Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl XXVI

by Coast

What a disaster. I feel bad for anyone that remembers this game. I was only 6 so I remember only vaguely...How can anyone forget Thurman Thomas losing his helmet before the game causing him to miss the first two plays, or Andre Reed throwing his helmet in pure frustration on a non pass interference call resulting in a personal foul? I guess these events epitomize what was Super Bowl XXVI

The Bills entered their second consecutive Super Bowl hungry to make amends for what happened the year before. The team was basically in tact but once again they were not good enough or not well coached enough to win the one that really matters.

The Bills had a remarkable year in 1991. The Bills finished 13-3 including a meaningless week 17 over time loss in which the Bills rested all their main players. They destroyed Kansas City 37-14 in the divisional playoffs and then thanks to Carlton Bailey's touchdown return on an interception of John Elway, they got past the Broncos 10-7 to reach Minneapolis. The Bills offense had perhaps their best season during this stretch of great seasons. Kelly threw for 33 touchdowns 3844 yards. Thurman Thomas had 2038 yards from scrimmage and 12 touchdowns on his way to MVP honors. Andre Reed had 81 catches for 1113 and 10 touchdowns. This allowed the Bills to put up 458 points and have the second highest ranked offense in the league.

The Bills were never able to carry this success into the Super Bowl. They were playing a great team in the Washington Redskins who had a great season under Mark Rypien. They finished 14-2. They had the highest ranked offense and 2nd ranked defense in the NFL. In all reality, the Redskins were the better team, but you wonder how. Look at the comparison position by position: Hall of famer Jim Kelly vs. Mark Rypien. Hall of famer Thurman Thomas vs. Earnest Byner. Yeah, they had Art Monk and Gary Clark and wide receiver, but it is tough to say they are better than Lofton and Reed. The Bills also boasted a great offensive line. Defensively, the Redskins had Darrell Green...and Charles Mann. The Bills had hall of famer Bruce Smith, all pros in Bennett and Odomes and another pro bowler in Talley. The Bills seemed more talented. The only problem was...the Bills were once again out classed on the side line. Levy couldn't get it done in big games, well either could Jim Kelly.

After a scoreless first, the Bills ran into a buzz saw in the second quarter. The skins jumped out to a 17-0 lead and the game was essentially over. The Bills turned one dimensional. Kelly attempted a record setting 59 passes in the loss. He was intercepted 4 times and the Bills laid the ball on the turf another 6 times. They may have recovered 5 of their own in this game but it started an alarming trend of fumble-itis in the Super Bowls. The Skins came out in the second half and put the nail in the coffin with another touchdown to make the score 24-0. A few late scores made it seem respectable but really, this game was a joke.

The Redskins had 417 to the Bills 283 yards of offense. The Bills turned it over 5 times to the Skins 1. The skins had the ball for 34 minutes to the Bills 26. All these numbers scream a blow out and that is exactly what happened. The NFL MVP in this game had 10 carries for 13 yards and lost his helmet. How does the NFL MVP put up a line like that. That might be the worst performance by an NFL MVP in Super Bowl history. The only sad thing for Bills fans after this game is that it wasn't even close to their most embarrassing defeat in a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XXVII reflection coming soon, although it will not be pretty.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Buffalo Rumors hear say and news

  • Keith Ellison isn't good enough at linebacker and it appears the Bills will be looking to push him down the depth chart where he belongs.
  • Take this with a grain of salt, but there is a rumor Golisano is in close talks or negotiations in regards to buying the Buffalo Bills. No he wouldn't have to sell the Sabres, no there are no deep rooted facts, just hope and a mild boner.
  • Nathanial Hacket, signed as the Bills new offensive quality control coach, I guess can't be worse than the quality of our o last year. Plus good pedigree as the son of Buddy Hacket
  • LOL @ the Falcons hiring Mularkey as o coordinator
  • No link but, "St. Petersburg Times writer Rick Stroud reported on ESPN's First Take that the Lions will look to trade Shaun Rogers. The Detroit Free Press has confirmed via a source that Rogers will not be brought back in 2008." Hmm interesting, not sure if he would fit the scheme but would be worth exploring.
  • What can the Bills get for Losman? I'd say no more than a 4th which probably isn't worth trading him.
  • Ralph Wilson vilified. If the Broncos' owner is complaing, I think that tells you all you really need to know about how bad the CBA that only Ralph and Brown voted against was.
  • Connolly
    with a hip bone spur? Max with a partially torn groin? trade 'em...
  • Campbell with a goal and two assists in the all-star game? he will get even more jack, trade 'em...
  • Bucky Gleason is an idiot.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Super Bowl Reflection Super Bowl 25

by Coast

With the Super Bowl looming, it is hard to believe that the Bills were once participating in this event. I can't even remember what it is like for the Bills to make the playoffs, let alone be playing in the Super Bowl for four consecutive years. This time of the year makes me reflect on those four games and what happened during them that caused the Bills to come out on the losing end in all four appearances.

Super Bowl XXV

The Bills were favored by 7 going into this game. They ranked first in offense and 6th in defense and had a league best point differential. The Giants on the other hand were without their starting quarterback Phil Simms. They did have the league's best defense but their offense was middle of the pack, ranked 15th in the league. The Bills went into the Meadowlands during the season and beat the Giants. They were coming off two easy playoff wins including a 51-3 destruction of the Raiders. Who really thought the Giants had a chance to win this game? They couldn't even find the end zone in their NFC championship game, there was no way their offense with their backup quarterback could keep up with the Bills.

The problem, besides the rumor that Buffalo's players were partiers and were out for all hours of the night before the game, was that there was a huge coaching mis match. The Giants head coach was Super Bowl Champion Bill Parcells, and even worse, their defensive coordinator was then little known Bill Belichick. Somehow they put together a game plan to hold the Bills offense under 20 points, a feat that was accomplished only 4 times out of 18 games, one of which in a meaningless week 17 game that Gail Gilbert played in. The Giants struck first with a Matt Barr field goal which was matched by Scott Norwood later in the first quarter. The middle two quarters were perhaps the most decisive. The Bills took the lead in the second quarter with their first touchdown from kick returner and 3rd string running back Don Smith on a running play near the goal line. Then, somehow the Bills managed to turn a safety into one of the two plays that cost them the game. After tripping over a lineman, Jeff Hostetler held the ball away from his body with one hand. Bruce Smith grabbed his arm but did not strip the ball en route to the tackle. This could have been a sure touchdown but instead was just a safety and a 12-3 lead. The Bills relinquished all the momentum after Hostetler hit Baker for a 17 yard touchdown pass to cut the lead to 12-10.

The third quarter is where the Giants put their stamp on this game. Ottis Anderson and the Giant offense embarked on an epic march that took 9 minutes and 29 seconds off the clock. The story of this drive was missed tackles by the Bills. On a critical 3rd and 13, Hostetler threw about a 7 yard pass to Ingram who was able to break about 5 tackles and somehow pick up 13 yards and a first down. That play broke the backs of this defense and allowed the Giants to punch it into the end zone a few plays later. The Bills were able to rally on a 31 yard touchdown run from Thurman Thomas, who was easily the best player on the field that day, to re take the lead 19-17 for the final time.

