Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 Fantasy football sleepers and busts

by Steve

Last year's fantasy busts and sleepers
wasn't exactly genius but it wasn't the absolute worst either. Still, you can't argue with my overall genius so without further ado my 2011 fantasy sleepers and busts in no particular order:


Mark Ingram RB New Orleans Saints
He will be splitting time with Pierre Thomas and Sproles but the 'aints will feed their first round kid the rock. He is going in the 4th and 5th rounds.

Beanie Wells RB Arizona Cardinals
Might be my best sleeper of 2011 because of a confluence of factors. Ryan Williams the Cards 2nd round pick is out for the year, everyone has forgotten about the Ohio St product because of an injury plagued 2010 campaign and I don't love Kevin Kolb. He is going in the 7th to 9th round, grab him.

Tony Romo no homo QB Dallas Cowboys
There is always the obvious over hype of any Cowboys player and Romo is no exception. He has only won once in the post season and isn't as big a talent as ESPN would have you believe. However, he is coming off an injured season and may hold value in the 3rd or 4th round. Their o-line and WR depth are a concern but they're going to score through the air, believe it.

Brandon Lloyd WR Denver Broncos
Lloyd was one of the shock sleepers of 2010 and may some how be a sleeper again in 2011. Same QB, same weak WR corps on the horses and same bad team that will need to put up a lot of points. 5th or 6th round currently

Mario Manningham WR NY Giants
MM had a very productive 2010 and is coming into his own. He has established himself as the #1 WR for the G-men despite where some have Hakeem Nicks ranked. Eli can sling it and in the 4th or 5th round he'll be a bargain.

Houston Oilers err Texans defense
The cheater Brian Cushing isn't suspended (yet) this year and the secondary was improved via free agency. I don't love JJ Watt but that may be reverse racism talking. They will be improved especially with a projected down year in the AFC South.


CJ Spiller RB Buffalo Bills
This is basically because the Bills in general will be bad. He is a bust in real football as well as fantasy. Fred Jackson is bitching about playing time but he'll continue to get more than 50% of the touches in the regular season.

Michael Vick QB Philadelphia Eagles
I'd draft Vince Young before I draft Vick. Dude won't play 16 games and that o-line is more suspect than a bloody glove in Brentwood.

Chris Johnson RB Tennesse Titans
This could be a prolonged hold out. This kid wants money he doesn't deserve at a position with too much turnover from year to year. Is he transcendent? He'll miss games and even if he doesn't the Titans aren't good. (I'm lookin at you for the same reasons too Frank Gore)

Reggie Wayne WR Indianapolis Colts
Let's see, Wayne is turning 33 this season, Manning hasn't taken a snap yet and the Colts draft wide receivers like they're something that gets drafted a lot ( I was gonna go with farm kids in the 60's but Vietnam references may have peaked 30 years ago [or with the conclusion of M.A.S.H.])

Sidney Rice WR Seattle Seahawks
Charlie Whitehurst slinging the rock? Even if it is Tarvaris Jackson that isn't much of an upgrade. He is coming off an injury and will be looking to prove himself but I just don't see it in the Pacific Northwest this year.

Josh Freeman QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Hate to say it but Freeman won't be sneaking up on anyone in 2011 like he did in 2010. This may just be more of a gut feeling than anything quantifiable, perhaps an injury is showing in my crystal ball too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buffalo Bills sign ILB Kirk Morrison

Per the AP:

The Buffalo Bills have agreed to a one-year contract with free-agent linebacker Kirk Morrison, the player’s agent has told The Associated Press.

The deal was agreed to verbally on Wednesday, Morrison’s agent, Bruce Tollner, says. Morrison is a six-year NFL veteran who spent last season with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who elected not to re-sign him this offseason.

6'2 240 29 years old so he is still decently young, walterfootball had him as the 8th best inside linebacker in free agency, "Kirk Morrison is a decent middle linebacker who thrives in run support. He's not terrible in coverage, but could be better in that department."

He had 89 tackles last year in a seemingly nondescript season. He was more productive in Oakland and has a funny website. Does this mean Arthur Moats wasn't working inside or that Reggie Torbor just sucks? At least this shows the team is still kinda sorta maybe considering improving their talent level. Last note, he seemingly has never missed a game in the NFL playing in all 16 games the previous six seasons.

