Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bud Selig is teh suckx

by Steve

Who the fuck wins a world series after playing 4 innings? Thanks for ruining one of the most important sports in America. The World Series is called the fall classic for a reason. It isn't call the MAKE MONEY FOR THE NETWORKS AT ALL COST FUCK THE FANS AND THE TEAMS CLASSIC. WTF?!?

The forecast for the game Monday, by the by against MNF when the NFL was classy enough to not schedule a game Sunday night so it wouldn't be against baseball yet baseball wasn't classy enough to NOT schedule a game against MNF, was rainy as fuck. The forecast for Tuesday was worse. Oh yea did I forget to mention the game Saturday didn't start til 10 pm EST and ALCS game 6 was preempted by the Steve Harvey show? E-M-B-A-R-A-S-S-M-E-N-T WOW.

So the Rays lost. True I hate the Phillies. But neither manager was particularly adept. Why take the bat out of the reigning mvp, J-ro? Why not have a starter begin the 6th and 7th innings for both teams. Why leave a righty in to face a lefty in the 7th. Where was David Price before it was too late?

Why did it take 5 games for Maddon to realize Longoria was over matched? Where was Pena? Why did the Rays not take any pitches? How did Lidge find is groove back? Why is McCarver and Buck so terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible and lost when it comes to baseball? Why do bars not put HD on when they have HD TVs?

Fuck Bud Selig for ruining the World Series. Fuck Charlie Manual for getting lucky. Congrats Phillie fans you don't know how it is to be a true suffering franchise.

Go Bills

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bills Embarrassed 26-15

by Steve

That was a long dream. About 7 weeks long. The Bills were actually good for nearly two months. Dick Jauron, Trent Edwards, Perry Fewell and the defense... they all had us bamboozled. They had us believing. Then we went down to South Beach.. and got totally trashed.

Two score lead in the third quarter. All the momentum, and we let them roll off 18 straight unanswered points? Dick Jauron is our coach for another three years? What a terrible fuckin day.

At first I was solely blaming Trent Edwards for this loss. He held the ball too long, he tried to make plays when there truly was no play there to make. He turned the ball over. He took sacks. He was Trent JP Losman Edwards. TJPLE killed his team single handily.. period. How can you fumble on a QB draw? The real Losman knew how to do that. How do you take a safety in the fourth quarter of a one score game? Losman knows that one too.

Alright fine TJPLE isn't that good. He is no where near a top 5 QB in this league. He is a slightly above average quarterback that has to learn a shit load before this team can be taken seriously. But enough with TJPLE, on to that joke of a defense.

Thanks Terrance McGee. Thanks medical staff for allowing this dude to embarrass himself, his team, and his family. He personally turned Ted Ginn Jr into Jerry Rice circa '89. How can a team consistently have ZERP pass rush? It is a shock to the system any time this team gets pressure let alone a sack. Fuckin joke.

And finally, Dick "I just signed a 3 year extension" Jauron. He has 1 career winning season. 0 playoff victories. He averages 9 terrible challenges a year. He averages 4-5 choke job no shows on the road a season. WHAT EXACTLY WAS HE CHALLENGING ON THAT PUNT? Where was MArshawn on the first drive in the red zone? Unless he was hurt Jauron should be fired for allowing Fred Jackson to carry 3 times inside the five consecutively.

This team is fucked. 5-2 might as well be 2-5 at this point. We need to win 4 division games to have a chance at winning the AFC East and now have a major up hill battle to get there. See you in Buffalo in a few weeks Dolphins. Errrrrrrrrrrr, thanks Ralph.

Reality Check


As soon as Dick Jauron gets you thinking he might actually be a decent head coach...a game like today has to happen. The Bills gave Dick Jauron a contract extension through 2011 as reported by NFL network today. As soon as they do that, Dick Jauron realizes once again that he is Dick Jauron.

Bad coaching decision number one happened before the game even began. Could they not tell during practice all week that Terrance McGee was not even close to read to play football? The dude got torched by Ted Ginn Jr. His 175 yards basically eclipsed his season total. Ted freaking Ginn Jr. lit up our number one corner back. Leodis McKelvin at 100% would be better than McGee today who had no business being on a football field.

Bad coaching move number two happened on the Bills first possession. First off, Marshawn Lynch was on the bench for 3 consecutive plays inside the 10 yard line. I have heard a rumor than he was banged up...I don't know how valid that is because he was out there on the Bills next drive. If he wasn't hurt and wasn't out there, then that is a huge huge mistake...he might be the best running back inside the 10 yard line in the NFL. Secondly, YOU NEVER EVER EVER kick a field goal on 4th down and goal from the 1 yard line in the first quarter EVER. You never do that. It makes zero sense to ever do that. Grow a sack and go for it. If you get stuffed, the Dolphins will get the ball at the 1 yard line. Chances are you will be getting the ball back in great field position anyways and the odds will be in your favor to get at least a field goal on that drive.

Bad coaching move number three happened in the 4th quarter. Miami punted and downed it at the 3 yard line. Dick Jauron, after a commercial break where he had a nice long chance to think about this, decided to challenge whether or not an illegal touching happened. Jauron thought Miami's player was out of bounds when the ball hit him at the 3. If the Bills won this challenge, there would have been a 5 yard penalty and we would have started at the 8 yard line. Is it worth risking a time out to challenge a play that would result in only a 5 yard penalty?

Why did Marshawn Lynch only have 13 carries today? If I was him it would be about the time I would start to get pissed off. The guy is a tank and should be getting at least 20 carries a game. Are they saving him for later in the year? It was evident that the Bills could run the ball today, after all, Lynch was averaging nearly 5 yards per carry and Jackson 4.1...why didn't the Bills utilize the run more? Against the Chargers, the Bills refused to abandon the they didn't use it enough (23 runs vs. 35 passes).

Trent didn't have his best day today but that doesn't make me think any differently about how good of a player he is. The fumble was a bone headed rookie can't reach the ball out like that...that was Losman esche. The Bills were marching and that fumble killed them.

Finally, when is enough enough for Robert Bob Royal? The guy is an absolute embarrassment to tight ends everywhere. Seriously, I would be embarrassed to say that I am a tight end, knowing that I play the same position as Robert Bob Royal. This guy is a complete joke. Every single game he either fumbles or takes a stupid penalty. From day 1 this guy has been a complete joke (see Patriots game, block in the back in 2006...). Do the Bills coaches really think he is the answer at tight end? This guy kills us more than he helps us. How does the Bills front office not get that deal done for Gonzalez at the dead line? I don't care if he wanted to go to the Giants or if he didn't want to go to another small market. I am sure he could have been talked into coming to Buffalo rather than staying in much worse is it here? KC does have an MLS team, I'll give them that.

If we just look the big picture, the Bills are 5-2 tied for first place with the Patriots...This loss brings the Bills back down to earth. Hopefully this week the Bills will spend more time watching film and less time being interviewed by the national media. The Bills will be back to being the third best team in their division in the eyes of the national media this week again and I like it. The line next Sunday opened at 4.5...I would be willing to bet that this will be somewhere around 3.5 or 4 by game time. Bet your mortgage on the Bills...if the Bills lose next week, they will be 5-3 and probably will then turn around and lose to New England making them 5-4. Next Sunday is officially the first must win game of the season.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Donte Whitner suspension rumor

Nothing official, but still not good

Rumored list of banned players:
Deuce McAllister (NO)
Will Smith (NO)
Donte Whitner (BUF)
Leon Washington (NYJ)
Warrick Dunn (TB)
Jason Ferguson (MIA)
Eddie Royal (DEN)
Ben Utecht (CIN)
Malcolm Floyd (SD)
Dawan Landry (BAL)
Cornelius Griffen (WAS)

ESPN is saying it is only 8 players

Three members of the New Orleans Saints -- running back Deuce McAllister and defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant -- are among a number of NFL players confirmed to have tested positive under the NFL's steroid policy, ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen reports.