As the fourth quarter began, the Bills held the lead, but their defense was exhausted as the Giants held the ball almost the entire second half. Matt Barr's field goal half way through the 4th gave the Giants a 20-19 lead. The Bills had a great season, but in the end they came up short as usual in heart breaking cut wrenching style. The Bills got the ball back with 2 minutes and 16 seconds left from their own 10 yard line and only one time out. They managed to drive the ball 60 yards in 2 minutes and 8 seconds thanks to the running of Thurman Thomas. That set up Norwood. The rest is history. If the Bills played the Giants 10 times that season, they would have won 9 of them but they didn't win the one that mattered.

The Giants held the ball for 40 minutes and 33 seconds, compared to the 19 minutes and 27 seconds for the Bills. It is hard to believe that with this much of a disparity, the Bills even had a chance to win the game. The Bills converted only 1 out of their 8 third downs while the Giants converted 9 of 16. Ottis Anderson was the MVP but the best player was Thurman Thomas. Thomas had 20 touches for 190 yards and a touchdown. He was unstoppable in this game. A lot of this has to do with the defensive scheme the Giants ran. They played with only 2 down lineman much of the game which slowed down the Bills offense by taking away the passing attack. When it was all said and done, the Bills were out coached and out played by a team that they were clearly better than and they would never again be close to winning a Super Bowl.

Interesting Super Bowl fact: The Bills fumbled one time in Super Bowl XXV. The Bills added 6 in Super Bowl XXVI, 8 in Super Bowl XXVII and another 3 in Super Bowl XXVIII. That is 18 fumbles in 4 games. How does that happen?

Super Bowl XXVI recap coming soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reaction: Championship Sunday

by Coast

New England 21 San Diego 12

The Patriots are 18-0 after a 21-12 win over the Chargers. What a terrible game. How did the Colts lose to San Diego? Colts Patriots would have been so much better and Indianapolis might actually have had a chance to win. They didn't so it doesn't matter. Tom Brady was bad in this game. He threw for 209 yards 2 TDs and 3 INTs. Moss only had one catch for 18 yards. Brady is not a super hero like everyone on TV makes him out to be. He played the Bills, Jets and Dolphins 6 times this year. On top of that, he played the Browns and Bengals (awful defenses). So, in those 8 games, he faced defenses ranked 31, 31, 18, 18, 23, 23, 30 and 27. What above average player wouldn't put up huge numbers against these teams? Couple that with the four games against teams from the NFC, it is easy to see why he put up some huge numbers (I am not ripping the NFC, it is just a fact that the teams are weaker...the NFC champions trailed the Bills at the end of 3 quarters and if it wasn't for some adverse weather, who knows what would have happened? I am also not saying the Bills are better than the Giants because they are not, the point is, it was a game until Trent forgot what team he was on).

All that a team has to do is pressure Brady and play physical with his receivers and that is what the Chargers did. They have a great secondary with Jammer and Chromartie (the best defensive back in the NFL right now) and they have play makers in their front 7. Brady was also inaccurate all day. He overthrew a wide open Randy Moss by about 8 yards. He got lucky Kevin Faulk made a great catch in the fourth quarter to convert a third down, the pass was not accurate. The funny thing is, the ESPN "experts" are buying into this joke ankle injury he may or may not have and using that as an excuse as to why he was inaccurate. Give me a break. Convenient, the guy throws 3 picks and all of a sudden has an ankle injury that people use as an excuse for his poor play. Give me a break.

Another story in this game was the disappearance of Tomlinson. What a girl. His quarterback is out there with a torn ligament in his knee after having arthroscopic surgery on Monday playing his ass off while you got the franchise back sitting on the bench with his parka and helmet on with some minor injury after saying he was 90% 3 days before. That was a gutless performance by him in my opinion. This is the AFC Championship game. Was Tomlinson just intimidated and scared? Maybe he was, after all, earlier in the week he made the comment that he hoped they just didn't get blown out. That is a good attitude to have if you are the leader of your team. Let's hope we don't get blown out guys, who cares if we win. A good point was made on some talk show that Tomlinson actually left after the first drive and paid a body double to sit on the bench with his helmet on the whole game. I don't know, maybe it was too cold for him. Either way, he should be embarrassed and cost his team a chance to win.

Giants 23 Packers 20

What can I say, I ripped Eli Manning for 4 years saying he was a bust and didn't even care about football, etc. etc. Now, he has orchestrated three straight road wins in the playoffs without turning the football over once and the New York Giants are going to the Super Bowl. Yeah, I woke up Monday morning and thought I had a dream that the G men actually won the NFC Championship, but they actually did. A friend of mine made a comment after the Giants lost to the Patriots and said rematch Feb. 3. I think I laughed at him and told him to be serious. Obviously I underestimated how good the G men are or underestimated how mediocre the NFC is. I don't really know, I guess we will find out.

All that said, the Packers played a bad football game. What Brett Favre was doing on that interception in over time is beyond me. You have been in the league for how long and you making that throw? That ball needs to be put where only your guy can catch it. You cannot make the mistake and throw that ball inside the receiver and give the corner a shot at it. Awful mistake. Wow, Favre has thrown some bad interceptions in playoff games...that ball he just threw up to Dawkins in Philly comes to mind.

Where was Ryan Grant in this game? The Packers didn't even attempt to establish the run. Ryan Grant carried the ball only 13 times in a game where the temperate was below zero. Were the Packers afraid of him being tackled because it was so cold and it would hurt? The Packers were so blatantly one dimensional that they made it really easy for the Giants to defend them in the second half. The Packers offensive in the fourth quarter was atrocious.

Who else thought that RW McQuarters had money on the Packers? The dude intercepts a pass and gets touched and fumbles. Then on a punt, he gets barely touched again and fumbles again. On the fumble on the punt, I don't know who made a worse play, him for fumbling or the dude on the Packers for trying to pick up the ball and return it. What a mistake, one of many for Green Bay. Then you got Lawrence Tynes. Two missed kicks in the fourth quarter including one from 37 yards at the buzzer. He missed the second one by about 30 yards. What a choke job. At least he was bailed out by Favre who choked even worse.

