Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jason Peters' Agent

by Steve

Everyone is pissed and worried about the Jason Peters situation. I completely understand it, and at press time am shivering at the idea of Langston Walker staying at left tackle. But here is another twist to the Peters situation some may not know. It is the way Eugene Parker, Peters agent, does business.

One of the premier young running backs in the game, Steven Jackson, is pulling the same thing in St Louis. He refuses to show up to camp and contract talks have come to a screeching halt since. It is a bit different since Jackson is on the final year of his rookie contract, but its still eerily similar to our own under paid pro bowler. Oh and did I mention Jackson is represented by Eugene Parker?

"All I mentioned to Eugene was that was fine, and I again mentioned that we really would like to get something done with him, and I advised him, though, that this would be considered an unexcused absence. He would be fined. And, I said as soon as he got into camp and he does show up, we would like to continue negotiations, but we will not be negotiating while he is out of camp."

Even further prove is of Devin Hester who also threatened to holdout if a new contract wasn't offered. Hester is also a Parker employer. The big difference there is, Hester showed up, and promptly was signed to a four year extension.

Why hasn't Peters or Jackson wised up and shown up? I don't know but it is pissing me off big time. I guess $15,000 a day, Peters' daily fine, isn't enough of a deterrent. Plus it has already been a week, and the pads have been on since Monday. Time to hit the panic button?

MLB trade deadline

by Steve

(this shit is going to be updated all day son)

Jason Bay to the Red sox Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers, prospects to Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh gets 3b Andy LaRoche, RHP Bryan Morris, OF Damien Moss, and P Craig Hanson. Manny Ramirez average with RISP is .307 while Jason Bay's is .216. Bay has played in obscurity in a non baseball market in a hitters ball park. He goes to arguably the hungriest baseball city in America. He has never played in the playoffs, he hasn't hit .300 since 2005 and strikes out a lot. The red sox got raped in this trade.

Manny is the most feared batter in a long time and probably the best post season player of the past 15 years. The red sox didn't just give up Manny they gave up prospects too. True, Moss is a middle of the road at best corner out fielder and Craig Hansen hasn't done much but he is only 24. They pay Bay $7.5 next year also. The Dodgers are now the favorite in the West and didn't have to give up Loney, Ethier or Kemp! Bryan Morris is a former first round pick and surviver of Tommy John surgery. It will be a long time for him to make any type of impact in the majors. Andy LaRoche, brother of Adam, could break out but at age 25 hasn't shown much power throughout his five years in the majors.

Griffey to the White Sox for RHP Nick Masset and 2b Danny Richar
Griffey is in significant decline and headed for FA in 2 months. He was in a rut and probably didn't have much reason to play out the rest of this season. The experiment in Cinci was a bust, they didn't make the playoffs, and he continued to be injured. He is an all time gamer and hopefully he does something to propel the Chisox to the post season. Masset and Richar are mediocre players but both have major league experience. Masset could be an asset in 08. (had to do it)

Arthur Rhodes to the Marlins for Gabby Hernandez
Again, the Mariners aren't going any where and thus don't need the wily vet Artie Rhodes so trade him. Hernandez is still young but struggling mightily in AAA. The Marlins get another lefty for the bullpen and don't give up too much. Decently solid trade for both ball clubs.

Ivan Rodriguez to Yanks for Kyle Farnsworth
Pitching for hitting? Yikes.. Ivan is deteriorating faster than my compost pile out back, actually even faster than George Posada. "He is a contact hitter" .295? Not making a real lot of contact. 5 dingers 32 rbi wha? Who is going to fill the set up role? Bruney, Marte, Edwar? Why do the Yankees continue to destroy their bullpen, their strong point at the beginning of the year, to try to improve mediocrity in other facets of the team? The real reason I have a problem with this is because it doesn't help Detroit AND the Yankees were better with Molina behind the dish. True he can't hit for shit but no one runs on the dude and there is nary a passed ball or lapse in defense. The pitching improved with him and the team was actually winning.

Mark Teixeira to Angels for Kotchman and RHP Marek
"Tex" is overrated. He is a surprisingly great fielder (even though it is first base and there shouldn't even be a gold glove for the position) and he can rake. Braves had to make this move since they are moving no where fast in a moderate NL East and are in 4th place. Teixeira is going to be a free agent after the season and will cash in big time. The move helps protect Vlad, but now the Braves own Kotchman's rights until 2011. He has only played 2 full seasons and has major upside still. Tex has a lower average, only 8 more dingers but 24 more rbi's. Is that just a product of where Kotchman is in the order? If the Angels win the WS it will quickly silence any criticism but if they don't this was a terrible trade, period.

Casey Blake to the Dodgers for Carlos Santana and Joe Meloan
Dodgers needed to solidify the infield and the Indians aren't going any where. Blake has had a solid year and following conventional wisdom will only improve moving to the NL. Santana could be a baller behind the dish in a year or two but how many catchers do the Indians need? Meloan is an end of the rotation guy still in AAA (24 years old)

After 4pm today, the Waiver deadline is Aug 31 (player must pass through waiver [no team picks up his contract before going to the minors] and then a player can be traded)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jim Negrych Promoted to AA

by Steve

Jim Negrych, a Buffalo product, has been promoted to Class AA Altoona in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization. The St Francis product, who also went to The University of Pittsburgh, is a straight beast. He owned in the Big East and in 2008 he owned high A ball.

He hit .370 with 36 doubles 62 rbi 5 hr and an OPS of .956. Dude can flat out rake. He is 23 5'10 180 and produced a lot of errors moving between 2nd and 3rd this season. But with the right coaching defense can be improved. His ceiling isn't high but the dude is a gamer. I could see him at least sniffing the big leagues perhaps next year.

In his AA debut he was hitting in the 3 hole, went 2-4 and had an RBI. Watch out AA Eastern League.

Platinum Sabres

by Steve

This just in, B. Thomas Golisano likes money. So much so, that he is adding ANOTHER level to the pricing scheme 1 SKP cooked up..

The Buffalo Sabres have added a fifth “Platinum” category to its variable pricing schedule for the 2008-2009 season. The three Toronto games and a Friday night game against Montreal on February 6 will fulfill the Platinum category this year.

The Team has allocated the remaining thirty-seven home games by the traditional categories of Gold (10), Silver (15), Bronze (9) and Value (3).

Prices for Gold games will decrease by 15% from the previous year while prices for the remaining categories will increase on average 12%.

