Monday, November 30, 2009

Buffalo Bills Quote 'em Tuesday

  • "It's no knock against anybody," said Donte Whitner, knocking the former head coach, "but we're used to playing it safe in those situations and the opposition knew that."
  • "Oh, I love it," Fewell said. "I told him, "You have some big gonads.' And I told him as long as he keeps hitting them, keep throwing them."
  • "We stayed aggressive with that (Owens) pass... It was just a different feeling out there that we were going to go do whatever it took to get it done." -Kirk Chambers
  • "We knew that we were playing against them and the refs," Davis said. "That's tough. You can't make the game close."
  • "It's the experience," Owens said. "He's not a stranger to being back there at the quarterback position and he's recognizing defenses. He's putting us in situations for us to win whether it's run or pass, and the guys up front are giving him a little bit of time to kind of assess that and he's delivering the ball."
    "I didn't pay attention," Davis said. "After that, I just knew (the officials) were not letting us get out of here with that game."
  • "It's almost as if Belichick didn't want to give the Saints the satisfaction of squashing an attempt to score one touchdown, much less three of them. And so Belichick opted not to even try to pull off a similar kind of magic that Brady and company worked on Monday night in Week One, against the Bills." Mike Florio

Bills 31 Dolphins 14


There is no denying that the Bills look like a completely different football team the past two weeks. Their games have actually been exciting. They have played inspired football. Yesterday, the Bills actually finished off Miami in the 4th quarter to win and a lot of what happened had to do with the decisions made by Perry Fewell.

In a tie game, the Bills faced a 4th down and 8 from the Miami 38 with under 4 minutes to play. What would Jauron have done here? Well, there is no doubt he would have punted and tried not to lose as he always did. Fewell on the other hand, went with his gut, and threw Lindell on the field to attempt a 56 yard field goal. Miami appeared to not be ready and lined up late. Lindell has never made a kick of such length, but has made kicks from this distance in warm ups. Lindell drilled it.

Later, after a Drayton Florence interception, the Bills once again had the football with just above 2 minutes to play at their own 49. Jauron would have ran the football three times and punted the ball back to Miami with a slim three point lead. Fewell once again wanted to win the football game right now. The Bills called a pass play knowing that a few first downs ices it. Of course, Fitzpatrick audibled to a bomb and Terrell Owens burned the rookie corner Vontae Davis for a touchdown which iced the football game.

This leads me to another point. I am not a huge Ryan Fitzpatrick fan...but I'm a much bigger fan now than I was 2 weeks ago. He has no fear throwing the ball Saturday. He saw man coverage, audibled and took a shot. Would the Jauron clone Trent Edwards have audibled and thrown a deep ball at the end of the game there? I think not. Trent would have been terrified to make a mistake, audibled to a run even if a pass was called, and gotten off the field in three plays. Fitzpatrick isn't that accurate of a passer, makes bad throws and bad decisions a little too much, but he at least has balls. It is no accident that T.O. has blown up since Fitzpatrick took over. Evans only had about 40 yards on 2 catches yesterday, but Fitz threw deep to him more than once. It is a completely different offense.

Back to Fewell, at the end of the first half, the Bills actually tried to score. Yeah, Fitz threw an interception but I don't care because they tried. The defense stood Miami up and the interception did not cost them. These decisions not only show confidence in the offense but confidence in the defense that they can come up big if something does go wrong.

At the end of the game, the Bills had first and goal at the 8. Miami was out of timeouts and the Bills could have taken a kneel. This decision to run another play has been criticized by the media and it was risky and maybe stupid, but I loved it. Fred Jackson was a horse the entire 2nd half. Fewell rewarded his guy. He was running through Miami's defense and Fewell rewarded him by allowing him to punch it in there. Also, all Bills fans love running up the score on Miami. 31-14 sounds a lot better than 24-14. Stupid or not, I loved rubbing it in Miami's face.

Finally, another impressive part of this game was the way the Bills answered Miami's drive to begin the 2nd half. The Dolphins marched in over 9 minutes to score a touchdown to take a 14-7 lead. So what do the Bills do? They don't come on the field, go three and out in 42 seconds and put their defense right back on the field, they answered. The Bills went on a 13 play 75 yard touchdown drive that took 7:04 off the clock. They actually gave their defense a break and it showed in the final quarter.

It would be nice if Buffalo could land Mike Shanahan or Bill Cowher, as much of a long shot as it might be. In my opinion though, Perry Fewell has an opportunity to win this job. It is a long shot, but he has a chance. In my mind, the only way it should be considered is if he gets this team to .500 AND beats the Patriots at home. If Fewell goes 5-2 in his 7 games and beats the Patriots at home, he deserves serious consideration. I love the way this team has reacted to him being the head man...they beat a Miami team 31-14 yesterday that Jauron lost to earlier in the season 38-10 and twice to last season. Yes they lost to Jacksonville, but they were two penalties away from that game not even being in question in the 4th quarter (two touchdowns called back because of penalties resulting in 3 points total).

It is finally exciting again to watch the Bills I can honestly say that the amount I cared at the end of the Jauron era was at an all time low. Yeah, I watched every play of the Tennessee game and Houston game but didn't care much about the outcome. I just wanted whatever would get Jauron fired to happen. The Bills play again in 72 hours...and sweeping the Jets and getting three wins in the division after 0 last year is all I care about. Oh yeah, win out and make the playoffs?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dolphins @ Bills preview

by Steve

Rivalry week! Fish in our barn, get pumped! Eh fuck it.

No really though I want the Bills to win three more games this year. Dolphins this week, Jets on Thursday (or lose in a really boring game to fuck over Toronto) and the Patriots game week 15. Lose the rest get a top 10 pick, see Brohm in the last couple games and start the offseason search for a coach and GM.