Marcell Darius hurt? FML

Per Rodney McKissic of the Buffalo news:

---Defensive end Marcell Dareus injured his left ankle during practice on Wednesday, according to a source.

The Bills’ first-round pick was seen in the locker room after practice walking on crutches with his left ankle heavily wrapped. It is unclear how the injury occurred or whether Dareus will be available for the team’s third preseason game Saturday against Jacksonville.

He walked off on his power per wgrz

This guy better be fine but I guarantee he won't play Saturday, great. Those $1 hotdogs better not be a rumor

Monday, August 22, 2011

Half way through preseason Bills Nation panic time

by Steve

The sky apparently has already fallen. The Bills are 0-2 in the all important preseason and look worse than the '08 Detroit Lions. The first team offense has six points and dreadful statistics. If I would have typed that sentence two weeks ago predicting what would be the result of the Bills first two preseason games would anyone have questioned that prediction?

If anyone had high hopes for the Bills this season the first two preseason games shouldn't have changed your mind. The only real gripe people should have right now is the Lee Evans trade. That move has effected the team in a negative way but that could be short lived. All anyone needs to get over that debacle of a trade is for someone to elevate their game enough to catch 37 balls and have 4 tds. It would also be nice if Roscoe Parrish and Craig Davis could stay healthy.

Everyone knew the offensive line was a major question mark going into the season. Are we surprised to see Demetrius Bell playing poorly? Andy Levitre is now taking snaps with the first team at LT with Chad Rinehart taking first team snaps at RG. None of these things should be shocking. Reshuffling the o-line and finding the best possible combination is what the preseason is for isn't it?

The other main story is that CJ Spiller is allegedly the starting running back over Fred Jackson now. Poor Fred Jackson's feelings are hurt and he claims he is out of the loop. First of all, Chan Gailey is saying Jackson is a head of Cliff right now. Second, Cliff was the 9th over all freaking pick a year ago. Shouldn't the Bills be giving him every opportunity to take over the starting role? Third, Fred Jackson isn't some superstar must-start game changer. He is a solid back in a league where most teams have two dependable runners.

FJ STFU, cash your checks and split the carries. If Cliff Spiller is really that much of a step down in terms of production you'll get more carries. And if you're out of the loop about the Bills game plan in the second game of the preseason it is probably because the team isn't game planning bro.

The panic button has been pushed, everyone is starting to try and talk hockey and the suicide hotline workers are being forced to work overtime. Jeez folks can we at least get to see the team play at home IN A PRESEASON GAME before we start DVRing Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley non-conference games?

Oh and does anyone remember Trent Edwards putting up QB ratings of 142.2 122.9 and 102.7 in the preseason last year?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Michael Vick was not allowed to sign with Buffalo

by Steve

Evidently Roger "God-ell" can tell free agent players where or where not to sign these days. Anyone remember the rumors back in 2009 that Vick was visiting with the Bills even though Russ Branden said the Bills had no interest? I do, and maybe there was some credence to those rumors. Swallow this:

"I think I can say this now, because it's not going to hurt anybody's feelings, and it's the truth... I didn't want to come to Philadelphia. Being the third-team quarterback is nothing to smile about. Cincinnati and Buffalo were better options."

Those two teams wanted him and would've allowed him to start, but after meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell and other reps from the NFL, Vick was convinced—and granted league approval—to sign with Philly. "And I commend and thank them, because they put me in the right situation."

Wait what?????????? I just got my feelings hurt Mike. Yes initially I was reluctant to sign Vick, not because of dogs, fuck dogs, but because he just did a two year stretch in the pen. I didn't think he would be able to bounce back and be effective again. I did change my mind when there were rumors of him being traded later that season, but it isn't even about whether we wanted Vick or not.

Obviously P.O.S. Brandon doesn't understand that, today saying “We were made aware of that today. Simply put, Michael Vick is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and we don’t comment on players from another organization.”

Uh, what about the allegations that the commissioner of the league, THE CEO, was steering players to a specific team OR at least steering a free agent player away from certain teams. Vick, who seemingly has zero reason to lie, said THEY put him in the "right situation".