The team is currently making 500 season tickets available to “Blue and Gold Club” members and will make individual game tickets available for advance sale to pre-existing mini-pack subscribers this week. Mini-Pack subscribers will receive order forms via mail.

Three value games? A more expensive level? This is bullshit. I never heard of a billionaire caring so much about a few measly million dollars in my life. The value of the franchise has something like doubled since he bought it and he has to choke every dollar he can out of the team?

In the long run wouldn't it make more sense to say, lose money for a few years, while you and most of hockey believes you have the talent to compete and win the Stanley Cup for at least a few years then make money again? ANDDD if you Stanley Cup caliber team and you make it to or past the second round aren't you basically guaranteed to make money any way? Do us a favor Goly and sell to a local boy that is willing to spend to win, even if it means losing (money). pssht Billionaires..

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lynch offcially free


PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell won't discipline Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch for a hit-and-run accident that left a woman injured.

Lynch lost his license last month after he pleaded guilty to a traffic violation. He was driving his 2008 Porsche Cayenne SUV about 3:30 a.m. on May 31 when he hit a 27-year-old Ontario woman and kept going.

He could have faced criminal charges but reached a plea deal with prosecutors. The woman suffered a bruised hip and a cut to her thigh that required seven stitches.

Speaking at Bills training camp, Goodell said since Lynch pleaded guilty to traffic violation, there was no violation of the league's personal conduct policy.

Now we can concentrate on football? Actually I already kinda forgot about this.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Donte Whitner wants us to throw snowballs

Here is an alleged blog from Buffalo Bills own strong safety Donte Whitner. He discusses his guarantee to make the playoffs.Asked whether he thinks the Bills will make it to the postseason in 2008, Whitner says, “Do I expect us to make the playoffs? I’m guaranteeing it.”

his blog...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bills training camp 7/26 w/ pictures

by Steve

Where the fuck is Peters?! Yeah, contracts aren't guaranteed, but what kind of plan is it to not even talk to your present employer about your demands/wishes? Not showing up for camp is a bad idea. I hate it. If Peters isn't there Monday something is getting torched. Play out this year or into this year and get a new 'tract by November. You are a pussy. Even Devon Hester caved like a bitch and showed up. You had one great year. Prove it wasn't a fluke. And don't give me the injury bullshit, even if he blows out his knee or something the Bills aren't just gonna cut him..

Leodis where are you too dude? He has a bit more of an excuse though, since the people in front of him haven't signed. Whatever, get there by the time pads are on ass hole.
***Whoops he just signed** (five years and will be worth roughly $3.6 million a year.)

Any chance Losman is delt before September 1? Any?! Damn.. didn't think so.

Here's hoping no one pulls a Hargrove and decides to start punching Po in the grill and breaking glasses. shiaaaaaaat

Overrated underrated Bills offense

by Steve

If you haven't notice when I did offense it was defense and when I did defense it was offense. Sorry, assholes

Terrance McGee underrated
Dude is one of the elite return men in the league and can cover nearly as effectively. He isn't exactly a ballhawk, but he can rip an INT or two at times. He is definitely not a liability, and has held his own against some solid WRs in 2007.

Leodis McKelvin not ratable
If this was Greer I would say underrated barely. I mean he did pwn Owens for that 2 point conversion on MNF plus I think he fucked up #85 mid last season. McKelvin needs to sign, learn English, and ball in the secondary. If he isn't starting week 1 it is a travesty, if he isn't making plays by week 4 it is an embarrassment. Hope the post Levy II era isn't a bust.

Aaron Schobel overrated
Yes it is easy to rip on this dude. Yes he was a pro bowler. Yes he runs 15+ yards past the quarterback (not named Lemon, Clemens, Culpepper, and McNair). Yes he is overrated. The dude is the second highest paid athlete in Buffalo history! He sucks, he's white, and he needs to have a major bounce back in '08. I recall like one decently big play from him last year, a forced fumble in a game, thats it. Run defense is non-existent.

John McCargo underrated
The Bills run a rotation d-line with a three technique and some other bullshit. I don't care who lines up on the outside shoulder of the right guard. I want former first round beast in the making Johnny Mc to be a 2+ down DT. PERIOD

Marcus Stroud overrated
He is the savior of this defense. Jacksonville would not have let this dude go if he wasn't still a beast. Micro fracture surgery?!! Shiaaaaat. Wait wait wait, wasn't Del Rio on the hot hot hot seat like a hot minute ago. Marcus..... ballllllllll stay off drugs, heal "teh" knees. Henderson what

Chris Kelasy hahahaha

Kawika Mitchel rated
He won the Super Bowl. He wasn't the sole reason, but he was a key cog. He will make plays, he won't be in the pro bowl. I like it

Paul "pos" Poz- Posluszney rated
He is probably over rated. People in Buffalo are obsessed with him. I know he has a huge neck and the picture of him carrying a bag of shit to camp scared me. He needs to be healthy and remind us of Shane C.

Angelo Crowell over rated
Rich Gannon exposed this dude in week 17. He isn't terrible, and he needs a new contract. He could bust out or be what I think he is this season. NEVER under estimate someone playing for a new contract. Can we say extension week 5?

Ko Simpson underrated
After he went down week 1 with an injury, I received a single text. "Season over" I wanted to kill the dude for simply uttering such ridiculousness but after 16 more weeks he proved to be correct. George Wilson blows and Whitner was still too young. Ko was ready for a solittt season and it was cut short. He needs to regain the form I believe he has, or this secondary is in much worse shape than I figured.

Dante Whitner over rated
He was 8th over all. He doesn't make enough big plays. What he has on his side, leadership, ballerishness, OSU blood, potential, and youth. Bob Sanders was nothing his first few years, now dudes line up to give him rim jobs. I can see Whitner not have a break out season but a leap frog season. If there is a difference. Otherwise ... well.. the Bills are in trouble.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Overrated underrated Bills Defense

by Steve

Trent Edwards Rated
I was gonna go with underrated, but he didn't show much in the cold last year. We can't expect too much out of Edwards this season. As long as he doesn't skip rocks outside the numbers ala Losman, and limits the mistakes (int in the MNF game) he will have improved and that is all that matters at this point.

Marshawn Lynch overrated
Coast is still jerking off about this game starting from the time he wrote that column yesterday. Christ he is injury prone, he runs people over in his car and might still be suspended. I recall him running 10 yards backwards a few times in the redzone reminiscent of Schobel on every defensive play. He is only in his second year, clearly hit a wall last year, and is in the news wayyyy too much. He might shut me up quick though, I will say that.

