Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Mets redeem them selves

by Steve

Well the Mets have bought a reprieve of at least 24 hours. Perhaps I was a bit trigger happy this morning as the past 8 hours have been the best a Mets fan can remember since beating the Dodgers last year.

The Mets with a no-hitter through 7 2/3rds from John Maine romped on the Marlins. Not only that, but the Padres blew a lead with the best closer of all time on the hill in the 9th inning to lose in extras. AND even better, the Phillies lose to the surging Washington Nationals. Manny Acta for president!

So the Mets are back in a dead heat with the Phillies and 1 game back of the Padres for the wild card. So here are the scenarios that are possible:
  • Padres win and clinch the wild card, the Mets and Phillies tie for the division forcing a 1 game playoff. The play would be played on Monday in Philadelphia because they won the coin toss.
  • If the Mets Phillies and Rockies all win out and the Padres lose out there would be a 4 team scramble for the WC and the East. The Phillies and Mets would play Monday to determine the NL EAST. The loser would then move onto a 3 team wild card tournament between the Rockies and Padres.
  • According to the 3 team WC tourney would force one team to either play 1 away game or 2 home games.
And wouldn't we all be winners if that were the case? Sunday is going to be carazaaa (crazy)

Brad Riter update and stuff

Well, Brad Riter is still alive. In an interview by Allen Pergament of the Buffalo News, Riter took blame for being fired but admits he was sick of the situation at WGR550.
“I take complete responsibility for it,” Riter said. “My only real problem is I was asked to do things that no one else was asked to do.”

By that, he means his regular shift was in the evenings, but he also was called in to pinch hit often in the mornings and afternoon. It wasn’t the ideal circumstance for someone who acknowledges he has had a problem with ignoring alarms and being late since grade school.

He said lateness was an issue a handful of times in his 10-year career at WGR, but bristled at the suggestion it was a recurring problem. “To act as though it is something that keeps happening is excessive,” he said.

For now, he’s enjoying watching a Bills game like a regular fan and not having the constant pressure of planning to do a three-hour nightly show. “It is going to let me enjoy watching sports again.”

That phrase might surprise people who believe covering sports isn’t so much a job as a joy. But it resonated with me. It’s how I felt 25 years ago after I covered my last game to become a TV critic. So don’t cry for Riter. Truthfully, I believe he’ll find sports happiness again sooner rather than later.

Here is a picture of the new Sabres HD scoreboard

Here is a new site for those that used it is now

Some Jets fan is suing the New England Patriots for cheating and destroying the integrity of the game. I love it.


NY Mets embarrass baseball

by Steve

A team with this high a payroll, this weak a division, this high of expectations, this much of a lead (7 games up with 13 to play) and this kind of talent, the New York Metropolitans have irrevocably embarrassed the sport of baseball for ever. The 2007 Mets will go down as the biggest chockers in the history of major league baseball save for the Yankees in the playoffs in 04.

At first I blamed injuries, or lack of luck, or something, and I didn't feel Willie Randolph should be fired. But thinking about it, tossing and turning in bed the last few nights as I watch this team lose to the Nationals, Cardinals, and Marlins, ALL AT HOME, teams with nothing to play for, and they aren't just beating the Mets they're destroying them, humiliating them. How is this possible. It has to be Randolph.

  • Well then again, its Brain Lawrence starting meaningful games as Jorge Sosa toils in the bullpen. He was a productive starter on a team with injuries and a lack of continuity in the starting rotation.
  • Its Philip Humber and Mike Pelfrey starting important games in September and losing. These kids are highly touted prospects who have buckled under the pressure. They weren't ready and management fucked not only them up but the entire month.
  • Its Jose Reyes, 10 for his last 45 and thats a hot streak for him. He's batting average is down to .286! Can Willie move the MFer out of the top spot? Its not like you have another capable top of the order guy in Luis Castillo. Try anything.
  • Its Carlos Delgado, its a lack of help at the trading deadline, its a team afraid of its own shadow, afraid to lose, afraid of chocking.
  • Where does that mentality come from? The manager? Shea stadium?
  • Its that with 2 games to play the Mets are already out of the playoffs.
  • Its losing 11 of 15.
Everyone deserves to be thrown under the bus. Anything the owner decides to do at this point is open game. Omar, Willie, Jose, Pedro, David Wright, the whole fucking team, well except Moises Alou if that helps you sleep at night. But I sure as hell know I'm not gonna be falling a sleep easy tonight.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bills talk week 4

by Steve

No power rankings this week. The Bills are 32nd and the Colts/Patriots are 1a/b. The rest of the league is pretty much in the middle, ya know either 2 or 31 it doesn't matter. Its not even week 4 and I am sick of the Buffalo Bills. Don Esmonde of the Buffalo News had a similar column in todays paper. I'm not saying I won't watch, cause I'll be at the game Sunday and I'll watch every Bills game till I die, but christ this is worse than work.

Then reading the sports section I come across this beauty of a quote from our very own offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild. "Edwards should benefit from a full week of practice as the starter, but Fairchild admitted the game plan will be scaled back a little.

“Trent hasn’t had the work or the experience that J.P. had at this point,” Fairchild said. “He’s a fairly new guy. so it will affect us.” Story

THE OFFENSE IS GOING TO BE SCALED BACK? What does that even mean? Only 4 pass attempts in the first half? No audibles at the line? 1-2 deep passes a game? No screen passes? No passes to a tight end? less than 10 points?

Seriously, if this offense can be scaled back more I might pluck my eye balls out and buy a Tom Brady jersey. The mere thought makes me sicker than back to back to back tequila shots with hot sauce.

Pretty much no good can come out of Sunday's game except Trent Edwards lighting it up and the Bills actually having a decent quarterback. But what that would mean is the end of JP Losman in Buffalo. I don't hate the guy, I've rooted for him to succeed. He has done good things in the city, and truly liked Buffalo. But if Trent plays decently well, or even wins you can't pull him. This team is going no where with the injuries and the coaching staff. Losman has consistently shown he can't win games and looks lost at times.

The Trent era starts Sunday, the only question is how long it will last.

Jets 21 Bills 14


After doing my job and researching this game a bit more, the J - E - T -S blows blows blows have the 28th ranked defense and the 28th ranked offense. It isn't a stretch with the 32/32 could beat the 28/28 at home in september. I mean c'mon this is the NFL. The line is 3.5, Chad Pennington?? Dude got boo'd at his home barn how could he be decent?

Their running back is over rated but maybe just needs a bust out game vs the awful Bills. Lets hope not. 3.5 yards per carry for Thomas Jones? True Baltimore Miami and the Gheytriots have solid defenses but its tough to score a lot of points with out a good arm.

Game comes down to turn overs and rushing yards.
Jets 20 Bills 21 !!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Buffalo Bills notes/news

According to writer Chris Brown:

"Keith Ellison was jogging laps around the practice field while his teammates were practicing today. Ellison was showing no favortism to the injured ankle as he jogged. We'll see what coach Jauron says of his status this afternoon. --"

and Leon "2 first names " Joe will be starting weakside Sunday, "LB Leon Joe looks like he'll be starting this week at weak side linebacker. Joe is replacing John DiGiorgio who is manning his more familiar MLB position with Poz out for the year now. Angelo Crowell is staying on the strong side. Newly signed Kevin Harrison appears to be the backup MLB now. ---"

Uh, what? Damn these injuries are absolutely devastating.. I can't take this, a person with the last name Joe is now a starting linebacker? John Doe wasn't available?

The Bills now have 7 players on the IR with Paul Posluszny and Whittle joining the list of players out for the year. To fill the void the Bills signed players, LB Kevin Harrison who was on the Bills practice squad last year and CB Jerametrius Butler. And finally, Josh too slow and to dumb Scobey was released to make room.

Honestly how is this team even fielding a 53 man roster at this point? Every other teams practice squad will be depleted by week 8 at this rate.

