Monday, April 27, 2020

Grading the Bills 2020 NFL Draft

by Steve

With the draft over and nothing to look forward to for the foreseeable future its time to grade the Bills 2020 draft.

Based on the Bills needs they did quite well. Epenesa falling is a concern and he seems like an exact replacement for Shaq Lawson but that isnt exactly a bad thing. Will he be a pass rushing specialist? Highly doubt it, he seems more like a run stuffing slow dude that will take on two blockers. Perhaps he'll be a boon to Ed Oliver's career.

The best pick of the draft was obviously Jake Fromm. Dude is a player. He tore up the SEC for years, beat out studs in Fields and Eason and never relinquished his hold on the starting job. Did he ever win the biggeet game? No. Is his arm strength ideal? No. Will he eventually supplant shit Josh Allen as the starter? Yup.

Moss may be a good runningback but
a 3rd rounder back to back years? Then again 2020 had the least number of RBs drafted in ten years.

A glaring need at TE went unaddressed which is fine if Beane really believes in Kroft. Not aure why he would but crazier things have happened.

Overall Beane and McDerr did about as well as they could with the ammo at their disposal.


Saturday, April 25, 2020

bills draft jake fromm

a quarterback!


Bills Draft WR Gabriel Davis UCF in the 4th Round

Bills with a surprise move going wide receiver

Gabriel Davis 6'2 216
4.54 40


72 catches 1241 yards 12 TDs


Friday, April 24, 2020

Bills Draft RB Zack Moss 3rd Round

wow Bills go offense, running back from utah Zack Moss

53 broken tackles 3rd in all of FBS. wow

i wouldnt go runningback this early but its a weapon and the Bills needed a RB bad.


Bills Draft DE AJ Epenesa Iowa in the 2nd Round

bills go edge Epenesa from Iowa

sorta fell in the draft, fills a need with athleticism

Its a classic mcderr pick, safe predictable and fills a need. Mcderr knows defense so I trust his judgement here. Some had him in the first round. He isnt a game changer but he had multiple double digit sack seasons in a good conference.

He seems like a Shaq Lawson 2.0 replacement

grade B-

Bills 2nd Round Mock Draft Compilation

by Steve

here is a compilation of mock drafta for day 2 round 2 and 3

Lucas Niang OT TCU

Zack Moss RB 3rd round

Chris Trapasso
Jeremy Chinn S Southern Ill

Cameron Dantzler CB Miss St
Kristisn Fulton CB LSU

Jonathan Greenard Edge Florida

Jaylon Johnson CB Utah

Darrell Taylor Edge Tenn

SB Nation
Jonathan Greenard Edge Fla

Ezra Cleveland OT Boise

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Final Mock Draft 2020

by steve

Here our final mock drafts for the 2020 NFL Draft, here are the Bills biggest needs.

2020 NFL Mock Draft:

1. Bengals - Joe Burrow

2. Redskins - Chase Young

3. Lions - Jeff Okudah

4. NY Giants - Tristen Wirfs

5. Dolphins - Tua Tagovailoa

6. Chargers - Justin Herbert

7. Panthers - Isaiah Simmons

8. Cardinals - CeeDee Lamb

9. Jaguars - Jerry Jeudy

10. Browns - Jedrick Wills

11. Jets - Andrew Thomas

12. Raiders - Derrick Brown

13. 49ers - AJ Terrell

14. Buccaneers - Josh Jones

15. Broncos - Henry Ruggs

16. Falcons - CJ Henderson

17. Cowboys - Xavier Mckinney

18. Dolphins - Ezra Cleveland

19. Raiders Klavion Chassion

20. Jaguars - Jordan Love

21. Eagles - Justin Jefferson

22. Vikings - Brandon Aiyuk

23. Patriots - Zack Baun

24. Saints - Patrick Queen

25. Vikings - Jeff Gladney

26. Dolphins - Deandre Swift

27. Seahawks - Javon Kinlaw

28. Ravens - Grant Delpit

29. Titans - Yetur Gross Matos

30. Packers - Kenneth Murray

31. 49ers - Trevon Diggs

32. Chiefs - Ross Blacklock

33. Bengals - AJ Episona

34. Colts - Terrell Lewis

35. Lions - Noah Igbinoghene

36. Giants - Tee Higgins

37. Chargers - Austin Jackson

38. Panthers - Antoine Winfield

39. Dolphins - Jeremy Chinn

40. Texans - Michael Pittman

41. Browns - Justin Madukuike

42. Jaguars - Kristian Fulton

43. Bears - Jordyn Brooks

44. Colts - Isaiah Wilson

45. Buccaneers - Clyde Edwards Helarier

46. Broncos - Robert Hunt

47. Falcons - Malik Harrison

48. Jets - Marlon Davidson

49. Steelers - Neville Gallimore

50. Bears - Bryce Hall

51. Cowboys - Darrel Taylor

52. Rams - Kyle Duggar

53. Eagles - Laviska Shenault

54. Bills - Jabari Zuniga

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

2020 NFL Draft Preview Bills Needs

by steve

No first round pick but this draft is still huge for the Bills. Previous I posted our mock draft. Here are their biggest needs heading into the 3 day break from reality:

First the Bills current draft picks:

2: 54
3: 86
4: 128
5: 167
6: 188
6: 207
7: 238

Biggest need

5. Cornerback

Who is opposite Tre White, Norman? UDFA boy Levi? Is White def gonna wanna resign here? McDerr loves drafting DBs and usually picks them well (except for fuckin Gaines for the 3rd time and quitter Vontae).

4. Tightend
The Bills were in on Olson and restructured Kroft. I could see them cutting Lee if need be and Sweeney didn't play much last year. Dawson Knox has a chance to be a stud but is still a question mark. Wouldnt be my first pick in the draft but if value presents itself I'd pounce. Allen needs all the help he can get.

3. Runningback
Thankfully Gore is gone. Singletary was a great draft pick last year but isnt a bonafide stud. He has the skills anyone wants but has injury concerns and fumblitis. He needs a compliment or a peer.

2. Quarterback
Allen likely is a bust. But the org is dead set on going forward with him(until the day they arent). Is Barkley a viable option if or when Allen gets benched? Why not take a flyer on a guy either way? Davis Webb barely a practice squad body.

1. Edge rusher D-end
Mario Addison is almost as old as me and Hughes is good but on the down slope. Not making a run at Clowney (albeit he likely has zero interest in laying here) is puzzling. This is far and away the biggest need on the roster and needs to be addressed before Saturday.

Monday, April 20, 2020

2020 NFL Mock Draft

Wreck, Steve, Dubs and Feyes do a mock draft up until the Bills pick at 54 at which time each gives their predicted selection.
(no snake, the order went wreck, steve, dubs, feyes, wreck, steve, dubs, feyes etc) no trades because thats too complicated.

2020 NFL Mock Draft:

1. Bengals - Joe Burrow

2. Redskins - Chase Young

3. Lions - Isaiah Simmons

4. Giants - Tristen Wirfs

5. Dolphins - Jedrick Wills

6. Chargers - Tua Tagovailoa

7. Panthers - Jeff Okudah

8. Cardinals - Andrew Thomas

9. Jaguars - Jerrick Brown

10. Browns - Josh Jones

11. Jets - Jerry Jeudy

12. Raiders - CeeDee Lamb

13. 49ers - Mekhi Becton

14. Buccaneers - Ezra Cleveland

15. Broncos - CJ Henderson

16. Falcons - Klaivon Chaisson

17. Cowboys - Xavier Mckinney

18. Dolphins - Justin Herbert

19. Raiders AJ Terrel

20. Jaguars - Justin Jefferson

21. Eagles - Henry Ruggs

22. Vikings - Brandon Aiyuk

23. Patriots - Zack Baun

24. Saints - Trevon Diggs

25. Vikings - Terrell Lewis

26. Dolphins - Deandre Swift

27. Seahawks - Javon Kinlaw

28. Ravens - Kenny Murray

29. Titans - Yetur Gross Matos

30. Packers - AJ Epinosa

31. 49ers - Jeff Gladney

32. Chiefs - Kristian Fultom

33. Bengals - Lloyd Cushenberry

34. Colts - Jordan Love

35. Lions - Noah Igbinoghene

36. Giants - Grant Delpit

37. Chargers - Austin Jackson

38. Panthers - Jeremy Chinn

39. Dolphins - Patrick Queen

40. Texans - Blacklock

41. Browns - Justin Madukuike

42. Jaguars - Denzel Mims

43. Bears - Antoine Winfield

44. Colts - Isaiah Wilson

45. Buccaneers - Josh Uche

46. Broncos - Robert Hunt

47. Falcons - Jonathan Taylor

48. Jets - Marlon Davidson

49. Steelers - Neville Gallimore

50. Bears - Kyle Dugger

51. Cowboys - Bryce Hall

52. Rams - JK Dobbins

53. Eagles - Jordyn Brooks

54. Bills
steve - Prince Tago Wanogho
wreck - CEH
dubs - Michael Pittman
feyes - Tee Higgins

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Bills Over Under Win Total 2020

by steve

per the below link the Bills win total is over under 9 wins. That is higher than the Patriots and anyone else in the AFC East. Buffalo is also +100 to win the division, the betting favorites.

