Monday, August 31, 2009

UB Bulls 2009 football preview: Offense

by Steve

The University @ Buffalo football team opens up the season Saturday Sept 5th 8pm (UB +8) @ UTEP. James Starks' injury no doubt has taken the wind out of many fans sails, my self included, but the team is more than just one player. They're also a coach, Turner Gill, and thankfully he returns. And with Gill still at the helm the idea of a bowl birth and even a MAC Championship has to be on the table.

Taking over for the best quarterback (statistically) in UB history, Drew Willy, is lefty Zach Maynard. The 6'3 sophomore is a near 180 from the pocket passer his predecessor was. Maynard, a double threat, isn't afraid to roll out and take off for a big run or stick around in the pocket and sling it around. His only major contribution last year was burning his red shirt freshman season a few games into the 08 campaign. Gill decided to send him in for a play last year when Willy went down in what appeared to be a major injury which turned out to be nothing. Since then Maynard has solidified himself as the guy in '09.

Since Starks is out for the year Naaman Roosevelt needs to some how get better. ranked Roosevelt the 13th best WR in the country over the spring and even Mel Kiper jr has mentioned him in the recent past. Losing Willy certainly has the possibility of hurting his chances on building on an incredible 2008(104 catches 13 tds). But with dreams of being drafted in the top three rounds in next April's draft, this team may quickly become NR's team.

Another potential bright spot that could emerge in the absence of Starks is Brandon Thermilus. Last year as the change of pace back and goal line bruiser, Thermilus has the track record and pedigree to excel as the full time star. Seven touchdowns and a stout 4.5 yards a carry allows for hope this season despite what's his name's absence. Alonzo Highsmith's kid needless to say has big shoes to fill.

Other than that, the offensive line is replacing LT, C and RG. Major contributing seniors Jesse Rack and Brett Hamlin return. Behind them, who is going to step up is anyone's guess. Sophomore wide receivers Terrell Jackson and Marcus Rivers are a mix of height and speed while back up running backs senior Mario Henry and junior Ike Nduka have been thrust into more prominent roles.

The holes left behind by Willy and Starks are massive. Despite that I have an eerie confidence in this Bulls squad. This is in major contrast to the Bills and the obvious difference is a steady confident hand at the helm. Gill's presence will be even more evident this season as Gill will be calling the offensive plays.

Here's hoping for 6 wins and another bowl birth.

defensive preview later this week.

Terrell Owens talks Trentative and the offense

A reporter asks him about the fans calling Trent Edwards trentative and captain checkdown.. pretty funny (2 minute mark)

he says he would play thursday but it isn't necessary and it is up to jauron

not worried about what he has seen the last 2 weeks

big plays and production will come

Dick Jauron quote of the day 8/31/09

From Jauron's mouth per TBN:

Asked about the fact he did not flat-out reject the suggestion of Bell taking Walker's spot, Jauron replied:

"No I didn’t flat out say he couldn’t. I hardly ever flat out say anything. (There were laughs among the media corps.) The reason why I generally say things like that is we’ve all seen things happen. … So I could never say there’s no way you could see. You could probably name about anybody likely to be on our roster and I’d say the same thing."

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Teddy Bruschi retires nooooooo

by Steve

I have the unfortunate job of writing (hopefully) the last ever post about one Theodore Bruschi. The rumors appear to be true, the "golden god" Bruschi is retiring from professional football. How can he let down his legions of fans across the globe and probably the universe? Him depriving us all the privilege to watch him play football for the New Englad Patriots, unfathomable.

Not only has he saved puppies, children, cured aids and been a probowl LB and "world" champion, he survived a stroke too. We'll miss you Ted and I am 100% positive you will succeed in any and all future endeavors.

Wait, why is he retiring? He doesn't have it any more? Wasn't gonna be a starter? The Pats were gonna cut him? All I really know is I can't wait for all the high lights and praise showered upon him in the coming weeks on ESPN

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bills vs. Steelers


There is 10:53 left in the second quarter and I find myself swearing at the TV like it is mid January. Trent Edwards is 3-7 for 11 yards and an interception which was returned for a touchdowns. The Bills have had the ball for 5:25 while the Steelers have had it for 13:52 and have the ball right now and Leodis just dropped an interception.

I have never ever in my life felt worse about a season than I do now. The Bills first team offense has scored 3 points this pre season. I feel worse this year than I did before the 3-13 disaster that was the 2001 season. They just showed usual he is completely emotionless. Can he get in someones face? This is freaking pathetic.

The Bills just got the ball back-here is a live blog of this drive which will most certainly be three plays. First and 10 from the 12...Edwards audibilizing...flag...Rhodes for 3 yards...offsides!!! best play for the Bills pathetic mistake of an offense in this game. Wow, the Bills just got the ball in Parrish's hands. Shocking. Edwards again audibilizing...another 0 yard run by Rhodes...looks like the game plan is to not let Trent do anything really on this drive...probably smart...agian he throws to a running back. Where is Lee Evans???? There he is, wide freaking open...but hit as he threw. God this is terrible. Dude can't even throw a wide receiver screen. Now he is sacked. He is a statue out there. He looked like Bledsoe on that play except worse. If I were T.O. I would demand a trade right now. If he wants another contract, playing with this piece of shit quarterback won't get him one.

Can we give it up with Keith Ellison? He can't run with a running back. God I can't stand Keith Ellison. Why not see what Nic Harris or Alvin Bowen can do? Ellison looks smaller than Limus Sweed. Another good play by McKelvin. He is our only good player, I am convinced. Pittsburgh has converted at least 4 third down and 8 plus yard situations in this game. Wow-Ben just had about 45 minutes to throw. Unbelievably bad. It is now the 2 minute warning. Time of possession update: 20:17 to 7:43. That is just unheard of. 2nd and 9 from the Bills 14...I predicted a 17-0 halftime score in favor of Pittsburgh, AJ will attest...this team is bad. Mendanhall just walked into the endzone...17 zip. 21:46 to 8:14 will be the first half time of possession. Total yards was 209 to 50.

