Saturday, December 28, 2019

week 17 nfl picks

last week

steve 27-35-2
browns -2.5 @ bengals
bills -1 v jets
eagles -3.5 @ giants
seahawks +3.5 v 49ers

coast 29-34-1
Hotlanta pick em, Carolina +13, kc -9, giants +3.5

feyes 32-29-3
Cheifs -9
Packers -13
Zona +6
Saints -13

Friday, December 27, 2019

Jets at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the loss to the cheating Patriots, breakdown the potential playoff scenarios and argue about who should even play against the Jets in a meaningless week 17 match up.


Friday, December 20, 2019

week 16 NFL Picks

penultimate week. legggo

steve 25-34-1

texans -3 @ buccs
rams +6.5 at 49ers
jaguars +7.5 @ falcons
raiders +7 @ chargers

coast 26-33-1

Rams +6.5, Miami pick em, zona +9.5, chargers -7

feyes 30-27-3

San fran -6.5
Saints @ Tenn U 50
Balt -10
Packers +5.5

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Bills at Patriots Podcast Preview

Steve Wreck and Coast review the epic Steelers victory and preview the Patriots game.  Moreover, they look ahead to the playoffs and breakdown all the possible matchups.


Saturday, December 14, 2019

Week 15 NFL Picks

three weeks left


Broncos +10 @ Chiefs
raiders -6.5 v Jaguars
cardinals +3 v Browns
colts +9 @ saints

Washington +6, cinci +10, Chicago +4, buffalo pick em


Bucs -4.5
Rams -1.5
Seahawks -6.5
Bills +1

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Bills at Steelers Podcast Preview

Sunday Night Football!! Bills at Steelers preview.  Mostly we review the ugly loss to the Ravens, dissect Josh Allen's game, McDermott and give predictions for SNF


Sports Gambling Starts in Buffalo Friday

by steve

Sports gambling will officially start at the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino Friday 12/13/19 at 11am!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Week 14 NFL Picks


steve 23-28-1

packers -13 v Redskins
Bills +6 v Ravens
Chiefs +3 @ Patriots
Cardinals +2 v Steelers

coast 23-28-1
Balt -6, gb-13, titans -3, jets -5

feyes 25-24-3

Ravens bills U 44
Kc +3 (fuck tahm)
Texans -9
Minny -12.5

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Thanksgiving victory and (11 minute mark) preview the huge Baltimore Ravens game.  Division talk? Playoffs?? Lamar v Josh


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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Antonio Brown Burner Twitter Account still Ripping Josh Allen

by Steve

Here is a purported Antonio Brown burner Twitter account still ripping Bills quarterback Josh Allen. 

The Twitter handle is @CMU2737301771. Which would seem to reference his central michigan university alma mater. He only tweets about CMU and Antonio Brown and has gone by the name sticky hands and call god.

"AB didn’t want to play for that lame ass QB he wants a real QB to throw to him"

"Hes gonna get figured out AB wanted to play for a real QB"

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Week 13 NFL Picks

post Thanksgiving cash time

steve 23-24-1
49ers @ ravens over 45.5
Jaguars +2.5 v Buccs
Chargers -3 @ Broncos
Raiders +10.5 @ Chiefs

coast 21-26-1
Jets -3, Cleveland -2, Green Bay -6.5, 9ers +5.5 i guess. Tough week.

feyes 24-21-3

SF +5.5
Colts -1.5
Browns -2
Jets -3

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown Thanksgiving and review the Broncos victory


Saturday, November 23, 2019

Week 12 NFL Picks

down to the nitty gritty

steve 20-23-1
Bengals +6.5 v Steelers
Packers +3 @49ers
bills -4 v broncos
Jets +3 v Raiders

feyes 22-19-3
Broncos +4
Bengals +6.5
Giants bears O 40
Jets +3

coast 19-24-1
Buf -4, phi -1, dal +6, lar +3

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Broncos at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve, Wreck and Coast review the easy win over the Dolphins look ahead to a must win vs the Broncos and the rest of the season. Playoffs?


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Week 11 NFL Picks

steve & feyes undefeated last week!

steve 18-21-1

cowboys @ lions under 47
panthers -4 v Falcons
jets +2 @ redskins
bills -6.5 @ dolphins

coast 17-22-1
Dallas coming off an L and no Staff?! I'll lay the 7. Brees on the road in November lol please gimme Tampa +5.5. Cousins laying 10 after a huge win - no chance. Denver +10.  Pats a fraud I've said it all year, eagles +4.5

feyes 21-17-2

Vikings -10
Bills -6.5
Texans @ Balt O 51.5
Arizona +10

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins PODCAST Preview

Steve, Coast and Wreck review the embarrassing debacle that was the Cleveland Browns game and look ahead to the Dolphins game.  A must win against a 2-7 team?


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Week 10 NFL Picks

Back half of the season leggo

Steve 14-21-1
Cardinals +4.5 @ Buccs
Jets +3 v Giants
Lions @ Bears under 41.5
Seahawks +6.5 @ 49ers

Coast 16-20
Cleveland -3
Miami +10.5
rams -4
Dallas -3

Feyes 18-17-1
Browns -3
Seahawks +6.5
Vikings +3
Baltimore -10.5

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast skim over the Redskins win and look ahead to a huge game against the 2-6 Cleveland Browns. Kitchens vs McDermott and Baker Mayfield vs Josh Allen, a battle for the ages.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Nate Oats Loses Alabama Debut

by Steve

lolol Nate Oats and Alabama lost at home to Penn in a buy game loss. They were favores by 7.5.

I hope Nate saves his money and enjoys being the 9th best team in the SEC this season.


Saturday, November 2, 2019

week 9 nfl picks


steve 11-20-1

jaguars +1.5 v texans
titans @ panthers over 42
eagles -4.5 v bears
broncos +4 v browns

coast 14-18
"Bills -10.5 jags +1.5 Steelers +1 and titans +3.5 are my picks.  Apparently colts Steelers line has swung 2 points this week, was Pitt -1 before. "

feyes 16-15-1

Skins +10.5
Eagles -4.5
Pats -3.5
Cowboys -7

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Redskins at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review an ugly Eagles loss and look ahead to the Redskins and the rest of the season. Week 9 already folks.


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Saturday, October 26, 2019

week 8 NFL Picks

watch the weather forecast

steve 9-18-1

colts -5 v broncos
rams -13 v bengals
cardinals +12.5 @ saints
patriots -11.5 v browns

coast 12-16
Jets +6.5
titans -2.5
rams -13
Carolina +5.5

feyes 15-12-1

Colts -5
Lions -6.5
Bills v eagles U 41
Miami +14

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Eagles at Bills Podcast Preview

The Philadelphia Eagles visit the Bills week 8 in a crucial game by two decent teams. Steve and Coast review a forgettable Dolphins game and look ahead to a weary Eagles team begging to be beat.  Is the division a possibility?  Are the Eagles garbage?  Trade deadline deals?


