the fact Peters has so much time left on his current deal.

"If I was running the team," said one agent with a veteran Bills client, "I can't say I would do anything differently than the Bills are doing. I wouldn't negotiate with Peters. No way.""
  • Derek Fine is hurt, Jauron didn't say the thumb was broken but said it wasn't looking good. The remaining tight ends on the roster are Royal, Courtney Anderson and Tim Massaquoi.
  • Trent practices, Walker better Trent Edwards practiced with the first unit Tuesday and Walker had more mobility in his sore arm.
  • Also with recente TE injury woes here is an interesting tid bit, " The Star Ledger reports the New York Jets could trade or cut TE Bubba Franks or TE Chris Baker."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Preseason game 3 wrapup

by Steve

  • Langston Walker has a forearm bruise doesn't seem too serious.
  • Losman is a good backup quarterback in this league.
  • The running game was a big question mark heading into the game and it is now an even bigger question mark.
  • Walker getting hurt during the game makes you realize how important depth and having Peters is, shiaaat. He now has the leverage again.
  • The Bills might actually be good this season. They forced turnovers they have quick potentially big play makers on both sides of the ball and could be stout on defense.
  • Changing of the guards? I would be real nervous if I was a Colts fan. Manning hasn't played a snap and has 13 days to be ready to play live football. Yikes.
  • That goes for the Patriots too. Brady hasn't played at all either, These dudes miss any time and the AFC could change dramatically.
  • Quinn Gray sucks, BIG TIME.
  • Evans looked good. I can't wait for him to sign his extension and just straight ball in '08.
  • If I see Josh Reed run a reverse or end around once this year I'm going to snap.
  • Is Reed a solid number 2 all of a sudden?
  • Schobel was Schobel tonight, ran about 10 yards past the QB a few times and was a non-factor. Although Kelsay and a solid sack on Lorenzen.
  • I love how Jauron is handling Marshawn. Keep his touches to a minimum and allow him to be 100% for 9/7.
  • Ashton Youboty is going to make the team... I think
  • _____ Movie movies suck, who goes and watches them?!
  • I don't see Trent playing Thursday.
  • t minus 92 hours until I am back at the Ralph

x-rays negative on Langston Walker

According to Chris Brown's blog on

"X-RAYS ON WALKER NEGATIVE: The x-rays taken on Langston Walker's left forearm were negative. We'll have an update after the game."

still could be a ligament thing but lets just hope he isn't missing big time time

Preseason game 3 preview

by Steve

NO Trent, Peters, Roscoe, James Hardy, Schouman, no problem? Ahh shit do I really have to watch Johnny Paul Losman play for 2+ quarters with the first team offense? Is the Colts entire defense hurt? Christ, outside of the dude coming back from a broken foot, Freeney, and the dude coming back from major shoulder surgery, Bob Sanders, everyone else is out. Recipe for Losmeng lovers to have one last circle jerk.

Oh well, as long as Trent is back by Thursday, which is probably 50/50 at this point I'll be alright with it. Don't get me wrong, Losman is a competent backup but that is all he is. And I am positive I do not want this dude to take a single snap in the regular season, mostly cause he isn't that good, but partly because I hate QB controversies.

Ok, enough of the QBs. The defense should be getting a lot of reps tonight against a solid offense. True the Colts are sans the best QB in the league who himself is sans a bursa sac, but they still have a solid o-line, RB and WR/TE corps that will teach us a thing or two. It will be interesting to see if Stroud balls, and what the effects of his game are on all our white D-ends specifically Schobell. The Bills need better play outta their DEs in 2008 if we have any chance of competing in this league. Ko Simpson where you at?

Put Marshawn in for a quarter, at most, let the bum wide receivers like Jenkins, Steve Johnson, Huggins and Hawthorne battle it out for the #5 spot on the squad. Lets see some more of Derek Fine and Courtney Anderson, especially with the absence of Schouman, and I wouldn't mind seeing Dwayne Wright show me a bit more.

Oh and for those that don't have the game on tonight here ya go Just scroll down a bit its on there.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Peace out Aud, Party!

