Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AL East preview

by Steve

Day two in covering the other league in MLB the American League East. God damn I'm sick of this division, but gotta do whatcha gotta do..

New York Yankees

Whats with the love affair with this squad? This isn't even in reference to their legions of "fans" this is talking about the 2009 Yanks.. Granted the pitching staff is insanely sick on paper, actually on anything it is nasty.. but still holes can be punched in their rotation, like..

CC is unproven on the big stage. Just look at his playoff stats (2-3 7.92 ERA 22 walks 24 k's) AJ Burnett is up and down, Chien Ming Wang is a balla but is coming off an injury and Joba is a closer. Either way though pitching is DEFINITELY not their problem.

George Posada thirty seven, DJ going to be thirty five, Damon thirty five, Alex soon to be thirty four, this team is aging, and aging fast. Nady is less effective in the AL and Gardner is not a big time CF. Tex Swish and Cano are the only players I will not rip on right now. Oh and don't discount Girardi being a possible bust as a manager either.

Red Sox

How did this team go from beloved to Yankees Jr. in like 2 years? Oh yeah, signing Diesaki, Lugo, JD Drew and Lowell while dumping man-ram for a pack of pine tar. Brutal, but hey, Theo is the genius in the gorilla suit, not me.

The pitching staff is tough to not like. Beckett is solid, Dice-k wins, Buchholz is the 5 and Brad Penny and Smoltz are thrown in the mix too. V-tek is an albatross at this point, and Jason Bay is no Manny. The only other questions at this point are how good is Pedroia really? Can Ortiz be good post 'roids? Is Jed an every day short stop?

Tampa Rays

Is it a stretch to say the Rays had one of the most incredible seasons in MLB history in 2008? I say no. True they lost to the Phillies in the W.S. but who in their right mind would have predicted that before the season started? (t-wreck)

Joel Maddon took a major step last year in the overall pantheon of major league managers. He took a rag tag bunch of young players, bums and under achievers and turned them into the best turn around team in the history of professional baseball. Basically, it is going to be impossible to duplicate.

The good news is many of the same pieces of the puzzle remain in place. Shields, Kazmir, and Garza are a spectacularly young dynamic 1-3 but can Sonnastine return to last years form and how is David Price not in the top five right now?

This team could be scary for the next decade. Upton is not yet 25, Longoria is 23, and Pena is only thirty. With the invaluable experience this squad received this past year it is tough to count them out of the division and especially the wild card in '09.

Baltimore Orioles

Is this the year Camden Yard sees a postseason game? In a word, no. But believe it or not this team appears to be on the right track and seems to be building towards something. Maybe possibly.

Felix Pie may shine now that he should be able to be an every day outfielder and was basically swindled away from the Cubbies. Adam "not pacman" Jones is still young and had a solid 2008 season as the every day center fielder for the first time in his career. Everyone knows what Mora and Markakis bring to the table albeit one is entering his prime (Nick) while one is in his twilight (Melvin).

The big question mark will be the play of newly acquired journeyman Cesar Izturis. He's been with five teams in three years and is still only 29. If he can hit .260+ and steal twenty bags he will be a solid contributor. Huff, Zaun, and Roberts round out a solid infield.

Former Bisons/Indians castaway Guthrie is no ace but still a solid 2 or 3 in most rotations. Behind him is little to nothing. Asian import Joji Iehara will be making his major league debut and is already 34. Alfredo Simon and Hendrickson are bums. Here's hoping for some diamonds being held back in single or double AA or this season will be a year of the OVER.

Blue Jays

Gaston? This really is a sinking ship (thank you Shea Hillenbrand) Thank god for Doc Halliday and his 1.138 wins a week or this team would be the Pirates of the East. I'd be a bit more optimistic if the minor league system was better or the pitching staff wasn't as injured as it is... this team is going to struggle mightily.

For this team to be remotely competitive in the toughest division in baseball Wells needs to bounce back, Rios needs to become a consistent allstar and Rolen needs to turn back the clocks 5 years. One of the few possible bright spots is Travis Snider. The LFer is young and has some pop. He played well during his September call up and might be the possible ray of light that brings some sunshine to Rogers Centre.

Rays 94-68
Sox 94-68
Yankees 92-70
Orioles 78-84
Jays 69-93

Monday, March 30, 2009

AL West preview

by Steve

Baseball season starts Sunday, and there has been zero coverage to date on this blog. So we err probably mostly me will dedicate the next week to enlightening the masses on every team division by division. Starting today with the AL West.

Oakland A's

Lets face it, Billy Beane is a genius. He has a shoe string budget year after year and is competitive year after year. True no World Series rings lately but they make the playoffs routinely which is a lot more than teams like KC, Pittsburgh, Baltimore etc can say.

This past offseason has been busy and a bit strange for the Athletics compared to previous years. Beane basically went completely off the reservation with the signing/trading of players like Giambi, O Cabrera, Nomar and of course Matt Holiday. These are atypical moves from a team that normally doesn't sign big time stars and mostly bargain hunts. Wait, that is exactly what these moves are, GREAT bargains, they got these dudes for pennies on the dollar (compared to previous years)

The explanation for Holliday is that a.) he'll be a major bat in the middle of the line up b.) help them a long way in competing for and possibly winning the Wild Card and c.) he is a free agent at the end of the yea. Meaning he will get PAID so the A's will get at least a first round pick out of the deal which is pretty much what they gave up for him in the first place.(And a bag of balls ie. Houston St. [overrated] Greg Smith [a throw in] and Carlos Gonzalez who I like but won't be starting the season on the roster and has struggled this spring and in the majors overall)

Their position players are relatively solid through out. They need a bounce back year for Chavez, more production out of the CF position and for Ellis to continue solid defense at 2b. The real concern with this club is obviously in the starting rotation. Duchscherer is out til at least May and besides Eveland (who is young in his own right) there is nothing else. The 3 4 and 5 guys are young and unproven. (Trevor Cahill, possible sleeper)

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California United States

Damn that Gary Matthews Jr signing was terrible but the Torii Hunter signing appears to be less stupid than originally anticipated. Either way, this team is stacked in the outfield with Willets, Rivera and G-math riding the pine. That is a good thing, cause Vlad is fading and Torii plays too hard. Either way, it is simple logic penning this team in as the AL West champs yet again.

