Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Lot NOT to be Thankful for

by Steve

Everyone is doing columns and shit about what to be thankful for this holiday season. I'm not the most creative person so I'll follow suit and do the same thing. Sarcastically. Here is what I am thankful for.

  • We have Dick Jauron and his 1 win against teams with winning records for the next three years and five games.
  • A Sabres team still run by the same inept manager and managing partner when the team lost all of their stars and were bullied around by Edmonton of all teams. Oh yea and a coach who has brought his team to the playoffs twice in the last 7 years.
  • A left tackle who held out for all of training camp and part of the regular season who has seemingly lost his skill set and continuously takes bad penalties.
  • Linebackers who would be in a battle to make the UB football team.( Ellison is now hurt too)
  • No baseball team.
  • No legit college basketball teams, unless you count Syracuse 130 miles away.
  • No football GM with any knowledge of football.
  • Only seven home games this year allowing the rich ass holes from the North to pay/steal a game from us while not even selling it out. Plus you can't tailgate.
  • A Miami team that has rebounded with no real reason or explanation as to why.
  • A Patriots team that continues to win without the best player(maybe?) in the NFL.
  • Brett Favre
  • New hockey jerseys every 3 years just to make a quick buck.
  • Max Afinogenov.
  • Tim Connolly
  • Jason Peters
  • Teppo Numminen
  • Craig Rivet
  • Melvin Fowler
  • Aforementioned Keith Ellison
  • No Crowell
  • No Gerbe
  • No Darian Barnes
Alright I'm starting to reach. Have a happy December everyone cause it is only 2 days away!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bills resurgence?

by Steve

Evidently the FIRE JAURON shirt will not be needed, this Sunday, at least. I still hate the dude, but winning, and winning big a.) kept our slim playoff chances alive b.) brought some much needed confidence back to the squad and c.) gave us a conference win.

S.F. coming out east after getting their asses kicked could get blown out again at the Ralph, but I'm not predicting anything just yet. The team showed up Sunday and did what they needed to do. It isn't worth a ZJ but I'll give them their due today.

They looked good. Trent had three good quarters, Lynch is Lynch, Evans got his 100 yards, and Josh Reed solidified himself on this team perhaps for the rest of his career. ( Didn't everyone criticize Marvelous BIG TIME when he extended him?) Shit even tight ends contributed. Furthermore our center, the weakest position on the o-line played adequately. Wait, wait did Peters have multiple penalties again? But I digress...

Holy Moley welcome to the NFL Leodis McKelvin. In six days this dude has not only turned heads but made believers out of many a doubter in Buffalo. I originally liked the pick, then he didn't contribute and I hated it. I remember using the term 'bust' in October. We can throw that word out the window for at least the rest of this season. Dude showed ball hawking skills, playmaking skills, nun chuck skills, just a lot of skills. And I loved every minute of it. It will be tough to put Greer back on the field thats all I know. And his recent play makes the decision on Greer's contract even easier(or harder).

Then again there were major holes in the overall performance. George Wilson for instance. Dude can make a play, seems to always be around the ball, then you see him get carved up and running 20 yards behind a WR somewhere around the goal line on the next play. I don't get it. And where did Reggie Corner learn to catch a ball err not catch a ball? Do we have linebackers on this team? How about defensive ends? I have never seen a team consistently run 10-15 yards past a QB and whiff on so many sacks in my life. Mind boggling.

I still don't see this squad playing in January but anything is possible. Without tie breakers we're going to need 11 wins to get in. Anyone have a break down of the Colts and Ravens tie breakers? It is probably too early but I know the colts have an easy friggen schedule and Manning has got his groove back.

Still waiting for the Roscoe Parrish end around

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bills Roll


The Bills laid it to Kansas City today 54-31. The Bills did what team with playoff aspirations should do to a bottom dweller...rout them. It was a nice win, a lot of good things happened...but the fact is, they beat a 1-9 team with a quarterback named Tyler Thigpen running the "shotgun eye formation."

I did see some good things today though. Let's start with the rookie cornerback who I thought was awful the first half of the season. Leodis McKelvin is beginning to show why he was the number one corner taken in the draft. The dude is a game changer. The pick 6 was a great play...he jumped the rout and took it to the house. The Bills were actually losing when this happened and this play essentially changed the game. He followed that up with another pick and then a great kick return to begin the 2nd half to put the nail in the coffin. He has played 2 straight good games and should only get better. Is Greer's job in danger? Probably not, he will play when he gets healthy, but McKelvin is making me feel a lot better right now about our corner depth.

Trent Edwards had the worst game in the history of his position on Monday night. He did take some strides fact, he looked really good after the first quarter and made some big plays. He started the game off shaky...missing Royal on that 3rd and goal just can't happen, he was wide open. Edwards was inaccurate to start but as the game went on, he began making good and quick decisions with the ball. His running is what allowed him to have a great game though.
The touchdown run at the end of the half was a huge, slightly stupid, play. If he got tackled in bounds, the clock would have run out and the Bills would have got nothing. He also was able to get Evans the ball and on a deep ball too. That bomb to Evans was a dart...I didn't think I would ever see the likes of it again. I think we might have gotten our quarterback back, but I will not know for sure until I see him string a few good games together.