Regardless, the Giants were able to get the win in the more exciting game of the day by far ruining any hopes of a story book super bowl match up between Brett Favre and Tom Brady. Yeah, I wouldn't have minded seeing this only because I thought Green Bay matched up better against New England, but I guess I am wrong about that. The Giants have the defensive ends to get pressure on Brady, but other than that, they are probably worse at every single position except maybe running back. The Patriots receivers vs. the Giants secondary could be a huge huge mis match. I don't care, I am a Giants fan for the next 2 weeks and I don't even like the Giants. They beat the Bills in the Super Bowl because they got lucky and are probably in my top 10 hated teams in the NFL. Eli, who has all of a sudden learned how to play quarterback in the NFL, needs to have the game of his life...again. Strahan needs to be in Brady's grill all day and maybe take a couple shots at his "injured" ankle. Upset of the century? Probably not, but I hope so. Go G Men.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Peace out Hargrove

by Steve

Just what the Bills needed, another hole to fill. It was widely rumored for nearly a week that D-end Anthony Hargrove failed another drug test, meaning he would miss an entire season, it didn't become fact until last night/earlier today. LINK

Two failed drug tests, beating up Rochester Cops, damn what a wild ride it was for Hargrove since the Bills got him for a fifth round pick from the Rams last season. The dude is obviously a dumb ass, how do you fail that many drug tests? You are a millionaire athlete you have the rest of your life to smoke up and get high, you can't stop for a few years and play professional sports??! What an ass hole.

Enough about him, whom hopefully will never be playing for the Bills ever again, what does the suspension mean to the Bills defense? Well, lets see, he was a high motor guy who played special teams, spelled the $75 million two headed monster that is Kelsay and Schobel, and sometimes lined up as a d-end but in the tackle spot. So really, who knows. The Bills are too heavily invested at the position to really look d-end in the first three rounds of the draft, unless of course they find something really special that has dropped, which I am all for. Especially since Schobel and Kelsay are about as close to being called busts as two over payed underachievers can get.

So if something is there late in the 2nd round that is wayyy to good to pass up or a value pick in the third, grab him, other wise wait til later in day two. That is, unless you can trade one of those two bums and get fair value! Which is unrealistic and not going to happen.

There in lies the problem. They have to immovable objects that can't move an Offensive tackle and are making a shit load of money. The young player that still had some upside and brought energy to the team is gone. Maybe this loss is bigger than even I imagine.

Here are the defensive ends still on the roster, Denney, Al Wallace, Copeland Bryan, long snapper Ryan Neill, and Corey Mace. I don't know who those dudes are besides Ryan Denney, and I don't wanna know who those dudes are. The Bills need to scour free agency and find a lower second tier d-end that make some plays, produces against the run, and isn't a white underside douche that runs 10 yards past any QB/RB/FB on the field, we already have three of those.

The way I see, we have a major need at Linebacker, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Defensive Tackle and now Defensive End probably in that order. Hopefully a tall possession receiver can be taken care of early in free agency and with all the picks the Bills have ,a potential impact D-end could be found early on day 2.

All I know is this, Hargrove's weed smoking habits have made the offseason that much more important and interesting.

God help us all.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Championship Sunday

Chargers at Patriots (-14)

San Diego has absolutely no chance of winning. Zero. LDT is hurt, Bill Riviera is hurt, and sucks, the Patriots are more than a juggernaut and it makes me physically ill. It is gonna take me a lot of beers to watch this game, holy shit I hate Tom Brady. They are smoke and mirrors they have a mediocre running back that looks good cause they have a sick passing game and steal running yards because of that. It still boggles my mind as to how the Cheaters haven't lost a game yet. Look at their line backing corps its old as fuck. Their secondary is average. I guess it is all coaching.

Wait, how did the Colts lose last week? God damn this would have been a 10 times better game had the colts won last week instead of Norv and co. That sucks wtf, ahh Billy Volek?!?! I guess it wouldn't have mattered though, if the Colts defense would have played like that against the Patriots they would have been romped any ways. Lets all hope for a miracle, the cold weather to slow down moss and the receivers, and Tom Brady gets injured. That is the only chance the Bolts have of winning after flying cross country in 20 degree weather and up ending the 17-0 Cheaters that cheat and cheat to win and should have lost that opening day game cause they cheated. Why doesn't the NFL take away their other first round pick to and fine the 49ers for being so stupid and trading with them in the first place.

Giants vs. Packers -7.5

Wait a second it is cold in Milwaukee? That is news to me, Jesus I have never heard so much hype and bs about the weather in my life. We get it, it is January, its cold in the north. oh and did you know Brett "Farve" used to be good? Congrats, you play in the NFC North against Grossman, Tavaris, and Kitna. We are suppose to be surprised that the Packers were as "good" as they were this season? Mike McCarthy is a genius? Haha hilarious absolutely hilarious. This team is smoking and mirrors too and I am predicting a Giants victory.

I don't know if people realize but NYC is cold too, err NJ but either way it is cold there too. Eli can play in the cold. The problem is he can't play in big games, buttt some how he has won 2 games on the road in the playoffs. Figure that out. WAit I have, the Cowboys have Wade as their coach, (The great franchise with all these great coaches the past few years yet they can't win ap layoff game pushing, 14 years, and we're suppose to be surprised they are losing ? What I am surprised by is that the Cowboys keep losing assistants... Wow big tuna was good in 1990 congrats. STFU Parcels and everyone from Dallas you suck your org. sucks give it up. The Giants are a decently good team, can run the ball, and if Eli doesn't f up they could pull out the W and miraculously be in the Super Bowl. This sux

Patriogs v Giants in the S bowlllll

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Turk Schonert?

By Coast

Turk Schonert? Does Ralph Wilson realize the Bills finished 30th in the NFL in offense in each of the past 2 seasons? They had 22 offensive touchdowns in a 16 game season for Christ sake. Well the players like him and it will preserve continuity among the offense. There will be much of the same terminology that was in place a year ago. ..

This my friends, is a JOKE. The offense can't get worse than it was the past two years. Mike Martz WAS on the market. Norm Chow just got fired because he was severely handicapped with Vince Young. There were guys we could bring in with some credibility. I don't give a shit about keeping the same terminology and having continuity when we produced 22 touchdowns on offense for an entire God Damn season.

Turk Schonert has shown that he is a good coach though. I mean look what he did with first round pick JP Losman who had all the physical talent in the world. At least Edwards improved as the season went on this year in losing his last 3 games and looking inept at the position.

Oh yeah, Schonert was on staff under Wade Phillips from 1998-2000. What a job he did with Rob Johnson who also had great physical talent. Is it the players in Losman and Johnson who are too dumb or is the coach? What credibility does this guy even have? He is going to be running our offense, oh my God I feel sick to my stomach. He was QB coach in New Orleans in 2005 which ironically is the same year Aaron Brooks fell off the face of the Earth. In 2003 he was the QB coach of the Giants. Kerry Collins had a quarterback rating of 70.7 and the team won 4 games all year.

Don't worry, it gets better. In 2001 he was the QB coach of the 1-15 Carolina Panthers. Heisman Trophy Winner Chris Weinke had a 62 rating. He also had a stint with the Bucs from 1992-1995 in which the passing game ranked 15, 20, 17 and 26. These rankings actually sound good compared to what we are used to.

