Monday, December 31, 2012

Week 17 NFL Picks

Steve 38-36-3 (Best Bet 3-11-2)

New England -11.5 v Miami
Cincinnati -5.5 v Baltimore
Atlanta -3 v Tampa
Oakland +8.5 @ San Diego
Arizona +16.5 @ San Francisco

Wreck 39-39 (Best Bet 7-9)

Dallas +3 @ Washington
Buffalo -3.5 v NY Jets
Houston -6.5 v Indy
Oakland+8.5 @ San Diego
NY Giants -6.5 v Philadelphia

Chan Gailey Fired

By Steve

Chanwick, time to dieeeeee. The Bills announced ( finally?) that they fired loser Gailey.
No credit for doing the obvious thing or the correct thing.  Why was this p.o.s. hired in the first place?

He was a loser a retread and no one wanted him. Being employed another minute would have been a joke. True the Bills are a laughing stock either way and his replacement will probably be as big of a loser and retread that no one else wants but at least it wont be chanwick.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Russ Brandon Needs to Wake Up

by Steve

No one gives a shit about the Jets @ Bills game this Sunday (except maybe the line which is Bills -3.5 which is ludicrous) so I'm not going to talk about the game.  I'm going to talk about the alleged CEO of the Buffalo Bills (at least according to their own website) Russ Brandon.

Presumably, the CEO of an organization has the power to hire and fire right? So, presumably, Brandon is the guy that would be firing the general manager and tell his general manager to fire the head coach right?  Well then Russ should have a very awkward and busy Monday morning down at OBD because heads need to roll.

In what world does posting records of 4-12, 6-10 and (god willing) 5-11 represent growth and development?  Even if it is 6-10 the record will not improve from a year ago.  The coach is inept, the general manager can not evaluate talent, specifically the quarterback position and the team is a losing pathetic mess.

In what world did Buddy Nix and Chanwhick Gailey think it was a good idea to go into a season with Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm Fitzpatrick as their quarterbacks.  Not for one year, but for three freaking seasons!!! WTF?

Worst case scenario, at least in my mind because I know it can actually be worse, is that Nix is retained and Chanwhick is fired.  Alright, fine, bringing them both back and just cutting Fitz-noodle-arm (costing $10 mil in cap space but no actual money) would be worst case but unacceptable.  There is absolutely no reason to bring back the head coach of this football team. Saving $2 mil or so?  Continuity? A solid fan base that will come back no matter what?  Those aren't good reasons for Chanwhicks retention.

I don't want to hear anything about Ralph Wilson being 94 or the money manager Jeff Littman or anyone else in Detroit.  Russ Brandon is the chief executive officer.  He needs to wake the fuck up and realize the absolute train wreck that is the franchise he is executive of and fire these clowns or at the very least fire Gailey.

Yes, it might be lip stick on a pig, sorta, if Nix is retained for another 6 months of transition while Doug Whaley takes over the job because it would not be a full house cleaning but so be it.  Let Nix concentrate on the draft and free agency, Whaley hire a new head coach and try to get this thing moving in a direction other than circling the drain.

FWIW I'm not holding my breath, fml.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 16 nfl picks

Steve Best 35-35-2 Bet 3-11-1
Indy -7 @ kansas city
Seattle pick v San Francisco
Cincinnati +3.5 @pittsburgh
Cleveland @ denver ovrr 44
Dallas -2.5 v new orleans

Wreck 37-36 Best Bet 7-8

Pittsburgh -3.5 v Cincinnati
Dallas -2.5 v New Orleans
Buffalo -4.5 @ Miami
Jacksonville +14.5 v New England
Minnesota +7.5 @ Houston

Friday, December 21, 2012

Bills announce 7 year lease agreement

By Steve

Gov Cuomo thanked Ralph Wilson and Roger Goodell. $130 mil renovations. Of course wgr550 had technical difficulties.

"Yesterday is over this is about tomorrow" -andrew cuomo

"This is another shining example of Ralph Wilson's loyalty to wny" -Russ Brandon

Poloncarsz said decade cuomo said 7 years. It is a more financially viable agreement being only $95 mil of public funds as opposed to the $200 the buffalo "news" has been reporting for months.

First question mentioned LA. JEEZ. "We are going to be here for the next few decades" - brandon

Woww bold bold fuckin quote from russ brandon

"We are going to look at the potential for a new stadium over the next decade"

$28 mil fee for years 8 9 10.

In those years the money can be put towards a future new stadium.  This is sounding really good in regards to staying.

"The team will not leave regardless for 7 years"

This new lease is sounding more and more about a new stadium in the future.

Monday, December 17, 2012

13 and counting for the Bills

By Steve

Is there any chance that 50-17 drubbing by the Seahawks over the Bills in Ontario CAN turn out to be a good thing?

Doubt it. Even with, yet again, another embarrassing L against a decent but not great team I can not say Gailey is going to get fired.

