Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bill Simmons vs ?

by Steve

Not sure if I am late to the party or not, but as most other avid Bill Simmons readers, I have noticed there aren't very many columns shooting out lately. He has been taken off the front page, of which he was most prominently displayed before any other writer and right under the headlines. Here is a quick back and forth between him and Deadspin that opens some light on the subject.

"Yes, I still work for ESPN. No, I'm not writing for as much — my choice, not theirs. That's just the way it will be from now on, unfortunately. I'd have more to say, but I'd end up being profane and I don't want to offend Buzz Bissinger. I still love writing my column and only re-signed last year because I really did believe that we had hashed out all the behind the scenes bullshit and come to some sort of agreement on creative lines, media criticism rules, the promotion of the column and everything else on Within a few months, all of those things changed and certain promises were not kept. It's as simple as that."

So he would be funnier if his asshole editors didn't kill all of his jokes. If you are a fan of 'the sports guy' then you also have to realize he is funnier than he is putting on. He is never aloud to swear and does seem to be censored or self censoring himself a lot of the time. It is very unfortunate that this is going down especially since he is signed with ESPN until 2010. Yikes.

If you don't follow the Buzz bissinger comment, watch this hilarious video here.

ESPN should go fuck themselves. It is the internet, are little kids who have never seen swear words really reading Simmons' columns? Are they really listening to the BS Report? The corporate whores that they are certainly don't want bad press or one of their most prominent writers bashing players and people in the media now do they. And of course that is what this is all about, creative control, being able to say what ever he wants to say (within reason, racism and shit like that obviously) but I feel the noose is pretty tight on much of what BS would like to write.

Even Bill him self is saying this on his new blog "
This particular one was written right as I was starting to find a groove and my column was starting to resemble what it's like now, only if nobody was killing five of the best jokes or making me re-write them so they weren't as funny"

Maybe, this is actually a good thing that he is writing less for the website and has started up his own blog again. He will have free range and can do whatever he wants there. Now I doubt that is actually true, considering he has an actual contract with ESPN, but either way, this will be interesting as it plays out.

Oh yea, Rick I sold out to ESPN Reilly is starting to write for them soon too.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fuck the Penguins

by Steve

How does a team get the #1 pick then the #2 pick then the #1 pick in consecutive years? Mysteriously when the franchise is in turmoil, Mario Legend is owning the team and they are risking leaving the city and playing in the oldest piece of shit arena in the league. Some fishy here..

Ok, I am a Sabres fan, and think the NHL sans Buffalo is the most boring sport this side of soccer. And it is on some stupid fishing otlnavs channel that I couldn't find if I was lucky. Wait, oh we all agree on that? Well, still.. fuck the Penguins.

They are in the finals against another team I hate, the Red Wings. Both of these cities think they are better than Buffalo, they are both also pieces of shit, and are within a 3 hour drive. Nothing worse than Pittsburgh fans either. Whether it is football, hockey, something else, or even those dumb fuckin accents and their wanna be southern drawl/GOP mind set. Ahhh I hate it.

No really though, how did they get MAF, Malkin, and Crosby in consecutive drafts? Isn't it a lottery system in the NHL? This entire franchise is 100% luck. The Sabres build with trades and signing dudes no one really wanted, while the Penguins get star rookie after star rookie dropped in their fucking laps. This is bullshit and I hate the Penguins.

Furthermore, they are in the East in a year in which no one team was good. Ottawa was for a stretch before they realized they peaked too soon. Brodeur is past his prime, the Flyers over extended their ability, and the Rangers are a weird mix of elderly and over rated. Christ this is bullshit.

Anyone wanna tell me why the first three games are going up against Celtics Pistons too? Anyone? The only reason I got was of NBC... well they aren't even airing game one, which starts for some unknown reason at 8 pm.

I guess I didn't know what I had with the rumors of this squad jettising town and heading to Hamilton. Damn it, dude who owns Blackberry, why didn't you ball when you had the chance.

