Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hatin on Owens

by Steve

So let me get this straight. Two weeks ago Terrell Owens says Trent Edwards could have made more plays downfield and it is a top 5 story on PTI. So what does he do? Says nothing the next game and ignores the media. He is told he has to answer to the media so he spits out platitudes and generalities. What is the response?

All out hatred and WGR going nuts all day ripping him. What the fuck does everyone want from this dude? He says you'll distort what he says, the media does, so he stops saying anything and the media rips him. He loses if he does and loses if he doesn't.

The team is average at best with some key injuries and a terrible head coach. Blaming Owens because he didn't turn around on a pass that was under thrown and he is thrown under the bus? Until he clearly jakes it all day long and costs the Bills a game because of a big drop, then rip him. Until then calm down and continue to rip the utterly ridiculous head coach.

Bills Injury Updates


Just when you think things can't get any worse at One Bills Drive, they do. The Bills defense could potentially feature 4 starters Sunday that did not start opening day:

Bryan Scott-Sprained Ankle
Donte Whitner-Had thumb surgery yesterday
Paul Posluszny-Still out with fifth broken arm of his career
Leodis McKelvin-Broken leg.

Leodis and Poz will not play Sunday for sure and McKelvin will be out at least 6 weeks. Florence will fill in for McKelvin and if Whitner and Scott both can't go, look for Jairus Byrd to start along with...uhh...John Wendling? George Wilson? No matter what, it will be ugly.

On offense, Demetrius Bell can't stay healthy. He has an injured groin. No word on if he will play, but if not it will be Kirk Chambers, a player the Bills cut a month ago. Kirk Chambers and Johnathon Scott will be the starting tackles. Ugly, real ugly.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Aints 27 Bills 7


What a complete joke. Just when you think you have seen it all. 4th and inches, down 10, under 8 minutes left at their own 28 yard line going up against an offense that has averaged 45 plus points per game through the first two games, and Dick Jauron sends on the punt team. Jauron thinks it was the right move even after the game. Saying that his team fought hard to keep it a game until that point and he didn't want to give up the game then. If punting down 10 isn't giving up the game then I don't know what is. This is among the worst moments of the Jauron era, the most wussiest coaching move that I can remember. Sean Payton was going for it with a lead on his own side of mid field earlier in the game and we are punting with half a quarter left down by 10. Jauron's main objective is to keep the score respectable, he must think that if the Bills lose 17-7 to the Saints, then it looks like a good coaching job by him. After all, he held the mighty Saints offense to 17 points. This is what we have gotten and will continue to get under Jauron.

Trent Edwards had a promising start to the season, and then there was yesterday. It looked like the pre season all over agian. Edwards looked frazzled, all day. He cannot process information fast enough when the opposing teams blitz. Gregg Williams laid out a blue print for the rest of the NFL yesterday. Bring the house, single cover everyone, maybe have a safety over the top, or maybe just not cover anyone, because Trent won't be able to handle it and make a decision. He was sacked 4 times, threw countless other passes into the ground. He didn't have much time, but he didn't make any plays either. He had a chance to change the game on a bomb to TO, but missed him. He didn't get the ball to Owens one time in the game. TO had his first game without a catch in 185 games. Evans again was held under 40 yards. Forget a TO blow up, how about an Evans blow up? Being the great teammate and professional that Evans is, a blow up by him would really send ripples throughout One Bills Drive.

There isn't much else to really say. The defense was up for the task, they played hard and held the Saints to 10 points through 3 quarters. Again, they were on the field for a majority of the game. The Bills only points came on a fake field goal. The Bills have 6 touchdowns through 3 games. Denney and Schobel have one each. Evans and Owens have one each. Our defensive end position has as many touchdowns as our 15 million dollar starting receivers. TO was dogging it yesterday on many plays, you could tell, but who could blame him? The quarterback doesn't even look his way. After the game TO repeatedly said they are just running the plays that are called. Check down after check down. This team will be 7-9 again if they are lucky and there is no reason to think that the coach will be fired. We are stuck with this Bills fans for the foreseeable future and it sucks.

The Bills get Lynch back next week. I still believe he is the best player on our offense, I don't care what people say about Fred Jackson and how much they love him or about how Lynch wears Raiders hats during Bills games in the press box. Who cares? He is the only person on our team that can find the end zone with any consistency whatsoever. Look for the Bills divisional losing streak to reach 8 this Sunday in South Florida.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aint scared of the Aints

by Steve

I mean c'mon they are still the aints aren't they? Yeah Brees and co are on pace to kill every offensive record ever but who cares after only two weeks. They played the Lions who have lost now 19 straight and a Philly team lacking confidence with Kevin Kolb at QB. They are still the aints.