That is how pathetic this franchise is.  Thirteen straight seasons sans playoffs, a 15-31 record for the coach, complete ineptitude at every spot and this franchise still hasn't fired their head coach?

What are they waiting for? Chan Gailey will be back next year! Well, unless former GM and current PR lacky Russ Brandon steps in and says fire him for ticket sales sake.

There is no doubt, the Bills are not a real franchise in the NFL. Especially not with Bud Nix and Chanwick both still employed. The only "rational" explanation for keeping Chanwick is what, continuity? 15-31?!?!?!

But hey Gailey did have a no comment about the lame fake punt late in the game.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 15 NFL Picks

Steve 34-31-2 Best Bet 3-10-1

New England -4.5 v San Fransisco
Green Bay @ Chicago over 44
San Diego -3 v Carolina
Giants @ Atlanta over 50.5
Tampa Bay @ New Orleans under 55

Wreck 35-33 Best Bet 7-7

Bills +5.5 v Seattle
Baltimore +3 v Denver
Pittsburgh -1 @ Dallas
Tennessee -1 v Jets
San Francisco +4.5 @ New England

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Seattle Seahawk @ Bills preview podcast

Steven and Coast breakdown the exciting upcoming game in Toronto Ontario Canada between the Seattle Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills, fun fun fun fun. Oh and mostly rehash the Rams L #fml

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2013 Draft Eligible QBs Bowl Games

by Steve
Tough title but here are the quarterbacks that I have been documenting all year at the hashtag #myboyslist and their bowl games (which start Saturday!!)

Keith Price, Junior, Washington
Yeah, he is short (6'1 202) and only a junior AND he is black with a white name but he is worth watching.  He hasn't gotten the hype of a Jake Locker (maybe 'cause he is 2 inches shorter), but he had a disappointing season throwing 15 less touchdowns (18 and 11 picks).  Him and the huskies (+5) play 12/22 v Boise St in the MAACO Bowl

Nick Florence, Senior, Baylor
He only got one year as RGIIIs replacement and put up some gaudy numbers in a conference severely lacking in defense. At 6'1 205 and only one season under his belt I hope he got his degree. Thursday 12/27 v UCLA oddly in a pick 'em.

Tyler Tettleton, Junior, Ohio
MAC!  Lowered his interceptions 66% but his touchdown passes came down as well.  ESPN doesn't even list his height (6'0 200) and won't be in the draft this year any way.  12/28 v LA Monroe getting 7 points. AdvoCare V100 INDEPENDENCE BOWL!!

Logan Thomas, Junior , Va Tech
It would be shocking if Thomas his 6'6 frame and lousy season enters the draft this year.  He had 17 tds and 14 picks to go along with four L's in the awful ACC.
Tech plays 12/28 v Rutgers and is -2.5 in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

Geno Smith, Senior, WVU
Saturday 12/29 mark your calendars.  The ol' Big East rivals WVU and 'cuse square off in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.  Can Smith, my leader in the club house play in the cold (Yankee stadium) against a meh 'cuse team?  He lost against the good teams this year but who cares, their defense was awful.  He has size, the arm and a little mobility but is from Miami FL.  Take them -4 at least.  Oh 40 tds to 6 picks too.  (some one named Ryan Nassib is playing too but this is not an oversight by me #donotwant)

Seth Doege, Senior, Texas Tech
Again, gaudy numbers in a defense challenged conference with an asshole coach. 6'1 197? Ouch.  He improved on a decent junior year statistically but the guy did not impress enough to consider even above someone like Nassib. 12/28 -12.5 v Minnesota doesn't help, Minny sucks.

Mike Glennon, Senior, NC State
DO I REALLY HAVE TO WORK NEW YEARS EVE?  This game is at freaking noon, god damn it.  Dude is blowing up mostly because of his size (6'6), his competition in regards to the draft, and a solid stat line.  He does get to play against a 5-3 SEC team, can you guess who?  Vandy and is +7.  Glennon I may want in the second round.
Damn Trevone Boykin is only a freshman? Nevermind...

Matt Barkley, Senior, USC
Ever hear of him?  Unfortunately they have to play freaking GA Tech on New Years eve and even the players don't want to play.  Barkley may be drafted early in the first round but there is zero doubt his stock fell this year.  The team as a whole was a major let down and Kiffin is partly to blame.  The game starts at 2pm and the Trojans are -10.

Tajh Boyd, Junior, Clemson
Plays in the ACC which sucks and he is small 6'1 225.  He puts up points (43 total touchdowns, 34 passing) and completed 66% of his passes.  Fantastic test against a good LSU defense at 7:30 on NYE.  If he has a great game I'd think he would jump early. Some how only +4 v the Tigers.

Aaron Murray, Junior, Georgia
6'1 210 and is likely to stick around another year.  Decent game on New Years Day v Nebraska.  They arguably should be in the Natty game but oh well.  I have waffled on this dude all season and don't like or hate him.  He put up 31 TD passes in a tough SEC (as oppose to Taylor Martinez for the Cornhuskers who is more of a run first guy but still scored a total of 31 TDs. Georgia is -10.