Jim "homer" Lorentz retired. He was solid but past his prime and seemed like a bit of a homer at times. I won't miss his grunts and groans when no penalty was called. How much longer does RJ have left in him?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Injuries hurt the Bills

by Steve

Ryan Denney 8 games+ broken foot
Keith Ellison 8 games+ broken ankle
Coy Wire 6 games sprained knee
Paul Posluszny 13 games broken arm
Terrance Mcgee 1+ games ribs
Jason Webster 15 games broken arm
Ko Simpson 15 games broken ankle
Tony Hargrove 4 games smoked weed
Al Wallace 15 games shoulder injury

That adds up to 85+ man games lost to injuries just on defense. Not all of them starters but 5 of them are and the other 3 would have gotten significant playing time. Now players like Jason Jefferson and Ryan Neil are on the field in potentially crucial situations. The players are would probably only be back ups on most teams, so its safe to assume the players now getting significant time would be lucky to be on practice squads in the NFL.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bills 32nd offense and defense

by Steve

The Buffalo Bills are statistically the worst team in the league if not in the history of the league. They are 32nd in offense and 32nd in defense ouch.

Things can only get better? Well, actually they could stay as horrible as they have been. Not much else to write about because this is so embarrassing and pathetic words can't explain it adequately. But to make excuses the Patriots Broncos and Steelers are 1,2,3 in defense and 1,8,6 in offense. Sure the numbers correlate but I guess the opponents can't get harder.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


by steve

Talk about a piece of shit fuckin franchise with a bunch of ass hole mother fuckers who cheat play like they don't give a shit. This team is grimy. I don't care what JP Losman's fuckin career stats are or what his winning % is. You have fat pieces of shit like Wilfork jumping and diving into knees leading with their elbows that is absolutly complete bullshit.

I want this guy find. I want this guy suspended. This is bullshit. Losman is out at least 2 weeks while the Bills scramble to sign another quarterback and take up a roster spot because some dumb fuckin asshole clown with no respect for the game or his profession dives into a quarterback's knee. He could have ended his career with a move like that diving into the knee with his elbow.

Just think if that happened to the golden ass fucker Tom Brady the league would have shut down for 2 weeks until Kyle Williams hearing was over. If the league doesn't act quickly on that fat piece of shit and take away a big piece of Vince Wilfork's salary I'm gonna go visit with Goodell my self.

And is it possible this team sustains more injuries? 2 starting cornerbacks 3 potential starting linebackers a starting safety, starting quarterback holy shit. The team looks bad but christ you lose that many fuckin players in 3 weeks the team you field each Sunday has little chance to compete. I am completely dumb founded and speechless at this point.

fire jauron

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bills at Patriots Part II

This may be the single most one sided game on paper in the NFL this year. At nearly every single position, the patriots have a ridiculous advantage. That explains the 16.5 point spread in week 3. That is unbelievable. In a league based on parody, a team is 16.5 point underdogs in September. Let's compare each team position by position.

Losman vs. Brady: Uh, Brady, although JP is a better athlete and has a stronger arm. His brain may be 1/10 the size though and Brady has Giselle, JP has some hippy surfer from Cali.

Lynch vs. Maroney: Advantage Lynch. The only position that this can be said about. Lynch has shown that he is a special player even without any threat of a passing game.

Stallworth and Moss vs. Evans and Price: Ugly...This is like USC vs. UB. Evans may be good but Price is about as good as Drew Haddad. Moss finally has a good quarterback and is on pace for 24 touchdowns. Don't be surprised if he gets near that.

Ben Watson vs. Robert Royal: Robert Royal shouldn't even be on an NFL team in my opinion and Ben Watson is a sick athlete for his size...advantage Watson hands down. None of these have even been close except running back.

Pats O line vs. Bills O line: Brady has been sacked twice for 16 yards, Losman six sacks for 58 yards. You can't convince me that this 42 yard discrepancy is solely on the quarterback's shoulders. Advantage Patriots.

Pats D Line vs. Bills D Line: Noone outside of Buffalo has even heard of anyone on the Bills D line except maybe Schobel. The Pats have beats like Seymour and Wilfork, although Seymour isn't playing. They have the rookie Jarvis Green stepping in and I would take Green, Wilfork and Ty Warren over any of the scum bags on the Bills D line any day. Advantage New England.

Pats Linebackers vs. Bills Linebackers: The Bills have two young studs in Crowell and Pos. However, they still have John DiGiorgio in the starting lineup. As much as we hate them and like to say they are aging, Adalius Thomas, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel and Roosevelt Colvin are still a good group. These guys have never even heard of John DiGiorgio. Advantage Patriots.

Secondary: The Bills have noone that compares to Asante Samuel. McGee is not a number one corner and Ashton Youboty is still so raw. This Bills may have a slight advantage at strong safety with Rodney Harrison suspended in Dante Whitner but not big enough to say the Bills are stronger at the position. The nod goes to Samuel, Hobbs, Eugene Wilson and James Sanders. Although, Jim Leonhard does lead the NFL in interceptions.

Special Teams: Advantage Bills. The Bills have the best special teams in the NFL. McGee and Parrish are threats to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. The only problem is, Parrish doesn't get a lot of chances since the Bills stop teams on third downs only 14 out of 29 times this season. McGee may have a lot of chances in this game and may have to bring back more than one for the Bills to have a chance.

Coaching: Do I need to go here? I don't care if Belichick cheats or doesn't cheat. He doesn't even need to show up or game plan to be a better coach than Dickhead Jauron. Dick and has staff have shown a level of ineptitude this season that I didn't even think was achievable by an NFL coaching staff. Playing so close to the vest and trying not to lose rather than trying to win from the opening kick off has proved costly for this team especially opening day. The Bills had no business losing that football game. Any time there is a close game and coaching really comes into play, the Bills have no shot. Why did this team lose 7 games by 8 points or less last year? Coaching.

What needs to happen for the Bills to win? Easy...New England needs to get caught trying to cheat before the game and then get forced to forfeit. That is honestly this teams only hope.

Keys for Buffalo to cover, since they aren't going to win:
  • Get Parrish involved on offense. Run some reverses and mix it up a little. It's about time Fairchild flips to page 2 in the play book. The 4 plays we have tried so far have been worthless.
  • Get Lynch involved in the passing game. Isn't this why we wanted this guy so bad, because he is such a good receiver? Has Fairchild ever heard of a screen pass? Uh, wait, that must be on the 2nd page of the playbook. Maybe he will get crazy and bust that out this week.
  • Where is Lee Evans? Throw like 10 bombs to this dude tomorrow. I don't care if only 1 is caught, just try something. The number one receiver on this team has 20 receiving yards through 2 games. That just isn't going to get it done. Can Peerless take any pressure off Evans? Chances are no.
  • Pressure Brady somehow. They may have to blitz 8 guys just to get a guy in Brady's face. That will lead to touchdown after touchdown by Moss. Although letting Brady sit in the pocket will also lead to touchdown after touchdown by the Patriots. It really is a lose lose.
Prediction: The Bills are outclassed...BUT that is why they play the games. No really, this game is going to be a disaster. This is an honest prediction, not me just being an asshole. Patriots 45 Bills 3. 45 to 3. The team could fold after this debacle, but let's be realistic. Dick Jauron is our coach. It will be 35-0 at halftime.

Go Bills!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bills Patriots Preview part 1

by Steve

So, the Gheytriots are going to win by probably 100, but perhaps the final result won't be the biggest story coming out of this game. Maybe Losman and the coaching staff improve just enough to shut people up for a week. Personally I have a good feeling about this game for some odd reason. Not a good enough feeling to take the Bills money line (which doesn't exist but is probably somewhere in the +750 realm) but here's why they could upset and actually cover.

Randy Moss is weak as peanut brittle, and I can foresee Ashton Youboty breaking this dude in half, well at least its a possibility. Plus, he hasn't played well in 3 straight games in like 5 years, how could he get consistently good over night, well besides a top 3 quarterback. Either way, fuck Moss, he's a little bitch.

The Patriots are made up of humans, and humans can make mistakes. They play in the NFL were anything can happen, even the Browns beating the Bengals and scoring 51 points. So we have that going for us. Plus the Bills have gone into Foxboro every year this decade any always play them tough, even Bill Cheat-i-cheat mentioned this in his Wednesday presser. Although I remember him always saying that. Does the dude ever look past an opponent jesus..