Ok, it's half time, so I have taken a deep breath or just vented to about 4 people on the phone. The Bills MUST scrap the no huddle offense in the regular season. If they don't, they will set the NFL record for worst point differential in history. We are looking at 30 point losses on a consistent basis. On the last play of the first half, Edwards didn't even look downfield...he stared down Rhodes the whole time. Lee Evans has received one look so far. He is making 9 million dollars per year. Edwards completed another pass to a running back. This is a broken record. He has ONE completion to a receiver in this game.

I am going to stop talking about this game as Omon just completely whiffed on a block and Farrior hit Edwards who looked like he didn't think pass rushes existed. Whatever.

Dick Jauron quote of the day

"Our execution was poor in Green Bay," Jauron said. "Our recognition was OK. There weren't a lot of times where we were blocking the wrong people or not recognizing what was happening. What we did to it wasn't good and how we executed it wasn't ideal. So if there was any positive signs I thought that was it. But clearly we just didn't get anything done."

Tom Brady Shoulder

by Steve

Great, Tom Brady has an alleged shoulder issue. Torn labrum? Separation? Too many shoulder/arm fucks? Jizz to the shoulder? I don't know i'm not a medical professional, as per Jauron. Butttt is he seriously hurt after the game against Washington?

Truth is, it doesn't matter. Dick Jauron is our head coach. No matter who we play, who is out, who is dead, who is sucking mad wang, our head coach will never out coach our opponent. Is it depressing? Obv. Our only hope is 0-3 and a firing. Yes, that is where we are as a franchise.

Maker's, markers, cranberry vodkas

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Buffalo Bills offensive line

by Steve

It is preseason buttt is anyone else not sold on the Bills offensive line? Basically the question boils down to one thing. Would a better LT, specifically Levi Jones, improve the Bills offensive line that immensely?

First, there has to be a reason no one else has signed this seemingly inept albatross. But it is the same NFL where former Super Bowl winning coaches like Parcells, Dungy, Billick, and Grueden are unemployed. There are stereotypes and perpetual prognostications that run supreme in this multi billion dollar business. Is Levi Brown really not deserving of a starting LT spot in the NFL. I say not, which expedites the arguement.

Sign Jones, who would cost probably like $3 million (hey it isn't my money). That would allow the Bills to move mediocre (at best) LT Walker back to his above average and more natural position RT. That would in turn move Butler back to RG and allow Wood to solidify his position at Center, his natural position.

Fine Wood wouldn't "beat out" Hangartner at center, in reality he is better but money talks especially in an inept org like the Bills. Either way we win cause Hangartner can play center and guard as can Wood. Wood is better at center and thus improves the offensive line play.

At this point, put me in the corner wishing we sign Jones. Having Jones, Levitre, Wood and or Hangarter,Butler and Walker as the official offensive line for 9/14/09 is what I would enjoy. The only problem with this and most suppositions/logic used in regards to the Bills is these things aren't even considered. We have a 90+ year old owner, a non GM GM and an albatross of a coach that 90%+ of the fans dislike. 7-9 again.

Kane walks scott free

by Steve

Here is a shocker, Kane didn't even get a slap on the wrist. It is beyond comical now to think that a felony conviction was even considered. Really the only good thing to come out of this whole affair is a .20$ art work and a classic mug shot.

The Kanes pleaded guilty Thursday to a noncriminal charge of disorderly conduct and were ordered to send an apology to the Buffalo cab driver they were accused of roughing up over 20 cents.

The 20-year-old player and his 21-year-old cousin, James Kane, were given conditional discharges, meaning they will avoid any penalties if they stay out of trouble for a year and apologize to cabbie Jan Radecki.

"Obviously, I'm in a little different situation than most kids at this age but at the same time I think it's definitely been a learning lesson and something I want to move forward on," Kane told City Court Judge Thomas Amodeo before receiving his sentence. "It's maybe better I learn it now than later in life."

Outside the courtroom, Kane apologized to his family, the city, the Blackhawks and his fans "for being in a regrettable situation."

"But it's behind me. It's time to move on," he said.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nelson live chat

by Steve

Shawn Nelson Marshawn Lynch and co were live streaming for about an hour tonight. It was hilarious, they were watching lion king, eating cheeze its and sippin on corona. There was one thing that I swear happened in the back ground which will not be mentioned on this blog. Hilarious stuff. Kawika Mitchell stopped by and Bowen was on, Nelson was eating a huge bowl of cereal out of a pot/pan thing. He said he'll be back on tomorrow. Really the only negative was when marshawn lynch put on an oakland raiders helmet.. The NFL will prob ban this in about a week

Shawn Nelson live stream

check out his live stream on right now

Allegedly Marshawn Lynch was suppose to be on but isn't, and Chris Johnson was on with him yesterday

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

James Starks obituary

by Steve

Alright, this is officially the saddest post of my blogging career. James Starks, the greatest running back in the University @ Buffalo's history is o ver. A torn labrum has ended the pereneial all MAC player's career in college football.

A Niagara Falls stand out emerged in 2008. Not only did he become one of the more dynamic running backs in college football; he brought his team to something never before thought of @ UB, a Championship. He missed three games yet ran for 1,333 yards. A SCHOOL RECORD.

The news that he is out for the year is not only disheartening it is also a death knell to the hopes of the Bulls 2009 repeat hopes. FUCKIN Kiper Jr was lovin' this kid. This injury not only kills the UB season it also kills his draft status. His red shirt fifth year status makes for 0 years of eligibility left. God fuckin damn it.

I'm really beat up about this whole thing. I don't even know how to end this rant other than hoping the Bulls earn another bowl spot, he shows up, balls, then owns the combine in March. Hopefully Naaman and co can lift the team to the level it now needs to be lifted.