This franchise is basically dead and has been for about a decade now. Buffalo doesn't need any more barricades stacked in front of them on a road to relevance or even (gasp) success. The team sucks on their own, but to be denied the chance to sign a potentially lethal and extremely talented quarterback is beyond an outrage.

If Roger God-ell was scared Vick would blow up upon reinstatement he shouldn't have reinstated him, period point blank. Once he was allowed back in it was not the commissioners job to hide the player somewhere 3rd on the depth chart behind two established quarterbacks on a good team. It wasn't the commissioners job to keep his new contract/salary low for fear of public outrage (remember he had substantial debts coming out of prison).

This is complete 100% bullshit, but of course it will be swept under the rug just like any other rumors or black eyes the National Football League faces. The complicit media will turn their backs to the story, keep feeding at the trough, cash their advertising checks associated with covering and broadcasting the NFL and we'll be left in the dark.

Another POS Adam Schefter, squarely in the NFL's pocket, refutes the story as does NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. Even Vick back tracked from the story which is to be expected. This whole thing would be even more shocking if it wasn't so typical. I mean whatever happened to spygate? Wait, what?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aaron Maybin to the NY Jets

by Steve

Hahahahaha, the NY Jets signed Aaron Maybin? Are you serious? Either the Jets are desperate for a warm body or their ball boy quit. I'm honestly surprised he was signed this quickly and going to the Jets just adds to the intrigue.

Sexy Rexy sounds fully torqued:“[H]e has that body type, that long, lean body type of those great pass rushers,” Ryan said. “He can get off the football now. I think it’ll be interesting to see him in this system. I think he has a chance. You look for these kind of guys that can have that burst to the quarterback. We’re really excited that he’s here.”

Uh, what? The dude gets pancaked by running backs. He is already talking about getting to play against the Bills twice a year, “I’m not going to lie and say that that wasn’t an added bonus, but, obviously, that wasn’t the biggest factor,” Maybin said. “That is a nice little added piece to the puzzle.”

Huh? Dude you will be cut after the second preseason game bro. True we should not give even an inkling of the benefit of the doubt with this coaching staff and Buddy Nix. But we have all seen with our own eyes, the guy is too small, lacks any NFL instincts and flat out sucks. Jauron, Gailey and Wannstedt aren't exactly winners but all evaluated the guy and either couldn't find a single way to get him on the feel or didn't see any value in keeping him.

I wouldn't have hated keeping the guy for the rest of the preseason just to give him all the opportunity possible but apparently they wanted to allow him as much time as possible to catch on somewhere else. Why? Oh well, here's hoping he does make the roster and gets to play against us because the dude can only improve our chances of defeating the Jets.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Farewell Aaron Maybin

by Steve

Well, that was a quick ugly two years for young Aaron Maybin and his Buffalo Bills "career". That career saw the undersized bust of a bust amass a grand total of 26 tackles zero sacks and a forced fumble. The question isn't was Aaron Maybin the worst Bills draft pick ever but was he the worst draft pick in the history of the NFL.

Okay, that might be a bit hyperbolic but one should not hesitate to at least mention his name while compiling a worst of all time list. Maybin couldn't even crack a Bills lineup that started the season 0-8 in 2010. The guy was so thoroughly useless and embarrassingly ineffective it almost isn't even worth delving into very deeply. I almost feel bad for the guy, then I remember he got $15 mill guaranteed.


Alright let's go back to April 2009, the oracle of all football knowledge, Mr. "every guy is awesome/HOF caliber" (no not Jon Gruden) Coast had this to say: "The Bills tried addressing their need at defensive end in the first round. Aaron Maybin better be a straight up beast. The last time the Bills drafted a d-end in the first round, his name was Erik Flowers and he was bust city. What a bum he was...we cannot afford that to happen with Maybin. I am real concerned though. Maybin only started 10 games in college...he is only a red shirt sophomore. He did have 12 sacks last year at PSU and hopefully will be a breath of fresh air compared to our other D-ends who don't care about sacks and don't think they matter. Hopefully Maybin is just a beast and that overshadows his lack of experience. He is also small at 249 pounds...and is a pure speed rusher. Seems like another small fast dude that will fit in with Jauron's scheme. I hope he puts on about 25 pounds of pure muscle in the next month."