The point is...this guy has no history of success. He has been around bad football teams every year in this league. He has never ran an offense. Wow the more I think about this, the worse it seems. The Bills are going to be bad on offense and probably as a team for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Buffalo singin' the January blues

by Steve

Holy shit could you have imagined a worse January for Buffalo sports fans? The Sabres are 0-7 in the new year and currently on a ten game losing streak (Yes, 10 game losing streak) and the Buffalo Bills lost their GM, hired in house for their "COO" position, not even hiring a GM let alone a real GM, and have promoted a Quarterback's coach, a QB coach that has overseen the development of zero good QB's including JP Losman. But.. to the best of my knowledge they have actually brought in 1 mind from outside the organization (Ray Brown O-line assistant), this, an organization that hasn't made the playoffs in 8 years.

How do you lose 10 straight hockey games? How do you go 2 for 33 on the power play? Furthermore, in what universe would a team lose 10 straight contests and nothing happen? 1 Seymore Knox Plaza is probably the only one. Well, wait a minute thats not completely fair, they did in that time period, completely alienate their top UFA after the year in Brian Campbell, who has broken off talks until "after the season" err July 1 when teams offer more money.

Speaking of which, WTF is wrong with this organization? Did they learn nothing from the Drury/Briere fiasco? They knew Campbell was going to be a free agent, they knew the price was going to go up every day once the season started, they know he is a key member of this team, I don't get it.

Sure you could argue Campbell broke off the talks not them, that he doesn't want to stay, that he went public about the whole thing. I counter that by saying WHAT TOOK SO LONG? Did Darc/Quinny really need 3+ months to offer him a fair deal they could afford? Do they not know the realities of the situation ie What Campbell wants, what he is seeking, what they are offering? How do they negotiate? Do they negotiate? It should not take 4 months to determine you can afford or not afford him.

I don't want to hear the injury excuse either. What, you're shocked that Tim Connolly is hurt? That the undersized diving munch kin D Roy is hurt? You are dying for Max to come back? The same Max most wanted benched for a while any ways? There is more than injuries that are causing this team to consistently lose, well actually lose nearly an 8th of their season in back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back games

On to the Bills, with hopefully a more in depth post from Coast (If he still blogs here) later on. Ok, my first reaction upon hearing that Turk Schonert was hired as offensive coordinator was that of horror, embarrassment, disgust, anger, resentment, disappointment and finally apathy.

I'll admit, I was the one saying, "give the Bills the benefit of the doubt. Ralph Wilson isn't really that cheap, Jauron is 17th in pay as a coach, he gives out big contracts ie Schobel and Dockery, they had the 4th highest cap" etc etc. But, I also recall saying something to the tune that if the Bills stay in house for the GM, and do not bring in any new faces, they better bring in a new face for OC. Well, they haven't and I'm pissed.

Sure Schonert has been saying all the right things. He disagrees with Fairchild on a lot of things, he is going to bring changes to the schemes, "The Bills former quarterbacks coach is also expected to make greater use of bootlegs and play action, which were not called often by former coordinator Steve Fairchild, especially in the red zone where Buffalo finished 30th in the league in touchdown percentage (38.2%). "all found in this article but I am still pissed. Some one should have been brought in from outside the organization. F continuity. The offense has been brutal for years, elevating from within is not enough of a change for this offensive.

Then again, I have calmed down from this morning. I am not suicidal, mostly because if the QB fails, the offense will suck any ways, buttt you kind of have to give the guy a chance. Granted, it will be a short rope, but a rope will be given. Things better change, drastically and quickly. Starting March 1st, right through the draft and training camp to opening day September 14th. Bring in a play maker, a tight end preferably, a possession receiver, and get the damn ball to Lynch more.

Hey, February is only 16 days away. Aw shit that means we're only half way through January. Hold your breath, it may get worse before it gets better..

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wilson makes a decision

by Steve

No new GM or any new people for that matter. As expected, the Bills stayed in house promoting marketing man Russ Brandon as COO and giving Modrak and Guy more important sound titles. Of course this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. No its not ideal but no its not the end of the world. I haven't minded the moves the FO has made the last few years, and if Marv was just a figure head then the people behind him who are still there are then still making those decisions I didn't mind.

The next step however is picking a reasonable Offensive Coordinator. If the Bills promote from within for that then I'll flip my lid be pissed and not defend the decision. And if Jauron has a strong say in decisions for some reason I have a feeling he can build a really good defense. Hopefully at least.

PS Brandon got a World Series ring with the 1997 Florida Marlins.

From Buffalobills.com :

Orchard Park, NY—Russ Brandon has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer, Bills owner Ralph Wilson, Jr. announced today.

In his new role, Brandon will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Buffalo Bills franchise at One Bills Drive, including Business and Football Operations.

“It has been my experience over the years that our greatest opportunity for success comes when we promote from within our own organization,” said Wilson. “So, I have decided that the responsibilities of the general manager’s position will be handled from within and we will not to go outside the organization.”

Wilson added, “I am confident in the skills possessed by our seasoned football front office staff. What I feel we need is a person with Russ Brandon’s proven leadership skills to pull it all together. He has worked very closely with me over the years and I am comfortable that he is up to the task”.

“Finally,” Wilson said, “There will be additional announcements in the near future regarding the re-alignment process that we are going through at the current time.”

Divisional Round

by Steve

Since the Bills didn't make the playoffs and won't conceivably make the playoffs for another 8 seasons(honestly can you even picture a Bills playoff game at this point? I was like 14 the last time they were in the playoffs christ) you gotta pick some teams you want to win. To be honest thought I don't want any team to win, if a plane crashed into each stadium and killed all the other teams and it was on the Bills left, I'd take it. But since we live in a society and saying things like that aren't funny to some people I'll tell ya the teams to root for.

Seahawks v. Packers

Fuck Bret Favre. His name is spelled wrong, he's been here so many times, he has looked great, he has looked awful, and some how had it in him to make one more run in an awful conference. The only solace I can take in Bret "Farve" and his career is that the Falcons lost out on him. Furthermore, I rooted for the Seahawks in the Superbowl 2 years ago cause obviously I hate the Steelers, #3 team I hate the most and last week was a very sweet day) so I'm goin with the 'hawks again today. From the top down I don't like the Packers. They have the team locked into that area for ever because the citizens got to buy the team (why the fuck isn't Buffalo allowed to do this) their coach isn't that good, has no experience, and pretty much got lucky with a one year fling with a QB and a defense that out performed itself because of "Farve".

Jax v. Patriots

This one we all know. Lets go Jaguars! Good luck. No, wait... Can the Patriots really be this good? They just had a grueling finish to their season, they've played their starters the whole year with no rest and are wayyyy over due for some crazy anti-cheatriots shit to go down. Plus their defense is old as dust. Look at their linebackers. They have Junior Seau playing! They can't run the ball, they can't stop the run. The only real problem is Jax's defense is banged up, can't cover their wide outs and the team can't play from behind. If the Jaguars had Stround and Henderson playing I'd lay the house on JAX plus the points, but instead I'll take the Jags money line and hope for some breaks to finally go against Tommy and Billy.