TMQ previews the AFC

Easterbrook says it well.

Buffalo: Fifteen years after the K-Gun offense, Buffalo is going no-huddle
again. What to call this one? The Cincinnati Chili offense. It comes in two-way
(two backs and a tight end), three-way (remove a back for a wide receiver) and
four-way (four wideouts). Offensive coordinator Turk Schonert was a backup
quarterback for the Bengals in the late 1980s, when Cincinnati went no-huddle;
the Bills under Jim Kelly ended up with credit for the idea, but Cincinnati did
it first in the modern NFL. Using the no-huddle occasionally makes sense, to
throw defenses off. Unless you've got Kelly, Kent Hull and Thurman Thomas, going
no-huddle all the time may just put added pressure on the defense, owing to
snap-the-fingers three-and-outs.

While a Cincinnati Chili no-huddle may sound like aggressive strategy, in 2008, Schonert was hyperconservative. "Football Scientist" K.C. Joyner -- what does his laboratory look like? -- says that in 2008, 75 percent of Buffalo's passing attempts covered 10 yards or less. The Bills threw more than 10 yards the second-lowest amount in the NFL. With Schonert calling endless ultra-short passes, defenses choked up, which made it easier to stop Buffalo's run. The team's embarrassing streak of no-playoff seasons will continue if the offense doesn't stop being so predictable and throw down the field. In 2008, the Bills failed to score a touchdown in three of their final five contests; they scored a total of six points in their final three home games. A reason was hyperconservative play calling. Say what you will about
Terrell Owens, he brings touchdowns on his résumé. In the past two seasons,
Buffalo had 15 touchdown receptions by wide receivers; during the same period,
Owens had 25 touchdown receptions -- almost twice as many as the entire
receiving corps of the team he's joined!

Excellent special teams have become a Buffalo hallmark -- Bobby April is the league's best special teams coach -- but this only proves special teams matter a lot less than offense and defense, or the Bills would be in the playoffs. And if only the head coach were as good as the special teams coach. As the once-proud Bills enter the season the sole AFC club without a playoff appearance in this decade, the coach remains
Dick "Cheerio, Chaps" Jauron, who has just one career winning season. The AFC
East test of manhood is playing the Patriots. Jauron has lost all six of his games against New England while coaching the Bills, his team outscored by a humiliating average of 21 points per game in that span. Against the Patriots under Jauron, Buffalo usually rolls over by the second quarter. Jauron never seems upset, or even to care -- he just jogs off the field, then makes excuses. Until the Bills have a coach who doesn't make excuses, the embarrassing playoff drought will continue.

Highlights of the article:
  • Easterbrook calls the Bills playoff draught embarrassing and the offense hyperconservative TWICE each.
  • 3 out of every 4 pass plays were under 10 yards.
  • 0 touchdowns in 3 out of their final 5 games.
  • 6 total points in their final 3 home games, INCLUDING a game versus San Francisco.
  • 15 touchdowns by wide receivers in TWO seasons COMBINED.
  • Dick "Cheerio Chaps" Jauron - One career winning season OUT OF EIGHT.
  • 0-6 vs. New England-outscored by 21 points per game.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Buffalo Bills news n' notes

  • Jerry Sullivan owns Trent Edwards (sorta) Jerry asked why he only checks town. Edwards responded:"There really haven't been any looks. You've watched the games as I have and I don't know if you've seen any throws I could've made down the field. If you want to call the plays and throw the ball down field, that's fine but I'm taking what the defense is giving me, continuing to go through my reads and that's the way I'm coached"
Hmm, blaming the coaches already? Telling the media to make better plays than a pro qb can make? Panic is at the door

  • Butttt Mediocrity Whitner is telling us to relax "Bills fans don’t worry please don’t! Sept 14th….we’ll be ready!"
  • Is Bell developing a back problem pattern? Hopefully not.
  • Thanks Jauron “Aaron has an elbow and it may keep him out for a little while here,” said Jauron." Only in the NFL does that sentence make sense.
  • Oh and I guess the Bills got it right about Crowell he's again out for the season

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bills Packers Reaction


Usually I don't like to look too much into pre season games, but last night was way too ugly to ignore. The offense sucked, the defense sucked, the special teams sucked...I am very alarmed by a 24-0 drubbing in the first half.

The Bills starting offense was pathetic. I know we didn't have TO but we didn't have TO at all last year and I don't remember us looking this bad. Can Trent handle the no huddle? He was lost. It seemed like the no huddle was tiring out our offensive line more than it was tiring out their defense . Dom Capers was relentless and Edwards was sacked multiple times.

The first drive went 5 plays, 11 yards and ended with an interception. The 2nd drive went 3 plays, -5 yards and resulted in a Trent fumble lost at our own 5 yard line. The third drive went for 6 plays and a stellar 13 yards ending with a punt. The fourth drive went for 15 yards on 6 plays ending with the 3rd turnover in 4 possessions on a Fred Jackson fumble. Finally, the fifth drive, the starting offenses most productive drive of the day, went for 19 yards on 5 plays. I have never seen a more pathetic offensive unit in my life. Edwards completed 7 balls for 45 yards. That is about 6.5 yards per completion. Last week in his 10-10 performance, captain check down completed 10 balls for 79 yards. He completed one ball to Evans for 36 yards. You take away that one pass, which was obviously more of the exception than the rule, Edwards has completed 16 passes for 88 yards. That is 5.5 yards per completion. Even worse, the starters have produced 3 points in their last 8 series. Trent attempted one pass down field and it was intercepted. It is clearly an issue with him mentally, the guy plays the position scared...he can't just forget about interceptions and mistakes. He missed a wide open Josh Reed on one medium range pass in which I received three text messages with in one minute that read "Yikes", "Wow", and "Michael Vick could have made that throw". People may be so quick to blame the coaching staff, like me-they suck, but Fitzpatrick and Hamdan had no problem throwing the ball down field in throwing for 249 yards. We needed Michael Vick.