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Lil Beilein Quits Niagara Basketball

by steve

post this in the what the fuck file. Patrick Beilein stepped down as Niagara U basketball coach for personal reasons TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE START OF HIS FIRST SEASON.

For christ sake. Its gotta be something bad. Also not good for the program or for him. Former dukie and hated player Greg Paulus is taking over as head coach.


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Week 7 NFL Picks

week seven, fade steve yeesh

steve 7-16-1

rams -3 @ falcons
dolphins +17 @ bills
lions +2.5 v Vikings
chargers +2.5 @ titans

coast 12-12

Buffalo -17
Oakland +4.5
jets +10
49ers -10

feyes 13-10-1
Mia +17
Jags -4.5
Jets +10
Tenn chargers U 41.5

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dolphins at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve, Coast and Wreck discuss the week 7 match up pitting the pitiful Dolphins against a highly rated Bills team.  Will the Bills roll or choke as per usual?


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Week 6 NFL Picks

bye week, gotta gamble

Steve 7-13

Buccs +2.5 v Panthers
Eagles +3.5 @ Vikings
Texans @ Chiefs over 55
Packers -4 v Lions

Coast 10-10

Cinci +10.5
Saints +2.5
eagles +3.5
chargers -6.5

Feyes 11-9

Seahawks -1.5
9ers +3
Chargers -6.5
Hou @ kc 0 55

Monday, October 7, 2019

Bills Cut Bait and Give Away Zay Jones

by Steve

The Bills gave Zay Jones away to the Raiders for a 2021 5th round pick. The former meth head (errrr spice consumer) goes down as yet another colossal bust.

The 37th pick from 2017 was specifically targeted by McDermott. They traded a 2nd and 3rd round pick (and got a 5th back) to trade up for Zay.

He finishes his Bills career with 90 catches 9 TDs and 1037 yards in  27 starts.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

week 5 NFL Picks


Steve 5-11

Saints -3 v Buccs
patriots -16 @Redskins
Jaguars +3 @ Panthers
Cards @ Bengals under 47

Coast 9-7
Jags +3, browns +4, giants +5, raiders +5

Feyes 9-7
Balt -3.5
Buff  +3
Indy +11
Jags +3

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Buffalo Bills at Titans Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast preview the Bills at Titans game and thoroughly review the ugly loss vs the Patriots


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Buffalo Sabres 2019-2020 Season Preview

by Steve

Does anyone honestly care about this franchise? No playoffs in eight fuckin seasons, still tanking (or not) and made basically two changes to the entire roster from last season. Oh and they hired a 62 year old former soccer exec who has less than one season of NHL head coaching experience.

But hey they have Jack Eichel right?

Vegas has their point total at 83.5. Basically 6 wins out of a playoff spot. Yikes.

Will anyone pay to go to a Sabres game before the Bills season is over? Enjoy. The law of averages snd the randomness of the NHL should dictate Buffalo has a chance to be good. But cmon who is expecting that?


82 points and the drought continues.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Week 4 NFL Picks

week four leggo


Texans -5 v Panthers
Colts -6.5 v Raiders
Ravens -7 v Browns
Rams -9 v Buccs

Ravens -7, Dallas -2.5, Carolina +5, kc -7


Ravens -7
Chargers -14.5
Cowboys -2.5
Jags +3

Thursday, September 26, 2019

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve, Coast and Wreck review the Bengals come from behind victory and breakdown the upcoming monster of a game between the Patriots and Bills in Orchard Park.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Patriots at Bills Preview: Stats

by Steve

Strap it in, the undefeated New England Patriots visit the undefeated Buffalo Bills Sunday to compete for a 4-0 record and a stranglehold on the division. Do the Bills have a chance?

Lets take a look:

Under Sean McDermott the Bills are 0-4 straight up and 1-3 against the spread.  In those four games the average score was 9 to 27.

At home the Bills have been even worse than at New England. In Buffalo McDerr and the Bills have averaged 5 points. FIVE. They lost on 12/3/17 in an ugly game 23 to 3 with Tyrod Taylor going for 9-18 65 yards 0 TD 1 INT. Last season ( on MNF) Daboll and his crew managed to put up 6 points and lost 25-6 (not coming close to covering the +13.5). In this one to be fair Derek Anderson and Nathan Peterman played.

The only time McDerr and the Bills covered was when Josh Allen started, 12/23/18 in a 24-12 lost. They were getting 13.5 again that day and barely squeaked out the cover. Allen went 20-41 217 1 TD 2 INT. The other game 12/24/17 the Bills lost 37-16 and were +11 at kick off.

To recap, under McDermott the Bills have lost by an average of 27-9. The most they have scored in the four games is 16 points and have only put up 3 and 6 points at home. The five prior seasons the Bills scored 25, 32, 22, 21 and 28 points against New England in Buffalo.

Clearly, McDerr's plan of slow down the game and lose in a boring low scoring game has not worked. Look for more of the same Sunday.


Lets take a look at the defensive stats.

The problem over the last two years of McDerr vs the Patriots isnt so much the passing game as the running game.

Tawmmy Brady has thrown for 244, 218, 311 and 117 net yards in those four games. He is averaging 223 yards per game, which is actually pretty respectable. Although, the Bills defense allowed an average of 231 yards pssing per game in 2017 and 179 yard passing per game in 2018.

Against the run is a different story. The cheatriots have ran for 191, 193, 76 and 273 yard in those four games. They have averaged 183 yards on the ground.

As a team the Bills allowed an average of 125 yards rushing per game in 2017 and 115 yards rushing per game in 2018. Clearly they are giving up WELL above their averaging in rushing yards and

BREAKING: Bills Extend Beer Sales Through 3rd Quarter

by steve

Through anecdotal evidence and personal testimony it has been discovered that beer sales at Buffalo Bills game has been extended.

As we all know, Bills fans are drunks. The team has been awful for 20+ years and paying attention to most games past half time is usually impossible. But luckily the Bills, in an unending desire for more revenue have extended beer sales until the end if the third quarter.

This is a fairly big departure from their long standing policy of beer sales at the end of half time. No where on the Bills site or the New Era Field site is this mentioned any where. Clearly this is a hush hush policy change.


Saturday, September 21, 2019

week 3 nfl picks

cash cash cash

steve 5-3

Eagles -6 v Lions
chiefs -5.5 v  Ravens
Bills -6 b Bengals
49ers -6.5 v Steelers

coast 5-3

rams -3.5 @ browns
Steelers +6.5 @ 49ers
saints +4.5 @ Seahawks
raiders +9 v Vikings

feyes 4-4

GB -7 v Broncos
Gmen +6 sBuccs
Texans @ charge O  49
Steelers +6.5 @ 49ers

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Bengals at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck review the impressive victory at the Giants and look ahead to the Bills home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. Easy win?