  • Why is Fitzpatrick starting?
  • Anyone else hate that asshat half jacket wearing bus driver of a coach Tony Sporano as much as I do?
  • Lynch put up or sit down this week.
  • Owens is going to show up tomorrow, again, book it.
  • Anticipate a low scoring affair.
  • No rain please
  • Ricky williams ows the Bills look for him to have a big day, remember '02?
  • Byrd is about to blow up, even more.
  • Maybin first sack is my prediction
  • Surprisingly good crowd will be on hand
  • Fitzpatrick gets exposed as a mediocrity some how even more.
  • Who the fuck is Chad Henne?
  • Peezy the new Bryan Cox? Eh he's too old and both teams don't matter.
  • Some how we won't be ready for the wild cat still.
  • Donde esta Hardy, S Johnson?
  • Bring an extra 30 rack its gonna be ugly
Dolphins 15 Bills 13

Bills news: Jeremy Jacobs, Russ Grimm

  • One of Buffalo's few rich people, Jeremy Jacobs, who in the past has said he would never sell the Bruins to buy the Bills, is rumored to be doing the opposite."Denials of a potential Bruins sale to the contrary, some insiders believe that Boston owner Jeremy Jacobs might quietly put his Bruins on the block, if he hasn't’t done so already."
  • From PFT: "Though he offered up the likes of Jim Haslett and Marc Trestman without acknowledging the fact that those names had been out there for more than a week, Casserly identified a new candidate for the job.

    Russ Grimm.

    Grimm, the Cardinals' offensive line coach, was a finalist for top job in Pittsburgh nearly three years ago."

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tiger Woods in serious condition,0,7254095.story

Professional golfer Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a car accident early this morning, the Florida Highway Patrol just reported.

Woods, 33, pulled out of his driveway in the Isleworth community about 2:25 a.m. when he struck a fire hydrant, and then drove into a tree at his neighbor's property, FHP reported.

Woods was transported to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee in serious condition, FHP said. No other information about his condition has been released.

A Health Central hospital employee said at 2:30 p.m. that Woods was not a patient. A hospital operator would not say if Woods had been treated and released.

FHP said the airbags in Woods' Cadillac Escalade did not deploy, which means the vehicle was traveling under 33 mph.

Orange County Fire Rescue received the call for aid at 2:28 a.m. Woods was transported from his Windermere-area neighborhood by the hospital's own ambulance.

FHP did not report the accident until just after 2 p.m. today. The agency said the crash remains under investigation and charges are pending.

Bills injury update

Eight-year NFL veteran Kendall Simmons, who was signed Tuesday, might start in Wood’s place Sunday, when Buffalo (3-7) hosts Miami (5-5). It will be the seventh different offensive line combination this season.

Meanwhile, starting cornerback Terrence McGee (knee), starting defensive tackle Marcus Stroud (knee), and starting left tackle Demetrius Bell (knee) didn’t practice Wednesday. Backup defensive tackle John McCargo also missed practice because of a calf injury. Rookie safety Jairus Byrd, who leads the league with eight interceptions, was limited because of a groin injury.

Running back Marshawn Lynch practiced fully after missing the second half of Sunday’s loss at Jacksonville because of a shoulder injury.

“We’re happy so far,” Wood said from his hospital room at Baptist Medical Center in downtown Jacksonville on Wednesday night. “Hopefully, everything will settle the way it should and I’ll be ready to play football in six to eight months.”

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jim Kelly's 2 cents on the Bills search

He talks about just about everything:

"I like Trent personally," Kelly told USA TODAY. "He works hard. But he's had three years. It's time to find somebody who is the future of the Buffalo Bills.

"If I'm the owner, that's what I'm thinking.

"Whether it's Tim Tebow, whether they'll have a shot at him when draft time comes ... you have to look at the top three quarterbacks in the draft, really study them. And you look for a guy with good character, good leadership ability and good arm strength — and a guy who doesn't come from California.

"After this Thanksgiving weekend, I'm going over to the office and sit down with them," said Kelly, 49. "Because if it'll take a phone call from myself, or (former teammates and fellow Hall of Famers) Bruce Smith or Thurman Thomas, there's no doubt we'll make it.

"There's no doubt they realize how passionate Bills fans are. Fan support, you don't have to worry about that in western New York.

Kelly said he wants to team up with Wilson to secure the franchise's future.

"I would love the opportunity down the road to be a big part of the ownership group," he said. "I hope I can sit down with Mr. Wilson at some time and discuss the future and making sure this Buffalo Bills franchise does stay in Buffalo, and making sure it is the Buffalo Bills from 1960 to 2040."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shanahan met with the Bills for 7 hours

by Steve

Per ESPN, Shanny met with Russ Brandon in Denver for 7 hours Monday.

Brandon delivered what was said to be a persuasive presentation about why Shanahan should be interested in the Bills. He pitched Shanahan on the merits of the market, the condition of the franchise and what a good match it could be.

The two sides did agree on one point: Each would take its time in this process, making sure it makes the right decision about what's next for each.

"We had an excellent meeting," Shanahan said Wednesday. "I was really impressed with Russ Brandon and everything he had to say. We're going to stay in touch and see what develops."

The Bills want to thoroughly investigate all the coaches that are and could be available, even though they clearly are serious about Shanahan. At the same time, Shanahan would like to see what opportunities could be out there for him to return to the NFL in 2010.

Sounds pretty good ot me. I am obviously still skeptical of the Bills actually signing Shanahan as their head coach but his comments perhaps fly in the face of that skepticism. Either way it truly sounds like the Bills (aka Ralph) are willingly to do what it takes to actually turn around this moribund franchise. Whether that means a high price coached or a legit GM it can't be any worse than the last four errrrr 10 years.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holmgren and Shanahan Bills update

Interesting stuff:

The Bills, in fact, are scheduled to meet with Shanahan this week. And they fully understand, to even have that conversation, they must be prepared to pay more than the $7 million Shanahan is due to earn in each of the next two years as part of the balance of his guaranteed contract with the Denver Broncos, who fired him as their coach after the 2008 season.

"You're probably talking about $50 million over five years and maybe even a piece of the team," said a source close to Shanahan. "And by all indications, (Bills owner Ralph) Wilson is ready to have that conversation."
Holmgren has rejected an overture from the Bills as well, presumably because he has his eye on one or more other opportunities that would likely involve him taking only a front-office position.

Getting good means allowing the new coach to spend money on players in free agency. With Shanahan, there is no limit to such spending. In fact, according to a source close to the Broncos, he spent his former employer into a $29 million salary-cap hole, which was a large part of the reason their owner, Pat Bowlen, decided to part ways with him. If a player didn't pan out, Shanahan would shrug and tell his personnel staff to merely search for a replacement, not giving a second thought to the wasted signing bonuses that continued to pile up.