Mortensen confirmed through league and union sources on Saturday that the number of pending cases on the positive tests in violation of the steroids policy is eight.

Sources also have confirmed for Mortensen that four of the eight have tested positive for the diuretic Bumetanide, which belongs to a subset of medicines known as water pills that enable users to lose weight , but it is unclear who those four players are.

Mortensen also confirmed that Houston Texans long snapper Bryan Pittman is among those players to test positive for using a weight-loss supplement.

Fox Sports is saying the drug people are testing positive for was for weight loss not an actual steroid.
"A highly-placed league source maintains weight loss was the goal. "It seems to be clear that most of these players were doing it to cut weight."

"I know that a few of these players have had weight issues."

The source suggested some players may not even know Bumetanide is a banned substance in the NFL."

We'll see what happens I guess

Friday, October 24, 2008

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the game that will be week 8. Bills @ Miami. No one is scared of Chadwick, period.

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Bills Phins


The biggest game of the season thus far is Sunday. Yeah, nice win last week but divisional play starts now no game is guaranteed. Miami is a tough football team...they beat the Chargers and destroyed the Patriots in Foxboro. It seemed like they were turning things around until last week when they got hammered at home by Baltimore. The fact is, Miami is a desperate football team and they know that this game is an absolute must win if they want to salvage their season.

The Dolphins have found success this season with their new "wildcat" offense. Too bad I think defenses have figured it out. Miami loves putting Ronnie Brown at QB, with Ricky Williams in the backfield and Pennington spread out wide. The only problem one is scared of Ricky Williams any more...and sorry, but Pennington isn't going to beat anyone deep. Basically, as far as I can tell with my limited football knowledge is key on Ronnie Brown getting the snap and this offense is very defensible.

Against New England, Miami ran for 216 yards, 167 vs. the Chargers, 96 vs. Houston, and 71 vs. the Ravens. Notice a trend here? Looks to me like teams have gotten this little wrinkle Tony Soprano or Sporano threw into the offense.

On the injury front, the Bills will be without starting right guard Brad Butler and $50 million dollar pro bowl defensive end Aaron Schobel. This means Denney will get a lot of action at right end (ugh) and Jason Whittle or Duke Preston will see playing time at right guard. Terrance McGee is questionable...and quite frankly...if he isn't healthy he might as well sit this one out...I am not saying that this game is a push over at all (in fact deep down I think Miami is going to win) but...who are we to be afraid of at wide receiver for the Dolphins? Greg Camarillo is Miami's leading receiver. David Martin, Patrick Cobbs, Anthony Fasano are the next three on the list...all ahead of perhaps the worst draft pick in recent memore, Ted Ginn Jr. Who are these guys? I have enough faith in our secondary to defend these nobodies even without McGee in there...and that is with McKelvin seeing significant playing time again and let's face it...he is bad.

Offensively, the Bills will face a defense that features linebacker Joey Porter, who is 2nd in the league with 8.5 sacks. This Bills leading sackers are Mitchell and Stroud...with 2 each. the 50 million dollar man has one sack in 5 games played. Seriously? 50 million dollars and the dude has one sack. Can we trade Aaron Schobel while people still think he is worth something? Back to the offense...the Bills have at times this year looked very good, almost unstoppable with Trent Edwards, MVP candidate, best QB in the league, at the helm. He is currently ranked 4th in the NFL in passer rating...He completes 69.7 percent of his passes...2nd in the NFL...7.95 yards per attempt...6th in the league...He has only thrown 2 Ints...(1.3% interception percentage...3rd in the league), I could go on and find some more obscure stats as to why he is so good...but how about this one? He has started in 15 games in his career, 2 of which he was injured in, therefore he has played in only 13 games and oh yeah, he's only 23...and out of those 13 games he has completed...the Bills are 9-4. If Trent keeps doing what he's been doing...not turning it over, not taking silly sacks, and keep converting 3rd downs, the Bills should be in good shape.

Marshawn Lynch is so beyond due to have a big game. He keeps getting 70 or 80 yards every week...or less...he has 389 yards this season in 6 games which is less than 70 per game. He does have 5 touchdowns...but if I do some quick math here, he is only on pace for about 1,030 yards and 13 touchdowns. I like the 13 touchdowns, but the yards need to improve. That means our offensive line needs to develop an attitute in the running game because the run blocking is pitiful. This Sunday can provide the perfect opportunity for Lynch to finally get over the century mark for the 2nd time in his career.

This game scares really does...and like I said, deep down I don't think the Bills will win. However, I am still going to pick them to win easily. Miami is a bad football team. They have no talent...their QB is Chad Pennington. But, they are desperate and I still have no confidence in Dick Jauron on the road. Although, Trent Edwards is our QB, not JP Losman.

Bills 31 Dolphins 9

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sabres @ Minny

by Steve

Whoa its Sabres season too! The Sabres are 5-0-1, meaning one overtime loss.. I guess and shockingly have the same record as the Bills. Has that ever happened before? The season, at this point, pretty much won't start for a lot of people until after the bills season ends but I'll try to update the comings and goings at 1 Seymore Knox Plaza from time to time.

The Sabres are in the midst of a campaign-esque trip through a couple swing states in the mid west tonight going @ Minnesota and Saturday @ Colorado. Both interesting games, mostly because the Wild are 4-0 and Colorado is seemingly always good.

Problem is no Rivet for 2-4 weeks with a knee scope and Gaustad Hecht and Connolly are still out. Some how the team continues to scrap win games and add to their point total. They have yet to lose in regulation and a big part of the early success has to be attributed to the goaltending, especially Lalime. T-bo sucked last year, and this dude is giving Miller a much needed breather between back to back games and tough road trips.

Also they are doing this without a goal from Afinogenov, Roy or Paille. I don't know maybe the defense and goaltending are that much better or it is the play of their only potential superstar, gulp, Thomas Vanek.

This dude is scorching the Earth right now. Seven goals in 6 games and he had the SO game winner against Boston. I'd be shocked to say this before the season or last year but I think he'll continue to pound the back of the net and carry this team on his back for stretches. Maybe I'm blowing my load a bit prematurely but he has looked great thus far. Perhaps finally he will earn that huge contract he got before last season.

Any way, Paetsch will be stepping in for Rivet, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Weber around before too long.

Sweet RJ video:

Bills notes`

Bills Sabres road trip anyone? Sabres play at Bruins 11/8 Bills play at Patriots 11/9 also Sabres @ Devils 12/12 Bills @ Jets 12/14 lest we forget the Jets play in New Jersey

John Digiorgio is out for the year with a knee.

Bills and Chargers video

Terrance McGee practiced today and believes he will play Sunday.

Also rumors of Brady's knee being worse than anticipated w/ an infection!!

Trent Highlights

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies @ Tampa Bay Rays WS preview

by Steve

Alright, I gave you the Rays and Phils before the League Championship Series started so I might as well give you a World Series lock as well.