The only real question marks at this point are Morales at first and Aybar at short. Aybar could be on the brink but needs to build on a strong spring training. Chone is in his prime but had a mediocre '08 (at least for his standards) and should bounce back nicely although he is getting on the wrong side of 30.

The pitching staff is sick. Ervin Santan busted out last year and appears to be healthy despite reports to the contrary. Lackey is an ace, Saunders had a sick '08 and could still be improving, and Weaver and Moseley are a good young 4/5 combine for Wednesday and Thursday games. Lets face it, Mike Scioscia is one of the best in the business and will look to win another 100 games in '09.

Texas Rangers

Young, Hamilton, MURPHY?! As in David.. look for this dude to build on a strong first full season last year locking down the LF position in Arlington. This team is real young at SS with rookie "phenom" Elvis Andrus and second year player Chris Davis at first. With one of the best 2b's in the game in Kinsler and another solid campaign from Michael Young (roids?), this team might have one of the best infields no one will pay attention to in baseball.

Ron Washington is going to have his hands full this season. True, their is a mix of veterans and young players that could gel as the season progresses (despite the oppressive heat) but the bugaboo for this team is pitching.

Millwood is not a true ace, Padilla borderline sucks, and Harrison and Feldman aren't providing much relief in the middle of the rotation. Everyone is still waiting for Brandon McCarthy to step up but the hope for that is fading quickly. Here's hoping Derek Holland makes it to the bigs by June. Oh yeah, and when is Saltalamacchia gonna start raking?

Seattle Mariners

This team is in shambles. Am I reading this right, Endy Chanvez and Franklin Gutierrez are starting in the outfield? KGJ and Wladimir Balentien gettin' no love behind these bums? Yikes. Bedard is a bust, Beltre is over paid, but at least Richie Sexson is gone.

Bright spot: right side of the infield, well their second baseman, Jose Lopez. True it sounds like a fake name, but this dude had a sick '08 campaign in the wet northwest. I guess Mike Carp couldn't beat out has-been 'sluggers' like Shelton and Branyan, but he'll be around later in the year book it.

I honestly have no idea who Don Wakamatsu is but he better have a lot of aspirin in the Mariners dugout. "Ichiro" is 35 and although he has shown no signs of slowing down, it is inevitable. Be
hind King Felix, the rotation is piece mealed together. Well at least on paper Carlos Silva HAS to improve on his '08 numbers (4-15 6.46 ERA) but don't bet the farm and who knows, maybe Bedard will stay healthy and prove he isn't a one year wonder but ya gotta wonder.

2009 projections
Angels 98-64
A's 88-74
Rangers 79-83
Mariners 77-85

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stupid Ralph Wilson died rumor

by Steve

HOW THE HELL DID THAT RUMOR START? The rumor that Ralph bit it late Friday night ruined my evening. I get a text"Ralph dead?" And thought huh no way. Then I get another text "Ralph wilson is dead, rip" Then I almost threw up. Called Coste, called any die hard I knew, and nobody could find anything on the intrawebz but kept hearing from different people the same rumor.

As it turns out of course the rumor was false, but the question is how did it start, where did it start and damn how did it travel so fast? The thing spread like wildfire. I heard it from people that didn't know each other, the party I was at, everyone was talking about it. It was friggen weird man.

Thinking he was dead, I thought about this being the final season and how pathetic it would be with Dick Jauron as the head coach for the swan song. That would have been brutal. I just hope Wilson has some sort of plan secretly in place to keep this team here. Doesn't seem likely though.

Bottom line is he is still alive, and hopefully for another 10 years (if nothing else at least to guarantee the team will still be here). But a small part of me actually was relieved. Finally we will have a determination as to the fate of the franchise.. Looks like we'll just have to continue to wait..

Also Rest in Peace Lou Saban. He died today at age 87.

oh and uh, god damn it

Thursday, March 26, 2009

NCAA sweet 16 locks for Thursday

Over memphis mizzou 141, ucon -6.5, pit purdue under 138, and nova +120

UB Bulls football schedule announced

2009 Buffalo Bulls Football Schedule

Date - Opponent

Sat., Sept. 5 at UTEP

Sat., Sept. 12 Pittsburgh

Sat., Sept. 19 at Central Florida

Sat., Sept. 26 at Temple*

Sat., Oct. 3 Central Michigan*

Sat., Oct. 10 Gardner-Webb

Sat., Oct. 17 Akron*

Sat., Oct. 24 at Western Michigan*

Tues., Nov. 3 Bowling Green* (ESPN2)

Tues., Nov. 10 Ohio* (ESPN2)

Wed., Nov. 18 at Miami* (ESPN2/ESPNU)

Fri., Nov. 27 at Kent State* (ESPNU/ESPN360)

* - MAC games

4 games on the ESPN networks, Pitt comin to our barn, and last two games on the road, can't wait...

See you in June T.O.

Per Espn

"I talked to coach Jauron prior to the start of the workouts about that," Owens told reporters. "Right now if there's nothing mandatory that I have to be a part of, then I won't intend to be there."

Owens said he expects to attend the Bills' minicamp in June and could possibly work out with his new teammates at other some point in the offseason. But when it comes to staying in shape, T.O. prefers to do things his way, on his own.

"I've never gone to a voluntary workout," Owens said. "I have a personal trainer. I take very good care of myself. I take pride in coming into camp in shape.

"If I'm in the area, I tend to stop by the facilities and work out with the guys. You know, I'm looking forward to that type of stuff."

"He's obviously been playing the sport a long time," Edwards said, according to the report. "He knows his body, he knows the relationship he needs to have with the quarterback. ... I'm sure he'll be here in the near future, and I'm anxious to get that going."

No surprise here. I'm sure he'll show up once or twice just to get more attention and get back on ESPN for the week but other than that we'll see him in June. Its not great he isn't here working with Trent on routes or whatever, but its pretty much a non story..