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Week 2 NFL Picks

Make money

Steve 1-3

Patriots @ Dolphins under 48.5
Jaguars +9 @ Texans
Packers -2.5 v Vikings
Rams -2 v Saints

Coast 2-2
Cardinals +13 @ Ravens
Jaguars +9 @ Texans
rams -2 v Saints
Jets + 6.5 v Browns

Feyes 2-2

Bills -2 @ Giants
Bengals pic v 49ers
Tenn -3.5 v Colts
Pats -19.5 @ Dolphins

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Bills at Giants Podcast Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck breakdown the Jets come from behind victory and look ahead to the lowly New York Giants.  Is anyone scared of Pat Shurmer?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

2019 Buffalo Bills Predictions

By Steve

Here our my final predictions for the Buffalo Bills 2019 season:

Leading rusher
Frank Gore 803 yards
(Josh Allen second)

Leading Receiver
Cole Beasley
68 catches 702 yards 3 TDs

Leading Sacker
Jerry Hughes 8.5

Josh Allen stats
2904 passing yards 15 TDs 11 INTs
55% completion
685 rushing yards 5 TDs

@ Jets

@ Giants



@ Titans
Loss (flip from the podcast)




@ Browns

@ Dolphins


@ Cowboys


@ Steelers

@ Cheatriots



Saturday, September 7, 2019

Week 1 Nfl Picks

Week 1 nfl picks contest

Eagles -10 vs Redskins
Jets -2.5 v Bills
Ravens -7 @ Dolphins
Falcons +3.5 @ Vikings


Ravens -7 @ Dolphins
giants +7.5 @ Cowboys
Steelers +5.5 @ Patriots
Redskins+10 @ Eagles


Bills jets Under 40.5
Tenn Cleve Under 45
Colts +6.5 @ Chargers
Den -2.5 @ Raiders

2019 Over Under Win Total Predictions: AFC

By Steve

Here is our Bills season preview podcast, the NFC over under win predictions and the media predictions for the Bills, now the AFC over under win totals:

Baltimore Ravens
Not a Lamar Jackson believer

Buffalo Bills
Going .500 this year seems quite possible with this schedule

Cincinnati Bengals
Tough division leads me to believe someone had to be the ragdoll

Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos
Surprised at how high this number is. Flacco sucks but the rest of the team is good.

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts
What has Andrew Luck really ever done? Two great seasons and meh. But the shock could be daunting in the locker room.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Do you believe in big dick Nick or not. Divison is tough and Marrone is full of bologna

Kansas City Chiefs

LA Chargers
Call me a hater but Anthony Lynn sucks

Miami Dolphins
If I was guaranteed Fitzy would start 14+ games Id go over but they'll put Rosen in before Halloween

New England Cheatriots
Twelve wins seems too easy.

New York Jets
Why is this team automatically 4 wins better with a new (bad) coach and system for Darnold?

Oakland Raiders

Tomlin and Rapelisraper just win baby

Tennessee Titans

Thursday, September 5, 2019

2019 Buffalo Bills Podcast Season Preview

Year 11 of our podcast Steve and Coast preview the 2019 Bills, predict wins and losses for each game, review the offseason and break down the Jets.


2019 Over Under NFL Win TotalS: NFC

By Steve

In our continuing 2019 NFL season preview here our my picks for over/under win totals for the NFC.

2019 Nation Media Bills Predictions

Win total predictions:

Arizona Cardinals

Kyler might prove me wrong but six wins seems like too many.

Atlanta Falcons
Can a hangover last two years? Yup

Carolina Panthers
A push is tempting here but why the hell is Cam Newton so damn polarizing?

Chicago Bears
Mitchy is decent but the defense carried this team. Is that transferable from year to year?

Dallas Cowboys
This team has talent but no leaders. The division isnt that tough

Detroit Lions
The Belichick coaching tree must be made of Emerald Ash. Woof.

Green Bay Packers
Getting rid of tubs Mccarthey should goose this number but a rookie coach trying to coach a persnickity legend? Could be trouble

L A Rams
Teams typically struggle after losing the Super Bowl and Goff just got overpaid. But there is just something so dreamy about McVeay

Minnesota Vikings
This team is as sad as the Bills with more tecent devastating losses. Im not banking on Cousins to win 10+
Gotta go under

New Orleans Saints
Is there a such thing as too much of a chip on your shoulder. I could see a play from last January haunting these dudes for a while still

New York Giants
Does Manning last six games?

Philadelphia Eagles
Again the division is pretty weak and the Eagles are well run.

San Francisco 49ers
Most puzzlingly high number yet. What the hell has Garap won? Or jr Shanny for that matter?

Seattle Seahawks
Out of these two West teams id much rather wager on a proven QB and coach.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Addition by subtraction again by cutting Koetter but Rapeis Winston is still a bum and Arians seems like just another geriatric going to Florida to die.

Washington Redskins
Do these people have a redeeming quality?

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

2019 Buffalo Bills Preview: National Media Predictions

By Steve

Here is a compilation of national media predictions for the 2019 Buffalo Bills.

538 - ELO 
Odds the Bills make the playoffs, 30%. Odds the Bills win the division, 15%.
(This forecast is based on 100,000 simulations of the season)

Buffalo News
Vic Carucci 9-7
Predicts Josh Allen will throw 18 TDs
Mark Gaughan 9-7
Predicts Allen throws 22 TDs
Jay Skurski 10-6
Predicts Allen throws 23 TDs
Milt Northrop 7-9
Jason Wolf 7-9

None of their 6 writers has the Bills making the playoffs "20. Bills (No. 21): Either the Jets or the Bills will contend for an AFC wild-card spot; on Sunday, one of them gets a leg up in their head-to-head competition"

Las Vegas has the Bills at +325 to make the playoffs.

Pete Prisco
Bills ranked 20th "They will be feisty all season long, but they are a year away. I think Josh Allen makes big strides."

Bills 8-8
Odds to make the playoffs 20.3%
Power ranking: 26
Beasley will have 100 catches
Easiest schedule in the NFL the first 2 months

Colin Cowherd 7-9


USA Today

Friday, August 2, 2019

Why Your Team Sucks, the Bills Breakdown

By Steve

A yearly tradition like none other. The annual Deadspin Your Team Sucks Buffalo Bills blog by Drew Magary. Here is the breakdown, with, of course, a picture I submitted if a guy sitting in front of puke being consoled by a security guy:

The most hurtful Buffalo jab:
"Watching the Bills every year is like bearing witness to an isolated tribe living in the Aleutian island chain, where kids trek to school in snowshoes and their parents swill paint thinner while carving tally marks into a nearby wooden plank with a bowie knife to count down the days until it’s time to reconvene with the Lord. The Bills are a portrait of despair. I don’t even like thinking about them. I was in coma for two weeks last winter and the nicest thing about it was that I never once thought of the Bills. Now I’m alive again and just the IDEA of the Bills still existing makes me yearn to be eaten by a frost bear and sent back into the great blackness, where all is quiet and Cole Beasley doesn’t exist"

Damn dude, ouch.

The most truthful quip:
"Fans will set dildos on fire in celebration if Josh Allen rises to the skill level of a lesser McCown brother."

At this point if Joshy Poo breaks 55% completion fanboys will erect a statue.