The only bright spots for this offensive game came from the reserves. Who is Jonathan Stupar? This dude has had back to back solid games. He led the Bills receivers with 5 receptions for 63 yards and a touchdown. Xavier Omon still trying to make his case to make this team, cashed in with a 52 yard reception in the 2nd half. Steve Johnson still proving that he is as much of a stud as I say he is, contributed with 52 yards on three catches. Although he didn't do too much, Shaun Nelson looks like a beast out there. He is huge and fast. The reserves put up 21 points in the 2nd half and owned the Packers back ups...for whatever that is worth.

Aaron Rodgers looked like he was running his offense against the scout team defense yesterday. Yeah, the offense hung the defense out to try with 4 first half turnovers, but outside of a lucky 4th down stop on Green Bay's first drive, the defense showed little resistance. Rodgers was 8-9 for 98 yards and 2 touchdowns...ugly. The pass rush as usual was non existent. Even the rush defense, which has been so good for the first two pre season games, looked bad...allowing 43 yards to Ryan Grant including a real easy touchdown run. Driver and Jennings caught TD Passes. I said before the game that this would be a good test for our defense, facing a good offense, and they failed miserably.

Once again though, the reserves looked pretty good. Reggie Corner had an interception, making up for the pathetic drop he had last week against the Bears. Copeland Bryan looked good out there...he had a sack and forced fumble. Right now, the Bills defense end depth chart looks like this: Schobel, Kelsay, Denney, Maybin, Ellis, Bryan. With Bryan and Ellis rising up the depth charts it seems to me that cutting one of the two scum bags in Kelsay and Denney makes sense. My personal opinion is to cut Kelsay. He doesn't do anything...neither does Denney, but at least Denney isn't making 5 million per year. I have been saying it since, well, 2006, cut Kelsay as soon as possible.

Finally, Nic Harris. The dude is all over the field out there making plays and breaking guys legs. I am done with the Keith Ellison experiment. He sucks. He had the best play of his career yesterday and it was during a pre season game. He has reached his ceiling. Somehow we haven't replaced him in THREE seasons. Nic Harris has upside, plug him in there with the first unit and see what he can do. We know what we got with Ellison and that is nothing. Harris could be a star. He led the Bills with 9 tackles yesterday, 6 of which were solo tackles. No other Bill had more than 5 tackles or 4 solo tackles. He stands out when he is in there. Start him, why not?

I predicted 5-11 earlier...and I can't really find 5 wins on the schedule right now. Hopefully TO turns Trent Edwards into a different player, but I hate scared quarterbacks and that is exactly what Trent is. He plays scared. I can't wait to see TO in Trent's ear and see a tear running down Trent's cheek on national television opening day. It is going to be ugly this year, unless something miraculous happens in the next 3 weeks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bills @ packers preseason preview

by Steve

I'm an sick of reading the upteenth message board thread about hating Aaron Maybin and how he sucks and he's a sellout or about where to watch tonight's Bills game. Sooo I'll write about it. Sorta...

This is the Bills third preseason game and there are still two more to go? God damn I can't take this preseason bullshit any more. Tuning in tonight won't be at the top of my list of things I wish I was dong but the tv will be on ch 7 at eight either way.

Per Chris Brown the starters will play about a quarter. Whoop whoop. The only other relevant news is that McKelvin and Parrish will take some reps returning kickoffs and punts. I guess that is interesting.

Here are my things to watch for during the game:

  • How depressing it will be knowing Owens won't be playing
  • Trent checking down early and often
  • The subsequent fallout on the intrawebzphere of Captain check down rearing his ugly head
  • Cut aways of Maybin and that sick hairdo of his back here in Buffalo instead of participating in the game
  • Cheeseheads burning #4 unis
  • Parrish not catching any balls until the fourth quarter when Hamdan is running for his life
  • The television freezing and twitching because of thunderstorms that are suppose to be in the area around 8pm (great eff'n idea digital signal)
  • Punting on 4th and 1
  • Ultra conservative playcalls in the "strike zone"
  • Kelsay and Schobel running 15 yards past the QB
  • #92 packing his bags after the game upon hearing he has been waived
  • Chris Ellis moving slowly up the depth chart
  • Nic Harris continuing to ball/impress
  • Garrison Sanborn
  • The o-line "gelling"
  • An injury ( I have a bad feeling)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fantasy football sleepers and bums

by Steve

Lets face it, fantasy football is mainstream. There are probably as many people that watch the games just for the games as people that watch solely for their 'fantasy team' with their goofy hysterical nicknames. Even mainstream newspapers like The Buffalo News have whole weekly columns dedicated to fantasy sports. So, since I'm such a well respected knowledgable person here is my list of potential sleepers and bums for your up coming draft.


  • Ray Rice RB Baltimore - McGahee has been in the dog house in Baltimore mostly because he is over paid and not that good. Rice is due for a breakout season in his second year.
  • Anthony Gonzalez WR Colts - Peace out Harrison welcome Gonzo. He broke out in the playoffs last year and has Manning throwing him the rock. In his third year in the league, AG will put up numbers.
  • Brady Quinn QB Browns - Assuming he is anointed the starter in C-town Quinn could put up numbers on a bad Browns team. Replacing Winslow with Royal might be the biggest drop off in talent in the history of the tightend position but Edwards will have a bounce back year and Furry/Cribbs aren't terrible. Furthermore, Jamal "I sell coke" Lewis is old as dirt and will break down and they'll be forced to throw a lot cause the defense is sub-par.
  • Visanthe Shiancoe TE Vikings - To be honest I don't know who this dude is and I can't pronounce his name. He's a vet that had a great year last year (I guess) and has Brent chucking him the rock. He is my Bo Scaife of three years ago.