I am definitely not satisfied with the play of the defense. McKelvin made some plays, but other than him...they are just average. They allowed 31 points to the Chiefs and Tyler Thigpen. If the Bills didn't run away with this game, Larry Johnson might have run for 200 yards. He was ripping off big run after big run in the first half. People were wide open down field on way too regular a basis. Someone had to have blown an assignment on the Charles touchdown. Gonzalez had a 35 yard catch down the sideline when no one wanted to cover him. They allowed 462 total yards of offense to KC. The Chiefs averaged 12.2 yards per carry. If you are going to allow that many yard and a lot of points though, you better take the ball away, and the Bills did that 5 times. They also had 3 sacks, which is a miracle for this defense. Despite giving up tons of yards, the Bills did a good job getting off the field on 3rd downs...the Chiefs were 1-8.

The Bills remain in the hunt for another week and will keep things semi interesting into December I would predict. They have back to back home games...against the 49ers and Dolphins (in Toronto). The Bills should be able to beat San Francisco...then I will predict a win in a rematch vs Miami. That puts the Bills at 8-5 with 3 to NYJ, at Denver, vs. New England. They would need to win 2 of those 3 to even have a chance. Can this team go on the road and beat a team that will without a doubt be playing a game with playoff implications? Then, can the Bills win at home and end this miserable 1-14 drought against the Patriots since 2000. Then the Bills will need help since they trail New England, Baltimore, Miami and Indianaplis in the standings. It is an uphill battle to say the least but for one week the Bills keep their slim playoff hopes alive and after the past month, what more can you ask for?

Friday, November 21, 2008


by Steve

Wow, holy shit. I'll eat crow. I'll eat more crow than anyone has eatin crow in the history of their life. This was one of the greatest football games in Buffalo sports history. Down 27-7 in the 4th quarter UB won the football game. On the road. For the Mac East championship! Unbelievable

There aren't enough words to describe this team. They don't quit. Tenacious, beastly, ballerish. Turner Gill is a legend in Buffalo for ever. Drew Willy beast. Erhnest Jackson beast. Naaman Roosevelt legend. JAMES STARKS BEAST OF ALL BEASTSSSS.

If you didn't watch this game I feel bad for you. This was an all time great day in the history of the University at Buffalo and a great day for Buffalo sports.


We're goin bowlinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bills podcast 11/20/08

Steve and Coast wrap up the worst loss in the Jauron era. Also KC, Thigpen, Marshawn and Trent's woes are discussed.

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Sabres drops another

by Andy

Ryan Miller sucks. Over the last 3 games he's allowed goal totals of 6, 5 and 7. Yea he had a nice 2 game stretch of shutouts, but that's the most he's had in his career. He's 17th in GAA and 21st in Save Percentage. We all should have come to grips by now that the butterfly style just doesn't work for him. Guys are scoring on simple slap shot dump ins because he's flopping down to the ice as soon as the opponents break out of their own zone. He consistently let's in softies and rarely "steals" a game. All we get from him is letting in the easy ones and stopping the hard ones. Only problem is the easy ones out weigh the hard ones. Why do the people of Buffalo love this dude year after year? Because of his Steadfast Program? Yea it's a good cause, but it has nothing to do with his performance on the ice. Maybe it's time to explore Adam Dennis. All he's doing is leading the Portland Pirates to First Place in the AHL. Let's give this guy a shot.

Also it's time for Darcy to just man up and accept the fact that Tin Can is a bust and deal/cut him. Dude gets a new injury every game. Leg, Back, Groin, Stomach, Head. What is his problem? Didn't he play full contact hockey his whole life? Here's a great article from the Buffalo News written by Mike Harrington on how much money he's stolen from the Sabres over his career. Despite injuries, Connolly still a difference maker by Sabres

Also let's get Ellis back up here for Kaleta. Yea Kaleta draws a few penalties every once and a while but lets get serious. Kid is supposed to be an enforcer with a shield on? At least Ellis has some offensive skills and can kill penalties with his extremely long stick, Mike Grier style.

Only bright spot on the team is Vanek. I've been in love with him since I saw him at the Frozen Four in Buffalo, when he was not back checking and just hanging out at the blue line waiting for a zone break. Guy is leading the league in goals and has been playing the best defense he's ever played. That defense has led him to get more ice time and even penalty kill time. 2 shorty's, gotta love it.

Other than that, let's get the young studs up here ASAP. Gerbe and local product Kennedy are producing in the bunches up dare in Maine. Get them on a bus or 2-pro plane heading south west soon. Trade Max at the deadline even if Ruff likes him. Max must make a decent pie, only reason I could see Ruff liking him. Glad to see #12 isn't doing much these days, keeps him and his SoHo hat off the TV.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 game seasons

by Steve

Gotta love those 10 game seasons. But uh fuck coste he is a biggity bitch, resigning as a fan. True we all thought that after the game but not seriously. At least real fans didn't believe that. C'mon we all hate 10 game seasons, ie the season is over half way through November like it seemingly is every year but we'll still keep showing up year after year.

Jauron will be back too. That is really the only problem I have at this point. I wrote or at least thought a few weeks ago that Trent was done for the year. His confidence gone and his ability to win games over for 2008. Unfortunately that seems to be true. In no way am I giving up on his career in Buffalo but I have most certainly given up on Rich Jauron.