Jason Peters underrated
Yup, I said it. He probably is overrated in many peoples' eyes but he is underrated. He is under paid, but still better be there tomorrow. He was the starting LT in the pro bowl and just pwns. He might go down as the most underrated player in the history of the NFL. He was cut on the practice squad, not drafted, damn. Dude has skills son.

Derek Dockery rated
He is over paid but that isn't his fault. The QB had tons of time to pass last year, a stark difference from a year prior. The problem is the run blocking. It just wasn't there last year. That might have a bit more to do with the next player on this list but someone needs to take the blame and Docks gets some.

Melvin Fowler overrated
He sucks flat out sucks. He is the weakest link in this above average offensive line. He was having surgery in the offseason, missed a lot of the OTAs and the Duke moved back to his natural position as the Center. It should be interesting to see if Preston can usurp this bum during training camp. If not it doesn't look good for the center position in '08.

Brad Butler rated
He could move into the underrated position soon enough, but the Bills liked him enough to give him a handsome extension a few weeks ago. He is solid at worst and is only improving. Consistency to his left would help him, but also he needs to create some holes in the run game.

Langston Walker Underrated
Everyone ripped the signing of this dude last offseason and the egg is on everyone's faces. He played more than admirably coming from Oakland and looks to build on a solid '07.

Robert Royal rated
He isn't as awful as people think, but he isn't a top 20 tightend in the NFL. If he would have caught that pass against Tennessee two years ago we would love this dude. He makes bone headed mistakes but who doesn't in this league? He needs to increase production big time however.

Xavier Omon (presumed FB) overrated
Never played a down in the league, he might actually just be non-ratable.

James Hardy overrated
He hasn't signed a pro contract yet, rookie wide receivers typically make little or no impact their first year and he was nearly arrested for brandishing a gun on his daddy. Damn.. Dude needs to put up or shut up already. Nah I'll be happy with him drawing doubles inside the 5 on Sundays.

Lee Evans underrated
He had a bad '07 cause Losman sucks and his stand-in was a rookie 3rd rounder. He is playing for a new contract that will probably arrive around week 3 and will bust out once again. I predict him to be a steal in the mid rounds of any fantasy draft. True he can't throw the ball to him self which could limit his statistics but I still see big things for Lee in '08.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bills Season Officially about to Begin


Apparently I fell off the face of the earth the past month...but now I am back for real. It's football season ladies and gentlemen. The Bills will open camp in 2 days at St. John Fisher and I will be there Saturday tearing apart this squad. Schrum did a little mini breakdown and I like that but it's time for some in depth analysis and foresight.

First of all, it's time for Dick Jauron and his training camp sombrero to put up or shut up because newsflash Dicko, this is your third year, we have an improved team and an easy schedule (.449 winning percentage)...anything but the playoffs and your outta here. 7-9 in 2006 and 2007 many people think were successful seasons...well I don't. We choked in both years...against the Titans and Browns...and Patriots, Lions, Chargers, Broncos, Cowboys, Colts...I can go on and on. Jauron if you don't get us to the promise land or at least a wild card game, you are goneeeee.

Can Trent Edwards hack it as an NFL quarterback? The dude folded big time last year. Shutout against the Brownies, embarrassing against the G-men and if anyone remembers that ridiculously ugly game against the Eagles, he was real bad in that too. The fact is-Trent's season last year is inflated by one 4 touchdown game in which he completed less than 50 percent of his passes, and early wins in his career against real bad teams (Jets, Ravens...etc). Oh yeah, and that "clutch" pass to Josh Reed (err Lee Evans but he overthrew Lee and it went to Josh) against the Skins. All that said, I like Trent. He was a rookie third rounder and had minimal talent at wide receiver last season. He seems like a smart dude and he seems like he wants to be/can be a leader. Yeah, he doesn't have the talent Losman has and probably won't be able to put up as many points as JP, but hopefully by being smart and not turning it over it will help us to keep points off the scoreboard for our opponents. Look for JP to look and play better in training camp. The dude has no pressure on him and is just a great talent so he will probably tear apart meaningless preseason games like he did in 2004. This time though, the job is Trent's until he gets hurt in week 3 and JP steps in and takes us to the promise land. If you want to know about our third string QB, I don't know anything. Last I heard about Gibby Hamdan he was sitting in some sports management class at Canisius with Andy.

We finally got a prototypical number one reciever. I am not talking about Lee Evans. James HArdy needs to step in and take over the wide receiver position and be a major target. Lee can make big plays, everyone knows that. But, Lee can't be even close to as big of a weapon in the red zone. Hardy has the size at 6'7 220 pounds to dominate DBs and he better do that. Evens will probably be gone at the end of the season anyways, so that is even more of an incentive for James Hardy to mature real quick. Lee will be helped by Hardy because some attention will be taken off him, after all, Evans was our biggest receiver last year at 5'10. Josh Reed and Trent have a good connection according to our suddenly outspoken strong safety Dante Whitner (who recently guaranteed the Bills will make the playoffs which I love to hear). Josh could potentially lead the Bills in receptions this year if this is the case as a slot player. Yeah, I said it, Josh Reed may lead the team in receptions (assuming Trent stays healthy). Finally Roscoe, the little dude, he will probably catch 25 balls, maybe score a TD on a reverse, and return a punt or 2 for 6. I am hoping Turk will find more ways to get him the ball than that old asshole we had.

We have the 2nd best running back in the conference in Marshawn Lynch, simple as that. LT then Lynch. Those are the rankings. You can't argue with me anyone in the AFC is better. Larry Johnson? Nope. Joey Addai? Nope-dudes got Peyton Manning. Has there ever been an unsuccessful running back on that team? Willie Parker, Haha, nope, Fred Taylor/Maurice Jones...nope...Willis...come on, am I missing anyone? Lynch will explode this year. Assuming he is healthy for the whole season-Marshawn Lynch will gain 1550 yards and score 15 touchdowns. Book it, mark it down, take it to Vegas, do what you gotta do. Also, Turk plans to get him involved in the passing game...if this is true, look for another 25-30 receptions and 300 more yards. 2000 all purpose? Not out of the question. Fast Freddy can do some things in relief but he won't see the field all that much assuming Lynch stays out of jail. Wow, A train is out of here holy shit thank god finally. If Marshawn Lynch has more than 3 carries in the pre season i am going to snap. We need to see a heavy dose of Xavier Omon and company.