Red Wings 4 - 2 , yet another cup. PS Did they sell out the finals yet in "Hockeytown"?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Buffalo sports memories

by coast/steve

Its rough going to the stadium the 2nd Sunday of September knowing that there is at least a 50 percent chance you are going to want to kill yourself in 3 hours.. 2002- Jets kickoff return, second of the day, to open overtime, 2003- smoking the pats 31 zip which was a tease and almost as bad as a heartbreaking loss considering the bills final record in 2003, 2004-earnest wilford, the catch you had to be there to wanna kill yourself for, 2005-jp losman (the former savior) looks competant against the texans-again a tease, 2006-robert royal block in the back, mcgahee doesnt know what down it is, 2007 jason elam running onto the field inanely instead of spiking the ball and gathering the team out there, then nailing the kick.

Since being a competent sports fan this is all I can recall..
4 super bowl losses, 3 world series losses( Indians in 95 and 97 Mets in 2000), the music city miracle, no goal, flutie fumbling, earnest wilford, willie parker, robert royal, jason elam, losing to the jags at home in the p-offs, 2 eastern conference finals losses, a goal that goes in through the side of the net, a 2-0 series lead in the alds blown, a 3-1 series lead in the alcs blown TO THE SAME TEAM.. pass interference on a hail mary, 13 losses in 14 games to the patriots, drafting mike williams, trading a 1st rounder for jp losman, trading a 1st rounder for drew bledsoe, 2 yard out on 4th and 7.. 3 time outs in 2 plays in the third quarter (Chargers) , melvin fowler getting blown up (Browns), screen pass on 4th and goal (Browns), going for it on 4th and 5 on the 25 yd line vs the titans('06), overtime kickoff return td, nick folk, fixed game, 10 yd cushion when a team needs to pick up like 5 yds to get in field goal range (Cowboys MNF).

It is enough to give you a brain aneurysm..
how is it posisble that we haven't been able to find a competant qb for 11 years.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Buffalo Bills first OTA 5/19 news

by Steve

Well, the Bills had their first OTA's of the season today and pretty much everyone of note was there except Jason Peters. And although it is easy to wonder WHAAA hold out?! He does have something like 4 years left on his contract but he did have an injury at the end of the season so we won't mention it again until, gulp, he isn't there for training camp. OH, and the Bills offered Lee Evans a contract extension.

No numbers and I'm guessing Evans declined the offer, but the way he handled it, saying next to nothing, shows me there are on going negotiations. The only real problem I have is his still moderate boner for JP Losman, ""I spoke with him numerous times with him here in the offseason and he has to sit back and wait for an opportunity and that's his mindset," said Evans. "He'll prepare himself to be as good as he can and if he gets a chance to step in and gets that opportunity then he'll be ready. Me knowing him and people who know him around here know he'll be accountable when he steps up and gets a chance."" Give it up Lee embrace Trent.

Notes from the 'practice' from ESPN, " Backup quarterback J.P. Losman practiced, but declined to talk to reporters afterwards. Losman's agent, Gary Wichard, told The Associated Press in January that his client preferred to be traded, but stressed that Losman would play out the final year of his contract if there's no deal made. ... Starting left tackle Jason Peters, punter Brian Moorman and rookie fullback Mike Viti were the only players who weren't at the workout. ... Hardy made a nifty reception over veteran cornerback Terrence McGee along the right sidelines on a deep throw by Edwards. ... Linebacker Paul Posluszny was back on the field after a broken forearm he sustained in Week 3 last year forced him to miss the rest of his rookie season." Arm strength, what arm strength.
Oh, and Hardy is still talking about the "gun" incident. "A woman came outside and believed something else was happening and it wasn't," said Hardy. "That's why my father didn't know what was going on and honestly I didn't know what was going on until later that evening. I called and let coach (Jauron) know and everybody know what definitely happened and it's definitely in the past right now." Alright alright, just hang out and play video games til the season starts, paleaseee oh and run into me at Thursday in the Square on your way to the library or something too.

Good video of OTA day 1

And um, oh yahoo sports thinks Marshawn will be in the pro bowl next season, "
5. Marshawn Lynch, RB, Buffalo Bills. Lynch probably would have joined Peterson, Willis and Thomas as rookie Pro Bowlers had he not been injured down the stretch. That, of course, allowed Fred Taylor to get his elusive first Pro Bowl berth.