Last time the Bills played N.O. was in San Antonio in a game that was clearly fixed after the hurricane hit. McGee fell on like the 5 yard line after a sick kick off return. All the calls went New Orleans' way and the Bills lost. This time the game is in Buffalo, outside, perhaps in the rain, with 73k shouting for 3 hours.

The Bills need to control the ball, move down the field and put up points. It I guess is next to impossible to really stop their offense so they'll have to match points for points and make some plays in the secondary. With Bell out and Bush sucking, N.O.'s running game is basically non existent. Maybin needs to have a coming out party BIG TIME.

No Schouman for the rest of the year and Nelson being doubtful, young preseason stunna Stupar needs to step his game up and the other Derek, Fine that is, needs to get off the line and spread the field a bit. Owens can't have any big drops and I see Freddy having another big game.

The Aints are favored by 6 because of an early love affair but lets face it, there is no way this team is truly that great. Look for an "upset" Bills 33 Aints 30.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bills 33 Tampa 20


The game wasn't as close as the score indicates. The Bills man handled the Buccaneers on both sides of the line of scrimmage all day...probably more impressively than I have seen a Bills team dominate in the trenches this decade.

The offensive and defensive lines played outstanding. The Bills outrushed the Bucs 218-57. This is the same Tampa Bay offense who rushed for 174 yards on 31 attempts for an average yards per carry of 5.6 against the Dallas Cowboys a week ago. Tampa could only manage a meager 3.0 yards per rush against Buffalo while the Bills averaged 6.2.

Fred Jackson had a career game...he had 28 carries for 163 yards. Yeah, I will be one of the first people to say that Jackson is playing great right now. He had over 140 all purpose yards against the Patriots as well. But, I will also be the first one to say that I have never seen this offensive line run block like they are this season. Also, the effect of having both T.O. and Evans on the outside making it tough for a defense to crowd the line of scrimmage with their safeties cannot be ignored. The burning question in Buffalo now is what to do when Marshawn Lynch comes off suspension. My opinion is that Marshawn Lynch is the starting running back of this football team. He is a better runner than Jackson...as is illustrated by their respective careers. Jackson may be a better receiver and the Bills will without a doubt use both players extensively-but to say that Lynch should get the amount of work Omon is getting right now is foolish. Who knows what kind of numbers Lynch would be putting up if he wasn't suspended. Yeah, Jackson has been a stud for three straight games...however, he has 0 rushing touchdowns during this stretch. Marshawn Lynch has rushed for 0ver 1,000 yards in both of his seasons and has had 15 touchdowns. Fred Jackson should get carries and should be in there in passing situations but the majority of the touches should still go to Lynch.

Trent Edwards had his 2nd straight solid performance. He was 21-31 for 230 yards 2 tds and 1 int. His interception was ugly, but he also threw a perfect bomb to Owens which he dropped. He took shots down field on multiple occasions. He threw three deep balls to Evans and two deep balls to TO, two of which resulted in touchdowns. I am happy to see Trent take some shots, however, I still think the Bills need to find a way to get the ball to TO and Lee more. Evans had 1 catch yesterday, TO had only 3. Evans had 3 in week one and TO had only 2. The Bills aren't even targeting their outside receivers more than 5 times per game and I would like to see that number increase.

The Bills had a tough day on the injury front and the news didn't improve today. Brad Butler went down with a knee injury, and it has been confirmed that it will need surgery. He is out for the year. Jonathan Scott stepped in at right tackle and it didn't seem like the Bills offensive line missed a beat. However, losing Butler really makes me think that the Bills should show some serious interest in Jon Runyan. Leodis McKelvin hurt his ankle, Shoumann hurt his knee (Shoumann was having a solid game with 6 catches for 62 yards) and Shaun Nelson hurt his shoulder...there has been no word on these injuries as of now.

The Bills are 1-1 and should be 2-0...this NE loss still is killing me. The Bills will have their 2nd chance in three weeks to make a huge statement around the league with the Saints and their 46.5 points per game average making the trip to Orchard Park.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bills defeat Buccaneers

by Steve

Fifteen and one. That is all

Saturday, September 19, 2009

podcast Tampa Bay Bucs @ Buffalo Bills preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the Bills upcoming game against the Bucs and rehash the debacle on MNF

right click save as to download

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bills, UB, Owens

by Steve

Still pissed at the Bills, McKelvin, mostly Keith Ellison and having no internet at my crib is causing me to restrict my passion for the blog this week. And what the hell is with ESPN making a big deal about Terrell Owens comments about Edwards missing some plays down field.