  • Ronnie Brown RB Dolphins - Ricky Williams is still on the team, he had a lot of touches last year meaning he took extra punishment, the wildcat won't be taking anyone by surprise this year, the Dolphins aren't going to win 11 games, and what are the chances he plays in all 16 games again this year?
  • Brandon Marshall WR Broncos - No Cutler, legal problems, isn't getting along with the coaching staff. Really the only thing going on for him is it's a contract year.
  • Jay Cutler QB Bears - Moving to the windy city sans any offensive talent around him save for the RB, Cutler will be moving backwards this year. He won't be able to chuck the ball around as much as he did last year and he will be throwing to a punt returner on one side and a kick off returner on the other side. Bennett is 6', Hester is 5'11 compared to 6'4 Marshall and a true WR in Royal.
  • Chris Cooley TE Redskins - Lets face it Jason Campbell eff'n blows. There are a ton of WRs on this team that will have to get the ball too. His one touchdown from a year ago is also a bit disconcerting.
And finally, my sleeper #1 overall pick is.... Tom Brady, why not.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maybin contract talks stall

Just Spectaculation. Per the AP

PITTSFORD, N.Y. - Contract talks between the Buffalo Bills and first-round draft pick Aaron Maybin are stalled, and neither side is offering positive signs a deal is close.

Neither the team nor Maybin's camp will offer specifics on how far apart they are, but the Bills are becoming concerned that the defensive end, selected 11th overall out of Penn State, will not report soon enough to be ready for the regular season in less than four weeks.

As of Tuesday, Maybin has missed 21 practices, 15 walkthroughs, countless film study sessions.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some notable Bills participate in practice

Jairus Byrd and Terrell Owens returned/debuted at training camp tonight..

Here is a great quote that isn't at all homoerotic ""It really feels good to get out here and work up a sweat and be around the guys," Byrd said after practice on Monday night"

just being out there is a great thing to hear. Toes can be bad injuries for such a small organ. Hopefully he sees maybe another series or two in the preseason at best.

Per PFT:
As Owens returned, the Bills may have lost some of his teammates to injury. Wideout Roscoe Parrish and rookie tight end Shawn Nelson left practice with undisclosed issues.

Nelson's departure may have been heat related, while Parrish landed hard after making a catch.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bills preseason report 8/15/09

by Steve

Trent went 10-10, T.O. didn't play, there was a ton of fans and it was boring as hell. That pretty much sums it up. Well except for the play of Nic Harris!!!!!1 Dude was all over the freakin ball/field Saturday evening. Straight up stud.

For those that went, it was hot as balls we all know, for those that didn't go, you didn't miss much. As preseason games go it was about what you'd expect. I personally left at half time. Covered in sweat, sitting next to dudes I didn't know(have had the same seats for 5 years) and Cutler didn't look all that good.

They kept forcing the ball to Hester who is undersized and not a legit #1 WR. The bears are devoid of talent on offense. Cutler is going to be miserable. The only positive he took out of this game was that he won't have to see Nic Harris for a while.

Nic looks big. He's 6'2 and 3/8ths at least. He'll be starting over Ellison by week 5 book it. Other observations

  • For running it only a few weeks, the no huddle impressed.
  • If D Rhodes is returning punts cause they move Parrish we're in trouble
  • No pass rush no Maybin. Although Chris Ellis was pretty solid out there.
  • Ellis Lankstor had two picks but he has no closing speed and didn't impress whilst I was watching
  • Fitzpatrick didn't look as horrible as everyone makes him out to be.
  • Fred Jackson isn't a starter caliber RB
  • I hate Dick Jauron.
How can a preseason game make someone hate someone else that much? The guy is an albatross. What was that at the end of the half? No time out even though you have one, 12 seconds remaining, third down and goal from the two and the team rushes to the line and heaves it up? Take the time out figure out a play WTF. I don't wanna hear surprise element, get a play that works. This is just one of numerous occasions that I wanted Jauron fired, and its yet August.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mort goes to camp report

Alright, it is fair to say everyone hates Chris Mortensen for his unabashed hatred of the Bills ever since they fired his boy Tommy D but his report is decent to at least honest..

PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- Nobody knows what will happen in late October when the weather starts to turn, the wind blows, the temperatures drop in Buffalo and Trent Edwards' passes maybe aren't quite hitting the mark.

The mark wears No. 81. Terrell Owens is the name, aka T.O. Or, in some circles, quarterback killer.

Here's one advantage for Edwards: Head coach Dick Jauron signed off on offensive coordinator Turk Schonert's plan to install a no-huddle offense.

No huddle means no T.O. blowups in the huddle.

"I never thought of it that way," Edwards said with a laugh.

Nevertheless, the concept of Owens and a no-huddle offense has the Bills more hopeful about sustaining a competitive edge in the AFC East.

"I know that when you're on defense facing the no-huddle, it's hard to get your calls in, hard to catch your breath and hard to get your personnel substitutions exactly right," said safety Donte Whitner. "Now you throw a player like T.O. in the mix and, hey, we have some really good players at receiver like Lee Evans, Roscoe Parrish and Josh Reed, so I think this no-huddle is going to be a handful for the defenses we face."
For a team that traded a Pro Bowl left tackle, Jason Peters, the Bills were more optimistic about the offensive line because the group is more athletic and no-huddle friendly. Edwards really likes center Geoff Hangartner, and the Bills are high on first-and-second round picks Eric Wood and Andy Levitre to strengthen their interior and allow four-year veteran Brad Butler to move to his more natural position at right tackle. The biggest question is whether Langston Walker can stabilize the LT spot for Edwards, whose durability has dogged him going back to college.

# Even though the Bills traded former first-rounder John McCargo to the Colts, only to have the Colts flunk him on a physical, they say McCargo is having by far his best camp. The Bills also believe defensive line coach Bob Sanders, who was the Packers' defensive coordinator, has had an impact with the defensive line that includes a now-healthy Aaron Schobel at DE.