Other than the Patriots having pretty much better players at every single position, there is one position where the Bills can exploit the Greater New England area Patriots. RUNNING BACK! I don't like Larry Maroney, I haven't seen him do anything to impress me other than get hurt and rack up yards in garbage time. Marshawn Lynch with out a single iota of a threat in the passing game has managed decently good numbers, especially for a rookie. He could run wild Sunday, the Bills could manage the clock/time of possession and exploit those old ass linebackers. Plus we might have a better field goal kicker, albeit not in crunch time.

The final point to make is this could potentially be a trap game for the Pats. Granted, they don't get caught in trap games cause they're like stealth antelope beast modeing it past everyone, but like I said they are human. They had a big statement game against the Chargers on Sunday night and play another night game next week against another possible AFC Championship caliber team.

Bills 17 Patriots 14

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Power Rankings week 2

Ten teams are winless while 10 don't have a loss. According to all the people that get paid to do what we do for free, 0-2 means your season is over and if you are undefeated you will be in the Conference Championship game.

Is anyone afraid of the Lions cause they beat MIN and the Raiders? Are the Saints and Eagles done because their offenses haven't clicked yet? This we do know, the Patriots are going 19-0 and the Bills are going 0-16 evidently.
(Rankings are a compilation of the staff's picks)

  1. Colts - Until they lose they are the Super Bowl Champs
  2. Patriots - Cheat-i-cheat or whatever you wanna call him is a cheater and they cheated
  3. Steelers - Beat up on a sorry Bills team, rookie coach could hurt this team later on, although still very stout on both sides of the ball.
  4. Cowboys - Snapfu what? Romo and the gang are rollin. Still very weary of Bum Phillips.
  5. Chargers - Brutal beat down on Sunday night. Their coach is a dud and their quarterback hasn't shown he is ready for prime time.
  6. Bears - This Sunday could be for the Conference against the Cowboys, is their quarterback good enough?
  7. Broncos - Cutler doesn't need to win them every game, and with a great coach, solid running back and a stout defense this team will be around.
  8. Ravens - Major question mark at quarterback, and for that matter the whole offense. No wide receivers stepping up, and McGahee isn't lighting fields on fire.
  9. 49ers - Could drop precipitously soon.
  10. Packers - Once last hooray for Favre seems unlikely, but if the defense is as good as advertised they'll get to the wildcard then who knows.
  11. Seahawks - Will the real Seahawks please stand up? Bald quarterback aging running back, the defense and home field advantage are still there though.
  12. Titans - Scary quarterback and scary offense, but for different reasons. Who is gonna make plays besides that guy. And will Fisher and the gain not miss Pacman? "pssh please"
  13. Bengals - 51 to the Browns? Lewis could be on the hot seat in a suddenly crowded division.
  14. Redskins - Cambell went into Philly and won, he missed some throws and didn't have to do too much, but he got the W. Could be a surprise team.
  15. Texans - Not sure what to make of this team, probably just an early blip on the radar, but in the NFL anything is possible.
  16. Saints - Still waiting for their first win and their first home game. Titans will be a challenge, then a bye? Ouch
  17. Lions - Mike Martz Mike Martz, ohhhh we got a boner, he's a genius. Thanks for starting the Patriots dynasty you ass hole.
  18. Eagles - Shut up and play football Mcnabb. Did the media make you look like shit in prime time at home against an inferior division opponent?
  19. Panthers - One week Delhomme is good the next he sucks, what gives Fox?
  20. Cardinals - A year away, IF Leinart pans out, good thing he is in the NFC.
  21. Jaguars - Wait, Del Rio still has a job? This team could beat good teams and lose to bad teams, stay away from them against spreads.
  22. Buccaneers - Jeff Garcia?
  23. Vikings - This team is bad, but their running back and defense give some hope.
  24. Browns - Quinn's debut has been pushed back, we'll see if Derek woke up on the wrong side of the bed (talented side) for one week or he is the next Kelly Holcomb.
  25. Rams - Good fantasy team, bad NFL team.
  26. Giants - New York Giants + Tom Coughlin - Tiki Barber = no playoffs easy math.
  27. Bills - No offense, bad coaching, tough schedule, injuries, Patriots, oh my!
  28. Jets - Could have beat the Ravens to alter these rankings big time, but they're the Jets.
  29. Raiders - Late Surge?
  30. Dolphins - When does the John Beck experiment begin?
  31. Falcons - Byron Leftwich might not be an upgrade over Joey.
  32. Chiefs - Doh!

Steve Fairchild's comments

by Steve

In a Buffalo News article found here Steve Fairchild, the Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator, seems upbeat and positive. We in the world of reality call this denial. If the Bills offense doesn't make significant strides in the next 2 weeks, Bills fans will be calling for more than just Fairchild's head, they'll be calling for every limb to be chewed up and spit out.

“We’re close [to moving the ball well],” Fairchild said. “Close doesn’t get you anything. But it’s not a panic situation. We are better than we’ve shown. If we keep our attitude right and keep working hard, we’ll work our way through this.”
Fairchild did not offer a lot of specifics after Wednesday’s practice about who’s messing up and what needs to be changed. His main points:
• He’s not worried about the accuracy of J.P. Losman, which was not pinpoint against the Steelers. “Sometimes that’s not him,” Fairchild said. “It’s spacing things out, timing things out. Really, I haven’t noticed it as being an issue.”
• Losman’s postgame suggestion that the offense needs more wideopen play-calling did not bother him at all.
“He’s a good kid,” Fairchild said. “We talk all the time. We obviously talk before and during [the game], and I always spend time with him after a game. He’s a good, solid team guy. I don’t see any issue there.”
• Using more spread formations is not necessarily the solution. Running the plays more effectively is. “Whether we’re in two back or four receivers, once we get up to the line we still have to execute it and do it,” Fairchild said. “We’re just not doing a very good job at this point.”
• Getting tight ends more involved is a good idea.
“We’re trying to,” he said. “We’ll get the tight end and backs involved. Again, the defense’s coverage sometimes will dictate where the ball goes.”
• Asked about using the middle of the field more effectively, he said with a smile: “We can use any portion of the field more than we have.”

  1. Close to moving the ball? Based on the 10 points on the offense has compiled in 2 weeks? The special teams just about out scoring the offense? The lack of first downs, creativity, and general competence?
  2. He's not concerned at all with Losman's accuracy? I guess he didn't see him skipping stones all over Hunt ketchup stadium Sunday.
  3. No issue with the QB calling out the coordinator? Kool-aid much?
  4. I agree spread formations won't necessarily help.
  5. I don't blame you, the tightends blow. Marshawn in his third game hopefully is more than ready to catch the ball out of the backfield.
  6. True you can use any part of the field more, but are you even trying? Can Losman and his lack of altitude have anything to do with this problem? Are there lanes, are there wide receivers? Ahhhhhh

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brad Riter Fired!

by Steve

I am shocked and kind of outraged at this point, the absolute worst sports radio station of all time(unless you're a Sabres fan) and monopolizer of sports talk radio in Buffalo WGR550 has fired Brad Riter.

This is the worst thing that crappy station has done since breaking up the spectacular combination of Brad Riter and Jeremy White on the 7-10 slot at night. Reportedly he was fired because, after being warned, he either showed up late or didn't show up at all for a morning edition of his show.

This means the end of Lamar the super computer, knee jerk reactions, and the only positive voice the Buffalo Bills had on the "sabres all the time" network.

I have yet to hear Riter's side of the story, but if he just plainly didn't show up its tough to argue with the firing, or maybe WGR is severely under estimating his popularity on the station. They couldn't have just suspended him?

I guess I can just add this to the myriad of reasons why I hate WGR550 and hope to god every day of my life that another sports station starts back up in the Buffalo market. Quite frankly it is embarrassing.


I emailed Jeremy White, Brad Riter's "friend" at WGR here was the exchange:
me :
"Whats the deal with Brad Riter? Did he want to get fired, is he definitely done with the station? He gonna stay in the area? This whole situation is very strange"

White : "
It stinks. I think he was ready to move on."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Belicheat suspension?

