Monday, May 24, 2010

Trent Edwards needs to STFU

by Steve

Here is the transcript of an interview with Trent Edwards yesterday. Apparently he didn't take too kindly to Jim Kelly's comments about not drafting a California quarterback.

On Jim Kelly saying that the Bills need a new QB and that he shouldn’t be from California:
“It is definitely frustrating because I don’t know how much time Jim has spent in California. I love the state of California. Obviously, I am pretty biased towards where I grew up in, but it is a little bit na├»ve that he makes comments like that. It is frustrating because I feel like there are a ton of great quarterbacks out there that have played in the league for an extended amount of time. I mean we can go down the list right now. He unfortunately said some things that aren’t always the best things to say but I guess that is kind of the way that he is.”
On his relationship with Jim Kelly and whether they have talked or had any discussions:
“I haven’t. I haven’t unfortunately. (Host: Whether he has a relationship with Jim Kelly?) I did. I still do. I still do. I don’t think any less of him. If I was in Jim’s position, honestly if I was Jim, I would say draft Tim Tebow, draft Colt McCoy. That is what is going to make headlines… If that is what you believe in than go right ahead and say it. I definitely don’t worry.”

Of course Kelly is right. Drafting a QB from Cali is a terrible idea and would have torpedoed the franchise even further. The recent track record of Bills quarterbacks from California (Edwards, JP Losman, Rob Johnson) is an obvious deterrent to looking at any arm from the "Golden State". Jimmy Clausen will almost surely would have been the next in a long line of failures for the Bills.

Oh, and I am liking what I am hearing from Marshawn Lynch.

“Anything that I see that’s going to be a negative pull towards me, I’m not going to be interested. You just get tired of that negative light. It wears and tears on you. It’s time for a change.”

Stay off the blotter and pound the rock. Why we drafted another fuckin RB in round one I'll never understand.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interleague play weekend wraps up

by Steve

Don't look now but the National League is beating up on the "superior" American League already. The N.L. took a commanding 22 to 20 win differential after the opening weekend of interleague play.

The Rays, Tigers and Rangers all leading their respective divisions going into the weekend all lost their series'. Really the only bright spot for the AL all weekend was the A's barely stealing all three games from the Giants at home.

Sure all the money is spent in the AL East and everyone only talks about the Red Sox and Yankees but let's face it, the AL isn't all that superior. The two leagues have been flip flopping World Series championships the past five years too.

The shifting of power has begun, take it to the bank.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HAHA Seahawks sign J.P. Losman

by Steve

I had to comment on this signing. The Seattle Seahawks gave JP Losman $630,000 to compete for a back up clipboard position? Wow. I don't know if that is a testament to the quarterback skill level in the NFL or just in Seattle.

This is news because a previous piece by Coast was picked up by a national newspaper and a Seahawks message board.

As anyone that has watched the Bills since Losmeng was drafted in 04 knows, the guy sucks. Here is every post on our blog with his name, here is Coast slobbering Losman in the UFL, and my failure of Losman post.

I've met the guy before, he had great intentions when we drafted, the problem was he sucked. The Bills reached, he thought he was great, his career was derailed from the beginning when he broke his leg in his first training camp and that was that. True he had a lot of coaches but he never was a good quarterback.

Well, at least I get to relive the nightmare that was this guy, yet again.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Buffalo Bills defense to be 3-4 hybrid?

by Steve

Per Chris Brown:

Talking to Bills DC George Edwards, who was kind enough to carve out some time in his busy schedule, it’s clear his coaching background has prepared him well for adjusting to the strengths of the players he has at his disposal. Having been through scheme changes before like the one the Bills are about to undergo in just over a week’s time when OTAs begin, he sounds like he has a firm grasp of how to begin to implement the 3-4 scheme, but not at the cost of reducing the playmaking ability of some of the players at his disposal.

“It’s like coach (Gailey) said when we came in here,” Edwards told ”We’re going to implement the basic fundamentals of the 3-4, but we’re also going to do what the skill set of our players allows us to do.”

Translation, if alignments and assignments have to stray from the core principles of the 3-4 in order to maximize a player’s effectiveness we’re going to do it. It’s just encouraging to hear coaches being open to maximizing player strengths instead of pigeon-holing them into a system.

Makes sense to me. The team doesn't have much talent and it will be a struggle going from a 4-3 to 3-4. Mixing it up and putting players in different alignments hopefully will give a bit of a crutch to the players. For everyone to assume that a 4-3 DE can just become an OLB in a 3-4 has never made sense to me. Maybin was never projected as an OLB. Kelsay and Schobel have never played OLB in the NFL. The same goes for our 3-4 DEs. They'll have a bigger learning curve than some think.