  • Keith Ellison is the worst OLB starting in the NFL.
  • Leodis McKelvin can't fumble at that point I don't care what peter king says.
  • UB plays at Central Florida and is getting 4.5 this week. I'm staying away from the spread but this should be an interesting game for UB. They lost a tough one last week to Big East Pitt last week at home and are traveling all the way down to FLA for a borderline meaningless game. True it would be huge for a bowl birth but we'll see how the team reacts.
  • The Bills are getting 5ish at home vs the worst team in the league Sunday. Some say let down game but I say that doesn't exist for a Jauron coached squad. That is just about the only good thing this dude does is not allow the team to sulk and not show up after a brutal loss. I mean what other coach in the league has as much experience after a brutal prime time defeat than Dicko Jaurono?
  • Schobel has a back? After a good to great performance last week this better not hold him out Sunday. Chris Ellis?
  • Some dumb fuck at yahoo says Jackson is better than Lynch. (maybe it is only fantasy points? Either way stupid and not true)

Monday, September 14, 2009

being a buffalo bills fan sucks

by Steve

There is zero positive and only negative. I had zero confidence even after a back breaking 7 minute drive in the 4th quarter to score a touchdown giving the Bills an 11 point lead with 5:32 left on the clock. I am never confident in a Bills win unless I see 0:00 on the clock.

Lets face it, Jauron will be around at least the rest of the season, Poz's career is over (two arms breaks in the same arm in less than 2 years) the entire team only knows how to lose not win, and the owner is 91 with the succession plan in place.

I take solace in the o-line being decent, Trent being good, and the defense being already. The only major problem I have is the absolute piece of shit waste of life Keith Ellison is. He was the strong side LB covering Watson on BOTH TOUCHDOWN PASSES. He should quit if he has any integrity or self respect. He is beyond an albotross.

Great we proved people wrong by covering the spread. Fuck that. WE should have one. Allegedly Whitner cried after they lost. I want him cut. He fuckin sucks and has made maybe 2 plays in four years. Bend don't break? That is failure in a shit fuck whatever that means.

Games like this push you to be less and less of a fan. What is the point of being die hard, reading blogs message boards texts. It isn't worth it. All I need is something else to fill the void. Any suggestions?

Patriots 25 Bills 24


Two years ago, Dallas beat Buffalo 25-24 on Monday Night Football. At that point, many Bills fans didn't think they could experience a worse loss than that. Well, they were wrong. The Bills, as they so often do, choked away a win in a way that you can't even imagine.

If you are reading this blog, you saw the game, and know what happened, so I don't need to rehash what happened, nor do I even want to think about it. The question is...who is to blame? It has to be McKelvin right? He took it out of the end zone and fumbled away the ball with under 2 minutes to play and a 5 point lead. Taking the ball out of the end zone was a smart play and the fumble was unfortunate and he should have gone down, no doubt about it. In my opinion though, the loss can only be blamed on one person...the single constant for the past four years, the coach, Dick Jauron.

These disturbing life shortening losses are a trend under this head coach. They happen on a regular basis. This isn't just a one time thing. The coach is a loser and his teams take after him. The Patriots game in 2006, the Broncos game in 2007, the Dallas game in 2007, the Cleveland game in 2008, the Jets game in 2008 and now the Patriots game in 2009. That is 6 games out of 49 that the Bills have completely choked away wins. In two of these games, they held the lead for 60 minutes and LOST (Dallas and Denver didn't take the lead until the final bell). They didn't trail New England tonight for 59 minutes and 10 seconds. The Patriots game in 2006, they held a double digit 2nd half lead.

The Bills are 0-1. When it is all said and done, they lost a divisional game in which they led by 11 with 5 minutes to go. You can say all you want about them being unlucky. When it happens over and over, it isn't luck, it is just what the Bills are. It really isn't fair being a Bills fan.

Are the Buffalo Bills due?

If you have any shred of intelligence you were majorly lacking confidence in the Buffalo Bills as they face the New England Patriots on MNF tonight. read this and get ready. It is Jerry Sullivan pulling a reversal and giving reasons the Bills could win. True there is sarcasm in it but not entirely.