This is a rumor taken from Finheaven from a dude that is allegedly somewhat in the know and has a few contacts as he is an actual journalist.. :

"OK, little birdie told me that Goodell isn't happy with Belichick still going around saying he "didn't understand the rule" when it comes to the spy-gate incident.Which is a LIE and he is making the league office and commish look bad by continuing to lie about it. And Goodell told the Pats and Belichick last week, if you have anything else to confess do it now, don't let me find out anymore stuff on my own. Well, more stuff is coming out, and its bad.....VERY BAD and a suspension of Bill Belichick FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR might be on the way down within the next 2 weeks. Or If Goodell goes easy on him again, at the very least a 1 game regular season game suspension vs the NY Jets and a 1 game playoff suspension. All of this according to my source, take it for what its worth, but I trust this guy!

Here is how this story is growing........

1) The Jets are now claiming they have evidence of the Pats stealing AUDIO. And the evidence is rock solid no mistake about it, according to the Jets. Pretty daming stuff

2) Also, word is the Lions thing last year is picking up legs. I guess Martz and the Lions had a bunch of new wrinkles planned for the Pats on Dec 3rd last year. The Lions opened the game on fire moving the ball all over the Pats defense. Kitna ended the day throwing for 314. The Lions middle of the game get the ball near the goaline and on a 1st and goal..........WHACK, the Lions headsets magically go out. I guess Martz went nuts and totally lost it.

New England scores 15 in the 4th quarter to win 28-21

3) The NFL has learned that in a game last year when the Pats were playing a "no huddle team" (team name not disclosed but one would assume the Colts as they run a lot of no huddle) that Pats d-linemen were wearing mics/wires on their chest pads. When NFL REFS asked them about it in the middle of the game, the Pats players said it was for a TV show. The refs thought nothing of it. Well, no TV show put on those mics and the Pats can't produce any evidence of a TV show putting on mics for that game. And this isn't a case of a disgruntled team coming out against the Pats. It's NFL REFS who felt they were lied too and have no rooting interest in this any which way.

This story isn't over by any means..........this will be the biggest story of this NFL season when all is said and done. It has only just begun."

Like I said this is a rumor so take it for whats its worth but wouldn't that be just the most awesomeist if beli-cheat was suspended. The alleged dynasty ruined, the whole thing a complete joke. Then again this might not be a good thing for the NFL.

One more thing Gregg Easterbrook in his TMQ column on ESPN's page 2 wrote a very similar story today hmm.

Icebowl "sells out" in minutes

by Steve
After trying to get the best seat for the best value, it blew up in my face as I clicked return to event at 10:07 to get different tickets than the 4 I had lined up. By 10:09 there wasn't a pair to be had in the building. So I settled on a single ticket for now. This is weaksauce times 10. Gary Bettman and the NHL fucked this up royal and screwed over the Sabres fans in the process.

Allowing "ticket brokers" and cock smokes lookin to make a quick buck to buy 50 tickets together in 1 pop is ridiculous. The tickets will be going for double triple or more on stub hub and ebay and the NHL is left with only the original money. What is the point, what was the rationale behind allowing people to buy 50 seats together at one time?

Furthermore why were Blue Jays Penguins and Maple Leafs fans allowed secret codes to buy tickets?? The codes "sundin" "jays" and "crosby" reportedly worked for people from those areas to buy tickets. This is BS to enth degree, I'm about to kill someone.

Whats worse is there are rumros floating around that tickets were withheld for some reason. WTF?! I king of believe it because there seems nearly 0 chance that 74,000 -14,500 sabres season ticket holders left about 60,000 seats to sell out in 16 minutes when at 10:16 not even single seats were available?

What can't Gary Bettman screw up?

42,000 tickets were sold today. the Sabres and the NHL don't even know how many tickets season ticket holders can buy and they won't know until the 28th. holy shit the nhl is lost. no one cares about the fans

Monday, September 17, 2007

Out door game official

The game will be on Jan 1 at Ralph Wilson Stadium 1pm start. No seating will be available on the turf. 74,000+ will be a record. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 am.

The pricing chart for the outdoor game was also released by the Sabres. Some of the prices are as follows: Red Zone club seats are $225. Seats in the Jim Kelly Club section are $203. The top of the lower bowl is selling for $110. Seats in the upper deck are $39 at midfield and $29 in the corners. There are $10 obstructed view seats in the first rows of the stadium. Visit for more information.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

back from pittsburgh

by steve
  • Losman sucks
  • Schobel sucks
  • Kelsay Sucks
  • Jauron sucks
  • fairchild sucks
  • the wide receivers suck
  • the bills depth on defense sucks
  • the defensive ends suck
  • 3rd down defense sucks
  • the offense sucks
  • roethlesburger is over rated
  • the fans at hunt ketchup stadium are weak at best
  • the bills suck
  • being a buffalo sports fan sucks
  • only bright spots on this team are lynch posluszney and crowell

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gon' to Shitsburgh

The blog is heading to Pittsburgh with the whole staff. Look for us in the upper deck corner with lynch losman and whitner jerseys. We'll have burgers in the lot and someone will be chirpin on the bullhorn. We'll bring back some pictures, probably a disease just from breathing their silty shity air steel air. I'm getting sick just thinking about it.


Bills at Steelers

On November 29, 1992 Dennis Byrd of the New York Jets suffered a devastating injury to his spinal cord that left him possibly paralyzed for the rest of his life. The Jets lost that game 23-7 vs the Chiefs to drop to 3-9. How can a team come back from an injury like that to one of their teammates and prepare for the upcoming week. This is especially true when a team is 3-9. What are they playing for?

After this same week in 1992, the Bills were 9-3. They were in a first place battle with the Miami Dolphins. On December 6, they welcomed the New York Jets, a bad team that in no way could have prepared themselves to play the best team in the AFC on the road at Rich Stadium, one of the toughest places to play in the league at this time.

Final Score: Jets 24 Bills 17.

This bears a striking resemblance to the present day. The Bills, a bad team in the eyes of many non Buffalonians lost one of their teammates to a similar injury last week in a loss to an AFC West opponent. They are going on the road to the hostile environment of Heinz Field for their home opener to play a team whose lone goal is to make it back to the Super Bowl. On paper, the Steelers have the better team as did the Bills in 1992. As shown by the Jets however, what is on paper doesn't matter in a game like this.

The emotion should be on the Bills side as they will rally around Kevin Everett and play harder than we have ever seen them play. What would make Everett happier than Buffalo spoiling Pittsburgh's homecoming.

Prediction: Steelers 31 Bills 10

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Power Rankings

Haven't seen a single set of power rankings this entire week that has made any sense whatsoever. Chicago at 4 on espn? The Bears wouldn't even be the 4th best team in the AFC East.