Within the Broncos, Shanahan earned the nickname "Let's get another guy" because that was what he would always offer as a solution to whatever competitive problem the Broncos faced. And we haven't even addressed the additional cash Shanahan readily doled out to what had grown into one of the NFL's largest support staffs. Under Shanahan, the Broncos actually had a "team masseuse" on the payroll.

Bills sign G Kendall Simmons

put Wood on the IR

The Buffalo Bills signed former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Kendall Simmons to the 53-man roster, the team said today in a press release. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Simmons takes the spot of guard Eric Wood, who was placed on injured reserve with a broken leg.

Simmons was released Nov. 9 by New England; he was active in one game for the Patriots and was inactive for six other contests. From 2002 to 2008, Simmons started each of his 80 games played with Pittsburgh. The 6-foot-3, 315 pound Auburn product entered the NFL as a first-round (30th overall) draft choice of the Steelers in 2002.

He is listed as a guard.

If healthy he is more than a serviceable offensive lineman. He did tear his Achilles last year and we all know how those injuries can go. If he plays out the season perhaps he could be a starter in 2010, we'll see.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cowher Says NO to Bills

From John Clayton at ESPN:

The Buffalo Bills reached out to former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, but he has informed them that he's not interested in interviewing for the job at this time, a source said Monday.

Bills owner Ralph Wilson has been aggressive in the past week trying to find a big-name replacement for fired coach Dick Jauron. He has arranged for a meeting this week with former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan. Cowher was another logical choice.

Cowher has been selective over the past couple of years in deciding the type of team he wants to coach. According to a source, Cowher doesn't want to interview for a job he's not going to accept despite the fact the Bills might be willing to pay top dollar for the right coach.

According to the source, Cowher told the Bills he wants to wait until the season ends before he starts interviewing for a job. Cowher is going to continue his broadcasting career and then see what's available after the season.

Jags Beat Bills 18-15


The Bills lost in typical Buffalo Bills fashion Sunday, 18-15 to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bills had two touchdowns taken off the board due to stupid penalties. An illegal hands to the face by John Scott wiped out a touchdown bomb to Lee Evans. A chop block on Geoff Hangartner (or Seth McKinney) wiped out a touchdown run by Fred Jackson. Those 14 points turned into only 3 points and obviously was the difference in the game. New coach, same undisciplined football team.

The Bills no longer have Dick Jauron and it was a breath of fresh air, however the disaster that was the end of the first half was typical Dick Jauron. I could easily blame the was Perry Fewell's first game, he has no experience dealing with time outs...I guess...but Fitzpatrick, come on...have you no awareness? You are the quarterback. After the slant to Owens, call timeout and you have 14 seconds to take 2 or 3 shots to the end zone. Absolutely terrible. A running play? What is this, week 17 against New England last year? I wish the Bills would have run out of would have been so typical of this season.

At least the Bills offense showed some life yesterday. The only problem is that the life was provided by two players that will have 0 impact on the rebuilding of this team next year. Who really cares if Terrell Owens receives for 197 yards? I don't. I would rather see James Hardy and Steve Johnson combine for 43 yards. Seriously, why play T.O.? Also, why is Ryan Fitzpatrick starting at quarterback? I don't care if he gives us a "better chance to win one game right now." He has a 0 percent chance of being our starting quarterback next year. As much as I hate Trent Edwards, he has a better chance of starting next season, so why not play him? It seriously doesn't make any sense at all. I really don't need to see Ryan Fitzpatrick staring down T.O. all game trying to throw him the ball as much as possible because he is probably scared of T.O. That does absolutely nothing for this franchise.

The only players I care about are Marshawn Lynch, Lee Evans, Shaun Nelson, James Hardy, Steve Johnson and our young offensive line. The only problem is that Lynch is having a brutally terrible year and got hurt, Steve Johnson cannot find the field, James Hardy can't get back from injury, Lee Evans is invisible more often than not, and every single lineman we have gets injured. Seriously, 1 catch for 15 yards Evans? I would have loved it if it was him having 197 yards and a T.D. How many more offensive lineman can we possibly lose? Eric Wood broke his leg and will be added to the injured reserve. D. Bell can't stay healthy. Wood will join Butler on the IR along with backup Seth McKinney. Geoff Hangartner and Andy Levitre are the only starters remaining. Good thing we cut Walker and Dockery and traded Peters.

The Bills play Miami at home next week. Fitz will probably start and throw to T.O. as much as possible. We will again learn nothing about the future of this football team and will still find a way to lose. I am happy Jauron is gone...but Fewell knows he must go 5-2 or better to have a chance at this job and because of that he will keep doing what he feels is best to win "one game" rather than what is best for this franchise in the long run.

Ralph Wilson willing to spend $10 mil on a coach

from Tim Graham of ESPN

Bills owner Ralph Wilson is willing to spend upwards of $10 million to land the right person. Mike Shanahan is at the top of their list. They’re going to talk to him first. They also have an interest in Bill Cowher.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

JAX 18 Bills 15 F

by Steve

Quick hits from a useless typical Bills loss

  • Marshawn Lynch looked awful this year, thanks for getting suspended
  • The over/under for players getting injured for the season was 2 and I hit it exactly
  • Time management at the end of the 2nd quarter summed up perfectly the Jauron era.
  • Perry Fuel showed is lack of coaching aquemen when he didn't challenge the potential fumble on the Jags game winning drive.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick sucks, why did he even play?
  • Too little too late Terrell
  • Roscoe Parrish is useless
  • Byrd didn't have a pick? WTF.. Whitner sucks
  • Why was Reggie Corner covering their best WR on that last play?
  • Kyle Williams is about to get paid
  • The Jaguars are 6-4 and currently holding a wild card spot, WOW the NFL is weak after the top 6 or so teams.
  • Is Shawn Nelson a player?
  • All I want is for the Bills to win 3 more games, Pats, Jets and Phins
  • WOW this video of Wood breaking his leg, at least it wasn't his knee.
  • The Redskins offered Shanny the job and he turned it down?
  • We're not getting Shanahan but here is some insight from Shannon Sharpe

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Buffalo Bills already talked to Gruden?

According to WIVB channel 4 the Bills and Gruden had a sit down but nothing materialized. And Jauron lied..

BUFFALO (WIVB) - Jon Gruden as the Bills new head coach? If Ralph Wilson had his way, it would have happened. Sources tell News 4 Sports that Gruden was the top choice of the Bills to replace Dick Jauron.