Lynch figures to remain a heavy-load feature back for an up-and-coming Buffalo team. If he stays healthy, he has a good chance of edging out Joseph Addai or Willie Parker, both of whom now have rookie backs from the Big Ten to steal some key touches."

And don't even metion Odel Thurman we already have Parriash, Hardy, and Hargrove.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fire Willy Randolph? Hell no..

by Steve

As Buster Olney writes allegedly Willie Randolph is on the hot seat. Well, I guess it isn't even alleged, it is rumored fact. And I, as a Mets fan, don't really understand it.

True, they had one of the most memorable Septembers ever in 2007, because it was a colossal meltdown, an embarrassment to baseball, an embarrassment to New York. Holy shit, what a collapse.

Butttt, the Mets are only 2 games out of first place and are above .500. The high hopes for this team are just not warranted. If the Mets brass is really willing to fire their manager with a winning record and within a 3 game sweep of first place, then I would love to see the list of replacements. I would love to.

A simple look at the roster and you have to really wonder all the hype and expectation. Carlos Delgado? Do Mets fans really not know what they are getting from him? .220 average maybe 20 home runs and 70ish rbi. If you are expecting more you are in denial.

Luis Castillo? Sure his batting average is pathetic right now, but he is "32" and has been playing for 12 seasons. Ok, actually we have a bone to pick here, wtf is wrong with this dude? He has been hurt but .259?

Jose Reyes, anyone getting sick of this dude? Ok that is pre-mature but .258? This might be the worst 1-2 combo in all of baseball at this point. These players need to suck it up and play god damn. That is the total reason this team isn't 'tearing it up' The top 2 are batting .2585 that is Cleveland Indians esque. All they need to do now is trade for Pronk and plop him in the 3 hole shit.

Ryan Church has been a nice surprise, Schneider is raking, D Wright is D Wright but w/ a .268 avg. The final piece to the puzzle is the bloated contract/bust that is Carlos Beltran. Holy shit this team can't hit. Great call firing the hitting coach last year, that has worked wonders. Wait, I'm not done ripping Beltran. Three dingers? .246 ? Third on the squad in runs batted in and its not even close? I need a line up shuffle big time.

The pitching staff isn't the problem, other than Oli Perez and his 4.61 era which still isn't awful. Thank god for Johnny Maine, we'll see you in the playoffs cause I areckon it is the Phillies turn to choke once again in September.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Back

I'm backkkkkkkkkkk. Sorry about the month hiatus. I had this test which I failed miserably but in any event, I am back and better than ever.

Lots of stuff has gone down since my last blog the draft and the release of the schedule. Oh yeah and baseball season starter. Yeah, this is all old news, but I want to give my opinion.

First, the schedule is a joke. We have nine games against Miami, NYJ, KC, Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Arizona. We also play Denver, the Seahawks opening day at home and the Browns at home on Monday night. Besides New England twice, maybe the Chargers who we play at home also (we almost beat them at home 2 years ago when they went 14-2) and at Jacksonville (who we were close with last year even though JP tried as hard as he could to blow it and eventually did), we will have a legitimate chance to win every game. If the Bills don't win 10 games and make the playoffs, Dick Jauron must lose his job (and I lose like three $20 bets on the Bills winning 10 games).

The draft day one couldn't have gone better except I wanted Rogers Chromartie. Getting Hardy in the 2nd round was huge. He is a beast at 6'6. He even flashes a gun once in a while. What super star wide receiver hasn't had off the field problems at least a little? Hardy in the red zone will be fun to watch. Hopefully he doesn't get hurt. Now we just need another receiver next year to replace Lee Evans.