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bills no compensatory picks

  • The Bills get double shafted, first ZERO compensatory picks in the 2009 draft (it is based on losses in free agency following the 2007 season) AND the Patriots (3 total) get the best comp pick (3rd round) because of Asante Samuel.. Jets and Dolphins got zero as well.. (at least we're not the Steelers, who got shafted after losing Fanaca and Haggans)
  • From kffl.com.. "Todd Archer, of The Dallas Morning News, reports the Dallas Cowboys have looked into the possibility of trading LB Bobby Carpenter, according to sources. However, with the loss of LB Kevin Burnett in free agency, they might be more reluctant to move Carpenter. The departure of Burnett leaves Carpenter as the top backup on the roster and a leading candidate to take over Burnett's role in the substitute defensive packages"
  • YES, Owens did pay Hardy for #81.. Oh and big whoop, he didn't show up for voluntary workouts in Buffalo.. He'll be here, just not to lift weights with Jon Corto and Digiorgio, and ugh Keith Ellison.. HE MUST HATE USSSSSSSSSSSSS.
  • Oh and don't be surprised if you see Duke Preston in a Bills jersey again in 2009

Bills Open Season in Primetime


The NFL announced that the Bills will open the NFL Season on Monday Night at Foxboro at 7 PM to kickoff ESPN's Monday Night Football season. T.O. already paying dividends. There is no way in hell that the Bills would have landed this spot without him.

So what...the Bills play the Patriots on the road to open the season. Everyone must be so pissed...another opening day loss...a 16th loss in 17 tries to the hated division rivals. I was pissed originally...after all, we will be without our best offensive player for that game in Marshawn Lynch. In thinking more about it though...this is HUGE. Bill Belichick with 0 minutes of 2009 game film to watch...who can't love that?

The Bills have played New England twice on opening day during this stretch of ownage we are going through. 2003 season...31-0 Bills. 2006 season...19-17 Patriots. That is a total of Bills 48 Patriots 19. I love it.

Also, this will be Tom's first game back from his injury. We all saw Manning at the beginning of last season...dude was rusty. Brady probably won't play a lot in the pre season thinking he can just step into the game and not miss a beat...and there is probably no better person to face than Dick Jauron in order to accomplish this...but week 1 beats week 10 when Brady is back and healthy.

If the Bills are going to have any shot of stealing one in that building, it will be opening day 2009.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bills losing another home game to Toronto?

by Steve

Didn't wanna have to do it, but I do. I gotta write about another depressing Bills moving post cause there just aint nothin' else to talk about. There is a "story" floating around about the Bills moving ANOTHER regular season home game to Toronto as early as the 2010 season. To me it sounds like a bunch of bullshit and a ploy by ex-Buffalo News writer Tim Graham to ruffle feathers but who really knows..

Within a week of Terrell Owens proclaiming he was coming to play for "North America's team," a survey conducted on behalf of Bills in Toronto organizers suggests the intention to move two regular-season Bills games to the Rogers Centre, starting as early as next year.

That would leave Bills fans with only six regular-season dates in Ralph Wilson Stadium each year.

The survey was e-mailed Friday to fans who purchased tickets to last year's game. The survey includes the following passage, which hasn't been edited:

Rogers has been listening to its Bills Fans and may be able to negotiate a new deal which will bring an additional Bills regular-season game to Toronto in each of 2010, 2011, and 2012! This now means that a quarter of the Bills home games could be played in Toronto. This would allow us to issue a new 3-Game Ticket Package for the 2010 games in Toronto. This includes tickets to 2 regular season games and 1 pre-season game, at a lower price per game than previously, for most seats. The average price per game for a variety of seating options is shown below. The total ticket prices for the 3-game pack is also shown.

Below the passage is a Rogers Centre seating chart and price options for three-game packages. The Bills' deal currently involves only two games per year, a preseason exhibition and a regular-season game.

The Bills did not respond to a request for comment.

This is just too depressing to even bitch about at this point. The sad fact is these stories will never go away, at least for the foreseeable future (aka new owner buying the team). It is just a sad fact Bills fans will have to live with. Oh god, that is as bad a thought as the Bills retaining Jauron as their coach.

I'm anticipating some sort of retraction or statement from Russ Brandon and co. denouncing the "survey". WTF I can't believe I am even wasting time talking about this..

The draft is in less than 5 weeks, here's hoping they don't screw it up.

Oh and profootball weekly is saying Scheffler is definitely on the trading block. I'd say a 3rd or conditional 4th? Can't be worse than taking a flying on one early day 2..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

NCAA tourney day 3

Alright we're doing nothing but drinking and watching hoops so we'll do a running blog.. Step yo game up.
  • Wow found some Bud light limes in the back of the fridge they might be from xmas, still good.(for now)
  • Thanks for showing up Ben Holland and Co. And don't blame it on the crowd in Philly.
  • Calipari and the Tigers aren't hungover, they're up a quick 13, not sure if Steve love's his Maryland +9.5 bet right now.
  • Hot Dogs and burgs ready, damn, when is this other game starting, all blowouts thus far. Although Uconn will roll too..
  • Text from Wreck.. "G-will,calipari.. classic" 3:35pm
  • Gotta love it, hamburgers only flipped once, hot dogs not too burnt. MONEY
  • Text from Coste "Is millsie starting tonight vs the rags" 3:48
  • Dozer just got UPPPP Memphis up a quick 16.. damn spilled the rest of the bud light lime, it was warm any way. Could use a shamwow and a snuggie right now
  • All state and Jordan commercials are working right now- Schrum
  • Gotta love the court kids scrubbing the sweat
  • program update, Memphis game is no more, went to the West region logically located in Philadelphia.. WTFFFFF. Steve needs some points that 136 over is far away
  • Tough for a 6'5 bum to guard Theebet and try to take it to the rack
  • Over under # of minutes before A&m scores.. 4.5 minutes
  • How many times a game are we gonna see Howie long and that brush cut. And did you ever notice anyone named Howie all you need to do is call him by his first name Howie.. no last name needed.
  • Memphis rolling, 19 point lead, guess Thursday was just a hangover game.
  • How many D1 coaches are french canadian? Texas A&m 's coach Turgeon is one.. presumably .
  • "Turps are pissin me off" text from Wreck 4:11.. 53-33 at half one would assume many are pissed off about that quick first half beat down.
  • Mark Turgeo is not thrilled with the discrepancy in fouls right now, it was worth the technical. Schrum's bout to bring back getting T'd up by assistant head coaches (at hilburt).
  • Just twitter'd that we're running this live diary..
  • Not what you wanna see when you have the over two missed free throws straight
  • If you want an "anti" lock Wreck likes Washington -1.5 and Michigan +7.5
  • Gotta love the "The Price is right" AJ Price t shirt by the big black woman in the 4th row.
  • HAMILTON!!!!!!!! HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These games suck..
  • We've resorted to wesley willis clips on youtube and the mcdonalds rap.. Memphis is up 22?!?!???
  • Damn season finale of East Bound and down tomorrow..
  • Gotta love the UNC parlay, -12.5 and over 158.5.. Ty Lawson takin warm ups
  • "Can I get a live look in" Schrum

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA tourney day 1

by Steve

What a day of basketball. Not a lot of shockers or chokers. Having one big tv and two or two laptops really isn't a bad way of watching day 1 of march madness. Especially with cold blue lights and might taco... Quick hits..