Things I even forgot happened:
"Tyrel Dodson has been charged with punching his girlfriend in the face when she had the nerve to tell him he was too drunk to go out to a restaurant. "

I googled this dude 3 times to verify he was actually in the team.

Best theme throughout:
"Fuck Sean McDermott’s phony, psalm-spewing, flag-humping, troop-sniffing, Ron Howard-looking ass. All of his ginger mean mugs and aggressive clapping do not impress Bill Belichick."
Making fun of McDermott is easy and not done nearly enough by our own.

Oddest part:
The email from the chicken finger sub guy. Really, you cant get chicken finger subs in most cities?

Best reader submition (besides mine):
From Travis "I literally couldn’t think of a single thing I hated or liked about this team. I almost forgot they even played last year. Wait... did they?"

Another, another great read.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

2019 Bills Camp Preview: Top 5 Questionmarks

By Steve

With players reporting this week we continue with our training camp preview. Here is part 1 continuity and positivity. And now the top 5 questions heading in to St John Fisher

1. Will Lesean McCoy make the team?
The running back room is filled to the brim. From dudes that are old enough to be my dad (Frank Gore) to decent free agents (TJ Yeldon) to rookies (Devin Singletary) and everyone else (Murphy, Wade, Perry) [not to mention the beloved fullback]. McCoy was horrid last year. Hes old, usually banged up, overpaid and some how still the Bills only star. I have an open mind with McCoy. I like him but this is a zero sum game. He either looks like he belongs in camp or he wont be on the roster in September.
I'd guess he stays and has a decent bounce back year.

2. Does Tyree Jackson make the team?
The Bills have 3 quarterbacks on the roster. Allen the obvious starter and Matt Barkley the able backup. After yet another early retirement (thankfully and mercifully Derek Anderson called it a career [again]) this only leaves local product Jackson as the 3rd stringer. He was uneven (to be kind) his final year at UB and went undrafted for a reason. He needs mucho coaching before he could ever see an NFL field. He has the raw skills but will he be worth keeping on the roster?
No, practice squad it will be.

3. Will Robert Foster get playing time in John Brown's shadow?

Is it just me or are Robert Foster and John Brown the same player? Brown at 5'11 178 is a bit smaller than the 6'2 196 Foster but both are outside burns and unlikely to make a name for themselves over the middle. Moreover, with $11.7 million gauranteed Brown isn't going any where. Will Foster force his way onto the field and build on a promising 2018?
I have little faith in Brown but McDerr is going to giving him every opportunity to keep Foster at bay.

4. Who the hell is the starting tight end?
Tyler Kroft is hurt as per usual, Lee Smith got paid to block for some reason and I had to google Croom's first name. The two rookies Knox and Sweeney will have steep learning curves and thats about it. Dawson better be awesome in Rochester or I'm going to be watch Iowa highlights hoping for UDFA Nate Becker to produce a miracle.

5. Ed Oliver?
The likelihood of a defensive tackle making a huge difference on a team is rare. Kyle Williams was pretty good but always overrated because he was a white 5th rounder 14 years ago. The run defense was never that good with him and he only pressued the QB spuratically. Oliver was a consensus top 10 pick for a reason.
He will probably be a very good player for a long time but my expectations for year one are low.

Monday, July 22, 2019

2019 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Preview: Continuity

By Steve

Football is back! Kinda. Sorta. Alright, training camp is back. Wait, the Bills are returning the the same coach, GM, quarterback AND offensive coordinator? Has that happened since the mid 90s?

Whether you like Seany McDermott, Brandon Beane, Brian Daboll and Joshy poo Allen or not it is undeniable that the stability at all those spots has to be a positive right? Maybe continuity is overrated if you have a great QB or coach (cough cheatriots) but when you dont have hall of famers the continuity has to be more of a plus than a minus.

Allen cant afford to take a step back or learn a completely new offense, especially with his clear and obvious deficiencies. So keeping Daboll makes sense for Allen's progression even if the offense was beyond abysmal last year.

The long term success of this coach, team and franchise rests squarely on Joshy poo's shoulder so if he doesn't improve then none of these dudes have a chance. But, did McDerr at least contemplate a change at O.C.? Doubtful.

Surprisingly, I cant find much to be overly negative about regarding the teams offseason. The draft wasnt horrible, free agency had some positives to it and nothing horrible went wrong. No arrests, freak injuries or embarrassing stories have been reported. For this franchise thats about as good as it gets.

Am I predicting the playoffs and a serious run at the division and (gulp) actual success? Not a chance, at least not yet.

More training camp preview to come.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Buffalo Bills Lines for the Entire 2019 Season

By Steve

Here are the Buffalo Bills lines for the entire 2019 NFL season per CG Technology:

Week 1
Bills +3.5 @ NY Jets

Week 2
Bills +3 @ NY Giants

Week 3
Bills -4 v Bengals

Week 4
Bills +6.5 v Patriots

Week 5
Bills +5 @ Titans

Week 6

Week 7
Bills -3.5 v Dolphins

Week 8
Bills +3 v Eagles

Week 9
Bills -3.5 v Redskins

Week 10
Bills +7 @ Browns

Week 11
Bills +2.5 @ Dolphins

Week 12
Bills -3 v Broncos

Week 13 thanksgiving
Bills +7.5 @ Cowboys

Week 14
Bills +1 v Ravens

Week 15
Bills +7 @ Steelers

Week 16
Bills +13 @ Patriots

Week 17
Bills -2.5 v Jets

The Bills are favored in 5 games next season and none on the road. The most they are favored by is 4 and the biggest dawg is at NE getting 13 points.

Sabres Hire Soccer Coach: Meh

By Steve

The last two coaching hires seem like they could work and so it goes. It doesnt seem like anyone is laughing that the Buffalo Sabres hired a 59 year old guy that was running a soccer team in Europe the last several years. At least he coached in the league before (5 years ago in a truncated lockout season in Edmonton).

Who cares. Coaches in the NHL barely make a difference and this franchise is a disaster or worse. Id rather they hired Lon Krueger than Ralph but oh well.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Grading the Buffalo Bills 2019 Draft

By Steve

Another year and another draft where Brandon Beane is confused. Dont get me wrong, the Bills had a solid enough draft but with enough troubling things popping up through out the 3 day NFL Draft I still wonder about his competence.

Sure Ed Oliver fell to the Bills and is likely going to be a solid player. But how much of a difference is a defensive tackle going to make? At best he may one day be as good as Kyle Williams and thus thats a push. Still a solid pick though.

In the second round the Bills traded up two spots using a 5th round pick to draft tackle/guard Cody Ford. If this guy is a starter he is probably worth the extra pick they used but did Beane HAVE to have this specific guy two picks earlier?

Here is where things got very puzzling and questionable at best and concerning at worst. Just a few short weeks ago didnt Brandon Beane try to trade for a top 5 wide receiver? And sign two runningbacks? What changed where one day the Billa NEED  a top flight receiver but now they dont need any weapons?

The Bills draft a 5'7 RB with six catches last year? Devin Singletary might be a decent player but is this guy really going to be a big time contributor on offense? Sure its not likely anyone in the 3rd round would be but what is the max upside of this dude? Wouldnt a WR be a better option?