I think we have all been done with Jauron. Whether it was after any Patriots game throughout his tenure, any prime time game, any November game, any December game, any big game, most division games. Not sure how many, but how many opportunities does this guy get?

Don't blame Wilson all that much either folks. He is as embarrassed and pissed off as anyone about the extension given to him after the SD game. Egg is on his face. Anyone that says he doesn't want to win is a fuckin retard. True his ego gets in the way of winning and he is old as hell and prob. 80% senile, but he still wants to win. He just doesn't know how to, apparently. Lets just hope he can eat the $8-10 mill he gave him and hire anyone else.

So fuck Jauron, it was a fun 6/7 weeks while it lasted. Lets win out and give hope for next year, reload the defense, add a tight end and be ready for spring training. God damn these ten week seasons.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Coast Signing Off

Wide Right Part II

I am taking this opportunity to formally announce my resignation as a Bills fan. I hate that it had to come to this, but at a certain point tonight I realized I couldn't take anymore. My cousin, a long time die hard Browns fan, completely cut himself off about 5 years ago because he couldn't take it anymore and said it wasn't worth it. I thought he was crazy but now I understand. I can't stand the constant losing. I can't stand the constant pain that results on nearly a weekly basis. I hate knowing that going into every season, all that is going to result is the Bills getting eliminated from realistic playoff contention before they were even late season realistic contenders. After all, it's happened now NINE straight years.

The season is over. I actually found myself at one point during tonights game hoping the Bills would get throttled with the sad and pathetic ray of hope of the coach getting fired. I think that came over me when the Bills actually wasted a time out on defense in the 3rd quarter when the Browns had 3rd and 10. I mean, I can see how that can be a confusing play for the defense...third and 10...obvious passing situation, must be tough to get the correct personnel on the field. Or maybe that feeling came over me when the Bills were losing 16-10 and had 4th and 1 from the 11 and kicked a field goal. They were at the 11 yard line...down by 6...4th and 1...your running back averaged over 5 yards per carry on the evening...makes sense to kick it there. OR maybe it came over me when Jauron was perfectly satisfied with a 45 plus yard field goal into the wind. Who wouldn't be? Cleveland's kicker just pured a 56 yarder...our kicker has to be able to make a 47 yarder into the wind. Nah, we don't need to get closer and try and get a first down. If we just run it three times and kick it here we A) leave ourselves a longer kick and B) leave the Browns with time left to try and get themselves in field goal range. This makes perfect sense. Or maybe it was on our first play of the game when we lined up in the shot gun against one of the worst run defenses in the league. I said to my dad "Nothing good can come from this." Edwards threw INT number 1 of 3 as he validated so many teams passing on him in last years draft. I could go on and on about the coach...everyone knows my feelings.

The quarterback has degressed faster than anyone I have ever seen. How bad was he tonight? On the post game show, it was being said that he had wide receivers wide open and didn't even look. He was shell shocked. He was scared. He was nervous. Marshawn Lynch had 10 catches since all Trent would do is check it down. This same Browns passing defense allowed over 400 yards passing to Cutler. Edwards threw for less than 200 easily. Lee Evans didn't touch the football. Not once. Zero times. Your best and highest paid skill position player touched the football zero times. ZERO TIMEs. Let me say this one more time...LEE EVANS TOUCHED THE FOOTBALL ZERO TIMES. HE IS MAKING 9.25 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR and HE TOUCHED THE BALL ZERO TIMES. RUN A GOD DAMN REVERSE. RUN A WIDE RECEIVER SCREEN. DO SOMETHING TO GET HIM THE BALL. Trent Edwards looked embarrassingly bad. You can make the case that for the 2nd time in 3 weeks he single handedly lost us a football game. Single handedly. Say what you will about Losman, but this game today was so much worse than I have ever in my life seen JP play. If Jauron put JP in, then I would have loved it today. That is how bad he was. He was just awful. Who is to blame for your quarterback getting worse and worse every single week? Well you can blame him for lack of mental toughness. I blame the coach.

The defense sucks. They allowed a 70 plus yard touchdown run to a dude I never heard of. Brady Quinn had zero turnovers. They missed two interception that they should have made. Reggie Corner whiffed on a sack on the Browns last drive worse than I have ever seen anyone whiff on a sack. Enough said about them...they suck.

I realize the Bills represent everything that is pathetic about a franchise. They have a senile owner. They have people running the show that don't know anything about football (Russ Brandon and John Guy). They have a head coach that is lost on gameday to say the least. They have no toughness. They haven't had a big hit since Takeo Spikes laid out a Jaguar receiver at the beginning of their game winning touchdown drive in the '04 opener. We are young and getting worse not better. The worst part about it is, nothing is going to change in the near future. We are still going to ignore the need for a pass rushing defensive end. We are going to ignore the need for a competant tight end. We are going to keep our pussy head coach. Our owner is not going to sell the team to an owner who cares about winning. We aren't going to bring in a guy whose reputation alone can help turn the franchise around (Bill Cowher). Wherever Bill Cowher goes, that team will be a contender every year, because Bill Cowher teams always have winning records.