The Rays are coming into this World Series as the least likely team in perhaps the history of baseball to be playing for a Championship. They were the worst team in the league last year. They had little to no playoff experience before October 1, AND lost games 5 and 6 of the ALCS and some how are in the drivers seat to win the fall classic.

The Rays have better all around pitching, home field advantage, momentum, and a solid 1 through 9 that can mash and show up in the clutch. Upton and Longoria are like the bash brothers with out roids. Garza and Kazmir are like Maddux and Glavine 15 years ago and Carl Crawford is Kenny Lofton circa 96. This team is scary.

Their manager, John er Joe Maddon, is the glue that keeps this young crop of studs together. He is the pulse of this team. He is easily manager of the year, and will undoubtedly shoot to super stardom by the end of the month.

Really the only flaw in their game right now is late innings and small ball. If they mash they won't need small ball especially in Citizens bank ball park. Also if young stud future ace David Price can continue to shut down players late in games, their flaws will be non-existent. I mean seriously. If this team could beat the Red Sox in the ALCS AFTER choking away game 5 and losing in game 6 how could they possibly lose to the Phils?

Utley, Howard and J-Ro three possible MVPs are the only reason. That and future multiple Cy Young winner Cole Hammels. Problem is these three beasts haven't all been clicking at the same time. Howard has struggled to get on and hit above .230, Utley is tired, and J-ro is I guess just slumping.

They will need Hammels to probably pitch three times if this thing goes 7 and I don't think that is possible. Myers has found his game back since a mid season demotion to AAA so he could be a wild card in all of this but Hammels will need to be dominant for this team to flourish. That and get the rock to a stunningly stellar Brad Lidge.

True, you can't count out role players like Werth and on again off again sluggers like Burrell. But the only other player that can have a major impact is the guy I hate the most. The feisty, scrappy, grimy, whiley Flying Hawaiian Shane Victorinio. This dude doesn't just get under my skin, he gets under everyones. He's like a more skilled Pierzynski. If he's runnin' around the bases, making web gems in Center and producing at the dish this series could easily go 7.

Problem is Philly has been on the shelf for longer than the Winter Meetings and have history staring them in the face. Don't get me wrong I'm a National League guy, but there are a few teams I can't root for. Cards, Braves and yes the Phillies. So i'll be rooting for the Rays and I'm predicting the Rays... in 6

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bills 23 Chargers 14


For the first time since 1995, the Bills are 5-1 and it feels good. People criticize the Bills for not beating anyone good and thought they were overrated because of their performance against Arizona. This was a legit win, no questions asked. Yeah, the Chargers were 3-3...but if it wasn’t for Ed Hochuli’s blown fumble call and that last second lucky pass by Delhomme opening day, San Diego would have been a 5-1 football team. The Chargers are good…and today, the Bills were without a doubt the better team.

The 12th man was on their games today. The stadium was rocking and for the entire first half, the casual fan would have had no idea what was going on…no scoreboard, no public address announcer, no power whatsoever, the concourse area was pitch black…no light in the bathrooms…the entire stadium was without power. Some balloons got caught in a transformer before the game which apparently caused it to blow up and I guess Ralph Wilson Stadium either didn’t have emergency generators or was too cheap to utilize them…probably the latter. Anyways, there was no power for much of the first half and the only way to watch the game was to be in Orchard Park.

I am going to start by giving credit where credit is due. Last year I constantly argued in favor of JP Losman and wondered why Trent Edwards was playing and JP wasn’t. Well, now it would be an insult to even mention JP Losman’s name in the same sentence as Trent Edwards. Trent completed 19 of his first 20 passes…he finished the game 25-30 for 261 yards and a touchdown. He did not throw an interception. He did not fumble. He was not sacked. Perhaps the biggest play of the game came on a 12 yard scramble in the third quarter on third and 7. San Diego took the lead 14-13 and the Bills were in danger of going three and out…but Trent was able to run for a first down…what a huge play at the time. Trent was accurate all day, always found the open guy…he completed passes to 7 different receivers. Great pass to Parrish on the sideline on the drive that produced the game winning points. Great pass to Lee Evans to get a first down late in the 4th quarter after being pinned at the 1 yard line. I can remember every single one of Trent Edwards incomplete passes today…swing pass to Lynch that he dropped, pass knocked down at the line on third down late in the 2nd quarter inside the Charger 5, on the Bills final field goal drive, he had a pass knocked down on a rollout that intended for Royal, a deep out to Josh Reed that was barely tripped at the last second and he missed Royal on an out pattern in the third quarter. Whenever you can remember every incomplete pass your QB threw on the day when he attempts 30 passes…you know it was a good day.

Todays game, and Edwards season thus far brings up a few important questions.
  1. How many Qbs in this league would you rather have on your team right now than Trent Edwards? I can’t really think of any. Yeah Cutler, Manning and Rivers are all young, good players and Cutler and Rivers can probably be mentioned in the same breath as Trent right now. Obviously Eli has a ring which sets him apart. You may be thinking Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, McNabb, Brees…etc…but don’t forget that Trent is this good already and is only 23 years old…hasn’t even started a full seasons worth of games…I don’t know if I would want to trade him for anyone in the entire league. Rivers and Edwards played head to head today…you tell me who outplayed who…Edwards didn’t turn it over at all…Rivers 3 times…you make that call.
  2. Is Trent Edwards the MVP of the league? Is there a guy in this league who is more valuable than him to his team? Without Trent, the Bills may have 3 wins right now…maybe even less.
The Bills defense stepped it up today in a big way. They allowed only 14 points to the leagues highest scoring offense. Tomlinson ran for less than 50 yards. They forced three key turnovers…all three turnovers were huge. The first one came after the Bills missed a 52 yard field goal and San Diego took over at the 42 yard line with a 7-3 lead. Rivers’ fumble led to a Lee Evans touchdown. The 2nd came with the Bills up by 6 in the 4th quarter when Kawika Mitchell intercepted a pass at the goaline to preserve the lead. Then Mitchell did it again when he forced a fumble on the Charger next drive in the 4th quarter to essentially ice the game. Of course I can’t be completely positive about our entire defense. Our defensive ends cannot generate anything close to a pass rush. It is pathetic. Ryan Denney should not be on an NFL team. If you took Trent Edwards, put him in a Denney jersey and threw him out there to play D end he would look exactly like Ryan Denney. Denney looks so skinny out there and actually had me wishing that Schobel was playing. Leodis McKelvin needs A LOT of work. He was completely owned on San Diego’s two touchdown passes…he really had no chance and looks overmatched out there. He doesn’t even really look dangerous on kickoffs to be honest with you. He needs to show me something really soon. Terrance McGee get better real soon. Why was Youboty even active today if he was too injured to even play? Get Reggie Corner in the game for Gods sake. Plug Chris Ellis in at D end for a rep…where is the 2008 draft class for the love of god?

What about the Bills running game? Lynch had 19 carries for 70 yards and a touchdown. Once again, not that good of numbers but this is to absolute no fault of his own. For some reason which I cannot figure out given the size of our offensive line, these guys just cannot run block. Lynch was getting hit at or before the line almost even time he touched the football. On one play Jason Whittle was thrown like 3 yards into the backfield right into Lynch that resulted in no gain. I give the Bills credit though…they never abandoned the run. They kept running the ball even though they were only getting 2 or 3 yards a carry. This finally paid off late in the third and in the 4th quarter with Lynch’s 9 yard touchdown run (Fred Jackson provided a sick block on this play completely plowing Quentin Jammer over…Lynch then hid behind Jackson on the side line so that Jackson would get all the congratulations…not Lynch), followed by a 19 yard run on the Bills next drive that led to the game iceing field goal. I give Dick and Turk credit for not abandoning the run.