You want omens? It has been 20 years since the famous opener against Miami in 1989 when Jim Kelly led the Bills to two touchdowns in the last three minutes and dived into the end zone for the winning TD as time expired. That rally, out of the no-huddle, was a harbinger of big things to come.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 NFL predictions

Steve's Predictions
Bills go 7-9 as per usual unless jauron gets fired by the BYE week then they could get 8 wins. OR if Trent learns how to be a competent QB they could get 8 or 9 wins doubtful though.
  • Dolphins 6-10
  • Jets 7-9
  • Patriots 11-5
  • Browns 5-11
  • Cinci 8-8
  • Ravens 9-7
  • Steelers 12-4
  • Colts 11-5
  • Tenn 10-6
  • Houston 7-9
  • JAX 6-10
  • SD 9-7
  • KC 7-9
  • Den 6-10
  • OAK 6-10
  • Dallas 11-5
  • Philly 11-5
  • Giants 10-6
  • Wash 6-10
  • Minn 9-7
  • DET 2-14
  • Bears 8-8
  • Green Bay 10-6
  • Atl 11-5
  • NO 9-7
  • Car 9-7
  • TB 3-13
  • Seat 8-8
  • Ariz 8-8
  • SF 7-9
  • Rams 6-10

  1. The old regimes of the NFL will have one last hurrah
  2. Rookies continue to contribute more than in the past as the old guard is pushed out of hte NFL
  3. Over/under arrests 28
  4. NFC wins the Superbowl
  5. Patriots are caught cheating again some how
  6. Gomer Phillips fired before the end of the season
  7. Favre doesn't finish the season in Minny but beats GB once
  8. No one makes money gambling
T wreck's picks
Bills Oakland JAX win their divisions the rest isn't worth printing

Coast's predictions

2009 NFL Predictions:

AFC South-Houston
AFC North-Pittsburgh
AFC West-San Diego
AFC WC-Indy, Jacksonville
NFC East-Philly
NFC South-Carolina
NFC North-Green Bay
NFC West-Seattle
Super Bowl-Green Bay over San Diego
AFC COY-Gary Kubiak
NFC COY-Jim Mora Jr.
MVP (offense)-Peyton Manning
MVP (defense)-Mario Williams
ROY (offense)-Percy Harvin
ROY (defense)-Aaron Curry

Bills 4-12

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pittsburgh Panthers defeat UB Bulls 54-27

by Steve

The Bulls lost to the Big East douche bag Panthers 54-27 in a game where the final score was anything but indicative of the competition of the game. UB was down 13 with 6 minutes left in the fourth quarter with the ball inside the Pitt 20 yard line. An over thrown ball my Maynard on 4th and 10 in the endzone was the nail in the coffin for a UB upset or even cover. Oh well..

Zach Maynard had a break out game. He torched the Pitt secondary for 400 yards and 4 tds. Naaman Roosevelt played like a top WR in the country plays hauling in 6 catches 179 yards 2 TDS, straight beast. Other than that no one really showed up except Hamlin and the o-line.

Thermilius proved he is not a feature back. Mario Henry had two huge fumbles early in the game. The defense was over matched early picked up in the middle then let down after the Maynard incompletion towards the end.

Another crucial play late in the 3rd quarter when UB again was driving to cut the Pitt lead to 1 score Maynard fumbled on a QB option (I think, i couldn't see with the terrible seating arrangement at UB stadium) and a Shitt defender picked it up and went untouched 60+ yards for a decisive touchdown.

All in all the Bulls played well for the caliber of the opponent but botched routine plays that sealed their fate. UB plays at central florida next week then MAC play starts the following weekend. WE CAN BUILD ON THISSS!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Buffalo Bills 2009 podcast preview

Steve and Coast discuss the 2009 season with predictions and commentary

Download this podcast (rightclick)

Buffalo Bills 2009 Season Preview


In March, the 2009 Bills seemed anything like a rebuilding franchise. They signed Terrell Owens after all, and what young team in a rebuilding phase would add a piece like that to the puzzle? Now it seems like an October trade of T.O. to a contending team seems more realistic than the Bills making any sort of playoff push. The Bills are starting three essential rookies on the offensive line now that they have released Langston Walker (who was due a bonus on Saturday). They have fired their offensive coordinator Turk Schonert less than two weeks before opening day and appointed Alex Van Pelt, who has never held such a position. This is their 7th offensive coordinator in the past 10 years. Van Pelt also coached Trent Edwards a season ago and did a less than inspiring job. Two offseason acquisitions who were expected to contribute, Pat Thomas and Dominic Rhodes, have been released. These moves all point to those of a rebuilding team…or it is Dick Jauron trying to supply himself with built in excuses so that a 7-9 record with such a young and inexperienced offensive line seems like a success and earns him another season…or it is the owner, Ralph Wilson, trying to save an extra buck or two. Whatever it is, this team will be vying for a draft pick come December.