Ouch, instead Aaron could never amass the size needed to be an NFL player. He was 228 lbs at some point during the 2011 Bills training camp. How is that even possible? Rian Lindell is 6'3 225 for christ sake. Who was this guy's trainer?

I didn't necessarily endorse the pick and I was wrong about Michael Oher (I guess?) but c'mon I'm not paid to scout. The pick clearly was between him and Brian Orakpo and at this point that is like picking between me and Bruce Smith in 1985. We do all realize that Buddy Nix was employed with the Buffalo Bills during that draft right? Are we really all going to believe the lie that Dick Jauron was solely responsible for this pick? True Nix may not have been in a position to make the final decision but he had everyone's ear as a national scout. I guess at least Modrak and Guy are gone (now that there are only four first round Bills picks on the roster) thanks boys.

The professionals for the most part liked the Aaron Maybin pick except, notably, walterfootball, who always hates our drafts. Everyone complained about not taking a LT and that seems especially prescient today. Walterfootball nailed it: "Ignoring the second-most important position in the NFL was one thing. Another was drafting the ultra-raw Aaron Maybin over Brian Orakpo. I really disagree with Dilfer here; I find it highly doubtful Maybin will contribute as a rookie. He's raw; he has limited playing experience; and he's only 20. Defensive ends seldom have a big impact as rookies."

So wait, is Aaron Maybin one of the worst National Football League players ever? Since he is obviously the worst Bills pick of all time he has a top 25 vote by me (don't count out CJ Spiller though considering how little he has accomplished and the useless position he plays). Shockingly the dude is still only 23 but playing in the UFL or at best CFL will age someone quickly. Joe Paterno really pulled the wool over OBD's eyes BIG TIME. My prediction is Maybin sees the NFL again but not in 2011, he won't even see an NFL roster.

Adios and SYM kid, save your money.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Buffalo Bills trade Lee Evans for a 4th

by Steve

I said a couple days ago the only reason to move Lee Evans is because you were getting a 2nd round pick or a conditional 3rd AND were using the money to spend on a position of need. The Bills will do neither and gave Evans away for a 4th to the Baltimore Ravens. (They save about $10 mil over the final two years of Evans contract)

There is no defending this organization. They are cheap, they are not trying to win and they are a terrible franchise. The only way on Earth that this makes sense is they love a player that unequivocally can not stay healthy (Marcus Easley) or they think the likes of Donald Jones and Buster Davis can be game changers.

Ok, there is one reason this trade makes sense, they love the 4th round in 2012. Or they are truly trying to lose every game so they can draft Andrew Luck?

As my cousin pointed out to me wouldn't they be better off signing Stevie Johnson BEFORE trading Evans? He is clearly the #1 now and has all the leverage. Just another nuance of their ineptitude.

True Lee Evans only had 37 catches and hasn't been a major factor in the offense the last few years. And true they have never won with Lee Evans. But he was a first round pick, he clearly has talent and is a major deep threat. Furthermore, it proves that we're not trying to win and hurts the psyche of the team. Just look at Drayton Florence's twitter feed, he sounds suicidal.

Another fun year at RWS ...

Buddy Nix comments, basically saying nothing of interest

and Chris Brown blogger trying to justify the unjustifiable

Evans to Ravens for 4th Rounder


According to Adam Shefter via Twitter the Bills have traded WR Lee Evans to the Baltimore Ravens for a 4th round draft pick.

I don't understand the point of this trade. He wasn't due an astronomical amount of money this year (I think only like $3.75M) and he definitely doesn't hurt our offense. If anything, he is still one of the better deep threats in the league. He demands safety help and that opens things up for Steve Johnson, Roscoe Parrish and the rest of the receivers.

More reaction to follow.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buddy Nix comments 8/11/11

by Steve

Buddy Nix had some interesting comments on the Shredd and Ragan show today, he touched on Aaron Maybin, Shawne Merriman, Lee Evans rumors, and the left tackle position. Here is a quick synopsis:

"the first priority was Tyler Thigpen (along with signing our own guys)" in regards to free agency because "he knew the offense". Ouch that Thigpen, Poz and Florence were the team's top priorities heading into free agency.

Nix wanted to draft Nick Barnett 8 years ago when they had the 30th over all pick but was taken by GB 29th. Does this guy ever chase anyone not associated with San Diego?