  • Everyone loves the Big East.
  • Need proof, Nova plays UCLA at home in the Wachovia center where they have literally played home games this year.
  • Could you ever imagine UB getting to play at HSBC arena or Niagara/Bona/Canisius for that matter?
  • Big 10 sucks, how'd they get ten teams in
  • UCLA was almost choke city.
  • Never take the under on day 1 unless there are two big 10 teams involved.
  • Don't sleep on midmajors, if there are any actually in there.
  • Most bars in the area don't have the NCAA ticket, best bet is corporate bars and places with satellite dishes of course.
  • UCONN holy moley.
  • Certainly Duke is duke..
  • Don't underestimate Okla and Blake Griffen (again)
  • If you have Memphis in your elite 8 burn your bracket
  • Barnes,Holland,Callipari, Gary Williams.. Jungle Karma is real

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bills sign a linebacker

too bad its Pat Thomas..

The Buffalo Bills added depth to their linebacking corps Wednesday evening by
agreeing to terms on a one-year contract with five-year veteran Pat
Thomas started the first nine games of last season at middle
linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was a backup the rest of the season.
However, he's probably better suited to an outside position than middle
linebacker. Thomas, a 6-foot-1, 237-pounder, was a solid special teams player
for the Chiefs.
Thomas spent his first three seasons in Jacksonville after
being a sixth-round pick of the Jaguars in 2005.
Besides returning starter
Kawika Mitchell, the other current Bills outside linebackers who were on last
year's roster are Keith Ellison, Blake Costanzo, Alvin Bowen, Marcus Buggs and
Jon Corto.

Um first day pick on a linebacker at this point is 100% guaranteed..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fire lindy ruff, regier and quinn

by Steve

Not sure if you've noticed or even care any more, but the Sabres got embarrassed yet again tonight. They lost to Ottawa 4-2. The Sabres are fighting for the last spot in the playoffs while the Sens are fighting for, uh... new contracts? better draft position? hot chicks at the bar tonight? Not much else. Yet they have beat the Sabres five times this year. And Ottawa has been out of the playoff discussion for much of the season.

There is no other logical conclusion than to fire the head coach, the general manager(who has been an epic failure for more than three years) and the 'managing partner'. True it is impossible to fire someone that has a partial ownership of the team, Lawrence Quinn, aka the managing partner, whatever the fuck that means but everyone else's heads should roll. The head coach is now commencing his fifth season in the last seven without reaching the playoffs. YES 5 OUT OF 7 YEARS NO PLAYOFFS!

This is the NHL not baseball where four teams make it or even football where 6 teams make it. This is the national fucking hockey league. More than half the teams(eight) out of 15 in each conference make the playoffs each season. What explanation can it be other than a shitty head coach who has no clue what the fuck he is doing. The players tuned this career loser out long longggg a go.

Buttt buttt he lost good players, he's gone to the Stanley Cup, he's been to 4 Eastern Conference finals. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. 0-1 in the cup finals 1-3 in the ECF. Congradufuckinglations. Years he didn't make the playoffs he had satisfactory talent to be in the top 8 in the conference. AND if he didn't, then why the fuck was the GM brought back year after year?

I really don't wanna bring up all of Regier's epic, head scratching, teeth grinding, gun loading mistakes, mostly because the list is too long but, what has this dude done to deserve to retain his job? Hasek, Drury, Briere, Dumont, Vanek, Miller, Pominville, Grier, Peters, Hecht, Campbell... did he handle any of these situations correctly? You wanna give him credit for the post lockout success? I chalk it up to luck.

Oh, and Ruff.. who has done absolutely nothing the last two full seasons, and choked in the playoffs the previous season.. why does he have a job? His players are unmotivated, over paid, under producing losers, who have tuned him out and rarely show up for more than a game or two in a row. They play down to their opponents, collapse regularly, and show no will to win. He has been the head coach for twelve years!! Pittsburgh fired their head coach a month ago and they have not seemingly lost since. What does continuity get you? Mediocrity in Ruff's case.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Cutler's agent in Buffalo

from profootballtalk.com

Former Bills offensive lineman Ruben Brown disclosed during his WECK radio show on Monday that agent Bus Cook was in Buffalo.

Apparently, former Bills receiver Eric Moulds, who was represented by Cook during his playing career, mentioned to Brown that Cook was in town.

According to NFLPA records, Cook represents no players currently under contract with the Bills. Thus, speculations is centering on a possible trade of Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler or tight end Tony Scheffler, both of whom are Cook clients.

Our buddy Brad Riter of WECK thinks that Scheffler is the more likely trade target.

But, hey, it’s more fun to ponder the possibility of a new quarterback heading to town.

I don't love Cutler but right now, he is better than Trent Edwards. The real question is how much of an upgrade is he? How much does he cost? Trent and a 3rd? Maybe a second? In reality this could just be for the tight end Tony Scheffler which would also be a major upgrade but I love it. OBD is desperate and looks like they are willing to wheel and deal to win NOW.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Classic buffalo sports night

by Steve

Oh, we signed T.O.? It is almost spring? Niagara and UB made it to their conference championship games? NHL playoffs are coming? Things were looking bright.. until tonight. It truly was a classic Buffalo sports night, reminding us all of our epic FAIL as sports fans.

UB got clobbered. They were basically out of it from the get go, They lost by at least 15, I don't know the final score cause I turned it off. The Sabres, well that was probably even worse. I believe every team they needed to lose lost (albeit in OT or a shoot out) and the Sabres were riding high. They had Atlanta coming to their barn and eventually built up a 2 goal lead well into the third period..

Then Buffalo karma struck like a mother fucker. A short handed goal, a goal with 3 seconds left and poof it was a tie. Of course no one could score in overtime and doubly of course no one could score in the shoot out. And boom they go from gaining at least a point on everyone to being stuck in neutral.

