Monday, April 29, 2013

Grading the Buffalo Bills 2013 draft

By steve

Is there anything better errr worse than grading a team's draft right after it happens? Doesn't matter because Im doing it any way.

Let's see, they drafted a potential franchise qb, good. They drafted him two rounds too early, bad. They traded back from #8 good, they seemingly could have moved back again, bad.

They drafted a couple of receivers and a tight end, good.  They drafted a freaking kicker in the 6th, bad. No offensive linemen good and bad. Two safties were selected, good and bad. Do you see a trend here?

I wont complain much about selecting Manuel at 16. Nix, Whaley and Brandon (and who ever else has a say) took the guy they wanted when they wanted. That is worth at least some props.

Woods from USC impressed me when I watched the average pac12 this season and the other receiver was in the Olympics. Clearly they believed they had to upgrade the offense and their spped.

Not much attention was paid to the defense, at least early, which is disconcerting. Byrd better be in a Bills uniform next year but after that he may not be needed, we'll see.

This draft (unless at least a few of these later picks become studs) will begin and end with Erik James Manuel Jr.  If he turns out to be better than good it will be looked at as a great draft. I still have questions about the Kiko selection though.

Basically there was some good and some bad but I'll take it. Just don't force Manuel to start right away.

Grade: B-

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buffalo Bills Draft EJ Manuel 16th overall

by Steve

Erik James Manuel Jr get on board!

The Bills don't draft the guy I hated Ryan Nassib but reached for EJ Manuel.  His accuracy is meh, he is huge and he is a mobile QB. 6'5 237

I don't love the pick but I don't like it.  I don't want him to start day 1 unless he truly out performs the other 3 quarterbacks on the roster.  He needs work.

a. He is from the ACC
b. He is a loser (4-0 in meaningless bowl games)
c.  I don't like that weird pencil mustache

What is Doug Marrone thinking right now?  He clearly couldn't convince Bud Nix and Doug Whaley that he was a real QB in the National Football League.  So glad it wasn't Matt Barkley.

None of us know but we'll see.  This will be an interesting 3 years. AND THANK GOD IT WASN'T A FUKING GUARD!

2 picks in the second round tomorrow starts at 6:30

Buffalo Bills trade #8 overall to ST Louis

by Steve

The Bills traded the #8 overall pick to the St Louis Rams to move to #16, picked up a 2nd and a 7th and moved further back in the 3rd round (switching spots).

This gives Buffalo 3 picks in the top 46 and a better position for a quarterback.  I love the trade, easy decision.  Is this the first time I agreed with Buddy Nix on the first day of the draft? Rare.

The major question, do the Jets use one of their two upcoming picks on a quarterback (I don't think so) or does anyone else take a QB?


2013 draft Big Board


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 NFL Draft: Bills Podcast preview

Steve Wreck and Coast preview the 2013 NFL Draft rip the Bills as per usual and make some predictions



right click save as to download

2013 NFL Draft: What the Buffalo Bills Will Do

by Steve

I already told you what the Bills should and shouldn't do in the NFL draft, here is what they will actually do (well, ya know, besides disappoint everyone and fail [and no I don't have some airport insider]).

They are going to waver on Ryan Nassib or Matt Barkley all night.  They will feel out some possible trade scenarios and, according to Sal Palantonio they will panic and draft Ryan Nassib one round too early because they fear the Jets will pounce in Ry-Ry.

It is the obvious choice (at least in their eyes).  The entire city of Syracuse is on the Bills coaching staff at this point.  The Offensive coordinator, the head coach, most of the assistants (especially on offense) are all in Buddy Nix's ear and presumably have some say in who the Bills should draft.  In what world wouldn't those guys love Nassib?

Would Doug Marrone ever choose someone else over his boy, the guy who basically got him the job?  He kicked my boy Geno Smith's ass every year, he knows Matt Barkley is a pussy ass bitch from Cali and believes Nassib is superior.

If it came down to those three I have them ranked Geno, Nassib then Barkley but it obviously doesn't matter what I think.  Ryan Nassib will be called by Roger Goodell at 8 overall to the Buffalo Bills as the first quarterback drafted, etch that into a piece of wood.

Other than the first round it is a virtual lock they will draft a safety on Friday along with a wide receiver, then they'll look tight end in round 4 and then line backers guards and another DB and WR.

Either way it is a good chance I'll bitch about it.  So stay tuned!

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 NFL Draft What the Bills should do

by Steve

I already gave you the things the Bills shouldn't do this week in the 2013 NFL Draft.  So here is my list of things they should do.  Even though they won't.