Day two of the draft was a joke however. Worst day two since I can remember. What were we trying to do with our picks? Reggie Corner? A D end in round 3 when we have 75 million invested in D Ends and yeah WE NEED A TIGHT END. Did we address tight end? Yeah we picked up Brad Cieslak's clone in Derek Fine. What a joke. The only good pick day two was Steve Johnson in the 7th round. This dude might be the steal of the draft. Hardy and Johnson in '09? I like it. What about center? Does any one else remember Melvin Fowler getting blown up leading to a 5 yard loss on first and 10 from the 20 in Cleveland? I do. Also, does anyone realize that our depth at safety consists of John Wendling, Bryan Scott and George Wilson? It isn't out of the question that Bryan Scott starts at strong safety moving Whitner to free. After all, can we bank on KO?

Baseball season has started and in the AL, things are finally taking shape. Are the Rays for real? They just took 3 of 4 from the suddenly old looking Yankees. Wow do they need A Rod and Posada back and they need Hughes come back and find it. Mo and Joba (except vs. Cleveland) are dealing but other than them and Wang and the surprising Mussina, their pitching has struggled. Their offense too...not more than 2 runs in any of the 4 games vs. Tampa. Oh well, they are the Yankees and will probably some how find a way to win at least the wild card. The Red Sox are hitting .294 as a team and Man Ram is making web gems and high fiving dudes and doubling them up all on the same play. Back to the Rays-with Edwin Jackson, Scott Kazmir and James Shields dealing, they may have the best one through three in the division. They could be around for the long haul.

Thank god for the AL, the Indians offense has been anemic. The Indians starting pitching has been ridiculous. Cliff Lee, what can you say about this dude? A .67 ERA and only 4 walks in 53 2/3 innings. His whip is .67. Just ridiculous stuff. Hopefully it isn't an fluke. The rest of Cleveland's rotation hasn't been that far behind. Fausto Carmona has a 2.40 era and he still got ripped apart for an entire outing by David Cone when the Indians played the Yankees. Aaron Laffey has a 1.35 era in 26.2 innings. CC Sabathia, after his disastrous start, has allowed only 6 runs in his last 5 starts while striking out 43. Even Jake Westbrook had a 2.73 era before going on the DL. On their most recent 6 game home stand, Cleveland's starters allowed a combined 1 earned run. What happens when Westbrook comes back from the DL? Since Paul Byrd has seniority and is making tons of money, Aaron Laffey will probably go back down to Buffalo.

What's wrong with Detroit? Their bull pen sucks. Their pitching sucks. Their 5.05 ERA is dead last in the league. Their offense was supposed to be the best ever and they are middle of the pack. If this keeps up, they might finish dead last in the division come seasons end.

As for the NL? I don't know anything really except Brandon Webb is 9-0 and the Cubs and D Backs are balling. I also just heard Willie Randolph might get fired if the Mets suck this weekend vs the Yankees.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bartolo Colon pwnage

by Steve

Just got back from Dunn Tire Park. The Pawtucket Red Sox and Bartolo Colon completely shutdown the Bisons in a 7 inning game 1 of a double header shortened game. I haven't seen or heard of a performance as dominant today since, well.. BF Colon's performance 11 years ago when he threw a no no.

He went 6 six, was perfect threw 3.2 before giving up an opo liner to right that broke up the no no bid. Still he fanned 4, mostly looking, and was straight ballin. He was changing speeds, getting up 94 and looked ready to jump back into the majors. True, it was AAA, in a day game, against a struggling Bisons team, but he was on today.

There were only three total hits in the game and the 7 inning affair lasted about 89 minutes. There was a pretty lively crowd, a good few thousand were there which was nice to see. I copped free duckets but paid for parking downtown for the first time in probably 3-4 years so I wasn't happy about that, but I was running late. Good thing I was hungover because I wouldn't have even had time to drink more than a beer or two christ.

Look out AL East, cause Bartolo is coming.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

James Hardy Brandishes a gun

by Steve

Well, so much for cleaned up his act.. Hardy pulled out a gun in an argument with his Dad a couple days ago. Christ where was Marv Levy when you needed him.

James Hardy, the former IU wide receiver just drafted by the Buffalo Bills, reportedly pulled a gun on his father during an argument, according to a police report filed Sunday with the football star’s name edited out.

No charges have been filed. The younger Hardy has a permit to carry a gun, and the police say they have no plans to pursue the matter further.