People make think I am full of shit, but in my current state of mind right now I really want to never watch another Bills game again. I want to cut myself off from being a Bills fan 100 percent. My life would be happier and less stressful. I wouldn't lose much except tailgating but I guess I can still do that and not go to the game and not care. I would save money. I would save time. I would save years off my life. I would save having to waste days off from work. I would save so many things and enjoy life so much more. I have been pissed for a month straight except for the 3 hours on Sunday during the Bills game when I am hoping that they can somehow win and turn their season around and then once they lose I am just more pissed again. It's a never ending cycle. I hate Dick Jauron. He has ruined my life.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bills in Prime Time

By Coast

Since the Bills beat the defending AFC Champion Tennessee Titans on Sunday Night Football in the year 2000, the Bills have been miserable at night to say the least. Here are the Bills prime time games since then:

12/11/2000 MNF @ Indianapolis: L 20-44.
10/18/2001 Thursday night football @ Jacksonville: W 13-10
12/2/2001 SNF @ San Francisco: L 0-35
9/21/2003 SNF @ Miami: L 7-17
10/26/2003 SNF @KC: L 5-38
11/14/2004 SNF @NE: L 6-29
10/30/2005 SNF @NE: L 16-21
12/15/2005 SNF vs. Denver: L 17-28
10/8/2007 MNF vs. Dallas: L 24-25
11/18/2007 SNF vs. NE: L 10-56

The Bills are 1-9 in their last 10. Combined, they have been outscored 303-115. This has to give you hope for tomorrow night.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Browns @ Bills MNF podcast

Steve and Coast have zero confidence but break down all the important aspects of this monumental game

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Jets @ Pats

by Steve

Alright just because I think the season is over doesn't mean everyone else does. So tonight is a big game for Bills fans. True it is on NFL Network and most won't be able to watch but uh go to Apple Bee's or something, they have it.

If you still think we can win the division you want the Jets to win. It gives the Patriots another loss in the division and would split their season series to 1-1. The Patriots are our main roadblock towards the division. We never want them to win ever, unless they have clinched the division already.

If you are a semi realist and realize the Bills have zero chance at taking the AFC East then you want the Patriots to win. The Jets are one of 3 or 4 teams, Ravens, Colts, Dolphins, that are in the hunt for the wild card legitimately. Pats take down Fever and Mangini at home and the Jets have another loss, another conference and another division loss. Pretty simple.

In related news Whitner said he is going to play Monday night but we'll see.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lotta questions no answers

by Steve

God damn that was a bad weekend. It started out harmless enough. Me and a few people wanted to go to Boston to drink, watch the Sabres, watch the Bills, and torch Shaving Cream stadium after we break our 0-9 streak.

The plan started out great. We got to Boston already with Cheatriots tickets and a cheap hotel room. We got in front of TDLAME Bank Northeast Boston Gardens of North Boston North around 6. Plenty of time to cop cheap duckets right? Then it started to rain.

Walked around for an hour amongst many a Sabres fan trying desperately to get into the game to watch the mediocre Bruins lose to the first place Sabres. Well, only two of us got in, me and another dude. The only reason for that was we got lucky cause some chick had no idea what she was doing around 7:01 pm 4 minutes before puck drop.

Cut to the chase. Sabres lost and had to share first place. I got owned by Bruins fans. Paid $50 to park at Shaving Cream stadium and owned Pats fans. Used their grill, were the only people with a funnel. Got free steak. Wore my fuck the pats shirt. Oh yea we lost any share of first place and I had to drive home from Albany that night and work the next day an hour earlier than normal.

It sucked. And I have a lot of questions for this piece of shit football team. However, Sullivan beat me to the chase so read this instead:

Some days, it seems, all you’re left with are questions: Was it any surprise that in the moment of truth, Dick Jauron couldn’t get the challenge flag out in time?

When are the Bills going to draft and develop a true stud lineman in the first round of the draft?

After the last three games, do you wonder if Trent Edwards is suffering aftereffects from the concussion?

Are you starting to have a few reservations about that great 2006 draft?

How come the Steelers, no matter the players or the head coach, are always a tougher team than the Bills?

Are you telling me Angelo Crowell couldn’t help this thin linebacking corps right about now?

Didn’t Jauron sound a little tongue-tied when he was asked why he wasted the timeout at the end of the first half?

Hasn’t Kyle Williams seemed a tad average the last few weeks?

Aren’t you tired of hearing Jauron repeat himself in news conferences, repeat himself in news conferences?

Are you losing a little enthusiasm for the big rematch against the Dolphins up in Toronto on Pearl Harbor Day?

Do you notice a certain lack of passion and competitive fire in them lately? When was the last really big hit?

Don’t you wish it was the Bills who realized Wes Welker could be a dynamite No. 2 wide receiver?

Why do you use the 12th overall pick on a running back if you’re going to give him 15-16 carries a game?

Can the Bills afford to keep Jabari Greer in town when he becomes a free agent after the season?

Don’t you appreciate Aaron Schobel a little more when he’s not on the field?

What does it say when Robert Royal becomes one of the go-to guys in your passing offense?

Did Tim Connolly get hurt again yet? Oops, sorry, wrong sport.

What, you’re telling me Reggie Corner is ahead of Leodis McKelvin on the depth chart at cornerback?