Those sources say the team "went after him hard," including a face-to-face meeting, but could not convince Gruden to leave his job as analyst on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

Monday, Gruden agreed to a contract extension with the network. That has dampened some of the talk about his return to coaching in either the NFL or college football.

As coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Gruden won Super Bowl XXXVII. He also coached the Oakland Raiders.

Along with reports of interest in Mike Shanahan, it appears that the Bills are aiming high in their coaching search. Gruden and Shanahan are two of the six Super Bowl-winning coaches that are not currently working.

News 4 Sports reported Thursday that the Bills offered Jauron the chance to remain as the head coach for the rest of the season. He declined. The benefit for the Bills is that they can now openly pursue other coaching candidates.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Buffalo bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars preview

by Steve

Does any Bills fan really care about this game? Oh wait never mind, Dick Jauron isn't our head coach any more!!! We won't be subjected to sideline pans of a comatose listless lifeless head coach. That alone is worth watching. Too bad Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting.

Shockingly the Jags and all 35,000 fans still have playoff aspirations. And really who am I to say they shouldn't. Other than a -39 point differential, a coach who has seemingly been on the hot seat for half a decade and a team quarterbacked by David Garrard. But hey they are above .500 playing decent in their division and a running back harder to tackle than an H1N1 vaccination.

Even though the Bills are 3-6, pretty much out of the playoffs, starting a career backup at QB, getting at least 9 points AND have an interim head coach, for some reason I feel somewhat confident about their chances. Sure Maurice Jones-Drew is going to get 150 yards and taste the end zone but doesn't that happen to the Bills every game? I wouldn't be shocked if this squad came out Sunday ready for a brawl.

With Fewell actually showing emotion and inspiring the troops maybe it will be a completely different team than we are accustom to watching. "He brought some energy we haven't seen before," receiver Lee Evans said. "He brought that to the team meeting room and told us to practice with some energy and play with a purpose."

Then again Stroud is out Bryan Scott is still our starting strong side LB and Jairus Byrd is questionable so maybe we'll just get curb stomped. The Jags only real injuries are to Mathias and their starting ILB Durant is out and because we can't really run or pass the ball those injuries aren't a huge plus.

Barring a Brian Brohm sighting this game will be another painful visual experience. (At least Jags "fans" not attending the game won't be subjected to it) Byrd gets another pick, Del Rio tries to hand us the game, Lynch and Jackson continue to hibernate and JAX comes out listless as the Bills cover 21-13 in another losing effort.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ralph Wilson interview with AP 11/19/2009

Interview with AP:

“It’s not about money, it’s about winning,” Wilson said by phone from his home in suburban Detroit. “If it was about money, we wouldn’t have brought in and paid for somebody we know was a great player.”

Wilson was referring to the signing of receiver Terrell Owens(notes) to a one-year $6.5 million contract in March after he was cut by Dallas.

“Anybody that says I’m cheap is looking down the wrong side of the street,” Wilson said.

Wilson discounted reports that the team is interested in interviewing Mike Shanahan, the former Denver Broncos coach.

“I don’t know anything about him,” he said, adding the team will be releasing a statement later in the day to address the speculation.

Bills, Shanahan meeting next week

Per and yahoo sports

Vic Carucci:

Mike Shanahan has emerged as the Bills’ “No. 1 candidate” to become their full-time coach after the season, according to a source close to the team.

The source said a meeting between Shanahan, Bills owner Ralph Wilson and Bills chief operating officer/general manager Russ Brandon, who is overseeing the hiring process, likely will take place next week.

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher also is high on the Bills’ list of candidates, but at the moment, they are focused on Shanahan, who guided the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl championships in the late 1990s but was fired after last season.

There’s also strong speculation that the Redskins are pursuing Shanahan to replace Jim Zorn as their coach after the season. However, according to the source close to the Bills, Shanahan is intrigued by the “low-maintenance” situation he would have in Buffalo as opposed to Washington.

The Bills, the source said, are willing to offer whatever salary is necessary to land a high-end candidate such as Shanahan and would give him total control of the football operation, something Wilson has generally been opposed to doing in the past. Adding to the job’s attractiveness, according to the source, is the fact the team is in solid financial shape and not burdened by any dead salary-cap money.

“This is his (Wilson’s) last coach and (he) is going to do everything it takes to get it right,” the source said of the 91-year-old owner.

Bills snag Brian Brohm

by Steve

According to a paper out of Milwaukee, the Bills inked Brian Brohm to a two year deal Wednesday.

The Packers had an open roster spot after waiving wide receiver Jake Allen and attempted to retain Brohm by offering the same two-year deal as the Bills did. But in the end, the Packers’ second-round pick in 2008 thought it best to go to a team searching for a quarterback, not stay on one that has its long-term answer at the position in Aaron Rodgers.

Understandably Brohm, the former Louisville Cardinal stand out wants to an opportunity to be a starter and not a career back up behind Rodgers. True he was like the 3rd or 4th QB on GB's depth chart but according to Packer coach McCarthy, Brohm was making strides.

"We feel we have a quarterback in Brian's situation," McCarthy said. "I think Brian is really improving. We have repped him as far as opponent reps and even some of the offensive reps every single week. His reps are very similar to the number of reps he had last year, so he's having the opportunity to improve."

Gabran Hamdan was cut to make room for Brohm (oh well). I say attempt to evaluate Brohm later in the year. Hopefully he shows promise, draft a guy and bring in a veteran and have a good ol' fashion fight for the starting job next year. Maybe even allow Trent to compete depending on our GM/coach.

Hey at least Brohm isn't from the Big 12 or PAC10 and has actually seen snow.

Brohm was GB's 2nd round pick (56th overall), he's 6'3 228

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Firing Jauron is Only the Beginning


The Bills fired Dick Jauron yesterday and promoted Perry Fewell to interim head coach. Yeah, the coach has been terrible and I have wanted him gone since the Chargers game during the 2006 season. The problems unfortunately are much deeper than just Dick Jauron. The people who have been making the personnel decisions for this football team since the 2001 season have been absolutely terrible. This team consistently misses on day 1 draft picks, makes poor decisions in free agency and poor decisions on what to do with their roster on a yearly basis.