The Patriots are cheaters and should be banned from competing in the NFL until 2058 but they won't and their roster is still stacked. But...The Colts are the champs and until they get knocked off, how can they not be the best in the league..Indy is on top until they lose.
note (rankings are a compilation of everyone on the Cooler's rankings)
  1. Colts: They just dominated the alleged NFC favorite, whatever that means. Manning, Harrison, Wayne, that just isn't fair.
  2. Patriots: I know they cheated. I know their QB is a homosexual and their coach is a D bag and their safety used HGH. Let's face it though, they are loaded and Belichick will probably find a new way to cheat like tapping into the head sets of their opponents so that the offensive signals are simultaneously radioed into the defensive coordinator.
  3. Chargers: They lost at home to NE in the playoffs and then hired Norv Turner...I don't get it.
  4. Bengals: I didn't like the hall of fame jacket celebration. I expect more from CJ. This offense is dangerous regardless.
  5. Steelers: I am going to be at Heinz Field this weekend and it could get ugly. Either the Bills are going to get annihilated or the Bills are going to win and I am going to get my ass kicked/possibly murdered after the game. Should be interesting.
  6. Cowboys: I still don't think I am ready to go to the NFC yet. I can't put the Broncos here because they should be 0-1 and I can't put the Ravens here because McGahee and McNair are awful. Dallas by default because they have my boy Wade running the show. Also, I don't think there is much of an argument that they look the best out of the NFC teams.
  7. Saints: They still have a high powered offense...vs NFC opponents. Indianapolis embarassed them but they still can be talked about as a favorite in the NFC. After all, they play Tampa and Atlanta 4 times.
  8. Ravens: They still have Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Chris McCalister regardless of how bad their offense is and will be this season. If their offense didn't turn the ball over 6 times they would have beaten the Bengals.
  9. Bears: Rex Grossman is atrocious. Cedric Benson isn't the answer. 2 Defensive starters out for season. Chicago 8-8 come year end, but still could win the NFC Norris.
  10. Seahawks: A healthy Alexander will allow this team to cruise through the NFC west. That division is bad as proven on Monday Night.
  11. Broncos: Their secondary is ridiculous and they are incredibly lucky that their week one opponent was outclassed at the head coach position. Shanahan vs. Jauron...mismatch. Shanahan vs most NFL coaches...mismatch.
  12. Eagles: I don't know if that week one loss was a fluke but McNabb was shaky. The receiver core is really bad. Is Reggie Brown a number one? I don't even know who they have after that. Brian Westbrook will probably lead that team in receptions, but is he good enough to carry them to a potential wild card berth.
  13. Titans: As much as I hate him and hate this franchise for the pain they have caused me over the years, let's face it, Vince Young is a freak. He can carry this team on his own. Chris Brown 175 yards against a stout Jaguars defense is impressive. He showed spurts a few years ago. Maybe he will be an adequate replacement for T Hanks.
  14. Panthers: Maybe this is the year they actually make a run. They have been such a popular Super Bowl pick in recent years and people have forgot about them. They got a nice road win in St. Louis and could challenge the Aints in the division. QB could still be a question mark.
  15. 49ers: In the Mediocrity that is the NFC anything is possible. This team added Clements and Patrick Willis to what should be an exciting opportunistic defense. They made the golden boy Matt Leinart look shaky in the opener. Their offense has to be better though. I still don't see anything in Alex Smith. He has had some decent games and hasn't shown anything special since his Utah days.
  16. Jaguars: They still have 2 monsters in the middle with Stroud and Henderson. Jones Drew and Taylor were MIA in their opener but we all know what they can do. The Jags will be tough to beat all season at home as usual, let's just wait and see what team shows up away from home.
  17. Rams: They have too much talent on offense to not push .500 in the NFC. If their defense can stop anyone they can compete in that division. Again, it is weak. They got off to a terrible start at home against Carolina. Fantasy owners are hoping Steven Jackson is the beast he was projected to be.
  18. Packers: Brett Favre's last harrah? Good start Sunday with a win over the alleged contender in Philadelphia.
  19. Cardinals: So many young and talented players on offense. New coach Ken Whisenhunt should help this team get back on their way to mediocrity and possibly win 7 games. They had no business losing week 1 against the 49ers...I guess they were just the less bad team in that game. KICK THE BALL OUT OF BOUNCE!
  20. Bills: Yeah I am a homer and I know I have written off the season already but I can't find another team that I can say is better than Buffalo with any confidence. Lynch looked good. Despite all the injuries and no names on D they held Denver to 15 points and should have won the game. The play calling has to be better. The Bills schedule will be a bigger nightmare than their injuries. Kevin Everett is the man.
  21. Giants: Nice defense. Actually, were they even playing defense in that game? 45 points allowed in one week...Romo 5 touchdowns...Eli injured...Can Jared Lorenzen fill the void? Coughlin the drill sergeant. No Tiki. Brandon Jacobs hurt. So many questions so few answers.
  22. Redskins: They are 1-0 and couldn't crack the top 20. Jason Campbell is just not an NFL quarterback yet, let's face it. Clinton Portis?
  23. Lions: I don't believe the hype. Kitna guaranteed 10 wins? He is an idiot and that is why he can not last with a team for more than 2 years. I give them 7 with an improved offense. I still don't know who their coach is or where he came from.
  24. Jets: This team sucked last year and they will suck this year. They finally play actual teams this year and if they win 6 games I will be shocked. Cheating or no cheating, the Jets got wiped at home on opening day, and that doesn't happen to decent NFL teams.
  25. Dolphins: Trent Green is old, Ronnie Brown is a bust, the defense is getting way too old. It is going to be a long season for Miami.
  26. Texans: This could be the most improved team in the NFL this year. A proven vet at RB in Ahman Green and a fresh start at QB in Matt Shaub. Only if they drafted Reggie Bush.
  27. Oakland Raiders: Their offense actually scored over 20 points and their defense goes ahead and allows 36 to the Lions. Put in Culpepper, no one wants to see Josh McCown. LaMont Jordan can really help this offense after last year when he was a complete non factor.
  28. Vikings: I can't get on board with a team whose QB is Tarvaris Jackson. A Pete is a monster and started things off with around 160 in total offense including a 60 plus yard touchdown reception. Before I get excited, they were playing Atlanta.
  29. Bucs: Is Gruden on the hot seat? They haven't done anything since the year after Dungy left the job. The Seahawks handled them easily, and that will be a theme for this team. What a one year wonder Cadillac Williams was.
  30. Chiefs: Larry Johnson way overused last year. Look for a major decrease in production. Brodie Croyle - not an NFL Qb. Damon Huard - not an NFL QB. What a fall since Vermeil left the Chiefs.
  31. Falcons: The only thing that makes me happy about being a Bills fan right now is that I am not a Falcons fan. What a disaster of an offseason. I am sure Bobby Petrino is glad he left Louisville for this job. 2 pick 6s for Harrington? That should give him some confidence.
  32. Browns: Put in Quinn. Seriously. What do they have to lose?

Buffalo Bills news

Bills 27th most valuable franchise in the NFL

Bills sign LB

"Taking Webster's roster spot was linebacker Leon Joe. Joe is a former fourth-round pick of the Chicago Bears in 2004. After not making the roster as a rookie he was claimed off waivers by Arizona where he appeared in five games. The Cardinals waived him the following summer and he was reclaimed by Chicago.
This summer however, Joe did not make Chicago's final roster. The Maryland product was waived by the Bears on Aug. 27, but was claimed by Tampa Bay two days later. However, Joe was released by the Buccaneers on Sept. 2 and eventually became a free agent."
He will wear number 69 and probably be a special teamer.
"DIGIORGIO TO START?: Bills backup MLB John DiGiorgio was lining up with the starting linebacking unit on the weak side in practice today. Mario Haggan filled the weak side role after Coy Wire was injured last week, but it appears there might be a change. DiGiorgio is one of the faster linebackers on the roster and that is an asset on the weak side. Stay close to for confirmation of this possible change in the lineup."

As I had suggested, it looks like the Bills will be putting their 3 "best" linebackers on the field Sunday. Instead of special teams player Haggan getting the reps at weak side, John "undrafted" DiGiorgio has been and will probably be taking over Sunday for Wire and Ellison. This only makes sense because saddely as it sounds, DiGiorgio is the Bills best option right now with little depth at the LB position and Haggan being STer. I figure Haggan/Stamer will still see some time but that it will mainly be Crow/Poz/DG out there Sunday.

Steelers lame ass douche place kicker Jeff Reed. uhhhh what?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Everett Update

In an incredible turn of events, it has been reported on ESPN that Kevin Everett has voluntary movement in his arms and legs. Based on the information provided by Dr. Cappucino of Millard Filmore Gates Circle Hospital, a Miami doctor said on Sportscenter with a high level of confidence that Kevin Everett, in time, will walk out of the hospital.

Bills links and info

  • Bills injuries Ko done for the year, Webster probably done for the year, Coy Wire out long term. Everett still fighting for his life.
  • Chris Brown, Bills beat writer :"I don't profess to know the status of all of these players, but here are some names of some players available right now at the positions of need for the Bills. Players on practice squads of other teams can be signed away. I tried to omit players coming off injuries.

    OLB - Tommy Polley, Orlando Huff, Brandon Short, Kolby Bockwoldt, Joe Odom (who was here last year and suffered a knee injury)

    CB - Jerametrius Butler, Dexter McCleon, Ray Mickens

    S - Kevin McCadam (who visited in the offseason), Lance Shulters, Lamont Thompson, Tony Parrish, Marcus Coleman, Omar Stoutmire

    TE - Matt Murphy (just released by Bills), Erron Kinney, Teyo Johnson, Christian Fauria

    I don't know how realistic any of these guys are to be signed, but thought some names of people out there would be of interest."
  • Bills 15th in Peter King's top 15 14. Buffalo (0-1). The Bills looked a whole lot more like the second-best team in the AFC East than the Jets did Sunday.
  • Vote for Marshawn
  • According to a report by the Boston Herald, the Bills suspected the Patriots were cheating in their 28-6 loss to New England last October, but did not have enough evidence to warrant a complaint. However, in light of these more recent discoveries, Buffalo has decided to review the film from both games last year.
  • Bills work out Omar Stoutmire Safety.
  • Send your own message to Kevin Everett.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Brutal loss for Bills

by Coast

As Steve mentioned in a previous blog, this only ranks in the top 5 losses in recent memory. 90 percent of teams in the NFL would characterize this as one of their 2 worst losses that they can remember. Let's just reflect. Why? I don't know, maybe thinking about how miserable being a Bills fan is makes me feel better. I don't know.