What to do with an old crusty building in the middle of downtown hindering development and sitting mothballed for over decade...? Throw a party! Well if you actually wanted to get seats and shit outta the Aud your best bet was to break in a few years ago and just shark it yourself. Now you will have to bid on the 1,800+ seats with about a million other people that want 'em. Oh well..

"Buffalo officials are gearing up to throw a farewell party for the Aud

They're gearing up for what city officials call a "farewell address to Buffalo's beloved Aud," even hoping the event in late fall will lure former local residents to town.

The city is looking for an auctioneer to organize and aggressively market a long-awaited auction of memorabilia from Memorial Auditorium.

More than 1,700 "Blue Section" seats and 47 hockey dasher boards will be sold to the highest bidders at an auction that organizers say will be a lively community party.

Mayor Byron W. Brown and other city officials met with reporters outside the Aud today to discuss the time line. The city is requesting proposals from auction houses or other vendors to handle all facets of the sale, including an online auction to accommodate out-of-town bidders.

A company will be selected in three weeks, then will have 60 to 90 days to stage the auction. Brown said he expects the event to be held in late November or early December at a yet-to-be-determined location.

Susan Gonzalez, who oversees special events in the city, said one key task facing the auction house will be to launch aggressive marketing.

"A marketing plan can really take this to a different level of excitement," she said.

Some people may even be able to find the exact seats they sat in during an earlier era.

"We've heard from some season ticket holders who would really like to purchase their seats . . and take some of their personal history with them," said Brown.

City officials wouldn't speculate how much the sale will raise. The money will be used to help pay for the creation of a monument to honor the Aud.

Opened in 1940, the cavernous building has been vacant for a dozen years. It will be demolished as part of the ongoing development of the Erie Canal Harbor neighborhood, a blueprint that includes a proposed Bass Pro.

Public Works Commissioner Steven J. Stepniak said crews salvaged as much memorabilia as they possibly could. Thousands of fabric-covered seats could not be saved due to environmental concerns. The building is filled with mold and asbestos.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Willis on the chopping block soon?

by Steve

With the recent news that Willis McGahee could possibly be on the chopping block or at the best splitting time with Ray Rice, I remembered people actually loved this dude. Hahahaha c'mon coast.. you defended this dude til the day we traded him and then still defended him until we drafted Lynch. That hurts your credibility BIG TIME.

As per

Willis McGahee-RB- Ravens Aug. 20 - 10:22 pm et

Beat reporter Mike Preston writes that it wouldn't surprise him if the Ravens cut Willis McGahee before the season is through.

It would be stunning, but Preston has the inside track in Baltimore. He says McGahee has "angered" Ravens officials with his consistently poor work ethic and "doesn't know his plays" in the new offense. We doubt McGahee will be cut before next offseason, but a diminished role is quite possible.

From Coast's slobber fest right before he was peaced for Baltimore, "Last season, McGahee couldn't reach the 1,000 yard mark, with 990 yards and 6 touchdowns. People look at these numbers and think, wow this guy isn't producing. Well, he was in a new system with another really bad offensive line. 3 of the 5 starting linemen at the beginning of the season are no longer on the Bills roster. Villiarial and Reyes were released and Gandy will not be resigned. Also, for the 2nd half of the season, McGahee was playing behind a line that consisted of a 7th round draft pick rookie Terrance Pennington and a 2nd year man, Duke Preston. They were O.K. but the run blocking was terrible. Further, McGahee missed 3 games verse the Packers, Colts and Texans. These 3 defenses were bad to say the least during the regular season so it is a distinct possibility that Willis could have ran for 310 more yards and got to 1,300. People would have a much different opinion of him if he had these numbers."

He goes from being one of the best running backs in the world to being cut soon and on his third team in 5 years as a pro, yikes. Everyone and their mother was still slobbering this POS' nutsack when we cut him loose for a 3rd and a 5th. People could not believe we traded him, well except for knowledgable people... like my self. Call me a genius if you want, well, because I am too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

'good' news on the Peters front

Some decently good news on the Jason Peters front. St Louis hold out, Steve Jackson, who by the by has the same agent and also wants a new contract, reported to Rams camp today Soooooo Hopefully Peters pulls the same thing... SOOOON

ST. LOUIS (AP) — St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson ended his holdout on Wednesday while his agent continues negotiations for a new contract.