What else can I say besides what a great win and it feels good to be a Bills fan for the first time this millennium probably. The Bills are 5-1 and in first place in the AFC East and trailing only one team in the conference…and the entire NFL. Can we start talking home field? Why not? We haven’t been able to have that conversation since like 1993 so we might as well have it. Can we talk about having an MVP candidate on our team? Again…why not? What about an NFL coach of the year? Why not? The road to the super bowl went through Orchard Park the last time it was held in Tampa…why not again? The next three games will be huge for the Bills…three divisional games, 2 of which are on the road…the Bills win 2 of these games, they will be 7-2...and their next 4 games are Cleveland at home, at Kansas City, San Francisco at home, Miami at the Rogers Centre. Can you say 11-2?

BIlls Chargas

It is 10:57 AM. and for some reason I am sitting on my computer and not at One Bills Drive yet. Yes, I am embarrassed and should be.

Today is the biggest home game for the Bills since 2004. A win today and the Bills are officially in the conversation as one of the favorites in the entire conference...after all, the Chargers were everyones pre season super bowl pick.

The line right now at the MGM is "Pk." The Chargers have been favored the majority of the week but the money has been on the Bills so far...which makes sense. How can a team that is 4-1 coming off a bye week be underdogs to a team who is 3-3, played a game Sunday night, and has to travel through three time zones during the week to play a 1:00 game on the east coast? No idea...but I still wouldn't bet on the Bills -1, +1, Pk or anything.

The game today will come down to two things in my opinion: Trent Edwards and Donte Whitner.

The Chargers offense this year leads the NFL in points per game with 29.7. This despite the fact that their star running back has been slowed down by his infamous big toe all year. Philip Rivers is tearing apart the NFL through the air...almost 1500 yards passing, 14 touchdowns and only 4 picks. The Bills are going to be without their number one corner and number one defensive end (although we all know Schobel is the equivalent of a number 3 at best, he sucks) but hopefully not having Chambers and having LT banged up still will offset this. The fact is...Edwards can't afford to turn the football over...and I have enough confidence in him not to do that. If we give the Chargers short fields, they will score in bunches. If JP Losman was playing in this game, I would predict a 20 point win for San Diego simply because he can't sustain a drive, convert a first down for his life or not turn the ball over...our D would be on the field for 45 minutes. Edwards can have a break out performance today...the Chargers pass D is ranked 31st in the league...and it is ranked that high because they fortunately were able to play the New England Patriots last week or else it would be dead last. If this game is a shootout, I think Edwards can keep up...although that type of game definitely does not favor us.

As far as the defense goes...last week makes everyone a little bit worried. We will need to pressure Rivers...we didn't touch Kurt Warner last week I don't think and he is the easiest QB in the league to force into mistakes. The biggest concern though is Antonio Gates. This dude always tears us apart. In 2005, Gates had 5 for 77 and a TD, in 2006, Gates had 7 for 90 and a TD. It is going to Donte Whitner's job to cover this dude and a top 10 pick safety should be able to do so. If Whitner struggles against Gates he will kill us all day, kind of like Jason Whitten did last year, and every good tight end we face for that matter. It is about time Whitner takes a step forward and no better opportunity than this.

The Bills need big plays from the Special Teams. Thankfully Roscoe Parrish will be back but the Chargers have a returner as good as Parrish in Darren Sproles. McKelvin needs to bust a kick at some point...he nearly had one against Oakland but somehow got tackled by Sebastian Janikowski. No advantage for either team here I would guess...

The Bills will be the talk of the conference this week if they can come up with this win. Today begins a stretch of 6 straight games vs the AFC...and after today the Bills have 3 in a row, 2 of which on the road, against teams in their is HUGE...Bills take it in a heard it hear first.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super chargers @ Bills preview

by Steve

Coast is useless and no one else submits shit so I'll post somethin quick.

  • Bills secondary sucks. The injuries are piling up. I don't like Greer. Bill Riviera might torch us.
  • LDT is still injured so he won't do shit. They don't have Turner the burner any more so the run game will be useless.
  • Our DEs blow. The only pressure we can get and need to get is from Stroud and Kyle Williams. Anyone remember McCargo?
  • Spencer Johnson, see you lined up on the outside.
  • Antonio Gates always tears us up, we're in trouble. Umm what you got Whitner?
  • Jauron vs. Turner? Yikes
  • Fuck AJ Smith
  • Trent needs to ball and I see it occurring.
  • Either team can win, turnovers and field position will pwn. Thank you Parrish, Yikes Sproules. Damn.. its a push. OK Coaching and QB play?
  • Anyone notice I haven't mentioned Marshawn? Either has anyone else in the league.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

San Diego Chargers @ Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the week 7 match up between the Chargers and Bills.

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Bills news and updates

  • Tony Gonzalez DID NOT want to play here per Adam Schefter
  • Tell Tony G to fuck off by emailing him at
  • McCargo is back on the roster AND practicing today.
  • SI ranks stadiums
  • Jerry Sullivan writes about Trent's head...“I’ll say this,” Edwards said. “I had an injury in college that put me in the ICU for five days and in the hospital for 10 days. It was a simple play. The defensive end came off the edge and hit my left quad. I thought my career might be in jeopardy.”
  • McGee and Fowler are not practicing today. Preston getting 1st team reps at Center. Schobell still has the protective boot on and most likely out for Sunday

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCargo fails again

by Steve


INDIANAPOLIS -- Defensive tackle John McCargo wanted a fresh start.

He'll have to go somewhere other than Indianapolis to get it.

John McCargo


McCargo failed his physical, voiding the trade that sent him from Buffalo to the Colts and sending his rights back to the Bills, Colts spokesman Craig Kelley confirmed Wednesday night. The Buffalo News, citing two league sources, reported on its Web site that the Colts found a bulging disc in his back, a detail Kelley could not confirm.

Buffalo Bills spokesman Scott Berchtold, in an e-mail to The Associated Press on Tuesday night, said: "It is our understanding that John did not pass the physical administered by the Colts and so he remains with the Buffalo Bills."

It was a stark contrast to the way Wednesday started, with Colts coach Tony Dungy embracing the addition of McCargo and talking about how a new system may be just what McCargo needed to jump-start his NFL career.

"He was a guy we had good grades on [coming out of college], and he happened to be available," Dungy said earlier Wednesday. "It's an area we could use some help. If he was playing great for them, obviously, we wouldn't have him now. But we think he can fit well into this system, and we're hoping a change of scenery is good for him."

McCargo arrived in Indianapolis on Wednesday morning, one day after the Bills dealt him to the Colts for an undisclosed draft pick. He did not practice.

McCargo's agent, Hadley Engelhard, did not respond to a phone message left by the AP.

In an interview late in the afternoon, McCargo acknowledged he was waiting to take a physical and said he was eager to show he could succeed in a new defensive system.

While he showed no real concerns about passing the exam, the former first-round draft pick does have a history of foot problems. He broke his left foot in college, then again in his rookie season and doctors had to re-break it during his rehabilitation process in the spring of 2007.