As for the full back, I don't know who it is going to be and to be honest don't care cause Lynch doesn't need any blockers. Really though, Darian Barnes? I don't know anything about him...please leave a comment if you have some insight on the full back position because I don't.

The Bills still don't have a tight end. Derek Fine, Bob Royal, Shouman, Courtney Anderson....I am not really impressed with any of these dudes and I hate Royal. Hopefully Shouman or Fine can just come out of nowhere in the pre season and prove to be a viable passing target for Trent. I don't think it will happen and for the 9th straight year we will pretty much not have a tight end. Courtney Anderson is one huge dude though at 6'6 270 so I am hoping between him and hardy they can occupy some attention inside the 20. The Bills were something like 13 for 34 last year in scoring touchdowns in the red zone. How bad is that?

Finally at O line. Where is Jason Peters for christ sake? If this dude isn't at camp when it starts I am going to go down to OBD and punch John Guy and Russ Brandon in the grill. Jason Peters is the best player on this team (Besides Lynch) and if he wants more money give him more money. I mean Christ, we are paying schobel 50 million dollars. We are paying Dockery 49. Someone open the wallet up for Jason freaking Peters. Make him the highest paid player on the roster. I am sick of thinking about Tomas Vanek and Aaron Schobel being the two highest paid Buffalo athletes. It is just embarrassing. Docks will remain solid at left guard, and Walker is just a huge dude at right tackle and didn't really disappoint me last season. Butler was also solid and with those guys staying together another year, the chemistry will help them be a better unit. Only problem, Melvin Fowler. Apparenly Duke Preston has been taking a lot of snaps at center in OTAs and such. Thank God. I mean, I am not that impressed with Duke, but whenever I think of Fowler, I think of Lynch getting swallowed at the 24 yard line for a 4 yard loss in the snow in Cleveland because Melvin just apparenly didn't want to block anyone. Anyways, assuming they stay healthy, the O line can be solid and that will help Edwards stay comfortable and Lynch run wild.

I'll talk about the D tomorrow-I'm tired. Oh Yeah and go to this link.

Buffalo Bills Training camp preview

by Andy

Two days before training camp, and usually I don't post about the Bills because Steve and Coast take care of them. But since they haven't, I am going to run down the important positions on the O and D depth chart and give my feelings on each player, not using ESPN for stats; I'll let Coast tell you what Lynch did in Week 2 on the 4th offensive play of the 2nd quarter.

QB: Trent Edwards --> I think Trent can be good. His numbers last year weren't anything that stood out but he did show signs of becoming an NFL quarterback. Yes, I know, so did Losman and he lost his job due to injury, yadda yadda yadda. Get over it Losman fans, Trent is the guy this year. I think with the additions of a new OC which will allow Trent to find Lynch in the flats, he should be fine. I don't expect mediocre or greatness, just consistency.

WR #1: Lee Evans --> Put up or shut up time Lee. Everyone in the NFL knows you can run a streak down the sidelines and catch 1 deep ball a game, great. How about going over the middle, or running a wheel route. I haven't seen you run a good route in ages that wasn't a streak. I hope you and Trent worked something out this off season. I think with Hardy on the other side, Lee will be able to run more streaks this season though.

WR #2: James Hardy --> He is 6'6 or 6'7. What ever he is, he is bigger than any defensive player on the field. Toss him a high 12 foot arch ball and let him make a play. If he goes over the middle a few times it will allow Lee to run wild down the side lines and allow our TE's and RB's to break off to the outside. Give him a few weeks of NFL speed and he will adapt just fine. Red zone, go Hardy. Four plays in a row throw him the ball. The guy will have almost a foot on the DB, not even Asanti could make a play on that.

WR #3: Roscoe Parrish --> Let the little guy come in on 3rd down and just run what ever route he wants. He will be the fastest guy on the field, and if you spread Hardy and Evans on the outside and let Fine drag a LB to the outside, Parrish should be able to find a hole somewhere in the middle and take off. I think between him and Josh Reed, our #3 WR is solid.

RB: Marshawn Lynch --> I like Lynch. He runs hard every down. He loves contact, almost a little too much actually. He needs to be more involved in the passing game this season. Turk better have him split out in 5 wide situations to create mismatches somewhere. Lynch will be the catalyst of our offense this year. The Bills will go as far as #23 will take us. Beast Mode! Truck Stick!

DE: Aaron Schobel --> The guy racks up tackles. No doubt about it. Only problem is most of them are 10 yards down field. Can't blame him for sticking with the play can you? I can, we pay this guy to get sacks and tackles for loses. Sure he gets a sack or two in the 4th quarter of a game that is already over and then selected to a pro bowl, but the Bills need more stops in the backfield on 3rd and 4 in the 1st quarter. I just hope he is ready for a big year, I know I am.

DT: Marcus Stroud --> I don't need to say much here do I? Everyone knows what this guy is capable of doing to an offense. I just hope he stays healthy and away from drugs.

DT: Kyle Williams --> Used to like him until I saw McCargo just own the middle. McCargo needs to be in there on every play, not alternating with Williams and Stroud. Williams is a good spark, and does make some plays, but McCargo is a beast. We traded up to land him because he was the guy that freed up double teams on Mario Williams in college. Give this guy some credit. Last year on a 1st and goal, he had 3 consecutive run stops behind the line of scrimmage, and the next series he was on the bench. Him and Perry need to reconcile any problems they may have so he can play every down.

LB: Crowell, Poz, and Mitchell --> Exciting group. They remind me of the Posey, Spikes, and Fletcher core we had in 2003. (hahaha Coast) Crowell will be better at Strong side this year after a year under his belt. Maybe he would excell more back at Weak side but that is Mitchell's natural position and Perry loves Crowell on the Strong side. Poz, as most of Bills nation knows, is an animal in the middle. If he can stay healthy this whole year, our LB core could be a force. Our 2nd stringers all have experience at the positions due to injuries last year, but come on, lets be honest, they are shrimps compared to real LB's in the NFL.