Officers were called to a home in the 2900 block of Weisser Park Avenue just before 1:30 p.m. Sunday by a woman who said a man was fighting with his father in her backyard.

The father was identified as James W. Hardy II, according to the report. The son, listed as a suspect with his name redacted from the report, was identified in police dispatch logs as 21-year-old James Hardy. The names of possible suspects are routinely blacked out of police reports provided to the public or media.

Police Chief Rusty York confirmed the younger Hardy was involved, but said because his father showed no signs of injury, there was no reason to pursue the matter further.

According to the police report, the female witness told police she yelled at the younger Hardy to stop fighting when he pulled out a black gun. The woman said Hardy then left.

Whatever, hopefully it was some bs from some asshole witness that just wanted to be on tv. According to they spoke with Hardy and aren't very concerned. I personally don't care as long as he scores touchdowns and doesn't actually hurt anything.. we'll see.

Oh yeah, he already issued an apology too
"I realize what the public perception could be pertaining to this incident, however that was not the reality of the situation. This situation that has been blown out of proportion has been very hurtful and frustrating for me and my father. There was a misunderstanding and a misinterpretation of the situation. I would like to first apologize to the fans of Buffalo and the Bills organization for any distractions this may have caused. I would also like to apologize to my fans in Indiana and the children who look up to me because it has been hard on me and I know it's been equally hard on them to hear something of this nature. I do understand that this opportunity with me being drafted by the Buffalo Bills is a blessing and a privilege and not a right. So I ask that my fans just continue to keep me in your prayers and I will continue to strive to be the best I can be on and off the field."

Well, that didn't take long.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Patriots conspiracy?

From Brad Riter's blog:

I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist but how is it that both of these quotes are available at at the same time with nobody crying foul?

NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello: "The tapes are consistent with the findings of our prior investigation. There are no tapes of any opponent walk-throughs, no Super Bowl tapes, none of that. So, again, these are tapes of opponents' coaching signals. It's what we already knew and, as [ESPN] reported back in September, Belichick admitted to the commissioner [Roger Goodell] that he had engaged in this practice dating back to 2000."

John Clayton: " Though Goodell didn't reveal it until shortly before the Pro Bowl in February, Patriots coach Bill Belichick readily admitted to Goodell last September that he has been taping signals during games since 2000."

So Aiello says ESPN (or someone) reported it in September but Clayton, who would certainly toot his/ESPN's horn if he could claim to have had the info in September, says he found out in February?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

MLB early surprises

by Steve

There is absolutely nothing to talk about because I don't watch the NBA until the conference finals and the NHL is boring so we'll discuss early surprises thus far in the 2008 MLB season. Most teams have played 35 games which is about 22% of the season. That is a solid indication of what the season will be for most squads.

The biggest surprise has to be the Florida Marlins. True they have some nasty players and probably the MVP of the league but c'mon, first place in the NL East still?! Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez haven't thrown a pitch and Andrew Miller has a 7.96 ERA. Hendrickson has balled, 5-1 3.71 era. Mike Jacobs is raking and Han-Ram is Han-Ram and lately Dan Uggla is scorching the Earth. Doubt they'll be at the top of the division in September but who knows, it is a down year for the division and it is possible the pitching staff could improve as the season wears on.

Next up, the other Florida based baseball team. The Tampa Bay Rays are in second place in the division, 3.5 back of the Sox and have been competing since day one. No one player at this point has eye popping numbers outside of Troy Percival, the closer, who is 7 of 7 in save opportunities and hasn't allowed a run. True some how, Sonnanstine is 5-1 with an ERA above 4.60 but for the most part it is a group effort. If Hinski can stay consistent, Pena can avoid the Mendoza line and young beasts like Scottie Kazimer and Matt Garza pitch like they can look for 'em to stick around.

Can anyone explain to me the AL Central? Does anyone want this division. Really.. the Twinkies are at the top of the Central?! Three games separate all five teams? Detroit in the cellar? The Indians toiling in mediocrity with no pop to their bats and CC struggggling. Delmon Young zero dingers? I have no idea who is going to win the division and I am not counting out Billy Butler and the Royals with cheese either.