The Bills offensive line in 2008 looked like this: Peters, Dockery, Fowler/Preston, Butler, Walker. The 2009 offensive line looks like this: Bell, Levitre, Hangartner, Wood, Butler. Brad Butler is the only returning player and he is moving from guard to tackle. Other than that the Bills have all new faces. Demitrius Bell, the son of the Mailman Karl Malone, has been playing football for like 4 years and has to be raw. He was a 2008 7th round pick and we can only hope he turns out to be the next Jason Peters, except not a selfish asshole. The wide receiving core has obviously been upgraded with the signing of Terrell Owens. Owens will be here for AT MOST one year…in fact, he could have a two month tenure with the team. Either way, he is the only player this decade that has been on this roster that will ever step foot in Canton.

Lee Evans is making the big money, $9.25 million to be exact. It is time for him to earn his contract. He barely attained 1,000 yards last season. Big time receivers don’t struggle to gain 1,000 yards. He also only had three touchdowns. If you are making Larry Fitzgerald money, you need to find the end zone more than once every 5 plus games. Seriously, one touchdown every 5 games? Is it Trent’s fault that Lee is never open down field every single time, or does Lee have to take part of the blame? After these two though, things don’t look that good. Josh Reed is the definition of perennial mediocrity. The Bills coaching staff, with or without Schonert, will not be able to find a way to use Roscoe Parrish. Steve Johnson might as well be the new number three, but with Jauron allegedly coaching for his job and with Reed and Parrish making decent money, I will be surprised if Johnson plays more than sparingly. James Hardy? Who knows when or if this guy will ever make an impact. The running back situation is very scary the first three weeks. If Fred Jackson gets hurt, it is Xavier Omon’s job. Cutting Rhodes now doesn’t make much sense, especially with Lynch’s suspension. The Bills just need to hold their breath until Lynch’s return against Miami. Finally, Derek Shoumann, Derek Fine and Shaun Nelson make up the tight end core. Other than one touchdown reception by Nelson, I have seen next to nothing from the rookie. Shoumann and Fine don’t exactly excite me in any way either. It is safe to say that the Bills tight ends are among the worst in the league…again.


The defense should be improved from last year. Paul Posluszny has another year under his belt. Remember, due to injury, last year was essentially his first year in the league as a full time starter. Hopefully he can become more than just an average linebacker. Leodis McKelvin is taking over as the starting cornerback opposite Terrance McGee. McKelvin is getting better and better and the sky is the limit for him. This guy is a game changer. Every time he touches the ball he is a threat to score. Last year he scored on a pick 6 and a kick return and these numbers should increase this year.

The defensive line should also be better this year. Aaron Schobel is an easy target…he is without a doubt overrated and overpaid, but at the same time, he is much better than Ryan Denney who was starting in his place last year when he was hurt. Aaron Maybin has looked like a stud in the pre season since he signed and probably will lead the team in sacks. He should take over the starting job over Kelsay before too long. As everyone who reads this blog knows, Chris Kelsay has no business being on this football team for $5 million per year or any amount of money really. He sucks, so does Denney who makes over $2 million per year. I’d like to see Chris Ellis get a lot more snaps this year instead of Denney at the very least. Rounding out the defensive line is Marcus Stroud, Kyle Williams, Spencer Johnson, John McCargo and company. Stroud is still a beast and even though McCargo is a bust as a first round pick, he does provide some solid depth.

The weakest positions on the Bills defense is outside linebacker and safety. Donte Whitner is a bust as the 8th pick in the draft, let’s face it. He has 2 career interceptions and really never makes any major impact plays. I can’t really think of any off the top of my head. The best play of his career came on opening day 2006 when he picked off Brady and took it to the house (Clements block in the back brought it back…ouch). Bryan Scott is waiting to have his job taken by Jairus Byrd or is Byrd going to take Whitner’s job…who knows? Also providing depth are John Wendling, and George Wilson who hopefully will never see the field except on special teams. Playing the weak side linebacker position this year is Kawika Mitchell. He is an OK player. He makes some huge plays like that INT in the end zone vs. Rivers, but then he disappears for games at a time. The major issue is at strong side. Keith Ellison flat out blows. Nic Harris, please learn how to play linebacker as soon as possible so we can move on. The Bills have some solid young depth at the position with Marcus Buggs, Ashley Palmer, and Nic Harris…hometown here Jon Corto made the team again as a special teamer. Look for the Bills defense to keep the Bills in some games this year…although, they could be on the field A LOT if the offense is as bad as I think it could be.