The 235-pound Jackson, a bruising runner and the centerpiece of the team's offense, is entering the final year of a five-year, $7 million deal he signed as a first-round pick in 2004. His prolonged stand perhaps reflected a realization of his value to an attack that averaged only 16 points last season while going 3-13.

The Rams cut off negotiations in late July on the first day of training camp after Jackson's agent, Eugene Parker, turned down a deal the team said would have put Jackson in the top echelon at his position.

At that time, Jay Zygmunt, the Rams' president of football operations, said there would be no further talks until the running back reported.

"This is certainly a step in the right direction," coach Scott Linehan said. "We're hoping we can get this thing squared away real quickly."

Parker, did not return a telephone message from the AP.

Jackson is scheduled for a physical Thursday morning and could make it onto the practice field that day. The Rams have a workout scheduled for 10:30 a.m. CDT.

"Steven is one of the best players in the NFL and we'd like to have him back," linebacker Chris Draft said earlier Wednesday before Jackson ended his holdout.

Jackson had his third consecutive 1,000-yard season in 2007 despite missing four games with injuries and the Rams had made signing him to a contract extension a priority in the offseason. Zygmunt said the team approached Jackson's agent not long after the season to discuss a new deal, but negotiations stalled when Jackson switched representatives and signed with Parker in late June.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trent Edwards injury update

Deep knee bruise for Trent

Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Trent Edwards sustained a deep bruise to his right quadriceps during practice Tuesday night, and it’s unclear whether he’ll return to practice this week.

Coach Dick Jauron said trainers began treating the thigh injury immediately to reduce any potential swelling after Edwards walked off the field with a slight limp. Jauron said it was too early to determine whether Edwards would be able to practice Wednesday or play in Buffalo’s preseason game at Indianapolis on Sunday.

“We’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow holds for it so I’ll wait until the morning,” Jauron said. “Sometimes they come back very quickly, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes it turns into a deep bleeding thing and we’re hoping it’s not that.”

Edwards was hurt about 45 minutes into practice during 11-on-11 drills when he collided with running back Marshawn Lynch’s knee after handing off the ball. Edwards went down and lay on the field for about 5 minutes as team trainers examined his right leg. Also joining Edwards was Bills chief operating officer Russ Brandon.

Jason Peters traded to Chicago

Peters to chicago for two first round picks

The conservative Chicago Bears shocked the football world by acquiring Buffalo Bill and All- Pro left tackle Jason Peters to shore up a sinking Bear offensive line.

A smiling Coach Lovie Smith said "Its getting clearer and clearer. Especially with a 340 pound all pro knocking Vikings outta there damn cleats."

It cost the Bears a pair of first round picks in '09 and '10, but as Love said it's win-now time and this team isn't getting any younger.

"Our defense is peaking, Super Bowl caliber, and the window to win in this league is a narrow one that slam shuts suddenly. So we felt Jason made us a Super Bowl contender not a pretender, and he has the same agent as Hester which helped us work it out."

When asked about injured rookie tackle Chris Williams, also a left tackle, Lovie just smiled.

"In this league you can't have too many tackles. You can't have too much depth. If Chris comes back we will find a place for both of them. Its a problem I like to have. Hey John Tait isn't getting any younger. No one is. So maybe we will rest him a bit. Peters is a big boy he can play right tackle."

"In this league it's win now, and we intend to win now."

When asked if the recently acquired disgruntled Tampa Bay Buccaneer QB Jeff Garcia was a good fit for the Bearst Lovie smiled again.

"Well we only gave up a pair of third rounders for Jeff. He's better then that. As for fits, we make things fit. The NFL is about adjusting. Its about winning."

"Right now Kyle is our starter and Rex is our backup. But in this league QB depth is key and we thought Jeff would provide us with a quality player who has won big games in this league."