DB: Ko, Donte, McGee, Greer --> Again, if everyone stays healthy, we will have a nice core. Donte needs to become more of a ball hawk this year. He is a good tackler, but.. more INT's please. Hopefully McGee finally realized putting on weight every year only makes him slower and more of a target. The dude was a pick machine 3 years ago, and ever since then he has been putting on "muscle weight," whatever that means and he gets slower and slower. We all know Greer will have a nice camp, as per usual, lets just hope he can carry camp over to the regular season. Look for Leodis to step in as soon as Greer makes 1 big mistake. We took him too high to just let him play the dime and nickle packages this year. Also it's time for Ashton Youboty to step it up and make some plays.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Overrated underrated Bills training camp

by Steve

Alright I am officially calling everyone else out that writes for this sickness blog. WTF?!!?????????????? Training camp starts in 2 days and no one has written shit about the fucking Bills? A milli A milli A milli A milli A milliA milliA milli errr Cp 3p, Carter 3. Alright training camp starts in hours wtf. The coaching staff over rated underated do work son. Defense/offense/special teams/fans nesxxxxxxxxxxxxt.

Dicko Jauron
Rated. Everyone HASSSSSSSs to know by now the dude fucking sucks as a head coach. MNF,SNF, any acronym you wanna use. He can't pre game post game, during game. He cost the Bills a few games last year. True he might be able to prepare a team for the most part for a game but where is he during the game. Ahhh we got our ass kicked on SNF . True it was the Pats.. but uhhh MNF? Home opener, browns game?! Dude sucks until he proves us other wise.. in the words of Katt Williams "shiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat"

Turk Schonert o-coordinator
He was with the Bills during Flutie Johnson(fuck Flutie) and is always the coach during a lame duck coaching staff, as a QB coach. He didn't do shit with Losman, buttt anything seems better than Fairchild at this point, soo uh Rated. Marshawn needs to be more involved, the quarterback of the day, Trent, needs to be a real QB. Yea Turk was qb coach for like 35,00000 different starters, so Trent needs to be THE man in this offense. Get Roscoe involved, how about McKelvin? Something anything, christ that offense sucked last year.

Perry Fewell
Underrated, he had a bunch of bums last year playing for him. I don't care what you think, John Digiorgio is no middle linebacker, Chris Ellis is no defensive end, Jason Jefferson is no NFL player, Corey Mace who?, Ryan Neil blows, Pos and Ko were out, George Wilson is a safe when I am a safe, and McCargo was under used. Ok that was his fault, but what can you do when he is just blossoming, Kelsay and Schobel are wayyyyyy over paid, and the offense is an embarassment?

Bobby April
Rated, he is a balllller, Everyone knows he is better than DeHaven or anyone else in the Bills history of shitty special teams coaches. He was promoted to assistant head coach so that could definitely hurt his rating, but he could be in contention for a real job in the NFL sooner than later. Will he have a tight rope on McKelvin this year with Roscoe and McGee available to return kicks and punts? Will he usurp Dicko and become head coach in '09?

This coaching staff is in a make or break year. Ralph won't wanna clean house, but with the emerging talent and potential, this staff NEEDS to produce. Hopefully they haven't watched any tape on Willie Randolph outta NY. Plus at least we don't have wade, Wanstache, Mangina, or who the fuck is coaching the Dolphins this year.

Do work sonnnnnnnnn

Sunday, July 20, 2008

UFC Fight Night 14

UFC Fight Night 14
by AP

Affliction: BannedResults

Rumor: UFC In Process Of Purchasing IFL (UFC is buying up MMA like they were Blockbuster)

'Rampage' Jackson hospitalized for mental health evaluation

UFC 90 in Chicago

UFC on not accepting universal weight classes "We feel as many in the industry feel that the weight classes do not need to be changed. The ABC didn't properly have input with promoters, fighters and officials to change the rules, there is now a Committee formed to look at the rules and work with all the stakeholders to make any rules changes whcih should be done at the next ABC meeting in New Orleans next year" UFC exec answers questions

Affliction could become MMA heavyweight

The secret's out:Fedor's the best MMA has

Where Have All the Heavyweights Gone?Affliction, for now

Fedor wins WAMMA crown

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mediocrity never cost so much

by Steve

Ryan "Millsie" Miller just signed 5 years ($31.25mil) $6.25 mil per?!?! Holy shittttttt. Thank god we had a lock out. Dude choked in two consecutive ECF series', had all stars all around him, but oh wait it was the defense's fault not the top 5 paid goalie. Interesting...

He is now the fourth highest paid goalie in the National Hockey League. He makes more than Mikka Kiprusoff. The same sickrusoff that took a team to the Stanley Cup in a superior conference. He makes more than Giguere, Turco, Brodeur, Dipietro, and Nabokov.

Miller's stats for 07/08: 6th in wins, 20th in GAA (minimum 41 games played), 25th in save % (minimum 41 games played), 4-7 in shoot outs, do I need to continue? For those that wanna know though, this does not effect the Sabres 08/09 cap number zilch. He is signed for this up coming season at $3.5 mil.

Hometown discount? Unselfishness for a cup run? I guess not... But in reality for the most part unless your team is close that won't happen in sports any way. Plus the hemorraging of players had to stop for this organization. No one is going to fire Regier or Ruff anyway, especially after July 1 2007, OBVIOUSLY. But someone else had to be locked up long term. And I guess over paying for Vanek just wasn't enough for good ol' Darc/Quinny.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fire sale in Oakland

by Steve

The Phillies just acquired a solid pitcher from the bleeding-quality-players Oakland A's. Highly touted 2b prospect Adrian Cardenas and hard throwing lefty Josh Outman and throw in outfielder Matt Spencer were delt for Joe Blanton.

The Phillies saw the writing on the proverbial rear view mirror as in objects in mirror appear closer than they seem. Then again maybe it is the opposite. The Mets have won 9 straight and are about to usurp the Phillies in the East. They needed to add a dependable arm and did just that. They over paid big time. Buttt Blanton could stick around for at least two more years as he is now arbitration eligible. Plus he is from the AL and moving to the NL he probably will put up better numbers. (5-12 nearly 5 ERA)

Considered a top prospect heading into the season LH Outman can hit mid 90's allegedly, and is in AA right now. The twenty-four year old has five starts is 5-3 and a 3.2 ERA. Another highly touted prospect, Adrian Cardenas was never going to fit into the Phil's future. Utley will be their 2b for a decade. However the 20 year old Cardenas is hitting .310 in high A thus far. Not a lot of power with only four dingers, but he can get on base and steal second. Matt Spencer is in A ball hitting .250 with 6 homers and 41 rbi.