I'm not going to say the Rockies are a surprise. The team was due for a slump they won 21 of 22 at the end of the season. There was no way they were going to keep any time of streak like that going into 2008. What would be surprising is if they maintain a tie with a shitty team like the Giants. The hitting is there for the Rockos with 4 regulars hitting above .300, obviously then the problem is pitching. Ubaldo and Jeff Frances haven't don't shit. They have 1 combined win in fourteen starts. That is embarrassing.

Not sure exactly why, but the Oakland A's are getting overlooked. Big time! Billy Beane rationalized the Haren trade saying they were rebuilding. What a brutal rebuild/growing pains this squad is going through. 22-14 tied for first and no one knows anyone outside of maybe Chavez and few others who are on this squad. Who the hell is Emil Brown and how is he leading the team in runs batted in? Rich Harden has only made two starts. I feel like people better soon get to know people like Greg Smith and Dana Eveland cause they and Harden are the next "Big Three"

Quick hits
  • Edison or Edinson Volquez is a beast, Johnny Cueto has been o.k. for the Reds who are in the basement in the Central.
  • Lance Berkman is hotter than shit and the 'stros are playing decent baseball.
  • What the hell is happening in San Diego?
  • Toronto needs to do something, and fast.
  • Don't look now, but Big Hurt is 7 for his last 21.
  • Seattle is pissing me off, and they suck Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson are neck 'n neck for worst contract in a while. Whoaaaa sorry Barry Zito, actually you own that trophy.
  • Who's season is less surprising? Chipper Jones or Brandon Webb. Both have been and are good.
  • Angels are good. Lackey and Escobar have been out and they still are just about owning the AL West.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Grading the Bills draft

(this was sharked from which sharked it from the buffalonews i believe)
By Michael David Smith

Bills: A

Buffalo needed a cornerback and a wide receiver and got them both with Leodis McKelvin and James Hardy. Third-round defensive end Chris Ellis is a good pass rusher, and fifth-round linebacker Alvin Bowen will make the special teams better. My ultra-sleeper is seventh-round wide receiver Steve Johnson, who had more than 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns in his one and only season as a starter at Kentucky.

Athlon Sports
By Nathan Rush

Buffalo Bills
Grade: C

A poor confused Lee Evans jersey-wearing Bills fan looked disappointed after it was announced that Troy corner and return man Leodis McKelvin was Buffalo's top pick.

Somewhere along the way in the "drive for five" (Super Bowl appearances) no one told that guy McKelvin was the consensus top rated cornerback. But if fans wanted a sizable threat to line up opposite the speedy Evans at wide receiver, Indiana's 6'6", 220-pound pass-catcher James Hardy should provide just that.

The most interesting story, however, is offensive tackle Demetrius Bell out of Northwestern (La.) State. Bell is the son of former NBA star Karl Malone. Sadly, according to NFL notes, an 18-year-old Bell contacted Malone several years ago only to be told by the Mailman that it was "too late" and to go "earn his money on his own."

By Pete Prisco

Buffalo Bills

Best pick: They considered receiver, but opted for corner Leodis McKelvin in the first round. The value of a corner is much greater than a receiver, and they snagged the best cover player in the draft.

Questionable move: They took receiver James Hardy in the second round when Malcolm Kelly was still on the board. Kelly should have been the choice.

Second-day gem: Tight end Derek Fine, taken in the fourth round, can block, which is rare for a tight end these days.
Overall grade: B-.

Dallas Morning News
By Rick Gosselin

Buffalo C

The Bills came away with the best cornerback and best kick returner in the draft, and it's the same player - CB McKelvin. WR Hardy gives the Bills a huge target in the red zone. He's a great complement for speedy WR Lee Evans.
By Mel Kiper

Buffalo Bills: GRADE: C+

Cornerback Leodis McKelvin is going to be a very good player and I liked the pick. James Hardy is the big wide receiver the Bills need, someone who can be a threat in the red zone. Virginia Tech DE Chris Ellis is a decent pass-rusher, and I thought CB Reggie Corner and TE Derek Fine were reaches in the fourth round. I did like their late-round picks, RB Xavier Omon, OT Demetrius Bell and WR Steve Johnson.