Turn of the century, January 2nd...Music City Miracle-needs no explanation.

Week 1 2002 Season...Chad Morton 2 touchdown returns including the opening kickoff of overtime.

Season Opener 2004 season...Leftwich completes 4th and 14, Fletcher kicks the ball, 70 plus yards later its first and goal, 20 seconds later, game over no time left

Bills at Pats, 05 season Holcomb 2 yard out on 4th and 7 2 score lead blown in the 4th

Season Opener 2006 season...4th and 1 McGahee forgets the down, Losman safety, Royal block in the back, 17-7 lead blown, season over.

Bills Titans, Xmas Eve 2006, Royal can't get the feel down, Coaching staff confused on last play/most important play of season

Yesterday, 3rd and 23, 2 fourth downs, field goal team sprints on field in 9 seconds, Royal holding, Bomb on 4th down, Everett paralyzed, season over

What about the 90s while we are at it?

Week 3 1998 Season...Tony Banks waltzs in as time expires, 34-33 Rams

Week 13 1998 Season...Infamous "just give it to him" play on the sideline for New England on 4th down, then pass interference on the Hail Mary (1st and only time this was called in NFL history) game winning touchdown on final play of game Bledsoe to Coates...25-21 Pats, Bills lose out on home playoff game

AFC Wildcard 1998, Flutie Fumbles on 10

AFC Wildcard 1996 season, Kelly Concussion, Kelly Career Over, Glory Years over, Last home playoff game in 11 years and counting

Need I continue? I could go into the Super Bowls. Any franchise that loses 4 Championships in a row is a failure. How many times has it happened in any league? 0. Why? No franchise has a history of losing like this team.

What about the 80s. The fact that a game in the 80s is still in my memory bank shows how bad it was. Ronnie Harmon, wide open in the end zone...drops ball, Bengals win the AFC championship.

Bills loss lingers

by Coast

Nearly 24 hours after kickoff and one nights sleep, and 4 hours of work later, the pain caused by this one has grown stronger by the minute. All that this organization does is cause suffering from it's fans and the fact that this team still has fans shows how good Bills fans are. Why anyone is still loyal to this franchise is mind boggling.

Opening day brought what it usually brings, and that is misery. A last second unbelievable field goal by Elam ended the Bills hopes at making the playoffs in the 2007 season. Yeah, it was only week one, but let's face it, the season is over. The Bills lost the game and half of their starting defense. Starting cornerback Jason Webster (Broken Forearm), Starting linebacker Coy Wire (sprained MCL), Starting free safety KO Simpson (Broken ankle). Wire is the only one of these three players who has a chance of seeing action before the streets of Buffalo are snow filled. The Bills are left with 5 healthy linebackers. Two of which include Mario Haggan and Josh Stamer...who are special teamers. At corner, the Bills are left with 4 healthy players. Ashton Youboty, Jabari Greer, and Kiwaukee Thomas have a combined 0 starts with Buffalo. It looks like Ashton will get a chance to contribute and maybe take the job that we all hoped would be his anyways. Our depth at safety is absolutely atrocious. Whitner, Leonhard, George Wilson.

The offense was bad. Losman had a bad game and for the day made us completely forget about the strides he made last year. 14-21 for 97 yards and 1 int remind me of weeks 2-4 in 2005. The Bills do not have a number 2 receiver on their team. WHO IS OUR NUMBER 2? WHY IS PEERLESS PRICE ON THIS FOOTBALL TEAM? EVERYONE NOTICES THAT HE SUCKS AND DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCEPT THIS COACHING STAFF. HE IS AWFUL. How many more times does this need to be brought up? Since last year this was a concern. Everyone on the radio says the same thing. The coaches don't see it though and I don't know how. I am beginning to re-question the knowledge of this staff. I hated them in the beginning of the season last year. I started to like them mid season. I hated them in the Titans game. I hate them now. This coaching staff is a disgrace. Why, why, why, why is Anthony Thomas getting carries in crunch time when Marshawn Lynch was ripping off nearly 5 ypc (19 for 90 and a td). Nothing good could possibly happen when Anthony Thomas gets the ball. He is slow, not powerful and just not good. In the fourth quarter it is 1st and 10 on around mid field. Run left Thomas -2 yards, run left Thomas 1 yard, Pass Thomas 8 yds, punt. What are you trying to accomplish by making these types of play calls? Can you honestly think that the A Train has a better chance of getting you tough yards and possibly a first down in that spot than Lynch. Why did we draft this guy 12th overall if we aren't going to give him the football when the game is on the line. After all, isn't this why we drafted him, to help us win games? We would have been equally well off drafting Tony Hunt in the 2nd round or just Wright in the 4th round if we were going to be giving the ball to Thomas when the game is on the line. I know Jauron drafted him, but Levy, cut the tie man, release this guy. Fred Jackson is a much better runner than Thomas. Maybe Lynch needed a breather but not for 3 plays. Jauron wanted Thomas out there and had more trust in Thomas and that is a serious problem...a serious serious problem.

People can blame the loss on JP. It wasn't Losman's fault. He didn't make the call to throw the ball 60 yards when 6 would have probably gotten you a win. It is just another on a laundry list of bad play calls in the game by the Bills coaches. I am so sick and tired of this coaching staff playing like tight asses. Every single close game that Buffalo has a 2nd half lead they take the try not to lose attitude and it is pathetic. Even on Lynch's touchdown, it was a great run by Marshawn but it was a 3rd and 11. WHen calling a play you can't possibly be thinking that running the ball on 3rd and 11 is going to get you a first down. We were playing for the field goal and got lucky. Again, giving the ball to Anthony Thomas 3 plays in a row in the 4th quarter up by 2 is asking to lose. Hey at least we gave Aaron Schobel a 50 million dollar extension. In the final quarter, on 3rd and 23 at least your 51 million dollar man will be in there to try and make a play. He at least will be on the field...right? Nope. He stood on the sideline as reserve end Eric Powell was in the game. Why are you going to give a guy 51 million dollars if you are not going to have him in there during crunch time?

I will conclude with my favorite player. You all know who this is if you have read this blog. Robert F*$%&#$*@# Royal. When will this guy stop losing us games. ON our final punt of the game we pin the Broncos inside the 20. Holding, Royal...10 yard penalty, re kick, first and 10 Broncos at the 34. WHY IS ROBERT ROYAL ON THIS FOOTBALL TEAM. HE COST US 2 GAMES LAST YEAR AND ALREADY COST US ONE THIS YEAR. THIS GUY HAS A LOWER iQ THAN A ROCK. HE IS AN IDIOT. GET HIM OFF THIS TEAM. SERIOUSLY, GET HIM OFF THIS TEAM.

Finally, to put the frosting on the cake, 25 year old tight end Kevin Everett broke 2 bones in his spine and is likely to never be able to walk again. The injury is believed to be life threatening. Let's hope that everything is ok.

After 4 quarters of football we have a broken spine, broken ankle, broken forearm, sprained MCL and a high ankle sprain.

3 Wins? at best

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bills lose a shocker

by Steve

Some how this game is only in the top 5 and not the worse opening day loss this decade. It is definitely top 5 worst games I've been too. It makes me wonder what is the point of being a Bills fan. Is it worth it? Will this torture ineptitude patheticness and constant losing ever end? The only end in sight is if the Bills leave Buffalo. I guess that wouldnt be a bad thing at this point

HOLY FUCK i might kill my self

Friday, September 7, 2007

Broncos At Bills

It is opening day. Finally, after 9 grueling months of waiting, this day is upon us. For the 6th time in the past 7 years the Bills will open the season at home and will host the Denver Broncos.