Then after this odd pick the Bills use teo fourth round picks to again trade up but atleast this time its for a potential weapon in tight end Dawson Knox. Sure he wasnt really used much in college and the Bills yet again traded up but at least this guy could turn into something.

No picks in the fourth. In the fifth sixth and seventh rounds the Bills went linebacker safety linebacker. Oh, no offense? Sweet.

Overall, the Bills likely got two and maybe three starters and thats about it. They only took 8 players despite starting the draft with 10 picks, got none for next year and took zero WRs.


Friday, April 26, 2019

Bills Draft Dawson Knox TE 3rd Round

By Steve

The Bills finally draft a position of need but of course confusingly, confoundingly, idioticslly trade up for the 2nd time today to draft former walk on Tight End Dawson Knox late in the third round.

He had no TD catches last year for Ole Miss but had the intangibles. They gave away both 4th round picks to take him.

Grade C+

Bills Draft Devin Singletary 3rd Round

By Steve

A runningback in the third round? Very surprising.

Devin Singletary 5'9 200 junior

Only had 6 catches last year. Averaged 280 carries per year last 2 seasons.

Puzzling pick


Bills Trade Up Draft Cody Ford 2nd Round

By Steve

Bills traded up 2 spots using a 5th round pick to draft right tackle Cody Ford.

He will be a guard in the NFL.

Grade C-

2019 NFL Draft Grades for the Bills

By Steve

Here is a review of other webites grade of Ed Oliver to the Bills at 9 (i gave it a B-)

This pick makes all kinds of sense. The Bills lost defensive line stalwart Kyle Williams to retirement in December, but get an explosive, dynamic replacement here. The former Houston star has rare athleticism and plays with a low center of gravity, exploding into opposing linemen to quickly establish leverage and put them on their heels. He’s got the speed to shoot gaps and penetrate the pocket and shows extraordinary awareness, consistently chasing plays down from the backside, sniffing out screens, or getting his hands up to knock down throws

Oliver racked up 192 tackles—including 53 for a loss—with 13.5 sacks, five forced fumbles, and 11 pass deflections over three seasons at Houston. Most of that production came while he was lined up at nose tackle, but in the pros, he’ll likely do best as a 3-technique (rushing off the outside shoulder of the guard) or even at the end, where he’ll be more able to tap into that athleticism.

Oliver lacks length and can get overly aggressive at times, but he’s got almost limitless potential as a one-gapping pass rusher in the NFL. I love the player, I love the value, and I love the pick.

It took an unreasonable agent, a reach on a quarterback and a mediocre top-eight pick used on a tight end, but the Bills won the draft. Congrats, Buffalo! Oliver could end up being the best player from this entire class. He's drawn Aaron Donald comparisons for a reason, and he'll be a great replacement for Kyle Williams. Buffalo wanted to trade up for Oliver, yet didn't have to at all. This is an easy A+ grade

Pete Prisco
I thought he was misused at Houston. I think this kid is going to be special at the next level. He is not Aaron Donald, I don't like that comparison. He plays a lot like John Randle and Randle was a Hall of Famer. This kid is going to be a good player for Buffalo. Grade: A

Daniel Jeremiah
That was an easy one for the Buffalo Bills. They were patient and they sat right where they were and he fell into their laps. They need pass-rush help and he'll give that to them from the inside. He's going to be a nightmare for teams to deal with. He's quick, explosive and has great hands.

Sb Nation
The picks of Ferrell and Jones allowed Oliver to drop right into Buffalo’s lap. Oliver can be the Kyle Williams replacement for the Bills, with even more of a pass rush playing three-technique. Even if he’s discount Aaron Donald that is still really, really good. Now the Bills need to focus the rest of their draft surrounding quarterback Josh Allen with talent.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Buffalo Bills Draft Ed Oliver DT

By Steve

The Bills didnt trade as was widely reported and instead stood tough at 9. True, the Broncos at 10 over all traded out smartly because they know how math and odds work but Buffalo's board musta been different.

Instead of getting more players and value and exploiting inefficences the Bills took a defensive tackle to replace Marcell Dareus. Of course Big Daddy was traded for a 5th round pick after getting a $100  mil contract. But hey value?

Just dont wear a raincoat or Oliver will get yelled at. Hey, maybe Eddie boy can be the next Aarron Donald but Id better everything he wont be.

Who needs weapons when you over drafted a project QB and have one of the most talent depleted offenses in an a league where winning is predicated on

Sure Ed Oliver is a good player snd constituted good "value" at 9 but is he what will help the franchise QB the most?

Grade B- (gift)

2019 NFL Mock Draft

By Steve

Here is my review of other mock drafts and draft predictions. Now its time for my first mock draft of 2019:

1. Arizona Cardinals - Kyler Murray
Dumb but its the Cards

2. SF 49ers - Nick Bosa
Country bumpkin injury prone brother wanna be

3. NY Jets - Quinnen Williams
BPA lol Jests love drafting d-line

4. Oakland Raiders - Josh Allen
The better Josh Allen

5. Tampa Buccaneers - Ed Oliver
Undersized mid major beast

6. NY Giants - Drew Lock
Just changed my mind, not gonna b Haskins

7. Jax Jaguars - Jaawan Taylor

8. Washington Redskins - Dwayne Haskins

9. Buffalo Bills - Christian Wilkins
Say your prayers

10. Denver Broncos - TJ Hockinson
Elite needs some weapons

11.  Cincinnati Bengals - Hollywood Brown gotta replace AJ some day and Ross a bust

12. Green Bay Packers - Jonah Williams
Only OT id consider at 9 for Buf

13. Miami Dolphins - Brian Burns
This franchise a toilet

14. Atlanta Falcons - Devin White
Might trade up because they are aggressive

15. Detroit Lions - Devin Bush

16. Carolina Panthers - Andre Dillard

17. NY Giants - Jeff Simmonds

18. Minnesota Vikings - Cody Ford

19. Tennessee Titans - Clelin Ferrel

20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Rock Ya-sin

21. Seattle Seahawks - Greedy Williams

22. Baltimore Ravens - DK Metcalf

23. Houston Texans - Garret Bradbury

24. Oakland Raiders - Byron Murphy

25. Philly Eagles - Erik McCoy

26. Indianapolis Colts- Josh Jacobs

27. Oakland Raiders - AJ Brown

28. LA Chargers - Kaleb McGary

29. Seattle Seahawks - Jaylon Ferguson

30. Green Bay Packers - Noah Fant

31. LA Rams - Jerry Tillery

32. New England Patriots - Daniel Jones

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

2019 Bills Draft Preview: Mock Draft Review

by Steve

Im the only one worth reading but let's face it the ass clowns out in the university give entertainment with their awful taeks. Part 1 had us reviewing the Bills needs, part two had NFL draft predictions, now lets review other shit ass mock drafts and grade their ideas:

Walter football
Jawaan Taylor OT Fla
"The Bills must protect Josh Allen, who did not have quality blocking in his rookie campaign. I imagine it would be difficult for them to pass on the top tackle in the 2019 NFL Draft."
No C-

Jonah Williams OT Bame
 Dont want a tackle but solid pick

"9. Bills: Brian Burns, EDGE, FSU.
Here’s a move that could be followed by a trade of Jerry Hughes and his $6.35 million salary to a team that fails to get a pass rusher it covets in round one."