"Buster Davis is a very talented guy and looks good out there (in camp)" Lee Evans replacement anyone?

"we targeted Brad Smith from the get go" and thought that the Jets wouldn't be able to keep him because of cap problems "Brad Smith gives us 3 extra roster spots on Sundays... he gives us a 3rd quarterback, not a guy holding a clip board(new roster rules), he can be our 5th WR and kick returner" "another good thing is we won't have to look at him on the other sideline twice on Sunday, he absolutely killed us... and he is a great 3rd down runner" This team really loves Brad Smith jeez, he better produce.

"at this point everything is speculation, Lee is a Bill. You don't know what will happen with any guy.. nobody is untouchable... if it upgrades us and makes us a better team we'll look into it" I don't see the Bills trading Lee Evans at least not until the trade deadline unless these other receivers really impress. All the bullshit about the team being cheap is true but the team isn't that cheap that they'll move Evans just to move him.

Here is an extremely alarming comment about the offensive line: "see I don't think left tackle is an issue" A question about tackle depth: "experience is something you have to play to get, these guys have to play some time" "I'm not sure if the other option wouldn't be Chris Hairston... we really like the guy"

Then he talked about Eric Pears being below weightt and told him to put on weight so now they like him. He basically made it sound like Josh McDaniels had no clue what he was doing but was diplomatic about Josh's ineptitude (plus he forgot his last name).

Marcell Dareus has been the most impressive player thus far and has lived up to expectations and "maybe even more". He mentioned him having good character off the field too.

Aaron Williams will probably stay at corner. He loves his size.

Da'Norris Searcy has had a good camp, he has great size to play down by the line of scrimmage as a safety.

"I got my fingers crossed, anything can happen, anyone can get hurt" in regards to Shawne Merriman staying healthy and being fully back. "he is probably ahead of schedule and shows flashes of being back to his former self"

Aaron Maybin questions: "What he's gotta do is be productive. Aaron has a good motor, he tries hard... He hasn't produced and that is the bottom line... He does everything he can, he is physically not very strong and not very big for the position he is playing." Can he play any other positions? "If you got any suggestions (laugh)" Can he putt? "i don't think so" What about bulking him up? "He left last year at 247 and reported back at 228, he is up to 238, it fluctuates. He was 250 at the combine. I think he tries I don't know what the problem is"

Gotta love a good Buddy Nix interview if not just for his crazy voice.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Buffalo Bills after a week at camp

by Steve

The Bills have been at camp a little over a week and the general conversation surrounding the team seems to be shifting. Don't get me wrong no one is yet talking playoffs or even 8+ wins but optimism is sprouting its head. Talk of chasing Andrew Luck appears to be nearly non-existent at least as of right now.

Yes, Buffalo is still 40-1 odds to win the AFC East (Miami is 8-1 wtf?!!?) but isn't it conceivable that if five or six things bounce perfectly the team could be playing interesting games in November? Shawne Merriman is the main reason for even an inkling of optimism. I'm even starting to shop for nfl tickets to Bills road games.

IF the dude can reach even 65% of what he was a few years ago the entire defense becomes exponentially better. Chris Kelsay would hopefully see a lot less of the field for one and the rest of the front seven would greatly improve with both of those developments. Even Peter King (true he did pick Carolina to make the playoffs last year) is getting in "the Bills aren't that bad" camp.

The offensive line is still a major concern with a severe lack of depth and compounded by yet another Demetrius Bell injury. Bryant McKinnie for $2.5 mil anyone? Give him the incentives and tell his fat ass to skip the fourth trip to the buffet. The first preseason game is Saturday and the starting left tackle is going to be Ed Wang? Holy smokes.

Other notes

Monday, August 1, 2011

Buffalo Bills 2012 madden ratings

by Steve

I don't really care about all this game stuff but I know all you nerds do. Here is the list of Buffalo Bills 2012 Madden ratings. Here are the most interesting

Paul Posluszny 87
Jon Corto 64
Da'Norris Searcy (my boy) 67
Kyle Williams 93 (our highest)
Stevie Johnson 86 (ahead of Lee Evans) (spectacular catch 90)
Naaman Roosevelt 56 (ouch)
Jehuu Caulcrick 50 (low man on the team [why do we have two fullbacks let alone one])