EJ Manuel, Senior, FSU
6'5 240 dude with an awful mustache.  Threw 22 TDs (4 more than last year) and completed 67% of his passes but lost to Mike Glennon.  He doesn't do anything particularly well even in a bad ACC.  Still, got to a BCS  game albeit v Northern Illinois (-13.5) on New Years Day.

Landry Jones, Senior, Oklahoma
The guy has seemingly been around for a while.  Prototypical size 6'4 218 (although seems smaller) and has started for four years.  Statistically very consistent it what was an up and down season for the Sooners.  Their biggest game of the season was an embarrassment v ND at home against a good defense.  Not in a BCS game but it is a post NYE game against an SEC team Texas A&M 1/4/13. +4.5

Collin Klein, Senior, Kansas St
6'5 226 run first religious zealot.  Had a bad L v Baylor and is a white Tim Tebow.  He ran for more touchdowns than he threw and has little future as a QB in the NFL. K State plays Oregon 1/3 in the Fiesta Bowl. +9 o/u 76.5

AJ McCarron, Junior, Alabama
6'4 210 not likely to leave buttt if Saban bolts yet again for the NFL (Cleveland?) who knows?  He hasn't shown a ton but then again he hasn't had to.  Their running game is stout and the defense is top 10.  He completes 67% of his passes and only 26 TDs 3 picks albeit the most completions he's had in a game this season is only 22.  Obviously they're playing against ND and they're good defense in the Natty 1/7 so "AJ" has a chance to show something. Bama is a surprising 10 point favorite.

(Tyler Wilson is hopefully getting ready for the senior bowl thanks to fuckin ass hole Petrino)

Teddy Bridgewater is a sophomore from L'ville (just for pat)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Rams 15 Bills 12 F of course

by Steve

What else can I say that hasn't already been said before?  I mean really?  The only surprise is if the Bills didn't lose on a last minute touchdown and Fitz-noodle-arm-Fitzpatrick interception.

Of course Chain Gailey bungled and bumbled the game so badly the team basically had no chance to win.  Yes of course Cliff Spiller only had 8 touches.  Yes everyone predicted the defense would collapse and drop several game winning interceptions.  Of course the other teams the Bills were chasing in the playoffs all lost.

Of course Chanwick and Fitzucktrick will be back next year.  Of course we have no hope and nothing to look forward too.  Of course the Bills won't lose out and possibly get the 4th overall pick.  Of course the Bills won't draft a quarterback to start from day one in 2013.

Of course we'll still buy tickets and blindly follow this team until Ralph dies and the team moves.  Of course the Bills will never make the playoffs ever again.

Here we go again.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Week 14 NFL Picks

Steve 32-29-1 Best Bet 3-9-1

Pittsburgh -7.5 v San Diego
Kansas City +7 @ Cleveland
Tennessee @ Indianapolis over 47
Green Bay -7 v Detroit
New England -3.5 v Houston

Wreck 33-30 Best Bet 7-6

Dallas +3.5 @ Cincinnati
Tampa -7.5 v Philadelphia
Tennessee +5.5 @ Indianapolis
Kansas City +7 @ Cleveland
New England -3.5 v Houston

Thursday, December 6, 2012

St Louis Rams @ Buffalo Bills podcast preview

Steve and Coast wax poetically about the dismal Jaguars game, look ever so slightly at the playoff picture and preview the Rams game this Sunday

right click save as to download or just click on with a smart phone

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bills 34 Jaguars 18 F

By Steve

We still have two more of these to go too? FML. What a useless meaningless game. I dont recall more rain falling on me in one day than what hit me yesterday.

If I thought Gailey or anyone else was auditioning for their job next year I'd be even more depressed. But unfortunately I think both clowns, FitzGailey, will be back next year either way. So in fact these games are more useless than normal the last 12 years.

Yeah, we'll draft a qb next year but do you think these conservative dimwits who refuse to even give Tarvaris a look will trust a rookie QB to start and actually run Chanwicks offense? I think not.

Am I saying we are in a downward spiral of helplessness and no hope? Yes I am. And no that is no hyperbole. Our only hope is a new owner and you know exactly what that means.

On the positive side the Bills didnt lose to Mularchuck, Mario Williams might not be a total bust and CJ Spiller is still a beast.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Week 13 NFL Picks

Steve 29-27-1 Best Bet 2-9-1

Kansas City +3 v Carolina
NY Jets -6 v Arizona
Houston -7 @ Tennessee
Philadelphia @ Dallas over 43
NY Giants -3 @ Washington

Wreck 31-27  Best Bet 7-5

San Diego +1.5 v Cincinnati
Tennessee +7 v Houston
Buffalo -6 v Jacksonville
Tampa Bay +7.5 @ Denver
Cleveland -2.5 @ Oakland