Which game films did the scouts watch that convinced them Derrick Dockery was worth $49 million?

Will Bill Belichick stick around long enough to break Don Shula’s record of 20 straight wins over the Bills?

Does it appear that opposing teams have caught on to the fact that the linebackers are a bit slow in coverage?

Did you turn off the TV during the Pats’ 19-play drive? Were you tempted to put your foot through the set?

Did anyone else have chilling flashbacks to the Bledsoe era Sunday?

What’s the over-under on the number of games it takes Marshawn Lynch to rush for 100 yards again?

The way things are going, will the Chiefs actually be favored when the Bills show up in K. C. in two weeks?

Are the Bills maybe waiting for Jauron to win another game before announcing that contract extension?

If the Bills did promise to talk contract with Jason Peters during the season, what do they say now?

Do you think J. P. Losman was laughing inside, just a little bit, after Edwards’ performance in Foxborough?

What do you suppose Donte Whitner feels worse about right now, the shoulder or the guarantee?

Is Lee Evans ever going to have a 100-yard receiving day against the Pats? Did you know he hasn’t had more than 40 yards against them in a game since 2005?

Can you believe Roscoe Parrish has had 60 yards receiving in a game just once in his career?

How did the Bills manage to make Matt Cassel look like Doug Flutie on those scrambles up the middle Sunday?

How good is Paul Posluszny, really?

When will I learn not to overreact when the Bills get off to a hot start?

Embarrassed Yet Again


Did anyone actually think we would go into Gillette Stadium and win? I sure didn't. I am sure many people tried to tell themselves we could pull it off but deep down really knew we had no chance. After all, The Bills haven't won there since the year 2000. Even worse, every time we face the Patriots it is the worst coaching mismatch in the history of professional sports.

Dick Jauron is the worst coach in the league and in my opinion, in the world. Every single game he seems to make numerous ridiculous coaching decisions. His team is 5-4 right now, the same record they had a year ago. This team was supposed to be much improved. They were supposed to have an easier schedule. All they are is the same...or worse. Everything he has done though has landed him a well deserved three year contract extension. Great decision. Let's give a guy a three year extension before he has done anything. After he signed the extension, all the Bills have done is go 0-3 in the division and watched their quarterback have three consecutive games that even JP Losman wouldn't string together.

On Sunday in the first half alone, Jauron made two critical mistakes. Dick Jauron for some reason cannot figure out how to execute a challenge. On the Patriots first incredibly easy touchdown drive, Welker caught a 20 plus yard pass from Cassel. His foot was clearly out of bounds. Jauron fails to get the challenge flag out in time. Jauron has no problem getting the challenge flag out when no one in their right mind would want to challenge, but on a play where we would actually win the challenge, he is too slow to act.

At the end of the first half, the Bills were lining up to punt with all three timeouts and a minute to play. Instead of punting with all three timeouts in hand, the wasted a timeout before the punt. Mooreman pinned the Patriots at their three yard line with about 50 seconds left. Then, Jauron called timeouts after two running plays on back to back downs leaving 42 seconds left and the Bills without a timeout. Is he this dumb? If he didn't waste that first timeout to set up the punt, the Bills would have gotten the ball back around mid field with over 30 seconds left and could have gotten a possible field goal. They also have a punt returner who is very dangerous...who knows, maybe he brings it back for a touchdown.

In the 4th quarter, the Bills trailed 13-3. They had the ball in Patriot territory at the 42 yard line with about 11 minutes to go. It was 4th down and 10, maybe 11. Jauron punted. You never punt on the opposing teams side of the field down by double digits in the 4th quarter of a game EVER. Was he trying to keep the score respectable but not really trying to win? He must have been. By punting in that spot, you are conceding the game. What made Jauron think we were going to stop New England anyways? After all, they just marched up and down the field all day. When we did stop them it was after they got 3 or 4 first downs. I don't recall right now a single three and out in the entire football game.

Sunday was also the worst offensive play calling I have EVER seen. Turk Schonert can join Dick Jauron in unemployment as far as I am concerned. This play calling was pathetic. On our first possession, Lynch gets a 7 yard carry on first down. On 2nd and 3-we are in the shot gun. Edwards gets sacked. In the 2nd quarter on 3rd and 1, we are in the shotgun with an empty backfield. On our last drive (before we punted), Lynch had three consecutive runs for 7 or more yards. On 2nd and 3 from about the 35 yard line, we line up in the shot gun. Edwards gets sacked. Where is the play action pass? Where is the deception? What are you trying to prove by lining up in an empty backfield on 3rd and 1? Has Turk Schonert ever heard of a screen pass or a draw play or a wide receiver screen? Wes Welker had 10 catches for 107 yards. I would say at least half of these catches came on WR screen. The Bills threw zero WR screens to Roscoe Parrish. A WR screen to Parrish would probably be good for 4 yards at worse. Where is the reverse to Parrish? Can we get the ball into the hands of our play makers? Last night Arizona was running the ball with Boldin, shovel passes to Boldin, screens to Boldin. That is how you get your best players the ball. You don't need to drop back in the shot gun to get your play maker wide receivers the ball. Finally, on a lot of plays the Patriots were rushing 2 men. They were putting 9 in coverage. Where is the DRAW? With two down lineman, a draw play is almost a guaranteed 5 plus yards. I would have called or checked into a draw on almost all of these situations.