There are a ton of question marks surrounding this defense. OTAs and training camp will be that much more interesting with all the changes in the front 7.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Great 24 hours in sports

by Steve

First Sidney Crosby chokes and gets bounced in the second round of the National Hockey League Eastern Conference Semifinals, then LeBron does? Am I dreaming? The two most sucked off by the media sports figures, probably ever, choke and pre maturely eject from the playoffs? Spectacular.

My disdain for both Sidney and Bron Bron are well documented. Although Crosby luckily fell ass backwards into a cup last year without doing much or even playing in some of the games, Bron Bron has yet to win shit.

It isn't just the players that I loathe. It is the cities they play in too. Strange I know, since Cleveland and Pittsburgh are similar in size and geographic location. Although Pittsbrugh has a million championships and Cleveland has about as many as Buffalo. Both cities just annoy me.

The greater satisfaction is in seeing James lose though. He's now a free agent and now out of Cleveland. Basketball in Cleveland is now over. Let's face it. He can't win there. Too much pressure, bad head coach, losing mentality, and a dearth of talent. He'll either go to LA, NYC, Europe or if Big Slick comes back to coach, Miami. It's over. Shut off the lights, remember you have a baseball team and forget you had a basketball squad.

Pittsburgh on the other hand will still be good at hockey. Shit, they're even getting a new area(although smaller than HSBC arena). But they start quarterback is a rapist, they gave away their best thug wide receiver and the entire team is in turmoil.

What a great twenty-four hours in sports.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jared Gaither trade rumors swirling

by Steve

For those with their heads in the sand or just listen to Schopp and the Dog for their sports news then you may not have heard; but Baltimore wants to trade their left errr right tackle Jared Gaither. First a trade was imminent and his toe injury is nothing, the next there are no worthy trade offers.

Let's face it, the Bills need more talent at tackle. Bell is a major question mark, Butler for some unknown fuckin reason retired, Wang is a rookie and Cornell Green is from the Raiders. Gaither would fill a need and the price to attain him may be dropping by the day.

Seemingly the Bills are the only real team offering anything. Evidently whatever they are currently offering isn't enough though. Gaither is still young (26) but needs a new contract. He isn't going to get Peters money, but he could be looking for it or at least close to it($60 mil over 6 years).

If Gaither truly was that good he wouldn't be listed as a right tackle on the Ravens depth chart. Furthermore, Oher wouldn't have gone to Baltimore in the first round last year. And how good/motivated is the guy?

The Ravens tendered the RFA at first round pick status. Obviously they won't get that but what are they expecting? They are a potential Super Bowl contender. A draft pick may not be enough, or even the answer at all.

Some are suggesting a corner back or safety is what Newsome and co. are looking for. Anyone willing to depart with McKelvin or Byrd for this dude? How about Reggie Corner and a 4th? How about just a 3rd in 2011 and a 5th in 2012? Then again are the Bills really that high on Gaither? Are they willing to pay him the money they weren't willing to give Peters. Is he worth a contract?

The Bills and JG would have to agree on an extension before a trade happens either way. The major hurdles then are the exact asking price and if the Bills believe he is worth big left tackle money. The good thing is the Bills have plenty of time. The longer this drags out the less leverage Baltimore has. They don't want to go into the season with him sans an extension but they also don't want a disgruntled former LT making the switch begrudgingly to RT the rest of the offseason,

It isn't my money, so I say pay him but don't give up Byrd or McKelvin to get him. Anyone else isn't really worth keeping especially if it brings back a solid starter anchoring the line. In all likelihood, Baltimore gets a home town discount and he'll be in the Ravens huddle for the next 4-5 years. We'll see..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Buffalo Bills OT Ed Wang profile

Via Tim Graham:

Ed Wang was the first offensive tackle the Bills drafted since 2008, and the earliest they've drafted one since they took Mike Williams fourth overall in 2002.

Ed Wang said he thinks he'll remain at left tackle. If so, then he will compete with incumbent starter Demetrius Bell, who is coming off a knee injury.

Breaking into the starting lineup in many ways is more important to Ed Wang than making NFL history. While his Chinese heritage is tremendously important to him, he knows if he doesn't establish himself as a football player, his notable entry will be rendered a football footnote.

Yao Ming, the NBA's first Chinese player, wouldn't be a national hero if he were riding the pine in Houston.

"I wouldn't mind people knowing me as the first Chinese-American football player," Ed Wang said, "but when it comes down to it I have to perform for the Buffalo Bills.

"My objective is to be a football player in the NFL. If I don't play, it's not going to matter if I was the first Chinese-American player in the NFL because I didn't do anything. My perspective is I have to accomplish something first."

Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Buffalo Bills mini camp and OTAs

Mini Camp:
Friday May 7th and 9th, 9am - 5 pm, mandatory for rookies and voluntary for veterans.

Organized Team Activities, OTAs
May 27th 9am to 5 pm.