# Don't forget, there never would have been a T.O. signing if the Bills first had been successful in signing free-agent Laveranues Coles, who ended up with the Bengals.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Madden 2010 Release


Madden 2010 comes out tomorrow and the first thing everyone looks at is how the Bills players are rated. Well, the ratings are out, and the Bills are the worst team in the AFC East.

Let's start at quarterback. Trent Edwards is a 76 overall and has 68 accuracy. This is the same guy who completed over 65% of his passes last season. 68 accuracy seems ridiculous. As far as his overall rating, well he is worst in the division, and yes that includes Mark Sanchez. Other notable quarterbacks that the Madden makers think Edwards is worse than are Joe Flacco (81), Matthew Stafford (79), David Garrard (78), Matt Cassel (83), Marc Bulger (78), and the worst quarterback in the league Jason Campbell (77). For what it's worth, Edwards had a better QB rating than any of these guys except Cassel. If Trent is a 76, I don't understand how a rookie can be rated just seems irrational...especially Sanchez, who might be playing second fiddle to Kellen Clemens. Trent Edwards is the 26th highest rated quarterback in the league. The only starters he is considered better than are Orton, Russell, Browns QB, Shaun Hill and Vikings QB...Ouch.

At running back, Marshawn Lynch is rated an 87 and has 87 speed. I think the makers of this game penalize a player if he has trouble with the law, because I can't name 3 better running backs in the league...yet 16 are rated higher. Thomas Jones ia 90 overall and has the same speed as Lynch...really?!! Yikes, no love for Beast mode. Second year men Chris Johnon and Steve Slaton are rated 88 and 87 respectively, Ronnie Brown is an 89 probably because he scored like 5 touchdowns in that Patriots game, but better than Lynch...questionable.

The Bills wide receiving core should be considered one of the best in the league...but it won't be in Madden. Owens is the Bills second highest rated player...he is a 91. His speed is an 89. An 89??? Yeah, he is 35, but he is still a freak athlete and there are probably only a handfull of corners than can run with him. Overall, TO is the 10th highest rated wide receiver, which is probably fair. The real snub is the Bills alleged number one receiver in Lee Evans. Lee has dropped to an 85 overall. He is rated worse than Santonio Holmes (whose one catch in the Super Bowl probably increased his rating by 5), Santana Moss, Plaxico Burress who will be in jail, Antonio Bryant who didn't even play football in 2007, Braylon Edwards who can't catch a beach ball, and worst of all, Laverneous Coles. Not only is Coles old, but he couldn't even receive for 1000 yards with Brett Favre slinging the ball all over the place. Josh Reed is a 77 which is fair, and other than that, no one cracks 70. The thing that I am most pissed about right now is that I don't see Steve Johnson on the Bills Madden roster. Are you f**cking kidding me? Dudes going to be a 92 after this season.

As for the rest of the offense, the offensive line is the worst in the game probably. Walker (78), Wood (75), Hangartner (74), Butler (76), Chambers (71). Obviously, this isn't the Bills real line...Levitre is a 76 also and will be plugged in at RG, Butler's rating will probably still be greater than Chambers' 71 at RT. Either way, no one over a 78 on the line is ugly....good luck running the ball. At tight end, Nelson and Fine are 68s...worst TE core in the league, and at FB...Corey Mac is the 36th highest rated FB in the league at 70 overall.

On defense, the Bills aren't much better. The D line sucks and rightfully so, they are rated real bad. Stroud is the Bills highest rated player at 92 overall. Kelsay is a 78, Williams a 76 and Schobel is a 86. Kelsay blows. He starts fights with our rookie offensive linemen in practice for finishing blocks, what a pussy, I wish Wood would have somehow beat the shit out of him and knocked him out for the year. Schobel's 86 is 13th in the league. What about the rookie Maybin? It looks like he can be a beast in the game with a 78 overall rating and 84 speed as a rookie...hopefully we sign him and he doesn't re-enter the draft in 2010.

The starting corners, McGee and McKelvin, are rated 82 and 78 overall. The most head scratching thing is that McKelvin has 89 speed. McKelvin is real fast, at least it looks that way when he is housing kick returns and running away from everyone. Apparently he wouldn't be able to run away from Brian Moorman though, who has 90 speed. The Bills have no depth at corner, everyone else is rated below 70, with Drayton Florence at 67. Ouch.

The safeties as we all know suck in real life and suck in the game too. Whitner is an 85 which is probably right for him since he is just OK. Free safety is pathetic...KO Simpson is a 73 and Jairus Bird is a 72...might as well plug in Bird. Rounding out the defense is the linebacking core...Poz and Mitchell are decent players and are rated 82 and 81 respectively. The LOLB position is pathetic. Keith Ellison is the starter and is a 68. Rookie Nic Harris, who will most certainly be in my lineup, is a 56 overall.

As a team, the Bills are rated a 76 which is worst in the AFC East...

Patriots-93 (highest rated team in NFL)
Jets-89 (tied for third highest rated team in the NFL). Are you SERIOUS? The New York Jets and quarterback Mark Sanchez/Kellen Clemens and running back Thomas Jones are the third highest rated team in the NFL. Is this some kind of joke? The Jets will win 5 games if they are lucky this year. They no longer have Favre. They have no quarterback and they have a rookie head coach. What a travesty. You mean to tell me the Jets are better than the Eagles, Chargers, Colts, Titans, Cardinals, among others, come on.
Bills-76 The Bills are ranked 20th in the league, that is probably about right, whatever.

Some final notes-There are only six 99 overall...they are Larry fitz, Peyton, Asomugha (interesting), Ed Reed, Albert Haynesworth and Polamalu. Former Bill Jason Peters is a 95. JP Losman is in the game as a free agent, thank god, and is a 62 overall. I'll pick him up. None of this means shit, but it's interesting to look at anyways.