After listening to NFL preview after NFL preview, the national media a) hates the Bills (as usual...if your name isn't Chris Berman you are required by contract by the NFL to hate the Bills and say anything negative possible in a valiant attempt at trying to force the team to Move to LA, Mexico City, Toronto, London...or anywhere besides the "armpit" of New York) and b) is for some reason obsessed with Denver. I have actually heard predictions of Denver going to the Super Bowl. Denver to the Super Bowl? Did I miss something this off season? Doug Gotlieb predicted Denver to go 13-3 and I thought he was insane. I proceeded to listen to more of his preview show and he went on to pick Dallas to go 16-0. Then I realized he was not only insane but also on drugs so everything he said lost any credibility.

As for Denver. They added Dre Bly this offseason. Talk about a guy whose great football name has made his career. This guy is average but ever since Denver picked him up they have become a Super Bowl contender. He is 30 years old. He had 3 interceptions last season and 50 tackles in 16 games. In 8 games last year, Jason Webster had 2 ints and 49 tackles. Project those out for an entire season and Jason Webster's numbers would eclipse Dre's. My point...who is Dre Bly? Denver was better off with Darrent Williams. He was younger and better. I have never seen a more overrated acquisition in my life.

As for the rest of their Super Bowl caliber defense.
1. Simeon Rice is nearing 50.
2. Denver has a completely new D line than a year ago. John Engelberger is replacing Kenard Lang at LE. Amon Gordon and Sam adams are starting at DT instead of Gerard Warren and Michael Myers. I don't know which set of 4 guys is worse.
3. Nate Webster is replacing Al Wilson at linebacker...ehhhh

These are some drastic improvements.

Denver still does have Champ Bailey though. Although, it has been reported that Bailey will not exclusively be covering Lee Evans. Uh, why? Every time Bly is on Evans the Bills should be looking 6. Denver ranked 21st in the league against the pass with last year even with Bailey...but now with Bly look for them to be ranked 1st possibly of all time. Losman could put up some numbers this Sunday.

Denver ranked 12th in the league against the run last year. With the loss of Al Wilson look for that to drop. Can Marshawn Lynch get off to a fast start? That is to be determined but the Bills need him to in order to get off to a decent start.

Denver will be led by 2nd year quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler had 9 tds and 5 ints a year ago and threw for 200 yards per game in 5 starts. He won 2 games. He isn't John Elway. It is a proven fact that quarterbacks do not do well on opening day in Buffalo.

Brady in 2003
14-29-4 ints-123 yards
Leftwich in 2004
18-36-2 ints-147 yards
Carr in 2005

I don't expect anything different from Jay Cutler.

The Bills defense may have lose some names but that is all they lost. Takeo Spikes...43 solo tackles last year...there is a huge loss. Fletcher racked up a lot of tackles most of which 10 yards down field. Paul Poz is a Butkus Award winner. GIve me POZ over London any day and London is on the wrong end of 30. Clements is a loss, but that is it. Whitner and Simpson, one year older = one year better...unlike the guys we lost who one year older = one year older. Ellison is out but how much better is Ellison than Coy Wire. Coy Wire starting makes me sick to my stomach but I guess he is our best option.

On offense, Brad Butler is the man at right guard. I love this move. Brad Butler was on the same line as D Brick and in my opinion, Brad made D Brick. Preston is not a starter and Wittle is old and is only to provide good depth.

Keys to Victory
  1. McGee scores
  2. Henry needs to leave for the birth of his 10th child (or we can somehow hold him to less than 100 yards...I don't know which is more likely)
  3. Pressure Jay Cutler...he will make mistake after mistake
  4. Run the football. Our running game was MIA in the pre season.
It is opening day and the Bills are getting points at home. Are you serious? Lock of the millenium. Take the Bills money line. 23-9 Buffalo...Elam gets me 9 fantasy points in a losing effort.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

AFC preview and predictions

by Steve

OMFG the Patriots got Randy Moss, for only a 4th round pick, they signed the best free agent linebacker Adalius Thomas, he's ONLY 30! Give them the trophy now! In reality however, the NFL is about as predictable as the lottery. It seems like every team has at least some flaw, even if that only glaring flaw is too much of a sure thing. What will happen:


New England Patriots (11-5)
As much as I hate the Patriots and their coach/QB/fans/etc. They are better than anyone else in the AFC East and should win yet another division title. But, their linebackers are older than dust, Colvin is 30, Thomas is 30, Bruschi 34, Vrabel 32, but at least they have Seau 2nd on the depth chart at a young 38. Can Maroney shoulder the load and stay healthy?

Buffalo Bills (8-8)
I'm an optimist, so I feel the Bills will improve on their 2006 record of 7 wins, but aren't ready for the jump to the wild card. I like the defense without Spikes and Fletcher, they never achieved anything with the Bills and led them no where. The defense has consistently folded in big games or situations dating back to at least 2004 week 1 and certainly before. Time for Losman to silence the haters, Lynch at 12, is he the answer?

New York Jets (7-9)
Every year I seem to doubt the Jets, mostly because they are the Jets, but probably because of Chadwick Pennington. I don't understand how this guy wins games, gets his team to the post season, and actually performs admirably. Again, I feel the Jets won't be as good in 2007, Mangini is due for a sophomore slump. Rumors of the offensive line regressing, can Thomas Jones be a featured back, who are their wide receivers, how glad are they to see McGahee leave the division etc.

Miami Dolphins (5-11)
With a relatively easy first 6 weeks of the season, the Dolphins could surprise with their record early, but will almost definitely falter late. The quarterback is old as dirt, the defense is aging and will probably tire as the season progresses, and they have a new coach new system yet kept Mike Mularkey. That is a sure 2-3 extra loses with half back options at the goal line. Ted Ginn needs to prove he isn't a bust and that will be tough with Trent Green's noodle arm.


Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)
Everyone is reminded that ACL tears take 2 years to recover from, so look for Carson Palmer to get after it this season. The offense will be there, its the defense the Bengals should be worried about. Also a tough division could keep the North race alive threw December, but the youth of this team should out last the decrepit old age of the black birds.

Baltimore Ravens (10-6)
They lose the tie breaker because they have an overrated running back and a quarterback who may show his age sooner than people think this season. Some how the Ravens won 13 games last season, I doubt that occurs again. Their whole defense is scary, but Ray Ray the murder is getting old and they lost A Thomas, so they aren't a 100% lock more like 90%. McGahee is not a game changing back, he'll have a better '07 than '06, but he won't be making any run at the all time rushing record to be sure.

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)
They keep their streak of .500+ seasons alive but barely. Who really knows if Mike Tomlin is a good coach and the heir to Cowher's thrown. A new system and coaches could stunt Roethlisberger's growth. He will need to rebound from a strange 2006 which was filled with surgeries and injuries. I don't seem them as a very scary team, although it is tough to beat them in their own barn which should help them reach eight victories.

Cleveland Browns (6-10)
They have a lame duck coach, stuck between two eras, the Brady Quinn (Notre Dame curse?) Era and the BQ Era (Before Quinn). For Crennel to keep his job, the team needs to do what exactly, perform miracles? They dropped huge cash in a guard that hasn't played yet, and Jamal Lewis is their running back. Oh yea and Charlie Frye is under center, for now.


Indianapolis Colts (11-5)
They won the SuperBowl and still have Peyton Manning as their quarterback. The defense has lost some people so it should be interesting to see who fills in and takes over on the defensive side of the ball. Can Joseph Addai be a featured back with the absence of Dominic Rhodes? SB slump?

Tennessee Titans (8-8)
I am probably underrating this team because of my disdain for Vince Young. Then again maybe not. They lost Travis Henry, their wide receivers are mediocre, and the defense isn't especially stout. VY needs another year to work on becoming an actually quarterback, but that will take time with Bo Scaife as your go to threat on offense. Madden curse?

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8)
Another lame duck coach in Jack Del Rio, he needs to make the playoffs, and it doesn't appear to be in the stars this season. The next great quarterback and franchise savior only 2 years ago, Byron Leftwich is out, and I guess David Garrard is in. The guy is a pocket passer with equal to or less skill than Leftwich and isn't a top tier QB. The running game should still be strong, and the defense is upper half but slipping.