Anyone else notice a two on one involving Hecht and Pominville is like the special olympics? Christ.. Oh and when is Moore going to contribute offensively instead of getting pushed around like a lil bitch. Oh and what is that one dude's name for Atl Salmonnela? It looked like the Sabres had Salmonnela poisoning tonight

MAC Final Akron vs UB

by Steve

Huggge game tonight. UB vs Akron in the MAC final, winner goes to the dance while the loser would be lucky to get an NIT bid. Could this be the story book ending to a magical 2008/09 UB sports season? A MAC football AND basketball championship? Not only would it be the first time that happened it would be the first time either has happened. God damn.

Interesting match up tonight. UB won @ Akron back on Jan 13 in a nail biter 63-61 and lost at home to Akron Feb 26th 62-57. Hopefully the grind of having to beat the top team in the tourney, Bowling Green, will be enough of a drain on Akron that UB will be fresher.

The experience factor however sways heavily towards the Zips . This will be their 3rd straight appearance in the MAC championship finale. Buttt they're 0-2 in those games, so here's hoping for a threepete. If UB wins they will earn their first tournament bid in their history. But uh, no pressure or anything. I'm just hoping it doesn't come down to a layup that rolls out with 1 second left in overtime.

The game will be on the deuce at 8pm. And it better be in god damn HD. (UB +2, o/u 122.5)

North America's team

Do we like the name "North America's Team" as per T.O.'s comments?




Friday, March 13, 2009

Bills entertaining guests

by Steve
  • Crowell in for a visit?

    Buffalo Bills free-agent LB Angelo Crowell has scheduled a Monday meeting with his former team to discuss re-joining the only franchise he’s played for in his six NFL seasons, according to a source close to Crowell.

    Things might not get to that point, though, as Crowell has entered into preliminary negotiations with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, most likely for a one-year contract.

  • Pettigrew in on Monday, Oklahoma State held its pro day workout for NFL scouts Wednesday, but star tight end Brandon Pettigrew did not work out. Pettigrew, who is the top tight end in the draft and a first-round candidate, strained a hamstring working out last Tuesday at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in Texas. Pettigrew said he will begin visiting NFL teams next week, and his first visit is to Buffalo on Monday.
  • Oh and a rumor of a rumor of Pete Kendall. (36 year old guard from Washington)

If the Bills take Pettigrew @ eleven I might kill someone. Holy moley that would be a terrible decision, honestly terrible. I am dry heaving just thinking about it. Yuck. And Crowell? Why not, going into the draft with holes at at least left guard, center, defensive end and outside linebacker is too much for just the draft to answer.

Furthermore this nonsense with Peters and the Bills being $3mil per year apart on contract talks is even more disconcerting. Either a.) pay him the money or b.) trade his ass for a first and 4th and sign Orlando Pace for 2-3 years while evaluating Chambers and any other viable candidate for left tackle.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Syracuse beats Uconn in 6OT

by Steve

This might go down as the greatest college basketball game ever. Jonny Flynn vs AJ Price. Bench warmers vs walk ons "whitey who is on the team only to lock arms vs whitey who is on the team only to lock arms" Wow. Six over times. YES SIX OVER TIMES. The Big East Tournament ladies and gentlemen.

In the end it came down to Flynn and Harris, the Niagara Falls products who kept scoring, kept making free throws and eventually vanquished the Huskies. Really it was the foul shooting. They were something like 21 of 24 in the six extra sessions. That is insane. This team is a notoriously mediocre foul shooting team too.

Uconn at one point, I think, the 3rd OT, had a 6 point lead. Cuse didn't have a lead for over 25 minutes but finally took the lead for the first time in the 6th frame and never gave it up. In the end it must have came back to mental toughness. And Boehiem and his crew out mental toughnessed Calhoun and co.

Another big factor of course was when Thabeet fouled out. That allowed the Orange to drive to the rim basically uncontested. The crowd was also very pro 'cuse but those aren't real excuses. I don't really know how to explain it other than Flynn beat Price and UConn had no answer for Harris down the stretch.

Oh yeah and the game was nearly over in regulation but Devo according to the announcers didn't clip his finger nails today so his finger was still on the ball when the clock read 0:00. It was a good call though.

(But god damn it I had Uconn winning the tourney in my Big East Brackets. shit)

UB wins, advances to MAC semifinals

by Steve

65-62 Bulls win. Seasaw battle the whole way. Kent st couldn't foul with 5 seconds left. UB shot terrible from the charity stripe much of the way. They will face ball st @ 7:30 Friday. Listening to much of this game on the radio made me realize MAC basketball is pretty brutal. Who ever works at the Q in C-town, I feel bad for you.

Earlier in the season UB lost @ Ball st 53-51 back on Feb 15th. Bit of a rematch from the MAC football championship game. Get your popcorn ready. (as of now it will not be on TV only Fox sports Ohio)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Owens will be #81

Local talent actually broke this story? Rare.. Sucks for Hardy too..

PFT explains

In his first Buffalo radio interview, with Shredd and Ragan of 103.3 WEDG, Owens made it clear #81 belongs to him.

Asked whether he'll wear the only number he has ever worn in his NFL career, Owens said, “Yes I am. . . . That’s my number.”

Owens then was asked whether he has worked out a deal with Hardy, which is typically the custom when a new player wants to finagle a jersey number that already has been issued to another player on the roster — and which typically entails a sizable cash payment to the player currently in possession of the number.

It was a simple “yes” or “no” question. But Owens opted not to answer it directly.

“When I walked into the building for the first time and they showed me around and I walked into the locker room,” he said, “first thing I saw was a locker and it had the number 81 with Owens . . . on the back and I had some other Buffalo swag hung up in the locker room. As far as working deals out, I don’t know. That’s not my department. I think Russ [Brandon] the General Manager, he’ll have to deal with that.”

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peters getting traded to Eagles?

here is the link
Trade rumors involving the Bills and Eagles are spreading throughout the league...the Eagles are reportedly interested in acquiring Bills offensive tackle Jason Peters to fill their huge need at the offensive tackle position...their starting left tackle Tra Thomas departed in free-agency and signed with the Jaguars, and their right tackle Jon Runyan is 35 years old, and coming off a knee injury...the Bills and Jason Peters have been involved in contract negotiations just recently, but are reportedly far apart from reaching a deal...The Eagles own two first round selections in the 2009 Draft, including four (1st-21, 1st-28, 2nd-53, 3rd-85,) of the first eighty-five picks in the draft.

