Monday, February 27, 2012

Buffalo Sabres Trade Deadline analysis

by Steve

Wait, what? The Buffalo Sabres were actually aggressive and proactive at the 2012 NHL trade deadline? A first round pick for Paul Gaustad (and a 4th round pick in 2013)? And Kassian was sent packing less than a season after he was the anointed savior?

Wow I didn't even expect a 2nd rounder or for that bum UFA or for him to even be moved in the first place. Yes, Darc always makes some sort of move but it is always the wrong move (well at least since Briere/Drury which was well before the lockout). So obviously some of my optimism and excitement are muted but Darc and the Sabres appear to have won the day.

Just getting a first rounder would have been grounds for applause but the trade of Zack Kassian and Marc-Andre Gragnani for Cody Hodgson and Alexander Sulzer? To quote the immortal Bill Belichick, I mean damn!

Yes, Kassian is big and has a mean struck (well at least in juniors) but Hodgson isn't tiny at 6'0 188 and was a top 10 pick. Oh and he is a center, a CENTER which is clearly the #1 need of this franchise. He has playoff experience and has shown he can score in the league (all at age 22) and fills a gaping hole down the middle.

Does it worry me it is still Darc Regier that is calling the shots? Yes. Do I get visions of Steve Bernier? Of course. But Kassian wasn't untouchable, hasn't shown any type of nasty streak and still had a ton of value. The only real question I have is what happen to MAG? The dude was excellent last year in the playoffs and had been a ghost ever since.

In summation, kudos Darc for realizing Gaustad had to be moved, you got max value and shook up the roster enough that it will be an interesting 20 games/offseason. Plus we have a shiny new center to root for. Now go find a different job elsewhere and bring your buddy Lindy with you.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brad Riter back on WGR

by Steve

Mixed bag of news, no Jim Rome for me this Monday because Brad Riter (yes this Brad Riter) will be hosting a show from 12-3 because of the NHL trade deadline.

Who would have thought things would come full circle. First he's fired from the station. Then he gets basically his own radio station at WECK 1230. That station changes formats and he gets canned. Then Riter fills in on WBEN 930 for a few days as a host. Then everyone at WGR 550 seemingly gets sick and he's asked to fill in for Hower Simon in the morning. And now he gets his own show? (albeit only a one day thing.)

As long as it is just a one day thing and they don't permanently bump Jim Rome. The real sad part is that B-rad won't have anything to talk about because the Buffalo Sabres aren't going to do jack shit save for an ancillary move like trading some bum for another (Boyes or Leopold would be my guess)

I mean of course they wouldn't do the smart thing and trade anything that isn't bolted down. I'd peace Goose, Roy, Leopold, Boyes, Miller etc etc as quickly as possible. I can not think of one rational reason to keep Paul Gaustad. Hey Darc go google a Jim Mora clip.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stevie Johnson contract extension imminent?

by Steve

I'm just kind of filling in the blanks here (inferring if you will) with the information I'm reading. 1+1=2 though right? First we have Stevie Johnson's agent CJ Laboy, "We had a very productive meeting, I'm very optimistic. I'm looking forward to continue talking."

And we have Aaron Wilson: "Bills and the agent for wide receiver Stevie Johnson scheduled to meet again tonight, according to a league source."

I would be surprised if this doesn't get done this weekend and announced some time next week. The Bills know they need to keep SJ13 and SJ13 wants to stay in Buffalo. Why keep negotiating at this point if something wouldn't get done. It just wouldn't make any sense. Plus Buddy Nix himself said they haven't ruled out using the franchise tag ($9.4 million) on Johnson if they had to.

So yeah, your knock-off Johnson #13 jerseys from China still have some value left in them. I'm gonna go find mine at the bottom of my closet right now.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brad Marchand: Piece of Shit Jr

by Steve

If Tom Brady wasn't enough of a parade of people shitting on the City of Buffalo we have a new piece of shit to lead the parade, Brad Marchand. "Buffalo is the worst place in the NHL," Marchand responded. "I’m not too excited to go there, but I’ll be excited to leave."