Again Lovie smiled. "Listen, draft picks are a crap shoot. Sometimes ya roll lucky sevens, sometimes ya crap out. So we skipped rolling dem bones a bit and picked up a pair of quality players that could give us a Super Bowl trophy."

"The future is now an old Bear George Allen once said. And the future IS now for the Bears."

And then Lovie left smiling....

Gotcha... but here is actual Jason 'cocksucker' Peters news.. Allegedly WGR550 is reporting that Derek Dockery has been 'communicating with Peters' and he is 'going to report "soon"'. Holy shit I'm going to snap. WTF.. Peters is reallllllllllly pissing my off. BIT TIME


Also Edwards hurt a bit..

" Trent Edwards injured during night practice" from

Today Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 8:18 PM

EDWARDS INJURED: Trent Edwards got knocked knee to knee during the first play of an 11-on-11 segment and hobbled off to the trainers.

Trent Edwards just went to the locker room with the trainers, who are looking at his right knee. He walked there under his own power. He didn't appear to be favoring it much.

We'll have further updates as they become available."

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Derek Schouman out

Derek Fine just got a big time break. Derek Schouman is out indefinitely with a knee injury. This leaves the Bills most likely with Fine and Teyo Johnson to back up Royal w/ cheese on the opening day roster. Also I hear Schouman is not eligible for the PUP list so lets hope he isn't put on the IR AGAIN.

PITTSFORD, N.Y. (AP)—Buffalo Bills tight end Derek Schouman missed practice Sunday and is out indefinitely with a strained left knee, all but ending his chance to win the starting job out of training camp.

Coach Dick Jauron said trainers informed him that it will be weeks before Schouman is expected to be cleared for practice, meaning the player likely will miss the Bills’ two final preseason games.

“It’s not good, but it could have been worse,” Jauron said.

Schouman was hurt when a teammate was knocked into him while covering a kickoff in the second quarter of Buffalo’s 24-21 preseason victory over Pittsburgh on Thursday. He limped off the field and did not return.

The Bills’ 2007 seventh-round draft pick out of Boise State, Schouman had three catches for 19 yards in three games as a rookie. His season ended in mid-November when he was placed on injured reserve after hurting his calf.

Schouman was given the opportunity to compete for the starting job after incumbent Robert Royal missed the team’s spring minicamps while recovering from knee surgery. Schouman opened training camp practicing with the first-string offense and started in Buffalo’s preseason opener against Washington on Aug. 9.

Rookie receiver James Hardy, the Bills’ second-round pick, was held out of practice Sunday and is expected to miss a few days after aggravating a left hamstring injury against Pittsburgh.

The Bills welcomed back veteran slot receiver Josh Reed, who returned to practice after missing two weeks with a lower back injury. Reed had back surgery this offseason but said the injury was not in the same area.

Pronk v-mart in Buffalo for the week

Pronk and V-mart will be in Buffalo Monday-Thursday on rehab assignment. True the Indians are pathetic this year and their manager is a travesty and their pitching staff is brutal but two players that used to be good and have since signed fat contracts, Victor Martinez and donkey boy Travis Hafner look to be playing in all four games, and I'll be at the afternoon game thursday no doubt.

The Cleveland Indians have altered their schedule of injury rehabilitation assignments, announcing this morning that designated hitter Travis Hafner and infielder Josh Barfield will begin stints with the Buffalo Bisons Monday night at Dunn Tire Park.

Catcher Victor Martinez will join the Herd Tuesday, keeping to the schedule Tribe manager Eric Wedge indicated prior to Saturday's game against the Los Angeles Angels in Progressive Field.

Hafner is slated to start as Buffalo's designated hitter Monday and make two plate appearances in the series opener against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Barfield is scheduled to play second base for about six innings and get three at-bats. Martinez is scheduled to catch six innings of Tuesday's game.

It's likely that all three players will remain with the Bisons throughout the four-game series against the IronPigs that concludes with Thursday's 1:05 p.m. game.