The Bills special teams will be what it’s been the past few years and that is above average. Their punter is good. Their returners, Roscoe Parrish and Leodis McKelvin, may be the best in the league. Their kicker is a bum. Lindell missed a 32 yard field goal against the Lions last week. Also, he seems to miss a lot of clutch kicks (see the following: Bills Browns last year, Bills Colts 2006, Bills Steelers 2004, Bills Jaguars 2004). He is Ok, but with the game on the line, I am not confident with him lining up a kick from any distance. The Bills special teams will produce points and will change field position and could be the best unit on this team…again, which is pathetic.

The Bills schedule this year is anything but favorable. Below is the schedule and my picks for each game.

Week 1 @ NE – Loss
Week 2 vs. TB – Win
Week 3 vs. NO – Loss
Week 4 @ MIA – Loss
Week 5 vs. Cle – Win
Week 6 @ NYJ – Loss
Week 7 @ CAR – Loss
Week 8 vs. HOU – Loss
Week 9 – BYE
Week 10 @ TEN – Loss
Week 11 @ JAC – Loss
Week 12 vs. MIA – Win
Week 13 vs. NYJ (Toronto) – Loss
Week 14 @ KC – Win
Week 15 vs. NE – Loss
Week 16 @ ATL – Loss
Week 17 vs. Indy – Loss

Therefore my projected record for the 2009 Buffalo Bills is 4-12. This is better than Easterbrook’s 3-13 prediction. Good enough to land them a top five pick. Last time they had a top 5 pick they certainly made the most of it in Mike Williams. It’s going to be an ugly year. The Bills are a dysfunctional franchise right now from the top down. We can hope for a miracle I guess. Last year if I had to pick the Dolphins record, I would have said something close to 4-12. Maybe we can shock the league.

Bills 2009 Captains:

Offense - Trent Edwards, Lee Evans
Defense - Kawika Mitchess, Paul Posluszny
Special Teams - Brian Moorman, George Wilson

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jon Runyan visiting the Buffalo Bills

Thankfully it appears the Bills aren't 100% positive about their offensive line. Either this is a move to replace Butler or to push him along. Either way the Bills could use the depth on the o-line considering they only have one back up interior lineman on the roster.
PFT is saying:

After working out for the Eagles on Thursday, veteran tackle Jon Runyan will hop a plane.

And, after the plane stops bouncing, it will fly to Buffalo.

Per a league source, Runyan will travel to Western New York tonight for a Friday meeting with the Bills.

In all, four teams are interested in Runyan. The Chiefs, Eagles, and Bills are the three currently known.

Runyan has started every game since 1997 mostly at right tackle. He had offseason microfracture knee surgery, and he recently received clearance to play again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bill Belichick 9/9/09 press conference

Belichick press conference

“we’re kinda.. We have an extra day, we kinda need it” “buffalo is uh, as usual a team that gives you a lot of things you need to get ready for, a team that is very good in the kicking game”

“good core guys in their kicking game”

“on defense they got a lot better on defense … maybin, byrd.. Adding Florence guys like that”

“they gave us quite a game at the end last year.. Like every game in the AFC East, its going to be a dog fight” “it’s going to be a tough game against the Buffalo Bills like it always is”

“I think offensively, they, I think they are a very skilled offensive team”

“offensive line, they’re obviously putting guys in there they believe in.. it’s not as verteran or experienced as some other ares of the team, but I can definitely see what they’re doing there and I think they’re working with a lot of good people and I’m sure they’ll be good there too.”

“a game against a division rival, it’s a big game”

Paul Harris invited to Utah Jazz camp

Per the Buffalo News Paul Harris has been invited to the Utah Jazz training camp.

by Steve

After opting not to return for a senior season at Syracuse, the Niagara Falls high school product has a look at the NBA after going undrafted in the two round draft this past June.