Caesars: Brady's Bucs at 9 wins, Patriots at 8.5 via @ESPN App

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

2020 NFL Mock Draft

steve wreck and feyes doing a 2020 NFL Mock Draft. steve first, wreck 2nd, feyes third and so on (not a snake) up until the Bills pick at 54. No trades because that is too fuckin complicated.

2020 NFL Mock Draft

1. Cincinnati Bengals    
Joe Burrow

2. Washington Redskins    
Chase Young

3. Detroit Lions    
Jeff Okudah

4. New York Giants    
Derrick Brown

5. Miami Dolphins    
Josh Simmons

6. Los Angeles Chargers    
Tua Tagiviola

7. Carolina Panthers    
Javon Kinlaw

8. Arizona Cardinals    
Tristan Wirfs

9. Jacksonville Jaguars    
Jerry Jeudy

10. Cleveland Browns    
CJ Henderson

11. New York Jets    
Mickahi Bechton

12. Las Vegas Raiders    
CeeDee Lamb

13. San Francisco 49ers  
Henry Ruggs

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers    
Jedrick Wills

15. Denver Broncos    

16. Atlanta Falcons    
Justin Herbert

17. Dallas Cowboys    

18. Miami Dolphins
Jordan Love

19. Las Vegas Raiders  
Klaivon Chaisson

20. Jacksonville Jaguars   
Xavier McKinney

21. Philadelphia Eagles    
Justin Jefferson

22. Minnesota Vikings  
Austin Jackson

23. New England Patriots    
Andrew Thomas

24. New Orleans Saints    

25. Minnesota Vikings    
Denzel Mims

26. Miami Dolphins   
Josh Jones

27. Seattle Seahawks    
Gross Matos

28. Baltimore Ravens    
Kenny Murray

29. Tennessee Titans    
Jaylon Johnson

30. Green Bay Packers   

31. San Francisco 49ers   
AJ Espenesa

32. Kansas City Chiefs    

33. Cincinnati Bengals   
Isiah Wilson

34. Indianapolis Colts   
Grant Delpit

35. Detroit Lions    

36. New York Giants   
Ezra Cleveland

37. Los Angeles Chargers   

38. Carolina Panthers   

39. Miami Dolphins   
Jonathan Taylor

40. Houston Texans   

41. Cleveland Browns   

42. Jacksonville Jaguars   
Jalen Hurts

43. Chicago Bears    

44. Indianapolis Colts   
Tee Higgins

45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers   

46. Denver Broncos    
AJ Terrell

47. Atlanta Falcons   
Antoine Winfield

48. New York Jets   
Michael Pittman

49. Pittsburgh Steelers   
Josh Uche

50. Chicago Bears   

51. Dallas Cowboys   

52. Los Angeles Rams    
Clyde Edwards Helaire

53. Philadelphia Eagles   
Jalon Reagor

54. Buffalo Bills
feyes - Julian Okwara
wreck - kyle Duggar
steve JK Dobbins

Friday, April 3, 2020

Bills Second Round Mock Draft Compilation

by steve

here is a compilation of second round mock drafts for the Buffalo Bills at pick # 54 overall.

Ezra Cleveland OT Boise State

"The Bills signed some offensive linemen last offseason, but some of them are just short-term solutions. Here's a right tackle for the long haul. "

A team arguably cant have too many tackles or offensive lineman in general. It isnt the biggest need on the roster with Ford being over drafted last year and Dawkins about to be paid.
Grade C


Julian Okwara, EDGE, Notre Dame

"The Bills need some younger depth to help them get to the quarterback with Shaq Lawson gone. Okwara (6-4, 252 pounds) is a flexible, explosive pass-rusher with great finishing burst to the quarterback."

Big need and a player from a big program. Is he being over drafted? 6'4 248 four year player. No huge sack numbers, 4 last year 8.5 as a junior.
Grade B+

cbs sports
Cam Akers RB FSU
"Frank Gore is gone and Devin Singletary can't do it alone. Akers ran behind a bad O-line at Florida State and was still a game-changer -- imagine him in Buffalo in that offense."

Value at the position is awful but this guy could be the it factor to pair w Diggs to make this offense better than aversge which would be a huge jump.
Grade C+

J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State

Id be surprised if Dobbins is there at 54. The problem again is RB this high especially after using a 3rd on one last year.
Grade B-
KJ Hamler WR PSU

Seems odd to go WR after just using 4 picks to acquire one and Brown snd Beasley signed.
Grade D+
Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU

Are we seeing a pattern here? Damn. Another possible game changer and would be surprising if he were available.
Grade B-