Hafner has not played since May 25 due to chronic pain and weakness in his right shoulder. Martinez -- who led all major-league catchers in home runs and RBIs last season -- has been out since early June due to elbow surgery

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bills stuff

Losman update from the News
Still, Losman considers himself a starting quarterback. He was not happy about how quickly, in his view, the Bills organization was to jump off his ship and anoint Edwards. He felt he deserved a greater commitment from the Bills.

“I think he’s honestly doing a very classy thing not bringing up a big distraction because it could get ugly if he let it,” Evans said. “But I think he’s handling it the right way, doing his thing, going about his business, and he’ll see what happens.”

  • James Hardy piece
  • No tailgating @ Roger Centre Fucking ass clowns can't even drink beer or grill outside the stadium.. "They should know. Bills fans are No. 9 in the 32-team NFL when it comes to tailgating excellence, according to one ranking. As such, they are incredulous that there are no T.O. parking lots that will allow any form of regular tailgating, with open containers, grilled vittles, lawn chairs, etc. Toronto the Good taken to the extreme."
  • Toronto fans not up for the game"while a sellout has been announced, organizers have been careful to say 53,000 tickets have been "distributed'' not "sold.'' It's believed up to 15,000 tickets have been given away through various means, angering fans who paid real money."
  • Evans close to an extension, like real close?"The quicker we get it done the better," said Evans. "It would be one less thing to worry about or even think about. We're getting closer, closer than we have been, so that's a good sign that we're taking steps in the right direction.''

Ocho Cinco officially?

Also the Patriots signed former Bronco Safety John Lynch

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Preseason game 1 reaction

by Steve

  • Trent's numbers were bad but he wasn't awful. He was by no means good, but the pass to Parrish on 3rd down was nails. Two balls were tipped, one the WR got bumped at the goal line and Hardy didn't make a cut, or at least thats what it seemed like.
  • The Bills o-line blows. False starts kill any drive, ESPECIALLY on third down.
  • This team needs Jason Peters back BIG TIME. I mean fucking hugggggggggely need him back. The o-line looked like a travesty without him.
  • Losman played his usual self. He has nothing to play for and was playing against backups. He had some nice throws but he showed why he sucks. He took a sack on 3rd down, the pass to Parrish was under thrown and up for grabs, and he took a hit on it. Later he over threw Parrish when the ball needed to be lower and inside so he could make a play. I don't know.. Its Losman thats all I can say. Nice balls to Hardy for the TD and Jenkins for the 2pt conversion.
  • Trent should have played another series.
  • Parrish was all over the field.
  • The Bills failed to score touchdowns and had the bend don't break mentality on defense. It was a rerun of all of 2007, which scares me.
  • Glad Parrish and McGee weren't in the return game and McKelvin were.
  • Thank god Lynch only touched the ball twice.
  • Where is Jason Peters?
  • Remember, this was the Redskins 2nd preseason game and the Bills first.
  • The crowd was kind of embarrassing, what happen to Redskin nation/ the pigs?
  • Turk Schonert got a lot of run/air time.
  • Is Alex Van Pelt really the QB coach?
  • Poz looked decently good.
  • Youboty stood out.
  • Kelsay sucks.
  • Hardy had a dropped ball and missed a cut but had a nice TD catch and could be a p.i.m.p. in the red zone.
  • I wish I printed out the roster before watching the game. I had no idea who 1/3 of the squad was.
  • Next game is in Toronto on Thursday and I might kill my self. WTFFFFFFFF, is it going to be showed live?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Favre, Pennington, Bills vs. Skins