The defense is completely inept. A 19 play drive in the 4th quarter is laughable. Do we miss Aaron Schobel this much? We must. Welker was running 20 yards down field without anyone in sight. Ben Jarvis Green Ellis ran for over 100 yards. Matt Cassel made people forget who Tom Brady is for one day. Moss had the worst 54 yard game of his career. NO pass rush whatsoever. Where is Kawicka Mitchell? Where is Paul Posluczny? Where is Chris Kelsay? YOU ARE MAKING 25 MILLION DOLLARS KELSAY. DO SOMETHING. TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. YOU HAVE ONE SACK. ONE.

The offense has been atrocious as well. Trent Edwards has 5 picks and 2 fumbles in three divisional games. As soon as he exploded onto the national media scene after the 5-1 start, he has been probably one of the 5 worst quarterbacks in the NFL. He didn't do himself any favors on Sunday admitting he was confused by the Patriots defense. You would think after your 7th attempt (Jauron) going against Belichick, you would maybe learn something, at lease one thing. Yet you are completely overmatched. Belichick looks at you as a complete joke. He laughs all week to himself knowing he is facing a dick Jauron coached team. The offense had fewer than 200 yards of offense on the day...168 to be exact. The Bills ran for 60 yards. That makes 90 rushing yards IN TWO GAMES COMBINED. James Hardy, where you at? Yeah you caught a touchdown, but you had one catch for 7 yards up until that point. Lee Evans was no where to be found. The Patriots completely took away Evans. I like how the Patriots can take away our best player without breaking a sweat. Everyone in the world knows that Cassel is going to look for Welker all day on the short passing attack, but we played like we had never seen it before.

As for the Patriots fans, Steve was sporting his "Fuck the Patriots" shirt and people were still trying to just make friends with us. At first I thought the fans were just weak. But in thinking about it now I realize the fans just think we are a joke. We barely are a blip on their radar. They almost feel bad for us. After all, they are 14-1 in their last 15 games verse the Bills. This is probably the case when we went to Pittsburgh last year. We have been bad for so long that opposing teams fans just feel bad for us and just laugh at how much of a joke our franchise is. Cleveland fans were hostile. Why? Because they are the same as us. An embarrassing franchise with a long history of losing.

A month ago I was anointing Trent Edwards as an MVP candidate. How I am wondering if he is even the quarterback of the future. I still think he will be future star in this league but right now he has to have zero confidence. The Bills have four winnable games in a row coming up. They need to win all 4 of them. They will probably win 2 of the 4, and enter the final 3 games of the year at 7-6 leaving us hanging by a thread with no realistic shot at making the playoffs. The Bills are in for another non winning season if I had to guess right now...8-8. Yet our coach, with three non winning seasons, earned an extension. What a joke.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bills injury news

Youboty has Plantaar Fasciitis and could be out for the year

"The Buffalo Bills top pass rusher Aaron Schobel will miss at least another two weeks and could potentially be out for the rest of the season with a left foot injury." From Yahoo

Kawika Mitchell after missing practice yesterday did participate today.

Butler and Josh Reed are again out this week and Whitner is not likely to play.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the Bills are going 7-9

by Steve

I'll tell you right now, this is not an over reaction. This team sucks. Their coach is terrible their owner is about to die, the team has never won a Super Bowl and the city is among the 3 poorest in the country. It sucks, big time.

They are not going to win more than 7 games this year. Yes seven. Yes they went 5-1 and are going to go an unprecedented 2 -8 to finish the season. Dick Jauron is a joke. Trent Edwards has not and will not, this year, recover from a concussion. Lynch nearly killed a bitch and hasn't done anything this year. Peters held out and it has cost him at least a season and probably $10 mil. Crowell was basically cut cause he was an asshole and there was no alternative to replace him.

Maybe I am Debbie Downer but this team sucks.

Look at the team from player to player

Trent Edwards- concussed gas been 1-2 since then and looked like a shell of his former self.

Marshawn Lynch - nearly jailed before the season for a hit and run hasn't hit the 100 yard mark

Peters - sat out game 1 has looked like a pile of nothing

Dockery - most over paid guard in the league

Center- Folwer/Preston pick your poison

Brad Butler - average has been hurt, given long term extension before the season for no reason

Walker- not terrible

Schobel - casper the friendly ghost + injury

Kyle williams - decent for a nobody

Stroud- has had little impact since week 2 looks old and is

Kelsay/Denney- who?!

Crowell/Ellison - out for the year slash wouldn't be starting for any team in the NFL Dispute that!