Hey the truth hurts so whatever but jeez it still isn't fun to hear someone that isn't one of us say it. Is it even true? Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Newark NJ?

I always hated this guy to begin with but having another reason is always nice. Plus, maybe now he'll take some of the heat of mongoloid Zdeno Chara. Why do Sabres fans even boo him any way? Because we know he is really good and would love him on our team? I can't say the same about Marchand who is just kinda of a dingle berry pest out there.

STFU, realize your lucky of 2010/11 is over and go back to being the 4th franchise in "New England" whatever that is.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Greg Oden: Time to Die

by Steve

Jeez Louise, if this guy wasn't highly paid I would actually feel really bad for Buffalo born Greg Oden. In fact, I still kinda want to see if there are any Oden OSU jerseys on ebay right now.

But damn, three micro surgeries on your knee and you're barely twenty-four? Ouch."You get the call of another microfracture surgery, it's just another one of those 'Why me?' moments," Blazers coach Nate McMillan told before Portland's game against the Lakers on Monday night. "I know he's saying that. I haven't had the opportunity to talk to him, but (it's) really sad that I won't have the opportunity to work with him this year, and this kid won't have an opportunity to play this year."

Evidently it was only supposed to be a routine arthroscopic procedure but the damage was more severe than originally thought. If I had to handicap the likelihood he plays again it is at about 5%. At least we still have Pat Kane, although I did find a Kane #88 shirzey at the thrift store today for $3. (13 goals this season isn't that bad is it?)

Keep your head of Greg you did get paid $1.5 million for doing nothing and are an unrestricted free agent come July!

Stevie Johnson, UH OH ?

by Steve

This from the AP:

Stevie Johnson and the Buffalo Bills are still "far apart" in contract talks. And the receiver doesn't expect the team to use its franchise tag to retain him, a person familiar with discussions told The Associated Press on Sunday.

The update on talks comes after the two sides exchanged offers last week, and agreed to meet at the NFL combine in Indianapolis this week.

Meh, I'm still relatively confident they'll retain Stevie Johnson. This doesn't sound much like news except it does dovetail with what our airport buddy told us about 10 days ago that the two sides were indeed far apart.

Maybe some real news will come out during the combine which starts this Wednesday.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Buffalo Bills mock draft compilation

Here is our Bills mock draft compilation 2.0.

FWIW Steve has the Bills taking Illinois DE Whitney Mercilus because he balled in his bowl game against UCLA this year. Oh and he lead FBS with 16 sacks in 2011.

Mel Kiper:
10. Courtney Upshaw, LB, Alabama – This is another pick that I’m staying with for now. The pass rush still needs a lot of help, and Upshaw is currently the best 3-4 outside linebacker in the draft. Even as Buffalo looks to shift that defense to a 4-3 (see Denver’s draft strategy at No. 2 last year) Upshaw can still easily fit. Don’t pass talent because of small scheme questions. He should be able to apply a lot of pressure to opposing quarterbacks from the edge for whoever gets him for 2012. Remember, nobody on the Bills managed more than 5.5 sacks in 2011, and as a team, they simply haven’t been able to get pressure unless they bring numbers. This is an energetic talent, an edge linebacker in the mold of a more athletic LaMarr Woodley, a guy who has been well-coached and can start early.

Charley Casserly (
Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois – With Buffalo transitioning to a 4-3 defense, Mercilus can fill a fresh void at defensive end.

Wes Bunting (national football post)

10. Buffalo Bills: LSU DT Michael Brockers
Brockers is a talented defensive lineman capable of maturing into a real game changer up front. He’s got the ability to play all over the Bills D-line early and offers them a lot of 3-4 and 4-3 versatility.