Chargers v Colts

The Colts have been a heavy favorite, fan favorite, media darling, and overexposed about as much as Britney Spears clit but for some reason I still don't hate 'em. Maybe it is because Manning is a nerdy douche and Tom Brady is just a douche I don't know but I'll go with the Colts here. Tomlinson is a crying whining cock smoke complainer and I don't like his nickname either. Plus their coach is Norv Turner, what is the point of rooting for them? Also I don't like Phil Rivers (Bill Riviera) cause he is too cocky for being so mediocre,luckily on a good team with a great running back and was in the same draft as Losman. Oh and Merriman is a cheating piece of shit and has a stupid dance he does after routine tackles, thanks for those.

Giants v. Cowboys

True, both teams beat the Bills in Superbowls and of course I hold a grudge for that to this day, so basically I hate both teams. Buttt the Cowboys are "America's team" why, I have no idea
but if that team and its ass hole overly tanned botox injected balding big eyed douche bag owner died it would be a celebration. Plus Tony Romo came out of no where to be good, bangs hot celebrities and isn't even that good. Furthermore he chokes, has won 1 big game, when "Farve" went down with an injury, and the Cowboys beat us on MNF in a heartbreaker. Their coach is an ass hole as well. Gomer can't win a playoff game, and chocked big time in both he coached for the Bills. Rooting for the Giants is tough, but not that tough. Eli take a lot of heat for choosing which team he wanted to play for after the draft, but does have to live in his older brothers shadow which sucks. I used to hate Tom Coughlin but he's calmed down or at least it seems like he has since last years choke job.

To re cap WNY Watercooler wants the Giants, Seahawks, Jags, and Colts to win. 3 underdogs but eh fuck it, it's plus the points.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Buffalo Bills/Sabres/sports

by Steve

Yup the Sabres have lost 8 straight, the Bills are dragging their feet with a new GM and OC, 2008 Buffalo sports ladies and gentleman! Could this year have started out any worse? Tough to argue it could have, but things could be getting brighter.

The Bills could hire a sick GM fire Jauron and build the offense with free agents while developing a sub mediocre defense through the draft. Well... we can dream can't we? And hey, maybe the Sabres stole a point in Ottawa and will start getting healthier beat NJ this weekend and then sweep their upcoming 5 game road schedule. Then Jim Kelly will buy the Bills and Bashar Issa will break ground on his new 40 story building on Mohawk st.

So here are things that are real:
  • There might be some receivers on the market from Larry Fitzgerald here although he will be making $16 mil in 2008 to Roy Williams (UFA after 2008 and they did draft a WR #2 overall)
  • Ralph Wilson chirps about the QB and WR needs "I'm high on the quarterback, very much so," owner Ralph Wilson said. "He needs some help. Everyone knows our need for a tall wide receiver, but they take two or three years to develop out of college. There are exceptions, but we need a tall receiver with speed and toughness." here
  • Are the Bills purposely dragging their feet?
  • Gary Crowton LSU newOC?
  • Jason Peters is skipping the Pro Bowl
  • No Roy Connolly or Max hurts the Sabres esp. in the shoot out (0-4)
I still think John Guy will be the GM but the name Greg Gabrial out of Chicago has been thrown around along with a rumor of Jauron being promoted and a new coach being brought in, who the hell knows, I for one just want a decision soooooon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


by Coast
New sabres podcast

This is my one and only college football blog of the year. Everyone who reads this blog is a football fan. We all love watching football, talking about football, and everything else that has to do with the sport. Division I College Football is the second best league that we have in the sport. It makes me so mad that something that could be so exciting has a post season system that is so terrible. The bowl season this year was awful. I remember one and only one exciting bowl game (Michigan vs. Florida) and who really cares about the Cotton Bowl?

The real disaster is the BCS. This year is a perfect example as to why it is a complete joke, even more so than when Auburn went undefeated in the SEC and didn't even get a chance to play for a championship. How do you go undefeated in the SEC and not even get a shot?

This year, the first BCS game on New Years Day, the Rose Bowl, featured USC vs. Illinois and then later that day Georgia played Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. These games were barn burners with final scores 49-17 and 41-10 respectively in favor of USC and Georgia. Who thought Illinois even belonged in a BCS game in the first place? They didn't even win their conference and their conference is the Big 10. I know Georgia didn't either, but let's face it, there are probably 3 or 4 teams from the SEC that were way better than Illinois and could have even won the Big 10. Then in the Fiesta Bowl, West Virginia routed Oklahoma 48-28 in another game that was essentially over at half time. Kansas beat Va Tech in the Orange Bowl 24-21 but it was 24-14 until a late garbage time touchdown, another bad game. This brings me to another point. Kansas did not win the Big 12. They did not even play in the conference championship game. Missouri easily beat Kansas and only lost to Oklahoma this year (twice) including in the conference championship game. Yet, somehow Kansas gets a BCS bid and Missouri doesn't. Explanation?? Finally, the BCS National Title game. Ohio State embarrassed yet again 38-24 ending the most pathetic BCS season of them all. Combined margin of victory: 200-100. Worst off all we have no idea who the best team in the country is.

The solution seems so simple to me. The fact that college football doesn't have a playoff system is mind boggling in the first place especially when there is such an easy solution. The BCS Conferences are the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, and SEC. Each conference winner needs to be rewarded and would get an automatic bid to the eight team playoff. That leaves openings for two at large teams. Had this system been in place this year, the teams most likely involved would have been Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC, LSU (conference champions), Georgia (at large), and Missouri(at large). Yeah, Hawaii would have a complaint but when you have the worst SOS(strength of schedule) in the nation and you play in the WAC, you aren't getting any respect from me. The four quarterfinal games can be the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. The other bowl games will still exist as well for teams not in the playoff. This system is just so easy to switch to but I guess it makes too much sense. The seeds can be determined by the pollsters or even the computers for all you BCS fans. This is how things probably would have shaken out this year:

1. OSU
2. LSU
3. Va Tech
4. Oklahoma
5. Georgia
6. Missouri
7. USC
8. West Virginia

(These are 8 of the top 9 teams in the BCS rankings, only team left out is Kansas who would have a complaint, but I think we all can agree they aren't national championship material.)

Quarterfinals at the four BCS Bowl Venues:
Osu vs. WVU
Va. Tech vs. Missouri
Oklahoma vs. Georgia

These games seem a lot more intriguing than the games that were actually played, although LSU and USC get stuck playing each other in the first round...that is what happens when you lose to Stanford at home.