There were rumors Boheim and co. pushed Harris out the door after the Orange made the big dance in 2009. Who knows, maybe he was just sick of getting pwn'd every day by Jim on the sidelines. Regardless, if Harris truly commits him self it is tough to imagine PH not getting to play in the NBA within the next few years. His size and skill would make him a solid 7th man off the bench forward type battling for rebounds. Paul Millsap sans 4 inches and 20 lbs anyone? Plus Millsie plays for Utah.

Over the summer Harris played with ol' buddy Flynn in the NBA Summer League in Vegas with the 'sota T'wolves.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jerry Sullivan is losing credibility

by Steve

Raving cynic and loves to be negative Jerry Sullivan is really starting to lose credibility. He went off on a diatribe this afternoon on Schopp and the Dog @ 5pm. Now I'm a realist. I don't have rose colored glasses on. I know the Bills aren't great and don't appear to be on the right path at all. But to just make things up and purposely spit lie after lie with outrageous opinions and other BS is a freakin joke.

First he says the Bills have the worst offensive line in the NFL. That is a stretch. Unproven? Of course, but worst in the league? C'mon. Butler is solid, Hangartner has been in the league 5 years, played in all 16 games for Carolina last year and started 8 games for the 2nd best team in the NFC in 2008. Levitre was the first guard taken in the 2009 draft, Wood is a first rounder and Bell is admittedly the biggest question mark.

Next the Patriots oline and how they don't overpay for anyone and just magically find guys on the offensive line. All but one of the players on the Pats oline was drafted in the 5th round or earlier and have been on the team for multiple years. Stephen Neal was an undrafted rookie that took 3 seasons before he got any time.

Seymore and his trade is mentioned next. So the Patriots are geniuses because they traded a pro bowl caliber DE for a draft pick in 2011? How does this trade improve the Patriots' chance of winning the Super bowl this year? True, Schobel has been a bust but how about other defensive ends that were 29? Strahan had 22 sacks the year he turned 30, the next four seasons he compiled 45 sacks. Simeon Rice turned 29 early in '03, starting that year he had 15,12,14 sacks. Hugh Douglas when 29 had 15, 9.5, 12.5 his next three seasons. Those were just the first three dudes I looked up.

Next he rips Levy for everything and hiring Jauron. Most of this I agree with except he calls Russ Brandon the CEO when he is the COO. Honest mistake I guess.

"The gap between the Bills and Patriots has never been wider" How about 2001 and 2003 when the Patriots won the Superbowl and won 8 more games than the Bills in both seasons. Not to mention their 16-0 season.

"You know how many players the Bills have drafted since Butler left in the first round and played in a probowl? Zero, ZERO" Nate Clements 2004, Willis McGahee 2007, Marshawn Lynch 2008. "Losman may have been put on the team (pro bowl) once" Wrong again. But continue.. "Tell me a guy on this team that is in the top 10 at his position in the NFL" Marshawn Lynch isn't a top 10 running back?

The whole hour continued like this.. And this guy is the flagship sports columnist in this town? No wonder newspapers are in dire straights.

Monday, September 7, 2009

10 reasons to be positive about the 09 Buffalo Bills

by Steve

Lets face it, everyone is already counting out the 2009 Buffalo Bills. From ownership to the coach to the quarterback to the offensive coordinator on down there are few if any legit reasons to be positive. I call bullshit. Here are ten reasons to be positive about the 2009 Buffalo Bills.

10. AVP
Sure Alex Van Pelt was a marginal NFL player. And yes he has little experience calling plays and none as a coordinator in the NFL. But what great coordinators or coaches were great players? Just because he wasn't great doesn't mean he can't be a good o-coord. Plus at least he isn't Turk Schonert or Steve Fairchild.

9. Dick Jauron
No not because he is the coach but because at least he gives us a quote of the day nearly every single day. His mind numbing press conferences and ridiculously stupid answers to seemingly mundane and simple questions is great fodder for ridicule.

8. Special Teams
The only unit that is actually good and in recent history has actually been great. Under the tutelage of Bob April the '09 unit seems poised for another solid campaign.

7. Aaron Maybin
This young potential stud is averaging a sack a game and seems poised to contribute this season. Granted the preseason isn't exactly the best litmus test for future productivity but he was taken 12th overall for a reason. Doubt he contributes right away because the number of snaps he sees will be limited. However, with bums like Kelsenney in front of him its hard to imagine him not usurping those scumbags by the bye week at the latest.

6. Trent Edwards
True he had one of the worst preseasons for a Bills quarterback in quite some time but for those that don't realize, those games don't count. He is still young and has the tools to get the job done. A lucky bounce here or there could cause a complete reversal in his lack of confidence. And he doesn't have Turk chirpin in his headset on 3rd and 8 any more.