The 2001 draft was the first draft with Tom Donahoe as the general manager. The year before this, the Bills started off the decade by drafting stud defensive end Erik Flowers with the 26th pick and Travares Tillman in the 2nd round. This set the tone for the entire decade.

Here are the draft picks in the first 2 rounds that the Bills have made since 2001:

Round 1: Nate Clements
Round 2: Aaron Schobel

Round 1: Mike Williams (4th overall)
Round 2: Josh Reed, Ryan Denney

Round 1: Willis McGahee
Round 2: Chris Kelsay

Round 1: Lee Evans, JP Losman

Round 2: Roscoe Parrish

Round 1: Donte Whitner, John McCargo

Round 1: Marshawn Lynch
Round 2: Paul Posluszny

Round 1: Leodis McKelvin
Round 2: James Hardy

Round 1: Aaron Maybin, Eric Wood
Round 2: Jairus Byrd, Andy Levitre

I have named 22 players that the Bills have drafted in the first 2 rounds since the year 2000. Of these 22 players, only 3 have made the pro bowl. Marshawn Lynch was only an alternate and let's face it, Aaron Schobel is nothing special, and Nate Clements is not longer on our team. The Bills have wasted 2nd round draft picks on wide receivers three times. Unless James Hardy has a reincarnation, none of which will ever or have ever been a consistent contributer to the Bills.

The Bills made a trade to get JP Losman in 2004. They traded away a first round draft pick in order to do so. We all know what happened with Losman. How much better off would our franchise be right now if we did not trade for Losman, allowed Bledsoe to start for 2004 and 2005 and used our 20th pick in the 2005 draft to pick up, let's say, Aaron Rodgers?

What about the brilliant move by Levy to trade up for John McCargo? Not only did the Bills screw up by drafting Donte Whitner at 8 (3 of the nest 4 picks were Ernie Sims, Jay Cutler and Haloti Ngata) but then we trade away our 2nd round and 3rd round pick for McCargo. McCargo would have been there at 40. Not only that, we could have drafted pro bowl players such as Demeco Ryans...but we were satisfied with Keith Ellison in the 5th round becoming our starter by the end of the year.

Back to 2003 and the genious Tom Donahoe's decision to draft Willis McGahee...when the Bills had a solid running back already in Travis Henry. Don't you think the better pick would have been tight end Dallas Clark who went one pick later? After all, we haven't had a good tight end since this decade of futility began. In the 2nd round that year the Bills took the white stud defensive end from Nebraska Chris Kelsay...Osi Umenyiora went 8 picks later.

Do we even want to talk about 2002? The Bills are still feeling the effects of this draft. I am not sure how much fault Donahoe should receive for the Mike Williams debacle...but he was the GM...and Tom Modrak and John Guy were on the they are to blame for screwing this pick up. Although they weren't pro bowlers, Bryant McKinnie and Levi Jones have at least been solid NFL players...and they weren't tried out at right guard while being the highest paid player in franchise history.

I know, it is easy to go back to prior drafts and look at what could have been. In most cases, there are players that were better than the guy you took. But, I also think it is no accident that the Bills have arguably screwed up every single first round draft pick from the year 2000 through the year 2006 except two, Nate Clements and Lee Evans. During this time they had 8 first round picks. 6 of them suck. The jury is out on Marshawn Lynch as well. Who knows if he will stay a free man? I am going to go out on a limb and say Aaron Maybin will go down as a terrible draft pick also. That means, since the year 2000, the Bills have screwed up on 8 of 12 draft picks with the jury still out on Lynch and Wood. Not a good percentage.

Besides the draft, the Bills have made terrible free agent moves year after year. The Bills failed to get deals done with Antoine Winfield, Pat Williams, Nate Clements, Jabari Greer...all solid NFL starters (Clements, Williams and Winfield are amount the best at their position in football), and all of whom the Bills drafted. The Bills have signed maybe one good free agent player all decade...Takeo Spikes. London Fletcher was solid too I guess, but give me a break with Eddie Robinson and Jeff Posey. The Bills spent $50 million on Derrick Dockey, whom they cut 2 years later. They spent $25 million on Langston Walker, whom they cut 2 years later. The Bills actually thought players like Bennie Anderson and Mike Gandy were viable NFL starting offensive linemen. The Bills traded a young pro bowl tackle, Jason Peters, whom they drafted and turned into a stud left tackle. The one time they actually make a good move through the draft or rookie free agency and they trade him.

I could go on and on. The fact of the matter is, Dick Jauron was a terrible football coach, but firing him is only a small step in getting this thing turned around. The Bills need to find someone who knows a little something about what talent looks like...not a marketing guru whose idea of an offseason pickup is Terrell Owens, whose sole purpose was to make some extra cash. They couldn't have seriously thought that bringing in T.O. would magically make them good? But then again, they thought going into the season with 4 lineman who have never played a single snap in the NFL at their respective positions would be adequate. The Bills need a 100% complete overhaul.

Buffalo Bills contact Shanahan

One day after firing Dick Jauron, the Buffalo Bills have wasted no time identifying a potential replacement.

Buffalo has contacted and is in the process of arranging a meeting with former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, according to two NFL sources.

Shanahan, a two-time Super Bowl winner with the Broncos, is said to be willing to listen to the Bills. He has said in the past that he is determined to return to the NFL next season.

While Shanahan, a two-time Super Bowl winner with the Broncos, is viewed within the Bills organization as a desired candidate, there are other names at or near the top of the team's wish list.

For now, the Bills have appointed defensive coordinator Perry Fewell as interim head coach. Fewell is well-respected within the organization and will be given every opportunity to earn the full-time job.

The Bills also will investigate options expected to include Florida Tuskers coach Jim Haslett and New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, both of whom has ties to the Bills.

Haslett played linebacker for Buffalo from 1979 to 1985. Gilbride was the Bills offensive coordinator during 2002-03, when quarterback Drew Bledsoe had his most productive seasons with the team.

Another candidate on the Bills radar is Marc Trestman, coach of the Canandian Football League's Montreal Alouettes, who posted a CFL-best 15-3 regular season record and are one win from the Grey Cup final. Ironically, Trestman once succeeded Shanahan as the offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers.

Fewell selects Fitzpatrick to start

by Steve

WTF? Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better option than Trent Edwards? Evidently, according to Perry. This decision is beyond befuddling. A. Fitzpatrick sucks, B. He is not the quarterback of tomorrow or next year. No one can be 100% certain Trent Edwards is not a starting quarterback.