I would love it. Peters is good not great. Trade him for a 1st and 2nd or 1st and 3rd, sign Orlando Pace who was recently cut by the Rams and ball with a OLB, DE, and C in the draft. Then trade for the dude from KC (Brian Waters, who hates his new coach [allegedly]). Wow what a fucking team this would be if that all occurred.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The maaaaaaac tourney has 0 credibility

by Steve

So let me get this straight, every fucking year, the Purple Eagles of Niagara or any other team (outside of Siena of course) has to play @ Siena and win 4 road games to win the Maac or maaaaaaaaaaaaaac tourney to get to the tournament? Seems fair that one team gets all home games while everyone else plays on the road.

Niagara lost to Siena 77-70 and have basically ZERO chance of getting an at large bid in the CBS/ESPN NCAA tournament. You have to have contracts with either of them to even be mentioned as an at large possibility. I don't get it...

Niagara is now 26-8 and isn't even discussed as a possible team for the tournament of 65. If big conference teams won't schedule games with them how do they have a better RPI and strength of schedule?

Niagara's RPI is 51

Sunday, March 8, 2009

T.O. jersey presale

just got the email from the Bills haha..

Get Your Popcorn Ready


Holy f'ing shit. Did this really happen? It is about 12 hours since the news broke and I am still in complete shock. Terrell Owens is a member of the Buffalo Bills!!!!

Was it a good move? Hell yes it was a good move. I can't think of one reason why it wasn't a good move. Owens signed a 1 year 6.5 million dollar contract. There is no long term liability associated with T.O. If he doesn't work out, he is gone next year. T.O. is 35 years old. He knows that if he is an asshole with the Bills this year and this experiment fails, he will not get another chance elsewhere. This may be the most important year of T.O.'s career...and the best/smartest/ballsiest move the Bills have ever made.

A lot of experts are saying that this is a terrible fit. To them I say, how? The Bills need a play maker at wide receiver with some size opposite Lee Evans. That is who T.O. is. These assholes (ie. Merril Hoge, Len Pasquerrelli, among others) have no clue what they are talking about saying this is basically destined for failure.

Let's just think about what this guy will bring to the table. The Bills instantly became relevant in the national media. That hasn't happened since the K Gun was racking up 30 points a game. The Bills wide receiving core...Evans, uhhh S. Johnson, Reed, Parrish, uhhh Hardy/Jenkins all of a sudden may be the best in the entire NFL with Evans opposite Owens and with Reed and Parrish in the slot. With zero threat opposite Lee Evans, teams have been able to roll their defense towards him...this will no longer happen. Evans will benefit from this emmensely and will probably have the best year of his life.

T.O. will add touchdowns to this offense without a doubt. He helped improve both Dallas and Philadelphia's offenses as soon as he stepped foot on the field. Terrell Owens has had at least 10 touchdowns in each of his three seasons with the Cowboys. In his career, T.O. has had at least 10 touchdowns 8 times. The Bills have never had a wide receiver even close to this productive. Andre Reed had 1 10 touchdown receiving season, 1991. Eric Moulds had 1 in 2002. James Lofton never caught 10 touchdown passes in a season (and he is a hall of famer). Lee Evans has never caught 10 touchdowns in a season. Owens is probably the best receiver to have ever put on a Bills jersey. Jerry Rice had 9 years with at least 10 touchdowns, that is only ONE more than T.O.

The Bills players have to be excited. Trent Edwards now has the best wide receiving core in the league right up there with Boldin and Fitz...and if Boldin gets traded...then it is the best. I challenge you to name a tandem better than Owens and Evans. Dante Whitner interviewed on ESPN. He said T.O. will actually make not only the offense better, but the defense and special teams better as well (not sure how, but I like it). Fred Jackson interviewed with John Clayton and said him as well as Marshawn, who he allegedly had talked to on the phone, were very excited. Evans has to be excited to be able to finally get defenses off his back.

Most importantly, the Bills fans may be excited how after next season seemed like it would be as dismal as possible. I know I am. Fans may want to come out just to see T.O. who after all is almost a celebrity.

Owens adds instant credibilty to this franchise.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Owens signs with the Buffalo Bills 1 year deal

1 year $6.5 million



The Buffalo Bills and free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens have reached agreement on a one-year contract. There will be a press conference at 6:15 p.m. ET at the team’s headquarters.


Well, those rumors about Terrell Owens landing in Buffalo are more than rumors.

Jay Glazer and Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com report that Owens is at the Bills’ headquarters, and the Bills are trying to get a deal done.

Per Glazer and Marvez, Owens is scheduled to leave today.




Just drove around one bills drive and I didn't see anything. There was a guy at the security guard station so I just turned around. There was a channel 2 news van there but he was across the street sitting there like an asshole. I got nothin else at this point

T.O. to Buffalo? Doubt it

from PFT

It started with a link someone sent in from Sal Capaccio of SalSports.com.

Not long thereafter, some other information trickled in to PFT headquarters corroborating the notion.

The Buffalo Bills, not yet a member of the Anti-T.O. List, supposedly are interested in receiver Terrell Owens.

Per Capaccio, coach Dick Jauron initiated the process, lobbying the front office (which is now essentially run by non-football guy Russ Brandon) to consider Owens.

It’s unknown whether the Bills have a realistic chance of signing Owens. Earlier this week, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN (who hosted the Terrell Owens Christmas Special) said that T.O. wants to play for a team with a quarterback who can get him the ball (there’s a shock).

Smith specifically mentioned the Giants, Colts, and Patriots as preferred destinations.

In Buffalo, the quarterback is the unaccomplished Trent Edwards, whom Owens probably doesn’t regard as being worthy of T.O.’s talents.

The fact that Buffalo is interested is a bit surprising. But, as a practical matter, any of the teams that reportedly were interested in receiver Laveranues Coles would potentially be interested in Owens, and the Bills reportedly were one of those teams.

The Bills also have investigated the possibility of signing Kelley Washington and Joey Galloway — so they’re clearly looking for help at wideout across from Lee Evans.

Though the Bills weren’t in on the one-team T.O. chase three years ago, it doesn’t mean as much in Buffalo as in other cities, since former G.M. Marv Levy was calling the shots in early 2006. With Levy gone, the possibility for a different outcome exists.