Houston Texans (5-11)
Is Matt Schaub real or a mirage? We'll find out if he really is that much better than say David Carr this season. He has only played in mop up duty in Atlanta, but at 6'5 237 he has the size, we'll see if its between the ears on a Texans team still looking for sun light. Ahman Green is the starting running back with Ron Dayne backing him up, ouch.


San Diego Chargers (12-4)
Shaun Merriman is a cheater, he took steroids. He has a stupid dance he does after tackles too. Kinda douchie isn't it? If Tomlinson stays healthy and Rivers doesn't regress (both possibilities) this team should be fine, at least for this season. Before anointing this team anything, he have to remember Norv Turner is their head coach. Then again, can he be any worse in big games than Marty Ball?

Denver Broncos (9-7)
This team could start off slow. Week 1 going into the Ralph will be a very good litmus test for the development of Jay Cutler. If he goes down like a sack of dirt, the defense isn't good enough this season to bail him out. The team was 7-5 last season and seemingly on their way to the playoffs before Cutler jumped in and ran the ship aground. Shanny is going to need to coach 'em up this season for them to make the playoffs and hopefully Champ Bailey isn't slowly losing a step.

Kansas City Chiefs (5-11)
Larry Johnson set the record for most carries in a season in 2006. In my eyes, thats not a good stat to have. In a day and age where injures seem more calm, players are making huge jack and complain they aren't making enough jack, and players are coddled and cautiously used, 2006 for the Chiefs was the opposite. They let him pound the rock every chance they could. It may haunt them this season, well that and the quarterback play of Huard and Croyle. Lets just hope Casey Printers doesn't seen any action.

Oakland Raiders (3-13)
Back to back #1 1st round picks seems unlikely but this team is just plain lost. The owner is more senile than Ralph Wilson, Jamarcus Russell is unsigned and the season starts in 3 days, and their coach has no experience. They could surprise, but it would probably be less surprising if they folded the team half way through the season.

Division Winners

Broncos ( I didn't wanna be a homer and pick the Bills)

AFC Championship game
Bengals v. Chargers

Bengals v. Eagles

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

NFC preview

by Steve

The NFC, as the NL in baseball, is the weaker conference in the National Football League. The AFC has won 6 of the last 7 Superbowls and just straight up owns the NFC. But I guess if you're favorite team is in the NFC you still have to care about the games. Here's what will happen:


Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)
If Donovan McNabb can stay healthy, which is like if the Bills could make the playoffs, the Eagles should handle this average but from top to bottom tough division. McNabb knows he only has 1 maybe 2 more good years to make a run, and Westbrook shows no signs of wearing down. If Andy Reid would buy a treadmill I would feel better about this pick.

Dallas Cowboys (8-8)
Between Tony Romo's "snapfu" last year, and Gomer Phillips at the helm I don't see the Cowboys being great. Then again maybe Romo forgot about the bad times and just remembers drilling Carrie Underwood, hopefully for Big D, he does.

New York/New Jersey Giants (8-8)
Eight wins might be a gift for Eli, who is in an important year in his development. True he has gotten to the playoffs twice, but what did he do when they got there? Coughlin is an ass-hole, and Barber is gone, why they allowed all of that to transpire is beyond me.

Washington Redskins (7-9)
It isn't tough to get seven wins in this Conference, plus its a tough place to visit for any opposing team in Fedex Field. Their coach is too old, their quarterback is too young, and the offensive line maybe not be as good as last year. Can Portis stay healthy? For my FFL purposes I hope so.


Chicago Bears (11-5)
Rex Grossman may be damaged goods, but the defense is still way too solid. Lovie Smith got out coached in the SuperBowl but with that QB play, its tough to win. They beat up on the rest of this division and maintain their hold on the North.

Green Bay Packers (7-9)
Anyone hoping Favre is rejuvenated and has something left in the tank, you're wrong. I have no idea if or when Brett will pack it in and call it a career, but the sooner the better for this franchise.

Minnesota Vikings (7-9)
The defense seems to be getting old, Tavares Jackson is their starting quarterback and I don't like Adrian Peterson. Then again don't count this team out for some reason, mainly because of the division and their dome.

Detroit Lions (6-10)
I don't care what their wide receivers say, what ESPN says, this team isn't going to turn things around until they actually turn things around. Who the hell is Rod Marinelli and why do they think Jon Kitna is the answer? Keep taking WRs in the first round. Two words "Fire Millen"


New Orleans Saints (11-5)
Unfortunately last season wasn't a fluke for this team. They got lucky getting Drew Brees instead of Culpepper, and that luck is paying off big time. I don't know how long that city can maintain a football team but enjoy it while you have it. The defense is weak at least compared to the offense and won't win more than 1 playoff game.

Carolina Panthers (8-8)
Again its not tough to get to .500 in this division either. I don't like their quarterback, but he isn't bad compared to some of the stiffs in this league, and shouldn't ruin the season. They have a solid coach, and could contend for a wild card spot, probably with only eight wins.

Atlanta Falcons (7-9)
This is my sleeper pick, true I only have them at 7 wins and thats mostly because of Harrington. There isn't another quarterback available? A trade? Anything? Bill Simmons "Ewing Theory" may hold here, losing the franchise player and doing better than expected. Wild card?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10)
Hold on, let me go look up who the hell their quarterback is... Yup, my biggest fear came to fruition. Someone else gave Jeff Garcia a starting job. Simms third on the depth chart? ouch. Carnell may have been a flash in the pan, and the defense peaked a few years ago. Get the resume together boy-genius Jon Gruden.


Seattle Seahawks (10-6)
In a tough division, well tough for the NFC, Seattle should get to 10 wins if last season doesn't repeat itself with all those injuries. Coaching and the climate should propel this team into the playoffs.

St Louis Rams (9-7)
No one gives props to Marc Bulger, I won't either, just because he is a good fantasy quarterback and puts up big numbers he is great? That doesn't win football games, necessarily. If Steven Jackson stays healthy, again at least for my FFL purposes, he will have a monster year and the offense should once again excel. Getting long in the tooth at wide receiver could be a concern, but mainly its the defense that could let them down.

San Francisco 49ers (8-8)
Time for Alex Smith to take the proverbial next step, and lead this team. No one can be completely sold on him, but with a good tight end, and a strong running game all they need is a go to wide out to step up. Not sure if they have that guy on their roster, but someone needs to catch the ball. Nate Clements isn't the savior their defense was missing either.

Arizona Leinarts er Cardinals (7-9)
He seems too perfect, from the facial hair to college career to his WR corps. Again until the Cards actually turn the corner, they aren't going to turn the corner. Ahh again, the defense could let them down, but man does Leinart have the weapons on offense to succeed.

Division Winners


NFC Championship game
Eagles v Bears
Eagles advance to Super Bowl

Monday, September 3, 2007

Buffalo Bills Notes and Clippings

  • Double talk to Craig Nall supposedly. Jauron gave him assurance of a position on the team, and then cut him. here Nall said. "I talked with coach (Dick) Jaroun about a week and a half ago about my situation. I asked him if he was going to let me go or trade me, and he said, 'No that wouldn't be a smart business decision.' Evidently, he changed his mind a week-and-a-half later.

  • Patriots D hurting, Harrison nabbed for cheating with HGH, and now Richard Seymour is out the first six weeks haha

  • Bills practice squad includes, Corto, Schouman, Justin Jenkins,Scott Mayle, offensive linemen Christian Gaddis and Nevin McCaskill and defensive lineman Corey Mace.

  • From Paul Posluszny was named starting MLB, Ellison is out indefinitely and Coy Wire is starting Sunday. Also Brad Butler will start at right guard.

  • "Belichick takes aim at safety Kerry Rhodes, ripping one of the Jets' best players in the current issue of Sports Illustrated. In a story that ranks the top 500 players in the NFL, Belichick offers his take on the rankings of Rhodes (29th) and Bills tackle Jason Peters (39th).

    "Neither of those guys could make my team," Belichick told the magazine." Fuck Bumichick

  • Bill Simmons rips Losman and sucks McGahee's pole. Some love for Evans and Lynch at least.

  • Bills at 21 on ESPN's power rankings. Behind the Dolphins..