The only rationale beyond this move is that Trent was too in love, too associated with Dicko Jaurono and his losing mentality. Could Trent's blind love for his former coach really effect his performance on the field? Maybe so, and if that is the case and Perry saw that then it was the right call. That just seems to far fetched considering Trent Edwards is a "professional".

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dick Jauron fired as Buffalo Bills head coach

by Steve

Unfortunately this is the best day of the decade to be a Bills fan. Fortunately, DICK JAURON IS NO LONGER THE HEAD COACH OF THE BUFFALO BILLS!!! BOOM OUTTA HERE

No word yet on the interim head coach but it is likely to be Perry Fewell.. ?

I ask you, is this better than after the Chargers game last year when we went 5-1? Is it better than the day Mularchuk resigned. I'd say it is the best day to be a Bills fan (until we hire another albatross)

""It's the toughest thing I ever had to do personally because he's such a great guy," Wilson said. "But nothing ever seemed to go right.""

"He's just a great guy, and I feel very bad about it," Wilson said. "But I think it's best for the team and the fans and everybody."

"We'll go forward to Jacksonville," Wilson said. "We haven't made up our mind who will be the interim coach."

Ryan Fitzpatrick expected to start vs JAX?

by Steve

Holy what the fuck?"The Buffalo Bills are expected to start Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to a league source."

I hate Trent but I hate Fitz more. This is an outrage. I'm still not 100% done with Trent Edwards I don't understand how anyone else could be either. The injuries nearly push me to 100% but still not there yet. I was assuming he would get the last 7 games to make his case that he isn't a starting caliber QB.

How could career loser Dicko Jaurono possibly think Ryan Fitzpatrick gives him and this team a better chance to win? This is effectively ending Jauron and Edwards' careers in Buffalo. Maybe it is possible that this came from Wilson but that doesn't really correlate with his recent history with Edwards. This is honestly kind of shocking even for this piece of shit organization.

3-13 and a complete rebuild is all we have to look forward to? Pretty much

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

F Titans 41 Bills 17 podcast

Steve Coast and Wreck discuss another embarrassing loss for the Buffalo bills.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans preview

by Steve

Ok, no podcast this week. We fucked up. So here is a written preview of the Bills @ Titans game. If the Bills were any good I'd be at this game, but they suck so I didn't go. Wait, are the Bills really getting 8 points against a 2-6 team with VY at quarterback? Damn... the Dick Jauron factor of 4 I guess.

Chris Johnson is sorta like a reincarnation of Barry Sanders. The parallel continues as it appears his entire career will be wasted with a bad franchise. I love it. He is fast, averaging like 37 yards a carry, and leads the NFL in rushing yards. He'll probably gash the Bills for 300+ yards but the key will be keeping him out of the endzone. I can't picture VY throwing for 2+ touchdowns but against a defense with Bryan Scott as an OLB, anythings possibleeeeeeeeeee.

WTF is with Scott at OLB. Is this a real NFL franchise? What other teams don't go out and get real linebackers? It seems like the only reason they are moving a 6'1 210 lb safety to LB is because Dicko Jaurono is too scared to bench Whitner and keep Scott AND Byrd on the field over Donte the bust. Strange

The Titans defense statistically blows this year. They give up the most points per game and the second most yards per game of any defense in the league. This is Trent's third and perhaps final opportunity to change peoples' opinion of this dude. I am not yet ready to throw him in the garbage and go Pike or some other qb round 1 but I'm close. He needs to produce, put up points, put up yards, move the ball, push the god damn rock. Honestly it is tough to say how bad a QB he really is with Jauron as his head coach. The dude ruins quarterbacks, players, offenses and teams. He is basically swine flu of coaching.

Tenn. defense against the run is average but defense against the pass is 32nd. Don't count on Lynch and FJACK to bail him out. This is Trent Edwards game to shine period point blank. Owens, Evans, Reed whoever our fourth WR will be need to make plays catch the ball and actually prove they are real wide receivers in the NFL.

Any time the Bills return to the site where the worst play in franchise history occurred it will send a shiver down my spine. I hate the team, the city, and that illegal play. It was our last playoff game. Puke is beginning to erupt from my stomach... I'm not loving our chances although Jauron is good coming off a BYE and we play decent on the road. If CJ doesn't bust 3+ 60 yard TD runs the Bills will cover. Take the under

Tenn. 20 Bills 14

T.O. tweet of the day, Andy Reid

"I'm thinking of asking Coach Reid 2 play my santa claus, my fmr coach of the eagles! He seems 2 b a logical choice, gotta check his sked!"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Terrell Owens is back at practice

Per Allen wilson of the News:
"Just left the Bills' practice and Terrell Owens is participating for the first time this week. Apparently his sore hip is feeling better. He was running around and catching passes like he was never hurt.
He opened the team portion of practice with the first-team offense"

So much for Hardy getting some touches..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quote 'em Thursdays

by Steve

"I think we had a good bye week," Edwards said Wednesday. "I think guys are healthy, and I think changes are being made. I feel the coaches are noticing those changes, I feel like the players are noticing the changes, and that is going to build a lot of confidence. That confidence can change the guys' attitude and allow the offense to break out."

I swear this dude is Dick Jauron with a quarterback helmet on.

"I think we have the receivers who can go and make plays on the ball," Van Pelt said. "If we get a situation where it's one on one, we don't have to be wide open. We can give those guys a chance to go up and make plays. That's one thing we've talked about."

Hasn't everyone been talking about this since August? Hasn't everyone been saying this after each game since week 3? I don't get it. Is it really that complicated, just throwing the ball up and allowing the play making receivers to make a play?

Said Jauron: "He practiced on Monday and it wasn't bothering him. He said it didn't bother him at all. He came in after practice, he got his normal treatment that he gets. Then on Tuesday, late in the afternoon yesterday, all of a sudden it really started to bother him. So he came in immediately, got treatment for it, came back this morning and was in meetings but it was very uncomfortable for him. So right now it's pretty uncomfortable. We're kind of hoping it goes away as quickly as it came. That's our hope. We really won't know any more until we see how he feels tomorrow."