"We've just got to see how this physical thing goes," McCargo said. "Or how this physical thing is going to go. So I'm just waiting on them."

The collapse of the deal creates an awkward situation for all three parties.

Indianapolis had already waived defensive tackle LaJuan Ramsey, and Dungy said Wednesday the team was looking for an upgrade at defensive tackle. Indy had already allowed four running backs to top 100 yards this season and ranks 29th in the league against the run.

Meanwhile, in Buffalo, Bills coach Dick Jauron was asked Wednesday afternoon whether he considered McCargo a disappointment.

"There's certainly no benefit in me talking about it further than that to say I thought it was in our best interest and his, and we'll let it go," Jauron said. "We'll wish him the very best. He's with what we'd like to think is another good organization and a good football team."

McCargo wasn't much more forgiving.

"I think it's a better situation than what I was in," he said.

Clearly, McCargo struggled in Buffalo.

In 25 games with the Bills, he had only 2½ sacks, one forced fumble and never cracked the starting lineup. The Bills expected far more from the North Carolina State alum when they swung a draft-day trade with Chicago to move back into the first round and selected him 26th overall in 2006.

He missed 11 games as a rookie and never quite fit in with the Bills, so the Bills were content to trade him.

"I think it's pretty simple," Jauron said before word of the failed physical broke. "We thought it was in our best interest as a football team, and we actually thought it was in John's best interest, too. We made the deal, and we move on from there."

So now we have someone that didn't want to be here and we didn't want here AND he's injured Holy shit not ideal. I'm glad he's back, assuming he is able to play again this season but we'll see. If we cut him after the season during the season or before his rookie contract obviously I'll be as livid as anyone.

But everyone can agree this is a strange and akward situation. Maybe he'll just need a few weeks on the pine rest up and be ready for some divisional games. In all likely hood however he'll but put on IR and never heard from again. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

John McCargo waived err traded

by Steve

Alright, I was going to reserve this post for ripping up Marshawn Lunch[sic] and his lack of productivity but the "blockbuster trade" has come down and I need to comment on it. No, no.. no, no not Tony Gonzalez to the Bills for a 3rd and a 5th. John McCargo given to the Colts for an alleged 4th round draft pick in 2009. Wha?

First off, ya gotta love our DT depth. Stroud, Spencer Johnson, Kyle Williams then ____.. WTF?!?! Bobby April and his chirping in Jauron's ear is killin me. I don't get it I really just do not understand it. This trade is mind boggling.

Are they selling high while the dude has an credibility/stock value? Do DTs all of a sudden get worse in their 4th and 5th seasons in the National Football League? I would tend to think it would be the opposite.

I don't know maybe I just have the blinders on for Johnny Mc(no not McCain). McCargo has shown flashes of greatness. Clearly those flashes were too few and far between for Russ and co. I just fear this trade coming back to haunt us. Who knows perhaps the Colts don't even resign him after next year. If thats the case it won't matter, but letting this dude go for a 4th round pick makes no sense. Did they really need the roster spot? Were they that desperate for a 4th round pick next year? Was this suppose to be a piece to something larger that fell through?

Which leads me to not getting Tony Gonzalez. I can't really blame the Bills because a.) I have no idea what they offered. b.) I have no idea what the Chiefs wanted. c.) I don't know anything that went on, or if Tony G even wanted to be traded. IF however he got dealt somewhere else, I would be livid.

Russ was having at least an A- grade since taking over this squad but today put a major cloud over the joy I have had for this front office. Maybe McCargo will never live up to his billing, never play to the caliber of a first round pick. Whatever the case, after 2.5 seasons and an early injury that stunted his early growth, another 9 games could have painted a much clearer picture on this dude's National Football League career.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Buffalo Sabres season preview

by Steve

Oh, its a couple days late? Well... there are 80 games left. The big question was why would the Sabres be any better or worse than last year? Nothing seemingly has changed since last season. Campbell is out, Rivet is in. Connolly is out, Numminen is in. Pominville got paid, Miller got paid, and most of the young guns are in Portland. So nothing really did change right? Left, er wrong.

Obviously this team did not have a true captain last year. If they had one he or she would have been named the permanent captain this year. (Thanks for screwing us last year Regier) In steps Rivet. (Thanks for helping us this year Regier) The dude is hard. He is a stay at home defenseman. He is kind of a beast. He isn't Campbell, and thats a good thing. He is a captain. Craigy is exactly what this team DID NOT have in 07/08. He will be the reason the Sabres make the playoffs somewhere in the 5th 6th or 7th seed ala 05/06.

The other difference not mentioned above. THE BACK UP GOALIE STUPID. T-bo was god damn awful last year. A joke, a travesty, he made the entire team worse and that goes double for Millsie. Millsie wasn't that good last year. Millsie was average at best. Millsie will be better this year because of Patrick Lalime. We saw it already today against the Islanders in a blow out. True the Sabres scored 7 goals but early in the second period it was still only 1-0. A cheap goal and the game could have swung big time.

If Lalime plays any better than Jocelyne this team will be exponentially better this season. Millsie will get to rest and the team won't have to press when the back up is in there.

Teppo being back could have a lasting effect on an awful defense as well. He is a wiley vet and has a calming effect on the whole team. Maybe because he can't get worked up because of heart problems, but still, he is calm. I don't like him, and I thought he was a detriment to the team at times in 06/07 but what do I know. The defense some how DID play worse last year without him. Plus if he does go out for another heart surgery and misses a few games, now Weber, Andrej and Paetsch will have last year as experience that hopefully elevates their game.

Normally I would reserve this area for ripping on the $7 million man but he IS on pace for 123 goals which would be pretty good. So I'll let him slide until he hits his usual Satan-esque cold streak. For now I'll focus on the three amigos. The three contract year bums. Connolly, Kotalik, and Afinganov. These three have to play better than last year. For Connolly, he just has to play(which won't happen). For the other two, they need to be less putrid. If that happens this team could be looking something like the 05/06 team in that they made it not only to the playoffs but dominated until Carolina got a few lucky breaks and the defense all caught staff infections or something.

6th seed 2nd round loss in 7 to the Rangers or Philly

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Gonzalez rumors

A second and a sixth for the 32 year-old tight end? It is all pretty much just hear say on message boards and alleged anonymous sources. He has 3 years left on his deal after the '08 season, he signed a 5 year extension in January last year, but the dude has played in 12 seasons. Lotta mileage. But I'm sure he would have gotten both feet in bounds against Tennessee two years ago, I'm sure of that. Oh yea, and the trade deadline is Tuesday.

Gonzalez gonzo?

Mutliple reports are coming out that Tony Gonzalez could be shipped, the asking price, for now, is ridiculous.

Tony Gonzalez, the most productive tight end in NFL history, will be traded to a contender if the Kansas City Chiefs get the right price.

ESPN's Michael Smith first reported the fact Gonzalez was to be shopped Saturday.

A league source confirmed to ESPN that Gonzalez went to Chiefs GM Carl Peterson and inquired about a trade to a contender earlier this week.

Tony Gonzalez


Gonzalez, who holds the NFL tight end record for receptions, touchdown catches and yards receiving, is active in civic and charitable affairs and enjoys great popularity in Kansas City. He has always said he would like to end his career with the Chiefs, who drafted him in the first round out of California in 1997.