Posluzney - has never made a play in his career, been injured more than he has played

Mitchell- best years behind him in Giant land still good

Whitner - now hurt, has 1 career int 0 big plays ever

Ko Simpson - benched for Scott, zero impact

Greer- decent undersized #3 cb starting

McGee - injury plagued not bad when in there, best cb on the team... I guess

This team was dependent on Edwards being above average, since the concussion he has not been. Jauron is awful and costs this team 2-3 games a year. Lynch has been non-existent. Evans can't carry the team on its back. Royal is one of the worst starting tight ends in the league. See you in 09 .. this sucks

Monday, November 3, 2008

Still In first Place...Jets 26-Bills 17


The more I think about this, the more I realize that the Bills have only lost one football game this season and that was against the Arizona Cardinals. The Bills have absolutely self destructed and beat themselves in each of the past two weeks and I don't know what that means. Is it happening because they are a young team and can't handle the pressure of big divisional games against teams they are more talented than? I want to think that everything that is happening can be fixed...but the fact is, it can't for one reason...the Bills head coach is Dick Jauron.

It is no accident that Jauron has only one winning season in his coaching career. The guy does not know how to win and we expect him to magically learn? It isn't going to happen. In back to back weeks he got outcoached by the likes of Tony Sporano and Eric Mangini. He had no answer yesterday for the Jets dink and dunk offensive gameplan. Our defense allowed the Jets to just get 4 or 5 yards every play and never was like they were so afraid of the big play. Yeah, Perry Fewell should be blamed too, but it all comes back to the head coach. Where was the aggressiveness on defense? We did not pressure Favre. We should have been bringing the house on this guy...but we didn't. The one time we pressure him he makes a mistake. Jauron also cannot go a game without making a ridiculous challenge. I could tell by watching the game live in the stands that Coles caught the ball. He is at field level. Is he blind? The one challenge he wins so to enable us to punt. I just can't stand him. It seriously makes me sick to think that he will be coaching our team till 2011.

Ever since I anointed Trent Edwards the MVP and top 5 QB in the NFL, he has looked exactly like JP Losman. I gave him a free pass last week in the 4th quarter but no free pass this week. He was awful. You can't make the argument that he singlehandedly lose us the game. He completely wasted three time outs for no reason. You need to be aware of the play clock and what is going on in the game. How do you ever even think about wasting a time out on 2nd and 11 from the 40 yard line in the third quarter? That is just inexcusable. The pick 6 was obviously another mistake that just can't happen. How reminiscent was that play to the Newman interception last year against Dallas that cost us big time. He also fumbled inside his own 10. He didn't see the corner blitz coming from his right. He turned his back to it assuming Corey McIntyre would pick up the blitz. He didn't. He held the ball way too long all day. He got sacked 5 times. He had back to back sacks in the 4th quarter that led to a Lindell missed field goal. This happened with the Bills down by 13.

Edwards isn't the only problem. The Bills ran the ball for 30 yards. The farthest Marshawn Lynch has ran all season was chasing down an interception return. After that play he disappeared for a quarter and a half because of flu like symptoms. He isn't used to have to run for more than 1 yard before getting hit by 5 players. The interior of the Bills offensive line was no match for Kris Jenkins. They are no match for anyone really. Jason Whittle was getting tossed around like a rag doll. Duke Preston is not Kent Hull and we all know everything we need to know about Melvin Fowler. Dockery is making 49 million dollars and I would really like to see him blow someone off the ball. Can we open a hole? Every yard Lynch or Jackson gets seems to be 100 percent their own doing.

The Bills dominated the first half. The Bills had the ball for 15 straight minutes. They ran 27 consecutive plays or something like that. They ran something like 35 of 39 plays in the first half on offense. They got outscored in that span 10-0. Their first drive was an easy touchdown march. Their next drive was a fumble at their own 6 by Edwards. Their next drive was a long march that resulted in Edwards throwing a pick 6 inside the 10. Their next drive was another long drive that resulted in a turnover on downs inside the 10. When you have a bad running game, you don't run a play fake on 3rd and a foot thinking there is no doubt you can pick up the first down on 4th. You just need to be smarter and realize you might need to shots at it.

Yesterday was an embarrassing loss. The reality is that it is over and the Bills are 5-3 and tied for first place. They have a huge game next New England. They haven't won there since Clintons presidency. I'll be in the stands hoping for a miracle.

On a side note: Dante Whitner has a separated shoulder. He has week to week along with Josh Reed. I don't know what week to week means but all I know is we need Josh Reed back as soon as possible.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jets @ bills post game podcast

Steve and Coast rip every aspect of the worst loss since the Dallas MNF game.

right click save as to download for ipod

Fire Dick Jauron

by Steve

Fire Dick Jauron. He is terrible. 3 year extension? Holy shit this dude is a travesty. Our run game is a joke, our team is a joke, we were duped, we were tricked. This team is 5-3 and they are terrible. They aren't good they are average at best.

Fuck Jauron. Holy shit, how do you lay two eggs in a row. Other than our joke of a coaching staff our Quarterback is awful. He has cost us two games. I don't know if it is the concussion or being young but he sucks. He is worlds better than Losman but he sucks. He turns the ball over he holds the ball, I don't get it.

Do I really have tickets to the Patriots game Sunday? fffffffffffffffffffffuck

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bert Favre sucks

by Steve

Bert Favre, Brent Faver, Brad Fever,Brent Farve, Brett Ferve, who ever this old dude is, I'm not scared of him. He makes it rain like Wezzy but instead of money, its interceptions. It is a divisional game so i'm worried, but it is against "Brett Favre" so it puts me at ease.

