Thursday, August 29, 2013

Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills preseason preview

By Steve

The only good thing about this game tonight is that it signifies the end of the god damn preseason. So here it was to look for tonight:

(This page intentionally left blank)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buffalo Bills Player Power Ranking

By Steve

Erik James is hurt, we are in the midst of another boring preseason and the home opener is still 2.5 weeks away so lets power rank the top 10 Bills:

1. EJ Manuel
The rookie franchise quarterback is obviously the most important player on the roster. If the dude even sneezes hard we get nervous.

2. Stephone Gilmore
If it is a quarterback driven league that means you need some ballers in the secondary.  The high ranking for the second year CB outta SC is partly based on the dramatic drop off in talent behind ol' Gilly. We will know this season whether he is a stud or not.

3. Stevie Johnson
He is hurt a lot but never misses a game and always produces.  SJ13 is no superstar but he is as close ad the Bills get. Also he may not even be a top echelon WR but there is nothing proven behind him.

4. Eric Wood
I am a believer in the center position and Wood is a solid if not great center. He was a high draft pick, he gets hurt a lot but seems to be a leader on the team.  When he is out a dramatic drop off is evident.

5. Mario Williams
Might be too high but his $100 mil contract says he is important.  Producing 10.5 sacks was seen as a failure and he will never live up to the cash.  If he can stay healthy and avoid the dumb shit he usually gets into he'll be fine.

6. Jairus Byrd
Someone has to cover all these safties, make plays and be a pro bowler. Byrd does all those things. If he whines about his one year deal I'll hate him but the guy has talent.

7. CJ Spiller
The useless position he plays on the team kills his ranking.  No doubt he is a stud but running backs have a short shelf life and are generally replaceable.  He will never live up to where he was draft at least to me.

8. Cordy Glenn
Left tackle is becoming less and less important with the way offenses are playing these days.  However Glenn was drafted high and still protects the QBs back.

9. Scott Chandler
Debatable to be on the list but tight ends are the new sliced bread, or something. The Bills need this guy to be fully recovered and open up the middle of the field/red zone.

10 Jeff Tuel
QB controversy! Nah but I hate Kevin Kolb and Im not putting snokin Bradham or Leodis "i only return kicks " McKelvin here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jairus Byrd Signs Bills 1 Year Tender

by Steve

Well, that was a bit unexpected.  Today Jairus Byrd ended his holdout and signed his one year franchise tender for the Buffalo Bills worth $6.196 mil.  Earlier today one of the two Dougs was saying there was no new info on Byrd's contract.  Then poof, he's signed.  I'll take it. More from the Buffalo News:

The Bills and Byrd did not negotiate a “no-tag” provision for 2014, meaning the Bills could use the franchise tag on him again next year, but to do so it would cost them nearly $8.3 million, as the franchise rules dictate that Byrd receive a 20 percent raise over his 2013 salary.
That to me is a bit surprising as well.  Why wouldn't Byrd request a no tag clause for next season?  Did the Bills refuse? Who would complain about $8.3 (possibly more) again next season after $7 mil this season?  Does this open the door for a long term contract after the season?  Are we going to go through this whole non-story non-song-and-dance next summer?  Who knows.

Basically, Byrd had two options (because I assume he wasn't foolish enough to actually sit out any regular season games), he could have reported after training camp so he didn't have to go to training camp or he could have reported after the preseason.

Ol' Jairus chose the more prudent and wise of his two options.  Now he has time to learn the new defense Mike Pettine is cooking up, which will only benefit Byrd this year and presumably in the long term.  Furthermore, he will only have to play in (at most) one preseason game.  I'd say there is no chance he plays this Sat. v Washington.  If he chose to report after the last preseason game, that would have only left him about 8 days to get ready for the opener as oppose to 18 days.  Win win.

Other than a new scheme and new coaching staff what do veterans really need a whole training camp and preseason for any way?  I never understand all the bluster and complaining people made of the whole situation.  As long as Byrd is in shape, he'll be ready to roll come 9/8/13 and he avoided some dumb injury in meaningless practices or fake games.  Everyone knew he was going to show up it just came down to when.

Now sign a long term contract and I may end my long hiatus of not buying Bills jerseys. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vikings v Bills Preseason Preview

by Steve

Back to the Ralph (despite all the bullshit parking lot restrictions) Friday at 7:00 against the Minnesota Vikings.  Plus, it is kids day aka $1 dog night and awkward Canadians swearing in front of a ton of children, pay dirt!

Normally these preseason games are about as boring and useless as the Buffalo Sabres but a new coach, a new rookie quarterback and a new sense of (gasp) optimism? Maybe?  Wait, why the hell is Kevin Kolb starting?  Is Christian Ponder's wife gonna be there?