But the Chiefs (1-4) are rebuilding from the bottom up and not likely to contend for the Super Bowl any time soon. In spite of all his personal accomplishments, Gonzalez, 32, has never even won a postseason game.

He would like an opportunity to play in a Super Bowl and the rebuilding Chiefs would like to acquire extra draft picks.

The Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles have been in contact with the Chiefs regarding Gonzalez.

The Giants traded tight end Jeremy Shockey to New Orleans last summer for Nos. 2 and 5 drafts pick in 2009. Shockey's replacement, Kevin Boss, has been a disappointment even though the defending Super Bowl champs are undefeated.

No way a first round pick, maybe a conditional. The only positive is he is signed beyond this year. weighs in:

Though there are no links to any written stories on their website, ESPN News (TV) is reporting that the Bills are one of several teams “known to have inquired about” Kansas City TE Tony Gonzalez. According to ESPN News the asking price is starting at a 1st round pick “and change.” The network did not attribute their report to any of their NFL beat reporters.

Gonzalez has been reportedly interested in making a move to a contending team as the Chiefs are in full blown rebuilding mode. The perennial Pro Bowl tight end is signed through 2011 at reasonable base salaries for a player of his caliber ($1M in ‘08, $4M in ‘09, $4.5M in ‘10, $5.75M in ‘11), though $17M of his most recent contract in guaranteed and could include some of the base salaries listed above.

A first-round pick and then some is a lot to surrender, but Gonzalez has been one of the most durable tight ends in the league and at 32 likely has at least two more productive seasons in him.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the possibility of Gonzalez being moved by the Chiefs prior to the Tuesday trade deadline. The Eagles are another team that has been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Gonzalez as well as the Giants.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

UB chokes 28-34

by Steve

What a fuckin joke. This team is pathetic. UB football does not exist to me any more, at least this season. I will not write about them again until August '09 period. They were up 21-3 with 4 minutes left in the 3rd up 28-14 with 5 minutes left in the fourth. The entire team choked. The coach sucks, willy sucks, starks is good, the defense sucks, the announcers suck, the tv broadcast sucks. holy shit. WOW

Not to mention I had a 6 point teaser and some how lost that too. What a fuckin travesty. What is Gill thinking throwing the ball with 2 minutes left on 3rd down? Why did Starks not get the ball in OT? Why did WMU throw in overtime on UB's 1 yard line instead of kicking an easy field goal costing me money?

Why was UB blitzing on that final drive and got torched on just about every play except the sack? Why continue to blitz when their QB is picking it up each and every time? Just a flat out joke period.

If ESPN2 knew what was up they would cancel the game on election day. No one will be there. This team is a flat out embarrassment, they are over rated, they are 2-4 and they are going no where fast. Their QB is gone and all they have to replace him next year is a red shirt piece of shit nothing. Gill pulled the wool over our eyes. We got bamboozeled.

Friday, October 10, 2008

ALCS preview Boston Red Sox @ Tampa Bay Rays

by Steve

Tampa in 6. Only hesitation is zero playoff experience. The Red Sox are some how old and young. Rays have better all around hitting and pitching. It may come down to Ortiz and Bay needing to mash every night and I don't see it happening sans manram.

People will now know players like Carlos Pena, BJ Upton, Matt Garza (thanks twinkies) and Sonnanstine. Trop will be rockin tonight

Thursday, October 9, 2008

NLCS preview LA Dodgers @ Philadephia Philles

by Steve

Dodgers Phillies? Anyone see this match up occurring in July? Man-ram is a beast like human and Brett Myers got his groove back some how. Thats all you really need to know. Phils in 7.

Well actually, there might be a bit more to it than those two players. Hamels is a true ace but D. Lowe has been here before and has actually dominated in this arena. I'm only hoping after game 1 the Phillies will be able to bounce back and take this series. Unfortunately I have no faith in Philadelphia not panicking after one loss and Charlie Manuel not imploding. So basically tonight is a must win for the Phils.

Utley, J-ro, and Howard surprisingly aren't all that Philly has. They have role players and clutch dudes like Jason Werth and Victorino. Speaking as a Mets fan, I know how those two can kill you. That isn't even mentioning the highest paid player on this team Pat Burrell. The dude is wildly inconsistent but he can mash and might be the surprise factor in this series.

The Dodgers don't really have any BIG guns like the Phillies (sans man-ram of course), they have solid young players in just about every position. Martin, Loney, Kemp and Ethier may disappear in this series. If that happens you can't depend on the old dudes Blake, Nomar, and Kent. The Dodgers are gonna need their young corps to bust out the bats and cause havoc running the bases.

Billingsley vs Myers game two has to scare Dodger fans so maybe game one is actually a must win for the Dodgers.(Actually scratch that, they only need to win one game on the road, might as well push it to game 7) I can't see a young dude like Chad beating Myers in game two in Philly regardless of game 1. Then game three Moyer will be toeing the rubber in LA vs Kuroda? A home team might not lose a game if the Phills win game 1. There is no game 4 starter for the Dodgers, but if it is Kershaw vs the announced starter Blanton the game is up for grabs. That game will be a wild card game with neither starter having much if any playoff experience. After that who knows who will pitch but after 4 games and the series is 2-2 it will come down to two things...

What would you rather have the home field advantage or the managerial advantage. Torre v Manuel? Real baseball fans vs Celebutonts and notorious "traffic-beaters-leaving-in-the-eighth" fans? Those pretty much offset each other. So it comes down to someone on the Phils matching Man-ram mashing. It probably won't be one player because no one can match man-ram in the playoffs. The big three plus Burrel will all have to play consistently average or better which I think they will. Don't forget about Lidge though. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT LIDGE( thank god there is no Pujols to destroy his psychie). Again, it will be a good series and Phills in 7.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sort of a Trent update

Per Chris Brown

By no means is this meant to influence anyone's hopes with respect to Trent Edwards concussion, but after the game Trent was smiling and conversing with family members that attended the game before boarding the team bus for the airport, and posed for a few pictures.

Also the idea that Trent took the flight hope with the rest of the team can only be taken as a good sign. Generally if a concussed individual isn't feeling great he won't fly somewhere that night. At this point WNY Watercooler is cautiously optimistic Edwards will be ready for the SD game. Then again concussions can linger and conditions change from day today so we'll see. Also unfortunately Jauron busted out the ol' Mularkey line but with more intelligents saying, "I am not a physician" damn it...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bills lose 41-17 ouch

by Steve

What a difference a day makes, err hit makes. God damn. True it wasn't all Losman's fault but no one can convince me otherwise that with Edwards the game wouldn't have at least been closer. Three Losman turnovers, holding the ball too long, taking sacks, not paying attention to the play clock, I guess a leopard can't change its spots.

Alright fine, enough Losman bashing, we all know he sucks and we hate him, plus we might need him in 13 days if Trent isn't back to knowing what day it is and what city hes in. (A shiver just went down my spine with the image of Losman ever seeing the field again as a Bill).

WHY DIDN'T JAURON CHALLENGE THE GOD DAMN ROYAL FUMBLE?!!!?! Do not, doooo notttt tell me it wouldn't have been overturned. I don't care. You're down two touchdowns and about to give the ball back to an offense you have not stopped all day inside your own 40 and it is a questionable call and you "don't wanna waste a time out" ??? Last I checked we ended the game with 3 time outs still in our pocket.