Our take? At best, an opportunity in Buffalo would be used to help generate interest on the part of other teams. But if no one else steps up, or if the Bills are willing to pay much more than any other team, T.O. could be getting his wish to play in New York, only not with the team that he originally wanted.

As anyone with a brain knows, Owens is not going to be playing for the Buffalo Bills in 2009 or ever but it is interesting that the Bills would even be considering TO. Jauron knows he is a joke and should have been fired so he is desperate at this point. Owens would arguably improve the team, bring some pub, and perhaps in Jauron's twisted head, he may believe Owens would improve his chances of completing five 7-9 seasons in a row.

Buttt we can still dream of Owens doing sit ups @ OBD while Drew yells NEXT QUESTION to Jerry Sullivan

Friday, March 6, 2009

Clayton thinks Lynch will do time

From ESPN:
ESPN's John Clayton believes that Marshawn Lynch is facing a 2-4 game suspension after pleading guilty to illegal gun charges Thursday.

Clayton thinks the league will hold Lynch's 2008 hit-and-run incident against him when his case is reviewed under the conduct policy. The league does not take gun incidents lightly, and Buffalo is actively pursuing contingency plans.
Source: ESPN Insider

Not sure what a minor traffic infraction is considered a first offense but according to Clayton it is enough. True guns aren't a joke, but it was in his trunk its not like it was in his sweatpants band. Whatever, hopefully this all comes down sooner than later. Don't forget where you came from Goodell.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dearth of wide outs available sorta

by Steve

T.O. just got cut, Torry Holt wants out, Braylon Edwards is on the block, Harrison, Reggie Williams, Joey Galloway, Engram, Curry, Drew Carter are all available and the list goes on. But of course the Bills wouldn't sign someone like TO or trade for Edwards, but what about any number of dudes listed above.

Reggie Williams (oh shit i just saw he got a dwi and charged with possession so cross him out) But uh damn. Galloway and Harrison are 37 and probably have another year or two in them don't they? Maybe. I say call the Browns and see what they want, if not wait it out for Torry Holt.

Buttt wouldn't you just love it if to game to Buffalo. Doing push ups and sit ups @ OBD, Drew Hosenhaus yelling 'NEXT QUESTION' Jerry Sullivan getting pwned. #81 jerseys flying off shelves??!!! NEXT QUESTION. Helicopters swirling while TO rips his shirt off to continue his sit up regiment. At least he would publicly rip Jauron and it would be fun. Maybe Ed Werder would have to actually leave the Cowboy compound for a hot minute too!

Tight End is a much more pressing need at this juncture any way.

No jail for Lynch instead will rake leafs

by Steve

From WGR550:

Bills running back Marshawn Lynch has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor weapon possession charges in California. Lynch's agent, Micah Schwartzbach confirmed the guilty plea and stated that Lynch will serve no jail time.

Lynch will have to serve 80 hours of community service and will be on probation for 3 years.

The Bills back will still have his case reviewed by the NFL. He could face a suspension under the Personal Conduct policy. The running back was not penalized by the league last summer after facing hit-and-run charges in downtown Buffalo.

Lynch offered a public apology:
“I have made mistakes in the past. Although I have learned many lessons over recent years, I obviously have not learned enough.
I apologize to my family, the Buffalo Bills organization, my teammates, the Buffalo community, and
Commissioner Goodell. I have already learned from this recent mistake and am sincerely committed to being a more responsible citizen and better representative of the NFL.”

Anyone that thought Marshawn was going to jail for this is an idiot. Not sure if he has the best attorney of all time but the dude is a balla. He knows how to get shit done. Hopefully this is the end of the guns charge and the next thing well hopefully there won't be a next think but who knows with Lynch.

If Goodell is in a favorable mood, which he problem isn't right now, but whatever, he'll get AT WORST 2 game suspension. In reality this is not his second strike. He had a traffic ticket last time. In everyones minds we all know this is his second strike though. I mean Roger don't want me goin to the scrip club I don't see no problem wit goin to the scrip club. I WAS BEIN REBELLION.

Oh yeah, back to the topic on hand. Lynch two games at worst, and the mofo better start staying in on the weekends.

Sabres trade deadline reaction

by Steve

My score, B-. The team's reaction, A+. Trade deadline day in Buffalo was nearly perfect. We picked up a back up goaltender so Enroth didn't have to be thrown to the wolves, and we picked up a middle of the road center who can put the puck in the net one and a while and can win faceoffs. Plus we gave up relatively nothing. And we dumped Kotalik. And we rolled the Canadians.

The only thing left off that list? Signing Tim "tin can" Connolly to a two year $9 million extension. WTF Darc? Three years ago you gave up three years $8.7 million and he has played 79 games (18 left this year) 18 goals 48 assists. AND HE GETS A RAISE?????? We just got bamboozled. Who is his agent? All I wanna know is, how many out of the next 180 games will he play? Half would be a good number, Christ. At best I would have offered 1 year same salary, at best.

I know he wasn't traded, but how about a player like Jonathan Cheechoo? He was on the trade block allegedly, and he is signed for two more seasons at $3.5 per. Yes, he is having a down year but isn't that what everyone was saying about Marleau last year?

Lets hope Dominque Moore balls, Lalime continues to play well and Vanek gets his groove back. This team is still in trouble. Pittsburgh got better and has sick players, Florida is a dangerous team because no one cares, and the Rangers and Hurricanes reloaded. If they don't make it, Ruffs head must roll.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coles Signs with Bengals


The Bills are a joke. They couldn't even be more appealing than Cincinatti...possibly the only franchise left in the NFL that is a bigger joke than the Bills. I hate the Bills. Oh well, at least this leaves the door open for my boy Stevey Johnson to emerge as the Bills number 2...or number 1...receiver. If you haven't heard, it is 4 years 28 million dollars. Apparently Laveranues didn't want to play for a perennial loser with terrible coaching and no general manager. I can't blame him. Why would you want to play for a team with zero prayer of making the playoffs any time soon when you are 31 years old? Yeah, the fan base isn't comparable and the Bengals are pathetic...but at least their franchise won't be moving in 3 years and they don't have to play a home game in a dome in Canada. What can I say? What a travesty. The Bills huge free agent signing this offseason was Drayton freaking Florence. This will get the fans excited about the upcoming season. Holy Christ...is it baseball season yet?