Michael Vick to the Buffalo Bills rumors persist

Adam Schefter is tweetering about it..:

The Michael Vick rumors continue to swirl involving the Bills.

The latest comes from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who tweeted the following

Adam_Schefter: Here are the two sleeper teams on Vick not getting mentioned, but that I now sense could be in play here: Buffalo and Dallas.

Schefter doesn’t mention that he got that info from a specific source. He also tweeted this morning that there will not be a Vick signing today. Though he did say that Friday through Monday is now on his radar.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bills news: Maybin, Owens, Mort bus

  • Chris "i'm a douche bag and hate the fuckin Bills cause I was friends with Donahue" Mortensen will be making a pit stop at Bills training camp Friday.
I'm not sure if he was originally suppose to come here or not but evidently he'll be @ SJF 8/14. Will it be to cover a major signing or just Owens shit and to rip us?

  • According to the Buffalo news Maybin may be signed shortly "both sides remained in talks Wednesday, creating hope that a deal could be possible this week..."
Meh, I'll believe it when I see it.

Not terribly interesting since Kelsay didn't go down for the season and Rhodes is probably just pissed he sucks. Hit 'em harder next time Woodsie.

  • is saying: "The Bills have been actively "sniffing around quarterbacks," according to's Jason La Canfora."
MV perhaps? Doubt it, maybe Jeff George.. haha

  • Jason Peters says Bills camp is soft and loooooooves Philthy. It's night and day. In Buffalo, not having a chance to get in the playoffs was pretty rough. You might get off to a strong start, but then you lose four or five in a row and you're out of it. And then I was trying to get a contract done. If you're human, that's going to affect you. Sometimes I'd be thinking about it too much.
STFU up Peters. Though that is not to defend the Bills or Jauron, cause I hated the trade and I hate Jauron more, but uh we don't need him to say what we already know.

Oh, and the Bills game is sold out Saturday and will be on Ch 7 in BFLO

  • Quick non-Bills related story. ESPN banned twitter, cock suckers have to go all corporate and ruin everything. It's not even worth my time to follow Bill Simmons any more. Down to just T.O.
Our twitter page

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aaron Maybin is starting to piss me off

by Steve

Not only is Aaron Maybin, the number 11 overall pick in the '09 draft still unsigned, has already missed the first 2+ weeks of training camp and at least the first preseason game of the year; he's also a biggity bitch cry baby. Well, at least according to his "publicist" LaVar Arrington..

“He was in tears not being able to be out there Sunday,” said Arrington, who watched the Bills preseason game with Maybin on TV. “He’s a good kid. Hopefully we get it done quickly.”

Not only does he admit Maybin cried he also blamed the entire reason he is unsigned on Crabtree. Crabtree plays offense, is a top 10 draft pick and was clearly graded higher than where he was picked. Maybin is a defensive end, one of seemingly a million that got drafted in the first round this year and is lucky to have been drafted as high as he was to begin with.

Of course, he isn't 100% to blame in all of this but at this point it is time to start pointing fingers directly at him. Then again this is the Bills front office we're talking about. They aren't exactly the epitome of a well run organization. The owner GM and coach have little to no success at their positions and the team has been a joke for 10+ years and probably closer to fifty.

Either way, if Maybin was so desperate to get into camp he would be there already. We are probably talking about maybe $1-2 million in guaranteed money. The time AM is currently missing is a.) hurting his learning curve b.) stunting future growth and c.) severly hampering his ability to earn much more money in incentives this year and probably future years.

It gets worse. The players on the Bills are all taking his side, of course, and calling us fans ignorant.. GFY

Early Tuesday afternoon, Maybin posted on his site that he would cease tweeting until he’s signed because “of the ignorance and stupidity of some people on twitter.”

Added Maybin: “I’m tired of having to defend myself and my love for this game and the Bills franchise every day to those who know nothing about the business.”

Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell(notes) and safety Donte Whitner(notes) immediately rallied to Maybin’s support by posting tweets of their own.

All I know is the Bills pass rush is awful and most of the first round picks have been signed. Oh and that my patience is wearing thin.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buffalo Sabres sign Mike Grier

WGR550 has confirmed the Sabres signed Mike Grier to a one year deal. Basically this doesn't amount to much although it does prove that Darc/Quinny are at least a live and functioning. Also it now appears Golisano didn't spend all his money on buying the State Senate and new Florida digs.

This in an interesting move though, not because it necessarily makes the team better, but because of the way Grier departed back in 2006. He said something to the tune of the Sabres weren't building a winning team and he didn't like the direction we were headed in. Either there was zero interest in his services by a better team or he really didn't hate it here after all. All in all it is now time for a trade or two.

Pat Kane mugshot

by Steve

Gotta love a scumbag when he's finally caught. Don't get me wrong, its effin sweet Pat Kane is a NHL star and from Buffalo. But the only time I ever tried to talk to him he was a total asshole and I have also spoken with multiple people that corroborate my findings. So as the details pour out about Kane's felony arrest Sat night after boozen on Chippewa I wasn't shocked.

Just look at his fuckin mugshot, he can't whipe that shit eating grin off his face

Whatever. Hopefully he gets off with a shit load of community service and he learns some lessons. Sounds like the wheels are already in motion..

Reached by phone on Monday, Patrick Kane's attorney, Paul Cambria, a noted defense attorney in Buffalo, said the Blackhawks star was "upset the accusation has been made and he's anxiously awaiting to clear it up."

"There's no doubt in my mind that the evidence will show (Patrick Kane) committed no crime," Cambria said.

Cambria, who has defended several members of the Buffalo Bills NFL team in recent court cases, met with Kane and his family on Monday, as well as with Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bills Training Camp Experience

I got a first hand view of this ball club at the night practice on July 30. The place was packed. Had to be around 5,000 people there...4,990 of them were probably there to see TO. Myself and maybe 9 other people were there to see Nic Harris, Andy Levitre, Eric Wood, Alvin Bowin and Shaun Nelson...unfortunately Nelson didn't practice. Here are some photos from St. John Fisher.