The real Dicko showed up today. Looked clueless on the sidelines, afraid to challenge plays, seemingly deferred to Bobby April when ever he could. Alright fine, I won't completely rip the dude cause we are still 4-1 and played against one of the best home teams in the league (8-2 under Wizzzy) and our rising star QB was KO'd on play number three. But still, throw the god damn red flag.

Hey, heyyyy, HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Justin... Yea you, Jenkins... you're cut. Peace, see ya. I don't wanna hear it. You personally cost us 4 points, you contribute nothing but to the special teams and you killed any chance of the Bills winning that game. The Cardinals were something like 9 for 9 inside the five yard line in scoring touchdowns this year FYI. Your penalty gave it to them at, yup, the five yard line. Three words Justin Jenkins monster... dot... com...

WANTED: a defensive end.

Missing: the seventh ranked defense sans Whitner.

Is Ko Simpson really hurt again? George Wilson sucks.

Jason Peters and the o-line with another brutal day is a troubling trend. Brad Butler killed the Bills with two penalties. Melvin Folwer is 100% useless.

You'd think I'd but used to losing but this game has left a sour taste in my mouth. I've decided to not watch next weeks game, take a vacation, and come back strong against SD in two weeks. Plus, if you said we'd be 4-1 going into the bye I would've taken it any freakin' day of the week.

Bills Cards...the Bills Fan Experience

It was 4:19 PM when the Bills 2008 season which looked so promising with so much to look forward to got driven into the Glendale, Arizona turf. Trent Edwards stood in the pocket like he always goes, delivered a clutch 3rd down pass to Hardy for a first down, but this time he didn't get up...he lied there motionless, in a daze, which is probably the same exact look I and every other Bills fan had watching Trent lay there seemingly dead.

These are the text messages I received within minutes of the injury:

4:20-"Fuck dude"
4:22-"At least we're on the bye"
4:28-"End of the season?"
4:29-"I'm drinking myself to death"

Then, on Jp's 2nd play, the Bills fumbled...Arizona scored a few minutes later and then scored again after Jp got sacked.

THEN-as we speak right now this moment...when all seems lost...moments after I made a comment that the only way the Bills will score in this game is via the bomb...The Bills faced a 3rd and 15 and sure enough...Losman to Evans...87 yards...touchdown...the Jp to Lee marriage back in full force, Losman fans back on their high horses...QB Controversy in full swing? Kidding...then in typical Bills fan fashion, I receive these text messages:

5:01-"worth every penny baby"
5:01-"Losman MVP"
5:02-"Sabres wings on msg @5 fyi"

Now all we need is a Bills stop...Let's break down this drive as it happens. Fitz for 11, first down. Pitch to Hightower...Denney fans on him wow terrible, first down on 3rd and 1. This team seems unstoppable right now. Doucet another 5, Warner shaken up I love it...cut chin...too bad no one on our defense knows how to line up onside. I swear this has to be the 4th offsides on Buffalo in this game. Huge third and 6 coming up...prediction: Breaston for can book it...Breaston for 7...scratch that...Hightower for 7. Considering the Bills have had the best 3rd down defense in the NFL this season...they are really validating that...the Cards are 6-6. James for 15...this defense looks absolutely pathetic. Another 10 for 'Zona...1st and goal from the 5...this is ridiculous. New text message: 5:13-"what the fuck is wrong with this defense!!!" Warner to Breaston for 3...nice tackle by Greer, but let's face it, they will score it is only a matter of time. Another text message: 5:14-"JP for life". James plunges in from 2 yards out...21-7 'Zona...This just in...the Bills defense is grossly overrated. Boldin isn't even playing...McKelvin couldn't cover me. Another text message: 5:17-"I just threw up"

The Bills are about to get the football back. McKelvin nice return to the 37...the Bills need to score a touchdown on this drive. I can't wait to see the reactions once JP throws a pick here. Losman spread the field throws to Lynch for a yard...does Marshawn Lynch ever have any running room? This guy never has a hole...he never has any room to run...I would start getting pissed if I was him. Lynch for 2 on 2nd and 9...that is all he could really manage there...seriously...does Melvin Fowler block anyone? I wonder what he does out there besides snap the football. Wow Losman just threw a dart to Reed...he is making himself money right now...yeah JP isn't nearly as good as Trent...but if you are a Vikings fan don't you wish you had him right now? Freddy Jackson for 12...Bills inside the Cardinal 30...New text: 5:21-"Jp all day" Losman looks like he knows what he's doing...woww a run to Lee Evans holy christ...22 yards later...first and goal from the 6...the announcer just said "what a great job by Melvin Fowler, the center." I might put this on mute after that comment. Lynch up the middle to the 2.5 yard line...they need to punch this in. I want to see Lynch up the middle 3 more times if we need to. I don't want any bullshit play fake. Give the ball to your horse and let him run behind your fat ass line 3 times pick up a yard each time and we got a 7 point football game (until Rackers kicks a 37 yard field goal before half time to make it 24-14). Here we go, 2nd and goal...give it to number 23...they do...he gets a yard...3rd and goal from inside the 2. I like it...make the cards use their time outs. Another commercial...I wonder if anyone has the actual ratio of football action to commercial time for a typical NFL football has to be something like 60/40. Alright...3rd and goal...Losman in the shot gun...why????? Lynch in motion...QB ittttttttttttttttt. Wow reminissant of Jim Kelly in 1989...opening day...Dolphin Stadium...last play of the game down 4...QB draw...Jesus did anyone start JP Losman in fantasy today?? New text: 5:29-"Hall of fame bound", 5:30-"When did JP grow a sack?" Not sure what that last one means but I like it none the less.

Alright...can the Bills get a stop and keep the momentum? Doubt fact I would say the Bills are 4-1 at getting a stop right here. First and 10...Warner to Doucet for 8...can someone make a play? Where is Aaron Schobel? Fitzgerald for the first we miss Terrance McGee this much? I guess so...Warner in the gun...Arrington for 3...someone got away with a hold on that play what the hell? Holy shit Kurt Warner just scrambled for 10 yards. Are you kidding me? Kurt Warner just scrambled for 10 yards...Incredbile. Fitzgerald wide open for another 11. This is almost comical. I am just hoping we can hold them out of the end zone. Wow...some white dude just caught the ball over the middle bounced off like 3 guys and and somehow got out of bounds. Yeah no gain, but he got out of bounds somehow. What a joke. Alright...47 yard attempt after a little 5 yard run... We need Wendling to jump over the line and catch the kick and then take it to the house. How sweet would that be? he drilled it...24-14. That was one of the most pathetic 30 minutes of defensive football I have ever seen. Final first half text message: 5:41-"Our D Ends Blow"

Dick Jauron better be in someone's (Perry Fewell, Aaron Schobel, Chris Kelsay) grill. Not a single play made by that defense in the entire first half.

Alright...the 2nd half is about to be underway. If Zona scores another TD this one is over. The Cards have drives of 38,80,78 and 44 (TD, TD, TD, FG) I watching the 1990 Bills vs. Indy at home (my first ever game at OBD the Bills scored TDs on their first 6 drives). 2nd and long...James sucks...Doucet for 5 on a screen...3rd down...Zona yet to be stopped on third down...can they stop em??? Wow a stop...Kawika makes a play...holy Christ...can our offense keep it going now? McKelvin better not fumble...omg don't rough the kicker...Scratch that is was Freddy Jackson...great return...great field position...