Blanton better 3 hit the Mets next time they play thats all I'm saying. Does anyone really have faith in Charlie Manuel getting this team any where? Alright I'll be fair, the mets are going to royally fuck up a trade, book it. There were rumors of a Beltran for Holliday deal, but that would never happen, especially since Holliday is a free agent and Beltran is signed. Although Holliday is a much better hitter. Casey Blake to the Mets ?!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Buffalo sports notes

  • Peace out Aud It is 'officially' coming down in October. Nothing will be saved from the structure and it will not be imploded.
  • Paille Signs 2 Years totaling $2.25 mil. Solid deal, real cheap, and he will still be a RFA after the 'tract.
  • Xavier Omon to clear holes? The sixth round pick appears to be a great candidate as the NEW full back for the Bills. Better than Neufeld.
  • Macarthur and Mancari take their offer sheets
  • Sabres will play the Canadians in the home opener
  • Anddddddd 8 days till training camp biotchssssssssss

Monday, July 14, 2008

All star game preview

by Steve

Anyone else notice the patheticness of the AL "all star" team? The NL has them beat at every position. The only argument is the 8 hole in the line up. Fuckyoudome probably isn't an all star and certainly not a starter so I'd take Mauer over him at that spot. However look at the AL starters... Jeter, Ichiro, Pedroia? Five yankees/red sox? Fuck that.

Four players with a .342+ average for the NL, four players with at least 20 home runs and only one team, the Cubs(best record in baseball) has more than 1 player in the starting line up. None of that can be said for the American League, what a joke. Anyone wanna tell me what Varitek or Joe Crede is doing playing Tuesday? True the NL has Tejada and Carlos Marmol but neither of them are lucky to be even in the majors at this point or have a .219 average. Save it, I don't care if the players allegedly voted him in, he should be riding the pine in beantown.

Where is all the 'all star' caliber starting pitching in the AL any way? Six relievers? Three players with double digit wins? I wouldn't be surprised if the NL wins by 10 runs tomorrow. The only problem I have with that prediction though is Tito vs Hurdle. It is a classic mismatch. Two world series, vs a... uh.. 21 lucky game winning streak...

Oh well at least this is one of only about 40 games left to be played in that dump of a stadium. I can't wait for the wrecking ball to knock down that piece of shit. All though truth be told, I think it is a colossal mistake to replace Yankee Stadium. True they haven't done anything but choke in there lately, but it is a classic. The Red Sox aren't tearing down Fenway, the Cubs aren't replacing Wrigley Gum Stadium.. I guess $teinbrenner cares more about filling the coffers then tradition, although that shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

Here's hoping the great AL 'stars' get yanked early so the true best of the supposedly premier league get some playing time in the 4th inning. Players like Morneau, Kinsler, Quentin, and Young.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Buffalo Braves

slow weekend... here is an article on the Buffalo Braves from

Here’s a little Buffalo sports history: The Buffalo Braves started play as an NBA expansion team in 1970, the same year the Sabres joined the NHL. The Braves situation was unsettled from the start. The franchise was originally awarded to a group of investors headed by Phillip Ryan and Peter Crotty. When that group had problems in stepped local businessman Paul Snyder, who had sold his Freezer Queen company to Nabisco. The team’s general manager was Eddie Donovan, the former St. Bonaventure coach who had helped build the New York Knicks into an NBA champion as that team’s GM.

Buffalo struggled early, but things started improving when the team hired head coach Jack Ramsay in 1972. The emergence of the 1972-73 Rookie of the Year, Center Bob McAdoo, and the development of guard Randy Smith, a 1971 seventh round pick from Division III Buffalo State, keyed the improvement. In the 1973-74 season, bolstered by the addition of veteran forward Jim McMillan and rookie point guard Ernie DiGregorio, the Braves posted a winning record (42-40) for the first time and made the playoffs. (By the way, the Braves played some regular NBA season games in Toronto’s Maple Leaf Garden during that season). Buffalo then lost a highly controversial playoff series to the Boston Celtics, who went on to win the NBA title.

The Braves improved to 49-33 and made another trip to the playoffs in the 1974-75 season, as McAdoo won the MVP award (he averaged 34.5 points, 14.1 rebounds and 2.12 blocks per game). Buffalo’s attendance was good for that era, an average of 11,397 a game. The Braves lost a heart-breaking seven-game playoff series to Washington. After the season Donovan left the Braves and returned to the Knicks' general manager's post.

In the 75-76 season the Braves again made the playoffs with a 46-36 record, and knocked off Philadelphia in the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately, Buffalo lost in the next round to Boston. The Celtics went on to win the NBA title. Shortly afterwards Ramsay left the team (“He wasn’t fired, he just wasn’t re-hired,” according to the Braves). Ramsay went on to coach Portland, taking a team that had never had a winning record to the 1977 NBA championship.

By then Snyder was clearly trying to sell the team. He argued that he had difficulty maximizing revenue because the Sabres and the local college teams controlled most of the best playing dates at the Aud. Snyder had worked out a deal with Irving Cowan, who intended to move the Braves to a new 15,000 arena in Hollywood, Florida, but the City of Buffalo was granted an injunction halting the move. Snyder eventually sold 50 percent of the franchise to businessman John Y. Brown, Jr., who had previously owned the Kentucky Colonels of the American Basketball Association. (Later Brown bought the other half from Snyder, and then sold part of the franchise to Rochester businessman, Harry T. Mangurian, Jr.). Few Buffalonians believed that Brown intended to keep the team in Buffalo.

A provision in the transaction stipulated that, if Brown sold the contract of any Braves player, the money would go to Snyder and the purchase price would be reduced. Not surprisingly, the Braves started losing some top talent. Buffalo acquired former ABA star Moses Malone, a future NBA MVP, but sent him to Houston after just two games. In the middle of the season, the Buffalo Braves traded McAdoo, a three-time NBA scoring champ, along with Tom McMillen to the New York Knicks for back-up center John Gianelli and cash. Attendance declined as the team got worse and questions about its future abounded.

One of the bright spots in the 1976-77 season was Adrian Dantley, who became the third Brave (following McAdoo and DiGregorio) to win the Rookie of the Year Award, but he would be traded the following season. The Braves again missed the playoffs in 1977-78, and the team’s poor performance, loss of star players, and uncertainty about the franchise’s future led to lower ticket sales. Even though the Braves’ home attendance fell to 6,258, Buffalo still outdrew Detroit and New Jersey.