Joe Buscaglia (wgr)
10) Buffalo Bills - DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina
- Here's what you've all been waiting for. The Bills are in need of a player that can be able to transform along with the defensive front. Ingram can do it all, and has done it all for South Carolina in his career. Even-front defensive end? Check. Even-front defensive tackle? Check. Odd-front outside linebacker? Check. Odd-front defensive end? Check. Ingram provides the versatility to do a lot of different things in defensive looks. Not to mention, I think he's the best overall defensive end/pass-rushing prospect in this draft. He may not have the desired height (just a shade below 6-foot-2), but I can see him being used a little bit of everywhere by the Bills and Dave Wannstedt.
Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina
This is a slight reach, but we've seen the Bills do crazy things on Draft Day before. One thing this front office has been infamous of is telegraphing its picks. Chan Gailey repeatedly mentioned acquiring a running back prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, and sure enough, he picked C.J. Spiller despite having Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson on the roster.

Todd McShay (ESPN)

McShay's pick: Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB, Alabama,

Analysis: Upshaw would be a great pick for Buffalo. He does everything well for a linebacker, including rush the passer, which is needed. Upshaw also is versatile, although the Bills appear to be going strictly to a 4-3 next season. Upshaw can bring that nasty mentality and a pass rush that Buffalo has been looking for. The Bills need a difference-maker on defense and Upshaw has that potential.

Mark Gaughan (TBN)
10. Buffalo Bills. Courtney Upshaw, DE-LB, Alabama. There's a chance Coples could last until No. 10. Upshaw isn't a blazing speed rusher, but he's a good football player.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marshawn Lynch still paying dividends

Apparently the Bills now have two fourth round picks AND two fifth round picks thanks to Marshawn Lynch balling in 2011. If we recall the Bills were given a 4th round pick last year and a conditional 6th rounder this year in one of the dumbest trades ever.(at least according to Steve). I'll take it ! has learned that the league has confirmed the draft choice for the Bills has improved to a fifth-round pick. That pick will be 11th or 12th in round five based on the outcome of the league coin flip to determine whether Kansas City or Seattle will pick 11th in round one, with the two clubs alternating by round thereafter.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buffalo Bills and the salary cap

by Steve

A few interesting posts by mentioned the salary cap and how each team has to be up to 89% of the salary cap in 2013. The salary cap in the National Football League for 2011 was $120 million. 89% of that of course would be $106.8 million.

The Bills were way under the salary cap and were clocked in at $19.29 million under. That amount put Buffalo at 6th cheapest team in the league. Yes there are a lot of ways to manipulate the cap with signing bonuses likely to earn bonuses etc as pointed out in this PFT post. But all teams play by those same rules so it doesn't really matter, the cap is the cap.

More interestingly however is the point they make about teams being able to now carry over excess cap space to the next league year. Apparently all the team has to do is send a note to the league office requesting to carry over their extra cap ca$h. Soooo, the Buffalo Bills could actually spend (assuming the same cap # as 2011 which is not likely) $139 million next year!

Obviously if the Bills don't even request to carry the extra cap space over they are 100% cheap and do not care about winning. Yes we all know they won't spend that much but they have to at least pretend and make the request to keep that excess space. If they don't we know Ralph's true intentions.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

CB Stanford Routt visiting Buffalo Sunday

Apparently the recently released CB Stanford Routt is making a trip to Buffalo Sunday for a meeting at OBD Monday. Adam Schefter is evidently confirming this as well.

Routt has been in the league seven years all with the Raiders, 28 years old 6'1 195. Two career interceptions and evidently wasn't the answer to replace Nnamdi Asomugha but was worth a huge contract initially? Well Nix did say he wants two more cornerbacks..

Oakland released cornerback Stanford Routt on Thursday, less than a year after the team gave him a “five-year, $54.5 million” contract. (It was originally a three-year, $31.5 million deal, then the team restructured the deal.)

Of course, Al Davis was the one who gave Routt that contract in 2011. G.M. Reggie McKenzie has since arrived and clearly doesn’t see Routt as a cornerback worth more than $10 million-per-season.

Monday, February 6, 2012

New England Patriots, dynasty* dead

by Steve

Does anyone have video or a picture of asshat Robert Kraft after the Super Bowl loss looking out at the field and up at the scoreboard? That was the best moment of my life. Also knowing that the Patriots Dynasty* is good and dead.