    Trade down! Accumulate draft picks.  This franchise is so replete with mediocrity it is astounding.  More picks gives the team the off chance of accidentally selecting someone talented.  Is moving down to 29 to Atlanta too far is the only question.
    Geno Smith if he is there.  Yeah yeah yeah, he lost to Nassib and Marrone in the prestigious Pinstripe Bowl in the snow.   He has a deliberate delivery.  The guy is the best QB in a down year for QBs.  The reason previously to avoid QBs in the first was because of their salary.  That isn't a concern any more, take 'em.  If he sucks in two years draft another one.

Draft more than one quarterback.  If we know anything it is that the Bills don't know how to draft.  The only way to possibly over come that is by drafting more than one QB.  Logically that would diminish the odds the Bills draft the wrong quarterback. 

Take a defensive player (not a safety) from the SEC.  Just because Marcell Darius was a bust doesn't mean the next defensive player from the best conference in college football will be (even if that means CB Milliner).  Who knows, maybe Stephon Gilmore won't be a bust.

Drafting defense is the fail safe (or at least as fail safe as this organization can be).  If they will never have a franchise QB again then the only other way to at least make it to the playoffs is via a great defense.  Going that route every single year will eventually pay off.

I still say trade down, but if not, then reach for a tight end.  The consensus top tight end of this draft is Notre Dame beast Tyler Eifert.  Multiple "expert" mock drafters have slotted Eifert in the top ten as recently as today.  Sooo evidently that wouldn't be a reach?

Worst comes to worst draft someone that has been arrested and is falling down draft boards because of alleged poor character.  Alec Ogeltree anyone?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 NFL Draft What the Bills Shouldn't Do

by Steve

A week from now the Bills will mess up yet another draft.  They'll most likely add to the long line of busts, bums, losers and forgettable names they always draft. Why do they do it?  Tough to say really but it is inevitable.

On the off chance they don't here is why:

  • The Buffalo Bills won't call Ryan Nassib's name at #8
  • No Running Back
  • Don't even think about trading up
  • No offensive lineman in the first 15 picks
  • No tightend at 8
  • Inside Linebacker is off the board
  • Only take a cornerback if he is the far and away best player available (Milliner maybe)
  • Avoid taking a safety (we all remember the last safety they drafted at 8)
  • Wide receiver has to be taller than 6'2 and a legit #1, no slot or speed guy.  What did Lee Evans ever get this franchise?
  • Interior lineman is a no no
  • Scratch all weak armed USC quarterbacks from the list, especially in the top 10.
  • I reiterate, no guards, no tackles, no center, no offensive lineman regardless of what McShay and Kiper Jr dream up
  • Last but not least, don't announcer the pick until the full ten minutes has been used, you never know if someone will call at the last second

2013 Buffalo Bills schedule reaction

by Steve

The Buffalo Bills 2013 season start at home against New England, ouch, then another home game. They play twice in Florida in December, Atlanta Falcons game is in Toronto, only night game is Cleveland, Thursday Oct 3.

2 4pm starts, BYE week is Nov 24, which is late and finish the season at New England.  For other road game options at Pittsburgh is Nov 10th, so the season will already be over and might not be worth the cash.

See you Thursday night in c-town bitchessssssssssss

2013 NBA Playoff Predictions: First Round

Ol' Boy Twreck wanted this posted:

2013 NBA Playoff Predictions for the first round

Eastern Conference

Miami Heat in 5 over Milwaukee
Indiana Pacers in 5 over Atlanta Hawks
New Jersey Nets in 7 over Chicago Bulls
NY Knicks in 7 over Boston Celtics

Western Conference

Oklahoma City in 5 Houston Rockets
San Antonio in 4 over LA Lakers
Golden State Warriors in 6 over Denver Nuggets
LA Clippers in 5 over Memphis Grizzlies

Thursday, April 11, 2013

2013 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Needs

by Steve

The Buffalo Bills enter the 2013 NFL draft devoid of talent, skill and hope.  It starts and ends with a quarterback in the NFL and the Bills don't have one.  Would we be excited if it was 2010 and Buffalo just traded a high pick and Leodis McKelvin to the Philadelphia Eagles for Kevin Kolb?  Maybe, maybe not.

Is one person excited the Bills now have signed Kolb for $1 mil guaranteed and two years with a base salary of $3 mil? Well, besides Kev-dog himself, no.  I'm not even sure if he is an upgrade over Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm Fitzpatrick although I suspect he is barely.  Basically it is a sad situation behind center.