Forth Worth Star-Telegram
By Charean Williams

Buffalo: The Bills have lost 14 of the past 15 games against the Patriots, so McKelvin and Hardy were drafted with that in mind. Grade: B
By John Czarnecki

The Bills made two solid picks on Saturday with cornerback Leodis McKelvin of Troy State and James Hardy, a big receiver from Indiana. Hardy had some discipline issues at Indiana, but he was the second ranked receiver on most draft boards. He was a solid choice at 41st overall. McKelvin returned seven kicks for touchdowns in college and should be a return threat. Virginia Tech DE Chris Ellis had 22 sacks and 36 tackles for losses in college, but has in-between size and attitude. Kansas TE Derek Fine has great hands, but lacks deep speed.
Grade: C

Kansas City Star
By Randy Covitz

Buffalo Bills - B
McKelvin fills a need in the secondary for a team that has to contend twice a year with the Patriots' league-leading passing game. Hardy, at 6-6, 217, is the biggest receiver ever drafted by the Bills, who hope he helps the 30th-ranked offense. Remember the last time the Bills took a DE from Virginia Tech?
By Gregg Rosenthal and Evan Silva

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo knows how to find hard-nosed defensive backs. It nabbed safety Donte Whitner a few years back, and now they have Leodis McKelvin - a similarly tough-minded tackler. Getting the top cornerback at pick 11 is a plus. The Bills needed playmakers, but their choices of receiver James Hardy and tight end Derrick Fine raised eyebrows. There were more dynamic and consistent players available at each position when Buffalo selected them.
Grade: B-
By Vic Carucci

Buffalo Bills

It usually doesn't work out this well, but the Bills addressed crying needs with their first two picks. In the first round, they landed the top-rated cornerback in the draft, Troy's Leodis McKelvin, who also should help in the return game. In the second, they landed their towering, athletic receiver in 6-foot-5 James Hardy, from Indiana. They additionally enhanced the depth of a defense ravaged by injuries last season with third-round end Chris Ellis, from Virginia Tech, and fourth-round cornerback Reggie Corner, from Akron.

San Diego Union Tribune
By Jerry Magee

Buffalo. Grade: C.
The Bills had the ill luck to be seeking a WR who could stretch the field in a year when the WR group was lacking. James Hardy has size, but the Bills wanted another quality.
By Paul Zimmerman

More drafts I like…
Buffalo Bills:
QB Trent Edwards wondered whether or not there was a big wideout with fine hands available, and mentioned how nice it would be to have one, and the conversation produced 6-5½, 216-pound James Hardy. He's not the only guy in the organization they made happy. Bobby April, the terrific special teams coach, cracked a bottle of champagne when they drafted Leodis McKelvin in the first round. Possibly the best corner available, but also a fine return man.

Tampa Tribune
By Ira Kaufman

Leodis McKelvin is expected to start immediately and he has the size and skills to help against New England's prodigious weapons. James Hardy's size should make him an effective red-zone threat opposite Lee Evans. Grade: B

USA Today
By Larry Weisman

Buffalo Bills:
Continuing to work on bolstering a subpar defense, Bills started the run on CBs with Leodis McKelvin. They'd never drafted a CB this high before. Talented returner as well for a club that highly values special teams. Also got the aptly named Reggie Corner, who plays that position. Got the big-body WR in second round (6-5 James Hardy, tallest WR they've drafted) to team with Lee Evans. Grade B-

Yahoo Sports
By Jason Cole

Buffalo Bills
Bottom line: B+.
Patience paid off for the Bills as the early run on defensive linemen allowed McKelvin to slip to No. 11 overall. The Bills got the best cornerback in the draft and didn't have to move up to get him. Hardy is an interesting prospect. His 6-foot-6 height should give the Bills a nice red zone receiver. Ellis isn't a bad pick for the third round, but he's not the most disciplined kid. The Bills continued to look for help at CB with Corner. Not the sexiest draft, but it should be effective.