The Braves had signed a 15-year Aud lease the previous year, but it contained an escape clause should season tickets drop below 4,500. On May 8, 1978 the inevitable happened: the Braves exercised their option to break the lease based on that clause. Brown looked at various cities he could move the team to, including Dallas, Minneapolis and Birmingham. Eventually he decided to negotiate a deal with the then-owner of the Celtics, Irv Levin, in which the owners would swap franchises. Brown liked the prestige of owning the Celtics, and Levin wanted to own a team in his native California. With the assistance of then-NBA general counsel David Stern, the complicated transaction was worked out. The Braves moved to San Diego and became the Clippers, and Brown and Levin exchanged franchises.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goodell sits down with WGR

Good interview, talking about the new fan conduct policy, the Bills in Buffalo, revenue sharing, the CBA, and a little Marshawn Lynch

Q: There are a lot of questions right now about the future of the Bills franchise and lots of people have talked about how the franchise is going to leave. What can you tell the fans of the Bills who are nervous these days?

COMMISSIONER GOODELL: What's happened by going to Toronto for a game is actually helping to support the team in Buffalo. It's actually had the effect that we wanted it to have. By allowing the team to regionalize and to broaden its fan base in a market that has become smaller, as you know, I firmly believe that this has actually been good for keeping the Bills in western New York. It allows them to generate the kind of revenues that are necessary to continue to be successful. They’re an important part of the National Football League and I've pledged and I believe very firmly as long as we keep that team successful, it will be in western New York.

Q: What does the league define as keeping the team successful?

It just has to be financially successful, competitively successful and I think it has the ability to do that right now. I think the way Ralph has managed the team has proven it.

Q: We’ve been reading stories about the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium and the money they can get down there and the Giants and Jets getting millions of dollars by selling the corners of their new stadium. Keeping the Bills successful…. how hard is it? Is it possible they can maintain some kind of revenue level so that they don't get priced out and that there's not too big of a disparity to keep the team in western New York?

That's the beauty of our system. We have two things that counter that. First, we have revenue sharing so that the money that's created in Dallas and in New York is also shared in markets like Buffalo. That's why a franchise like the Green Bay Packers has been successful for so many years with no owner, as the community actually owns the team. So that's one issue. The second issue is that we have a salary cap and there's only so much money that can be spent on players. That again levels the playing field to some extent and we think it is why Buffalo continues to have competitive football teams.

Q: From the big market perspective … Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft …. the guys in New York, Washington, Dan Snyder… Do the big-market teams really care about whether or not the Bills of the world have a spot in the NFL?

Absolutely. I think all of our owners understand what the Buffalo Bills mean to this community but also what they mean to the NFL in general. I think when you see the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills continuing to be successful both on and off the field, that's a demonstration of why the NFL has also been successful because it can be compelling in all markets. It’s where a franchise can go from last to first in any given year. That's what makes it exciting and I know that our ownership understands that and respects that and I think that's one of the core principles and they’ve demonstrated that with the way that they share revenue.

Q: How do you balance the desire to always get bigger, whether it's playing games in London, playing games in Prague? I mean there's going to be a game a year overseas outside the U.S. So, how do you balance the desire to grow and continue to grow but also be true to and respect the parts of your league that kind of got it to where it is? The Green Bays, the Buffalos and the smaller markets that may have more of an intrinsic value than necessarily financial value.

That's always a balancing act. You want to continue to grow and to expand and that's what our job is. To try to find ways to do that. When I took over as commissioner there were three things that I focused on. We have to do everything to strengthen the game, we have to do everything to strengthen our 32 teams, and we have to continue to innovate. We cannot rest on our laurels and accept that our past success will dictate our success in the future. It won't happen. So growing is important and we're going to continue to go after pro-growth strategies. It’s one of the reasons we play our international series. But that doesn't mean that you want to weaken your domestic market or your 32 franchises. That’s a key point for us.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baseball musings

by Steve

Two big name pitchers moved in 24 hours for a bunch of scrubs and double A players and both went to the NL Central? Rare.. More recently than CC going for an above average outfielder in Laporta to Miller Park is Rich "I can be a baller if/when I am healthy" Harden to the Cubs. In return the A's got 22 year old righty Sean Gallagher, two maybe average outfielders Matt Murton and Eric Patterson and single A catcher Josh Donaldson.

There are a few things I hate about this trade. One, Harden has a club option for next year, so this dude isn't a rental ala Carston Charles. Two, none of these players are anything more than middle of the road players according reports (Gallager has 10 starts and a 4.45 ERA, Murton and Patterson are both hovering around .240 and are 25+ years old and Donaldson is a nobody.) True Gallager will probably go to the A's and have a solid ERA because it is a pitcher friendly park, but he is no Harden and at least not in the next 1.5 seasons, obviously.

Three, the rich get richer. WTF is the point of being an Athletics fan, it is worse than the Sabres at this point. Every time they have a potentially great player they dump him for some prospects. True this has worked in the past, but it has also blown up in the past. Dan Haren has a 2.83 ERA and 103 k's in 18 starts this season and still has 3 years left on a cheap contract. Carlos Gonzalez has barely sniffed the majors this year and the other major part of that trade was Dana Eveland who has pitched well but hasn't blown anyone way.

Even if those dudes become ballers in 2-3 years along with Greg Smith in high A, Chris Carter who is in no man's land and Aaron Cunningham average maybe outfielder, it will not help the A's ,they're 3.5 games out of the wild card, contend for the playoffs this year. Harden and Haren would have almost guaranteed they would be around in September battling for the AL WC. I don't wanna hear shit about Beane getting what he could NOW while Harden was healthy and pitching relatively well. A lot of teams would have still jumped at trading for him outside of another major injury which is impossible to predict. Remember there are still 23 days till the deadline...

Need further prove of Beane's hit or miss ditch the potential ace while you can bs... Look at the Tim Hudson trade. Dan Meyer ( in triple A nearly out of options) Juan Cruz (pitching out of the bullpen has as a slightly above average reliever) and Charles Thomas(who I don't even think is still in baseball). In that time Hudson has 52 wins and a 3.50ish ERA. (But making $15 mil a year) Some dudes you sign, some dudes you don't. Not sure why NO ONE is signed in Oakland.

Finally, why throw in Chad Gaudin like he is garbage? I feel like Beane might have really dropped the ball on this final piece to the puzzle. A reliable reliever who can start games and has a sub 4 ERA and his fastball reaches the low 90's. I feel like I could name 20 teams that would want him. I guess thats why I'm not a baseball GM yet.