WVU vs. USC, Georgia vs. Missouri

National Championship Game:
USC vs. Georgia

How much better does this game seem like it would be than Ohio State vs. LSU?? The match ups the whole way through the playoffs seem exciting. Furthermore, more games equals more money, so everyone wins. I don't know who is running the show in College Football but a change is needed real soon. I might hate the sport completely if I have to watch another bowl season like the one this year.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Buffalo Sabres podcast

The Buffalo Sabres continue to lose, now 7 straight, Watercooler Talk brings in Ark to bring a fresh take. Vanek sucks, Connolly isn't the same old Tim Connolly, a trade? Fire Lindy? More problems than solutions unfortunately but we tackle it all... Enjoy

rick click save as to download

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bills shit and shit again

by Steve

Who is going to be the Bills GM? At this point I'm leaning towards an outsider which is actually good news kind of; although I dont want to start all over again although also Dick Jauron sucks. I dont know, I dont think Wilson knows so basically no one knows.

Somet stuff:

  • Word is the Bills have their eye on Bears scouting director Greg Gabriel, a Buffalo native, as a possible replacement for retiring GM Marv Levy. http://www.profootballweekly.com/PFW/The+Way+We+Hear+It/Whispers/2007/whispers010508.htm
  • Demoted Olson could end up in Buffalo as offensive coordinator http://sports.yahoo.com http://www.stlouisrams.com/Team/Coaches/52979/
  • Also someone claimed "I heard on Sirius NFL radio that the potential for Losman For Deangelo Hall is very high.

    Sirius made it seem like it was pretty high ( I dont know about this just giving info)

    Also being brought up was Roy Williams and Shaun Rogers both of Detroit.

    They said Jauron thinks highly of Williams and Losman and a 3rd would get it done."

Doubt the Bills get Roy Williams.. but any impact player for Losman would be sweet. Who knows. I still say John Guy is the next GM.. We'll see. What do you think about the Bills off season/gm/draft?? commmmmmment

Friday, January 4, 2008

Final Grades 2007 Season

by Coast

The Bills season is over and it is time to reflect on the 2007 season. The Bills finished with a 7-9 mark good for second in the division. They finished 30th in total offense and 31st in total defense. They beat the Jets twice, Dolphins twice, Bengals, Ravens and Redskins (Fluke win after Sean Taylor's death). These teams have a combined record of 26-54 (32.5% Winning Percentage). Let's face it, the Bills are nowhere near a 7-9 football team, they played the Dolphins and Jets twice. When matched up against the top teams, they couldn't compete (see NE, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville), Dallas was obvioulsy an abiration. Denver is a bad team and the Bills fell to them at home. Their quarterback melted in bad weather and the defensive shortcomings can to fruition. If you look around the league right now, there are only 8 teams that I would give the Bills a legitimate chance at beating on a neutral site: Jets, Dolphins, Ravens, Chiefs, Rams, 49ers, Falcons and Raiders. Any other team in the league I would say is a 50/50 shot at best. If this is what you deem as a success after two years Marv Levy then I am glad you resigned.

Let's issue a final report card for the 2007 season. It won't be sugar coated, it is going to be downright ugly.

Coaching Staff

Dick Jauron: During the week: B-, on Sundays: F.

  • The players like him and play hard for him on gamedays, their is no arguing that. He did a good job getting this young and overmatched team ready to compete on gameday. However, on Sundays Dick Jauron is an embarrassment to professional coaching. From the Browns game to the Cowboys game Dick Jauron made decisions on Sundays that make you want to stab yourself. His job should have been lost after the mental lapse on Monday night against Dallas and against Cleveland, his scared play calling cost the Bills even a chance. Draw on 3rd and 8 and punt down 8 with 6 minutes left and your season on the line. That is pathetic.

Steve Fairchild: F

  • Have you ever seen an offense get this much worse with improved personnel? Last year the Bills offense showed sparks of coming along with their young quarterback JP Losman. This year with an improved running back and a bolstered 100 million dollar offensive line, the offense nose dived. I have never seen a fallout like this in my life. The quarterback was benched twice. The Bills play calling was all of a sudden ridiculously timid and when they should be conservative, they gambled (Neuman's pick against Dallas, no one needs a reminder). Against Cleveland, 16 runs on their first 18 first down plays. Josh Reed coming out after the season and saying his 8 year old son could figure out what we were going to do on offense. Fairchild is gone, thank God. This was the single worst offensive season I have ever seen and the worst job by a coordinator since I can remember. The Bills scored 20 touchdowns on offense in 16 games. How bad is that?

Perry Fewell: C-

  • The Bills lost some guys on defense this season. Poz and Simpson getting hurt cost us. Fact is, the Bills didn't have the personnel to compete but I blame this at least somewhat on the scheme. The small quick defenses don't work, I have never seen them work and never will. The Bills linebackers in Ellison and DiGiorgio were so undersized that opponents running backs were actually bigger. The Bills have noone on the D line that requires a double team. This defensive mentality is what Fewell and Jauron want to implement so they deserve the blame more than the overmatched players. Fewell should have lost his job as well after the Dallas game. 10 yard cushion with 7 seconds left and no time outs? Come on, that type of mis step cannot be had in this league, unless of course, the game was fixed. All in all, the Bills defense did manage to hold some teams, the bad teams, off the score board and considering how bad they were, I will give Fewell some credit for that.


Quarterback: Trent Edwards: C-, JP Losman: D

  • We all had high hopes that JP Losman would build on his solid second half and have a break out year this year. It didn't happen. He had one good game against the Bengals. He was inaccurate on a lot of Balls, but not more so than Trent Edwards. Losman was affected by the ultra conservative play calling on opening day and then the debacle that occured at Heinz Field. After the cheap shot from Wilfork, Edwards came in and showed he could be efficient especially for a rookie. He won 5 of his first 6 starts, but he beat noone of any consequence. He made a great throw against the Redskins which I thought would be a momentus occasion for him. Now, when I think about it, it was just plain luck. As soon as the temperature dropped below 40, he was downright awful. His strength was that he could complete a high percentage of passes and keep the chains moving and our defense off the field. He went 11-23, 13-33, 9-26 and 16-30 in his final 4 games (43.75% completion percentage). What does this tell me? When the games are most important late in the season, this guy is effected by the cold weather. I still think that JP Losman, given the right coach who would not try to turn him into a traditional pocket passer, will succeed in the NFL but not with Buffalo. The Bills are going to try to move forward with Edwards, but I will be honest, I am not optimistic. (This just in, Losman wants out of Buffalo http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3181919).

Running Back: Marshawn Lynch: A

  • What can you say about this guy. He ran for 1115 yards and had 7 touchdowns. He also missed three games. He runs hard and has the speed to break long runs. "Beast Mode" is the franchise and couldn't have more validated his 12th overall selection in the 2007 draft. The Bills need to find a way to get this guy the ball as much as possible, running, catching, even let him throw the ball as he added a touchdown pass to his resume this year. He accounted for 40% of all our offensive touchdowns. This guy is the real deal and I can't wait to see the level he can reach in the future years.