 Haven't heard a lot about his guy but the Bills are desperate for an edge rusher. He better be great.

NFL. com
Jonah Williams
(see above)

"Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida    
They've done a nice job of adding pieces around Josh Allen this offseason. So why not one more? Taylor would step in and be an immediate starter at right tackle. "

"9.) Buffalo Bills - DL - Christian Wilkins (Clemson)
**NOTE: I think the Bills would prefer to trade down from No. 9 and then take Wilkins later, but I don’t try to project trades in my mock drafts because of how hard it is to determine them. If they stay at No. 9, I still believe Wilkins would be in play and that’s why I still have him here in this mock.**"
Hedge by bitch boy Coach C but this is what I predict.
Grade C

Joe B
" - TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa
- With Ed Oliver off the board early and Jonah Williams getting scooped up by Jacksonville, this pick came down to TJ Hockenson versus Washington State offensive tackle Andre Dillard. If the Bills were to pass on Hockenson in favor of Dillard, the likelihood is that they'd miss out on both Iowa's Noah Fant and Alabama's Irv Smith, Jr. at 40th overall"
Highly unlikely but I would enjoy this pick B

Buffalo Bills 2019 Draft Preview: Predictions

By Steve

Here is part 1 of the Bills draft preview breaking down Buffalo's needs. Lets get to some predictions:

If we have learned anything from Brandon Beane and Sean Mcdermott its that they love defense. McDerr would play defense on offense if he could. For that reason alone I see no chance the Bills draft a wide receiver or tight end at 9 overall.

McDerr just doesnt see the value in doing such a crazy thing when he sees some many interior defensive linemen to covet. TJ Hochenson or even Noah Fant would be a nonstarter for this braintrust. And no way they would consider someone as unworthy as Hollywood Brown or DK Metcalf in the top ten.

McBeaner wants a DT badly. True the ship Marcell Dareus outta here for a bag of stale chips and lost cap space but someone like Ed Oliver wakes these two up at night with wet dreams. Too bad he'll be gone by then, so to will the better Josh Allen and Quinnen Williams.

With Sweat and Gary completely falling out of the first round this will hurt the Bills. No one is pining for any of these quarterbacks that will be available like Lock, Haskins or Jones thus a trade back is highly unlikely. HOPEFULLY these two clowns arent confused enough to do something insane and trade up yet again (then again doesn't McDerr foolishly trade up for all of his players?) but I wouldnt be shocked.

The crystal ball is getting clearer and I see the Bills selection at 9.......

Christian Wilkins DT Clemsom

No chance the Bills brass could pass on a player with the first name Christian and he's only the 3rd or 4th best DT in the draft! But Im sure we'll all get on board until the Bills decline his 5th year option in three and a half years.

Other predictions:
Only one QB goes in the top 9.
The Bills try to trade back into the back end of the first round for an offensive weapon.
Only 1 RB goes day one.
The Raiders do something really stupid.
Everyone hates the Jets pick.
Everyone loves whatever the Patriots do.
Drew Lock goes before Haskins.
Everyone in Nashville gets hammered.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Buffalo Bills 2019 Draft Preview: Needs

By Steve

The only Bills NFL Draft previews you will need are right here. First lets take a look at the Buffalo Bills biggest needs headed into the 2019 draft.

The Bills draft picks:
112, 131
147, 158
225, 228
(There are 254 draft picks)

There arent exactly huge holes all over this roster because McBeaner and co have signed every free agent that bats an eyelash at them. Sure they signed a lot of dudes but are any of them even decent? The linemen were mostly journeymen or reserve players except the center they overpaid. The WRs are just meh and Kroft the tightend is a project at best. Thus the Bills needs are (in order):

Wide Receiver
Joshy poo Allen needs weapons. Cole Beasley, Zay Jones, undrafted Foster and John Brown arent scaring anyone. Who out of that group do you trust on 3rd and 9? Who out of that group are you throwing to in the endzone late in the 4th quarter?

Defensive End
If quarterback is the only position that matters then how do you effect the QBs play? Hitting him and picking him off. The Bills are set in the secondary but the D line is devoid of difference makers. Jerry Hughes is inconsistent, Shaq Lawson is just a body and Yarbrough is nobody. A game effecting edge rusher is a must.

Tight End
Gone is my boy Charles Clay and in is Tyler Kroft? Wtf? He had 4 catches last year and a paltry 67 in a useless 4 year career. Great Tight Ends are matchup nightmares in the NFL. The Bills have never had a great one or even a good one. Sorry Scott Chandler fans. There are  few alleged blue chippers outta Iowa that would look good down the seam at OBD.

Offensive Tackle
The offenive line last year was abysmal. Blame the Wood injury and Beane lowballing Richie, sure, but Dion Dawkins was a turnstyle last year. The bandaid free agents arent a real answer. Going tackle 9 isnt ideal but if they can get the top OT n the board its easier to stomach.

Running Back
TJ Yeldon is a solid signing but a bad sign. Are the Bills really content going into the season with McCoy and Gore two old ass bums toting the rock and Yeldon catching the ball all season? They need to get younger, a lot younger, like 2 decades younger, oof.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bills 2019 Schedule Worst of All Time?

by Steve

What do people look at first when the NFL schedule comes out? Where is the first game and who is the game again?  What do people look at second?  When is the home opener. What do they look for third?  Prime time games.  The Bills lose in all three categories.

Unbelievably the Bills don't play at home week one or week two and have zero prime time games.  There are 46 prime time games with 92 teams participating.  The Bills are none of those 92 teams.

The best (and likely) only good part of a Bills season is starting at home in Orchard Park.  The Bills don't do that until they are likely 0-2 (they'll be dawgs in both road games) and then come home to play fuckin Cincinnati.  The Bengals are 1b to the Bills 1a of being the most irrelevant over looked useless team in the NFL.  Then they get to lose to the Patriots week 4!

Even if Buffalo wins just one of their first two then the week 3 home opener will be a must win season breaking game because starting out 1-3 and all hope is lost.

Some people are pointing to the Thanksgiving game vs Dallas as a bright spot.  But why is playing a game in the middle of dinner (I actually will have two different family dinners at two different houses scheduled during the 4:30pm game)?  Who wants to watch a Bills game with Aunt Karen and her fuckin loud kids in a cramped hot house?

Even the fun road trips at Pittsburgh and at Cleveland are late in the year when Buffalo will likely already be out of it and the season is over.

Moreover, the Bills have three straight home games and 5 out of 7 weeks we have to go to the stadium.  Good luck with your marriages. 

And if you are an optimist for some reason that thinks the Bills might have a chance to be good this year they finish with 5 of their last 7 games coming on the road.  The Bills were 2-6 on the road last year.