5. Leodis McKelvin
The guy started to show more than a few signs of his skill level as the season wound down last season. With a play makers mind set both on defense and special teams, the sky is the limit.

4. Marshawn Lynch
Throw all the off the field issues out the window on Sundays. Oh, and the three game suspension. All the guy has done in the league is run for 1,000+ yards in his first two years behind an average at best o-line and no threat of a passing game, and a probowl appearance. See ya week four holmes.

3. Terrell "T.O." Owens
ESPN and the media in general are obsessed with him, he is still a playmaker and he hasn't even played a game in Buffalo yet. Either he explodes and piles up big numbers and improves the offense immediately or he implodes and gets Jauron fired. (True there are other options but this is a positive post)

2. Back at the Ralph
One of the 7 best days of the entire year. Going back to Ralph Wilson Stadium for a Bills game is rarely matched on the other 358 days on the calendar. Where else do you wake up at 8am start drinking with 75,000 other people and party all day?

1. It's the NFL
Anything can happen. Who saw the 2008 cardinals as a superbowl contender? Who thought rapelisraper would win yet another championship while playing like shit? How did the Dolphins win 11 games last year.

Your 2009 Buffalo Bills, at least they're in the NFL.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

UB defeats UTEP 23-17

.by Steve

Finally, a Buffalo born team wins a game. The University @ Buffalo, allegedly the jewel of the SUNY system, won as according to betus.com 12 point dawgs on the road @ UTEP. To say this is an upset is well scoring it well.

Sans Starks, sans Willy, Maynard and co. got it done. In perfect UB fassion it came down to the last few plays before the final score was determined. UTEP scored the potential game winning touchdown with about 16 seconds left when a flag was thrown for holding and for unsportsmanline conduct. The end result was a win in southwest Texas and five wins away from another bowl birth.

Clearly Mario Henry and Thermilus can handle the load. Granted, they aren't Starks, but they showed up tonight and thats all that matters at this point. UB stole a game, sorta, as 12 point dawgs on the road and are seemingly poised for the MAC.

Maynard didn't have a great game 12-19 159 yards and a TD but the team took advatage of field position, turnovers, and special teams to prevail in a tough environment, sorta. Either way UB is 1-0 and poised for at least another bowl birth. See you the 12th against PITT at home. Fuck the Big East

Turk Schonert quoting Jauron, quote of the day

"He (Jauron) told me the offense wasn't simple enough for him," Schonert said. "We had too many formations, too many plays. I didn't simplify it to his liking."

"He wants a 'Pop Warner' offense," Schonert said, referring to the Bills head coach. "He limited me in formations, and limited me in plays. He's been on my back all offseason."

Dominic Rhodes cut

Evidently the Bills like Omon. Dominic Rhodes was cut today. All 32 teams must be cut down to a 53 man roster by 4pm today. Keep it dialed in here for news

Friday, September 4, 2009

Turk Schonert fired, ko simpson traded

by Steve

Either Dick Jauron has some balls or Ralph Wilson owns him like a little bitch. Either way, I'm happy sorta. Turk Schonert, the multiple time failure is out as coordinator and evidently Alex Van Pelt is in. Oh and the Bills traded Ko Simpson to the Lions for a 6th next year.

Lets face it. There is zero chance this was solely Dicko Jaurono's idea. He is the epitome of doing nothing and this is the exact opposite of doing nothing. Maybe Ralph suggested it and Jauron and co. agreed, maybe it was only Ralph, maybe it was only Dicko. The truth is somewhere in between.

If we were a real team or real franchise the only question after a move like this would be, does this make the team better/closer to a title? Unfortunately we aren't a real team in this league. Buttt at least we don't have this scum bag calling the plays any more.

I'm of the opinion that this at least shakes things up a little and that has to be a positive thing. The team was scuffling along, Evans was calling team meetings, Trent looks like shit and above all Ralph was pissed. AVP is pretty much no one with no reputable or relevant experience. And yet he is still an upgrade over Schonert.

Peace out Ko, you still might be worth millions but now you play for the Lions, some how a step down from the Bills. 6th is better than cuttin' yo ass.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dick Jauron quote of the day 9/02/09

Receiver Lee Evans was rested for a second straight practice.

"It was kind of planned after the game particularly," Jauron said. "He's just sore. Lee did a lot of running in camp."