Wide Receivers: Lee Evans: C-, Josh Reed: C, Roscoe Parrish: C-

  • Lee Evans had a breakout season in 2006. Where was he in 2007? No where to be found. Evans obviously excels when Losman is under center and without him in there to throw bombs, Evans was a non factor most of the time. Evans had 55 catches for 849 yards and 5 touchdowns this year. 55 catches is not what we need from our number one receiver. Josh Reed seems like a decent number 3 or 4 but that is all he is. He made one huge grab against the Redskins on that fluke play to get us into field goal range. That was by far the best play of the season probably for our offense. Against Jacksonville though he actually ducked on a pass from Losman because there were defenders around. That sums up our offense...scared. Reed finished with 51 catches for 578 yards but had 0 touchdowns. Parrish was nowhere to be found almost all season. Fairchild could not find a way to get this guy the football. 35 catches 352 yards and only 1 touchdown. This guy is supposed to be an explosive threat. He made one play on offense all season and it was in a 56-10 drubbing. Worst of all, the wide outs all stand under 5 foot 10. What a joke.

Tight Ends: Group: F

  • Do I need to give detail? Royal is a bum and makes stupid play after stupid play. Gaines chokes every time he needs to make a big catch. I am through with these guys. I have been through with Robert Royal since opening day 2006. Gaines huge drop against the Browns-possibly cost us the season.

Offensive Line: B

  • The Bills bolstered their offensive line in the offseason. They spent 75 million dollars to do so. The improvement was evident in the passing game. Bills quarterbacks at some points had all day to throw. The run blocking however was sub par. Marshawn Lynch earned every single one of his 1115 yards this year. Melvin Fowler is an awful player. I have seen this guy get blown up one too many times and I think the Bills need to move on. The only reason why they get a B is left tackle Jason Peters. Peters may be the best in the game. Without the excellent decision by Mike Mularkey to put him at tackle, who knows if he would have found his niche there. That is right, an excellent decision by Mike Mularkey.

I will keep this short, the offense as a whole gets an F. This is the worst unit I have ever seen.


Defensive line: D

  • AARON SCHOBEL 50 MILLION DOLLARS ARE YOU KIDDING ME. That's right, Aaron Schobel inked a 50 million dollar deal this past year and he sure did validate it let me tell you. He had 6.5 sacks and trust me, none of them were huge. Where was he when Tom Brady was standing in the pocket for 20 minutes? Where was he when David Garrard picked up 3rd and long after 3rd and long? What an overpaid, overrated player. I would trade him in a heartbeat. On the other side, Chris Kelsey made 12 million dollars this year as part of the 4th largest payroll in the National Football League. Chris Kelsey...12 million. I don't care if that includes a signing bonus. At least Kelsey made a couple big plays, Td vs Dallas and a safety vs Miami. Kelsey had 2.5 sacks. That is 9 sacks combined for our "book ends" who are making 75 million dollars between the two of them. The D tackles are just too small. McCargo made some plays this year and actually looks like he can be a good player. The only problem is that every time he made a good play he would be off the field the next series for Jason Jefferson. Kyle Williams is a nice player and Larry Tripplett made his first 2 plays as a Bill against Washington. The problem is, none of these guys are big time play makers and none of them can occupy blockers. Therefore we have lineman getting to the second level and then we have Ahmad Bradshaw running 88 yards. The Bills defense allowed 500 yards to Jamal Lewis, Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs in TWO GAMES. We aren't talking about Tomlinson, Peterson and Westbrook here, we are talking about Lewis, Jacobs and Bradshaw. They are lucky they get a D.

Linebackers: D

  • Way too small. Wayyyy too small. Angelo Crowell was the only one of the three (himself, Ellison and DiGiorgio) who should ever be playing on defense in the National Football League and even he had some real bad moments this season, just ask Rich Gannon. The Bills backers are smaller than most of the running backs they go up against and that isn't a good formula. Ellison is a nice reserve player but is undersized. DiGiorgio is not an NFL linebacker. Paul Posluszny looks like he is going to be a stud but unfortunately he went on the IR in week 3. The Bills need to address this need in the offseason obviously. I am sick of looking at little twirps getting blown up by big running backs, especially in the snow and especially by a drug dealing/using felons.

Secondary: C-

  • Donte Whitner was the 8th overall pick in the draft and I am still waiting to see him play like it. I see guys around the league like Bob Sanders and Troy Polamalu, neither of which were drafted as high as Whitner. KO Simpson getting hurt was a blow, I expected big things from this guy. Then I had to mercifully watch George Wilson get ripped apart. People actually say he played well, he didn't. He is a wide reciever and isn't good enough to be one in the league. Jim Leonhard is undersized and is not a starting NFL safety. The corners McGee and Greer had some moments, but like the rest of the team are undersized. McGee had 4 interceptions and Greer had 2. 4 is decent for a corner, not great but decent. Whitner only had one and only has 2 in his career. He needs to get better. The only reason why the Bills get a C- in their secondary is because their run D was so much worse.

Overall, the Bills defense gets an F. They were one of the worst teams in NFL history on third downs. They were ranked 31st in the league in total defense. How can you give them anything better than an F? When they played decent teams they were exposed big time. New England is just a haunting game. The number of third and longs the Jags converted is incredible. This unit needs some work...everywhere.

Special Teams: C

How many punts did Brian Mooreman shank this season? This was the worst year of his career. I felt like he actually killed us in some games. The return game suffered a huge fall off from previous years. Yeah Parrish was great on punt returns averaging 16.3 yards per return and did score a touchdown (in a loss). McGee scored a touchdown also (in a loss) and averaged only 24 yards per return. The special teams was supposed to be a strength this year but they were nothing more than ordinary. They even gave up a touchdown (in a win). I guess based on this evidence, special teams touchdowns don't really matter.

This year was a huge disappointment and let's face it, it was over after that September 9th 3rd and 26 conversion by Denver. The team ranked IN THE BOTTOM 3 ON OFFENSE AND DEFENSE!!!!!! The coaches cost them games also. People can take solice in the fact that "ohhh they had injuries, what a job by Jauron." I say get some talent in here and try and crack the top 30 in something. Christ, maybe next year...again.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

NFL mock draft round 1

by Andy

With only 4 months before the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall, I figured it would be a good time to get my first Mock Draft going. I only did non playoff teams and picks 3,4 and 5 will be decided by a coin toss. I did a coin toss and here's how I see the draft playing out right now, before FA and trades start:

1. Miami Dolphins - Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU - The Phin's need to stop the run and with the Tuna in town, that will be top of his to do list. Dorsey is the best "pro ready" DT in college football right now and also has the ability to rush the passer. Look maybe also for Matt Ryan. Parcells might do what he did his first year at New England and draft a franchise QB, a la Drew Bledsoe.

2. St. Louis Rams - Chris Long, DE, Virginia - With another year of poor defensive play, the Ram's go with the best DE in the draft. Their interior line is very young but strong. With Long on the outside, stopping the run should not be a problem for this team.
Long will give them a play maker from the end position who works hard and never gives up on plays. He's a high intensity, high motor guy that coaches love.

3. Atlanta Falcons - Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas - They missed out on Peterson last year and Dunn is aging quick. Probably the most talented player in draft, tough for the Falcons to pass up. Norwood can't carry the load, so this pick is easy for Arthur Blank and Company. Could go QB but I think they will look in free agency or making a move later in the draft. Chris Reddman looks good though.