Yeah I would have likely found something to complain about, but this is truly the worst schedule I could imagine from a season ticket holder stand point.  Shoot me

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Nate Oats Fucks Off to Albama Where he will fail

By steve

Fucking nate oats fucking left for fucking alabama. Like we never existed. Eres a fact. Nate oats will fail at Albama snd be nothing. He is a carpetbagging money hungry piece of shit. I cant wit to watch him be the 7th beet team in the SEC dor the next 3 years.

Lotta connections in Alabama? Lol

Sure bama is gonna pay more but they have 1 tournament win since 2006 and a mere 2 ncaa appearances. How much did Turner Gill make after he got fired from Nebraska? Money isnt everything. And leaving makes sense if its a real program or real chance to win. But Alabama basketball?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

UB Advances to MAC Semis Easily

By Steve

UB rolled over a disinterested and outgunned Akron team in the MAC quarterfinals 82-46. They will play in the semi finals Friday at 6:30 at the Q in Cleveland.

The Bulls lead at half time 38-21 in an ugly first half filled with missed FTs, 3's and tons of fouls by both teams.

Buffalo pulled away easily in the second half of a game that was over just about out of the gate. Akron got into foul trouble late in the first half and checked out after.

Buffalo is the best team in the conference and looks motivated for Selection Sunday and the real tournament next week. There is jo looking beyond the conference tournament at this point. I feel bad for Western Mich or Kent St tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Grading the Bills on Day 2 of Free Agency

By Steve

Day 2 of free agency was better than day 1 of free agency for the Bills but still nothing to throw a parade over. But Buffalo did fill some needs. Heres the grades for day 2 of free agency:

Smokey John Brown WR 3 years $27 mil
Solid comtract for a solid player. Funny the Bills wanted to sign this dude last year and he refused. Last year the Ravens only gave him $6.5 but he had a consistent year and gives the Bills desperately needed speed down the field.
Grade B+

Ty Nsekhe OT 2 years $14.5 mil
If this guy turns out to be the starting LT as some are speculating then this contract is a home run. If Ty is a rotational offensive lineman its an abomination.
Grade C+

Jon Feliciano G 2 years $8 mil
Seems like an expensive backup or depth guy. He has 8 career starts in 4 seasons and only 4 in 2018 on an awful Raiders team.  PFF doesnt grade him out very well either (49/100)
Grade C-

Cole Beasley WR 4 years $29 mil $14.4 mil guaranteed
5'8 beasley turns 30 next month and seems to get hurt every game. He is a tiny little smurph man after all. He had solid stats last year but isnt getting quicker or younger. Its not a terrible contract and its not a terrible player. Moreover its a position of need but there is no chance this guy is on the roster in 3 years.
Grade C-

Overall grade for Day 2 is a weak B-. The late news of Odell Beckham should push it doen to a C but I wont blame the Bills for being the Bills. Because as we know they are the Bills

Grade B-

Monday, March 11, 2019

Grading the Bills on Day 1 of Free Agency

By Steve

The Bills went into free agency with something like the 4th most cash to spend and arguably the most holes to fill. And everyone knows championships are won on thr first day of free agency.

Of course all of these deals arent official until Wednesday but barring a failed physical or a car crash theyre on the books.

McBeaner and co shockingly signed zero former Carolina Panthers. They did however sign a CB, TE, C and RB.

Lets grade how they did:

Kevin Johnson CB
Former Texans first round pick played one game last year and is about at injury as any player ever. No contract numbers.
Grade: C-

Tyler Kroft TE
The Bengal cast off gets 3 years $18 mil woth $8 guaranteed. He has 8 career touchdowns albeit none last season. 5 of those TDs are from within 3 yards of the endzone. So he will be a big target for Joshy Poo Allen, too bad he cant complete short passes. He did basically nothing in 2018 after breaking his foot week 6. Its a risky contract for an unproven guy w a bum foot. 6'6 252 and only 26 he still has upside.
Grade C+

Mitch Morse Center
The 46th best free agent according to PFT and the number 2 center available. The reported contract is for about $11 mil per year which seems excessive considering its the highest AAV for a center ever (until the dude from the Broncos signs). It fills a big need assuming the former Chief takes a big leadership role in the o-line room.
Grade B-

Frank Gore RB
36 year old grandpa getting $2mil? This is truly an abomination. Perhaps the worst possible idea one could imagine. I would rather literslly any random RB from the SEC over this dude. He is taking a roster spot from some younger faster cheaper and better. I couldnt give two shits if he is friends with McCoy or provides veteran leadership. Howd that work for the Dolphins last season? Unbelievable if it wasnt the Buffalo Bills. DAY ONE?!??!
Grade F-

Overall today was an average day for the Bills and Brandon Beane. Nothing surprising (in a good way) but at least they didnt spend like the drunken Jets.

Overall Grade C-

Bills Sign Frank Gore, This Is Not a Joke

By Steve

The Buffalo Bills are run by incompetent trolls that hate winning, their fans and their national perception. Signing soon to be 36 year old Frank Gore is the cruelest of jokes.

It would be funny if it wasnt so sad and infuriating.

Signing 36 year old Frank Gore on the first day of free agency for $2 million sounds like an Onion headline.

He, as of now, is he 19th highest paid player on the team. Not only is he old and useless but he will UNDOUBTEDLY tske playing time from a younger faster cheaper better runningback. This signing boggles the mind.

I am dead inside. Kill me

Sunday, March 10, 2019

ACC Tournament

$10 entree. Pick every game. Pick total points as the tie breaker


Here is the bracket.
Email picks to or text steve
Pay with paypal preferably or venmo. Email questions to same.


First place

Second Place

1 point first round
2 points 2nd round
3 points 3rd round
4 points 4th round
5 points to pick the winner

Here are every1s picks:

Steve (0 points)
Round 1
G Tech

Round 2
Va Tech
Ga Tech

Round 3

Round 4

Total 141

Zurak (3 points)




Championship - Virginia

Schrum (1 point)




70-65 (135 final)

Reagan (2 points)

NC State
Va Tech

FLa State


Points 135

Train (3 points)
Rd 1
Miami, ND, Pitt

NC St, VA tech, ND, SU


VA, duke

Champion z
Duke pts: 147

Dennis (2 points)
Mia, ND, BC

NC State
VA tech

FLA st

FLA st.

Duke pts: 167

Feyes (3 points)
RD 1
Miami, ND, Pitt

RD 2
NC St., VA Tech, Lville, Cuse

Virginia, VA Tech, UNC, Duke

VA Tech



Wreck (2 points)
Miami GT Pitt
Clemson Va Tech Lville Cuse
Clemson FSU Lville Cuse
FSU Cuse

Betti (3 points)

Nc St, VT, Lville, Cuse

Va, VT, unc, duke

Va, Duke


Dubs (1 point)
Miami, GT, BC

Clem, VT, Lville, Cuse

Va, FSU, UNC, Duke


UNC 146

Coast (0 points)

NC St, VT, GT, Cuse

Va, FSU, UNC, Duke



Friday, March 8, 2019

Antonio Brown Tells Bills to Fuck Off

By Steve

The Bills reportedly traded for Antonio Brown last night. Then Antonio Brown heard he was being traded to Buffalo and told them to kick rocks. Basically he said he'd never show up and the traded was nixed. All with it 7 hours the trade was as if it never happened.