Does Jauron have any say or power over Owens? There is no way Jauron would ever confront this dude, bench him, or take playing time away. Maybe he does actually have a fuckin clue as to what is going on but just doesn't wanna tell us, that seems remote though.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Terrell Owens strained hip

Some news out of OBD per the Bills website:

  • Terrell Owens has a 'strained' hip. Not sure if it was caused by Pedro or that dime of a girlfriend he had. Or he is faking because he is in NYC or the Bermuda Triangle. Are we ready to dump him and allow Hardy to play?
  • Edwards will be the starter Sunday @ Tenn (officially)
  • "Bills head coach Dick Jauron hasn’t dressed Roscoe Parrish the past few games, but he made it clear that he intends to keep Parrish on his roster."

Monday, November 9, 2009

Aaron Maybin compared to 2009 DEs and beyond

by Steve

Just getting out of the BYE week and I am sick to death of STILL arguing with "Houston Texans' fans". The slumping Sabres are a bore as well. So lets compare Aaron Maybin (#11 overall DE 2009 draft) to his classmates and some historically good DEs in their first 8 games. The word bust will be avoided at nearly all costs.

#11 Aaron Maybin stat line (all stats per ESPN)

8 Games
6 Tackles
0 Sacks
0 Forced Fumbles

#3 Tyson Jackson

8 Games
12 Tackles
0 Sacks
0 FF

#13 Brian Orakpo

8 Games
26 Tackles
5.5 Sacks
0 FF
#18 Robert Ayers
8 Games
9 Tackles
0 Sacks
0 FF
#32 Evander Ziggy Hood

8 Games
1 Tackle
0 Sacks
0 FF

#43 Everette Brown

8 Games
8 Tackles
1 Sack
2 FF

#46 Connor Barwin

8 Games
9 Tackles
1 Sack
0 FF

The stats indicate Maybin is pretty much playing down to his class of defensive ends. Other than Orakpo playing in the 3-4 defense in Washington and his 5.5 sacks no on else on anyone's radar has done much of consequence in the NFL in their first eight games. Can it be argued anyone could have done as much as Maybin regardless of draft position thus far this season? Certainly. He has done nothing and has been used ineffectively and incorrectly. He is a ghost, a myth, a never was, a dream, a figment of our imagination.

The only question is who is to blame? Did his hold out and inability to sign a contract in time for even one day of training adversely effect the early part of his career? Are Jauron and Fewell so inept and overmatched that they have no idea how to use Maybin? Should Maybin have slipped much further in the draft? My guess is a mixture of the first two. Our coaches don't know how to use him, (considering there is a major lack of talent at the OLB position) Maybin has yet to see a snap from the linebacker spot and his lack of reps has also hurt.

For comparison's sack. Phil Hansen had 2 sacks his rookie year none coming until week 12. Reggie White had 13 sacks his rookie year starting with 2.5 in game 4. Bruce Smith had 6.5 sacks his rookie year registering 3.5 by game #9. Aaron Schobel had 6.5 sacks his rookie year and had 3 after game #8.

Bottom line Maybin is not yet a bust however he needs to show something/anything in the next eight weeks. To be honest it is nearly impossible for me to hold any player and their statistics accountable or comparable to pretty much anyone else in the league. This is a direct result of the ineptitude of the management and more specifically coaching of the Buffalo Bills. Dick Jauron makes anyone and everyone around him worse.

Adam Mair waived?

BUFFALO (LGS) — TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie is reporting that the Buffalo Sabres have waived veteran forward Adam Mair. Mair has played three games this season and has not registered a point.

McKenzie broke the news via Twitter and if the report is accurate, Mair will remain on the waiver wire until noon tomorrow. If no team claims the 30-year-old forward, Mair will be assigned to the Portland Pirates.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Michael Vick to Buffalo talk

As some may have heard, Tony Dungy speaking on the SNF pregame show mentioned the Buffalo Bills as a "dark horse" option for Michael Vick's services following the 2009 season. Probably not much of a story until ESPN decided to pick it up..

"I told Michael to just worry about this year," Dungy said. "It's technically up to Philadelphia. If they want him back, he has to stay there. If they don't, there are some teams looking for quarterbacks: Cleveland, St. Louis and Washington.

"But I think a dark horse is Buffalo. They talked originally. There was some communication there. I think that could be a good spot."

Bills starter Trent Edwards struggled this season before sustaining a concussion. Ryan Fitzpatrick, a career backup, has been the starter with Edwards out of the lineup.

Vick has completed 2 of 6 passes for 6 yards and rushed 11 times for 25 yards, mostly out of the wildcat formation.

The Bills obviously need help at the QB position but is Vick the best option? Perhaps a year of training and training camp and Vick could be effective but currenly he looks like a washed up has been.


Vick doesn't see him self staying in Philly next year

"It would be hard," Vick said of returning to the Eagles in a conversation with Bob Costas. "It would be an everyday struggle. But I would have to take that time to hone my skills and get better. I'm excited about the opportunity I have moving forward whether it's with Philadelphia or another team."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Buffalo Bills podcast on the BYE

Steve Coast and Wreck break down the week that was and the season following the podcast. Also the future of the franchise is thoroughly discussed with disgust.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yankees luck out a ring over the Phillies

by Steve

I was trying to figure out if it was luck or they just got lucky in route to buying another world series. But I determined the Yankees actually got lucky and it was luck they beat the Phillies in the 2009 W.S.

Yes I did write this last year saying they wouldn't be celebrating much in the Bronx for a while. Unfortunately I was wrong so I'll eat crow there but still. Who woulda thought Skelator would still be effective at this late stage of his career? Who would have predicted the Yanks go out and get the top 3 free agents in the offseason while spending $423.5 million on them.

Back to this lame sauce World Series that finished on Nov 5th... A-rod hit .222, Teixeira .105 Cano .167 Milky[sic] .154 , Swisher .167 (those might be threw only 5 games) but how did this team win? Cottage Cheese had zero wins they had virtually not bench to speak of, Hughes and Joba gave up runs seemingly every time out there. Because of home runs in two of the smallest ballparks in major league baseball? Because DJ hit nearly .400 and Damon hit about the same with or with out using HGH or something like the clear? No No no you're right players usually hit their prime when they're 35ish.