CC was a different story. He was walking at the end of the year and the Indians are in the basement in the Central. They probably are going to revamp the front office and the bench in the near future, and they still have Fausto. All I really wanna know though is what does drunkie drunk Tony La Rusa and the red birds have up their sleeve cause they need to do something quick.( And speaking of the Cardinals when the hell did ex Bison Ryan Ludwick and ex majors drop out Rick Ankiel become the rebirth of the bash brothers? God damn these two are pounding the ball)

Don't look now but the Mets are heating up. Reyes is above .300, they just took three of four @ Philly who they never beat where they never win. Oli has seemed to settle in a groove, Beltran is swinging a stick, and no one remembers Willie Randolph especially with the soothing calm of Jerry Manuel. Oh and they lit up Lincecum tonight.

Quick quick how do you pronounce Justin Duchscherer quicker quicker how many All Star appearances has he made? Duke-sure and 2 (05 and 08) once as a reliever and once as a starter, (damnnnn)

Can the Giants be that foolish and trade Matt Cain? Good luck getting better value than Rich Harden Brain Sabean. I know I would love to see this dude in a Mets jersey.. period and so would any fan of most teams in the playoff race.

Did Wny Watercooler's own T-Wreck predict the TB-Rays would win the AL East before the season? Shiiiiaattt.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sabathia a Milwaukee Brewer

CC Sabathia


Milwaukee sent Cleveland outfielder Matt LaPorta, pitchers Rob Bryson and Zach Jackson and a player to be named. Shapiro said the player to be named would be among two specified in the deal.


Nadal over Federer

by Steve

Five sets, two rain delays, 16 points in the fifth set, 7+ hours, and a new Wimbledon champion. After watching nearly the entire thing, its kind of tough to put into words how epic a match this was. Everyone says that the most recent whatever was the greatest, and hyperbolic terminology is always thrown about, but this was easily one of the best matches ever.

Both gentlemen as they say in the UK, are underrated athletes, and superb tennis players. True they are both Euros so no one really cares in this country, but this was a Wimbledon for the ages. Both players are so good it is tough to characterize any match between them as one or the other choking and that holds true for this match as well. The first rain delay came after Rafael Nadal was up 2 sets and looking for an easy victory. It is safe to say that changed the tide, at least until the second rain delay just before the fifth set.

The second delay allowed Nadal to regroup against a surging Roger Federer. It seemed however that the only winner today was going to be darkness. It was after 9pm local Wimbledon time when it seemed the two were destined for a Monday showdown. Neither gentleman appeared the least bit exhausted somehow, even though the match started while I was still sleeping for 3 hours and I took a nap in between. CHRIST.

After 2 chances to put a final nail in the coffin with match points in the 3rd set Nadal was on the ropes while Federer aced his way to a fifth and deciding set. However, after breaking serve in the 15th point of the fifth set, the writing was on the wall for Roger. Nadal was serving for the match and some how Federer mustered one last shot to force a second deuce in the 16th point. Nadal did however triumph dethroning the 5 time champ to take his first big tournament on grass.

Not sure if I would mark this as a changing of the guard, especially since RF said he'll be back next year, but time will certainly tell. Here is hoping for a rematch in 2009.

Nadal defeats Federer 6-4 6-4 6-7 6-7 9-7

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sabres acquire Craig Rivet

The Buffalo Sabres acquired veteran defenseman Craig Rivet from the San Jose Sharks on Friday.

The Sharks sent the 33-year-old veteran and a seventh-round selection in the 2010 Entry Draft to the Sabres in exchange for second-round selections in the 2009 and 2010 Drafts.

Rivet will help the Sabres replace Dmitri Kalinin, who signed with the New York Rangers on Thursday.

In 2007-08, Rivet scored five goals and 30 assists in 74 regular season games. The assists and 35 points were career highs. He also had six assists in 13 Stanley Cup Playoff games.

Rivet was originally selected by the Montreal Canadiens with the 68th pick of the 1992 Entry Draft. Rivet was traded to San Jose on Feb. 25, 2007 along with a fifth-round pick in 2008 in exchange for defenseman Josh Gorges and a 2007 first-round pick.

For his career, Rivet has scored 45 goals and 149 assists in 744 regular-season games.

Darc redeems himself, a bit. I still think they could have gotten Rivet and kept Bernier, we'll see. He is signed to a 3 year $10.5 million contract also. The contract is solid, and evidently this dude is a less physical more fleet foot version of Jason Smith. And from reading message board Sharks fans, if there really are any, aren't too happy about this salary dump by the fish.

Sabres give Steve Bernier away

Is this a joke?

The Vancouver Canucks have announced that the team has acquired forward Steve Bernier from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for a second round draft pick in 2010 and a third round pick in 2009.

"Steve Bernier is a highly regarded young player who's enjoyed success early in his career," said Canucks GM Mike Gillis in a statement. "With his right-handed shot he will be a great addition to our top six forward group and an asset to our power play."

The Sabres acquired the 6-foot-2, 225 pounder at the trade deadline as part of the Brian Campbell trade. Campbell has since signed with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Last season, Bernier, 23, scored 32 points in 76 games, split between Buffalo and San Jose.

Holy shit that is just straight the worst thing i have ever seen in my life, something big better be coming now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kyle Williams extended

Another long term contract for a d-lineman for the Bills.
"The Buffalo Bills have agreed to a three-year contract extension with defensive tackle Kyle Williams, according to Adam Schefter of NFL Network.

Williams is now under contract through 2012. The contract has a maximum value of $14.5 million and it includes $5.7 million in guaranteed money.

A two-year player, Williams started every game in 2007, and eleven of 16 in 2006 as a rookie.

Williams was the first pick in the fifth round of the 2006 draft, had he had been under contract through 2009, at base salaries of $445,000 and $530,000, over the next two seasons."

Now on to Evans, Crowell and gulp Peters.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NHL Free Agency

by Steve

Umm, still waiting Darc. Is the fax machine hooked up? The Sabres said they would spend up to $50 million, in fact defiantly said they would. And all they have done so far is sign another awful back up goalie. Stillllll waiting for somethin 9 hours in..

  • Orpik is still available
  • Campbell went to Chicago for $7.1 mil a year for 8 years!
  • Patrick Lalime will be taking for for Thibault for 2 seasons @ $2mil a year
  • Max and Kotalik are still Sabres
  • Pitkanen traded for Erik Cole, holy shit Oilers balled
  • Paul Gaustad to a four-year, $9.2 million contract.
  • Huet a blackhawk
  • Conklin a Red Wing
  • Rholston and Holik Devils

Still waiting Darccccccc