This is a stain on the franchise. This is a huge embarrassment. The worst part is the Bills, their owner, the GM, the underlings etc dont even know they are  a fuckin joke.

The Buffalo Bills arent even in the NFL. They are lucky to be confused with an AAF team.

To think the Bills would be able to trade for Antonio Brown and he would want to play here volunarily (ya know not as a hostage with a billion dollars and a gun to his head) is laughable.

What about all the talk about wanting the right kind of player? What about the locker room? Building chemistry? Team first guys? The right kind of player? OHHHH ACTUALLY TALENT MATTERS AND THE REST OF THAT SHIT IS JUST MADE UP BULLSHIT?

This franchise is a joke

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Antonion Brown Calls Fake News Report hes Traded to Buffalo

By steve
Here is an actual screen shot of the official NFL instagram page reporting the Antonio Brown to Buffalo story and the official Antonio Brown instagram commenting that the story is "fake news"

The Bills are either dumb or about to massively pay this dude. Reminds me of the lesean mccoy ordeal times 10 oof

Report Buffalo Bills Trade for Antonio Brown

By steve

Holy shit! Did Ian Rapoport get hacked ir is this tweet fake?
Sources: The #Steelers are closing in on a deal to send star WR Antonio Brown to the Buffalo #Bills. There it is."

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Super Bowl Picks

The finale

Steve 38-40 Playoffs 7-3

Rams +2.5 v Cheatriots
Over 56.5 points

Coast 36-41-1 Playoffs 5-5
Rams +2.5 v Patriots
Under 56.5

Feyes 36-40-2 Playoffs 6-3-1
Patriots -2.5 v Rams
Over 56.5 points

Thursday, January 24, 2019

UB Bulls at Kent State Preview

By Steve

Coming off just their second lost of the season in dramatic fashion the University at Buffalo Bulls basketball team goes on the road again Friday vs old rival Kent State.

UB is favored by 9 points for the 6:30 pm tip. The game airs on CBS Sports Network.

Kent state (15-4 (4-2 in conference]) has won three straight at home including a ten point win over Northern Illinois just last week. Granted, this month they have a pair of 20+ losses in conference but this will still be no cake walk for the Bulls. Kent state has wins at Vanderbilt and Oregon State this season.

UB's net ranking currently sits at 23 while Kent State comes in at 134. Buffalo can't afford a two game slide but nothing can be taken for granted in conference play.

Since the AP Top 25 came out Monday and the ub bulls lost by 2 at N illinois:
# 19 iowa lost @ home v ranked team
# 21 NC St lost v ranked team
# 16 Auburn lost
# 22 Miss St lost by 21 @ uk
#14 Tx Tech lost by 13
# 20 Ole Miss lost by 21 @ bama
# 13 MD lost
#24 iowa st lost
# 10 Va Tch lost

So it would be surprising if Buffalo fell out of the top 25 with a win Friday.

What Position Should The Bills Target in the Draft

By Steve

What the hell position should the Bills target in the 2019 draft? They may need 45+ new players and are devoid of talent through out the roster. Go offensive line? WR? Tight end? Does it matter?

I took at the NFL AP All Pro team from 2016-2018. I looked up their draft positions and averaged out the position of each. Granted things are skewed. There are 5 offensive line positions and most of the WRs and TEs are repeats. But here is what I found:

The average all pro tight end drafted position was: 64
Kelce, Ertz, Kittle, Gronkowski, Olsen

The average all pro offensive lineman drafted position: 52
Bakhtiari, Brown, Armstead, Nelson, Bitonio, Kelce, Pouncey, Martin, Yanda, Schwartz, Ramcziek, Smith, Whitworth, Norwell, Saffold, Mack, Decastro, Johnson, Daryl Williams, Osemele, Conklin, Cannon.

The average all pro wide receiver drafted position: 66.
Hopkins, Thomas, Jones, Hill, Brown, Thielen, Evans, Beckham.

There was one UDFA o-line and WR. I threw them out.

If you take out Tyreek Hill because of his reason for falling to 165 WR would actually be 49 not 66.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

CCS Conference Championship Sunday

Only three games left, place ur bets.

Steve 37-39 Playoffs 6-2
Chiefs -3 v Patriots
Rams +3.5 @ Saints

Coast 34-41-1 Playoffs 3-5
Patriots at Chiefs over 56
Rams @ Saints under 57

Feyes 35-39-2 Playoffs 5-2-1
Patriots +3 @ Chiefs
Saints -3.5 v Rams

Saturday, January 12, 2019

DRW Divisional Round Weekend NFL Picks

Last full weekend of football for 9 months, smh. Legggo

Steve 34-38 playoffs 3-1
Colts @ Chiefs under 57
Rams -7 v Cowboys
Cheatriots -3.5 v Chargers
Saints -8 v Eagles

Coast 33-37-1 playoffs 2-2
Colts +5 @ Chiefs
Eagles +8 @ Saints
Chargers +3.5 @ Cheatriots
Cowboys +7 @ Rams

Feyes 32-38-2 playoffs 2-1-1
Colts @ Chiefs over 57
Eagles +8 @ Saints
Patriots -3.5 v Chargers
Rams -7 v Cowboys

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Wild Card Weekend NFL Picks

WCW baby make it count

Steve 31-37
Cowboys -2.5 v Seahawks
Colts +1 @ Texans
Chargers +3 @ Ravens
Eagles +6.5 @ Bears

Coast 31-36-1
Cowboys -2.5
Colts +1
Ravens -3
Eagles +6.5

Feyes 30-37
Texans -1.5
Seahawks +2
Charge balt U 41.5
Bears eagles U 41.5

Friday, January 4, 2019

Kyle Williams Retires Now Bills Run Defense Can Be Good

By steve

Here is the ranking of the Buffalo Bills defense in yards allowed per attempt since 2006 (the year kyle williams was drafted):

2006 29th
2007 27th
2008 21st
2009 31st
2010 32nd
2011 27th
2012 30th
2013 23rd
2014 14th
2015 25th
2016 28th
2017 24th
2018 9th

So maybe they can be good now?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

UB Bulls Start Conference Play Friday

By Steve

The 20th ranked University at Buffalo Bulls start their conference play tomorrow at Eastern Michigan. The game tips off at 9pm and will be televised nationally on CBS Sports Network.

Eastern Michigan was picked to finish first in the West division of the MAC. They return ten players from last year and their top three scorers. This will be one of the tougher challenges left on their schedule.

True, their 6-7 record isn't good but three of those losses were at Duke, Kansas and TCU.

UB is -10.5, over/under is 142.5

Look for UB to continue to get national TV run if they keep compiling wins.

They have two home games next week, vs Toledo Tuesday and Miami OH next Saturday.