If you wanna give them the benefit of the doubt I don't blame you honestly. DJ was probably just pissed he wasted the last 8 years of the prime of his career losing. I would be too especially with all the talent this team paid since their last title in 2000. And where did Matsui come from? At least I won't have to see his ugly mug again (he'll be leaving permanently for Japan tomorrow)

Alright I'm a bit of a sore loser but I'll always have the 2004 ALCS because yes that did happen, and I'm predicting the Yankees don't make the playoffs next season. (Unless they get the top 3 free agents again.

Worst Offense In Team History?


We have all watched the pathetic-ness of the Bills offense since week three. It got me to this the worst offense that the Buffalo Bills have had ever? So I decided to do some research and take a look at how our 2009 offense compares to the offenses of arguably the three worst teams the Bills have had since 1970...The 3-13 2001 team, the 2-14 1985 team and the 2-14 1984 team.

In 1984, the Bills were led by Kay Stephenson who some may say was the worst coach in team history. I, of course, would argue that, as would the majority of people that I know. The Bills offense ranked 25th out of 28 teams in the league. They averaged 15.6 points per game and gained 4,341 yards or 271 per game. Joe Ferguson was the quarterback and Greg Bell was the running back, who actually had a decent year with 1,100 yards and 7 touchdowns. How does this compare to this years squad? Well through 8 games, the Bills are ranked 29th in yards per game with 264.8. They are averaging 15.4 points per game and their leading rusher is on pace for 890 yards.

In 1985, the Bills were again led by Stephenson...who only lasted 4 weeks as Hank Bullough took over in week 5. Vince Ferragamo and Bruce Mathison played quarterback. Yeah, I have never heard of them either. This team averaged 287 yards per game but only 12.5 points per game. The 2009 version of the Bills have averaged a stellar 10.5 points per game since week 3.

In 2001, the Tom Donahoe era began. Gregg Williams, arguably the Bills best coach this century, began his first season as coach. The Bills ranked 27th in points per game...they averaged 16.6. As for yards per game, they averaged 321. This team was led by who else, our genious offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt. Rob Johnson started some games also.

The Bills are playing some of the worst offense I have ever seen. It is so bad that you can make the case that the current Bills offense is the worst in the history of the team. In fact, I think the numbers support that. It really is like watching a high school team. We would have more success running the wish bone.

Under Jauron, the Bills offense has ranked 30th, 30th and 25th in 2006, 2007 and 2008 respectively. This year they are ranked 29th. The defense, Jaurons strength, has ranked 18th, 31st and 14th. This year they rank 29th. If barely cracking the top half of the league once in a 4 year tenure makes you a defensive specialist, then you might as well call me an expert on NASCAR. I will say it again, how this man is still employed is the biggest mystery on the planet really.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bowling Green 30 UB 29

by Steve

Andddd the UB Bulls 2009 season is officially (unofficially) over. They do play AGAIN on ESPN2 next week in Amherst but for all intents, constructions, and purposes the Bulls 2009 season is over. No way they would be considered for a bowl game even if they some how ran the table and went 6-6 overall.

The season was nearly over from the beginning with the preseason injury to James Starks and with it all hope and momentum from the previous season. The solace I take out of this season is that Gill will almost certainly return.

The game tonight against Bowling Green was a complete choke job. Up 13 points well into the 4th quarter and losing is abysmal. They had the ball with roughly 3 minutes left and instead of Zach Maynard tucking the ball and running for the potential game winning first down he threw the ball incomplete forcing a punt. He and the offense did diddly pooh in the second half.

Naaman Roosevelt was a no show and got completely outplayed by his counterpart Freddy Barnes. UB has however appeared to find their running back of the future. True freshman Jeffvon Gill appeared in his second game of his career and basically had a coming out party. He shredded BHSU's defense for 172 yards rushing and TD. He ran hard, fast and consistent.

If Gill returns, the other Gill turns out to be the player he appears to be, Roosevelt is replaced and the defense improves there is no reason this team can't compete next season for a championship. Lets just hope this set back of a season doesn't return the program to irrelevance.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dick Jauron quote of the day

"Just talking regular motion or fake? We faked a lot of reverses trying to affect their defense and to force on the backside and then that comes off of that. The movement off the fake reverse, and the reverse and in and out, and also just to get a feel on man or zone along with the first two things, really."

And Jairus Byrd injury update

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Texans 31 Bills 10


This game is finally over. This was one of the most painful 2nd halves of football I have ever been forced to watch in my entire life. The Texans outscored the Bills 25-0 in the 2nd half. They ran the football at will. The defense in the 2nd half was awful, but then again, can you blame them? The Texans had the football for 39:08 during this game. Of course the defense is going to wear down.

The Bills may have the most pathetic excuse for an offense in the NFL. I can't believe I actually thought that Ryan Fitzpatrick would be an upgrade at quarterback. He is awful. The Bills are lacking a quarterback and the solution doesn't seem to be in sight. How about 15-23 for 117 yards and 2 interceptions? He barely tried to throw down field and the Bills barely allowed him to. The game plan was ridiculously close to the vest even for their standards. The Bills did all they could in the first half to give their offense a chance to put their stamp on this game with three takeaways, but the offense could only manage 10 points. Lee Evans was invisible. T.O. finally made an impact but that was in the rushing game. Owens and Evans are making $15,000,000 this year. We won't pay a real coach to come here, but we will pay $15,000,000 to wide receivers that we do not use?

The Bills fell behind by 7 in the fourth quarter. When they got the ball back, they ran it three times and then attempted a fake punt. Add this one to the list of pathetic Dick Jauron moments. First off, you are down by 7 in the fourth quarter and you run it three times. Run right for 5, run left for 2, run right for no gain. Then, from their own 40, the Bills attempt a fake punt. If you don't convert this fake punt, the game is essentially over. Of course they attempted it, and of course, they failed, and of course, the Texans scored.

Ryan Moats led the charge for the Texans offense today. Slaton was benched in the first quarter after a fumble and Moats came in and ran for 126 yards on 23 carries and 3 touchdowns. Most of this came in the debacle of a 2nd half as the Bills defense just wore down after their offense kept going three and out. Schaub threw two interceptions and 0 touchdowns and Andre Johnson was held to 63 yards. Houston didn't really need to pass though.

If you are looking for a positive, Jairus Byrd leads the NFL in interceptions. I just feel bad for Byrd that his career is going to have to be wasted away playing for the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully there are only 9 Weeks until the end of the Jauron era.