The Bills offense spent a lot of time working on the no huddle and the wild cat. This was the majority of the practice when we were there. The Bills lined up with Roscoe, Jackon and Lynch in the backfield with each of them taking turns at quarterback. Are the Bills actually going to try to come up with ways to get Roscoe Parrish the ball? Seems like a smart idea since every time he touches it he is a threat to score. The no huddle offense looked decent although Trent had an off day. He got pick 6'ed by Bryan Scott. He did have a nice 35 yard bomb to T.O. for a touchdown who out jumped Leodis McKelvin in the end zone. He then threw the ball up in the air and celebrated, rubbing it in Mckelvin's face...I love it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Michael Vick visits Buffalo rumor

According to Bleacherreport:

The hottest debate since Brett's retirement has been where Michael Vick will land in the NFL. Many teams have made it a point to steer clear of popular opinion and express themselves to not be interested in the recently prison released and reinstated Vick.

Friday night according to a reliable source at Buffalo/Niagara International Airport a private jet arrived at roughly 5 PM carrying the hotly debated Vick with no luggage but the excessive baggage he has been carrying since his conviction.

A twenty yard walk to a private car and off he went. The source clearly identified Vick from the private hanger in which he worked.

Russ Brandon of the Buffalo Bills clearly stated that the team was not interested and he was happy with the current talent level.

We'll see what the next few days will bring if anything to a team that has already added Terrell Owens this off-season

Doubt there is more credence to this 'rumor' but hey, this is a blog, so why the eff not. Russ and co. said they weren't interested but if rumors of Fitzpatrick's struggles are true, why not take a gander.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bills training camp news 8/3/09

From :

The Bills were fortunate enough to have TE Shawn Nelson, OG Kirk Chambers and DT John McCargo return to the practice field on Monday. All three played relatively well on the day; we'll have more on Nelson's day in a moment. Leodis McKelvin, Steve Johnson, Copeland Bryan and Marcus Smith remain sidelined with their respective injuries (in McKelvin's case, a tight hamstring). Johnson told Matt that he'd be ready to return to the field later this week. Butler's back injury will be monitored, and was the only significant injury on the day.

Shawn Nelson returned to the practice field after missing several days with a minor foot injury, and Buffalo's coaches wasted no time working him back up to speed. Nelson spent a lot of time with the first unit on Monday, particularly in pass sets, and looked great - his blocking is slowly coming along, and he caught several balls, including a long touchdown pass down the left sideline from
Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Lets hope Nelson can usurp the other mediocrities on the team and become the full time starter at tightend. Likely he'll split time and mostly used in the passing game, assuming he can strengthen his route running. Remember he was a fourth round pick and Hardy last year was a second round selection. Honestly I'm expecting next to nothing this year from SN unfortunately.

Demetrius Bell Watch, when Butler went down, it was Chambers who replaced him at right tackle. He's nowhere near ready for significant playing time. Buffalo's coaches realize that, and we should too. Andy Levitre took nearly ever first-team snap at left guard, and every snap when Chambers took over at right tackle. Eric Wood is clearly ahead of Seth McKinney at right guard.

This o-line needs to gel ASAP. God I wish Wood would just be a Center. Rotating him at guard and center isn't a terrible idea as versatility would certainly benefit him and the team but he is a center by trade. If Butler's injury is anything close to serious it could put a major hole in his chances of starting at RT week one. Chambers concentrating at RT might be a plus any way.

It's also worth noting that the Bills practiced rushing against a 3-4 defensive look. Marcus Stroud, Kyle Williams and Spencer Johnson made up the front three, and the line blocked the look well. Expect to see that more as the team slowly begins gearing up for their AFC East foes this season.

This almost sounds like a really good idea, from this coaching staff?!??!

With McKelvin on the sideline and Drayton Florence still working in the slot, Reggie Corner replaced McKelvin opposite Terrence McGee. We feel confident that Florence would have lined up outside in a traditional 4-3 set (i.e. no nickel), but the Corner "promotion" is significant in that he got the call over Ashton Youboty. For now, at least, Corner appears to be ahead of Youboty on the depth chart.

Nic Harris worked as the second-team strong-side linebacker. His chances of unseating Keith Ellison for the starting role there, however, are small; Ellison has actually looked pretty good in camp.

Not good news for Youboty, and anything positive about Ellison is terrible news. His ceiling is shorter than Coast and he is a middle of the road albatross at best. Step yo game up Nic.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Buffalo Bills camp confidential

Tim Graham does it better than we can so here's his early camp assessment:

The Bills have gone nine straight years without a playoff appearance. They went 0-6 against the AFC East last year. They have an injury-prone quarterback. Their miscreant Pro Bowl running back has been suspended the first three games. The fans generally loathe head coach Dick Jauron. The offensive line has been rearranged more than Tex Cobb's face. Rookie defensive end Aaron Maybin, the 11th overall pick, probably won't sign a contract any time soon.

1. How will the Bills' reconstituted offensive line perform?

In the afternoon practice on the first day of training camp, Buffalo's offensive linemen conducted drills 10 feet in front of the railing that separated the most boisterous fans from the field. The throng gazed right past the most important players on the team so they could gawk at Owens and yell to him about how good his new toasted-oats cereal product is.

3. What kind of impact will the no-huddle offense make?

If the first few days of training camp were any indication, the Bills' offense will be fun to watch -- win or lose. To maximize their weaponry both at receiver and in the backfield and perhaps mitigate the line's limitations, offensive coordinator Turk Schonert, a former Sam Wyche pupil, has gone no-huddle.

The Bills' first-team defense has had trouble keeping Owens and Lee Evans from getting behind them. Trent Edwards, criticized for his inability or unwillingness to go deep, has been hurling rainbows that are going for touchdowns.