Lynch is about to take over I have a feeling. Wow Lynch for about 20...and NO FLAG. That never happens. Feed this guy the football. Wow. Lynch just got freaking destroyed. He got up thank god. He is still in there too. What an animal. Shit...8 flags down as JP gets sacked...can this be on the defense for the love of god? Hugeeeee. Offsides. 2nd and 5 instead of 3rd and 15. Big break. Marshawn on the comes a big third down...3rd and about 5...these are the situations where I have had so much confidence in Trent coming through. Can JP make a play? In the gun...they run it again for some reason and he is slow in getting up. Running it there was stupid. Lindell is money. What a huge kick. Not only is the lead only 7 but if he missed that, the field position would have swung not in our favor...a miss and Zona gets the rock at the 38. Huge kick.

The Bills kick return coverage is sick and now they need to step it up on defense again. Warner again with 4 wides and again no pressure and again a dude is wide open. BLITZ THIS GUY. BLITZ HIM. I just yelled Blitz this guy ridiculously loud, my neighbors think I am cerifiably insane. Another 13 for Warner to Breaston. Huge...every time they try running the ball...they get at most 0 yards it seems and HOLY SHIT, Aaron Schobel just made a play. Yeah i had to rewind it re watch it too. Wowww Zona got away with another hold, tipped pass, no interception. Third and 13 and I have 0 confidence in the Bills stopping them. BLITZ HIM. Oh boy...screen pass...first Ko Simpson out for the game Another run, another no gain, great play by Whitner. At what point will the Bills need to get a new free safety or at least a back up free safety who isn't a wide receiver? Here comes another third and long. 3rd and 9 this time...again...0 confidence in stopping them. They just ran it...straight up the middle...18 yard does that happen? 3rd and 13 and then 3rd and 9...Zona is now 8-9 on third downs...don't quote me on that...but I think that is correct. 8 for 9!! Here comes another 3rd down...only need 2 yards this time...pitch out...blown up...shortttttttt!!! 4th and comes Rackers...huge stop I guess. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. another offisde...Justen Jenkins. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????? ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME???????????????????? How do you go offsides on a field goal? 31-17. Justen Jenkins...thanks a lot bro. Justen F'ing Jenkins...the last thing I was expecting was to go off on Justen Jenkins for 10 minutes...all he has to do is not go offsides on a field goal and he will have no complaints from me for an entire game. What an idiot.

Bob Royal just fumbled. Bob Royal just fumbled. I just saw the replay...he wasn't down. He just dropped the ball. Bob Royal. The knee never touched the ground. What is Robert Royal doing on an NFL football team. I hate Robert Royal more than anything in life I think...or at least close to more than anything in life. Rackers just drilled the upright and the ball somehow goes through. You have to be kidding me. 6:27-"Dude what the fuck" The Bills are down by 3 scores with their backup QB in...Let's face reality...the Bills are 4-1 going into the bye week. They have played 2 conference games and won them both. They will still be in first place going into the bye week. I am trying to imagine how pissed I would have been if I dropped 500 dollars to go to this football game to watch Trent get killed on the 3rd play.

Losman just held the ball for 10 minutes and fumbled. This is embarrassing. A good football team doesn't lose by 4 scores to Arizona. Arizona has a good offense and a pathetic defense but somehow the Bills are about to lose 41-17 or worse.

What can we take from this game?
  • The Bills have the worst defensive ends I have seen in years.
  • The Bills defense is not that fact it is borderline bad.
  • The Bills had 3 real bad turnovers that killed them.
  • Leodis McKelvin can't cover anyone.
  • Somehow Kurt Warner hasn't been touched all day I don't think. Maybe once.
  • All of a sudden the Bills are staring 4-3 in the face...San Diego at home and then at Miami all of a sudden doesn't seem like that easy of a fact we might be underdogs.
  • Maybe Terrance McGee is better than we gave him credit for.
  • The Bills need to have a good backup because Trent will get hurt every season.
  • I should have taken the over.
What the hell...Tim Hightower just's 41-17...we are offically getting embarrassed.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bills at Cards podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown all the angles Buffalo Bills @ Arizona Cardinals. Injury update, Dick Jauron song, warner, Trent's ceiling, ripping Schobell, and guest appearance by an EZ Pass attendant makes an appearance.

download the pod cast for ipods!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Evans, signed sealed delivered

by Steve

Whoa, are the Bills actually ass holes any more? Wait, did we over pay for a solid WR that hasn't sniffed the playoffs, a pro bowl, or any type of statistical accolades? Wait who cares, its not our money!

The Buffalo Bills signed wide receiver Lee Evans to a four-year, $37.25 million extension that includes $18.25 million worth of guarantees. He will make $27 million over the first three years of the deal, including this year. Evans now is under contract through 2012.

First lets get all the stupid stats and junk out of the way. He is the highest paid Buffalo athlete (per year) ever. He is the third highest paid WR in the league. He leads the league with a 23 yards per catch average. He'll be a Bill until February 2013.

What this tells everyone now is, A.) we are spending the Toronto money. B.) If you aren't an asshole who holds out or complains AND you produce you get money. C.) Ralph Wilson is NOT cheap. D.) Evans wanted to stay here, because duh, he could have been an UFA after the season. Oh and E.) he is and will be the voice and face of the team and the leader of the team from here on out.(or until Trent's status elevates a few rungs).

Basically, I love the signing. Its not my money, it is going to a player that isn't a total dickhead, he speaks articulately, has his own radio show on WGR, produces on the field, he's only 27, and over all he's a good guy. Also this may start some what of a domino effect of extensions and signings. At the very least it shuts people up for a few weeks or days about complaining that Buffalo can't afford any one and whoa is us cause we're the small market little dudes.

Extension list now:
Jason Peters
(gulp) Dick Jauron
Donte Whitner
Russ Brandon
Ko Simpson
Trent Edwards
Marshawn Lynch

In that order(looking ahead to future contracts)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Omar Minaya sucks

by Steve

El Duque, Pedro, Schoeneweis, Castillo, Nixon, Alou. Holy shit is he serious? And take away the second half of Delgado's '08 season you can add another huge bust. He went into the season with an older than he seems 2b, an ancient LF, and over rated Beltran and Ryan Chruch? And he got a four year extension?

Since blowing a lead against the Cardinals in the NLCS in 06 this team has been a piece of shit consistently. I can not think of one god damn reason why you would bring back the GM, Omar Minaya. Because he only brings in hispanic players and chokes when it really counts? No bat at the deadline? 7 game lead in 07? Your only competition for the WC in '08 fired their manager with 3 weeks left? Willie Randolph?

Alright fine he got Santana who was pretty much given away by the Twins. He got lucky as hell with Pelfrey, Perez was a question mark all season, Pedro was the worst signing of the decade, and Maine was good-ish.

Evans, Murphy, Chavez? Where is the Of depth? Chavez got hurt early and Omar had zero answer. Unless you consider Trot " I wasn't good enough for Cleveland" Nixon an answer. I still don't agree with the Milledge trade even if Lastings hit .240. Schneider is no answer as an every day catcher, Church ran into concussion problems immediately.

Did anyone think el Duque would be in the rotation past April 1st beyond Omar? Pedro Martinez? 4 year deal? Holy shit. Fuck the Mets. This team is a bunch of chokers with no 2b no 1b, maybe 2 starters an above average CF and nothing else. I have no idea how they spent $140 million+ and lost out to the Phillies back to back years. Pathetic.