Sabres Acquire Dominic Moore from Toronto

From USA Today:

Dominic Moore - C - Maple Leafs
The Maple Leafs have dealt Dominic Moore to Buffalo for a second round draft pick.
The pick originally belonged to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Moore has 12 goals and 29 assists this season in 63 games.

Sabres Acquire Goalie

The Sabres made their 2nd move of the day today by trading a 4th round pick to the Coyotes for goaltender Mikael Tellqvist. Thus far this season he is 7-5 with a 2.86 GAA and a .915 save percentage. Compare that to Lalime this season who is 2-9-2 with a 2.91 GAA and a .903 save percentage. It looks as if the Sabres will have to decide what to do with Lalime...no way they would trade for Tellqvist if he wasn't going to be the number two goaltender.

Chambers Resigned

Bills resign Kirk Chambers, offensive tackle. He played in every game last year and started 4. He provides good depth behind Peters (who will probably hold out or get hurt) and Walker. I like the move.

June and Foster at OBD

Cato June and Deshaun Foster are visiting One Bills Drive this afternoon. Hopefully we don't sign either of these scum bags.

Connolly Offered Contract

TSN has reported that Tim Connolly has been offered a two year deal worth $9 million by the Sabres. We will keep you posted on any news that surfaces before today's 3 PM. trade deadline.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thurman's Pissed

From the Buffalo News:
03/03/09 06:49 AM

Thurman’s fired up

Count Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas among the discontented in Bills Nation.

The Bills great expressed his angst over the state of the team during a fundraising event Saturday night for Spencer Crest Nature Center in Corning.

The Corning Leader reported that during a question-and-answer session, Thomas told a crowd of about 100: “The team I can’t stomach the most when I watch them is probably the Buffalo Bills,” Thomas said to laughs.

“I’m serious. They stink. They need some better football players,” Thomas said.

Thomas also pulled no punches regarding running back Marshawn Lynch, who was arrested on gun charges last month in California.

“If I was the GM [general manager], he’d be out of there,” Thomas said.

--Mark Gaughan

Bills sign Drayton Florence

from PFT

The Buffalo Bills have agreed to terms with free agent cornerback Drayton Florence, striking a two-year deal worth $6.6 million that can grow to as much as $7.3 million with incentives, according to a league source.

Florence was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars following last season.

Florence had been linked to the San Diego Chargers as a possible re-signing, but the Bills pulled the trigger on Florence tonight.

Um, not sure how to feel about this one. He was cut by the Jags for a reason. This clearly rules out Greer returning and ends any cornerback issues the team had.

The dude isn't a real ball hawk, five interceptions total the last 3 years, but has stayed healthy playing at least 15 games each of the last 3 years. Yet another blah signing from OBD. Here is what was said about him yesterday.

Some other interesting tid bits. Dude signed a massive contract last year with JAX so somebody must have saw something in him before a mediocre 2008 campaign. Also from his "wikipedia page" Dude sounds like kind of a cheap shot balla, i like it "The NFL fined San Diego Chargers cornerback Drayton Florence $15,000 for the illegal hit he put on Houston Texans Quarterback Matt Schaub on Sunday October 28th. On an interception return, Florence drilled Schaub from the blind side, and he was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness."

More FA Visits


The Bills will host free agents Cato June Pat Thomas and Kevin Jones Tuesday evening into Wednesday. Cato June is a small linebacker who can play in a Tampa 2 and that's it. There is no way, hopefully, that we are bringing this twerp in to start. Pat Thomas played sparingly for the Chiefs last year. And as for Jones, he tore the Bills up in week 6 of the 2006 season. Other than that, he is a bum and I still don't know why we are entertaining running backs. We must really think Lynch is going to miss some time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Drayton Florence in talks with Bills

from PFT

It remains to be seen whether the Chargers swap out Cromartie for Florence; we’re told that Drayton Florence remains in talks with the Chargers and the Bills.

The article also mentions Cromartie being on the block if the Chargers sign Florence so that would be another option although much less likely since it would cost more and we'd have to give up picks.

ESPN.com scouting report:

Florence is a five-year veteran who always has shown a lot of promise, but something is missing. He split time on the right perimeter last season and wasn't bad, but he's still a half-step away from being a quality NFL starter. He has a very good combination of size, speed and agility, but he seems to suffer from brain cramps and will hesitate too often at the wrong time. He lacks ideal hip fluidity, but he can turn and run pretty well with speed receivers and occasionally shows a bit of recovery burst when he loses a step. He isn't much of a playmaker when the ball is in the air, and he misses some interception opportunities because he lacks good ball skills.

Housh and Coles Update

TJ signed with Seattle...5 years, $40 million, $15 million guaranteed. Coles should now decide soon...too bad he is scheduled to visit the Bengals tomorrow. The Bills blew it...no chance Coles comes here in my opinion. Our only hope is Steve Johnson emerges onto the scene.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bills interested in Brian Waters

via a trade from scout.com..

The Buffalo Bills are interested in trading for disgruntled Kansas City Chiefs guard Brian Waters, according to a trusted source.

The Bills, in the market for a new left guard after releasing Derrick Dockery on Thursday, could be looking to land the four-time Pro Bowler for a deal similar to the Marcus Stroud trade last year, when they gave up third and fifth round draft picks.

Waters has become disenchanted with the additions to the Chiefs organization. According to Kansas City Star writer Jason Whitlock, Waters asked for his release after new general manager Scott Pioli said he had no interest in meeting him. Whitlock said that Waters was “offended and shocked.”

Also according to the report, several Arizona Cardinals, including Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, gave new head coach Todd Haley less than glowing reviews. Haley was called “condescending and ignored by veterans.”

While Waters is 32 years of age and the Chiefs offensive line struggled mightily, there is little doubt about his ability to perform. He would be an instant upgrade over Dockery and could give Buffalo one of the finer left sides of the offensive line in the NFL alongside Jason Peters.

The Bills would likely have to give Waters a new deal. He’s in the fourth year of a six year, $26.5 million deal and has made no bones about declaring himself underpaid.

While an interest in a Waters trade hasn’t been made public, a source inside the organization tells me the Bills are “very much interested in him.”

Pioli refused to honor his request to be released and weren’t open to trading him. But that could change after the Chiefs lost a second-round pick in acquiring Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots. By trading the displeased Waters, the club could recoup draft picks as well as not have their new franchise quarterback hampered with an offensive line that includes an exceedingly unhappy left guard.