The only thing that could make it worse would be if the Bills wasted the # 8 pick in the draft on the "inevitable" Bill, Ryan Nassib.  The idea that shitty GM Buddy Nix would draft Nassib at 8 makes me physically ill.

The only thing this pick would accomplish is it fills the biggest need of the franchise.  The problem is the guy isn't a first round talent and is no franchise quarterback, especially not in 2013.  If he starts right away it will be a guarantee that he will be a bust.  At best he needs to sit for a year and that means he can't be a first round pick.  Even in the 2nd round I wouldn't like the pick but it would at least be palatable.

This seems to be the inevitable and obvious pick because Nix is predictable, Doug Marrone loves the guy and he will with out a doubt be available when the Bills are on the clock.  The only pick that could be worse than this would be Chance Warmack or another guard like DJ Fluker or really anyone on the offensive line. Ugh.

The Bills biggest needs in order are:

If the best QB in the draft, Geno Smith, is on the board at 8 I'd draft.  Is he a great QB prospect? No, but he is a good one.  I do think about the shit bomb he dropped in Yankee Stadium against Marrone and the Orange in the Pinstripe bowl in the cold but it was only one game.  Gotta pull the trigger if he's there.

If not I think long and hard about a TE because there won't be one taken before 8.  If not look WR if someone above 6'2 is on the OBD big board.  Worst comes to worst you look at Jarvis Jones or another front 7 defensive monster.

Let's face it, the only way this franchise gets back to respectability (sneaking into a wild card spot) is build the defense because I don't see this franchise getting a franchise quarterback in my life time.

I thought hope springs eternal?  Not in Buffalo.

Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 MLB Preview, total wins

By Steve

Whoaaa, baseball season! I have been a little obsessed with college hoops lately and baseball has crept up on me. Maybe its because the Red Sox, Yankees and mets are aupposed to suck or all the good teams are out west but i' e slept on baseball. Here is a preview with o/u win totals.

NL East
Washington Nationals
I hate the way they handled Strausberg last year and love how they choked in the playoffs.  How did they become the class of the division in like 18 months? Over 92.5 wins.

Atlanta Braves
Upton bros? I like that. Their ability to choke I dont. Under 88.5 wins

Philly Phillies
One last go of it? Why not, over 83.5

NY Mets
Thanks for four boring years with the Bisons #yousuck. Under 74.5

Miami Marlins
Bigger laughig stock than the Bills? Prob.  Over 63.5

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds
Dissapointing post season and they lose a bunch of easy wins with houston going to AL West.  Under 91.5

St Louis Cardinals
Some how always under rated. And i hate em. Over 85.5

Milwaukee Brewers
Braun needa more PED but I see a bounce back, over 81.5

Pittsburg Pirates
Until you actually break through I dont believe. Under 77.5

Chicago Cubs
Why did Theo go here? Under 72.5

NL West

Los angeles dodgers
Can monry buy happiness? Yup over 91.5

San Francisco Giants
Even when they build a freaking dynasty no one talks about them. Over 87.5

Arizona Diamondbacks
81.5 honestly I have no clue. Under 81-81

Colorado Rockies
Why aren't they the Denver Rockies? Under 70.5 because this division is top heavy.

San diego Padres
Perpetually rebuilding? Over 74.5

American league East

Toronto Blue Jays
Can money buy happiness? Still can! Over 87.5

New york Yankees
Old old old. No one hates this team more than me and no one has buried this team more than me. Welp, i got another shovel. Under 88.5

Boston Red Sox
This team is a mystery but i like over 82.5

Baltimore Orioles
Every said last year was a fluke. I dont, i like the talent and manager. Over 78.5

Tampa Bay Rays
I didn't like the Shields trade. Under 86.5


Detroit Tigers
No reason to think they wont be great. Over 92.5

Cleveland Indians
The 2013 version of the 2012 Baltimore? Maybe next year under 76.5

Chicago White Sox
Do they the offense? Over 80.5

Kansas City Royals
Ill believe it when I see it. Under 78.5

Minny Twins
Another year or rebuilding?  My lock, over 67.5

LA Angels
Last year was a fluke. Over 92.5

Oakland As
Ouch, last year was a fluke. Under 83.5

Texas Rangers
Ewing theory? Why not. Over 86.5 (plus they know how to scout)

Seattle Mariners
Are they going to keep wasting Felix Hernandez? Under 77.5

Houston Astros
They sucked in the NL they can suck in the AL. But 103 Ls? Nah over 59.5