Ever since it was revealed that the New England Patriots were cheaters and a fraud they have lost multiple Super Bowls, lost home playoff games to the NY Jets and Baltimore Ravens (shoulda been twice) and have been out classed by the New York Giants not once but twice.

Let's face it, they can't win the big one without cheating. Their genius of a head coach seems a lot more average and a 100% failure as a personnel man. Where are the receivers on these teams? Danny Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis are the go to guys out of the back field? Two good tight ends clearly wasn't enough and Belicheat doesn't know how to draft. He wasted the last years of Brady's prime trying to out smart everyone while never realizing the only reason he ever won was because he cheated.

Yeah they are still a class well above the Buffalo Bills and will be competitive for a couple more years until all of the luck has run dry but this dynasty* is dead. That $500,000 fine was the death knell in the once bulletproof New England Patriots. If only we still had the proof and it wasn't swept under the rug then the rug burned. Thanks Rog.

Tom Tom Brady the best quarterback ever? Hahahah yeah fuckin right. Two SB L's to little Manning? Ouch, his legacy is and always will be tarnished for ever and I love it.

Time to dieeeee Tom, go move to Brentwood enjoy your freakishly tall and sore loser wife until you eventually cheat on her or get dumped. I don't think Supermodels like losers TB.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Picks

Steve 57-35 ( Best bet 9-10) (10-2 in the playoffs fwiw)

NY Giants +3
Under 54

Wreck 49-42 (Best Bet 8-11) (4-0 last week fwiw)

Patriots -3
Over 54

Friday, February 3, 2012

Good News for the Buffalo Bills?

by Steve

Anyone catch Roger Goodell's act on the Costas show yesterday? "Goodell said the league "doesn't want to move any of our teams." Sounds good to me. Of course what is he going to say that he wants to move teams? But then he continued "We probably don't want to go to 33" teams by adding just one new club if a suitable stadium is built in the Los Angeles area, Goodell said.

This is the first I've ever heard of the National Football League talking about expansion. Him specifically saying he would add two teams as oppose to adding one team and moving a second team to L.A. is also comforting.

Who knows may it is all just rhetoric but at least he is throwing out there the possibility of adding teams instead of relocation. And obviously any good news relating to the Bills staying in Buffalo is welcome.

On another note anyone catch Marcell Dareus' quote about bitch bitch Tom Brady?: "You have to get after Tom Brady some type of way," Dareus said in a Sirius XM radio interview. "Getting a hand in his face, knocking his arm down. Don't go too crazy because Brady has the referees on his side. He cries to referees as soon as he gets a chance, and it always goes his way."

Also, Stevie Johnson was on radio row today at the Superbowl and was on the Jim Rome show. Basically he said he was surprised and mad that he hasn't been resigned by the Bills yet, he is thinking more and more about free agency even mentioning other quarterbacks in the league, says he still wants to stay in Buffalo but is less and less sure something will get done.

Also the franchise tag numbers aren't yet official but for a WR it is about $9.5 million

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Reason to Hate Tom Brady

by Steve
“I don’t know if you guys have been to the hotels in Buffalo,” Brady said, “but they’re not the nicest places in the world."

Jeez Louise do we really need another reason to hate Tom Brady? Other than our jealousy with his smoking hot wife and millions of bones in the bank (oh and dumping his preggers girlfriend and being overrated as a quarterback), do we need more reasons to hate this Ugg wearing douche bag?

Well evidently he thought we did. WTF? I don't even care if you take a swipe at our hotels for being substandard. We all know Buffalo is substandard. But just for saying it Tom Brady is a douche bag. A hotel is a hotel unless it is 4 star or 5 star or whatever. Stainless sheets, no weird hair in the shower and a continent breakfast that sounds like a good hotel to me.

If this didn't get national attention I probably wouldn't have even chimed in other than it is a slow Buffalo sports time of the year. So Tommy thanks for giving us another reason to hate your guts. Go lose another Superbowl, you're gonna be half way to Jim Kelly by Monday.