4. Oakland Raiders - Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC - Warren Sapp is going to retire soon and that leaves the Raiders D-Line in rough shape. Ellis is a freak of nature and will fill Sapp's shoes nicely.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long, OT, Michigan - Larry Johnson needs more holes. With poor QB play, LJ is going to again be carrying the load for the Chiefs. If that is the case, Long is the best choice because the guy is a monster and will replace Willie Roaf, a future HOF from 2 years ago.

6. New York Jets -
Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State - The Jets simply can not rush the passer. Vilma's play has continuously decreased since his rookie year. Last years steal, David Harris, is panning out very nicely and if paired with Gholston, the J-E-T-S could see a significant increase in the pass rushing category. Gholston is a no brainer.

7. New England Patriots
(From San Francisco 49ers) - James Laurinitis, LB, Ohio State - Could Bills nation catch a break? The Patriots LB core is old, I'm talking farting dust old. Look for them to go LB here or CB if Samuel leaves but I think they still go LB. Laurinitis is the best "MKE" in the draft, so the Pat's will go with him as their choice.

8. Baltimore Ravens -
Malcom Jenkins, CB, Ohio State - Billick is gone so they might look for a QB here. Brohm would be a good choice. But I think they give Troy Smith a year and see what he can do. Should have played him a lot earlier because Kyle "I should have been a bowler" Boller (Thanks Skip) just is not good. Ravens CB's got injured a lot this year and Samari Rolle isn't a "boy" anymore. Jenkins is a great replacement for this aging defense.

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Keith Rivers, LB, USC - This is a stretch but I just looked at the LB's on their roster and it is embarrassing. Could go Dan Conner or Kenny Phillips, but they definitely need Defense. Marvin Lewis is a D guy and their offense is solid as long as the sign Ocho Cinco.

10. New Orleans Saints -
Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida - Mike McKenzie is the only good CB on the team. Last year they went out and got Jason David from the Colts, and if you watched any games this year, he got undressed every time they went after him. Jenkins starts opposite McKenzie and allows that Defense to get to the QB more without worrying about David picking up his jock strap.

11. Buffalo Bills - Dan Conner, LB, Penn State - The Bills biggest needs are possession WR and CB, but this draft is loaded with them. They go and get Conner to replace the undersized Ellison and
DiGiorgio. Conner played with Poz at Penn State so they will mesh perfectly together. If not Conner, I still think they look LB and possibly at Rivers.

Denver Broncos - Kenny Phillips, S, Miami - John Lynch might be done with the NFL and headed to the CBS booths but I think he's got one more year in him. Phillips will be a paired next to him, learning from a great hard hitting safety. He is compared to guys like Ed Reed and the late Sean Taylor, so this should not be a hard pick for the Broncos.

13. Carolina Panthers - Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State - The Panther's two OT's are FA's this year so look for them to go with Clady. They have two good running backs which haven't gotten it going yet because a week OL. Clady will give them the running holes they need and also their QB, who ever it will be, more time to hit his WR's.

14. Chicago Bears - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College - Ryan is their guy because their D is still solid, and they will find a RB in FA (Julius Jones is my guess). With Devin Hester showing the Bears he can and wants to play WR, they need someone that can throw him the ball. Orton is a solid backup with a killer beard, but not a #1 in the NFL.

15. Detroit Lions -
Calais Campbell, DE, Miami - The Lions need a help on D. Campbell is good at stopping the run and a decent pass rusher. Looks like a mold of Mario Williams. Calais may have more potential than any other defensive player in the draft. Was a top 5 pick pre-season but did not have the stand out year he wanted to. Good compliment to Shaun Rogers.

16. Arizona Cardinals -
Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi - Should probably go D here but this pick solidifies their O Line for years to come. With Russ Grimm there to teach him and last years pick Levi Brown to help him, Oher is a solid and safe pick. Fans will be upset not going D, but this ties together an offense ready to have a break out year. (I know everyone says that about them every year)

17. Minnesota Vikings - Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky - I think Brohm is also a good choice, I just don't know if he will be there. Jackson shows signs of being a good QB, but I think Childress is done waiting. With the Vike's O line and the Peterson/Taylor combo this could be a very high powered Offense for a long time. Sidney Rice waiting for someone who can hit him in stride and watch him make plays down field.

18. Houston Texans- Sam Baker, OT, USC - The Texans invested a lot in Matt Shaub and they need him to stay on his feet and better yet, on the field. Baker is an extremely good pass blocker and will be able to open holes for Green.

19. Philadelphia Eagles - Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma - Who ever the QB is in Philly will need a big possession WR to throw too. Kevin Curtis is not a #1 but a solid #2. Kelly is a large target with good speed and hands. Might shy away from WR due to what happened with Freddy Mitchell, but they need to open up with passing game to take some pressure off Brian Westbrook.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Classic Winter Bust

by Steve

Sure it was a great "event" it showcased the Ralph, the city and the great fans we all knew we had but in the end the Sabres and Buffalo lost, seemingly as per usual. I know I know the outcome wasn't that important it was only 1 of 82 games, it was ment to show case that horse toothed douche bag Sidney Crosby, but can't a Buffalo sports team just win once?

I honestly think the event was a bit fixed to tell you the truth. C'mon ,the story book ending with Crosby scoring the winning goal as the third shooter in a shoot out? Strategically wouldn't you think your best player would shoot first or second guaranteeing him a shot in the shoot out? And what were the odds of this game going to over time and then to a shoot out, 80% 95%? Where was Vanek in the shoot out or in the game for that matter?!

The Sabres had one 40+ second power play the entire regulation, the Penguins at one point got at least 3 power plays in a row. The Sabres were shooting in the OT but it didn't really seem like they were trying to score. It was as if Bettman and the NHL gave Buffalo their one shining moment, but in the end cared more about the next big thing allegedly Sid the douche.

It snowed a bit too much, so the game was slow and choppy, not to mention all the long delays to fix the ice, WTF. The first period lasted nearly 90 minutes. And stopping the game in the third and OT..., it wasn't even windy, grow a sack NHL players. All the delays and stoppages didn't allow for any flow to the game. PLUS there were fucking terrible towels! There is no city I hate more than Pittsburgh from their fans to their sports team to the colors to those stupid piss stained pieces of cloth they waive around like assholes.

Which reminds me, Sidney Crosby is an over rated piece of garbage. He has never won a playoff series, and will never score 92 goals in a season. He certainly won't win as many cups as Wayne not even half as many. He is not Gretzky and if you're gonna say "well its different eras" then don't say shit about him being the fastest to 200 points isn't that the same thing?

Look I had fun at this "once and a life time event" it was great to see all the fans and the festivities and the fact that it was in our back yard. Furthermore it was great to see the Ralph rocking in January but anyone that says they would rather have this than a home football playoff game is crazy.