We pwn'd him last time he was in Buffalo. Some cock smokin chain smokin bitch w/ acne and her dumb little kid had Brent jerseys on. I told the security guard but she didn't get kicked out. Ko Simpson picked him in the endzone to seal the game and the little kid cried. Top 5 moment at the Ralph.

This team doesn't have their best LB, they are on the road, their secondary is a joke, and Jenkins can suck my balls. We'll pound the run till it can't be pounded any more. Trent will have a bounce back game. Parrish will have an end around for a change and catch a few balls. Sweet Lee needs to show up. Hopefully Peters is better.

Plus, the Sabres ended the 4 game losing streak so its on, its on its on on on on. Mangina is an average coach at best. He will be confused by Fewell's attack and Turk should have a bounce back day as well.

Plus I will be intoxicated yelling obscenities at anyone with a dumb ass green #4 jersey. See you at the Ralph

Bills Jets Week 9


The Bills Jets game on Sunday afternoon is one of the 3 biggest games in Orchard Park since the turn of the century. The Bills are sitting at 5-2 and in my opinion, are in a must win situation. The Bills could easily go into Foxborough at 6-2 and one game clear of New England (who play at Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday Night against a desperate football game), but with a loss, they fall behind the Jets and Patriots and will go into Gillette in a tail spin.

The Bills just did not show up last week, simple as that. Fumble, interception, safety, fumble, muffed punt...that is what happened the last 5 time the Bills had the football. That is not going to get you any 4th quarter comeback wins. Now that we have had 5 days to recover though, let's look at this realistically. The Bills are 5-2 and in first place through 8 weeks and if you would have told me this before the season, I would have loved it. No divisional road game is an easy win...and Miami plays up (and down) to their opponents.

The Jets meanwhile survived Kansas City at home. Brett Favre threw 3 interceptions against the vaunted 1-6 Chief defense. The week before that, the Jets lost to the Raiders in the Black Hole. Favre threw another 2 interceptions in that game. That is 5 interceptions to the Raiders and Chiefs, two teams with a combined 3-11 record.

The gameplan seems simple...pressure Favre and he will make mistakes. The only problem is, the Bills have had a pathetic pass rush. The Bills have 12 sacks this season through 7 games and 5 of those came in week one. 7 sacks in the past 6 games...that is bad. Schobel will be out once again. This hurts us as much as I think Schobel is overrated. Ryan Denney is a terrible player and should not be playing ever. Chris Kelsay is making 5.5 million dollars per year or something close to that and he is invisible out there. He has one sack and really has just been invisible. Copeland Bryan and Chris Ellis will be the reserve ends...Ellis, the rookie, has barely played if at all...I'd like to see him get a snap or two to see what he's got. The Bills need to Blitz and when they blitz they need to get in Favre's face...or else he could pick us apart. McGee is playing and is feeling better and has a lot to prove this week...he will have to cover Coles who is a much better player than Ginn. Wasn't this Bills defense supposed to be a defense that forced a lot of mistakes on the opposing offenses? They have 4 interceptions the entire year. Ugly.

On offense, I better see more of number 23 this week. Only 13 carries last week? On the sideline inside the 10 yard line on our first drive? Lynch was averaging 5 a pop and somehow only got 13 carries. That is a joke. Bills running hacks have had a history of torching the New York Jets and tomorrow better be more of the same...although the Jets do have the 4th ranked rushing defense in the NFL allowing 82.6 yards per game. Trent Edwards hopefully will forget about that ugly 4th quarter last week and go back to being the Trent we knew weeks 1 through 7. The Jets pass defense ranks 23rd in the league...and allowed a very respectable day to Tyler Thigpen last week, 280 and 2 Tds, with no Ints. So hopefully Trent and Lee Evans can make some big plays.

On the injury front, Josh Reed will be out as well as Schobel. That means Hardy will see more time. It is about time for him to start to make a larger contribution. Brad Butler is also out, Duke Preston will be starting at center which means Jason Whittle will get the nod at right guard. The healthy Melvin Fowler has finally been relegated to bench where he belongs. McGee and Youboty are both playing this week. Hopefully they are both getting back to where they were in the beginning of the season. Without these two guys healthy, this secondary is very week...they have gotten lit up big time recently. The number 11 overall pick can't even get on the field when McGee is obviously much less than 100%. What a bad draft pick...Can be at least break a kick return at some point or do something? The 2008 draft class is MIA.

On a side not, USA today selected their all pro team at the seasons mid point recently. Donte Whitner was selected as the strong safety. He has made one play this season that I can remember. This is the excerpt next to his name: "No questions now about whether Buffalo reached to draft him eighth overall in 2006." Are you serious?

Last week I predicted a Bills 31-9 rout...but I only picked that because I felt like I had to pick the Bills to win...if you read my preview blog, I said I thought the Bills would lose. This Sunday though, I can't imagine a scenario that results in the Bills losing this game...they can't lose this game...can they? If the Bills are a playoff contender they will undoubtedly win because let's face it, the Jets just aren't that good at all. I am still worried that the Bills are the same old Bills. We have the same coach who kicks field goals on 4th and goal from the 1 and wastes challenges more than anyone in the league. This time I really do think the Bills will win and if they don't that would suck because we just dropped 7 hundo on 5 tickets to Gillette. The Bills will win and cover the number...27-17.