On the bright side the 2 to 3 snaps psycho Jared Allen will be on the field will be against ol' Kolb-er right?  Then again, if I have to stay into the 3rd quarter to see Erik James Manuel in person I'm gonna be pissed.

Quick Hits:
  • Don't play CJ Spiller
  • No Kiko Alonso sucks
  • Is Crezdon Butler really going to supplant Mr $5 mil himself Leodis McKelvin as the second starting CB?
  • Will Manuel actually throw a deep ball? Probs
  • Don't play Cliff Spiller
  • I'm interested to see if Nate Hackett really is the big monster in cartoons that pets their cat too much and accidentally kills it or not.
  • I'm going to predict Marquise Goodwin has another house call.
  • Is Marcell Dareus alive?
  • Will Pettine's defense come out in a 3-4?
  • Place kicking will be a highlight of the game and young buck Dustin Hopkins better not boot another friggen kickoff outta bounds.
  • I hope Rian Lindell rents and not owns.
  • Are they really going to confiscate my funnel by 6pm?
  • Bench Spillszie

Sabres Season Ticketholder Renewal is 97%

by Steve

The owner doesn't do or say anything, check.  The loser general manager continues to keep his job seemingly as long as he'd like (16+ years), check.  That same GM says there will be more pain and losing, check.  The team retains a nobody with barely a pulse as their head coach, check.  Raise the season ticket price despite having a billionaire owner and a losing product, check.  A recipe for a 97% single ticket renewal rate?!?!

No wonder Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller haven't been traded, the team has very little talent and no chance of being good this year.  They don't have to be good or even try to be competitive now or in the future.  The fuckin fans continue to buy this bullshit product as quickly as possible regardless of cost.

How the hell is it possible that 97% of Sabres fans renewed their season tickets?  The Terry Pegula era has been an abject failure in every single aspect.  The team has been worse, the talent level is lower, the outlook isn't any better and the general manager continues on in perpetuity. What am I missing?

The tickets now cost more than ever, there is little to no chance of making the playoffs (which is basically the only reason to have season tickets other than to maybe have a bunch of easy birthday gifts to give out) and the guys in charge are clueless.  Maybe it is the new division they are in with Detroit?  The cheapest season tickets (a pair in the corner 300s) would cost $2,204 and for the worst 100 level pair it would be $3546.  Either Western New York has a lot more millionaires than I previously thought or the economic failure of the region has been greatly exaggerated by every news source in the world.

I truly just do not understand. (not to mention the 2500 people allegedly paying to wait on a waiting list for season tickets [holy shit]).  Simply mind boggling.   On the bright side Darc doesn't have to find a realtor to try and sell his house for another 17 years.

Monday, August 12, 2013

My 2013 Buffalo Bills Starting Team

by Steve

Who needs more than one preseason game to determine their starting line up?  Evidently not me, so here is my starting lineup 9/8/13 v the New England Patriots:

WR1: Stevie Johnson
Slot: Robert Woods
LT: Cordy Glenn
LG: Colin Brown
C: Eric Wood
QB: EJ Manuel
RG: Craig Urbik
RT: Chris Hairston
TE: Scott Chandler
WR2: Marcus Easley

Not sure if Hairston will be on the PUP list to start the season but since I'm not sold on Eric Pears, Hairston is the starter any way. Left guard is a toss up and I would give the edge to Legursky based solely on his name sounding football-ish but Brown is a gut decision at this point. EJ Manuel is obvious because Kolb gets hurt walking from one practice field to the next let alone actually playing.  On the Bills official depth chart they laughingly have TJ Graham as the other outside WR but in reality it will be Easley or Woods, I have Woods in the slot but that is interchangeable with Johnson on the outside.

CB1: Stephon Gilmore
LOLB: Manny Lawson
LDE: Alex Carrington
MLB: Kiko Alonso
FS: Da'Norris Searcy
T: Kyle Williams
MLB: Nigel Bradham
RDE: Marcell Dareus
ROLB: Mario Williams
SS: Aaron Williams
CB2: Leodis McKelvin

Who knows what the base defense will actually be but I'm rolling with a 3-4 so tough titties. Kyle Williams is vastly overrated but with this depth he is out there, make or break year for Dareus and any Carrington production is a bonus at this point.  I am assuming Byrd will come back after the 4th preseason game and won't start out of spite.  If the Bills brass didn't over pay McKelvin I would pencil someone like Crezdon Butler in as the corner opposite Gilmore but whatever.  Time for Bradham to step his game up and break the FSU curse.