I have had enough of Brett Favre. All I have heard is how much of a great move this has been for the Jets and how the Jets are all of a sudden a playoff contender. In fact, the Jets went from 75-1 to 15-1 to go to the Super Bowl! ESPN had a poll question...who is going to win the AFC, Chargers, Patriots, Colts or Jets. I feel bad for ESPN, the national media and Jets fans. The Jets are a rebuilding franchise. They are nowhere near winning right now. Bringing in Favre will at best make them 8-8. Is an 8-8 season worth wasting a year in the development of Kellen Clemens? I can see if they were Minnesota, but they aren't. Yeah, they brought in some good free agents, like Alan Faneca and Damien Woody. Alan Faneca and Damien Woody aren't taking you from 4-12 to the promise land. They also brought in Calvin Pace. They paid him like $50 million dollars. Yeah he had 98 tackles last season for 'Zona, but in his previous 4 years, he had 84 tackles combined. Back to Favre: Last season he had a good year on a good team and choked in the playoffs. The two previous years he had 30 touchdowns and 47 interceptions. The guy is 39, knows nothing about the offense, knows nothing about his teammates, but bringing him in makes the Jets one of the favorites in the AFC. Give me a f'ing break. The Jets are 6.5 to 1 to win the AFC East, the Bills are 12-1. The Jets have twice as good of a chance to win the division than the Bills? Name me one position besides quarterback in which the Jets are better than Buffalo. These assholes on ESPN say that the Jets weren't a 4 win team last year because they were so good in 2006. If you had a clue you would realize that the Jets were nowhere near a 10 win team in 2006.

Chad Pennington was signed by Miami. Parcells drafted Pennington and now brings him back to probably be the starter for the Dolphins. The Dolphins still should be pathetic. What a bad draft pick John Beck was. The Dolphins starting wide recievers right now are Earnest Wilford and Ted Ginn Jr, hahahahaha. What a draft pick Ted Ginn Jr. was too.

The Bills have a preseason game tonight in Washington. The starters are expected to play 10 to 20 plays. I believe niether Josh Reed or Donte Whitner will play. If Lynch touches the ball more than one time tonight I will lose it. I want one touch for Lynch and I want it to be a run around left tackle for 38 yards and then he goes out of bounds without being touched. Freddy Jackson and Xavier Omon should see a lot of work. After all this talk I have heard this offseason about Turk Schonert using the running backs in the passing game, I want to see screen pass after screen pass. Langston Walker will be playing left tackle with the Peters holdout and Kirk Chambers will be opposite him at right tackle. Oh Boy. Trent will probably get hurt. There is a good chance JP Losman will be the starter after today. Edwards hasn't stayed healthy ever in his career for an entire season I don't think. Look for JP to tear it up tonight as well. I want to see Hardy get some looks as the number two wide out. If he can do a good job out there, let him play. Reed's a slot guy and our offense would be much better served with him there and Hardy outside. Terrance McGee and Roscoe Parrish should not see the field on special teams. Let's get a heavy dose of rookie Leodis McKelvin on kick returns. I also want to see McKelvin with the first team defense. After all, when you draft a defensive player number 11, he should be an instant impact player, not just a special teamer.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

ESPN 1st take Bills preview (video)

Marcus Stroud = balllllla

Brent Faver to the Jets

by Steve

At first I was ecstatic to hear this piece of shit bum was coming to the AFC East. Then I realized that was a bit of an overreaction. Brett Farve does in fact improve that lousy franchise, unfortunately. The question then is how much better?

The quick answer is not much. 39 years old this season, has choked in the playoffs the last few years, doesn't have the weapons he had on the Packers, doesn't face Kitna, T Jackson, or Grossman, has to learn a new system, NY media, the pressure to win. The flip side is he does still have something to prove which can be scary, but BF Mangina? C'mon

The second thing that popped into my head was Ko Simpson sealing the W when he picked off Brent in the endzone two years ago when 99% of the world was screaming for the Packers to run the ball. It is just one in an endless line of dumb ass decisions this dude has made that has cost his team BIG TIME. He has a huge ego, and that was a major decision in not only coming back and clowning his ex-franchise and his own legacy, but playing the biggest media market in the country.

The last thing to jump out of my mouth was the thought that the two white pillars on the outside, Kelsay and Schobell, will still be running ten yards past Brent while Stroud destroys himup the middle come early November and I can't wait.

Thomas Jones sucks, Coles blows, Cotchery is overrated, and there is no one like Jennings on the Jets squad. If he gets hurt or starts losing early, people are going to jump on the Mississippi son faster than a fly on dog shit. Plus maybe week 15 will be flexed to Sunday Night!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bills news